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06-26-2007, 12:33 AM
The shadows on top of the mountain dropped Dialga and Palkia and charged at Arcalico. Arcalico lifted his hand and stopped the shadows in mid-air. He quickly punched them to the ground. The woman shadow released a lightning bolt towards Arcalico. Arcalico raised his arm and blocked it. A shadow ball burrowed in to his back. The Sword of Rayquazza was sent flying. A lone Mew Two looked at the shadow people, then back at the sword. Ken tackled the Mew Two out of the way. A fire ball landed inches away from them. Ken ran back and grabbed the sword. "You get to have the sword but I don't? It's better off in my hands," the Mew Two said. Ken looked at him. "You should thank me for saving your life. Besides, if pokemon use these at the wrong time, they become mad with power," Ken continued. The Mew Two turned away from him and charged towards the battle. Ken grabbed his tail and pulled him torward the forest.

"I don't think you should be pulling him like that. Let him go." Groudon said. Ken ignored him and kept on dragging him. "Groudon, Mew Two will be a good help. You'll see."Ken looked back and saw nothing but the sword. "I've decided to join you." The voice came out of no where. Ken looked to his right. Mew Two walked by him. "But in return,"Mew Two started,"when the time comes to battle with those people. you let me go all out." Ken put out his hand."Shake."Ken said. Mew Two put out his hand and shook and before they knew it, they were in front of the first tower. "We should've know this wouldn't be easy."Groudon said. "Come on Groudon. You're a legendary, you can take a superly oversized dark clone of a charizard." Ken said. Mew Two shook his head. "Who cares what it is, just attack it." Mew Two already had taken off. "Groudon help him." Ken took out two pokeballs and threw them. Chimchar, you're not ready for this." Ken looked to the entrance to the forest. "They're still going to need some help though."

06-26-2007, 01:09 AM
Shawn saw Ken walking towards the tower with Groudon and Mewtwo."Celebi,Jirachi,come and help!",Shawn yelled out loud.A vortex appeared in front of him,and out came Celebi and Jirachi."Wait up Ken,I'm coming!",Shawn called after him."Come out Swift!",Shawn said.They all started running towards the entrance of the forest.Shawn caught up to Ken,and he looked up at Groudon.
The massive Pokemon's heavy footsteps shook the ground a little bit.For a second Shawn was in awe of the giant.

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Trinity, was walking calmly towards the forest. Until she felt the pounding shakes of groudon’s heavy steps. Running freely towards them, Emisia and Shadow at her side, “hey!” she called hands waving frantically in the air, the 14 year old sped swiftly towards them. Emisia and Shadow, now a bit ahead. With a final burst of speed she managed to get close enough to Ken to touch his right shoulder, her breath came in short puffs. She looked back and realized how far she had just ran. Her eyebrow quirked gently and inclined a head at the legendaries. Mew was off somewhere, most likely goofing off yet again, but that was what Trinity liked about Mew, she wasn’t serious.

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IC:Ken was about to say something to Trinity but he was interupted. The big Charizard tackled Mew Two into the water. Groudon quickly grabbed the Charizard when it came back up and slammed it with a seimic toss. The charizard swiped its tail at Groudon's legs, knocking it over. Rage(arcanine) tackled the giant charizard with extreme speed but it didn't help. "Trinity, Shawn, give us a little help?" Ken asked. Ken looked at the sword he picked up earlier. "I din't expect to use this so early but... Groudon, catch!" Ken yelled. He was about to toss the sword to Groudon but the charizard flew away. A red Staraptor flew down and took the sword away.

"Hey, get back here!" Ken exclaimed running towards the bird. He tripped and fell in the water. Mew Two levitated him up. "No. Who knows what kind of trouble a wild pokemon could get into with a pokeweapons." Ken said shaking the water off him. "That pokemon is far from wild."Groudon said stepping towards everyone. "He's right. That charizard was probably working alongside Starpator." Mew Two joined in. "Working for who?" Ken questioned. "Team Magma,Aqua,Galazy?" Ken continued. "Not even close,"Groudon started,"Who those pokemon are working for aren't human. They aren't pokemon. No one knows what they are........" "Arka."Ken chimed in."Nevermind. Arclico said let the power of Arka be with you so it has to be good. Anyways, what is Arka?" "Arka has something to do with the legendary pokemon, but that's another story."Mew Two said. "Let's go in the tower and get that sword then."Ken said as he took off towards the tower.

Ken looked at the writing on the entrance. He didn't read it, he just looked. He charged at the door but was knocked down."You know how to read Ken. So do that." Groudon said. Mew Two started to read the writing. "For horrors beyond anything you've ever saw, you must first find the fist and the claw. What does that mean?" Mew Two asked. "Who cares. Lets find out who is behind taking the sword first. You know what, lets ask Trinity and Shawn." Ken suggested. Groudon looked down at everyone. "Trinity, Shawn, should we solve the riddle, or should we look for who stole the sword?" Groudon asked.

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Naos yawned. Fuel the Arcanine was carefully lapping up water in a small pond, watching out so that Diesel the Dewgong wouldn’t splash him. Oil the Sandslash and Rayquaza were resting in their respective Pokeballs and Raikou was frantically pacing, seeming to want to just run. Naos was content here; they were safe.

There was a burst of bright light and a huge, snakelike metallic dragon was staring down at Naos. “Naos,” it began, in a deep, melodic male voice. “Stop goofing around. We should go and see Ken and the others.” Naos nodded slowly, and recalled Diesel and Fuel. He also recalled Rayquaza- people would ask questions if they saw a thirteen-year-old kid with TWO legends! Hell, they’d even ask questions with one. But this crazy, twitchy guy had given Naos Raikou, and Rayquaza had just saw Raikou three months after Naos had obtained him and decided to join him. Naos had felt special, even when he saw others, like one of his friends, Ken, with one or even TWO like himself.

“C’mon, I NEED TO RUN!” announced Raikou, in a voice very similar to a sixteen-year-old guy. Naos gathered up his stuff and hopped onto Raikou’s back, and they sped off. They weaved between trees as a blur, the electric running dog showing his stuff. Within half an hour (and a sore backside) they had erupted into a clearing. Naos coughed, and Raikou slowed down to a trot, not even showing any signs of the strain of the run. Naos envied the absolute energy the dog packed. Naos let out Fuel who ran beside Raikou at a steady pace.

A Staraptor flew by, with a snakelike Pokemon clamped in its beak. Fuel snapped at it, but missed. The Staraptor’s head turned to look at the trio, and Naos saw what was in its beak- The Rayquaza sword! “Raikou! Try and Thunderbolt it!” yelled Naos. Raikou, unfocused, sent an electrical blast at the bird, but the bird dived suddenly and the blast missed. Naos cursed, but let it go.

Coming up in front of the trio was an ENORMOUS building- one of the three. “HEY!” yelled Naos, glad to see Ken, and two of the others, Shawn and Trinity. They didn’t hear. Ken’s Groudon asked Shawn and Trinity whether to go inside the building, or whether to follow the Staraptor. “Hi guys,” Naos said to them, and their attention quickly went from the question to Naos. “I say we follow the bird,” he announced, trying to look confident. While Shawn and Trinity pondered their response, Naos got off of Raikou and returned Fuel- Raikou didn’t like his Pokeball. “Hey, Ken,” he said, looking at the boy in question. “What’s MewTwo doing here?” he inclined his head to the majestic, somewhat feline Pokemon hovering nearby.

Saraibre Ryu
06-26-2007, 12:04 PM
Color Coding:
Red-Lunara AKA Latias
Royal Blue-Shoku AKA Latios

I was mounted up on my Charizards back while two figures flew beside me: Latias and Latios. We were here to stop the madness that was going on after leaving our safe sanctum back home. Hopefully home would do fine without us. Ashe, my Charizard gave out a growl, noticing disturbances below.

"Is that were you two sensed it Shoku?" I asked, turning to Latios.

He nodded, and so did Latias.

We better go and help. She stated.

"Right Lunara." I responded. "Okay, Ashe, lets get to doing something productive!"

She roared and started to lower her height. No doubt after this was all over, or at least when some decent questioning cuold go around, would be why her pokemon were alternately colored. Not too long after we were a few hundered feet away from the ground, we were atacked by what looked like a black Aerodactyl.

"Where the...where did that come from?"

No one could answer me, because it attacked again with Double Edge, heading right for me and Ashe. Ashe moved out of the way, but the Aerodactyl quickly went from Doubkle Edge to bite, clamping down on Ashe's tail and dragging her and me with it. Without command, Ashe's tail glew white, and out of pain, the Aerodactyl let go. Ashe swung at its back hard, making it lose a good amount of feet, even if we were alot closer to the ground.

"Lunara Mist Ball, Shoku Luster Purge, Ashe Blast Burn now!" I instructed.

Spheres of psychic energy formed in both Lunara's and Solaris's claws, Ashe had a ball of bright blue fire form in her fangs, then all at once, it was released and all hit the Aerodactyl, who had tried to counter it with Hyper Beam. There was an explosion, and everything was all smoky and dusty. After it had cleared, the black pokemon has vanished.

"Yeah! Score one for us!" I exclaimed.

Lunara cried happily and Shoku just rolled his eyes.

You think we beat it? Lunara asked Shoku.

Where could it have gone? Nothing could have survived that attack.

Ashe felt tired after using such a powerful Blast Burn attack, and was starting to weaken as she carried my down to the ground. We landed in a forest clearing, not too far from where our battle took place. I returned Ashe to her pokeball, and nodded to the other two. They nodded back and turned invisible, as were one of there abilities, but stayed close by to me.

"Maybe we'll find someone."

06-26-2007, 07:33 PM
"Oh him, he's just here to help. He really just wants to fight though." Ken turned back to Trinity and Shawn. "Alright, that's two against whatever. That means we chase the Staraptor." Ken said. "As long as there's something exciting happening, I'm fine then."Mew Two said resting on a tree. "Alright, Mew Two is with us. That's three." Ken said with confidence. "We don't even no where it went." Groudon shot back. "There's got to be a pokeweapon that can track down pokemon." Ken replied. Mew Two stood up. "The green orb. It can track down any pokemon." Mew Two mumbled as he walked back towards the group. "Where is the Green Orb?" Ken asked. "Lets just solve the riddle inst..." "Groudon, where is it?" Ken asked angrily. "Alright it's in the Earth's Core." Groudon replied.

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06-26-2007, 08:03 PM
Solemnly Trinity nodded, opening her mouth and uttering one words. “Mew….” She called gently, and a little bubble popped over her head. “Hello Trinni” Mew called Happily floating about. “Hello Mew” She murmured. Emisia nodded as did Shadow.
Mew floated over to Mew Two then to Groudon, and Latios and Latias. “Hello to you too” Mew said before retreating back to Trinity’s side.

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Saraibre Ryu
06-27-2007, 12:02 AM
Even though I couldn't see Shoku and Lunara, I had a good idea of where they were. Lunara was flying about in a free spirited manner, while Shoku stayed near by, but not too close. After a good long time of just walking, I felt Shoku stop, and so did Lunara.

I sense someone up ahead. He explained. I don't know what it is though.

"Well, you two stay here, I'll go and check. If its anything bad, I'll come running back. If it isn't, I'll play the flute." I said.

Shoku didn't like the idea of leaving me alone in an unknown area, but he knew I was trustworthy enough to do things on my own. Lunara practically loved me to death, and didn't like leaving me for a second, but she knew I wouldn't be gone long, so they both agreed. I walked ahead while the two of them stayed put. Standing behind a tree, I saw another trainer (Alana of course) and what I thought to be the legendary pokemon Mew in a bubble.

06-28-2007, 08:14 PM
"Alright," Ken started,"how do we get to the Earth's core without dying?" "You're not thinking Ken. You can't." Groudon said. Mew Two only shook his head. Ken had another idea."Mew Two, what about your bubble. You can put us in it and then we can go."Ken said happily. Mew Two shook his head again."Yoiu'll still die from dehydration from the heat." Mew Two replied. "We'll drink Feraligtors water." Ken shot back. "Good idea, if you don't mind having to constacntly drink every few seconds after you finish that cup you were drin......." Groudon was interupted by another of Ken's idea. "This one is fool proof. The day I left for the Sinnoh Region I heard on the news that the Team Magma base had been destroyed. I also know that they've been working on a device that can burrow to the Earth's core. If we can steal it, we can go down there!" Ken exclaimed. "But Ken, there are unknown pokemon down there. Who knows what they can do." Groudon argued. "Groudon, as my conscience, I must ignore you right now. Besides, why do you think you're really here. To reason with me? No, you were sent to me to help me fight. Plus Mew Two is on my side. Two against one, you lose, lets go." Ken said walking out of the forest.