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Many years have passed since the catashrophic event in Sinnoh. The day when Dialga and Palkia fought. Their blasts nearly destoyed the region. If it wasn't for Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf the human race wouldn't exist today.Those three use their powers to seal Dailga and Palkia in the Beginning dimension. The Beginning Dimension is not only the home to Dialga, Palkia, and the Creator Aruseus. It is the place where Aruseus created pokemon. If the beginning Dimension were to be tampered with or destroyed, all pokemon as we know, would no longer exist. Now in this New Era there are four kingdoms. Those kingdoms names are Carion, Entiaca, Lucamia, and Aurania. These kingdoms are the home to four princesses. There is a princess for each kingdom. The each have their own guardian pokemon. After Lucario died and went with his master Sir Aaron, the power of aura was left to those princesses and four other humans. Each of the princesses has a time limit. There aura is what helps keep the Beginning Dimension sealed. If their aura were to run out, the Beginning Dimension would be destroyed and pokemon would no longer exist. Dialga and Palkia would also reign their terror on the planet once again. But there is a way to prevent this from happening. There are four chosen ones out in the different regions. They each have a fate to become a prince. They will need to make it to their rightful kingdoms and marry to the correct princess. The ones to guide them will be each of the princesses guardians. Time is running out. With the guardians gone, will the princesses be able to run their kingdoms? Will the chosen one make it in time? Will the guardians be able to aid the chosen ones? Will all pokemon be extinct as we know it. Only time can tell...


1) No Spamming
2) No Flamming other roleplayers.
3) Keep cussing mild.
4) Romance to PG-13.
5) Posts must be 8-10 sentences.
6) Get 2 chances to get excepted.
7) RP Exa,ple must be seen.
8) Have fun!

If you want to be a princess:


What Kingdom:

Guardian Pokemon:



How you discovered your Aura:

RP Example:

If you want to be a chosen one:





RP Example:

If you want to be a one of the princesses's guardians:


What pokemon you are:





RP Example:

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Dog of Hellsing
06-21-2007, 07:08 PM
If it's not too much trouble, may I ask why you revived this so soon? It wasn't too long ago when this was first made. Also, were you the original creator? I can't remember...if you are, that's fine, but if not, you need to get permission from the orginal maker to revive their RP.

06-21-2007, 07:18 PM
I really like this roleplay and promised everybody that I would revive it as soon as possible. Also I am the original creator. I know Tyranitar_Trainer...you're just doing your job...you're good at it to! Would you like to sign-up by the way?

06-21-2007, 07:37 PM
Can't decide. . . .ARGH! reserve me a spot, somewhere, oh, forget it, I'm a princess xD

Wait. . . xDD

Name: Suki Skotamaki (Not related to Ven >_<)

What Kingdom: Aurania

Guardian Pokemon: Hmm. . .Can it be Legendary? :/ Hmm. . .Froslass? :D

Personality: Suki would rather be out in the world then be a princes. She thinks it's boring, what with being the holder of an Aura. Her aura glows red (Is that aloud? >_<) when ever she's really bored, which happens a lot. It also shows when she's really mad, sad, or when she's sick. Suki is really sweet, but she has her evil side.

Appearance: http://i107.photobucket.com/albums/m303/shipper_13/random%20anime%20pics/Anime%20Girls/School%20Girls/0ea0395f.jpg (WITHOUT the weapons >_<)

How you discovered your Aura: One time, Suki wondered off from the courtyard from where she lived, and some how ended up in a forest, lost, isolated from her castle home. She was away from home for weeks, sleeping on her pathetic bed of leaves. When she became very sick, the Pokemon of the forest also became sick. And once she noticed she was glowing red, she knew she had an aura for sure.

RP Example: "Giratina grew frantic. It paced around a giant spear pillar, most likely carved out of a giant stone, with a legend etched on it. It fluttered it's wing's in dismay. It had not seen, nor heard of anyone, or anything being able to even reach the lake that it's cave settled near by. After all, it lived in a secluded cave, protected by a lake and a very frustratingly hard maze, full of very strong Pokemon that made some of the elite of trainers challenge themselves. But, when it had sensed disturbances near it's surroundings, it knew it not be safe for long. More light than ever was shining in the damp, dark rooms of TurnBack Cave, and some Pokemon seemed agitated. Not much happened, for now. The ancient, distraught beast had to choose it's most important, and maybe final judgment of it's life: To see who had come near it's dwelling, or to retreat to the far ends of the cave, hoping that who was ever out there would either give up or never try. Giratina quietly sprang up into the air, forming a swirling cloud of dust, as it used the small amounts of light to maneuver it's body through the air safely, weaving between rocks and such.

Not too long after Giratina had started to move deep into the cave, a loud rumble was heard. Soon, a very large machine with drills all over burst into the cave, and then dozens of people came out with loads of equipment. Soon after this mysterious group intruded into Giratina's cave, a large, bluish light could be seen, almost like a giant spark, and then, a very loud, ear-piercing, otherworldly screech that could frighten even the greatest of Legendaries could be heard for thousands of feet around the area, reaching the poor residents living in the nearby hotel that wasn't too far off. After words, a loud crash had been heard, and at the exact moment after that, everyone, every single person's mind was filled with the same image at the same time: A old, maybe even ancient cemetery, old and worn. The scene was covered in a deep mist, making the faintest outlines of things. And, right in the middle of everything, was a large figure, large with massive wings, and six legs. It let out a small roar, which might have even sound like something, and slowly disappeared by a swallowing darkness, covering it from the bottom up until it was gone.

At first, everything seemed calm. But, when a calm comes, so does a storm. Soon, terrible winds soon blew across Sinnoh, which seemed to come from every direction. People would seem very hot, then insanely chilly. As much as the residents of Sinnoh didn't want to accept it, reality was slowly falling apart. Reports came from all over the world, speaking of terrible storms of wind, terrible rages of water. Pokemon were slowly dying off from the extreme weather changes. Pokemon lucky enough to be in a safe area, be it a PokeBall or secluded area were safe, but others were not. Some Pokemon, like Ice Pokemon, couldn't handle the weather's insane mood swings, and slowly died off. The same was for unfortunate Grass Pokemon who weren't used to the very cold weather. Frail Pokemon like Budew's and Cherubi'1s population dropped great amounts.

But, worst was yet to come: First, the moon shone dimmer than normal, and so did the stars, then, and a lot more scarier, things started fazing, be it, albeit fuzzy, carbon copies of things appearing next to them, or just fading in and out. Soon enough, most of Sinnoh, and probably the whole entire world, watched in horror as the moon slowly turned a light red, covering the earth in a terrifying red color."

06-21-2007, 09:06 PM
Name: Shecomora

Nickname: Sheco

What Kingdom: Entiaca

Guardian Pokemon: Vaporeon (If it's ok with you, I would also like to roleplay as her Guardian Pokemon)

Personality: Kind-hearted and usualy quiet, but has always dreamed of traveling on a journy. Often refers to her aoura and being a prinsess as a "curse" and is only marring her chosen one to save the world.

Appearance: Long, curly, dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, long wight dress with silver trim, crystle locket, a blue aura emits for her body when she is in danger.

How you discovered your Aura: She was about five years old and sitting on a cliff near her palace, just next to the ocean. Suddenly, the part of the cliff that she was sitting on gave away and she fell twords the ocean. She noticed a blue glow comming from her body that fadded as soon as a Wailmer cought her on it's back and returned her to the shore.

RP Example: Shecomora stood on the cliff overlooking the ocean, her crystle pendant in her closed hand, "I wish I could travel! I want to see the worlds beond this ocean! I want to dive under this clear blue sea! Why must I have to have this curse?" she asked no one as she just stared out at the sea. "Sheco, you are facing your destiny. Don't worry, someone will come!" came a voice from behind her as a Vaporeon jumped onto her sholders. Sheco sighed, "That's just it! I don't want to get married! In fact if the world wan't in danger I wouldn't be, at least not yet!" she told the Vaporeon, "If anything, I want to marry for love. My palace is my prison, cutting me off from the outside world ware I can travel and have fun!" she sighed, "Don't you see Vaporeon? My life is my curse...I would rather be a common trainer then a Prinsess of Auora." she said. "Sheco..." Vaporeon seemed ready to protest, but then her face sofened, "...you sure are brave to go through with this marrage." she wispered. "What choise do I have? My dutey is to my kingdom." Sheco sighed, "All I can do now is stand here and wait for this choien one to come and ask me to marry him..." she said as a tear fell down her cheak and into the waters below.

06-21-2007, 09:36 PM
hey AF can I post my old sign up or do I have to make a new one?

06-21-2007, 10:25 PM
Same here. Sorry I was grounded for several weeks.... Plus there was only 2 gaurdians who actually were active the rest forgot...

06-21-2007, 10:37 PM
... You've talked me into it. I'll sign up again. =3

Name: Ryuki

What pokemon you are: Espeon, though a weird looking one...

Gender: Female

Appearance: Her sleek pelt is the original color of an Espeon- a light, glossy lavender. Her long, cat-like tail is spilt at its end, again like any regular Espeon. She has a jewel at the center of her forehead, light blue in color, matching the wave-shaped dragon spikes running down her back along her spine. Bat-like wings erupt from her shoulders, the membranes covored in purple fur, while the flaps of leathery skin are deep blue like her large eyes. Her paws are larger than the average Espeon's, with retractable silver claws. Other than that... She's fairly normal, with the build of a cat, large ears, and tufts of fur in place of whiskers.

Personality: Ryuki tends to be quiet, not one to talk much unless there is a reason for it. She doesn't particularly like most people, anyway- with the exception of her princess, of course. She's very judgemental and untrustworthy, seeing everyone around her as a potential threat to her charge's well being. Anyone could be a spy, anyone could be an assassin. Whoever prince she is paired with, it is extremely doubtful that she will like him right away. In fact, if she really doesn't like him, she'll go out of her way to doom him and his quest, just to keep him from marrying her princess.

Backround: Ryuki was created by a rogue alchemist. (Medieval scientist... You get the idea.) The man had combined the genes of an Eevee and a Dragonite to create a powerful creature that only he alone could control, and use it to take over the four kingdoms. Luckily, his assisstant, who wasn't very well versed in Pokemon, got the wrong samples- instead, a cross between an Espeon and a Charizard was made. Namely, Ryuki. In a combination of the two personalities, the intelligence of an Espeon and the flaming fury of a Charizard, Ryuki would eventually spell the end of the alchemist and his wicked objectives.

Upon escaping, she ravaged the countryside, attacking farms and villages from above. She didn't kill anyone, though she did hurt people. She didn't stop until she was captured. She was sentenced to death, and was resigned to her fate. At least, until she saw the princess. Their bond was immediate, and Ryuki was able to speak to her easily through a mind link. The princess ordered her to be let go, and Ryuki has stayed with her, and relatively tame, ever since.

RP Example:

Had Steven been on solid ground, he would have been tapping his foot. He still rode atop the dragon Pokemon, and they circled uneasily a ways away from the island. Boats passed under them, fleeing the molten rock that covered what had once been their home. He glanced anxiously at the Beldum hovering above his shoulder, but it only shook what Steven assumed was his head. That meant that the Legend was not among them, and Skarmory's journey would not be in vain.

"Skar!" Came a familiar cry in the direction of the island. Both steel trainer and Dragonite, who was starting to get tired of flying in circles, looked happily at the approaching silver form. Dragonite flew out to meet them. As they drew closer, Steven could see that Skarmory was carrying two children; a sleeping toddler and a girl that was wide awake and looked relieved. Clutching to her back was a purple blob of a Pokemon that he recognized as a Gengar. He reached out, carefully hauling the boy onto the dragon's back, then helping the girl on next. Before he could say anything, his Beldum floated happily over to her. It flew in a ring around her head, and Steven smiled as it returned to him. She's the one, then, he thought silently to himself.

"It's good to know that Skarmory found you in one piece," he told her as he returned the steel bird. "I'm Steven Stone."


The Charizard's sudden departure surprised both teens, and they sheilded their faces from the wind brought up by its wings. Kera watched silently as the Charizard flew away, immersed in her own thoughts. For Erik, it took barely any time at all to decide.

"I'm in," he said forcefully. It was probably one of the most definitive things he'd ever said. Anything, anything at all, that could help him revenge his father's death, he would join without hesitation. Kera, once Charizard had flown too far away to be seen, looked down. Things were getting strange, very fast.

"I will, too," she said finally. "But, before we start... I need to go to Saffron. To see my father. I have to tell him what's happening." And to tell him what happened to Mom, she thought sadly.


Two shapes streaked away from Ecruteak, faster than was safe. It was always a good thing to get out of Lugia's way when he was as angry as he was now.

"It's not our fault," the red and black wedge-shaped creature, Latias, said indignantly. "Mew screwed up, and we're the ones who get chewed out!"

"Mew's back on their side now," the blue and black Pokemon told her. "And we were the ones that sent her out alone. In his eyes, we should have sent someone else with her."

"Like who, Latios? We're the only other Legends here in Kanto now, what with those ignorant birds all deciding to kill themselves. We're always the ones who get the short end of the stick, it seems like."

"Be that as it may, we shouldn't argue. And in any case, we have our orders. If we get back in Lugia's good graces, maybe he'll give us a Regi." With that, the dark Latios split from his sister, flying swiftly In the direction of two Legends he had recently recognized; Moltres and Raikou. Latias, with less enthusiasm and still grumbling, flew towards the ocean between Cinnabar and Pallet Town, following Entei.

From my newly revived roleplay, the Shadow Gene. ^^

I'm too lazy to make a new one. =P

06-21-2007, 10:44 PM
Same here :P

Name: Kijara

What Kingdom: Entiaca

Personality: Naive, outgoing, determined kind of person who's always in some kind of trouble. Relies on an "act before thinking" rather than a "think before you act" motto. She's very smart, she just does stupid things. She hates anything girly, and would rather be out on an adventure with danger than waiting for a prince to come and get her(I'm not saying she's just going to wait.

Appearance: Straight, brown hair that goes a little past her shoulders and ice blue eyes. She would be found wearing jeans and a t-shirt if her mom didn't make her wear a dress (bleh).

How you discovered your Aura: woke up one morning and instead if normal vision, saw a hazy smokeish (can't explain it, it's the closest thing a visual could come to being a smell). She then relized when she closed her eyes and focused her them (like when you look at those patterns that become 3-d when you look at them the right way), she could see the aura. She'd heard stories about it and knew what it was. Later, she relized she could see it without closing her eyes.

RP Example: (found it in my list of rp intros :P)

Bekah looked at her surroundings. It was much different than her small town that she came from. In her daze, she would've walked right into the path of a passing cycler if her absol and luxray hadn't pulled her back at the same time, knocking her onto her back. They had been her parents away from home, somewhat strict, but alert and aware-everything she wasn't. If it wasn't for them, she wouldn't probably be here. Bekah was a klutz, and had a very unique personality. Her short, spikey, vived violet hair matched perfectly. Her aipom seized the opportunity to pounce on her, knocking the wind out of her. He was never used for battles, but he was a great friend to have around. He was Rebekah's daily dose of laughter, and kept her smiling constantly. Her blaziken gave her a hand and helped her up. Bekah brushed off her camo cargo shorts, and her blue T-shirt. Her aipom handed her back her blue/ kaki salamance cap. Together with her pokemon she looked kinda like a guy. She didn't care, she had been mistaked for one quite a few times anyway. She kept her pokemon out, because she didn't like pokeballs too much (unless they were hurt). The only pokemon she did keep in was her ditto. As soon as it was out, it would attach itself to the closest being. Then if it transformed, it would transform the host as well. The problem? It wouldn't let go until you hit it with a thunderbolt strong enough to knock it and it's host out.

Dog of Hellsing
06-21-2007, 10:46 PM
I really like this roleplay and promised everybody that I would revive it as soon as possible. Also I am the original creator. I know Tyranitar_Trainer...you're just doing your job...you're good at it to! Would you like to sign-up by the way?

^^ Thanks, I try. And I dunno, I might join. It depends on the other RPs I'll be in lol.

06-28-2007, 11:49 PM
So...looks like no ones joining...

07-07-2007, 05:49 PM

What pokemon you are: Scizor

Gender: Male

Appearance: Dark Red Steel, with a dark scar down my face

Personality: Quick to judge others

Backround: My trainer passed away, we were very close and won many battles together