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The End
11-21-2004, 07:52 PM
A Story Lacking a Title

Blur was staring out of the window of a school bus, watching the bland scenery go by, not really paying attention to it, but looking as if he was. He was hunched over, towards the window, with his forehead pressed against the glass. He was nearly asleep, but the uncomfortable bus seats were keeping him up.

His class was visiting the Great Museum of Not So Exciting Things. The school in the county over was going to space camp for three weeks. They were going to stay at the Great Museum of Not So Exciting Things for three weeks as well. The most unexciting thing there was opening the day they got there, which would be early to mid tomorrow. It was a fossilized wing of an extinct Pokemon. All the kids in his class were thrilled. They shouted, rejoiced, threw pudding, and cried when they heard about that. In fact oddly even the most calm and collected of his class were excited about this trip. Not because they were going to be getting out of school either. They were looking forward to it because of the exhibits. Blur had no idea what was going on, so he didn’t bother thinking about it. As far as he was concerned, he class was getting loopier by the minute, which wasn’t odd considering his class is modeled after the most insane of Pokemon Elite 2000 Forums. >:P

Later that day they were stopping at a Burger King for dinner, which was going to take a while. This was mainly because there were thirty kids there shouting their orders at the poor cashier who only gets paid minimum wage to deal with all these freaky brats that barge in and try to shout orders at him. The first cashier gave up and went to the corner crying, but then the manager stepped in with a taser. He used it on some of the rowdier children, such as Dark Pikachu and Kholdstaire. After that the rest of the standing children quieted down so that he could take our orders. Then they all sat down and ate for about half and hour. It only took them fifteen minutes to eat, but the rest of the time was spent talking. Blur sat with Mana, Kholdstaire, and Dark Pikachu. Kholdstaire and Dark Pikachu’s hair was frizzled from the electric shock of the taser. Mana took a bite of his limited edition overpriced slab of meat.

“Mmmm, tastes overpriced to!” he said, rejoicing that his money was well wasted.

Then Kholdstaire started eating his fries, and he gobbled down the entire box in less than five minutes. Dark Pikachu started digging into his food, and it was gone in seven or eight minutes. Blur ate his food at an average pace for someone talking and was done in about fifteen minutes. The table was horribly dirty, and definitely hadn’t been cleaned after last customer, and Blur doubted it would be cleaned after he was finished there.

At one of the other tables, a fight broke out among two classmates. They had always hated each other, and they thought Burger King would be an excellent arena for their battle. One of the kids name was Kurtis, who had a medium build with light blonde hair. The other was Jack, a short fellow wearing green clothes and bright red hair. He also had freckles splashed across his face. It started when Jack through his wrapper and Kurtis. Kurtis decided he had enough, so he immediately reached to his belt and plucked a small red ad white ball. The ball glimmered in his hand with a metallic shine. He clicked a small white button on the center of the ball, and it tripled its size. It was now more than a handful. Kurtis stood up from the table, knocking over his chair in the process.

“That’s it Jack. Time to do or die! Go PorygonTwo!” Kurtis shouted as he threw the red and white ball. It landed on a nearby table. The people at that table jumped up and backed away. Then the metallic ball opened, and a blue light burst from it, blinding all the people looking directly at it. Then a white and pink Pokemon flew from it as the light subsided. The red and white ball clicked shut and flew back to Kurtis’ open hand. The Pokemon looked like a large rubber ducky, but it was much more fierce than its appearance. When Jack saw the PorygonTwo, he reached into his shirt pocket for his own Pokemon. His Pokeball was customized. His parents had bought it for his favorite Pokemon. Instead of having red on top, it had green, and the white was replaced with a tan color. He pushed a button on his Pokeball as well, and it expanded in his hand. He threw it towards PorygonTwo, and it landed a couple feet short of it, on the dirty floor. The ball opened and it emitted the same weird light while Hitmonlee bounced out of it. The kicking Pokemon started waving its feet in the air, as if it were a challenge to PorygonTwo. PorygonTwo began to shout in anger.

“PORYGON-GON-GONTWO!!” it shouted, bobbing its head.

“I see you’ve installed the latest version on your pitiful Porygon.” Jack said smugly. His arms were tucked underneath each other, and his red hair was a mess on top of his head. He was obviously flustered that Kurtis had evolved his Pokemon since the last encounter they had. He was hoping for an easy battle with Hitmonlee and a crying Kurtis. It appeared that he wasn’t going to get it.

“Stop your talking and lets battle! PorygonTwo, use your Conversion attack!” Kurtis shouted to his PorygonTwo. It sat and waited for the other Pokemon to move. Hitmonlee readied itself for an attack from the bobbing rubber duck Pokemon, but it never came.

Apparently not aware of what Conversion did, Jack rushed headstrong into battle, foolishly. “Hitmonlee, go for a one hit kill! Use your Hi Jump Attack!” he shouted.

Hitmonlee immediately launched itself through the air towards PorygonTwo. It never reached PorygonTwo. A solid yellow wall was in front of Hitmonlee. It crashed foot-first into the wall, nearly breaking its leg. The Hitmonlee fell to the ground, near the table that PorygonTwo sat on, staring at the fallen Pokemon.

A Singaporean boy stepped forward from the crowd of silent onlookers. His name was Raik, and he was in Blur’s class. He was an excellent trainer, revered for his morals (yeah right) and his skills as a trainer. He had already won several tournaments at the age of 12. Behind him was his purple Starmie, which had created the barrier known as Reflect.

“If you guys are going to fight, take it outside to the parking lot.” he said. Jack and Kurtis looked at him for a moment, then walked outside. They knew that Raik’s Starmie was a force to be reckoned with. In the parking lot they stood far apart from each other, and their Pokemon was at their side. Hitmonlee appeared not to be as badly hurt as before.

“Hitmonlee, use your Hi Jump Kick!” Jack shouted, and his Hitmonlee jumped through the air again, towards the Porygon.

“PorygonTwo, use Conversion!” Kurtis shouted smugly.

Just as Hitmonlee was about to hit PorygonTwo, it changed colors. It became what colored, and its skin began to become feathered. It looked as if it were flying type now. Hitmonlee crashed into it and it barely phased PorygonTwo. Hitmonlee backed off, freaked out by this new revelation. You could here Kurtis in the background laughing softly. Jack was staring at PorygonTwo, almost shivering with fear. Raik was leaning on the outside window about a hundred feet from the battle. He was watching intently, and was almost positive that Kurtis had already won this battle. He was going to wait for a couple more attacks to completely judge the battle.

Jack wiped the sweat off of his forehead and thought about his next move. Kurtis himself had already planned this for days. He had a feeling that sometime during this trip they would fight, so he had been prepared. He had seen in the news about a child who had captured and begun training a wild Hitmonlee that he found in the darkest caves of Frozen Isle, where odd Pokemon are said to live. That child was no doubt Jack, trying to get a one up on him. Kurtis wasn’t going to let that happen though.

“Hitmonlee, use your Hi Jump Kick attack!” Jack shouted.

“PorygonTwo, use your Ice Beam attack!” Kurtis shouted to his Pokemon.

Jack’s Hitmonlee lunged forward, running first at an amazing speed, then jumped low but fast. He was going to plant his foot into PorygonTwo’s feathered head. Then at the last moment, a light blue beam shot from PorygonTwo’s mouth, meeting Hitmonlee’s foot. Instead of freezing it on contact. The Ice Beam seems to have reflected off and shattered, sending miniature Ice Beams in all directions. One nearly hit Raik, and completely froze the nearby window. Another hit the Burger King sign advertising their crappy food. A section of the pole was frozen. The sign was too heavy for the frozen portion of the pole, so the it cracked and fell over. It crashed in-between Kurtis and Jack. Neither of them flinched as the metallic pole fell in-between them with bone shattering crash.

Jack could not quite remember what Conversion did, and he had been thinking about this the entire time. Then finally he remembered. It was a move that changed the user to the type that the opponent was weak against, so that it wouldn’t be able to hurt it much.

“Hitmonlee, use your Return attack!” Jack shouted to his Hitmonlee.

“Use Thunderbolt this time!” Kurtis shouted.

Hitmonlee dashed across the parking lot and slammed itself into PorygonTwo, sending it flying to the ground, where it squealed in pain. It then let the Thunderbolt go, tearing through the air into Hitmonlee’s chest. It sent him sprawling across the parking lot, almost to Raik, who was standing a good distance away. Hitmonlee hit the pavement hard, and bounced slightly. He was slower to get up then PorygonTwo.

Then PorygonTwo began to change into a Rock type, and became hard and rigid. Jack smiled confidently, while Kurtis looked on in horror.

The End
12-04-2004, 07:11 PM
“Now, use your BRICK BREAK!!” he shouted and Hitmonlee leaped from his position nearly thirty feet from PorygonTwo and landed in front of it. He landed on blow on PorygonTwo’s head, a second blow on the right side of his neck, and then flying kick hit the left side of its neck. Kurtis didn’t even have time to shout his attack. PorygonTwo went flying across the dark asphalt and landed with a bone breaking crunch. PorygonTwo turned back into its regular rubber ducky self and passed out.

Jack was smiling smugly as he called to his Hitmonlee, “Return!”

The small tan and green ball opened up and Hitmonlee converted to energy as he flew into it. Kurtis opened his red and white ball and then the fainted PorygonTwo also turned into red energy and was taken into the small ball.

Kurtis collapsed to his knees, and sat there with his head hanging low.

“How could you of beaten me like that. I had perfected my strategy in everyway.” Kurtis mumbled to himself. Jack stood in his position smiling smugly and said,

“Apparently perfect isn’t enough to defeat me.” Jack said in a taunting manner. He turned around and began walking back to Burger King, and right past Raik, who was still standing there looking at Kurtis. Raik had thought Kurtis had this in the bag. Then Jack had a surprising turn around in the end. Raik stood out there and just watched the sunset even after Kurtis himself had gone in. Soon after that, a mysterious blue car came into the parking lot. It pulled right upside to Raik. A skinny man hung his head outside the window real close to Raik’s face, and they talked for a long while, at least five minutes.

When the man in the blue car finally pulled away and out of the parking lot onto the highway next to Burger King, Raik walked in calm and collective. No one dare asked him what the man was talking to him about because Starmie was by his side as he walked in, and as he finished what was left of his burger. Soon after that, all the kids were filed onto the bus. Raik made a point of sitting in the very last seat, which made him sure to get off after everyone else. Blur had noticed this activity, but had not put that and the strange car-side talk together.

The bus drove on for three more hours, three hours of head banging bus music. Blur had a blistering headache by the time they got to the hotel, which was only a couple of miles from the Museum. The boys went three to a room, and it so happened that he got paired with Raik and Mana. It did not occur to Blur to keep an eye on Raik until they were getting into bed that night. He figured that he might as well keep an eye on him because of the suspicious activity outside Burger King.

After Blur watched Raik fall asleep on the bed next to him, Blur decided it was time for himself to go to sleep. Then in the middle of the night, Blur awoke to soft clicking noises, rapid in they sounded to be in some sort of pattern. Blur quietly sat up in bed and look around. Immediately the glow from a computer screen caught his eye. Raik was talking with someone via AIM. Blur could not make out what was being said on the screen, but he had a hunch it was about the car-side conversation earlier today. Blur glanced at the clock next to the bed and it read two in the morning. Blur quietly laid his head down on his pillow and listened to Raik type. Then Raik got up and went out into the hallway, probably getting something filled with caffeine so he could stay up.

Blur took his opportunity and got out of bed as soon as the door squeaked closed. He threw the covers off of him softly so that Mana would not wake up. He crept over to the computer. He was lucky he did not hit any creaking floor boards. He sat down at the chair at the computer. On the screen he guessed was the man from the blue car taking Raik through the talk again via computer this time. The last line had been ‘brb’ from Raik’s side of the conversation. Knowing he had not enough time to read through all they had said, he copy and pasted the conversation into a word pad document and saved it. Then he transferred the file to his cell phone, which was by the computer where he left it. He slipped back into his covers just as he heard Raik coming down the hallway back to the room.

Blur fell asleep quickly because Raik got off of the computer five minutes after he got back. The teachers came around in the morning about nine and started knocking on all the doors to wake the children up. Mana and Blur were up fairly quickly, but it took Raik a while to get up. Then they all filed down the red carpeted stairs down into the lobby where a continental breakfast was. All the children ate and ate and ate until there was no more food.

Then everyone filed onto the bus in a single file line. Blur made a point of sitting in the very back seat on the window side, with Mana sitting on the other side of me. Raik had sat in front of us, and seemed a little mad that we had taken the back seat. When Mana started to talk to the other children with Raik, Blur pulled out his mobile phone and opened up the file that he had saved last night. His mobile phone doubled as a PDA, so that is how he was able to save a word pad document to it.

The file was not as long as he had suspected at first. Luckily it had multi-lined copied, so that it’d be much easier to read what they had said the night before. One of the user names speaking was ‘t3h rak3’, which was Raik, and the other was ‘TheWolfMeetsAtNine’, which was unknown to Blur. He assumed it was an AIM SN from the man that had spoke to Raik outside Burger King. Raik had initiated the conversation with a simple ‘hie’. The man then responded with a cryptic answer.

“Raik: hie
Man: are you ready for tomorrow?
Raik: of course I am.
Man: do you know your instructions exactly?
Raik: yes
Man: go through them with me
Raik: first, I should get in the back of the bus as we are leaving to go to the museum
Raik: then as the rest of the kids are getting out of the bus I’ll sneak away from the group and get to the Aerodactyl wing which is being kept at the museum
Man: yes, keep going
Raik: then I will get the wing without setting off the alarm, and you will be waiting for me in the boiler room where you will give me nearly a million dollars
Man: exactly. what is the most important part?
Raik: not to be seen or followed
Man: good, you know your mission well”

That was the end of the conversation between the two. Blur quickly closed the file and deleted it. He had memorized the most important facts from the conversation and he didn’t want any snoops to find it, especially Raik. He put his mobile phone in his pocket just as the bus was pulling into the museum parking lot. As the other students were eagerly piling out to see the large sign bearing the name of the museum, Raik stayed behind until Blur got up and went before him, and immediately after he got up, Raik followed. When Blur joined the other kids in the crowd, Raik sort of stood off to the side, kind of blending in with the busy town around the museum. Blur decided himself it was time to get away from the group and blend in as well.

As the group of children moved towards the front doors of the museum, Blur turned around and saw Mana right behind him. He also jumped and yelled, giving away his position to Raik. He started at Mana for a while and then turned around to see Raik moving towards a side entrance. Blur motioned for Mana to follow him closely and quietly. Blur started to move across the pavement with the crowds passing the Museum. Small rocks crunched under Blur and Mana’s feet, but Raik never turned around, probably confident no one had found him out for the fraud he is. All three of them were aware that they only had a certain amount of time before the teachers realized that they were all gone and then the search would begin. Hopefully they could be out of the teacher’s reach before they realized they were gone. Mana and Blur tore off their name tags so they would not be immediately recognized for a student.

A couple minutes after Raik had come through the green side entrance door that read ‘Authorized Use Only’, Mana and Blur made their way through it. It was a long corridor with brown tile on for flooring. They could see Raik turn at the very end of it. He was walking cautiously, on the lookout for any museum personnel that might find him. If one of those found him it’d be over. Mana and Blur hurried to catch up to Raik, but without running and alarming him, it was difficult. Eventually Raik reached a door marked ‘Museum Main Lobby’ he pushed through it, checking both ways first, then walking out.

Blur did not get to see which way he had went, so when he came out of the same door into the lobby that Raik had, he had to guess which way he had went. It wasn’t hard once Mana pointed out a dark green sign. The sign had white lettering on it and it showed all the different destinations you could get to by following the designated stair case or hallway.

The End
12-04-2004, 07:12 PM
It would be nice if you told me how this is for catching aerodactyl so far. That would be appreciated.