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~+~ Moving On,Moving Up~+~

<^> Introduction <^>

Once in the region of Ona,in the forest in Chandra Town,lived a young girl. She wasn't normal,persay,as she was the fusion of both a 15 year old teenage girl,and a Pokemon that we know to be called Houndoom.

She was but an ordinary girl,and yet with the fangs,paws,horns,and lashing tail of a Houndoom. Her skin was black and orange,with the markings of the Pokemon,Houndoom.

Her name was Kara,and she traveled at first with a black and orange Torchic named Circe. Before the fusion happened,she was quite ice,but her personality changed more and more now. At one time she could be carefree and sweet,but the other she could swing into an angry misdimeanor.

Before long she became a great Pokemon master and-Well,I won't tell you the rest for fear of giving away the story. All I can advise you to do now is read. Read the story,and you will see how a fearsome Houndoom fusion saved the Earth,when everyone thought she was a worthless mutant. This is her story.

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Good job, small intro not even a page but I like it the intro is good and how this 15 year old girl is, its cool!

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<^> Chapter One: A Majestic Beginning <^>

Kara's Pokemon: Black and Orange Torchic. Female 'Circe' Lv.5

"Come on,Circe,you slow little bird." called a voice,echoing through the foliage and falling upon dead ears. A dark-blue cloaked figure emerged into the view of the sunlight. Her face was hidden,but the paws where feet should've been at the bottom of the too-small cloak were easily visible.

I'm coming,I'm coming. Impatient little.... muttered the Torchic,fluttering after her with a disgruntled expression. "What was that,Circe?" hissed the cloaked figure,a silver tail lashing out from inside the cloak. Nothing,mistress,nothing at all. said the Torchic with a slightly frightened look.Kara looked up at the little sun,sinking beneath the trees.

Light filtered through the tall,giant trees on ever popular Route One,where he brave explorers had begun their journey. torchic perched upon Kara's left shoulder as she growled lightly,a poisonous,warning growl that showed that she was lost and not happy about it-not happy at all.

Kara sighed. Though a dark Pokemon fusion,the dark wasn't one of her favorite things in the word. She growled lowly,and seated herself on a section of cushiony grass beneath a shady oak tree. The tree creaked and swayed as the wind picked up. But Kara and Circe simply fell asleep.

During the night,a strong wind whipped through the area. Without her knowing,the wind tore Kara's cloak from her sleeping body and carried it away,into the star-patterned heavens.

Kara awoke to the sound of yelling voices, and jerked awake. "Circe.CIRCE,wake up you ignorant little munchkin of a bird!" she yelled,standing up,muscles tense,eyes flashing around the area alertly. She heard another yell,and suddenly got down on four paws.

Circe stood up just as Kara sprung off,paws covering the amount of ground between her resting place and the commotion in just a few minutes. WAIT,WAIT,WAIT FOR ME KARA! yelled Torchic. Though to anyone else,it sounded like loud chirping.

Kara skidded to a halt,standing and clapping her velvety paws together,dirt cascading to the ground as if a waterfall,or in this case dirtfall,was beginning at her paws.

The temperature was so low,it was beginning to freeze Kara down to her bones. And being a fire Pokemon,freezing her that much was as likely as the sky falling to Earth in the year 1900.

Circe landed,panting on her shoulder. After catching her breathe,she panted Hey,Kara,where'd your cloak go? "My..cloak...?" she stared down at her paws,and glanced at her arms,black with the orange pattern she knew only too well. "I don't know,Circe. But there's no time to look for it now.Come on."

her legs stretched in a powerful,pounding run as the yelling got louder. Bright bursts of brilliant,heated flame erupted from in front of her,in a clearing underneath the greying star-stitched heavens. She stood,watching,as a silvery fox Pokemon sat a few feet away from her,back turns,tails bristling,figure planted to the ground. Bursts of silvery flame bursted forth from the form of the brilliant unusual fox.

People in bright red uniforms with black M's upon them were the ones yelling. They dodged the flames until the Vulpix,for thats what she was,became tired. She stopped for a breath,and one of the Magma members scooped her up.

"Hey,leave her alone!" yelled Kara. This was a mistake she shouldn't have made. The Magma member dropped the silvery figure,and she dashed for the woods. Now,three of the members advanced towards her.

She turned to begin to run,but one of the members had her paws behind her in an instant,and they wrestled her into a tree. "Let....me.....go...." she grunted,struggling and straining,lashing her tail. "CIRCE!" she screamed,s they plucked he struggling fire bird from the hybrids shoulder.

Between gritted teeth she yelled "LET HER GO!" The bellowing roar made the Magmateers throw their hands up to their ears to prevent their ears from being damaged. Kara rushed forth,fangs bared as she dropped to her stomach and skidded underneath the Magmateers,forcing them down.

Sweeping her hand down and then up,a grey ball appeared in her hand. She jumped forth and plucked Circe from the Magma members grasp. Throwing the ball to the ground,a cloud of smoke filled the clearing...and she was gone.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Kara,using a last-ditch attempt to escape,had teleported into a cave and immediately,she and Circe had been knocked out. Now,it had been snowing that night. And she was trapped in a cave with Circe. The ceiling had caved in,and locked them in the cave. They were terribly cold,as there was nowhere to build a fire,and they had no food or water.

Urrrrrgh. I'm so hungry. moaned Circe in complaint. "Hush your beak,little bird." snapped Kara,growling. I'll hush when you find us a way out,Ms. I-Know-Everything teased the Torchic. "WHAT did you just-?!?!?!?!" Kara was cut off my Torchic.

Shhhhhhh. twittered he bird,jumping to the doorway. I think I hear something outside. Its burning through the snow! Torchic jumped about he cave in hyper happiness.

"Somethings moving the rocks. Get back,Circe,unless you want to be hit in the head with oe." mumbled Kara,reaching forward to sweep up her little Torchic.

suddenly,the rocks fell out oft he doorway. Bright sunlight filtered in,and snow was still falling in..well,I ca'nt really saw buckets,for thats rain.

And sitting there,or I'd rather say standing there,wast he silver Vulpix. Kara and Circe rushed out into the sunlight,jumping up and down hugging the Vulpix.

"Say,would you like to come with us,little fella?" mumbled Kara,holding out a pokeball for the Vulpix. The sweet fox nuzzled Kara's leg,nodded,and jumped into the Pokeball.

Kara,there's something i've been wondering about. twittered Torchic. "Whats that,my good friend?" asked Kara politely,pushing the Vulpixes Pokeball into the pack upon her shoulder. Well,Vulpix couldn't have moved all those rocks by herself,when we together couldn't do it. So,who moved the rocks?

"You know,I don't know,Circe. I really don't. Maybe it wa-" suddenly, Kara saw something emerge from a cloud,he brief bit of sunlight shimmering upon majestic blue wings. "Circe,look,look!" she pointed up at te Articuno..but it was gone. I don't see anything. chirped Circe. "But,but,I think I saw an Articuno!" insisted Kara. And I think you're crazy. chirped Torchic back teasingly.

But Kara only smiled. She knew that she had seen the bird. And she knew that their journey had just begun

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still good, still strong