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Yes it is here, we have finally started. Alright happy posting.
__________________________________________________ ___________

The light showed bright against the pale leaves of the old willow tree, branches bent and creaking like an old mans back. From its leafy shroud ,two shimmering, aquatic blue eyes gazed out. The eyes of Anna Marie, Town trouble maker. The girl that spent hours in the forest, only to come back at night and sit in the Inn mocking and being her annoying reckless self.
Anna retreated to the willows scarred trunk, resting her blonde head on its rough surface. It was nearly noon and not one rabbit or dear, or anything for that matter, had passed. It was as if the forest had been abandoned of all life, except Anna Marie.
Sometimes Anna thought her name might be better suited for someone more attractive, more lady like then herself. Truth be told Anna had her own unique attractiveness. Maybe it was the way her wavy hair framed her face. The way her eyes were slightly larger then normal, giving her a pixie like appearance. Like a forest nymph. Or maybe the way her scarred hands seemed to always fall t he battered hips. Whatever the reason, not everyone could see the beauty behind the smirking, sarcastic little tramp.
Now, as the sun grew hotter Anna, grew more impatience. After 15 minutes she began to wander the forest. Something, some otherworldly force was making her venture deeper into the forest. Deeper then most dared to go, But Anna Marie was like most people.
Trudging barefoot and all, deeper and deeper, until a green shadow fell over her and all light seemed to dissipate. A eerie feeling made its way through the tree into Anna’s heart. She shivered, it felt as if a icy hand had placed it iron grip on her spin. Yet something pushed her on.
Finally light broke through unto a clearing. The pale-faced youth took a cautious step forward. Fiddling uncertainly with the fraying hem of her green skirt. With an astonished gasp she let the hem fall back into its place above a severely skinned knee.
Lying in a bed made of smooth rocks was the biggest emerald Anna’s Beautiful blue eyes had ever laid sight on. Reaching forth a spidery hand, she felt its smooth warm surface..

Warm….? she thought. It felt just as warm as her flesh felt. A pale eyebrow arched curiously.

“My my my” Came her soft and musical voice.

“What a treasure we have here”

. A smirk graced her pale lips. Hoisting it into her pack she immediately felt her burden double “Oh boy” she managed to murmur through the striking pain

Why on this earth is it so heavy?! she thought as she retraced her steps and walked home, rather sluggishly.

Placing the gem in a trunk under her bed, she wandered out side. Kicking a rock with her bare feet, she made her way into the inn. Sitting down by the Bart’s turned back she put on a smile. As the poor Bart turned around he almost had a heart attack.

“Anna!!” he roared. “you and that stupid smile! Getting yer self in ta trouble”.

Anna managed a surprised look before ordering a whisky.

“I still don’t get ye” Mumbled the Bart as he turned away. Anna smiled.

“Surprise Surprise…” Anna muttered through gulps. Her voice dripping with sarcasm, like he glass dripping with whiskey.

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Anna Marie
Emeran (her Dragon)
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Saraibre Ryu
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IC: It was fairly good weather as I walked to the well to fetch some water for some early morning tea. My dark grey robes just brushed against the ground as I walked down a beaten path.

As I reached the well, I began to turn the crank to lift the bucket up to me. It was unusually heavy, and seemed to gain more weight as it got closer to me. When I finally had it within arms reach, I grabbed it, almost falling into the well myself. Inside my bucket was a huge, oval shaped stone. At least it looked like a stone.

"Okay, what is this? This wasn't there before, and I doubt anyone would throw it in." I contemplated to myself.

I carried it, and whatever water was in it back to my house. I took the newly found treasure and examined it thouroughly. It looked like an egg. A dragons egg from one of my books. But everyone knew that dragons were to be non-exsistant. Everyone except me. Taking whatever hope I had, I wrapped it up in heated cloth, and put it in a pot next to the fire, in some burning embers.

"This better be the real thing. Maybe than people won't think I'm a crazy 'sorceress' anymore." She said to herself, emphasizing sorceress.

She really wasn't. Her parents were Court Alchemists for the king, and she had been shunted far from them, living on her own as an alchemic theif.

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Also, color coding:

Sienna = Hana
Dark Orange = Akane


Hana's hair kept flowing in the wind as she starred out the window. Her smile was, as usual, planted on her face. She nodded as she climbed out the window and sat on the ledge.

"I wonder if I should go out for a while... yeah... I'll do that!"

She smiled as she climbed back into her room going through her stuff in the inn. She sighed, unable to find her favorite bow, pretty much blowing everything off her room as she kept looking.

"Where are you my bow?!"

Then, by a stroke of luck, she found it... but it was next to a huge, watermelon sized Garnet colored stone or something of the sort. Hana's eyes turned into stars as she starred at it for a few seconds before coming back to reality.

"Wait but... I've searched here before and I've never seen this precious thing before..."

She picked it up, feeling the strange warmth of it before setting it down on her bed as she kept starring at it.

"But it's so pretty... and warm too... wait... warm?! But it's a rock! How can it be warm?!"

She grabbed her sheets and covered the stone, warming it up even more. She then set it next to the fire. She had no idea that the rock was infact an egg, yet something was telling her to do that. She sat down next to the egg, cross legged as she smiled at it.

"I'm smiling at a rock... now this is a new level of weird! Haha!"

She started laughing a bit as she starred at the rock... egg... whatever... Her eyes were still sparkling as she held on tightly to her dear bow.

06-23-2007, 01:59 AM
Color Coding:

"Here lies Charles Vincent..." David said as he read a tomb stone ,"I can't believe he is gone..." David began to walk away from the deceased black smith's grave. The sky grew grey, the towns people ran inside, a storm was aproaching. David ran through the rain, trying to get to the Black Smith before he was drenched in water.

"Hello anyone here?" David said as he hanged his coat on the wall ,"Guess not..." He walked over to the counter and checked if there was any money in the register. He searched and he searched but could only find four coins, just enough for a loaf of bread and some milk.

At the moment a knight came into to the Black Smith with a rusty blade. "Hello young aprentice! Can you forge my blade into its former glory?" the knight asked.

"Sure..." David said as he grabed the blade ,"Hmm this might take a while...come back in three days."

"Ahh will do!" The knight said as he walked away. David went to the back of the building and began to search for the proper tools.

"What should I use, what should I use..." David startred searching through some boxes for a hammer ,"Ok I will need this...and this...hey what the hell is this?" David reached into the box grabing a sword that resembled that of a Spatha.

"Well might as well keep it for later," He threw the sword against the wall and picked up a hammer that he was going to use on the sword.

He grabed the rusty sword and began to clean it off. When he was cleaning the sword he droped the hammer by acident, letting it make a hole on the ground and dropping beneath. He panicked and started reaching in the hole for the hammer.

"Great! Now how am I going to fix this hole!?" He asked himself ,"Hey whats this? It dosn't feel like my hammer..." David began searching somemore until he found his hammer.

"I wonder what that thing was," David thought to himself ,"Well might as well make the hole bigger now..."

David grabed his hammer and began swinging at the ground make the hole noticably huger.

"Now what do we have here?" David said softly to himself ,"Is this a...ruby?" He grabed the rock and brought it to the surface. He started to examie the rock looking at its strange markings.

"Hmm its getting late," David said ,"I guess I can sell at the market tommorow" David wen to his shack and fell asleep.

Saraibre Ryu
06-23-2007, 02:19 AM
OOC:As now, I will color code as well:

Slate Gray=Me

IC: Leaving it by the fire for several hours, I decided that it wasn't what I thought it to be, and carefully took it out of the pot, and out of the warm cloth. I put it carefully in a bag, and walked outside to my horse, Sery. I put the oblect in the saddle bag, mounted my horse and went to go and look for the nearest praiser, or black smith that could tell me what this was.

After a good deal of traveling, I came to see the first sign's of town. I took my horse by the reins and lead her through town, until I came to a praisers shop. I asked if anyone was in, but the assistant shook his head in response. I kept on going all through town, still with no luck.

"Great, no what am I going to do with it?" I asked myself.

I decided to head back home, and see if I was possibly wrong about my assumption. When I had put Sery back in the stable, I was astonished to find that the stone was still maintaining its own heat.

This has to be alive to have its own temperature. I thought, closing the door behind me.

I put it at the end of my bed, where the moonlight shone on it, making it glint and shimmer. After staring at it mesmerized, I fell asleep where I sat.

06-23-2007, 02:46 AM
A few hours passed, still nothing. Yet Hana's room was completely silent. Hana was hugging the "rock" tightly as she slept. The warmth of the "stone" made Hana fall asleep for some reason.

"Zzz... uh... pancakes... Zzzz..."

She rolled over, letting go of the "stone". It suddenly seemed as if something pushed it, making it roll over and bonk on Hana's head. She quickly woke up, watching the stone up close as it had a small crack.

"Oh no! I must have broken it!"

She quickly got up, uncovering the stone quickly and looking at the crack more. It was like it was being pushed. As if something wanted to come out.

"Could this thing really be... an... egg...?"

She started jumping up and down in excitement, wondering what exactly would come out.

"Come on already! Come out! Out! Out! Out!"

06-23-2007, 02:49 AM
Stroud swung through the trees in the great, varied Forest of Jade in which he spent so much time. He leapt from branch to branch, as naturally as one might walk along a path. He saw the wildife of the forest below him, and was careful not to disturb it. Although he was tempted to make use of his bow, he resisted and felt if he did use it, he would corrupt this seemingly perfect woodland.

It was then that he stopped, resting in the trees. Soon, another young man of 14 came to rest with him. Azure, his best friend for as long as he could remember, also frequented the trees with him, seeking the same escape that Stroud did. Both of their fathers were Imperial guardsman, and together they led the guards of Jade City, a prosperous trading town with a bandit problem on the fringes of town.

The boys sat there silently for a while until Azure seemed to spot something. He tapped Stroud's soldier and pointed in the past them, onto a dirt path going through the woods and into town. "Over there," he simply stated, pointed at what seemed to be a crime being committed.

A group of five bandits, seemingly drunk and armed, were harrassing a merchant and his family who were traveling to Jade City. They still had a full caravan, and it was most likely that the bandits were attempting to raid. Stroud and Azure would not let this stand, and with that, they drew the bows and spread out. Barely a rustle was heard as they prepared to attack the drunken thieves if the situation was worse.

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Color coding:
Aaron= Green
Mya= Deep Skye Blue

A young boy leaned against a lamp post, his gray eyes showing no emotions. Aaron looked around, hardly anyone was there at the park, only an elderly couple sat on the other side of the park. Aaron stared at the fountain for no particular reason, he thought he saw something glisten in the water. Aaron guessed it was only the sunlight's reflection.

Aaron looked at the fountain a litler more closely, yes, there was something in the water. Aaron walked over to the fountain and carefully leaned over and looked in. Something rested at the bottom of the fountain.

"Who dropped this in here?" Aaron said softly, he reached in to pick it up, suddenly someone pushed him in. Aaron fell into the fountain head first, he sat up, caughing. Aaron looked up to see a boy standing over him.

"What do you think you're doing?" The boy asked.

"Why do you care?" Aaron spat, "Go away."

"Make me," The boy threatened. Aaron stood and jumped at the boy, he tackled him to the ground. Aaron was sick and tired of him, that boy had always picked on Aaron, just because of his past.

"Leave me alone, jerk!" Aaron growled, getting off of the boy and kicked him. The boy stood and ran away, not looking back. Aaron stood and walked back to the fountain, he picked up the object.

"This is some rock," Aaron said, "It's heavy, and warm." Aaron stopped, warm? Rocks aren't supposed to be warm.

"Oh well, it may have been heated by the sun," Aaron decided, he walked back home. Aaron looked at the egg, it a a pretty blue color, Aaron looked up and saw his house. He opened the door and placed the rock on the table, he closed the door and sat down, looking at the rock.

"Who'd want to throw a rock this size into the fountain?" Aaron wondered, "And why?"

Saraibre Ryu
06-23-2007, 03:31 AM
I was hazily awoken by the sound of virgorous shaking, and rapping sounds. I looked up at the stone, which was moving by itself, hsaking as if it were an earthquake. I sat back in both excitement and anxiety. there was a sudden break in the perfections of the smooth, amethyst gleam, then it began to enlarge, and a dark, indigo tinted dark lavender claw stuck out of what I know knew to be an egg. I took the access shell away, and the rest of the egg seemed to fall apart as if it were as brittle as dry bread.

Lying on the foot of my bed was a dark lavender dragon, about the size of a cat. It was tinted indigo, but only in the light did the colors alternate. The dragon fumbled in my blankets until it finally sat up. When it saw me, it growled, or at least tried to, loudly. I put my hand out to try and show I wasn't going to hurt it, but in a motion you would miss in a blin, it came and bit my wrist and clamped down hard on it with sharp fangs. I flinched at the pain, but showed no signs of a change in my mood.

So, are you going to gnaw my hand off, or can I have it back?" I asked sarcastically.

After a little while, the dragon finally let go. I looked at my wrist, seeing it was bleeding pretty badly. I took a bandage and wrapped it around my wrist.

"Now, can you speak to me or are you not that kind of dragon? I questioned.

The dragon cocked its head at me and gave me a 'What do you think?' look.

"I suppose you can't speak my language fluently, but enough to understand. Am I right?"

It nodded its head up and down a little, to my understanding, taking it as a 'yes'. I was happy that I was finally making progress, but even more excited to actually have a real dragon.

06-23-2007, 03:39 AM
The egg started shaking more and more, as if something wanted to come out. Hana kept jumping up and down happily, until, out of nowhere, a small, red claw popped out of the egg with force and sent an egg piece flying towards Hana, slamming it into her face. She twitched her eyes, taking off the piece, yet there was no more egg, but a cute little red baby dragon, starring blankly at Hana. It started walking towards Hana, tilting it's head to the left. Hana's eyes were turned into sparkles as she quickly grabbed the baby dragon, starring into it's eyes.

"Oh, you're so cute! What's your name you cute little thing?"

The dragon didn't respond. It did understand what she had said, yet it was slightly creped out from Hana's outburst. It opened it's mouth to speak, yet only to let out a yawn.

"Aww... you can't speak? Well, I'll call you Akane! Yeah, that's your new name you cute little thing!"

OOC: Yes, Hana's like that with cute things XD

Harry Potter
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Saraibre Ryu
06-23-2007, 03:52 AM
I paced around the room, the dragon looking at me, waiting for me to do something.

"Well, what should your name be? That is if you don't already have one." I said.

The dragon shook its head from left to right, meaning 'no'.

"Well, first of all, are you a female dragon?" I asked.

It furiously shook it's head 'no' after another attempted growl. It eyes went from blue, then flashed gold, then back to blue.

"Well thats interesting." I responded. Your eyes change color with your mood. Thats cool."

He rolled his eyes and gave me a look to get back on topic of naming him. After going through a list of names, we finally decided on one.

"Alright, so your name now is Boshoku Bahamut." I said tiredly. "We have that finalized now?"

Yes, but calling me Shoku would make it more simple. He answered without moving his mouth.

Oh my god! you can speak!" I exclaimed.

Now that I've caught onto it yes. Shoku replied. and before you ask how I'm doing it without moving my mouth as you humans do, its called open telepathy. Anyone can hear me like this. Closed telepathy is when I'm only heard in your thoughts.

I looked at Shoku in astonishment. "Okay...I guess that makes sense."

06-23-2007, 04:02 AM
"Akane?! I LOVE IT!"

"You can speak?! OH MY GOD!"

Hana squealed in happiness at her new friend. Akane smiled nervously, jumping back down to the ground.

"Wait, but you didn't move your mou-"

"I knew you'd ask. It's called open telepathy. If it's through our thoughts, it's closed telepathy. Got it?"

"Uhh... more or less..."

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David was sound asleep not aware about the miracle that was ocuring. Crackling sounds started coming from the ruby. The ruby hatched spreading its shell into thousands of peicies revealing a ruby colored dragon. It crawled near David and began to sleep.

The next morning...

The baby dragon woke up streched out its wings and yawned. It looks towards David and began to scratch his face.

"Ahhh!!!" David screamed ,"What the hell?!" David reached down annd picked up the baby dragon. The baby dragon began to nibble on his hand, he then droped it on his bed and began to walk back and worth thinking about what he should do.

"Ok lets see...what should I do with you..." David grabed some meat and threw at the dragon to eat ,"Here nibble on this..."
The baby dragon sniffed the meat and started eating it with much joy. When it finished it burped out fire. The bed was lit on fire, it started to spread throughout the rest of the shack.

"Oh crap!" David said as he rushed to the baby dragon ,"We go to get out of here!" David kicked the door open since his hands were carrying the dragon. He looked back and saw that his shack and everything inside was nothing more.

"Great! Im stuck with a dragon and I don't even have a house!" David shouted as he fell to the ground ,"Can this day get any better?!"

"Hi who the hell are you?!" Said the baby dragon.

"Oh great im hallucinating..." David began to roll on the ground back and forth ,"I gotta snap out of this..."
The dragon hoped on David's back and stuck her claws inside his skin.

"What was that for?!" david yellped. He threw the dragon off his back. He grabed a stick and started swinging towards the dragon.

"Woah hey calm down!" She said.

"Not until you explain what is happening!" David said as he pointed the stick towards the head of the dragon.

"I dont know!" the dragon said ,"I just hatched last night!"

"But from what..." David stoped and thought ,"Oh you must be from my Ruby!" The dragon noded "Well might as well give you a name...how about Amp?"

"Um...what type of name is that?" She asked.

"Its your name now sush!" David sat on the ground next to Amp and started to pet her.

"Yeah i guess that will do," The dragon said.

06-23-2007, 10:52 AM
Careful hands nocked a small wooden arrow into it's place on the bow, with a definite practiced precision about them. Once secured, the middle and index finger began to pull the bowstring back, not stopping until it stretched back in line with the owner's cheek. Then, without any movement from the figure, the fingers let go of the bowstring and the arrow darted from its holder.

The arrow sped faster and faster still, a faint whooshing sound could be heard to the trained ear as it flew through the air. The dear heard this noise, but it was too late: the arrowhead hit the animal squarely in the chest. It cried in agony, and fell to the group with a thud.

A boy, no more than 15 years of age, ran towards the deer, dressed in worn out clothes. Hastily, he knelt down by the deer and pulled out a crooked dagger from his belt. The fallen deer eyed it suspiciously, but made no movement. Quickly, he glanced about his woodland surroundings to make sure no-one could see or hear. "I am sorry," he muttered to the deer, gently putting one hand onto the deers head. With one fluent movement from the hand that held the dagger, the deer was killed.

It took Edward a longer than normal 20 minutes to get back to his home, burden with a heavy meal. At least I will eat well tonight, he thought, almost happily. Approaching the clock tower, he quickly glanced in each direction, just to make sure none would see him enter. When he was sure no-one was around, he hurried towards to entrance and pushed the door aside with an eerie creak.

Edward dropped the deer into the centre of a large brown blanket, which had specially been laid out earlier for his catch. Quickly, the boy wrapped his meal up with the rest of the blanket, to try and keep insects and other pests away. His bow and his arrow supply were dropped beside his catch, each landing with a hollow thud on the wooden floor of the tower. With no haste, Edward slouched against the wall, worn out.

The afternoon sun shone through a small window just above him, lighting the room withs its glow. Abruptly, Edward stood straight and alert. His cloudy green eyes had spotted something in the corner as the sunlight had hit it. Cautiously, he approached it. It seemed to be a large opal, but why would one of them be here? Suddenly, he turned and shouted: "Show yourself, otherwise I shall come and find you!" However, the room was silent bar the distant ticking of the clock and the slow breaths of Edward. The boy calmed down, deducting that there was no-one here except him, and turned his attention back to the stone.

Kneeling down on one knee, he placed a hand on the surface, and was surprised to find the stone was... warm? Stones were not warm, he knew that, so it must not be a stone. But what else could it be? Edward wrapped his arms around the thing and tried to pick it up, only just managing to do so. Slowly, he scrambled over towards his 'bed' and lay it down carefully. Sitting down next to it, he began to scratch and tap the stone, trying to find out exactly what it was.

OoC// I've decided to colour code as well.

06-23-2007, 11:25 AM
"Well Akane, shall we go on a walk through town?"

"Are you sure? People'll stare and all that crap..."

Hana smiled, grabbing Akane and setting him on her head. Akane looked slightly nervous, yet before he could warn Hana, she had already jumped out the window.

"To the shop! I need a new bow!"

"The arrow one or the hair one?"

"The arrow one, the one in my hair is something I'll never replace!""

Akane sweatdropped as Hana ran as fast as she could through town, not noticing that indeed she was getting stares... well, at least Akane was. She was just a few steps away from the shop, until a voice in her mind told her to stop.

"Hana... hide... now..."

"Huh... why?"

"Just do it!"

Hana quickly ran towards an alley, hiding behind some logs as a few knights passed by on their horses. If any of them were to see Akane, Hana'd be in deep trouble.

"Quickly, get your bow, I'll wait here... we can't risk another one like that, got it?"

"Oh... okay..."

Hana made a small, house-like hideout for Akane with the logs, setting him down next to it as he hid in it. Hana got up and waved at him before running off into the shop.

"You sure you'll be alright on your own Akane?"

"Yeah, don't worry Hana..."

"Okay, I'll be out in a few!"

06-23-2007, 03:16 PM
OOC: Harry, you have to put OOC before you type somthing out of Character

IC: After finishing her drink, Anna wandered back to her little shack. As she approsched the door she heard rustling and growling. Cuatisouly her hand fell to her dagger. Resting a spidery hand on the door frame she pushed it open.

"Who ever is in here, come out...Now!" Anna Demanded. And out came a little dragon. Like the color of a Emeral...Emerald.

The Emerald was a egg! SHe thought.

"Hello Love." Came the dragins voice, It was eerie His lips moved and all, but the vouce was that of a Adult.

"Love?" Anna scoffed

"the only person I know that talks like that is old man Humpter" She laughed out loud.

The dragon frowned. And crawled his way up her arm and rested on her shoulder.

"Perhaps you should name me? Or do you want to call me it for the rest of my Extended life?" The dragon said making himself confortably and "accendently" Digging his claws into her shoulder.

"OUCH!" Anna Marie cried out.

"Fine." her muttered Masaging her bleeding shoulder.

"How about, Emerisia?" she asked her characteristic smirk apperaing once more.

"I am a Male, as you can very well tell by my voice Anna." he replied cleaning the blood from his talon.

Anna's blue eyes rolled about, pretending to ponder a bit more she finaly cam up with somthing.

"Emeran" she anouced

"How Original" he murmered, he too now rolling his huge eyes. But you could tell by the slight smile he was pleased with the name.

Emeran sniffed. He smelled yet another dragon. scurried out the back door.

"where in gods name are you going!" she said following him.

Scooping him into her pack she looked down at him.

"Dont you think people might stare, then try and kill you?" Anna asked, for once thinking of somone other then herself.

Emeran cursed in some strange dragon tounge.

"yes, yes your right. Just take a left please." he demanded. Anna obliged stopping near old house. Somthing shined in the light. Somthing redish.

"I am not alone" Emeran mumbeled.

"ya that makes one of us" Retorted the stuborn 14 year old.

Harry Potter
06-23-2007, 03:37 PM
OOC AAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! Everyones eggs are hatching and I havent even found mine yet. Okay for the color code thing Cristoph_Bold Black_ Zephyr_Bold White_

IC: Cristoph sat silently at the table eating his dinner. "Cristoph" His adopted mother started "Your Father and I have been thinking. You have been living here for 6 years and until a month ago we didn't even know you could talk. And we just thought that we could start getting closer as a family. But in order for us to do that we would have to know a bit more Mom an-" But she was interupted by Cristoph "SHUT UP!!!" He yelled and walked out of the house without another word.

He went to the village and by then he decided to never return to the house. And that he would live by stealing things and selling them to travelers. So he decided to start at a jewelers shop. He entered the shop and saw in the corner a very large pearl he decided that that would be what he would get. He went over to the corner and picked it up. Then he started to leave the store but as he left the building he heard a voice from behind him "Hey kid". He started to run. But with the heavy pearl and his sword he couldn't go for very long and the man caught up to him. Cristoph recognized him as the stores manager. The man breathed heavily "Wow your pretty fast. But I was wondering could I buy that beautiful gem from you". Cristoph didn't understand Didn't I just steal this from this guy He thought. "No thank you my Father gave this to me and it's very special to him". Cristoph went into the forest to find a place to sleep and noticed that the stone was warm Okay this is weird.

06-23-2007, 03:50 PM
"Thank you!"

Hana smiled and winked at the attendant as she walked out, holding her new bow on her back. She looked around, quickly rushing into the alley and digging through the logs. Akane was gone.

"Akane?! Akane?! Akane where are yo-GYAHHHHH! GTE OFF! GET OFF!"

Akane jumped into Hana's back, which she confused for a bug. She ran out of the alley, waving her arms up and down as she ran.

"Woah girl, calm down! It's me Akane!"

Hana came to a screeching halt, grabbing Akane from her back and glaring at him. She started shaking him back and forth.

"Don't you ever do that again! I could have had a heart attack Akane!"

Akane chuckled, climbing up to Hana's head, yawning, then resting his head.

"Well, sorry then... also... there's another dragon nearby..."

Hana looked around, not seeing anyone with a dragon anywhere. She started looking through all the corners of the place she was at the moment, ending up bumping into a girl (that's you Alana) and falling back. Akane quickly went into Hana's shirt, popping out his head to be able to see.

"Oww... my head... I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bump into you.. and Akane, what are you doing inside of my shirt?"

"At the present time, this is the best place to hide..."

"Oh, okay then!"

06-23-2007, 04:06 PM
Aaron had fallen asleep, but that was quickly changed, something was messing with his hair, Aaron lifted his head, he yelped in surrpise and fell out of the chair. He saw a little blue dragon, its big, light blue eyes looked at him with curiosity.

"OK," Aaron said slowly, "Just take it easy, and we can get through this with absolutely no panic." Aaron stood and reached out his hand, the dragon watched his every move, when Aaron's hand touched its head, the dragon clawed him. Aaron jumped back, blood appeared on the wound.

"Sassy little thing, aren't you?" Aaron said. The dragon looked him as if to say, 'Sassy? no, you're the one who got too close.'

"Well, what should I call- Hey! Get back here!" Aaron watched as the dragon hopped off the table and ran off, Aaron folowed, he saw the dragon clamber through an open window. Aaron opened the door and chased after it.

"Get back here!" Aaron yelled. He jumped and caught the dragon, quickly diving into the shadows. He held the creature close, its big eyes looked up at him.

"You've gotta be careful, OK?" Aaron said gently, "Its not safe for you out there."

"Says who?" The dragon retorted, making Aaron nearly yell in surprise. He held his tongue and scooted further into the shadows as knights walked by.

06-23-2007, 04:35 PM
“Get off Get off!” came a voice from the darkness, the shroud of shadows prevented Anna from seeing anything but her hand in front of her face.

”Who is the- Cut off by a bump in the head, Anna stumbled backwards hitting her head on poorly placed shelf.

=red] “watch it!” Anna snarled, getting a harsh scratch in the face by Emeran.

”we are deeply sorry” Emeran corrected, giving Anna Marie a withering glance.

”Aren’t me Anna? He questioned, though it was more a demand then a question.

”YOU can be sorry, because YOU told me to come here, oh mighty dragon!” Anna retorted stubbornly then added.

”Yes yes, I am sorry…”

Emeran took a small step towards the other dragon in his child’s shirt. Sticking his snout forward a bit, as to get familiar with he brethren. His tail flicked back and forth, banging gently against his own Childs leg. Anna tapped her foot impatiently. The 14 year old was not very happy about standing in a dark shed, while her new and quite annoying dragon made friends with another dragon. It was all a little to fairy tale for her. There was a time Anna would have embraced this. Loved it, and lived it out happily. But as she got older and had to fend for her self, The fairly tale be living part of her melted away. Like snow on the first day of spring. Now a little green dragon comes along, and begins to search out it brethren? Well a least it would be fun, and fun and adventure went well with Anna.
Wiping back her dirty blonde hair, hands falling to their usual place. At her hips. She waited until Emeran had successfully meet the other dragon.

06-23-2007, 04:42 PM
Hana got up, wiping the dust off her dress and looking at the girl. Aperantly, her name was Anna. She smiled at her, nodding as she extended her hand.

"I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to bump into you. I wasn't watching where I was going! Well, your name is Anna... am I correct? Mine's Hana!"

She giggled, leaving Akane to talk to the dragon as she smiled cheerfully at Anna.

"What a coincidence, our names rhyme!"


Akane looked at the dragon infront of him. He was happy to see one of his kind. He nodded in greeting at the dragon, smiling, yet not as cheerfully as Hana.

"So... what name were you given? Mine's Akane."

He took his tail out of Hana's shirt, putting it like Hana's hand as if expecting a shake.

06-23-2007, 04:57 PM
Anna Rolled her eyes.

”Really!” she faked a gasp. ”I Never knew Hanna and Anna Rhymed!”

Anna Marie really didn’t like the peppy little type. But at least they had one thing in common. They both had dragons thrust upon them, or maybe she chose hers? Anna sighed and put forth her scarred hand, letting it rest in Hana’s, Gently moving her hand up and down. Mean while Emeran, was busy talking with the girls dragon.

”My Given name is Emeran, Isn’t she original?” He said looking up at Anna, A smirk on his fangs. Sarcasm dripped from his words like venom from a snakes fangs. Anna scowled.

”Shut it runt!” Anna hissed at the Emerald colored dragon.

Even though she hated him , she loved him. Strange, but true. Emeran chuckled.

” And she is so sweet!” he added, Sarcasm was obvious.

06-23-2007, 05:42 PM
After his hour of smacking, tapping, dropping and generally trying to break the opal coloured thing, Edward had given up. Even with the above average intelligence he possessed, he just could not figure out what the hell this was. It was much harder than stone or rock, which would have been at least slightly disfigured by now. This strange object, however, still had its shiny, multi-coloured surface; not even a scratch had formed upon it.

In what could almost be called anger, the youth had left the oval object on the wooden floor, which seemed to be bending ever-so slightly underneath. Edward had stormed out of the room, the tattered door closing with a loud slam behind him. It was time for some stress relief.

It was quiet, he realized, when he stopped to listen. Wind was blowing through the trees belonging to a small woodland, making a gentle whistling noise that began to calm to boy down slightly. Above and behind him, the distant ticking of the clock tower could be heard to those around. But nothing else could be heard: no birds were singing, no animals scurrying to and fro, and no people going for an afternoon stroll in the forest. Thinking about it, Edward actually enjoyed the peace he was having now. It all ways made him worry about being found when people walked past, and he always had to resist temptation to practice his bow and dagger skills when animals were about. He could just relax...

Suddenly, a huge crash came from inside the clock tower. Edward hastily spun on his heel and looked back at his home. What happened?, he muttered to himself. Naturally, he was slightly worried; but worry was his mortal enemy and refused to show such weakness, and so his face was that of his normal expression, no worry to be seen. Acting calm, he strode slowly over the the battered door, and cautiously pushed it inwards with a quiet creak. With no haste, he crept inside the building and looked about. Nothing seemed to have changed but... what was that?

In the corner, and lizard stood, its head stooped. However, this lizard was bigger than any he had seen before, and was not the colour of any normal lizard either. The majority of it's scales were black, though the scales on his chest, underbelly, clawed feet and lower jaw were all made up of darker rainbow colours. Spikes ran from its head to it's tail, which was also strange for a lizard. Silently, and oblivious to Edward, it was bent over the deer, which the youth guessed it was eating. Wait... that lizard was eating his meal. Not even the great actor Edward could hold back his surprise.

Loudly, and not holding back, the boy walked over to the lizard. "Off, you pesky thing!" he yelled, picking it up. It was then that he realized it had wings, which had been closed tightly against it's body. Lizards do not have wings. Surprised, he dropped the winged lizard, which hurried to open its wings so it would not hit the floor. It succeeded, and flew upwards so it was at head height with the boy.

"And what do you think you're doing, mister?" the dragon spoke, it's lips actually moving along with the voice. It's voice was definitely feminine, but it had a sharp tone about it. "Disturbing my meal like that, it wasn't very nice you know!"

Edward, again, was taken aback: It actually talked. What was this thing? By now, the boy was pretty sure it was not a lizard, or at least not a normal one. Then, a thought hit him. He glanced over at where he had left the oval object, which was no longer present. In its place lay hundreds of tiny pieces of what it used it to be. In the same thought, he realized that the opal oval must have been an egg.

"Well that was my meal," the boy retorted. "I caught it, I brought it back, so therefore it is mine." Angrily, he folded his arms and frowned at the animal. "What are you anyway?"

"What? You can't guess?" she said, genuine surprise was present in her voice. "I'm a dragon, silly!" The dragon flew up higher, did a messy back-flip and landed on the boy's right shoulder. "So what are we going to do? Can I look around the place? Please?"

"Well, you can get lost," Edward told her blankly, "and I'll have to go get more food." The dragon looked disheartened, her head hung down. For a few minutes, there was silence. Then:

"So where are we going to go?" she asked happily. "I'm hungry, will you feed me? Oh, and while you're at it, give me a name."

Edward sighed. It looked like this thing wouldn't go away. Dragon or not, he didn't want her around. Maybe he could get rid of her in the town or forest. "Okay, we'll go look around town, and I'll get you some food. For a name... how about Leera?" he told her, faking the cheerfulness in his voice.

"Leera? I like that!" Leera stated happily. Without any warning, she flew upwards and towards the door. With her tail, she motioned for the boy to follow her. Edward followed blindly, his mind thinking of ways to lose her.

06-23-2007, 09:22 PM
"You sure are the quiet type, aren't you?"

No reply came from the boy.

"Anyone in that head of yours? Or did it all just go down the drain?"

No reply. The dragon scowled and lifted her tail, she lashed it at Aaron's leg, Aaron became aware of it and glared at the dragon.

"What was that for?!" Aaron nearly yelled. The dragon looked at him innocently. She walked up to him and crawled into his lap. Aaron smiled and leaned against a wall.

"You sure are pretty," Aaron murmured, "I guess I should give you a name."

"A name would be nice."

"Um, how 'bout Mya?"

"I love it!" The dragon exclaimed, jumping up. Aaron grabbed Mya and held her close, he looked down at Mya.

"You've gotta be quiet," Aaron whispered, Mya nodded solemnly. She stretched sleepily, including her wongs, Aaron had to constantly move her wings from hitting his face.

"Well, let's go," Aaron said at last, he stood and pciked up Mya, heallowed her to ride on his shoulder, when he started walking Mya dug her talons into his skin. Aaron winced and gently brought Mya into his arms. Mya rested her head on Aaron's arm. Aaron walked along the shadows, looking around often.

Saraibre Ryu
06-24-2007, 11:07 AM
I sat in a chair across the room from my dragon.

"Okay, now I think we should get to be doing something more productive.?"

Yes how about by telling me your name, and what level of an alchemist you are. He replied.

"My name...I haven't...uhh. My name is Rikku." I answered. "As for my level of alchemy..."

I took a piece of metal in my hand, and drew its image in my mind. I closed my eyes and put a tight fist over the metal, making my hand bleed. After having a clear picture in my head of that piece of metal, I began to reform it into a dark blue opal. After a moment, I opened my eyes, and that very opal was in my hand. I opened my hand to show Shoku what was made.

Impressive. I didn't expect you to be at such a high level for your age. He commented.

I'm going to take that as a compliment." I responded, putting the opal in my pocket. "Something just occured to me. Are there more dragons out there?"

Of course. I don't know where though, and I am getting famished by the way. Shoku replied with a yawn.

I gave out a deep sigh. "Alright, hide under my hood, and I'll find some food for you in town."

Without a word, I put my hood on and Shoku climbed up my back, andwrapped himself around my neck, keeping close to my shoulders. I walked outside, thought it be best not to frigten Sery and walk into town.

Harry Potter
06-24-2007, 05:35 PM
Cristoph found a place in the forest to make a shelter and when he was done he built a fire and put the gem beside it. He sat there thinking for a long time about where his parents were, why the jeweler wanted to buy the the pearl from him and things of that sort. After a few hours the gemstone started shaking and in one minute it was shaking so violently he thought there was a earthquake. And then the stone exploded and in its place was a little baby dragon. Cristoph knew what it was immediately and took out his sword to kill it. The reason is that 6 years ago his parents were taken some where far away by dragons and from that day on he promised to kill every dragon he met. Cristoph brought up his sword and brought it down on the dragons neck. But as soon as he did he bounced back the dragon apeared unharmed. "Ow! You idiot don't you know that my scales cant be cut by a sword! And why did you try and kill your own dragon anyway!?." The dragon looked on it's neck where Cristoph attacked him "Aw look you mad a scrach on my neck!" The dragon complained. This changes everything Cristoph thought. When he promised to kill all dragons he thought that he would just be killing dumb animals. He didn't know that they where inteligent. "Hey I asked you a question!" "Sorry you just surprised me" Cristoph said he was starting to like the dragon the thought of having a friend that he could talk to and eventually ride made him want to keep the dragon. "Oh well in that case... I'm hungry where is some food? what are you going to name me?" the dragon asked all this with out even taking a breath

06-24-2007, 09:41 PM
"I think we're safe to walk in the sunlight, I'm gettin' a little cold," Mya said softly. Aaron was hesitant, but he stepped out into the sunlight.

"Just keep your wings really close to your body," Aaron whispered. Mya nodded and pressed her blue wings close to her sides. Aaron looked around nervously. After a few minutes of walking Mya lifted her head.

"I'm hungry," Mya complained, "When can we eat?" Aaron sighed and looked around.

"Well, we can either head into the forest and find something there for you to eat, or head back to my house," Aaron replied.

"Forest, your house is boring."

Aaron was about to make a reply, but caught himself, getting Mya mad might not be the smartest idea. Aaron walked to the forest. Mya sniffed, she loked intently into the forest. She fianlly looked up at Aaron.

"So, you got a name?" Mya asked.

"Aaron," The boy replied, "Aaron Shikamia."

"That's a nice name," Mya responded, "Your last name sounds a bit funny."

"Hey, I don't choose my last name, alright?" Aaron said hotly.

"Oh, sorry," Mya rolled her eyes, she suddenly hopped down from Aaron's arms and took off into the forest. Aaron ran after her.

"Mya! Get back here!" Aaron called, "It's not safe for you in here!" Aaron suddenly heard a loud squeal, Aaron's heartbeat quickened as he ran towards the noise. He pushed aside some bushes and found himself in some sort of camp, he saw a boy that looked about his age, Mya was ranning around in excited circles around a white dragon.

"Sorry about that," Aaron said quickly, "She uh, she's attracted to new animals."

"Since when?" Mya asked, looking up at Aaron. She'd done it. Aaron flashed her a glare before looking up at the boy.

"I'm Aaron," Aaron said quickly, hoping the boy hadn't heard Mya, "Who are you?"

06-24-2007, 09:48 PM
Leera flew out the door and upwards towards the clock. Edward followed her outside, his mind elsewhere. Perhaps I could lose her in the forest, Edward thought, his eyes wandering to gaze thoughtfully at the cluster of looming trees. Slowly, he blinked and shook his head. No, she'd just fly upwards and come back here. There must be some other way. It was then that an idea hit him: I could get her taken away by the town guards.

Up above, Leera began to practice her flying skills. She seemed to have a natural talent to it, and was soon flying as if she had been flying for weeks; back-flips, dives, rolls and somersaults were all part of her line up, though she still could not preform dives or rolls as well as she did her other tricks. The small dragon did not mind this, as she knew she was still a beginner, and wasn't expecting to be able to do everything.

With a messy dive, Leera shot down towards Edward, and landed softly on his shoulder. He bit back surprise, and turned his head sideways to look at her.

"So, are we going to get food?" Leera asked with a pinch of impatience, "I'm starving here." She dug her razor-sharp claws into his shoulder, to emphasize her starvation. Edward, however, hardly felt anything as he was used to pain such as claws and had learnt to deal with it. Without saying anything, started towards the town.

It did not take long to reach the main town, as the clock tower was basically on the outskirts of it. As they had reached the town, Leera had received many strange looks from the citizens, each whispering to one another about a dragon on the back of a teenage boy. The youth ignored the stares; after all, it was part of his plan. Leera, however, was getting slightly scared.

"Maybe we should hide, I don't like the looks these people are giving me," Leera whispered into the ear of Edward. Her slender body began to tremble slightly as an even bigger crowd began to surround them.

"No, it's fine," Edward assured her, "it's just that they've never seen a dragon before."

"Well it's probably best they don't," she retorted, "with all these horrid looks they're giving me." The dragon drooped her head on top of Ed's, and for a moment, he felt something towards her. Affection, perhaps? He shook his head to clear it of the dreaded thought, but still it remained in the back of his mind.

Suddenly, he noticed a small boy pick up a pebble, followed by his friends. With a surprising force, they lobbed it at Ed and Leera. Though one missed, the rest did not, hitting the youth hard in the face and also hitting the dragon on the chest. "Go away, evil dragon!" the boys started to chant, louder, louder, until the whole crowd was chanting along with them. As well as the boys, some other citizens began to throw rocks.

I hadn't planned this, Edward thought, a rock hitting him just below the eye. Deciding to get away as soon as possible, he started to walk faster and faster until that turned into a jog, which soon turned into a run. But still the rocks came flying.

They were nearly away, when a lone rock sped towards Leera, catching her by surprise. It hit her directly on the chest with such force that she fell from her perch. Edward turned around to see her sprawled helplessly on the floor, people starting to gather around. He turned back to leave, but the same feeling sprang back to the front of his head, and he was forced to turn around, yet again, to go back and get her.

"Get away from her!" he yelled angrily. The citizens gazed at Edward, surprised, and most parted to let him through. The others, who did not, were pushed away by force. Quickly, he knelt down beside the dragon and scooped her up. The boy turned on his heel and sprinted towards the nearest alleyway, which was actually quite far.

He stopped once in the protection of the alley, and took this chance to check up on Leera. She was not dead, nor unconscious, just stunned. Her dragon lips curved into a slight smile. "Thank you," she told him before drifting off into a sleep.

06-24-2007, 10:12 PM
The breeze blew by, causing Hana's long, blonde hair to flow in the wind. She smiled at Anna, looking down to see the two dragons talking.

"Aww... your dragon is so cute! But Akane is cuter, ain't that right Akane?"

Akane sighed, flicking his tail side to side as he looked up at Hana. A confident grin was on his face as he flew out of Hana's shirt, now flapping his wings to keep afloat infront of Hana.

"I guess you could say that I am!"

Hana giggled, rubbing the head of her baby dragon and smiling. Wouldn't her peppyness annoy anyone? Hana, not surprisingly, asked cheerfully,

"Well Anna... where do you live?"

06-24-2007, 11:05 PM
Anna nodded, she didn’t want a Cute Dragon, she wanted a big, snarling, fire breathing dragon. Emeran seemed to share her feelings.

“I would prefer to be, scary. Or I am fine just the way I am ,as for where Anna lives. She lives in a shack by the woods. Emeran said, flicking a flawless talon at his child.

Anna could have strangled him, he made her house sound like a complete dump! As if she was some hermit that hated company. But Emeran simply sniffed.

”yet another Dragon in this town? I feel as if all that are left reside here…” he mumbled stretching his vein filled wings.

OOC:By the way Potter, Dragons have been “dead’ For over 200 years xD just a key factor that I put in the plot.

Harry Potter
06-25-2007, 01:00 AM
OOC Oh, well then Cristophs parents were taken by something else but Cristoph being a boy of nine thought they where dragons

IC Cristoph heard someone coming and unsheathed his sword. But it turned out just to be another dragon I am not going to try to kill one of those things again he thought. He quickly put back his sword and soon after another boy followed the baby dragon [quote] "Sorry about that, She uh, she's attracted to new animals." The boy said "Since when?" The dragon asked "I'm Aaron," [end of quote]. "It's okay my name is Cristoph so I see you have a dragon too. What did you name yours?"

06-25-2007, 12:54 PM
"I'm Mya!" Mya said happily. Aaron felt leaving her there, she seemed happy enough. But Mya saw the look Aaron gave her.

"Try it, and the next day you'll be sore all over," Mya threatened. Aaron growled something at her and looked up at Cristoph.

"What are you doing out here?" Aaron asked, "Do your parents know your here?" Aaron looked at the white dragon that Mya was so fond of. Mya spread out her wings and playfully pranced around the white dragon.

Mya then stoppped and climbed up onto Aaron arm, Aaron winced as her talons dug into his skin again, he lifted her off his arm and onto the ground. Mya sat down beside him.

Harry Potter
06-25-2007, 04:57 PM
"NEVER TALK ABOUT MY MOM OR DAD EVER AGAIN!!!" Cristoph stood up and yelled at Aaron but then sat down feeling drained of his energy. "I'm sorry it's just that my parents were taken away by what I thought were dragons. But after I have seen what dragons are really like I'm not so sure." Cristoph sat and thought for a moment Is it even possible that those things were dragons? After all both of the dragons that I have seen are very nice. "I haven't thought of a name for my dragon yet maybe you could help me?"

06-25-2007, 07:19 PM
(Dang, I'm behind...)

A young boy rode a small carraige, pulled by an old and feeble horse. The road they traversed was dusty, the sun hot, and the boy was thirsty and hot. He glared up at the sun, but the fiery star didn't respond. Not that Dan really expected it to. The cart was loaded up with grain and vegetable. The boy was off to town to sell what he had in order to purchase things his own family could not privide for themselves- clothing, sugar, and the like. Beside him on the rough wooden seat was a gem or rock. It was strange, oval shaped, and colored unlike any Dan had ever seen. It was mostly navy, shot through with specks of a lighter, yellowy blue, and reminded Dan greatly of the night sky. It was breathtakingly beautiful in his eyes, but to his family, it was just another thing to make money from. Dan sighed as he looked at it. He would be on his way to the jeweler's as well, to sell it away.

With the clacking of the horse's hooves and the sound of rickety wheels on uneven road, Dan didn't notice the tapping at first. When he did, he looked around, puzzled. No living thing was in sight, besides the horse and a few birds far above. What could be making that rhythmic noise? He glanced down at the stone, and immediately pulled hard on the reins, bringing the horse to a quick stop. There was a dent in the stone.

Dan watched in awe and puzzlement as shards fell away, revealing skin underneath the same color as the shell. It was an egg, it couldn't be anything else. But, what did the egg contain?

(Too lazy to do more at the moment... :sleepy:)

06-25-2007, 07:48 PM
((same here!))

Kijara = Blue
Khajag = Gold

Kijara sighed. It had been a long day. Her father had gone to town to buy supplies for the farm and since her mother had died and she had no other siblings, Kijara was left with plowing the field. It was hard work, and she liked it, but it was exhausting. It was midday and she had done a good half of the field.

“I deserve a shot break”

Walking back towards the house she realized how thirsty she was. Grabbing a torch and walking down to the cellars, she welcomed the cool air.

“I could’ve sworn it was around hereeeeeeeeeek!” She let out a scream as she tripped. A new, warm light bathed the cellar walls. Brushing the dirt off of her, Kijara turned around and gazed at the thing that tripped her. It was a stone that shined with the light of the sun, but only casted a faint glow onto the walls.

“It’s like all the light is kept inside,” Kijara said picking the stone up. “Why is it so warm in a cold place like this?” Walking back up the stairs, Kijara felt a thump from the stone.

“Not a stone, an egg!” she said as she set it down on the table. Slowly a crack formed and grew bigger until it finally split, shooting the egg pieces everywhere. In the place the egg had been, a dragon stood, it's gold scales glimmered in the faint light. She realized what it was from the stories her mother had told her, but she always pictured them to be huge.

“Well you’re a pathetic and scrawny little thing,” Kijara said. The creature looked at her with it’s piercing blue eyes, gave a low growl, a shot a warning flame towards Kijara.

“Shoot fire, that thing can shoot fire!” she yelled as she jumped back. “I should at least give you a name right? I take it your not a female correct?” The dragon gave another flare of fire.

“I said I thought you were male, gosh” Kijara screamed as she dodged the flame.

“Correct, but I already have a name” The voice was low, and it didn’t fit the small body.

Kijara froze, “You can speak?”

“Obviously,” The dragon said, shaking the remnants off his great leathery wings. “My name is Khajag.”

"Good, I'm not so good with names. Are you hungry"


"Well, what do you eat?"


"Great, i'm gonna have to go up to the town for that."

"Good, that'll give us a chance to find the other dragons."

"There are more of you?"

"Yes, now come on," Khajag jumped off the table and ran out the door with Kijara following right behind him.

06-25-2007, 08:58 PM
A flash of hurt went across Aaron's face as Cristoph yelled at him. Mya hid behind Aaron's legs.

"It's OK," Aaron said softly, he walked over and sat down beside Cristoph, "I know how you feel. My parents died when I was young. I forget what happened, though," Aaron lowered his gaze to the ground, "Then my younger sister died two weeks after."

Mya walked up to Aaron and looked up at him. She gently bumped her head against his leg. Aaron smiled and bent down and pet the blue dragon.

"Most of the kids around here tease me," Aaron said, completely forgetting Cristoph was there, he was speaking to Mya.

"Give me the names and I'll fire!" Mya growled, snorting.

"Whoa, don't get any ideas," Aaron laughed. Mya snorted again and thumped her tail on the ground hard, making little pebbles bounce up. Aaron smiled and looked at Cristoph, thinking about what he had asked him.

"Well, I think you should be the one to decide a name," Aaron started, "After all it is your dragon. And I'm sure you two will be closer friends if you decide the name."

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2007, 03:01 PM
I walked into the town with shoku hiding under my hood. We passed many open shops, but Shoku wouldn't tell me to stop for anything. I must've paced around town for hours until he actually spoke to me, but this time with closed telepathy.

I sense something.

What? I asked in thought.

Another...dragon. He replied. Somewhere nearby.

I looked around, wondering where Shoku could be talking about.

Where? I asked again.

Out of town somewhere. I don't know who its owner is, and I need to find out what his intentions are. TO see if she or he is of a good or evil heart.

As confusing as it sounded, I didn't bother to ask what he meant, or how he would do it, but I walked casually out of town and into the nearby forest, walking along a beaten dirt path.

Harry Potter
06-26-2007, 11:43 PM
Cristoph sat there trying to think of a name for his dragon. "If you don't mind I would like to have a name that they can write on my grave when I die of old age" The dragon said impatiently. "Okay then are you a boy or a girl?" Cristoph asked. "Girl" She answered. "How about... Zephyr?" Cristoph asked her. "OOOO I like that name, thats a good name, where did you get that name?" Again she didn't take a single breath in between all of this. "It was the name of my mother." Cristoph answered quickly. "Oh... Well then it's an even better name!!!" Zephyr shouted

06-26-2007, 11:53 PM
OOC: Gah... sorry I haven't posted in so long...


Hana thought for a moment, putting her finger on her cheek. After a few seconds, she burst into Anna's face, starring at her eyes.

"Hey Anna-Chan, wanna come with me to the forest? I wanna break out my new bow, but I want someone to come with me!"

She laughed nervously, trying to hide the fact that she never did like going to the forest alone, what with all the bandits and such. Akane could feel her fear and, with his big mouth, he said it.

"So the you're afraid of bandits attacking you?"

Hana blushed with embarrassment, grabbing Akane and shaking him around.

"You have such a big mouth! If you can see I'm afraid of going into the forst alone why don't you keep your mouth shut and don't mention it!"

"My mouth is shut as you can plainly see..."

Hana sweatdropped, stopping the wild shake she was giving Akane and letting him go, still blushing with embarrassment.

"You get my point... well, anyways... can you Anna-Chan? Please?"

She turned around and made a begging face that would be almost impossible to say no to.


06-27-2007, 12:38 AM
Anna rolled her eyes.

“ok, One my name is Anna, not Anna-Chan and Two the only bandits there are me, and I barley do a thing, unless I am really low on money.” she said oh-so casually.

“Oh really now Anna.” Emeran mused.

“ Must I have a child who is a delinquent, we shall accompany the girl, after all. I have a suspicion there are Other dragons in the forest.” Emeran said hopping into Anna Marie’s Pack.

“Off, we go!”

Anna rolled her eyes, it was becoming a habit now.

“As long as their ‘Children’ aren’t as peppy, and perhaps some guy who could maybe give me a fighting challenge, then fine… she said, smirking at Hana.

“No Offense. By the way. Just don’t like being all ‘happy sun shine we are all friends’”

Emeran pulled a face.

06-27-2007, 01:05 AM
Akane quickly went into Hana's shirt, popping out his head again as he waited for Hana to-

"Yay! Thank you Anna-Chan!"

She grabbed her hand and ran full speed towards the forest, dragging Anna along with her. Her bow kept hitting her back, but she really didn't feel it.

"Come on Anna-Chan! Speed up your pace! We're almost there!"

Normally, from their old position, it would have taken longer to reach the forest, but with Hana's enthusiasm, it took way less time. Akane sweatdropped, sighing as he sat comfortable inside her shirt.

"You should learn to calm down Hana..."

"Never! I shall always be the hyperactive girl everyone knows and love!"

06-27-2007, 05:49 AM
“How much further?” Kijara asked as she slowed down her pace,

”Not much. Also, did you by any chance bring any money, Kijara?” Khajag answered, slowing down.

"Shoot," Kijara slapped her forehead. "I forgot completely! Wait, I don’t remember telling you my name,"

"I read your mind. You’re a pretty loud thinker." Before she could reply the dragon answered, "I can read your thoughts in words, pictures, feelings, sounds, and several other ways.”

"Oh yeah? Well read this!" Kijara pictured Khajag with pink scales and a purple bow. "Looks pretty good don’t you think?"

" You little…" Khajag jumped onto Kijara, knocking her on back.

"Ouch! Wait, where are you going?" She said jumping up and running after him.

"To catch my own food!" Khajag said, running into the forest.


When Kijara had finally caught up to her dragon, he had already caught a rabbit and devoured half of it. She bent down to take a drink of the water from the nearby stream. Khajag jumped into the stream, splashing Kijara.

"That’s it, your gonna get it," Kijara screamed running after him.

ooc: Now who's the unfortunate one in the forest -evil grin-

Saraibre Ryu
06-27-2007, 01:52 PM
A comotion nearby, then movement behind us caught both mine and Shoku's attention. Not knowing what way to turn, we both looked up into the dense mass of trees above us. Shoku launched himself off my shoulder and began crawling up the tree, while I followed him until we were resting on a large, sturdy branch totally concealed by the leaves.

Where exactly do we look first? I asked Shoku, who seemed to already know what he was doing.

There are humans. With...others. Shooku replied in closed telepathy.

Others? I asked again. Where?

Shoku pointed to over where the first noise had come from, then where the second one fron behind us was. Then there were people coming up the road. And those people had dragons.

06-27-2007, 03:13 PM
“You, Lovable? Really?” she said playfully.

“And stop calling me Anna-Chan!!!” she screeched.

“Oh really Anna was that necessary? She was giving you a nickname, that’s all. And I am sure she can be quite lovable, when she isn’t dragging you into a forest.” Emeran said, chucking playfully too.

“and I am sure you will be happy to know, that the dragons I sense are Female, at least ne or two is. Emeran stated, poking his head out of her pack.

“Oh, and how does that help me?” she asked irritably.

“because Female Dragons, mean Male children, and male children will mean you will have someone to wrestle with.” he mused as they walked through the forest.

06-27-2007, 03:24 PM
Hana came to a screeching halt, sending a dust cloud flying infront of her. She looked up at the trees, smiling happily before tilting her head to the right.

"We're here at last! Now, time to look for these other dragons you're talking about Emeran!"

"Female dragons... at least I wont be stuck with males all day then..."

Hana started walking into the forest, still dragging Anna along with her. She took a deep breath, then yelling at the top of her lungs,


Akane sweatdropped, hiding his face deep into Hana's shirt. He felt embarrassed just for knowing Hana right now.

"Hana... was that really need-"

"Anna-Chan! Quick! Help me out and look around here for those other dragons Emeran was talking about!"

"Well... they're not too far off..."

"Great! Then we begin our search now!"

OOC: Lift your hand if you think Hana is too peppy for her own good...

*lifts hand*

06-27-2007, 04:11 PM
Anna hung back against a tree, sticking a long piece of grass in her pale lips.

“Rather not.” came a short, stiff reply.

Emeran however sniffed about, like a dog really. A leathery, scaly, fire breathing, winged dog.

“Oh, Anna, that’s hardly a way to use you looks!” Emeran murmured, after seeing a certain memory, of Anna using her good looks to trick someone.

Anna wacked the back of his head with a stick.

“Stay out of my thoughts lizard boy, I will do as I will!” she shot harshly, and began chew on the grass again,

OOC: *rasies hand* I think so, but Anna hates it :p

06-27-2007, 04:50 PM
It hadn't taken long for Leera to make a recovery, and was soon perched upon her master's shoulder once more. She seemed different, as her more cheerful attitude became more subdued. Edward instantly knew that the rock-throwing crowd had been the cause of this change, though he thought it for the better. He never thought that a cheerful kind of person would get very far in this world.

The pair had decided to get food after spotting a small butchers across the road. Luckily, Edward had some money after finding it scattered on the forest's floor. With an educated guess, he suspected a wolf pack had attacked a traveler who in panic, dropped their money.

"Now, you stay here," Edward told the small dragon on his shoulder. "I'll go inside and buy the meat, and if anything happens while I'm gone, escape and fly back to the clock tower. Got it?"

"Yes," Leera nodded, taking her instructions in. "Don't be too long." Slowly, the dragon extended her black scaled wings. The light weight of her body left the youth's shoulder as she lifted herself into the air. Spotting a windowsill just above, the flew swiftly towards it, landing soundlessly.

"You know, you have never told me your name," Leera told him, tilting her head slightly.

"It's Edward," the boy replied with the back wave of a hand. Taking a quick glance around the corner of the alley, he cautiously walked to the butchers.

Only five minutes had passed when Edward stepped back into the outside. A small bundle was held tightly in his arms as he strode towards the alley. Leera, having successfully kept hidden on the windowsill, was still waiting. Silently, she swept down onto his shoulder, her claws digging painlessly into his shoulders.

There are other dragons nearby, Leera telepathically communicated with Edward. He was not surprised by this, as even he knew of the many things dragons were able to do. There was, though, a tinge of worry in her thoughts. Sensing this, he replied without moving his mouth.

Do you know where they are? he thought back towards the dragon.

I saw two of them walking out of town, each with a human. They looked to be walking towards the forest; perhaps we should follow?

"Yes," Edward said simply. "You fly overheard, and try not to draw attention to yourself." Without waiting for a reply, he headed out of the alley. He turned left, the direction in which the forest was located, and started to walk. At first, slow, but soon his pace became faster, though not noticeably.

Leera had detached herself from Edward after the words 'you fly overhead', and was now doing exactly that. From her viewpoint, she could see the forest clearly, as well as the two human and dragon pairs that had left town only a few minutes ago.

Before long, those who he was following were not only in Leera's sight, but in Edward's as well. Although there was still a large gap separating them, the boy could clearly see that they were both girls, one seemingly hyper-active. Edward continued to follow silently.

The girls in front had now reached the forest, and had slipped inside. Leera preformed another messy dive in order to land on her master's shoulder. Swiftly and with any noise, the pair entered the forest as well, continuing to follow.

06-27-2007, 05:13 PM
Anna Marie, continued to lay back on the tree. Watching Hana. When she saw someone coming she quickly grabbed Emeran by his wings and tried to get him in her pack. He fought back kicking.

“Get in the God Damn pack Emeran!” She demanded.

Emeran looked up, at first almost jumping into the pack. But then he smelt yet another Dragon. Pushing himself away, he sat by her feet. Rolling her sparkling blue eyes she muttered a curse under her breath.

“really Anna” she groaned, at her sarcastic look. Both eye brows raised, showing she might do something quite mischievous, something bad.

“Anna don’t!” he said, as she struts from the tree onto the road. Holding the blade of grass firmly with her pearly white teeth.

06-27-2007, 05:53 PM

Kijara froze. Either the person who was calling was crazy, or was looking for them. "Khajag, did you hear that?"

"Of course I did, and the person who said it isn't too far off," he said jumping onto Kijarar's shoulder.

"Well what should we do?"

"Hide until we find out if their friendly or not." The dragon jumped from her shoulder, spread it's wings, flew to the nearest tree, and perched on a branch low enough to spy from, but high enough to avoid being seen. Kijara followed his example and climbed a different tree. She sat on a low brach and waited

06-27-2007, 08:17 PM
Aaron and Mya turned their heads to the shout. Mya sniffed and squealed in delight.

"More dragons! Finally I can have someone to play with!" Mya exclaimed.

"Are saying I'm boring?" Aaron asked, pretending to look hurt.

"Exactly," Mya replied, she raced off, "Here I come, dragons!" Mya fairly yelled. Aaron shot off after her, it was fairly easy to se her, considering her blue body, and her blue wings stretched out, her constant calling for the other dragons was enough to driva Aaron mad.

"Mya! Stop!" Aaron gasped, "It's not safe!" But Mya didn't hear, she jumped and flapped her wings, taking off into the air. Aaron skidded to a stop, but tripping over a tree root. He landed hard on his face. Aaron slowly got back on his feet and looked around, Mya was no where to be seen.

"Oh great," Aaron muttered, walking through the forest, "How am I supposed to find her now?"

"I'm up here, dragons!" Came Mya's voice from the air. Aaron smiled and raced off.

Mya spied a girl walking in the forest, the blue dragon dove down and halted just inches from the girls face. Without a word Mya sniffed at the girl's shirt. She squealed with delight and flew in circles.

"I found one!" Mya cried out, "Aaron, I-" Mya stopped, Aaron was no where to be seen.

"Aaron?" Mya said softly, her body trembling.

Saraibre Ryu
06-27-2007, 08:35 PM
Shoku and I had that look of 'Okay, sure." on our faces when the boy screamed out his call for the other dragons. We looked at each other, then continued watching the small group down below, obviously not a compatible group of characters.

Do these people have any sense of security? We are...were hunted down for medicines, and alchemic experiments. Shoku stated in my mind.

I can hear you in here. I replied.

I didn't mean you with the alchamy thing. He added quickly.

Of course you didn't. I said sarcasiticly.

I really didn't! He moaned, but almost fell out of the tree.

I grabbed him quickly and pulled him back in my lap. Then I heard something not to far off. It was a rustling almost silent, and Shoku noticed it too. I looked behind us, and saw a quick rushing far off in the distance.

"Bandits" I realized. "And bad ones at that."

I looked around for something I could use to make a bow with. After finding a long branch, Shoku gnawed it off, and after a few minutes, I was a pretty good looking bow. Shoku took some stones from the ground, and I cut off some smaller branches, and after awhile, I made a few arrows. I felt tired after that, but enough to watch for Bandits.

If they come any closer I'll claw them to death. He growled menacingly.

"They're still far off." I whispered quietly. "They come any closer, I'll shoot them.

I had the bow at the ready with a tight string set to make an arrow go at blinding speed.

06-27-2007, 08:59 PM
Edward watched, interested, as one of the girls stepped out onto the road which led through the forest. A blade of grass was sticking out of her mouth, and the youth couldn't tell if it had been put there, or if it had just got stuck. Mentally, he bit back a mocking laugh, but his facial expression remained unchanged as he continued walking. The meat he had gone and bought was still wrapped in his arms, and the boy hoped it wouldn't go off by the time they got a chance to cook it.

Suddenly, Leera leapt from her perch. She extended her wings hastily to catch the air, and started to fly upwards slightly. The dragon leveled off at about head height, causing Edward to cease his walking. Although his face once again remained unchanged, Leera could feel annoyance radiating from the boy. Not particularly wanting to get on his bad side, she steadily descended until her claws were firmly planted on the ground. Cautiously, she crept over towards the other dragon situated at the road-blocks feet. At all times her wings were extended to their fullest, just in case this other dragon was not friendly.

"So you've got dragon as well," Edward said simply to the girl. It was more of a statement than it was a question. His green eyes followed Leera as she approached the other dragon. With wings still extended, she sat down in front of the male dragon and tilted her head slightly. Silently, she sat for some time, causing Edward to raise an eyebrow at the young dragon. All of a sudden, Leera hissed, though not at the other dragon, and scurried back towards her master. Hastily, she leapt atop his shoulder.

"There are other dragons lurking in this forest," she hissed into the youth's ear. "I should have felt their presence before, but for some reason I didn't." Confusion was audibly present in the dragon's voice as she spoke, not realizing why she had not noticed them. Edward didn't know either, and he wasn't about to ask those in front of him.

06-27-2007, 09:35 PM
Dan watched in awe as the egg began to hatch. Cracks appeared all over the smooth surface, and shard began to fall away here and there, revealing scales the color of the night sky. Finally, the egg pieces fell away to reveal a reptilian creature. At first, Dan just thought it was a big lizard, though it seemed to have strange skin patterens on its back. At least, until the patterns moved, revealing huge leathery wings. It was a dragon.

Despite the importance of the moment, for, as far as Dan knew, there had been no dragons hatched for hundreds of years, he still wanted to laugh at the little hatchling. Its legs were long and gangly, as was its tail, far too long for its tiny body. But its wings, its wings were like tents. In any case, Dan smiled. Despite its oversized limbs, it was still cute, in a scaley sort of way.

"Grawr?" The baby asked, sounding confused. That time, Dan couldn't help but laugh. He scooped up the infant and cradled her in his arms. She didn't seem to mind, and simply gazed up at him with large, trusting eyes.

"You're a cutie, aren't you?" Dan commented to no one in particular, still smiling. slowly, though, his expression turned to one of puzzlement. "But... How did you get out in the field?" The dragon cocked its head to one side.

"As if I'd know," it replied with a shrug, voice distinctly feminine. "I wasn't born yet."

"You... You can talk!" Dan said, surprised, but not really frightened.

"Well, yeah," the dragonet replied. "I just acted cute so you'd cuddle me." Dan rolled his eyes, but still grinned.

"Well, then, if you can talk, do you have a name, dearest?"

"Don't call me that," she snapped, but she wasn't really angry. "And no, you have to name me." She grinned widely, revealing large sharp teeth.

"Okay, then. What about... Amaiy?" The name sounded pretty to Dan, and it seemed to fit the dragon. She nodded in reply.

"I knew you were the one," she commented smugly. "I knew it when you touched my egg. That's why I hatched for you." Dan smiled in reply, but, suddenly, another thought crept into his mind. What would he tell his father about the stone?

Saraibre Ryu
06-27-2007, 09:51 PM
The badits progressed and got even closer, ready to ambush the group underneath me. I pulled the arrow back a bit farther. I let it go and it struck one of the in the neck, killing him instantly. Unfortunately for me and Shoku, the forward force of the bow caused me to slip and come crashing down onto the forest floor into clear veiw of everyone else. I landed on my back right up against the tree with my vision upsidedown and Shoku was fumbling in his own wings, trying to regain a proper footing.

Oh that was real good of you. He commented in the most sadistically sarcastic way posible.

"Oh be quiet I hit him didn't I?" I shot back at him.

There was a yelling and rustling in the area where the bandits were hiding.

"Oh great." I said, still upsidedown.

I got right side up and Shoku hid in my hood, away from the theiving eyes, as I shot more Bandits down. I soon ran out of arrows and more outlaws kept coming.

"Oh damn it!" I cried.

I took the bow, and held it in one hand while in another I blocked a strike at my head from an oncoming, poorly made sword. Using both my hands, I tried to push him over, but to no avail. I closed my eyes and tried to push harder, but no improvement was being made. I opened my eyes again and instead of a worthless bow and long knife in my hands, there was a fine looking spear instead. For a last time I gave a huge shove and knocked the man to the ground.

"A little help could be really nice now, unless you wanna die." I called out to everyone else.

06-28-2007, 12:09 AM
“Hello, oh no, that’s not a dragon. It’s a pathetic attempt at a dragon.” she said playfully throwing a stick at The squatting Emeran.

“We can discuss this late, come with us. Anna, lead the way to Hana love. Or are you too dim witted to fo even that?” Stated Emeran Coldly as he flew up above her head smirking.

“I Swear if there weren’t a witness you would be vulture food lizard boy.” she muttered, beginning to walk back towards Hana, turning her head over her shoulder, she beckoned the boy with a small finger movement.

“Come on, I don’t bite, at least…not much..” not a hint of sarcasm was in her voice.

“really now Anna!” Emeran moaned.

“what! Is ‘really now Anna’ your new catch phrase, because you saying it a lot.”

“I am going to have head aches…” said Emeran as he landed above Hana’s head on a branch followed by Anna.

06-28-2007, 06:18 AM
OOC: Hana reminds me of a hyperactive Orihime for some reason... but meh... I'm weird like that...


Hana grabbed Anna's hand again, running full speed through the forest and dragging both Emeran and Anna with her. She, as usual, laughed happily all the way.

"Come on Anna-Chan! We're almost there! Right Akane?"

Akane sighed, sniffing the air. He finally caught the scent of the dragon and motioned Hana to stop, which she did, leaving the cloud of dust again.

"The dragons are close... very clo-"


06-28-2007, 02:43 PM
Mya flew off in her fright, she didn't lookback. Sure, there were two dragons down there, but she didn't care. She wanted to find Aaron.

"Aaron!" Mya called out, well, more like screaming, as if something was chasing her, "Where are you?!"

Aaron stopped in his tracks and looked up, he could see Mya flying overhead, and fast.

"Mya! Down here!" Aaron called, waving. Mya dove downward into his arms. Aaron grunted as ya collided into him, he fell back, holding the small dragon close, her body shivering.

"What's wrong?" Aaron asked softly, standing up. Mya didn't answer, her wings were spread out from side to side, as if she'd take off into the air again. Aaron continued walking, then he remembered Cristohp.

"I left him!" Aaron exclaimed, he turned and ran, but stopped sudenly, he turned his head to the yell, it sounded like someone needed help. Mya heard it too, she pumped her wings and took off ahead of Aaron, a few seconds later she returned, circling Aaron.

"There's a boy not too far from here," Mya called down, "Bandits are there, too." Aaron didn't hesitate, he rushed off, Mya leading the way.

As soon as they reached the area Aaron saw a boy holding a spear. Mya suddenly sped earthward and clawed at the bandits, often giving them a sharp bite. Aaron, on the other hand, had no weapon.

That just makes everything better. Aaron thought.

"Keep back, Aaron!" Mya yelled to him, diving at the bandits. She clawed at one bandit on his head, then bit his shoulder.

06-28-2007, 03:11 PM
Anna jerked free, clasping Hana’s hand and dragging her back towards the road, where the boy was. With on fluent movement and pointed a scarred finger at the boy.

“Look! I found one! And he was going to follow us, until you dragged me off back into the forest!” Anna said, her voice starting out sarcastic, then turning into a angry shout.

“Anna, go introduce yourself, instead of Beckoning him mysteriously into the forest with that little hand movement of yours.”

Anna’s eyebrow raised, a fake look of hurt seemed to pass her features.

“oh, you mean this one?” she said, turning away then looking over her should at Emeran, pearly whites shining in the sun, her trademark move. Makes them want to follow you, under there own free will.

“Yes that one, now introduce your self, both of you girls why we hang back here.” By we, he was referring to Hana’s dragon and himself. Anna hung back reluctant. Finaly, she walked forward, it was obviouse Hana was ment to follow.

Saraibre Ryu
06-28-2007, 03:17 PM
OOC: I'm a girl BTW.

IC: I took notice at the thing that had just taken a head dive into the crowd of bandits. At this point there were too many of them. I had to think quickly, and I had to do something, or we'd all be dead. I needed to scare then out of whatever wits they had in that dead excuse for a human mind.

Shoku, what can you do about illusions? I asked trying to buy some time.

When I bit you, you should be able to do unordinary things that a normal human cannot. Us alchemy or something to make them. He replied.

How could I make an illusion using alchemy? An illusion was made up of practically nothing, and I needed a product to use alchemy, in order to make something out of it. But then I began to think through everything I had read.

Argh. Wait...an illusion, an optical one, is based on what the people see, so an example of one would be seeing water on concrete in a heat wave. Hey, maybe...

I knew this was a long shot, but I had to try it. I stood in whatever sunlight shone through the roof of leaves above me, and I held an empty hand. shoku reading ym thoughts blew extremely hot air into it, and I tried my hardest to create an illusion. At first I couldn't think of anything, but it slowly came into my head. I felt a sudden sharp pain on my shoulder, then a warm oozing down my arm. Shoku jumped from the back of my hood and started attacking the bandit that had just tried to cut my arm off.

After I opened my eyes, my illusion began to appear. It was a bigger, older looking version of Shoku. He was massive, and glared deathly at the group of Bandits. With a blood curdling roar, they stood in horror for a second, then one by one started to flee as quickly as they possibly could. After the last of them had gone, my fake Shoku disappeared, and the real one came rushing up to my side, looking at my arm.

"Its nothing serious." I said, trying to stop the bleeding with my hand.

If it wasn't serious, there wouldn't be blood escaping the walls of your fingers. Shoku commented.

06-28-2007, 03:34 PM
OOC: My Chara was talking to Haku’s Chara Sara.

06-28-2007, 05:30 PM
As the girl, seemingly named Anna, preformed her 'trademark' move, Edward just looked onward at her. The face he wore was one of an impassive nature, obviously not impressed by the move, if you could even call it that. Although attractive, he still could not quite grasp why a man would follow her of his own choice.

Cautiously, he watched the conversation between human and dragon. Leera, although calmed down from her hissy-fit a moment ago, also watched the two with the same expression etched onto her face. Without warning, Edward picked up a thought from his own dragon.

What do you think of these two? Leera asked, genuinely wondering about her master's opinion. She began to pad the shoulders of her perch as anxious about something.

Well, they don't seem to get along all too well, Edward replied honestly. Though, he really wasn't one to talk, as he hadn't liked the idea of the small opal coloured dragon tagging along with him either at first. Now, however, she didn't seem all that bad. Luckily for Edward, said dragon didn't pick up on any of these thoughts. Instead, she leapt silently from her shoulder seat. Hastily, the small dragon scurried over towards the other two dragons. At the same time, Anna began to walk forward by the instructions of her dragon. Edward, however, refused to walk forward.

"Walk forward, Edward," Leera hissed towards the youth, giving him a frightful glare at the same time, before returning her attention to her brethren. Sighing, he rolled his eyes and began to walk forward.

06-28-2007, 05:41 PM
Not even a split second past, and Hana was already infront of the boy, jumping up and down. She smiled at him, thinking for a moment before speaking.

"Hiya! I'm Hana! And this is my dragon, Akane! ANd behind me is Miss Grumpy, also known as Anna-Chan! What's your name?"

She tilted her head to the left curiously, causing Akane to sigh as he flew out of Hana's shirt.

"Please forgive Hana... she's a little on the... hyperactive scale..."

Hana giggled, sticking her tounge out at Akane.

"Well of course!"

Akane rolled his eyes, looking at the dragon intently. He flew up to her, extending his neck forward, now an inch away from her nose, as a way to shake hands, but, since dragons didn't have hands, what were they supposed to do other than this?

06-28-2007, 05:43 PM
Emeran, seeing the other dragon approach, perched on Anna’s shoulder.

“Now, Anna try and be courteous, and don’t say any of your sarcastic comments. Alright?” Emeran mused, smiling brightly at her. She returned the smile. But this made Emeran shiver.

“Oh, you know I will.” she said, Emeran growled, but Anna’s smile didn’t falter.

“Creepy smile, wow way to make friends Anna.” Emeran retorted, sarcasm dripping from his fangs.

“Hey! No Sarcasm mister, be courteous” she smiled, warmly this time, and not her normal evil smirk.

“Your not half as bad as I thought you were..” Emeran said

Anna’s eyes rolled.

“I will take that as a compliment. Finally they were face to face. Anna put her weight on her left foot. Hands falling to her hips.

Emeran dropped down and addressed the other dragon.

[color=blue] “Hello, nice too see yet another dragon bout these parts.” He said, extending his neck forward, setting his nose a inch from the other dragons, in way of shaking hands.

With his back leg, he kicked Anna. Motioning for her to do the same.

“I am not sticking my nose in his face…” she said, with a grin.

“Anna..” Warned Emeran. With a sigh Anna stuk her hand forward. Eyes to the sky.

When she heard her name, or rather Hana calling her Miss grumpy, she could have slugged the girl.

“Am I grumpy? Or am I just not as Happy and Hyper active as you?” she said grinning.

“OH, this is Emeran..” she said motioning to the Little dragon.

With a smile, she let her hand fall, to pat the dragons head, before lifting it yet again, because Emeran wanted Anna to get off on the right foot this time.

06-28-2007, 06:43 PM

"Ack!" Kijara screamed as she barely caught herself from falling out of the tree. She had fallen asleep while she was waiting. Khajag glided over to the branch Kijara was hanging from.

"Nice one."

"No thanks to you," she said dropping down to the ground.

"Well someone had to wake you up." He retorted. "Besides, I think it would be better if we looked for them rather than wait." He glided down and landed on her shoulder.

"Ok then. Which way are they?"

"That way" he said pointing a claws deeper into the forest. Kijara started walking that way. Before long, Kijara spied a group of people, two girls an a guy. And they all had dragons.

"Three? You never said there were three!" She wispered hiding behind a tree. She looked around the tree. One of the girls was very happy, the other seemed to be having an argument with her dragon. The guy seemed to be indroducing himself.

06-28-2007, 08:29 PM
The small opal coloured dragon lent forward, her snout close to Emeran and Akane in turn. Strangely, she had been born knowing the tradition of preforming the greeting, not having anyone telling her how to or when. "Hello," she spoke to the other dragons, "my name is Leera and this is my master." She turned in Edward's direction, pointing with her claw as she announced him. At the exact moment she turned, she saw the the sudden outburst of hyper-ness from the girl named Hana. It didn't take her long to find the annoyance that radiated from the boy, and soon found herself bounding back to his side.

A powerful leap from Leera landed the dragon on top of Edward's head, messing up his already scruffy hair. Fiercely, she began to hiss at Hana. No-one would be annoying her master except for herself. Getting too carried away, Leera began to dig her claws into Edward's scalp. Though unintentionally, it was quite painful.

Calmly, Edward lifted up one hand a plucked the dragon from atop his head, his hand quite easily wrapping around her slender body. She didn't resist, and soon found herself back firmly on the ground. Slowly, she ambled back to the other dragons.

"My name is Edward," the youth stated, his expression once again remaining blank. "It seems as though Leera has already introduced herself." Talking to people was no longer his favourite past time, and he soon felt awkward. Quickly, he glanced away, pretending to observe his surroundings.

Shake it, Leera instructed the boy. Now.

Confused, Edward looked back at Anna, who was now holding her hand out and staring up at the sky. With a mental sigh, he shook her hand, but soon let go as he began to feel even more uncomfortable than he already was.

06-28-2007, 08:37 PM
"Nice to meetcha Edward! And you too Leera!"

Nothing seemed to faze her, not even that hiss from Leera. She smiled nicely at the two, watching as Akane flew up and pointed at a nearby tree.

"We have another dragon..."

Hana looked at the tree, nodding in confusion before running off towards the tree. Akane sweatdropped, turning around to introduce himself to Leera.

"I don't believe I introduced myself formally... I'm Akane, nice to meet you Leera."

He bowed his head before going off towards his peppy master, who was now right beside the tree, Hana motioning for him to follow.

"Come on Akane!"


06-28-2007, 08:44 PM
OOC: Whoops, sorry 'bout that, Saraibre. :oops:

"You OK?" Aaron asked, running over to the girl, Mya alighted on the ground, her wings flapped excitedly.

"That was fun! Let's do it again!" Mya exclaimed, running around in small circles.

"Yeah, you go ahead and call more bandits on over, and then see how you like it," Aaron said.

"Really?" Mya asked him.

"No, don't do that," Aaron said quickly, he looked back at the girl, "We need to get that wound cleaned."

Mya looked at the dragon near her, she walked over and lowered her long neck in respect.

"I'm Mya," The blue dragon said, "What's your name?"

06-28-2007, 08:45 PM
A smile caressed her lips, moving her hand in a fluent motion before withdrawing it back to her side.

[I] Hmm, uncomfotble…strange, didn’t strike me that way..[I]

Emeran sensed her thought and hissed at her gently.

“Nice to meet you Leera, this is Anna.” he said flicking a tail in the girls direction.

“Charmed..” Murmured Anna, casting a annoyed glance at Hana’s out burst.

Hand intertwining behind her narrow back, Anna stretched body to its limits, her expression was blank as of now. She felt the heavy weight of sleep, bore into her head, like a hot iron drill. Emeran felt her need to sleep as well. Immediately he flew up to her shoulder, sticking his head into the shelter of her soft hair.

“Don’t get to comfortable and start digging those talons in my shoulders again, there still bleeding.” Mused Anna.

“So, Ed, know any others with Dragons?” she asked grinning Briliantly.

06-28-2007, 09:09 PM
The boy seemed to find intoducing himself akward. The hyper girl's dragon said something, and then the girl looked directly at Kijara. Kijara hid back behind the tree as fast as she could.

"Oh, please don't let her see me." Kijara didn't plan on someone finding her so fast. Suddenly the girl and her dragon were right beside her "Umm... H-hi, I'm Kijara, but you can call me KJ." Khajag tackled Kijara, knocking her forward at the person's feet. "And that little demon," Kijara muttered, pointing towards her dragon and getting up, "is Khajag."

Saraibre Ryu
06-29-2007, 01:48 AM
I'm Rikku. I answered before looking up to see who I was talking to.

When I did, I was looking at a bay with another dragon. I felt really weird and almost embarassed because I usually didn't talk to guys due to there predictable intentions. I swear it almost went red, but I had enough control over myself for it not to.

My name is Boshoku Bahamut, but please just call me Shoku. My dragon interrupted, sitting on the back of my shoulders. Honestly, you wouldn't have to help her if she didn't take so long in making that illusion.

"Hey, you try making an illusion using alchemy, having only the slightest idea of what you hope to happen and it turns out as good as it did! I snapped.

Alright calm down before you lose anymore blood and really need more help that in the begining of all this. He replied.

He heard the yelling from in the distance and shuddered at the high pitch of it. He looked back in an agitated way.

Am I the only mature one of these dragons?

06-29-2007, 10:31 AM
"Nice to meet you too, Akane," Leera said warmly. In the same way, the small dragon also bowed her head in greeting. She held the position for a few moments, and then lifted her head upwards to watch as Akane bounded off after his master.

"The same to you, Emeran," the opal dragon greeted, her thin dragon lips curling up into an awkward smile. "And you to, Anna." She quickly bowed her head towards the two, before lifting it up and bounding towards her master again. With one flowing movement, she leapt up onto her usual roosting place atop Edward's shoulder.

“So, Ed, know any others with Dragons?” she asked with a grin.

"No," he said, not making eye contact with the girl, "and don't call me Ed, either." Ed had never been one of his favourite pet names, and greatly preferred just to be called his full name.

"Don't be such a bore, Ed," Leera said intentionally to annoy her master. Even though he quite liked the small dragon, he could have whacked her at that moment. His mind, however, told him that would be a very bad idea at this point in time.

Without consulting his dragon, the youth walked over towards where Hana and Akane had run off to. Another dragon, eh?

06-29-2007, 10:51 AM
Hana smiled, bowing her head in greeting, giggling when Khajag pushed her down. When Kijara got up, she offered her hand to in greeting.

"Nice to meet'cha Kijara-Chan! I'm Hana! And behind me is Akane!"

Akane flew towards Khajag, bowing his head in greeting, then turning to Kijara and doing the same.

"Like Hana said... I'm Akane... nice to meet you Khajag in Kijara."

"Another dragon, eh?"

Hana turned her head and looked at Edward before smiling.

"Yep! Meet Kijara-Chan and Khajag! Kijara-Chan, Khajag, this is Edward, or Ed for short!"

She giggled, knowing he didn't like to be called that, but some innocent fun wouldn't hurt, now would it?

06-29-2007, 12:36 PM
Mya looked around herself, she sniffed and looked up at Aaron.

"There are more dragons," Mya said, "And I think they might be close by, too."

"Can you give a guess of how many?" Aaron asked.

"Um, four, maybe? No, including Christohp's, five," Mya replied, "Let's go meet them!"

"Not until we get Rikku's wound taken care of," Aaron said quickly, he turned to Rikku, "I'm Aaron, by the way."

"Well, can Shoku and I go?" Mya asked.

"If Shoku wants to, and if Rikku says it's OK," Aaron replied. Mya snorted, she looked up at Rikku, her blue eyes pleading.

"Ok, stop that look," Aaron said, "I don't think that's gonna get you anywhere." Mya ignored him, she looked to Shoku, then to Rikku.

Harry Potter
06-29-2007, 03:00 PM
OOC Oh my word I'm off for one day when internet explorer isn't working then there is two more pages of posts. And now I'm really behind

IC "Wait don't go! You were my only dragon friend!" Zephyr called after Mya when she left. "Wait a minute. Mya said there were more dragons. So lets go find them Cristoph." Zephyr climbed on to Cristoph shoulder and accidentally
dug her claws into him urging him forward. "Ow! Okay lets go." Cristoph said in a sort of I really don't want to do this voice.

06-29-2007, 03:01 PM
She raised an eyebrow at Hana.

“Hmm, don’t like the Name Ed, that’s fine, Eddy.” she said smiling.

Turning her back she beckoned to Hana.

“You Brought me out here so you could use that bow of your, Now, lets use it.” She stated, walking towards the forest yet again.

Emeran was busy talking to the other two dragons, watching Anna walk into the forest he sighed.

“best be going with her, don’t want her to get herself into trouble” he said with a wink and flew off after her.

06-29-2007, 03:35 PM
"Well it's nice to meet you too, Akane." Then, turning to Hana, "You're dragons so cute! And what's with the Chan?"

Turning to Edward, she held out her hand, "Like Hana said, I'm Kijara, KJ for short, and this," she said ducking as Khajag went flying over her,"is Khajag. So Ed, what's your dragons name?"

06-30-2007, 12:22 AM
OOC:Yeah this RP isn't going to work out for me so I'm going to drop out.

Saraibre Ryu
06-30-2007, 01:49 AM
"Yeah, if Shoku wants to have some free time." I answered, my hand still trying to stop the blood all by itself.

Time to see if I'm wrong or not. He added. Lets go then Mya.

He started to the other group, then waited after taking a few paces. I felt rather stupid, not being able to help myself that much. I could make my own bandages and clean it myself by creating water with the hydrogen and oxygen in the air, but both my hands had blood on them, and it would conflict with the fusion and only god would know what would happen.

"I feel totally obliviously dumb. I shouldn't have done that illusion knowing that I was going to get hacked at.

06-30-2007, 12:19 PM
Mya followed Shoku without hesitation, copying his movements.

Aaron watched the two go, then turned back to Rikku.

"It's not your fault," Aaron said (She was talking, wasn't she? If not I'll edit), "It could have happened to anybody. And besides, you scared off the bandits, right?"

Saraibre Ryu
06-30-2007, 09:50 PM
I sighed. Yeah, I guess you're right.

I still felt really stupid. Telling a guy that he was right also felt really weird considering any guy I met acted in the same imbasilic way as the next, but Aaron was very different. Well as was everyone, but I was being optimistic.

"We better go to the creek to get this cleaned iinstead of just letting it bleed more."

Shoku walked with Mya behind her to investigate the other dragons. He was slightly bigger than Mya, which made him look dominant and intimidating with Mya behind him. Looking back to see if she was still following, he came upon the other dragons, or at least close to the group.

Now please don't make a huge outburst. Shoku asked politely.

06-30-2007, 10:51 PM
Mya nodded, containing her excitement by crouching low, scraping her talons into the earth. She respected Shoku, him being so much bigger, but other than that, she knew letting him lead was wiser than her going off like an explosion, scaring everybody half out of their minds just because she was excited to see more dragons. Mya lowered her head, keepign her wings low, but spread out a little just in case.

Aaron nodded and led Rikku to the creek he proceeded to gently clean the wound. Aaron didn't say anything, he did feel a little uncomfortable, though. Doing something like this wasn't something he normally did. Since no bandages were near by, Aaron used large, soft leaves for a substitue, he knew they'd work just as well.
When he finished Aaron looked at Rikku with a smile.

"There, it should heal in no time," Aaron said, "Let's see if we can find our dragons."

Saraibre Ryu
06-30-2007, 11:09 PM
I looked at the improvisation of my bandage, and knew I could make my own bandaged out of cloth and cotton with alchemy, but my hands still weren't clean enough. I felt ackward being around a guy that I didn't think of as an annoyance or something else rather insulting.

Yeah, we better go and find the two of them." I repled nodding my head.

I got up, but then there was a tug on my hood, and a white owl flew over my head, and landed on a branch not too far off from where Aaron and I were standing. It gave out a cry and looked at me with an expexctant gaze. It was my families owl Tundra. A snowy owl to be precise.

Hello Tundra. How are you?" I asked, happy to see my old pet.

She hooted quietly and landed on my shoulder. Without another word I went off to go and find Shoku, having to explain to the both of them who each other was.

06-30-2007, 11:13 PM
Aaron smiled and followed, he was a little nervous of the owl. But he didn't let that show. He just hoped Mya was behaving.

Mya was trying very hard to behav, she almost exploded into view, but dug her talons deeper into the earth, her tail swayed silently back and forth. Mya kept silent, keeping still was harder than she thought, but Mya stayed put.

Saraibre Ryu
06-30-2007, 11:25 PM
I saw the two of them, Mya looking like she was about to explode if anything touched her, and Shoku who looked like some deathly starving cougar ready to pounce on the unexpecting group. He eventually turned around, feeling Mya's restraint but jumped back when he saw my with an owl on my shoulder.

Where'd the bird come from? He asked quickly.

"If you'd really like to know, 'the bird' belongs to me. Her name is Tundra, Shoku." I answered.

Tundra hotted again, asking the same question about Shoku.

"Long story I'll explain later." I replied. "Now why do you look like you're going to kill that other group off like some sort of hungry wolf Shoku?"

I do not look like that. He protested.

"You do too."

Do not.

"You do too, end of story." I stated, seeing as this wasn't going to get anywhere.

Do not.

"Stop it." I snapped.

06-30-2007, 11:40 PM
Mya whirled around, her tail just inches away from Shoku's chest. She looked up at Tundra then walked over to Aaron and climbed up ont his shoulder, this time she didn't dig into his skin and for that Aaron was grateful.

"So, can we go over there now?" Mya asked impatiently.

"I dunno," Aaron shurgged, "Let's see if they keep on moving."

"And if they do, we can stalk them, and make them feel like their being watched," Mya finished hastily.

"You are an evil little thing, aren't you?" Aaron said, petting Mya. The blue dragon playfully closed her mouth over Aaron finger, but her teeth barely touched the skin.

Harry Potter
07-10-2007, 03:21 PM
OOC Okay I have waited long enough for someone else to post. And I wanted to join this role so badly and get it started that I will never let it die. NEVER!

IC Cristoph started going towards the area that Zephyr pointed at. "Are you sure that the dragons are over here? Because I don't hear anything." Cristoph waited for her reply. Zephyr smelled the air and said "I am positive. I am positive enough to say that if I am wrong I will shut up and never talk again." Cristoph thought of what a joy that would be. "I hope your right." But in his mind he was thinking just the opposite. "Hey that's not very nice." Zephyr said suddenly. "What?" Cristoph asked. "I can hear your thoughts Cristoph." Oh Great.

07-11-2007, 04:10 PM
((thanks Hp, I'm kinda in a stuck position right now. You might also want to change the font color of your dragon's speech, we can't see it.))