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06-27-2007, 06:18 AM
Today's my 12th birthday and im yearning to get out and see the world.

My name is Seth.. And today you help me with my journey this is our story!

Me"(Yawn)Sparkle and Shadow whimper in my face(Espeon and Umbreon)."Heh,thought i wouldn't wake up in time didn't you! my mom"Seeth time to start your journey. me"Im up and now im ready.""Ok you two keep the house on lockdown and make sure mom dosen't get into trouble.they whimper ok.mom"Sweety was your goal as a trainer?"me"To become a pokemon master.mom"Well You can take some advice from this show thats on.

Tv:Pokemon Master Ash Ketchum has Been spotted doing what he does best....(Were blasting of again(sparkle))
Mom:That ash i wonder how his mother raised him to be so successful.
Me:Dosen't matter because soon as i meet him he's going down.
Well im of mom.
Mom:Be careful dear
Me:Well im off to Luna Town of the Continent Saeredio
(Something tugs on my leg)
Me:Huh, oh it looks like i forgot my card , thanks Sparkle. This time i mean it im off.

Well this is route 200 , 201 is blocked due to construction so i should go on route 202.
(2 hours later)
Well here i am Luna Town Time to get that starter.
(Walk's into giant building)
Professer Clause:Um... Hello may i help you.... THERE THATS MY CARD SO THAT MEANS YOU WANT A STARTER!
Me:Yeah what starters do you have?
Profess:Come with me
(Up the Escalater)
Well here they are. Coronliger the fire, GlacierGlen the water, Leefligar the grass.
Me:I guess i will choose Leafli- no Ahem I CHOOSE CORONLIGER.
Coronliger:(Parades around other pokemon)
Clause:Well see ya Coronliger return.
Well here's your Pokemon and your 5 free balls and a Pokedex now on to your journey.
Me:All right time to move out.
(35 mins later)
?????????:Hey boy you with the black vest and pants.
Me:Huh ... yes
?????????:My name is -
Me:You wanna battle?
Luna:Later but, my name is Luna , im the daughter of the man who built this town.
(I Turn around wow she'ss cute)
Luna : why are you staring at me like that , i know im cute but, come on.
Me:Scuse me about that (oh no im turning to my grandfather Brock).
Luna: umm....your name
Me:Well wanna...
Luna:Journey, i was finna ask you the same.
Seth:Well that tells us one thing we both have a goal now lets achieve it.

Lord Celebi
06-27-2007, 03:02 PM
No plot. And double posting is bad.