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06-23-2007, 10:24 PM
This RP has started. Sign ups still open though.

Now I left for a while after making my most succesful rp Elemental War:ARcalico's arrival. I started another one that didn't do so good. I left, came back and tried other rps, but one worked but thanks to two people it turned into a kissy-kissy-goo goo lovefest. Now I'm going to make a sequel to Elemental War(forgetting about the one I already tried), that will hopefully reel in the originals as well as some new people.
Two years after the trainers and their legendaries aided Arcalico against his brother Ocilacra, the world was finally in peace. The trainers could go back to their families and finally start their adventures to become real trainers. With their legendaries and starter pokemon, they were ready. As they all set out, they were greeted by a large sandstorm in Sandgem town. In the forests, trees started to fall, buildings soon followed. Sinnoh was quickly becoming a ruin. All that was left was MT.Cornet which had changed. Spikes stretched out from every side. Dead pokemon hung on the spikes. Atop the mighty mountain was a man and a woman. They looked as if they were made of shadows and pure darkness. The man held a limp Dialaga in his hand, the woman held Palkaia over her shoulder. It was clear that these what ever they are, are storng enough to kill a legendary with their bare hands. As soon as Sinnoh seemed to be done, Arcalico rose again with and army of pokemon, every single one from every region, even legendaries were by his side. With a movement of a finger all the pokemon attacked.

Three towers rised as the battle began. They formed a triangle. The buildings rose from the the three lake ruins. Arcalico looked at all the trainers who had came to Sandgem town. "If you wish to save Sinnoh and the world, you must activate the three weapons at the top of each tower and bring them to MT Cornet and slay these beast You'll find other weapons along the way, they're not nessicary but they will help. If you wish to do this go now, the first tower is not far from here, Go, and let the Power of Arka be with you" Arcalico's yelled.
(my ability to describe sucks so bear with me)

Bow of Palkia:
Resides in Jubilife City. It's pink and white and shoots bows made of an unknown material. It has a pearl at the ends of each arrow though.

Fist of Dialga:
Can be found in Hearthrome city. The fist are gloves with a diamond set on top of it. It's blue and silver.

Shield of Kyogore:
Can be found hanging on a wall in the Hotel Grandlake Reservation Office. It looks like a Kyogore with wings folded protecting a red orb.

Groudon Boomerang:
This weapon has never been confirmed to be seen because it's only been seen by one pokemon, but one thing for sure. It's always close behind the Shield of Kyogore. This boomerang has the design of Groudon with a blue orb in the middle. It can also be used like a sword for close combat.

Sword of Rayquaza:

Red and Blue Orb:Most of you know about these but if you don't know...These orbs were created back in the day to control Kyogore and Groudon.The orbs eventually turned people evil,as well as the pokemon they controlled.

Green Orb:
Team Aqua took a shot a making a perfect orb.When they created it,(for Rayquazza of course)it backfired.Rayquazza became stronger and destroyed the base.Basically it amplified his power.

Articuno Orb:
Team Magma took a shot at creating a regular orb this time.It was perfect.It controlled Articuno,and it didn't turn the controller evil.However,Team Aqua came to steal it.When they battled,the orb was lost,and Articuno was free.

Articuno Blade:
A sword that was created by Articuno while he was under control of Team Magma.The blade was created when Articuno fired an ice beam at a mountain out of an open window.Articuno broke free and then tackled the mountain and the blade was created.

Zapdos Blade:
Zapdos and Articuno created this blade while battleling.The blade was reated from pure energy instead of an ice mountain.

Moltres Staff:
Moltres was captured by Team Aqua,but instead of trying to make an orb.They wanted a weapon.They made Moltres fire off attacks until the energy formed a sword.They ended up with a staff,and Moltres ended up flying off with it.

Kyogore Cannon:
A cannon developed by Team Rocket.They took a piece of skin off of Kyogore's wing and fused it with the cannon.The cannon may be one of the most powerful weapons,especially since it is long range.

Groudon Claw:
The Groudon Claw was made from skin as well.This weapon however is not long range.Since it goes on your hand anyway.It is still stonger than the Kyogore Cannon though.

The Entei Crown:
A crown that gives whoever wears it the power to use fire.Human or pokemon.If it is a pokemon that uses fire,the fire power will amplify it.

Suicune Crown:
It has the same effect as Entei Crown,except it gives the user water power.

Raikou Crown:
You guessed it,power of lightning.

Mew Two's Armor:
Made out of Mew Two's skin,this armor gives the user the ability to tap into the power of any pokemon they think of.It also protects the user,and it is almost inpentrable.

Mew's Spike:
A spike also made out of skin.This spike acts like an anttena(don't know how to spell)but instead of recieving sound or sound waves,it recieves power that charges up the body.It can even be used to bring someone who died recently back to life.

Lucario's Diamond:
Gives the wielder the ability to fight like a legendary pokemon.

Lugia's Diamond:
Gives the wielder ability to control weather.

Weapons in the Towers:
Sword of Mesprit:
Doesn't look like Mespirit besides the fact that the guard on the sword has a design that looks like Mespirits head, and of course it's red. It can be found in Lake Acuity Tower.

Sword of Azelf: Just like the Sword of Mespirit, the guard is blue and shaped like the design on this pixie pokemon's head. Found in Valor Lakefront Tower.

Sword of Uxie:
Same as the other tow just with Uxie's head design on the guard. Found in the tower that isn't Lake Acuity or Valor Lakefront tower(I forgot the name of the third lake).
1.No Godmoding
3.No bunnying
4.No changing the plot without asking/no finding weapon in like five seconds,I want this rp to last
5.Romance is allowed, but if it leads to sex don't tell us it, just say something like they layed together sweating or something.
6. Blood and gore violence is allowed, but don't make it lviolent in every post
7.Have fun
Sign up like this:
sex:(male or female)
pokemon:(these are the pokemon you already had,1-3)
legendary pokemon:(the legendary pokemon that you get)
looks:(how you look)
personality:(how you act)

my sign up:
name:Ken Sienta
pokemon:Rage(Arcanine),Feraligator(Fang),Flare(Chi mchar)
legendary pokemon:Groudon
looks:A black button up shirt with a white t under it.Jeans.His hair is black and goes down to his shoudlers.Blue eyes.
personality:Laid back.Except in battle when his fierce personality comes out.He never gives up until he achieves his goal.

I also forgot who had wich pokemon, I just remeber that I had Groudon.

Dialga-Poke Master
Mew-Alana Marie
Mew Two-Jaden0527
Darkai-Xlugon Pyro

Tell me if I forgot some legendaries, and also, you'll find out what Arka is somewhere in the role play. We will also have to travel through different regions t ofind these weapons.

Also, the legendaries can use any type attacks, but their weakness still applies. Weapons can be used for pokemon or humans. You and/or your pokemon will change when you use a weapon.

06-24-2007, 12:36 AM
Uh, Cam you reserve me Mew while i write my sign-up?

06-24-2007, 12:40 AM
I'm busy right now... Could you reserve me...
No, Kyogre!

06-24-2007, 01:02 AM
Name:Shawn Shady
Pokemon:Espeon[Swift],Gengar[Ghoul],Piplup[Iron Wave]
Looks:Shawn has long black air and steel gray eyes.He wears a black muscle shirt and black jeans.He is pretty well built.He is 6'2 and 165 pounds.He wears white sneakers.
Personality:He is a joker.He loves to just mess around.He can be serious though when need come be.He is a tad shy around new people,but once he gets to know them he gets more relaxed.

Poke Master
06-24-2007, 02:57 AM
Sign up like this:
name:Clark Woods
pokemon: Ace, Swellow (Male)
Brady,Charizard (Male)
Sal,Salamence (Female)
legendary pokemon: ..... Dialga then....
looks: Clark is an average boy for his age, he's usually seen wearing blue jeans and a red T-Shirt. Clark has never left home without his hat, or his PokeTech(Spelling?). Clark is considered handsome, at least thats what most people(mostly the girls) think of him. He has soft, blue eyes, but has no muscles on his arms. He's Light Skinned, and 5"6 and weighs 123 Pounds
personality:(how you act)He is a relaxed boy, for he was once rich, but now he is fairly average, due to his parents spending so much money... He becomes stubborn at times,(mostly all the time) and can get mad easily.
He is also considered the class clown at his schools.

06-24-2007, 05:36 AM
Um Lucario isn't a legendary so why is he on the list:ermm:
name:Tyler Moconichi
pokemon:Lucario(Striker)If I can't have Lucario then Bastiodon, Staraptor(Ace Hawk), Amibipom(Slam)
legendary pokemon:Zapados
looks:He has a mix of light and dark red hair. He wears a tight black shirt, and a pair of black pants. He wears a mix of red and black gloves on each hand. He keeps his Pokeballs on a braclet on his wrist, he recived from his great grandfather.
personality:He's a cool, calm, and collected kid. He keeps things bunndled up inside, unless they truly need to be said.
other:None ATM(At The Moment)


Xlugon Pyro
06-24-2007, 07:34 AM
You also forgot Darkrai on your list. Speaking of darkrai, since you took my favorite legend (groudon), I'm taking darkrai. Consider this a reservation.

Name: Yue Kyuei
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Pokemon: Monferno, Snover, Bunneary
Legendary: Darkrai
Appearance: (how you look)
Personality: (how you act)
Other: (optional)

I'll finish later.

06-24-2007, 11:26 AM
Reserve me Raikou, please.

06-24-2007, 02:57 PM
Er, Poke Master. I reserved Mew......
So i a going to ignore your sign-up and post mine, Since i resvered mew. and its is obvisou you didnt read my post...

Name: Trintiy Rinington

Age: 14

Sex: Female

Pokemon: http://pkmn-genesis.iespana.es/img/pkmn_152-251/196_Espeon.png


Legendary Pokemon: Mew

Looks: Trinity had natural green hair, and shimmering blue eyes. She prefers to wear faded low ride jeans with a bunch of holes in them from her many, uh, “Accidents” as a pokemon trainer. She wears a lilac Tank and a dark purple cap with a poke ball on it.

Personality: Trinity is quite out going and can become annoying at times. She is a extreme optimist and can always find the brighter things in life. Dispite her appearance, she is a fierce trainer and wont back down at all. She cares deeply about her pokemon and any pokemon for that matter. She is flirty and smiley. She loves being around other people of her age group and has no trouble talking to boys.

Other: (Optional)

EDIT: i is a Experianced Trainer!!!! *squggels*

Poke Master try signing up with a differnt Pokemon

Saraibre Ryu
06-24-2007, 03:16 PM
Okay, you forgot the Legendaries Latias and Latios. If we're allowed more then one legendary, I'd like to reserve them both. If not, reserve me Latias.

Name: Rya Tokara
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Ashe/Charizard (Female)
(Put sprite up later)
Bandit the Sceptile (Male)
Torrent the Feraligatr
Legendary pokemon:
Personality:Seems like one not to go into danger, and seems dreamfilled, but thats the total opposite. She's upbeat, usually cheery and can see through the heart of matters. Isn't afraid to speak her mind, can be oppinionated, and sometimes very stubborn. She'll turn serious and will protect the people and things she loves when they're in trouble. She can fix nearly anything mechanical.
Other: Her father was a retired scientist, and due to a mishap in his lab, turned all her pokemon odd colors, including Latias (And or Latios)

06-24-2007, 09:07 PM
Saraibre- You can have both of them as long as no one really really wants one of them.

BladeTest-I thought Lucario was a legendary at first and I guess I forgot he wasn't. You can have him.Accepted.

Alana Marie-Accepted

Poke Master-Accepted

Xlugon Pyro-I just realized something. I have a Infernape,you have a Monferno. We can't have them yet, we can have a chimchar. I say this because I said that when they got there in the story which would mean the start of their journey, so we can only have the first evolution. I know you're not done with your sign up, I just had to say that.

Celebihunter-Accepted, the only thing you have to do though is change your Empoleon to a Pinplup, or just change that pokemon. We can only have the first evoulution of Sinnoh starters right now.

06-24-2007, 10:50 PM
It's cool Jaden, I think everyone thought that Lucario was a legendary, but what Pokemon has it's own movie, but isn't considered a legendary?

06-24-2007, 11:06 PM
YA!!!!!!! ACCEPTED! *runs about crazuly*

06-25-2007, 12:46 AM
Okay, I'm done. I wasn't trying on the personality, though.

Name: Naos Warwick (Nai-ous Wahr-wihck)

Age: 3 and a bit (This'll be explained later!!)

Gender: Male

Pokemon: Arcanine [Shiny] (Fuel), Sandslash (Oil), Dewgong (Diesel).

Legendaries: Raikou and Rayquaza

Looks: Naos has white-blond hair stuck up in a small Mohawk, and also two small Mohawk-esque tufts near his ears, and this is actually natural. He has ocean-coloured eyes. He's of a pale complexion. He's of normal height and a fairly strong build from playing sports with his dad. Being a punk, he has a small sleeper earring in his right ear and a ring in his left eyebrow. He wears a dirty, yellowing T-shirt with the slogan “Dude, we SUCK!” on the front in black type, the slogan of his favourite band The Stoned Dudes. He also has a pair of faded blue jeans with deliberate rips and a few patches covering them. He usually goes barefoot. He has a long scar going from his shoulder to his wrist, twisting around his right arm in a corkscrew pattern. On that same arm, he has a black armband with his Pokeballs attached, as well as a digital watch feature.

Personality: He suffers from fetishism- not the sexual kind. He believes that a spoon he carts around with him has magical powers and will smite people he hates. Other than that he's an active, intelligent kid who can play the electric guitar really well.

Other: He was born on leap-day, February 29th, and in YEARS he is thirteen.

06-25-2007, 05:34 AM
Tazaker-It's a little weird, but, I'll give you shot, only because he seems different and he'll probably be that kid everyone thinks is rude and can't do anything, but ends up being a big help to the group. So I guess accepted.

06-25-2007, 05:59 AM
Neh, that Naos is only a shortening of another, younger version. He's MUCH weirder in that RP... Anywho, thanks for accepting me.

06-25-2007, 11:37 PM
Alright, good news. I'm aboout to start soon, and since no one else is joining I'm giving away even more legendary pokemon, so every one can have two. Saraibre, you can't get another one because you all ready have two. So you better chose before the rest are taken.

06-26-2007, 12:24 AM
Hmhm... okay, I'd like to take Rayquaza. I've edited it into my SU.

06-26-2007, 12:37 AM
Can I have Jirachi?

06-26-2007, 01:36 AM
Ya, i think i am just going to keep Mew, that alright?