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06-22-2007, 03:32 AM
Story: The jewel is all put together again thanks to kagome inuyasha, and all of their allies. Although, they are still around and its only been a year, but the jewel was again broken and the shards flew over the land, demons and evil humans are looking for these shards because of the power. Kikyo was put to rest though finally, and now kagome, inuyasha,miroku, and sango are meeting new people along the way (which are you guys and girls). Will you help them find all the shikon shards and save the feutal area?

no godmodding
no flaming
no spamming
no two liners, has to atleast be three lines for a post
no going off main plot.

Note: will have alot of blood fights involved, for teens only.


do we work alone? or together?: well let see, at first we are alone, but when we all appear in that village with inuyasha and kagome, (sango miroku are at their own homes right now because they dont know that the jewl shard has broken up again)

shards? why are we collecting them: well was writing it down, but I'll tell ya in this post. We are collecting them so that Onigra doesnt try to get all of them and rage war against the humans with his army of demons on his side. Some demons are good, but just SOME.

oh and Onigra is a black haired person with light cream colored skin, that wants to become all demon with the help of the shikon jewel.


name: anything you want
Age: 15-17
Gender: female or male
Personality: what you act like
Bio: what you look like
History: what happened in your past (optional)
What are you:
demon: Pending...
demon slayer:
Monk/ wind tunnel holder:
half-demon: (tooken)
Weapon: staff, sword, arrows, or a Hiraikotsu (giant boomerang)

Okay here is mine!

name: Neko
Age: 15
Gender: female
Bio: orange hair with catlike ears, golden eyes, and a black robe like rukia off of bleach, a bracelet with green and white beads, no shoes, I have claws like inuyasha, slit pupils, eyes reflect light like a cats, glow red. I also have a white cat tail. will draw out and show later.
History: will be played out
What are you: half-demon
Weapon: Sword but not at the beginning
Crush: none yet.
Weaknesses: when the opposite gender hugs me, or if im under alot of stress in an enviroment im not comfortable with, I'll turn into a small orange cat. It takes me a while to turn back, but eventually I do turn back.
Cat appearence: http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m127/crying_wolf_09/t9010a.jpg
Strengths: http://i103.photobucket.com/albums/m127/crying_wolf_09/driger2.gif I can turn into a huge demon tiger.

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06-22-2007, 07:34 AM
Heh. Neko, I know you're trying, but you put this in the wrong spot. This should be under 'Role Play Sign Ups". Not to sound like a nag, and I mean that in the nicest of ways.

Also reserve me a apot. *cough cough*

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how da heck do i delete a post? stupid thingy...and yea told peoples i was noob at first beginning.

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