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06-20-2007, 06:10 AM
"We're coming to the Sinnoh Region for an exclusive Pokemon Contest at the Hotel Gand Lake. Now, I'm not liked in Sinnoh for reason's that can't be said. I need to be protected otherwise, Sinnoh will go boom. I call on you knowing you're the best in your class so I boast 1 TRILLION to each of you. How do I have that money is confidential and on a need to know basis. You don't need to know. From a reliable source, I hear you only care for your money so just accept it. Be ready on the first of the next month"

This message was recieved on December 1, 2015, its now New Year's Eve. Tomorrow you start your next assignment. You don't know who you're protecting, why you're protecting him. You just have to do it. You want more money and that's all you want. Why are you doing this you ask? You're a protector, trained in hand-to-hand combat and pokemon battles. You know how to get past an enemy and that's why people call on you. This is your first mission and it decideds the rest of your life in this orginiazation of protectors. You're the top of your class and you are believe you'll become part of the best protectors group in history. No one else does so prove them wrong. You start tomorrow.

1.No godmodding
2.Go light on the cursing
3.Romance is allowed
4.Legendaries are allowed,but lets not go crazy and make them all powerful. You can only have two.
5.Have fun.
6.You are allowed to have more than six pokemon because of a pokeman transfer poketech apt. So don't get angry that I'm not following traditional pokemon rules.

sign up(this is how you should sign up, I don't have alot of time so the example is my sign up):
Name:Ryan W.

pokemon:(must've have three or more)Raichu,Arcanine(Rage),Feraligator (Fang), Infernape, Staraptor,Dialga, Azelf.
personality:(only have to do this if you care more about people than your money,or if you want to you can)Laid back, besisdes when he's in battle. He's a serious battler and stops at nothing and seems somewhat ruthless, but he's really nice.

description:Black hoodie, white t-shirt,jeans. A utility belt with a spinning buckle. He has black hiar, with dark blue eyes. He usually wears sunglasses.

History:(optional) He never wanted to become a protector but his father forced him into it. He never payed attention but his father, being the owner of the orginization got him to graduated from the academy. His father couldnt't schedule him a mission though. Ryan wanted to get out of it so he decided to wait for the next message. He found one on the machine right when he went in(the one above). He rounded up the closest thing to his friends to go on the mission. They agreed. Ryan was debating for the whole month that if he wanted to screw it up or succeed on the first try and automatically get rich. Happiness or money. He decided on neither, but he was going to do the mission because there's more to the message than what he lets his friends hear.

other:(optional)He doesn't want to follow dress code so he uses his own dress code instead of wearing the mandatory dress code of wearing all black.

hopefully you'll join because I really want to do this one and the ones I really want to do never really do get big or catch on.

06-20-2007, 11:28 AM
Awww...I wanted Azelf...
Name: Emily Rodgers
ID#: 0059
Lux the female Luxray
Buize the female Buizel
Cherry the female Cherubi
Toge the female Togekiss
Shay the genderless Shaymin
Cuno the genderless Articuno
Personality: Emily is actally a nice kid. Unlike others, she can be very sensitive and caring. She is also confident and will never give up.
Emily has long, blonde hair and blue eyes. She stands up to 10'5" and weighs about 10'4". She wears blue socks with tiny bells with red lace on them, a blue headband and a light-blue mini-skirt. She also wears a sun yellow tank-top. Around her waist she wears a bag like May's, but it is light green.
Emily never really wanted to become a pokemon trainer, but she was forced to do it. She began with a Baby Shinx, which was'nt very strong. All it knew was Spark and Volt-tackle. However, then, one day she actally WON A MATCH. Then she kept on winning, until one day a mystirious thing happened. After a match, Shinx started glowing a bright white. Then, when it stopped, Shinx was'nt Shinx anymore. It had grown larger, and looked more scary. "Lux, Lux, Luxio!" It said. Then, Emily realised what had happened. Shinx had evolved!
Other: I did this of one of my friends at school.:twisted:

06-21-2007, 07:44 PM
Accepted, but I already see its not catching on. 24 views and one sign up. Do you know anyone that might be interested in signing up?