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06-24-2007, 03:05 AM
You are a trainer who may live in these region:

While in one of those towns picture this: It's the night before your Pokémon journey. You are going to use the never been raised pet you've had since you were a baby. (Your pet may be any first/only non legendary/fossil Pokémon. Now you set off, on your journey. Nw you decide: Am I a Pokémon trainer, coordinator, or collector? (coordinators cannot go to Kanto) If you're a trainer you must collect all 8 badges and win the elite 4 and Pokémon league to advance to another region of your choice. Also to enter a Pokémon league 8 people (Including yourself) must have ll 8 badges and volinteer to join the league. If you're a coordinator you must beat normal rank, super rank, hyper rank, and master rank to advance on to the next region. Also 3 others must enter the contest you are in. If you're collector you must retrieve all the Pokémon from that region to adance. Also while on your adenture you may switchwhat you are so you can do everything.

Region: Hoenn
Town: Dewford
Starter: Buizel
Type: Trainer

06-24-2007, 03:12 AM
I would like join.

Region: Sinnoh

Your style: Coordinair

Name: Jet

Pokemon: Eevee (If it has to be a sinnoh starter Piplup)

so umm how do i do this one??

06-24-2007, 11:41 AM
Yes. You can have Eevee, and know you have to head off to Hearthome City, and then you have to enter Eevee in the contest.

Now I'm waiting for my boat to arrive. And when it did I headed off to Petalburg. The man named Mr. brimey was very boring and didn't talk when I mentioned Pokémon training. When I entered the route off of Petalburg A Professer and a girl came. They said their names were Prof. Burch and May. They were looking for a Treeko and Mudkip. I asked if I could help and they said no. Because I was just an Islander. I immediatly got angry and told Buizel to smell Prof. Burch, so he could pick up Treeko's scent. He ran into Mr.brimey's house with me following right behind. I saw what I never thoght I'd see before. I saw a Wingull to use Sky attack on Treeko. The Treeko was weak but it got up and used Pound. Mr.Brimey said "Peeko use Icebeam!" I blocked it and immediatly froze. May came in and tld Torchic to use ember... on Treeko. Treeko used Pound but Torchic jumped and he broke the ice. After that I saw May throwing PokéBalls at it. She asked what was so funny I just replied with, "A Pokéball?" She asked what i would catch it with I threw an Ultra Ball and caught it. Later on we showed Prof. Burch the Treeko. He said it wasn't the same Treeko. So i could keep it. I asked if Mudkip was there and they explained that they found it. I walked outside and saw that Buizel was missing. I followed his muddy FootPrints all the way to the ocean. Buizel was out there. It looked like it was struggling. I jumped in the water without a second thought. I saw Buizel holding Treeko.
Treeko was uncontious for a bit but woke up in Prof. Burch's lab. They thanked me and said they had no present I'd like, because all thy had to offer were PokéBalls. So I left on my Journey. To become, The Hoenn league champonship.

06-24-2007, 05:21 PM
What are you doing?! O_o

First, there's barely any plot to go by, and there's no sign-up sheet, AND there's no sign-up THREAD!

. . .Read the rules, kid. :/

Oh, and stop double posting!

Lord Celebi
06-24-2007, 05:35 PM
Merging FTW.
What are you doing?! O_o

First, there's barely any plot to go by, and there's no sign-up sheet, AND there's no sign-up THREAD!

. . .Read the rules, kid. :/

Oh, and stop double posting!