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Dog of Hellsing
06-21-2007, 03:38 PM
Oh wow, the first time I made this RP was back in 8/05 XD. I think it's time it saw the light of day again, ne?


PLOT: The year is 2150.

One hundred years ago, humans went extinct because of war, famine, and other such calamities. Their numbers fell faster than they could replace, leading to the demise of their race that many had felt was nearing.

Using the technology and other things left behind by the once-dominant race, Pokemon have since moved forward to claim the world. They have adopted human tendencies such as schools and jobs, and even now speak the human language! They have even selected Pokemon to rule in the various regions and areas, just as humans once had presidents, kings, and queens.

But with power and intelligence comes corruption, and Pokemon are no different from humans when it comes to this. The desire for power and control has led to the creation of a group of Pokemon with an insidious plot: to kill Pokemon World Leaders and start a massive war by placing the blame of each death on different nations, hoping to take over the world in the aftermath. It falls to the shoulders of normal, every-day Pokemon to step forward and try to stop them.

Of course, this is easier said than done. No one knows the true leader of the group, none know where they hide their bases, if they have any, none know when or how they communicate. And poking around where you aren’t wanted when you don’t know your adversary can be very dangerous indeed…

Can those Pokemon who decide to take the mantle of savior upon their shoulders find and stop their power-hungry kin? Or will they fail, perhaps leading to the loss of another of the world’s great races?


Rules: 1) No god-moding ; 2) No bunnying another person's char(s) unless they give permission ahead of time ; 3) No cursing (the occasional “damn” or “hell” is fine, but don’t overdo it) ; 4) No sex-related posts of any kind, as that sort of thing will get you banned from the RP ; 5) You can have as many chars as you can handle, but please don't let any fall too far behind, as that may slow down the overall RP ; 6) No chatspeak! I hate seeing posts like, "So wut r u ^ 2?" in RP posts, and believe me, I've seen it. It's painful to look at and it not the way to type in an RP, unless it's a specifically-designated goof-off one, which this is not.

Notes: 1) Even though this RP will begin in Johto it will be open-ended (at first), meaning you can start in any other region and have your chars do as you wish. But keep in mind that sooner or later everyone will have to meet so the chars can develop more and the plot can be introduced. 2) In this RP, Pokemon judge age by levels, not years. 3) If you want to be a Legend, I will request you to give me a reason why you should be given that char. If two or more people ask for the same Legend, the one that gives me the best answer will get them. If you don't get a Legend, please don't harass me about it, because it'll only get you reported to and banned from the RP. Now then, on to the bio form:

Nickname (not necessary):
Age (in levels):
Personality (at least four sentences):
Profession (If your Pokemon has a job or not)? Y or N, if Y describe:
History (at least one paragraph, 5-sentence minimum):
Traits (any distinguishing traits or features):

Note: Even though it's not on the sign-up, if I feel the need to do so I will ask people who post a bio for an RPing Sample. This is a LITERATE RP, which means there will be no tolerance for chatspeak, one-line posts, total ingorance of grammar useage, etc etc etc.


Accepted Members:
*Darth Murkrow
*Deoxys Trainer
*Noob of all Noobs

Pending Members:

Reserved Members:
*Dark Rider

Rejected Members:

Banned Members:

The RP is here (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48173).

06-21-2007, 04:28 PM
Wow, this sounds great, signing up now ^^

Species: Lucario

Name: Lucario

Nickname: Nimble

Gender: Male

Age: 33 (That over doing it?)

Personality: Nimble is a very humble Pokemon, and would not fight without cause. Nimble is normal found studying things like myths and physical combative skills, such as training while in the high trees, etc.. While he intelligent, he can be very reckless when trying to learn new things. He wouldn't be surprised if he got injured studying things like ruins and the sort. In his spare time, Nimble practices his own art of combat, similar to that of an Infernape indeed.

Profession (If your Pokemon has a job or not)? Y or N, if Y describe: Yes and no, Nimble studies myths, such as things like ruins and old sites, which doesn't really pay, but could pay off if he wanted it to.

History: Nimble has no memory as a Riolu what so ever. As far back as he can remember, he has always been a Lucario. When he was a little Lucario (AKA, like, level 13 or so), he studied under his old Sensei, who was an Infernape. Long since his death, Nimble is either looking out for knowledge, be it adventuring, or less extreme things like studying books, or practicing his art of battle, as said before. Nimble will always heed under his master's word, never to use violence unless a last resort. About two decades later, he never has to use violence, mainly because of what he does in his spare time. Nimble loves what he does, but he knows he just might need to put everything he knows to the test.

Traits (any distinguishing traits or features): Nimble uses an secret technique known to Infernapes and few others, which involves attacking with all limbs. His yellow fur is darker than most of his kind, and chest horm is broken, leaving only half of it, small cracks trailing downwards.

RP sample: "Giratina grew frantic. It paced around a giant spear pillar, most likely carved out of a giant stone, with a legend etched on it. It fluttered it's wing's in dismay. It had not seen, nor heard of anyone, or anything being able to even reach the lake that it's cave settled near by. After all, it lived in a secluded cave, protected by a lake and a very frustratingly hard maze, full of very strong Pokemon that made some of the elite of trainers challenge themselves. But, when it had sensed disturbances near it's surroundings, it knew it not be safe for long. More light than ever was shining in the damp, dark rooms of TurnBack Cave, and some Pokemon seemed agitated. Not much happened, for now. The ancient, distraught beast had to choose it's most important, and maybe final judgment of it's life: To see who had come near it's dwelling, or to retreat to the far ends of the cave, hoping that who was ever out there would either give up or never try. Giratina quietly sprang up into the air, forming a swirling cloud of dust, as it used the small amounts of light to maneuver it's body through the air safely, weaving between rocks and such.

Not too long after Giratina had started to move deep into the cave, a loud rumble was heard. Soon, a very large machine with drills all over burst into the cave, and then dozens of people came out with loads of equipment. Soon after this mysterious group intruded into Giratina's cave, a large, bluish light could be seen, almost like a giant spark, and then, a very loud, ear-piercing, otherworldly screech that could frighten even the greatest of Legendaries could be heard for thousands of feet around the area, reaching the poor residents living in the nearby hotel that wasn't too far off. After words, a loud crash had been heard, and at the exact moment after that, everyone, every single person's mind was filled with the same image at the same time: A old, maybe even ancient cemetery, old and worn. The scene was covered in a deep mist, making the faintest outlines of things. And, right in the middle of everything, was a large figure, large with massive wings, and six legs. It let out a small roar, which might have even sound like something, and slowly disappeared by a swallowing darkness, covering it from the bottom up until it was gone.

At first, everything seemed calm. But, when a calm comes, so does a storm. Soon, terrible winds soon blew across Sinnoh, which seemed to come from every direction. People would seem very hot, then insanely chilly. As much as the residents of Sinnoh didn't want to accept it, reality was slowly falling apart. Reports came from all over the world, speaking of terrible storms of wind, terrible rages of water. Pokemon were slowly dying off from the extreme weather changes. Pokemon lucky enough to be in a safe area, be it a PokeBall or secluded area were safe, but others were not. Some Pokemon, like Ice Pokemon, couldn't handle the weather's insane mood swings, and slowly died off. The same was for unfortunate Grass Pokemon who weren't used to the very cold weather. Frail Pokemon like Budew's and Cherubi'1s population dropped great amounts.

But, worst was yet to come: First, the moon shone dimmer than normal, and so did the stars, then, and a lot more scarier, things started fazing, be it, albeit fuzzy, carbon copies of things appearing next to them, or just fading in and out. Soon enough, most of Sinnoh, and probably the whole entire world, watched in horror as the moon slowly turned a light red, covering the earth in a terrifying red color."

EDIT: Sorry, back, finished it.

06-21-2007, 04:54 PM
This sounds awesome... I'm definetly joining this!

Species: Umbreon

Name: Jackson

Nickname (not necessary): Shadowz

Gender: Male

Age (in levels): 14

Personality: Keeps himself to himself. Doesn't like to talk to people, and uses other ways of fighting than power. If someone needs his help, then he'll do everything he possibly can. Then after, he'll draw back again. He can often be found crying at night, wishing he had a family. If a family of Pokemon walk by, he gazes across with tears in his eyes.

Profession (If your Pokemon has a job or not)? Y or N, if Y describe: Has no job, as he fears getting to know people.

History: Being born in a big litter of Eevee put extreme pressure on his parents to provide enough food for all of them. When he was 3 levels old, his parents dumped him in a ditch. He couldn't understand why such a betrayal had occured. He continuously scavenged in dumpsters to find meals, causing him to be under nourished. On the night of a full moon, a Pokemon walked by and dropped a black gem on the ground. Being inquisitive, he wandered over to look, and evolved. He feels such sadness in his heart and finds it hard to trust anyone now, for fear that when he grows to love them, they'll drop him like his parents did.

Traits (any distinguishing traits or features): His rings glow alternately yellow and blue.

Dog of Hellsing
06-21-2007, 05:02 PM
@ djax94: Heh, sorry, but I forgot to add in some stuff when I was typing this up on Word. I'd like at least four sentences for Personality and a 5-sentence paragraph, at the least, for History. Sorry again, just edit your form a bit and you're good.

On a different matter, I should note that if I feel so inclined, I'll ask for an RPing Sample from any who post a bio. This is a literate RP, meaning no one-line posts, not chatspeak, no blatant disregard for proper grammar...that sort of think. Perhaps I should add this to the first post so people know...

06-21-2007, 05:21 PM
On a different matter, I should note that if I feel so inclined, I'll ask for an RPing Sample from any who post a bio.


I haven't started any RP's on this forum... But I've used others... I have joined one here, and I'm still waiting for it to start!

This is a literate RP, meaning no one-line posts, not chatspeak, no blatant disregard for proper grammar

I hate it when people do that, too! Don't worry, I'm not gonna go that way... (Is the use of "gonna" okay?)

I edited my post... Hope it's okay...

Am I accepted?


Dog of Hellsing
06-21-2007, 07:57 PM
@ Clay: Very nice, you didn't have to include the RP Sample, but thank you for doing it anyways. You are Accepted ^^.

@ djax: It's cool if this is your first RP. I don't know if I'll need a sample from you or not just yet, but if I do you can just make something up. Also, words like, "gonna" and "wanna" are fine, or if your char talks in a certain way: "I ain't gonna go nowheres" or something like that. Just don't describe stuff that way.

As for your bio, just fill out Personality and History a bit more. I'll put you on Pending right now.

06-21-2007, 08:03 PM
Thank you very much. And, I was happy to include the sample. :wink:

06-21-2007, 08:34 PM
OMG TT, how you drive me insane with your awesome RPs! I'll do whatever I can to try and sign-up for this, but I'm so jam-packed on RPs, sign-ups, and overall writing right now... But I'll try.

Legendary Wolf
06-21-2007, 08:44 PM
I am in the joining in this, reserve me so I can type it up please ^^; I hope this doesn't die quickly.

06-21-2007, 09:09 PM
Um... may I reserve?

Darth Murkrow
06-21-2007, 10:04 PM
I am intrigued. I wish to join.

Species: Mudkip
Name: Oceania
Nickname: Blue
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Oceania, despite her small size and adorable looks, is not a pushover. She loses her temper easily and will not hesitate to give anyone a good tackle that gets her angry. Her bull-headed ways make her prone to be in a leadership position, but she is likely the first to run if a crisis is something she cannot handle. She is too stubborn for her own good and probably would not notice or care if, say, a limb was blown off. Her emotions are very likely to run away from her, and if something does not make her blow up it will likely make her cry.
Profession: Yes; Works as a maid and a servant for other, richer Pokemon.
History: Oceania was born and raised like all other Mudkips, and was extremely timid. However, the Pokemon Renaissance forced her to become more assertive. She worked alongside her mother, a Swampert, since a young age. Once Oceania hit level 10, she realized that the world was not sunshine and smiles and became depressed. Her mother, trying to figure out what to do, mysteriously vanished, and her body was found days later. Forced to support herself, and with no other real skills, she became a maid, like her mother once was. She paid a lot of attention to current events, learning a lot about the world instead of the small region in Hoenn that she was confined to, and as a result hopes to be some sort of politician when she gets older, assuming she can attend a Pokemon University somewhere and get into that line of work.
Traits: She is thinner than most Mudkip, but is strong based on her line of work, which often involves fetching and carrying things for other Pokemon. She is a very slightly lighter shade of blue than most Mudkip.
RP example:
Etozil preened himself compulsively, pausing every time his short beak struck the golden band around his claw. The mark placed on him by the humans, and the only time he had ever used his healing empathy powers against his will. The humans had only themselves to blame for his aversion to their species.

He sighed and spread his wings, checking the air. The air was dead, but this was no problem for him. He took off; he flapped only occasionally, but still hovered comfortably near the cloud line. He allowed air to flow through his feathers, sending chills up his spine from the enjoyable feeling. He loved to fly, and would not give up his wings for anything in the Overworld.

A sudden stab of pain swept through his entire body, starting in his heart but working his way through to his wings. He was forced to land eventually, searching for the source of the pain he felt. He fluttered down, finding a badly injured sparrow with help of his empathy.

He pitied the small bird; so similar to him, yet so frail and weak. It was holding on to an inch of its life, its wings both bent at odd angles, blood dripping steadily from its back. Etozil closed his eyes, tears springing to them as he took the small bird’s pain as his own. Once he felt his wings throb and blood drip down his back, he knew his work was completed.

He opened his eyes just as the bird hopped up and flew away as though nothing had happened. Etozil flapped his wings, ensuring that they weren’t broken. No; the bird was too small for the injury to magnify. He was, however, bleeding from his back in between his wings. He cared not; he would not die from this injury. As long as he could help others, like he had helped the bird, he did not care that he would not be reborn from the ashes of his death because of his overt altruism.

Dog of Hellsing
06-21-2007, 11:52 PM
Wheee, LZ, DR, and NoaN are all Reserved Members, so I'll add y'all. ^^ And LZ, sorry, I write too much, so plots come easily sometimes lol.

Now then, Darth Murkrow. I like your bio, and how you chose to play something unevolved and all. Very nicely done. Again, you didn't need to put the sample, but I thank you for doing so anyways. You are more than Accepted! Wait, what would that make you then? @__@ *Head hurts thinking about it.* Ah, let's just say you're definitely Accepted, how's that?

06-22-2007, 12:18 AM
Is there a set number of members? The people reserving confuses me... >>

I might join, might not. It all depends on how busy I am. Good roleplay idea, anyway. ^^

06-22-2007, 12:27 AM
Wow, this RP sounds great! I'd really like to give this a try.

Species: Gallade

Name: Zeos

Nickname: Sometimes called "Z" by the others on his police team.

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Personality: He is very calm, and hard to anger. He is concerned with the state that the world has fallen in, because the area of Sinnoh he lives in is particularly corrupt. On his times off the job, he can usually be found outside his home, training his fighting style and strengthening himself, though every now and then he prefers some quiet time to himself. Since losing his family, he's become a bit more reserved and independent. Unlike most of those he ends up fighting think, he is rather intelligent, instead of a dim fighter. In his effort to bring felons into the reach of the arm of the law, he can be reckless, but he isn't very easily discouraged.

Profession (Y or N, if Y describe): He is a law enforcer (police, basically), and aspires to be the best on the force, like his father was before him, though it'll be a while longer before he can be so. However, he doesn't like the guns they are given to use, and prefers physical combat, only using guns as a last resort.

History: Zeos had a rather normal life for one who's family were all faithful law enforcers. His mother, a Gardevoir named Oricia, was a detective, while his father, also a Gallade by the name of Irdion, was the police captain. Zeos was popular with the other kids (young or baby pokemon) at his school, though only because of his parents, making it a bitter kind of relationship. He did have a girlfriend at one time, a Kirlia named Jasmine, though this lasted until one such event directed his life entirely...

Zeos had become a Kirlia only 3 weeks before his father had found a big break in a case he'd been working on for years. His mother and his girlfriend's father (Another Gallade named Ket) had been involved as well, all being part of the district's law enforcement center. Irdion trusted Zeos by himself at home alone at this point, and left to pursue what he thought would be the end of a long and confusing case, along with Oricia and Ket. A few days passed, which all ended as they normally did. Finally, something happened. A note arrived at his house, addressed to Zeos. In it, it said that the ones Irdion had been pursuing had captured him and the others, demanding a ransom for them and for Zeos and Jasmine to deliver it.

Panicking, Zeos took this note to the police department. However, they had no way around it, as these were very experienced criminals. The best the could do is send Zeos with the money and have him give it to them so they could release his parents and Ken, then take the criminals down as soon as they were safe. Zeos was given a suitcase, filled with a large sum of money, and sent with Jasmine to the address listed. They arrived, and were greeted by a group of Ghost- and Dark-Type pokemon, surrounding they limp forms of their parents, tied up and sat in a circle. Still scared, he handed over the money and pleaded for their release. However, the captors had other plans, and that's when everything went wrong.

A few pulled out high-power guns, while others relied on their powers, and tore apart the three hostages, leaving little left. Screaming aloud in fear and anger, Zeos rushed them, hardly stopping to think he had no chance. Bullets tore through his body, and he collapsed. Then their attacks turned on Jasmine, leaving a bloody mess. they left all five for dead, and took the money.

Zeos awoke weeks later, apparently in a hospital. The nurse told him he had just come out of a coma; he was lucky to be alive. When he asked what had become of the other four, the nurse refused to answer, though, hesitant, Zeos merely read her mind; his parents, Ken, and Jasmine were all dead. He fell into despair, hardly making an effort to live, for a few days, until a new nurse came in and handed him a gift: a Dawn Stone. When he asked why, she said that it was handed to her by Jasmine as she lay dying in the surgery room...she wanted to give it to Zeos after they had recovered their parents.

This pulled Zeos out of his slump, and when he recovered and left the hospital, he used the Dawn Stone and became a Gallade like his father. He went home and finished his last year of school before following his family's tradition of becoming a law enforcer. Zeos immediately enrolled in police school. He took to it easy, and graduated in the top percentage of his class.

He's continued with his job for a few years before something he didn't expect happened: one of the criminals he had captured gave the department information on who he was working for...from the descriptions, Zeos discovered that it was the same people who murdered his parents. It seems that this wasn't just a small group looking for a lot of money; they were a large faction, and were planning something insidious and worldwide, though the squealer didn't know what.

So, asking for some time off the force, he carefully began a pursuit of this faction, trying to find out what they were planning and stop them, though only he knew that there was the underlying reason of revenge.

Traits: He has a couple of scars that come with the job, but none of them are noticeably unique.

Darth Murkrow
06-22-2007, 01:11 AM
Wheee, LZ, DR, and NoaN are all Reserved Members, so I'll add y'all. ^^ And LZ, sorry, I write too much, so plots come easily sometimes lol.

Now then, Darth Murkrow. I like your bio, and how you chose to play something unevolved and all. Very nicely done. Again, you didn't need to put the sample, but I thank you for doing so anyways. You are more than Accepted! Wait, what would that make you then? @__@ *Head hurts thinking about it.* Ah, let's just say you're definitely Accepted, how's that?

Ah, thank you. And I am more than flattered. :biggrin:

Dog of Hellsing
06-22-2007, 01:30 AM
@ DE: No set amount, but since I've got three reserved, one pending, and a few Accepted, I'm prolly gonna start the RP tomorrow or the day after. Also, I might set the limit, for now, at ten. Yes, I think I will XD. I'll reserve you a spot for a few days in case you decide you want to join ^^.

@ DT: OMFG, you joining! *Dances madly.* That's awesome ^^. Your bio is very well-done, and I like the History. So sad ;_;. But I like how you've given your char a sense of strength ^^. You ish Accepted!

@ DM: It's true ^^. I bet you're gonna climb the rungs of PE2K RPer-ship easily lol.

06-22-2007, 01:34 AM
Do you think I need an RP Sample, I just need to no before I post.


Species: Bayleef
Name: Yuri
Nickname (not necessary): None
Gender: Female
Age: 29
Personality: Yuri is a cute Pokemon with a great heart. She may be strict most times, but she controls her anger. She loves to take naps when on top of a tree. Yuri grabs other Pokemon’s attention by its graceful Razor Leaf. It’s a really nice Pokemon, and gets angry once someone secretly talks about her or her fellow Bayleef. She always practices her moves alone, attacking a tree to get good aim and great power. Being not fully evolved, it gets picked on by Meganium, making it work very hard trying to look and be as good as one. It wishes to never evolve; proving small things can beat the bigger. It is a rather smaller Bayleef, making it able to squeeze through things, being a very good advantage. It thinks of many Pokemon as friends, but also competitors. She is always in a rush, and can run very fast. It has a crush on another Bayleef, Yudi, which never notices Yuri. She takes everything seriously, so you might make her cry if you threaten her. She isn’t very good in battles, but is a very great appealer, gracefully showing her attacks. She usually keeps her hopes up, thinking the worse will turn to the best. She cries a lot of times, and thinks of many other Pokemon over here. With her love for all other Pokemon, she usually never fully concentrates on what she does. She is a very smart Pokemon, and can think of how to turn battles around. It usually loses, but on the times she wins, she always feels sad for the opponent. Yuri is a very talented Bayleef, knowing how to swim unlike other Bayleef.
Profession: No, but Yuri help fellow Pokemon.
History: Yuri was born of a Venasaur and Meganium. He grabbed many traits from her mother, her species, her skinny body, her unusual eyes, and many other things. She was born in a forest, where many Pokemon were diseased. She caught the diseased and at many times doesn’t feel well. The disease makes her go crazy at some times, making her mad and sad all the time. Her parents then had another baby, this time a Bulbasaur, and Bayleef had to learn how to control herself. She learned to control herself, and only goes wild on rare occasions. She then evolved into a Bayleef after her grandmother, Mama Meganium, died after a rough battle with a very tough Weavile. Yuri loved her grandmother, and thinks of her while battling. It makes her tougher in battling other Pokemon, thinking the Pokemon was the one who killed her grandmother. She attacks with an edge, hitting everybody with the side of her body, leaf, and others. The Bayleef still lives in the hut with her parents, practicing each and every day. The Pokemon knows how to battle well now, which makes her a very great Pokemon overall.
Traits: Yuri, unlike most grass-types, can swim.

Dog of Hellsing
06-22-2007, 01:48 AM
@ NoaN: Nice, nice. You are Accepted ^^.

And now here is meh bio:

Species: Flygon

Name: Aaita

Nickname : Ita

Gender: Female

Age (in levels): 56

Personality: Aaita is easy-going and bouncy. She is kind, gentle, and compassionate, sometimes to a fault. She loves to talk and have in-depth conversations about everything and nothing. She is fiercely loyal to those she cares about and, though she’s hard to anger, isn’t a Pokemon to trifle with. She has a deep sense of honor, justice, and wrong and right, and because of this can be a terror when it comes to debate. She often tries to hide her more negative emotions, since she doesn’t like others to worry about her. She loves her job, as it allows her to meet many different Pokemon.

Profession? Y or N, if Y describe: Yes, Aaita works as a transporter Pokemon for the Goldenrod Air Transportation Services, a.k.a. GATS.

History: Aaita’s past is actually quite unremarkable. She went to school until she reached level 16, at which time she traveled to Goldenrod in order to receive training on a job she’d been wanting ever since hearing about it: becoming a transporter Pokemon for the GATS. She did many small, easy jobs and studied for years until the day she evolved into a Vibrava. At that time, she started working as a transporter Pokemon and has been doing it for some years now.

Traits: She wears a small golden banner with the word G.A.T.S. printed across it in bold black letters. Underneath, in smaller writing, is printed Goldenrod Air Transportation Services. It’s how she advertises her job.

Wow, one of the smallest bios I’ve ever made ;_;…

Darth Murkrow
06-22-2007, 01:53 AM
Wow, one of the smallest bios I’ve ever made ;_;…

Aw, don't feel bad. Writer's block happens to the best of us. It's the one thing that makes my fic difficult. Trying to RP and write a fic... as much as I love writing, it's not something I would recommend doing.

Ok, mindless babbling aside! Can't wait to get started! :crackup:

I only rant and/or babble mindlessly if I'm tired or overly emotional. Don't expect it too often.

06-22-2007, 04:21 AM
Yep, every one of us RPers have probably experienced writer's block sometime in our lives...and it's almost always at the most crucial points in a story, etc., did you notice that?!...If it's never happened like that to you before, then I'm the only one I know who's experienced that.

06-22-2007, 04:52 PM

Tyranitar Trainer, is my profile good enough now?

If not, then tell me what needs to be changed still, for I badly want to be in this RP!



06-22-2007, 05:34 PM
Species: Cyndaquil
Name: Flammie Aqual
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Personality: Flammie is sarcastic towards others, usually because he's noticed something that makes the others look like fools to him. He is a nice person, but it's hard for him to show because he hates feeling weak. However, if he actually bonds with someone, he does whatever is possible to help them out, and refuses to let them down. He also loves milk and meat, and has a tendency to ramble about it, or even be forceful, if he wants some.
Profession? N
History: Flammie was born in a large family from an Empoleon father and Typhlosion mother, the youngest child of all of them. He wasn't interested in keeping up with the family offices, however, and simply preferred to laze around, boredly. Since his family was poor by comparison to others, he was usually in the streets, searching for things to play with that he couldn't afford.

During one of these scavenger hunts, he saw a young Mawile be pestered by various ruffians, and decided to protect her. After beating the ruffians up, he tried to help her up, but she had apparently ran away from the commotion. Still, Flammie hadn't ignored the Mawile, and she remained in his thoughts as he returned home, that day.

The next day, a rich family invited his to a business negotiation; his father had apparently done a good thing in his job and the family was planning on hiring him. When they went to the meeting, Flammie grew bored of staying in the same room with all his siblings and decided to look around, since the mansion was very full of steel and iron and other metallic things, which made him curious. Eventually, he found a room that seemed to lack so much stuff, and looked inside.

To his surprise, the Mawile he had helped was there, watching the night sky from a window. Flammie approached her, and introduced himself, surprising her. However, she didn't seem afraid of him, and after a few moments actually invited him to make her company. As they sit there, just talking, they bonded somewhat; enough that she actually asked him to come visit her more, when possible.

After that, they began meeting up more and more, usually just to talk about nothing in particular; the Mawile, Myalra, enjoyed listening about his (rather overblown) stories, and he didn't mind hearing her talk about her family, usually in a position where they could let their legs down and look at the sky above. This went on for several years. For the most part, they weren't interested in the future, only really caring about the present, but if something came along...
Traits: Flammie does not care about 'rules', and has a tendency to use attacks in the most unconvencional ways possible. He also tends to wear a fire-proof scarf he got from Myalra.

Species: Mawile
Name: Myalra Kurshia
Nickname: Mia
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Personality: Myalra is a calm and 'proper' girl, with a very amiable personality and a liking for pleasing others. She is always ready to help upon request, and doesn’t care about a person’s reasons, so long as she is allowed to help. She’s naïve, and somewhat innocent, but she isn’t stupid; people who try to make use of her due to that tend to get berated. She also likes listening to others speak, not really interested in talking herself.
Profession? N
History: Myalra was born in a rich family, as the sole heir. She was raised from birth to be married to a good person, according to her family, and was homeschooled for the most part. However, due to this, she was very lonely. Instead of becoming obnoxious and rude, however, she decided that she’d make people appreciate her, by being nice to them and having them feel happy by her presence.

Unfortunately for her, however, she didn’t really know how to deal with people, and some of the people she met ended up mistreating her. This led up to a confrontation with a gang of ruffians, who thought she’d be an easy prey, and nearly harmed her. However, she was saved by a Cyndaquil who fought all the ruffians, despite getting all beaten up himself.

While she ran away, when she found the chance, she didn’t do it because she was scared; instead, it was because she wanted to see the Cyndaquil, but staying so close to him made her worry; after all, that was a fight… so she hid behind a trashbin, watching him with wonder. That was the first time someone had helped her without even asking, and the fact that he was the first person around her age she met was a good point as well.

When she came back home, her thoughts still remained on the Cyndaquil, and she felt a want to see him again, to apologize and thank him. This chance came earlier than she believed; while she was forced to stay at home, because of a meeting her family was going to have with another group, she was found in her sky-watching room by the Cyndaquil, who stopped by to watch the night sky.

After bonding for the night, the two of them began a friendship, going out together to do things they liked. As the years passed, however, Myalra slowly began to have other feelings for Flammie, which made her appreciation of the Cyndaquil grow further… but she also began to worry about how to react to them.
Traits: Despite her specie, Myalra prefers facing everyone rather than turn around and allow her horns to deal with things their way.

Crazed One
06-22-2007, 11:43 PM
Species: Kadabra

Name: Koriox

Nickname: Kori

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Personality: Kori has always been buisness like. He never makes freinds and is very deceitful. To him, buisness is always first. The one thing relaxed about him is his never ending sarcasim. Every so often security has to drag someone out of the building because they got ticked off at his sarcastic remarks. The only place he ever feels at home, is his office. He is obsessed with healthiness, cleanliness, and tidyness. His worst nightmere is a messy office with dead bugs in it.

Profession: Y: Kori has a high position in the GL(Golden Rod Lottery). His job is Vice
President of the whole company.

History: Kori grew up in a wealthey Golden Rod Town house. He was properly educated and well mannered. He never had any freinds. He never even knew anyone outside of his mentors and close family. His famaliy is very rich. He was starting to develop a sence of sarcasim but all of is mentors told him to shut it up. One day his parents told him he was going to have to go to boarding school.

At the age of 12 we went off to a Buisness School in Ecruteak. There he klearned all about buisness and all the sly tricks you could use. Again, his small flame of sarcasim was never turned off even thoug all opf the teachers hated it.This was probably his favorite part of his whole life.

He then graduated at the age of 14 and became a certified genius. He then joined the Golden Rod Lottery, and quickly flew up in the ranks. His sarcasm started to flare like crazy. At the age of 21 he became the Vice President. Then, everything went wrong, it started with his family. First his mother died in a car crash. Then his dad fell off of a building. Next, his company's stock fell. Everyday, he wonders what will happen next.

Traits: He is very thin and clean.

Dog of Hellsing
06-23-2007, 12:10 AM
Okies, Daedalus and zzz, you guys are Accepted, as is djax ^^. And now, I must the sign-ups are closed for now, I will probably end up opening them later in the RP. Those of you who have reserved spots don't need to worry. If you REALLY wanna join you can PM me your application and I'll look over it. If I decide to accept you I'll post your bio and everything.

I'll start the actual RP sometimes today or tomorrow.


06-23-2007, 12:47 AM
Okies, Daedalus and zzz, you guys are Accepted, as is djax ^^. And now, I must the sign-ups are closed for now, I will probably end up opening them later in the RP. Those of you who have reserved spots don't need to worry. If you REALLY wanna join you can PM me your application and I'll look over it. If I decide to accept you I'll post your bio and everything.

I'll start the actual RP sometimes today or tomorrow.


Hot damn you close RP sign-ups quick. I should be able to PM you my sign-up tomorrow though.

Dog of Hellsing
06-23-2007, 01:10 AM
Hot damn you close RP sign-ups quick. I should be able to PM you my sign-up tomorrow though.

XD We already have eleven members, else I wouldn't have closed them so soon. Anyways, you've got a spot reserved, so you can just post your bio here, along with DR and DE (if she joins). If DE doesn't reply within two or three days, I'll open the sign-ups for another day or two, maybe lol.

Crazed One
06-23-2007, 03:01 AM
Yes! I'm in! I can't wait till it starts:happy:

06-23-2007, 05:45 PM
Okies, Daedalus and zzz, you guys are Accepted, as is djax


Thanks a lot, TT!

When will this start? In a few days?

I can be patient... *He says*


Legendary Wolf
06-23-2007, 07:05 PM
If I still can, mine will be in to soon...

06-28-2007, 01:56 PM
*raises pocketwatch*

So... when is this going to start, again?

Legendary Wolf
06-28-2007, 01:58 PM
Sorry I don't have mine finished yet, I would have it now except its saved on another computer which I can't get to right now.

Dog of Hellsing
06-28-2007, 02:20 PM
Meh, I'll get to it in a while. I'm gonna reopen sign-ups, since DE hasn't replied and Clay has been perm banned...

06-28-2007, 03:07 PM
Lord Zangoose is TempBanned too... odd.

Dog of Hellsing
06-28-2007, 05:11 PM
Lord Zangoose is TempBanned too... odd.

For a few more days, yes. He can post his sign-up and hop into the RP when he gets back. That's why I didn't remove him.

Anyways, I suppose I'll go make the RP thread now. I'll post in it later though lol. *Leaps away to make teh RP.*

06-28-2007, 05:25 PM
Hey, do you mind reserving me a spot while I write my sign-up? This seems really interesting.

Dog of Hellsing
06-28-2007, 09:06 PM
Hey, do you mind reserving me a spot while I write my sign-up? This seems really interesting.

Sure, I'll save ya a spot lol.

Dog of Hellsing
06-28-2007, 09:09 PM
Oh, BTW, the RP is here. (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48173) Go post! XD

06-30-2007, 02:36 AM
Species: Togekiss

Name: Aizen

Nickname (not necessary): Ai

Gender: Female

Age (in levels): 67

Personality (at least four sentences): Aizen rarely keeps to herself, as she craves interaction with other pokemon. If those around her begin to ignore her, Aizen will often spring creative traps on them. She can often be found soaring the skies, her free spirit flowing beneath her wings. Aizen is often a bit of a pushover, even to her inferiors, because of her desire to help others.

Profession (If your Pokemon has a job or not)? Y or N, if Y describe: Y; Aizen is a postal pokemon, and she carries letters to foreign regions and various cities.

History (at least one paragraph, 5-sentence minimum): Aizen was born in the Sinnoh region at the Solacean Daycare, raised by the two owners of the daycare. She was employed as a postal pokemon after she was taught to fly by the owners's Starly. Sadly, Aizen never knew her parents, but it never bothered her once. Even when the daycare people set her free, Aizen continued working; she loved traveling to the various regions. Eventually, she retired and settled in the Hoenn.

Traits (any distinguishing traits or features): Aizen carries a diamond heart-shaped locket around her neck. Inside, a little orb of light holds immense power that Aizen can tap into anytime she pleases.

06-30-2007, 12:02 PM
*pokes Tyranitar* Been a while, ne? ^_^ I'd really like to join this roleplay, since every one of my other ones died. T-T And I need something other than the WAR to keep me occupied. :P

Anyway, here is my sign-up!

Species: Shinx
Name: Starlet Thunderpaw
Nickname: Starla
Gender: Female
Age: 27

Personality: Starla is a feisty little creature, whose personality is vibrant to no end. She’s a very…bouncy character, and she has no aversion to allowing her natural element to run somewhat freely among her fur, which often proves a shocking surprise to those she’s riled up enough to attack. But, despite being as brash as she is, she is a loving person, if you can find it under her façade of a tough warrior. She’s still a child, and she still seeks comfort in those around her, but only if she’s known you long enough to show weakness. She’s not a straightforward in that aspect, and it takes a while for her to trust anyone after things she’s been through with her town. She has a love of all things natural, and can easily pick out healing plants and those that are poisonous from the average flora of the scenery.

Profession? Yes. She’s an apprentice herbalist, and is working on the cultivation of rare herbs and production of necessary medicine.

History: Starla was born to a rather well known family in the small Shinnoh town of Floaroma. Her father, a Luxray by the name of Rai Kou Thunderpaw, was one of the town’s chief protectors, and the overseer of the town’s defenses. He was a strong Pokemon, and lived a full life until his demise at an unknown enemy. Her mother, a Glameow by the name of Anita, was a skilled herbalist, and one of the few in town who could make medicine for the injured of the force. She lived much longer than Rai, and she taught Starla a lot about the flora and fauna of the surrounding countryside. She, too, died a tragic and unknown death, when she ventured into the mountains to find an extremely rare berry to heal Starla.

Starla lived a rather uneventful life, if you didn’t count her father’s strange death, until she was an adolescent. She was playing out in flower field to the north of her house when a strange Pokemon attacked her. She was bitten badly close to her spine, and left to slowly die from some strange poisoning. Anita, desperate to save her only daughter, scoured night and day for nearly a week to find the mountainous Laurel Berry, which only grows in high altitudes. When she returned, she was badly wounded, and only able to see with one eye, but she made sure that the antidote was created and administrated properly before passing on. Afterwards, when Starla awoke five days later, she found her mother had been buried by her father’s grave, and that the town had pretty much moved on.

After that was when things really got interesting. Having no family to take care of her, and none of the other families wanting to take her in for fear of her being cursed, she wandered about the streets, stealing what she needed and causing a general ruckus about the town. She honed her few abilities then, until she though she was strong enough to leave on her own. She didn’t even glance back, and the town that had shunned her, and hated her.

Her travels brought her to the once proud Hearthome city, where she found a new niche to fit into. It was a large city, so there were many outcasts, and she quickly rose to the top of one small, relatively unknown gang. Sitting atop her perch, she did well for a newbie leader, making sure her members had food and a safe place to sleep every night. In return she became well respected in the course of a few months, and in the process gained in strength. She wasn’t the strongest of the gang leaders, but she was by far the smartest. She didn’t let her operations out into the light, she didn’t openly steal from someone, or start gang wars, in fact, after a while she stopped calling it a gang and referred to it as her family. All ten members were her brothers and sisters, and she was very careful with what they did and didn’t do.

She held her title for many months, until a stranger came through, challenging any and all able-bodied Pokemon. After watching her family, as well as many others fall, she took up her own stand, and fought viciously with the strange Sneasel, until at last she was brought down after many hours. Just as she was about to be finished off, for her taunting had enraged the being much to far to be reconciled, she closed her eyes and wished vehemently, that she could get away and start anew, with nothing to tie her to the old life. And to her surprise, when she awoke later, after feeling the Sneasel’s claws tear through her flesh, she found herself in a strange, and wondrous forest, completely alive and healthy. Though it seemed, in the process of however she got there, her powers diminished greatly, but she was alive, and in a strange place where no one knew her background, and the names that followed her around.

She took the new land in stride, and pulling up her old façade of being an independent and tough Pokemon, she ventured into the nearest city, to start her life anew. No longer was she Starlet Thunderpaw, the Cursed Child. Now she was simply Starla, the novice Herbalist with a valuable knowledge of most foreign herbs.

Traits: Starla’s only distinguishing trait is the distinctive pattern that adorns her completely ebon fur. Markings of pale blue zigzag across the dusky canvas, cutting like tiger stripes of blue electricity through a void.

Hope you like it. =D

Dog of Hellsing
06-30-2007, 04:37 PM
Yay, Kitty-chan! You and Starsut are teh Accepted! Yay! *Is extremely hyper today.*

06-30-2007, 04:41 PM
Yay, Kitty-chan! You and Starsut are teh Accepted! Yay! *Is extremely hyper today.*

Ooo, yay! Now I can go work on a first post!~

>.> I'm am equally as hyper, seeing as I've had about four cokes now in 12 hours. Caffine!~ XD

07-09-2007, 04:27 AM
So, no more sign-ups? D: