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Darth Murkrow
06-27-2007, 10:09 PM
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Professor Birch sipped his hot coffee. It was fairly early, and he needed it. Mudkip, Torchic, and Treecko skipped happily about the lab, ready to go to beginning trainers. He sighed and stroked a particularly playful Mudkip that had been chewing on his sleeve for the past several minutes.

He looked at a clock. 5:30, and still dark out. He sighed and shifted his glance for a moment, then returned. A shady figure ran by, obviously trying to stay hidden.

"Who's there?"

No answer, which he expected. The horror stories of people vanishing came back to him suddenly, and he felt his heart skip a beat. He plucked the Mudkip out of his lab, the creature letting out a dissapointed grumble, and placed it on the ground, approaching the front door of the Pokemon lab.

"...Hello?" he called out into the open, stepping forward before his foot nudged something. He jumped, then looked down at a carboard box. He looked both waysf for any more shady figures, then opened the box.

Seven shining Pokeballs sat in the bottom of the box. The only thing differentiating them from the normal ones were the colors; they were pure white, like Premier Balls, only covered in multi-colored sparkles. He picked one up and inspected it closer; the capture mechanism was dull. There were Pokemon inside of them.

He checked to make sure that no one was watching, then took the box inside the lab.


The sun cast its warm, cheerful glow in the sky above the ranch through the window of Nita Meyers. She rolled over and grumbled in her half-subconscious state, throwing her covers over her head, partaking in the warmth that her comfortable bed provided.

"Nita! I thought you were looking forward to this!" Her covers were torn away, exposing the diminutive girl, who shielded her face as though being exposed to light caused intense pain.

"Mother..." Nita grumbled, rubbing at her eyes, feeling for her glasses.

"All your life, since you were ten. 'Mother, I'm not cut out for this ranching stuff!' 'Mother, I'm so tired of this!' 'Mother, the Tauros are so mean to me!' Get up and go get your Torkip, Treechic and Mudliz, or whatever they're called," the stout woman, contrasting sharply in comparison to her daughter, barked at her.

"Ok, give me a minute!" she complained, finding her thick glasses and putting them on, rendering the world more clean and visible. Her mother left, and she threw on some clothes. She skeptically looked at the clock.

"Mother? What time is it?" Nita called.

"Eleven, dear. You slept in pretty late," her mother called.

"Eleven? No, it's already too late!" she moaned, tripping past several Ponyta on her way out. She had been looking forward to this day for all of her life, and she had succeeded in staying in bed for two hours too long!

She paused a moment to catch her breath, surveying her environment and anyone who might be in it.

06-27-2007, 10:39 PM
Kenji stared blankly at the stark red numbers on the digital clock on his bedside table. Still in bed and nestled under the covers, he had only just woke up, and it was still taking him some time to register what he was seeing.

11:05, he thought dully. I sure stayed in bed late, especially since he was going to get his Pokemon today... Kenji continued to stare, until the gravity of what he'd just realized hit him like a ton of bricks. He was going to be late!

Moving quite possibly the fastest Kenji ever had getting out of bed in his short like, he was instantly up and digging through a drawer for clothes. She grabbed a fistful and pulled them on, ignoring creases. They were the last things in there, anyway. He didn't worry about his hair, it was always messy anyway, and he grabbed his pack from its place next to the door. Putting it over one shoulder gave him a chance to think. Why hadn't the alarm gone off? When the answer came to him, he hit his forehead with the bottom of his palm. He'd taken the alarm mechanism out to look at it and forgot to put it back when he reassembled the clock...

Waving a short goodbye to his mom, he left the house in a hurry, but stopped in the driveway. He shouldered off his backpack and reached in a side pocket looking at a square made of small metal poles. He pressed a button and threw it out in front of him. Mid toss, it began to open up and unfold, forming a silver bike. Kenji grinned and climbed on after putting on his pack once more. At least something was working.

Almost to the lab, Kenji spotted a girl he recognized. The glasses were unmistakeable. It had to be Nita. He slowed down, waving at her lazily, but didn't stop. He'd talk to her once he got a Pokemon.

Reaching the lab, Kenji climbed off and pressed a button on his bike. It shrank to a more manageable size, and Kenji stowed it back in his pack before walking in.

Darth Murkrow
06-27-2007, 11:27 PM
Nita looked up at Kenji, recognizing him. She waved back and trotted over to him, entering the lab alongside him.

Professor Birch looked up at the two of them.

"Er, hello," he greeted the two. "Is... there something you want?"

"We came for our first Pokemon," Nita told him quietly with a smile. Birch forced a smile, then frowned.

"I'm sorry; I gave away the last one about an hour ago," Birch told her. Nita sighed and bowed her head, regaining her composure and not expressing outward dissapointment. She looked up, letting out all the air in her lungs with a satisfying rushing sound.

None left. She had been looking forward to getting a Mudkip. Torchic was her second choice. But... none left... That crushed her, but she didn't express it.

06-28-2007, 12:38 AM
As Kenji walked in, Nita walked up beside him. He didn't mind, though. He just smiled and let her do the talking.

"Er, hello," Professor Birch said as they walked inside. "Is... there something you want?"

"We came for our first Pokemon," Nita tolded him, smiling hopefully. Professor Birch tried to smile back, but it flopped into a frown.

"I'm sorry; I gave away the last one about an hour ago," he replied. Kenji quietly sighed to himself. Ever since he saw the clock, he knew this was going to happen- no Pokemon left. No Pokemon meant no leaving to find his father until next year, or whenever more Pokemon came. He stepped back, nodding gratefully to Professor Birch before turning to leave.


Meanwhile, Reeah sat in a Pokeball. The feeling was extremely strange. Though not painful in any way, it was definitely uncomfortable. She felt like she'd been squeezed and divided down to her most basic parts, all at once, and she didn't like it one bit. It made her fur stand on end. Wait... She was already scknowledging she had fur?

This whole thing was screwed up. She hadn't joined Team Mythic to be made into some kind of science experiment and be shipped off to a lab to be given to some kid. It was ridiculous, against all moral codes- not that they'd cared, of course. They just drugged her when she tried to explain all of that to her.

Remembering another part of the operation, both she and her Pokeball shivered slightly. They hadn't meant to let her, but she saw her old body. A complete accident. She woke up sooner than they thouht she was. The image was still imprinted into her mind.

Her young body, mangled. Gashes all over her. Her head had been completely sliced open. It was ghastly, even if it was someone else, but to see your own body in such a state... Horrific. The Pokeball settled down, and Reeah ceased her movements. She just wanted someone to let her out, now. Being stuck in this stupid ball gave her too much time to think.

Darth Murkrow
06-28-2007, 12:50 AM
Professor Birch looked over at the trembling Pokeball holding Reeah, and he remembered the balls.

"Although... I do have other Pokemon... they're not the conventional starters, I'm sure, but surely they'll work..." he said, picking up a few balls.

"What are they, Professor?" Nita asked quietly, eyes transfixed on the interesting-looking balls.

"In all honesty, I'm not sure. They were dropped off to me this morning." He picked up Reeah's, which had stopped shaking, and pressed the capture mechanism in the front, releasing her in a flash of red light.


Stupid friends. Stupid Team Mythic. Stupid project, stupid Rattata, stupid EVERYTHING! Tobias internally complained, his ball not so much trembling as vibrating. He hated being stuck in a Pokeball; if he wasn't let out within the next ten minutes, he was coming out, and the first person he saw would be mincemeat.

If they didn't laugh at the purple mouse first. That thought made the ball shake violently. He hated being a Rattata. What he wouldn't give to be human again, to be tall and feared, and to not have to beg for scraps at the feet of some stupid kid!

He didn't even know what happened to his body. It was implied, though, that his human form was dead. Never to be a human again.

He was aware only of darkness, as though his eyes were closed. He could almost feel himself, but it was as if he were numbed. He seemed to, according to what he felt, resemble a miniaturized form of his new body.

Get me out of this freaking thing! Tobias complained internally, trying to thrash the Pokeball around. Maybe if it fell down and broke he would be free.

06-28-2007, 01:04 AM
Joseph woke up. Startled at where he was, he jolted out of bed. Looking around, he saw other people sleeping. Falling back into bed, he sighed. Now he remembered. He had joined Team Mythic. Why did I even join anyway? he thought. Oh yeah, Cassie. Cassie had disappeared a couple months ago, and he had joined Team Mythic in anger, trying to find Cassie. But upon joining, he heard of their plan, and he wanted to help it come true. Shaking his hair, he jumped out of bed, and put on his uniform. (What do they look like anyway?) and walked out to the breakfast area.

Cassie impatiently scratched at her ear. Stupid Team Mythic... she thought, pacing around in her Pokeball. It had been a couple of months since she had last read, and she wasn't too pleased. She still had nightmares about seeing her body, destroyed after the transference. She couldn't shake the image of her bloody body, laying on the ground, discarded.

Sighing, she curled up into a ball, and squeezed her eyes tight. At least I'm cute now, she thought, smiling. Slowly drifting into sleep, she began to dream the same dream, with her mutilated body laying on the ground.

06-28-2007, 01:33 AM
Kyle, sleeping peacefully realized he was late. Today, was the day to get his newly caught pokemon! He would have a fine choice of picking neither Treecko, Torchic or Mudkip. As he jumped out of bed, he slipped on his striped rug and fell into his little brother's toy box. After getting up, he ran quickly to the kitchen grabbing anything to eat and quickly ran back to his room. Facing his small wardrobe which he also had to share with his brother made him feel all queezy inside. He grabbed the doorknob of the wardrobe, but felt an uncomfartable sting!

"Ouch! Bro! Why do you always have to replace the real doorknobs with Wacko's Gags?" He exclaimed as he replaced the knobs with the real ones! His brother, pretending not to hear quickly ran upstairs and put on a Halloween mask, that startled Kyle. he jumped uo into the air with an awful frown and landed on his bottom.

"That's it out!" Kyle yelled as he locked the door pushing him out! He quickly put on his clothes and grabbed his bag, filled with neatly packed sandwiches, two berries, orange juice that was stored in a bottle. And one Potion, that his father created inside his basement. He quickly called his mom telling her that he is escorting the house, but then all of a sudden he slipped on the same rug that was placed in his room forcing him to fall out of the house without a first foot on the stairs. As he landed on the soft, mushy grass, he once more heard his brother giggle.

"Im going to get you later Bro!" Kyle shouted and he swiftly ran towards Prof. Birch's Lab.

After passing a couple of Milktank, he made it there. The Lab, looking like a white cube, was facing a beautiful lake that had sweet-scented flowers all over! After viewing the pleasent sight, he quickly ran through the lab's door without a knock! Running towards Prof. Birch who was busy chatting with other trainers realized that Kyle camed!

"Im ready for my Pokemon Prof. Birch!" Kyle exlaimed with excitment.

"Im sorry, but we are all out. Please do come later, for we will have newly caught pokemon coming soon." Prof Birch said soflty.

Kyle felt horrible, he slowly went leaving the lab dragging his bag with. After getting out of the loud lab, he sat near the lake and poked the mud that was near the bank. He sat there sighing as one tear dropped into the lake.

06-28-2007, 01:46 AM
"Although... I do have other Pokemon... they're not the conventional starters, I'm sure, but surely they'll work..." At Birch's coment, Kenji turned back around and spoke for the first time.

"More Pokemon?" He asked hopefully. Finally, something going right! He wasn't going to get his Mudkip, but certainly he could get something just as good?

"What are they, Professor?" Nita asked. Kenji finally noticed the ball in the Professor's hands. It was interesting, to say the least. White, with multicolored sparkles...

In all honesty, I'm not sure. They were dropped off to me this morning." Birch pressed the button on the Pokeball, and released the creature inside. In a flash of red light, a Meowth appeared. However, it was no ordinary Meowth... This one was jet black.


Reeah felt the Professor open the ball, and instantly became excited. She didn't really know what was going on, but she hoped she was coming out. She left the Pokeball in a stream. She felt like water, rushing overthe side of a mountain, only to collect into the solid form of a cat-like creature at the ground below. Blinking, she openned her eyes.

Her surroundings were suprisingly white, with the gentle whir of nameless machines going about their unknown duties. Two young kids stood before her, watching her expectantly. Glancing back, Reeah saw the professor. No way she was going back to him. He still held that stupid, boring Pokeball. Besides, she had to go to one of the two kids, so she figured that she might as well choose.

The girl was instantly a no. Those glasses made her look like some kind of geek. With his wrinkled shirt and messy black hair, though, the guy looked like a slob. She sighed. Were these her only two choices? So be it. She sure as heck wasn't going with the girl, and at least the guy was kinda cute- for a thirteen year old, anyway.

Without a moment more of hesitation, she jumped forward and landed squarely on his chest. He yelped in pain as he claws dug in, and she grinned gleefully. She climbed the rest of the way to the shoulder, the boy wincing every step of the way. She sat there, claws dug into his skin, and she wrapped her long tail around his neck for extra support. She began to purr loudly. This could be more fun than I thought...

Kenji didn't move as the Meowth climbed him to reach his shoulder, only winced as the claws dug in. His chest and shoulder thuroughly scratched, he grinned weakly at Professor Birch and Nita.

"I guess it wanted me..."

Darth Murkrow
06-28-2007, 02:45 AM
Professor Birch laughed as the Meowth climbed over Kenji's body.

"So she has. She can be yours if you want her," Professor Birch told him, giving him her Pokeball. He picked up the other shaking ball and tossed it up, releasing a purple mouse.

Tobias looked up at the two kids before him. Obviously the boy, who seemed to remotely resemble the friends who got him into this anyway, already had a Pokemon, a jet-black Meowth. He looked up at the girl. She didn't look like trainer material; those glasses he hated, and she looked small and... asthmatic.

"You have got to be freaking kidding me," Tobias grumbled, although to everyone else it sounded like the teeth of a Rattata chattering with some growling.

Nita felt drawn to this Pokemon. She'd been needing to get away from the ranch lifestyle, and this Rattata couldn't trample her. Besides, one of her more odd qualities was that she was drawn to rodents. She offered her hand out to the Rattata, who gave her a skeptical raise of his brow.

"What? Do you expect me to sniff?" he asked, but, again, it sounded like chattering.

"He seems talkative," Birch remarked, completely ignorant of Tobias' plight.

"He does," Nita murmured. She had her heart set on the Rattata now, and Tobias seemed to sense this.

"Don't you even go there, Geeky..." he began, but Nita had already scooped him up. Argh... just my luck. I guess I'll have to deal with her, he realized with a sigh as Birch handed her his unusually-colored Pokeball. He noticed that she had a steady grip; she was by no means muscular, but she wasn't struggling to hold him, nor squeezing him. He was fine with this and rested his hand in her elbow.

"Here, five extra Pokeballs to catch more Pokemon... you can buy more in the towns, there are marts everywhere... Oh, and Pokedexes. You'll need these. Good luck, you two," Birch told them.

"Thank you," Nita told him shyly, looking at her new Pokemon, unaware of his former existence.

"Wait, you're not serious, are you? Crap!" Tobias cursed, Nita smiling at him.

((I've never played a character with a bad attitude before... it's sort of hard, lol.))

06-28-2007, 03:00 AM
(I think it's fun. I'm never mean really, so it's sort of refreshing... XD)

Kenji gingerly took the Pokeball, looking it all over. He was itching to take it apart and discover its inner workings, but he thought better of it. He lifted it to retrieve the female Meowth, but she hissed in response. Lashing out, her claws raked the surface of the ball, scratching three long lines through the paint and revealing the steel beneath.

"Oh... Kay," Kenji said, a little scared. "I guess you don't like your Pokeball. Okay, you can stay out then." He attached the ball to his belt.

Having dealt with the threat of returning to her Pokeball, Reeah glanced over at the girl's Pokemon of choice. She quickly identified the purple rodent as a Rattata. Nasty little things. Of course, it had been a human once...

"Hey, mousey boy," she jeered from her perch. "Happy with your new trainer?" She sneered meanly. Of course, Kenji didn't understand a word of it. Hereing Reeah's meow's, he gently petted her. She drew away at first, only to begin rubbing his hand with her cheek. It felt surprisingly nice...

"You wanna travel together?" Kenji asked Nita, not realizing his Pokemon was attempting to start a fight with hers. He took the Pokeballs from Professor Birch, putting them on his belt with the others, and slipped the Pokedex into his pack.

06-28-2007, 07:38 AM
"Oh hell no! I can't believe I slept in late! It's freaking eleven thirty!"

Naoki was running on the road as fast as he could. He couldn't be late for his Pokemon. He'd go on a rampage if he did. He was just a few minutes away luckily, so he didn't need to worry. Unless of course... someone got ll of the Pokemon.

"Don't be late... don't be late... don't be late... don't be-"

He slammed against a door, twitching his eyes as he fell back. When he opened them, he saw he was, by some weird stroke of luck, infront of the lab.

"...I have no idea how this happened... but whatever!"

He quickly rose to his feet, opening the door as fast as he could and running in. By accident, however, he bumped into a girl (that's your cue Darth), falling back on his butt.

"Every lucky stroke has to come with a bad thing..."

He looked at whom he had bumped into, and realized it was a girl. He stood up, offering his hand to help her up.

"Sorry for bumping into you... I was in a hurry to get my Pokemon and- wait... am I even in the right place?"


Satomi yawned inside of her Pokeball, her navy blue tail flicking around inside. She was finally getting accustomed to being a Skitty. But, anyone would be fiine with being their favorite Pokemon. She wanted to come out of her Pokeball, yet she could wait a while longer.

"So let's see here... after I fainted... I got taken to this weird lab... I got turned into a Skitty... thrown into a Pokeball... and brought to this... wherever I am..."

She sighed, lowering her head as she awaited her exit.

"And I thought Ryuu was screwed up..."

06-28-2007, 04:49 PM
Mina woke, startled by a nightmare. It was the same nightmare she always had, the one of the dreadful day when the sickness had swept through her hometown. Sweat had started to form on her brow before she wiped it away with her pajama sleeve. Her heart pounded in her chest, threatening to burst out, and the blood pulsed rapidly through her head. As calmly as possible, the girl began to take deep breaths. Soon, her pulse had lessened to a more relaxed beat, and her head was no longer pulsing from the blood. Stretching her limbs, the girl glanced towards her clock. "11o'clock," she murmured to herself, her mouth widening in a tired yawn.

Not long ago, she had decided to join Team Mythic, the group who had amazing dreams for the people. Already she had been promoted to an administrator, which pleased her greatly: it must be a new record to be promoted in such a short amount of time. After sleeping in a noisy and filthy dormitory for a few months, she found the peace of her own room soothing. The most appealing factor to having her own room, though, was simply because of the fact that she had more room to fill her stuff with.

Quickly, she got dressed into her administrator uniform, which she was very fond of. Just as quickly, she began her daily routine of looking presentable. Having a wash, brushing her teeth, combing her hair and putting on a slight amount of make-up was all part of this daily routine. It never seemed to take long, and soon Mina was walking out of her room door. Taking a small silver key from her pocket, she turned around and locked the door. The youth knew that no-one would enter her room without permission, but the idea of someone going through her objects didn't appeal to her much. In case, she had no idea how long she would be, as she had been called upon by someone of a higher position to the testing lab. Thoughts on why had run through her head, but all had been discarded rather quickly. She supposed that she would just have to wait until the designated time.

Hearing a sudden rumble from her stomach, Mina decided it would be a good idea to get a bite to eat. There had been no nice food yesterday, and so the girl had skipped dinner. Not surprisingly, this had left her quite hungry. I hope there's something actually worth eating today, she thought hopefully as her petite figure strode down the many hallways. Luckily, it wasn't a long walk to the cafeteria. Before she knew it, the entrance stood before her. Not wasting any time, she entered the hall.


A small white Pokeball shook violently, the contents inside protesting angrily. The so-called contents inside was none other than a Houndour, bashing against its prison walls. Vash, the name so lovingly given the the Pokemon by his parents, really disliked it inside of the Pokeball, but nothing useful seemed to be happening, despite his attempts at breaking free. The small dog-Pokemon sighed heavily, and sat down. Why did I have to be turned into a Pokemon?he thought sadly, his head drooping slightly. He knew there most probably wasn't any chance of getting back to his normal self, so he supposed he would have to get used to his new body. At least with all the fur he would stay warm, though that wasn't much of a problem anyway, since he was a fire Pokemon.

Taking his time, Vash lay down with his muzzle rested gently on his front paws. Loudly, the Houndour sighed again and closed his eyes. A thought that had been nagging in the back of his mind suddenly popped its way to the front: what would happen to him now?

06-28-2007, 05:05 PM

"Damn..." Jackson whispered to himself. He was creeping down the stairs, trying to avoid waking anybody up. He couldn't bear to have his cheeks pinched while his mother tells him to be good and to wash behind his ears. The whole thought of it sent shivers down his spine!

The Skitty on the couch meowed at him, as if saying, "Oh, you're bad! I'm gonna tell on you!" She pulled a face at him, and leaped down.

"Stupid cat..." Jackson muttered to himself through a mouthful of Cheerios. He knocked the spoon as he went to adjust his belt to his small waistline. Something else gone wrong, he thought to himself.

"Oh, Honey! You weren't going to leave without saying goodbye?" Jackson recognised that sweet, annoying tone almost instantly. Who woke his mother?

"Um... Of course not!" he lied. He intended to leave a note, but that was no longer possible. He glanced around the room for an explanation of his mother's awakening. He noticed Skitty sitting there, with a sly grin. Jackson was infuriated. He never liked that cat!

His mother was making waffles. Great! Jackson pulled the scrunched up note out of his pocket and quietly placed it on the table. Pulling on his red and white trainers, he slipped silently out of the front door.

"No awkward situation... YES!" he said to himself. Walking to Birch's lab was quite a distance, but Jackson was full of beans. The sky was blue, there were no clouds, the birds were chirping, and his shoelaces hadn't come undone. Result!

The door of the lab burst open and Jackson hurriedly walked in.

"Are there any Pokemon left, Proffessor? A drop of sweat roled down his face. The brisk walk and the nervousness made him sweat. A lot.

"I'm sorry to say, all of the Pokemon have been given to other trainers." Birch said with remorse.

Professor Birch looked over at the trembling Pokeball holding Alexa, and he remembered the balls.

"Although... I do have other Pokemon... they're not the conventional starters, I'm sure, but surely they'll work..." he said, picking up a few balls.

"What are they, Professor?" Jackson asked quietly, eyes transfixed on the interesting-looking balls.

"In all honesty, I'm not sure. They were dropped off to me this morning." He picked up Alexa's, which had stopped shaking, and pressed the capture mechanism in the front, releasing her in a flash of red light.


It was useless trying to escape... Alexa had figured that out. Although, she could still hear other Pokemon thrashing around inside their capsule.

"Maybe I'll make some new friends," she mumbled to herself, half whimpering. She spread her wings and dismissed the thought of being sad. The capsule began to rock.

"Whoa! What's going on?" Alexa shuddered. The motion was making her feel ill. A click was heard, then...

06-28-2007, 06:31 PM
Turning a corner, Joseph saw Mina, and stopped dead in his tracks, as he racked his brain for what they had told him about behaving around admins. He sighed. She had recently become an admin, and he still didn't know how to act around her. They had been friends prior to her becoming an admin, but he hadn't had many chances to talk to her since. He wanted to act like he usually did, but was unsure. If he tried to be funny, she might disapprove, but if he acted like most of the grunts, her feelings might be hurt. Why couldn't there be something in the middle?

Sighing, he continued onward, watching her walk into the cafeteria. Thinking of what to say, he finally thought of it, and became more confident. Entering the cafeteria, he looked at the list on the wall about breakfast. Getting in line, he was behidn Mina. "Good morning Admin Mina," he said to her.

Cassie jolted out of her dream, panting. Sitting up, she noticed a bit of food left for her by the grunts. It was her favorite, a bt of sausage. Gulping it down, she smiled. The day was already looking up.

OOC: Haku, go ahead bunny Joseph if you need to. Just don't make him do anything out of character. ^.^

Darth Murkrow
06-28-2007, 06:39 PM
"Oh! I'm sorry!" Nita murmured, offering a hand to Naoki, holding Tobias with the other. "Yes, you're in the right place."

Professor Birch picked up three more Pokeballs and tossed them into the air, releasing a Skitty, a Swablu, and a Ponyta.

"I wonder who on earth would ever give these Pokemon up," he wondered, more to himself than to any of the young trainers.

Tobias growled at the Meowth instinctively. Cats. He never liked cats. It didn't help that he was literally a giant mouse now, but he still didn't like cats.

"You be quiet, furball," he growled at her, not ambitious enough for the time being to squirm out of the girl's grip and pounce. Nita scratched behind his ears, and he moved to snap at her, but stopped. That felt... really nice. He sighed and relaxed a little, submitting to Nita's touch.

"I'll learn to deal. You?" he asked.

"You wanna travel together?" Kenji asked Nita, not realizing his Pokemon was attempting to start a fight with hers.

"Oh. Um..." I could use someone to travel with... Nita thought to herself. She continued to scratch the Rattata's ears, feeling him submit under her. She could get used to having a Pokemon that actually listened, not like the Tauros on the ranch that tried to impale her every time she walked by. She looked at Kenji shyly, but not blushing or expressing much other outward emotion.

"Sure," she said with an air of calmness.

"You know this means we're going to battle, cat," Tobias smirked at Reeah. Nita looked as though she was going to recall Tobias into his ball, but instead clipped it to her belt. He deserved to be out for a bit. He sighed from relief. "At least she didn't try to force me back in that damned ball," he told her, referring to Kenji's attempt to get Reeah back in the ball.

((I'm not mean by nature either, believe it or not. :wink:))

06-28-2007, 07:03 PM
Naoki smiled, accepting her hand and shaking it. He looked at the girl, then at the Ratatta. He then looked back at the girl and tiltied his head to the right in curiosity.

"Well, anyways, what's your nam-"

He got interrupted as the Skitty jumped onto him, knocking him down into the ground.

Let's go back a bit...


After at last being released, Satomi started running around the place happily, getting some exercise. After a few seconds, however, she bumped into a Ponyta, which caused her face to change to one of terror. She suddenly turned her head, only to see Naoki talking with a girl. She ran to him tackling him down and rubbing her head against him and purring.

"Little brother! I can't believe it's you! I can't! I can't! I can't!"

Yet it all sounded like a bunch of "nya" and "meow". Naoki sweatdropped as he picked up Satomi by the back of the neck, groaning.

"Why did this Skitty just tackle me and then rub her face against mine like a maniac?"

06-28-2007, 07:05 PM
Jackson stared as Birch lifted the Pokeballs and released the beings inside.

"Whoa! What was that all about?" Alexa shook herself and stretched her wings.

"Look at that wingspan..." Jackson watched her in awe. He was mesmerised by her cottony wings and deep, blue eyes. Her wings shimmered in the light. They seemed a light, silvery colour.

"Ahem... Getting back on topic," Birch interrupted. "These three need a home. Any chance you'd take one?"

"... Swablu... I'll take the Swablu," Jackson murmured, still watching Alexa. She stared back, wondering what the pair were saying. Birch picked up her Pokeball and handed it to Jackson. She let out an ear-piercing squawk and swooped upon the red and white capsule. With one swing of a talon, the ball was half way across the town.

"If you think I'm sitting in that cramped thing...!"

"Um... I guess she doesn't like them..." Jackson filled in the silence. He patted his shoulder as a guesture. She flapped her silvery wings and perched herself there. They seemed to get on well.

Hearing a conversation elsewhere, Jackson turned and wandered across the lab.

"You wanna travel together?" A young male asked.

"Oh. Um..." The girl opposite pondered over the idea for a moment, the nodded her head in agreement. "Sure," she said with an air of calmness.

"I hope you don't mind me butting in, but my name's Jackson. I was hoping that we could be friends..."

06-28-2007, 08:22 PM
Before Nita could answer, another boy knocked into her. Both said they were sorry before she turned back to Kenji.

"Sure," she said, trying to sound calm. Kenji nodded when a boy walked over to them, a Swablu perched on his shoulder.

"I hope you don't mind me butting in, but my name's Jackson. I was hoping that we could be friends..." He said, trailing off hopefully. Kenji nodded.

"I'm Kenji," he replied, then glanced sideways at Nita.

Meanwhile, Reeah still kept up a conversation with Tobias.

"You be quiet, furball," he growled back at her.

"I'd like to see you make me," she hissed in reply. Until, that is, she realized that her new partner was already asking the rodent's trainer to travel with them. She growned, and mouse boy must have heard it.

"You know this means we're going to battle, cat," he said with a smirk. Reeah glared daggers.

"We'll see who has the last laugh then," she meowed, eyes narrowing. And approaching figure then caught her interest. A boy with a Swablu on his shoulder.

Great, another loser, Reeah thought dismally as the boy introduced himself.

06-28-2007, 08:36 PM
"Who are you two?" Alexa asked politely as she gracefully glided down to talk to them. "Can we be friends?" Tobias just looked at her with disgust, then turned back round to argue with Reeah.

Jackson's eyes trailed after Alexa, checking that she didn't hurt herself landing. Once he'd been reassured, he swivelled towards Nita and Kenji.

"Please talk to me!" Alexa pleaded, desperate for a friend. She threw herself in between the two quarreling Pokemon in an effort to stop the fight.

"Back off, Bird Brain!" Toby snapped at her. Alexa stumbled backwards and perched herself upon Jackson's shoulder again.

"What's wrong?" Jackson questioned the small, blue bird. Of course, she couldn't answer him, and he was given strange looks by his new friends in front of him!

OOC: Sorry if it's a bit short, but I'm not very good at the start... I'm a lot better at writing middles!

06-28-2007, 09:02 PM
Naoki groaned as Satomi tried to claw off his face. He just held her infront of her, turning his head to meet Nita's eyes. He smiled nicely at her, watching as Satomi calmed down and grinned evilly at him.

"Ah... so you like this girl..."

Once again, it sounded like a combination of "nya" and meow. Naoki just sat her down on the floor, watching as she sat down next to his leg.

"Well... now that the maniac Skitty is calm... what's your name? Mine's Naoki."

He felt a tug on his leg, Satomi holding a Pokeball on her mouth and dropping it next to him. She pushed the Pokeball next to him, purring. He reached down, grabbing the Pokeball and looking at it. He then turned his head to Birch, holding the Pokeball in his hand as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Hey Birch! Can I keep this Skitty here?"

"Yay! I'm gonna be with my little brother again! I'm the luckiest girl... err... cat ever!"

Once again, just "nya" and "meow". Naoki looked at Satomi, smiling at her this time and reaching down to her. He gently patted her on the head, nodding.

"You remind me a lot of my sister for some reason..."

"Because I am your sis- Oh nevermind..."

06-28-2007, 09:30 PM
"Good morning Admin Mina," a voice behind her said. The girl still felt it strange when people called her admin, but she supposed she'd just have to get used to the change; not that she disliked it though. Then, snapping her out of her little daydream, she realized she actually knew that voice. Quickly, she spun on her heel to face the speaker.

"Oh, it's," Mina started, but stopped mid sentence. She was an admin now, she couldn't just waltz around talking to grunts all the time when she wasn't on business. On the other hand, Joseph was her friend, and she didn't want to lose her only friend because of a promotion. Thoughts began to swirl around her mind as she tried to think. Just as she was beginning to get a headache, an answer was finally decided on. After all, the boss wouldn't mind just one friend.

"Hey there, Joseph," she greeted warmly, a smile planted firmly on her face. This was a rare thing to see, but it soon disappeared as some of the more nosy grunts in the queue turned to look at an admin that could actually be friendly. She efficiently dispelled their questions by a mean glare shot in their direction. Not wanting to get on her bad side, they all turned back to her own business. Mina quite liked that reaction, she'd have to make them do that again sometime.

"Next," the serving lady shouted out, and Mina walked forward. Picking an average looking egg and toast combination, the lady hastily served her. Gazing around the room, she spotted an empty table. Taking her time, the girl walked over to it and sat down. Her eyes looked back at Joseph, and motioned for him to join her. "So, how have you been? I haven't seen you around here in a while."


Vash lay still, staring uncomfortably at the food in front of him. Small pieces of Torchic meat lay before him. He had no idea where it came from, but he recognized the orange tint to the meat to be that of a Torchic. The thought of eating a Pokemon, or even another Pokemon, made the Houndour feel ill. Why would they even think of trying to make him eat this after his traumatic experience. However, his hunger was beginning to get the better of Vash, and he was even starting to think about eating it. The newly found instinct of survival that a Houndour possessed was also not helping. No, I won't eat it.

As the food had been layed out, he had heard some of the guards talking about him, a Growlithe and a Seel. He wondered what on earth they had been chattering about, but he had gathered that some members of Team Mythic would be coming to collect him and the other two. This had worried him greatly; after all, he didn't want to go anywhere with those who put him like this. But in the end, he will probably have no choice in the matter. Quietly, he sighed, and continued to state uncomfortably at the food again.

Darth Murkrow
06-28-2007, 09:34 PM
"Well, of course. She seems to like you," Birch smiled.

"Nita. Nita Meyers," Nita introduced herself somewhat belatedly, offering her free hand out. The Skitty Naoki receieved seemed much more calm now.

"You mean this guy is your brother?" Tobias asked skeptically with a sort of snort. Another cat. He really, really hated cats.

"I hope you don't mind me butting in, but my name's Jackson. I was hoping that we could be friends..." Jackson asked.

"Oh, if, um, no one else minds, I don't mind traveling with people, it's fine," Nita told him, inadvertantly babbling. She bit her lower lip, as though trying to stop talking.

"Great. She can't talk to other people, even," Tobias sighed, tail lowering as he ducked his head.

"Rattata, what's wrong?" Nita asked, seeing his behavior and stroking his back with two fingers.

"I'm a freaking mouse, ok? Do you have any idea what I've been through?" he explained. Nita couldn't hear him except for squeaks and "ratat"s, but she smiled sympathetically and scratched his ears again. The Pokeballs and Pokedex were messily shoved into a messenger bag at her side; she would organize it later, if she remembered.

06-28-2007, 09:51 PM
I have to go to bed now... Night, everyone!

I'll post tomorrow, maybe in the morning before school... If not, then definitely after school!

Night, guys!


06-28-2007, 10:06 PM
Mina turned around and looked at him. "Oh, it's," she started, and Joseph internally flinched. Had she forgotten him already? Joseph relaxed again as she spoke once more. "Hey there, Joseph," she greeted him. She smiled, and Joseph relaxed even more. Her smile changed to a frown though, and Joseph flinched, unaware of what he had done wrong. He stopped though, as he saw in the glass the reflections of faces of scared grunts.

"Next," the serving lady shouted out, and Mina walked forward. Joseph decided to order a simple toast breakfast, which came with a small plastic fruit cup. "Next," she shouted again, and Mina headed for an empty table, then motioned for him to come over. He nodded, then turned back to the frowning face of the serving lady. "You gonna order or what?" she asked gruffly, obviously displeased.

"Ermm... I'll have the toast and fruit cup please," he said quickly, and she turned to get it. Upon getting his breakfast, he hastily said thank you, then sat down with Mina. Behind him, grunts were whispering, but this went unnoticed by Joseph.

"So, how have you been? I haven't seen you around here in a while." Mina asked, taking a bite of her egg.

"I've been good," he said, opening the lid of his fruit cup. "I've been on cleaning duty lately. Luckily, it has only been the halls," he said, spearing a slice of melon with his plastic fork. "I got something yesterday that said something about reporting to the testing lab," he said.

"So how have you been?" he asked politely, spreading jam on his toast.

06-28-2007, 10:56 PM
"Who are you two?" The boy's Swablu asked.

"Reeah," the black feline replied drily. The Swablu seemed very young, and eager to please. She almost felt sorry for the cute little thing. Those Mythic guys had a lot to ask for.

Yet another boy was talking to the girl, Nita. He'd apparently picked up a Skitty at some point in time, and it was sticking to him like glue. Oddly enough, she appeared to be his sister.

"Small world," she said quietly to herself. Still, she was quickly growing bored and tired of just simply standing there. She dug her claws into Kenji's shoulders and yowled loudly.

"Ouch, ouch, okay!" The boy said. "I'll, ah, meet you guys outside." Trying to pull the angry cat off his shoulders, Kenji quickly exitted the lab. Once there, Reeah quickly leaped to the ground. Without realizing what she was doing, she stood upright. Kenji gave her a curious look.

"Hm, I've never seen a Meowth walk that way before," he said quietly. Reeah, not wanting to be found out just yet, quickly fell to all fours. Sh didn't feel like attempting to answer questions at the moment. Looking around, she spotted a blue bird with red and white breast feathers, pecking aimlessly at the dirt. She immeditely fell into a crouch and began to, slowly, approach, her prey.

Kenji watched the black Meowth for a moment, trying to figure out what she was doing, when he saw the Taillow. His mind immediately went to the Pokeballs on his waist. Maybe he could manage to capture it!

"Scratch, Meowth!" He called out Reeah winced, for the bird heard it as well. She thought for sure that it would just fly away, but instead it looked up. It saw her, and its eyes glinted mischievously. It took to the air, and Reeah growled angrily. Stupid boy! It dived down, attacking with a Peck, but Reeah nimbly dodged it. She tried to scratch it, but the bird was too quick.

06-28-2007, 11:22 PM
Naoki shook hands with Nita, nodding at her.

"Nice to meet you then Nita."

He glanced at her Ratatta, reaching to pet it. Satomi looked at the Ratatta curiously, wondering if the Ratatta would accept the hand.

"So... what's your name? Mine's Satomi"


1) I know it's short =/

2) Satomi is talking to Tobias btw

Darth Murkrow
06-28-2007, 11:56 PM
"Don't touch me," Tobias grumbled at Naoki, then submitted, as he couldn't understand him anyway. Nita definitely had a way with her hands; he enjoyed her touch more than his. Had she worked with Pokemon before? He stopped wondering to respond to Satomi's question.

"...Tobias," he told the Skitty, then looked out the window at Reeah battling.

"Hmph. She has to go and make herself out to be better than me," he grumbled, puffing out his chest. Nita felt him and looked out the window.

"C'mon Rattata. Let's watch. Maybe we'll be able to catch something ourselves," she smiled at him, stroking his head again.

"Yes! Finally, you do something right!" Tobias piped up, nuzzling his trainer, ignoring how affectionate he was acting right now. Nita correctly interpretted his gestures as a yes and carried him outside, placing him on the ground. Tobias took this opportunity to pounce at the Taillow.

"Rattata, stop! That's Kenji's battle!" Nita called out, but Tobias had already sprung with a battle cry that she heard as "Rata!" Nita let out a frustrated growl and tugged on her bangs, embarassed.

06-29-2007, 01:55 AM
The Taillow dived again, and Reeah waited for the perfect moment to strike- a little too long. She cried out in pain as the beak struck her side, but she managed to swat at it angrily. It was sent flying and crashed into the dirt. Reeah was about to leap after it when she heard another voice. It was that stupid Rattata.

Reeah's hesitation gave the Taillow time to climb to its feet. It glanced from one enemy to the other. Deciding the odds weren't in it's favor, it flew off.

"Dunderhead!" Reeah yowled angrily. "You had to go and scare it away!"

Meanwhile, Kenji looked on. He was beginning to realize something- he probably wasn't a very good battler. His Meowth, though, she was a natural. She was doing everything he could have instructed her to do, if he'd thought about it quickly enough. Kenji sighed. He really wasn't cut out for this whole 'battling' business. He was only doing it to find his dad...

He noticed Nita walk out, her Rattata running to fight the Taillow as well. The outcome wasn't so good, though. The bird Pokemon flew away.

"Hi Nita," He said, then winced as Reeah yowled angrily.

Xlugon Pyro
06-29-2007, 02:01 AM
OOC: Just a note to you all. Xuii isn't as mean as he seems in this post, he just hates disobedience.

With the clash of battles outside, Xuii woke up. Looking around, he notices a trainer and a black meowth fighting a taillow. He just realized what happened. Xuii woke up so late, now the starters were gone and the professor must have given away the last ones he had stored away! Quickly, Xuii shoots up from sleeping behind a tree and runs in to the lab. Gah... Maybe all that working out I did last night wasn't such a bright idea... Coming up to the professor, Xuii asks a question to him.

"Hey. You still got some pokemon?"

"Well, yes," says the professor, grabbing a pokeball out of his box. "But the original starters are gone, so you'll need to take one of these."

A pokeball is given to Xuii. Eager to see what's inside, he presses the button, releasing in a flash of red light, a shiny buneary. ...What!?


Yue shakes her head, waking up from a horrible dream. Her dream, or nightmare was about her transference and how it destroyed her body. She was the most popular, hottest girl in school, and now, her body was completely destroyed. The last she remembered of it was its bloody appearance. The bones seem to have been melted, making her mody seem like a big pile of peach mush. It was extremely disturbing. Xuii glances at the poor girl, or buneary as she now is, noticing her terrified face. In horror, she flees, but soon ealizes she's not getting anywhere by running. She tripped, but managed to get behind the professor's desk.

"Damnit, I'm stuck with this piece of s*** pokemon!? It's just a wimpy coward!" burst Xuii in anger.

The professor is shocked by Xuii's tone, but manages to keep quiet.

"Thanks a lot," scowled Xuii sarcastically at the professor.

He rudely grabs his buneary's pokeball and goes to the man's desk. Viciously, he grabs Yue's leg and yanks it hard, causing her a tremendous amount of pain. She yelps loudly, but all is heard is as loud screech.

"Damnit, you obey me!" angrily voices Xuii, tugging on the unruly pokemon.

She apparently seemed terrified of everything. The professor just stood there, motionless as Xuii grabbed the buneary. Xuii saw that in her actions, but he knew fear was the enemy. He felt it was now his job as a trainer to teach this buneary to let go of fear and stop being a pussy. Yue was grabbed by the ears once pulled closer, and Xuii throws her in to the air. With a mighty kick in the head, Yue goes flying and hits the lab wall face first. The noise vibrates loudly, reaching the outdoors. She is knocked unconcious by Xuii's actions. Her head is bleeding a little a little also. Well, damn. If the pokemon wasn't such a d***a**... Glaring at the professor for giving him this piece of s***, he grabs buneary, and leaves the lab, slamming his door shut hard. Outside he observes the battle taking place and the rash behavior of rattata.

"Geez, these pokemon are poorly trained... yet again, they are just starter pokemon..." comments Xuii to himself.

He then noticed people probably heard the loud bang on the wall since it was so loud. Frowning as if he was disgusted yet also appearing slightly nervous, he shouts out to the trainers.

"Hey! Does anyone have any bandages? My buneary was being a d***a**," he shouts out as if he hated his pokemon, yet why would he hate it when he is seeking to help it, or her?

It would be pretty embarrassing. Xuii was sure everyone would ask what happened to buneary, with its head bleeding and badly bruised and all. It also looked unconcious and almost dead as Xuii held it in his arms. He's surely get yelled at by the other trainers for what he did, especially since Xuii couldn't lie, especially about this. He kept his confidence though. The worst they can do is yell, and he would be sure they would help his buneary in a heartbeat.

06-29-2007, 02:19 AM
Kenji heard the loud thud inside, and looked at the door curiously. A boy burst angrily through the door, holding a Buneary in his arms.

"Hey! Does anyone have any bandages? My buneary was being a d***a**," he yelled loudly. Realizing it was hurt, Kenji pulled off his pack. Inside were various medical supplies- his mother had insisted he bring them. Now he was glad he had. He pulled out a roll of gauze and some medical tape and began to walk over to the boy.

"I've got-" He instantly stopped when he saw the condition of the Buneary.

"Oh my God.... What the hell did you do to it?!" Kenji quickly unrolled the gauze and wrapped it around the poor creature's head, securing it with the tape. Hopefully, it might stop the bleeding, but that was the least of there worries.

He looked up into Xuii's face. He didn't know what had happened, but there wasn't time to ask.

"We need to get it to a Pokemon Center," he said quickly. "There's a possibility it could have internal bleeding or head trauma. You never know, as young as it is. I know where the nearest Pokemon Center is, even if you don't. I can take you there."

Reeah heard the thud as well. She watched the boy with the Buneary walked out and looked on, curious, as Kenji applied the bandages.

"Jeez, what happened..." She muttered to herself. Kenji said something about a Pokemon Center, then beckoned her. Under normal circumstances, she would have ignored him, but she wanted to see what was happening. She ran over quickly, ignoring her quarrel with Tobias.

(Jeez, Xlugon, your characters have problems with their starters... XD)

Psychic Oats
06-29-2007, 04:23 AM
In the Pokemon Center, a tall boy with short black hair sat, leaning forward in his seat. Next to him was a Shroomish, albino so that its color was completely white, while its eyes were bright and vibrant pink. It sat silently on the chair next to the boy, not moving a muscle. However, one could tell it was restraining itself from the excited glint in its eye. Although on the outside, it appeared refined and taciturn, its fiery passion for action was slowly eating up its patience.

After a few seemingly endless minutes of silence within the Pokemon Center, the boy who had been leaning forward in his seat stirred. A Blissey who was pushing a cart by turned its gaze to him with disbelief, as if nothing had ever moved within the Center. The boy turned to the fungus Pokemon, revealing that one of his eyes was completely white. It had no pupil, and aimlessly tilted back and forth in its socket. His other eye, blue and cold, stared at the Shroomish, as if identifying it for the first time.

"You'll only have to wait a bit longer."


"I know you're dying to leave."


"If you keep it bottled up, then --"

"How much longer...?"

06-29-2007, 07:41 AM
You guys, I'm posting after school today... I don't have much time to post now!


06-29-2007, 03:54 PM
The grunts surrounding Mina and Joseph started to gossip and whisper. It didn't take rocket science to figure out that they were the centre of the noise. Annoyed, Mina glared at the grunts. Most of them shut up instantly, though some faint whispers continued. She sighed quietly and returned her attention back to her friend.

"I've been good," he said, concentrating on opening the fruit cup on his tray. Joseph then went on to explain about how he had been put on cleaning duty, while at the same time slicing a melon in to two parts with a small plastic fork. Mina remembered herself on cleaning duty, and also recalled how boring it was. "I got something yesterday that said something about reporting to the testing lab," he told her and began to spread jam on his toast. "So how have you been?"

"Oh, I've been good," she replied with a small smile. Slowly she reached and picked up a piece of toast and took it up towards her mouth. Gingerly, she bit the toast. It wasn't particularly nice, but there wasn't anything better. "I've just been getting used to my new position," she explained, turning her attention back to her friend. Then, something hit. Eh? Joseph's been called to the lab as well?

"You've been called to the testing lab?" she asked curiously, taking another bite of her toast. Mina chewed the food quickly, swallowed, and then spoke again. "I've been called as well, do you have any idea why? No-one's bothered to tell me," she said, pouting slightly.

Reminding her, she looked at her compact blue watch and nearly shouted. "Oh, damn!" the girl exclaimed as quietly as she could get it, though many grunts still gave her funny looks. "It's half-past 11, I'm supposed to be there by now! Come on!" Leaving her not so tasty breakfast behind, she jumped from her seat and raced out of the cafeteria and towards the testing lab.

06-29-2007, 04:22 PM
Daisuke, too, was in the cafeteria. He sat at a table alone, though it happened to be one close to Mina, the new admin, and Joseph. It seemed fairly obvious- they were friends before she was promoted. He didn't say anything, but the other insolent grunts whispered. Daisuke just slightly shook his head, not really enough for anyone to notice. She was letting her personal life get in the way of her job. She'd lose it if she wasn't careful.

But then, that was back in the Rocket days. He had no idea how those pansies Aqua and Magma worked, or why they promoted some kid when he was there, a former exectutive.

He happened to her them talking about going to the testing lab. He, too, had been called. Some new assignment, no doubt. He didn't relish the idea of possibly working with them. He left slightly before they did, and was inevitably the first to reach the testing lab. He waited just outside the door for someone to let him in. He knew better than to barge in to a laboratory.

Darth Murkrow
06-29-2007, 05:18 PM
Nita looked over at the Buneary and bit her lip. It was bleeding really badly. She knelt down beside the creature.

"Um... when the Pokemon on our ranch would get hurt, we'd rinse out the wound and get them to a Pokemon center... there's no time to wait though. Come on, Rattata," she clucked her tongue at Tobias, who gave Reeah a disdained look and scampered over to his trainer.

"It's not like you were handling it any better," he told her, leaping onto Nita's shoulder, tail wound around her neck to support him. Nita was a little startled by the Rattata's sudden move, but she smiled at him and brought up her hand to scratch the underside of his chin, a touch that he also seemed to enjoy.

06-29-2007, 05:50 PM
OOC: Xlugon, you do have problems with your starters, don't you?

BIC: Joseph got up from his seat after Mina, stuffing his toast into his face. Nita took off, and Joseph took off after her. This isn't going to be good on my record, he thought with a frown, and sped up. Mina made it there with no problem, but Joseph was stopped by a monitor. "Why aren't you in your designated spot?" he asked, pinning Joseph against the wall with his arm.

"I-I was supposed to go to the testing lab, but I'm late," he stuttered, and fished the card out of his pocket. Watching as the monitor read the card, he relaxed as he took his arm away.

"You may pass," he said, and pushed Joseph off. Sprinting, he reached the lab to find Nita, another grunt, and a pair of scientists waiting. "I'm here!" he exclaimed, out of breath.

"Took you long enough. Now come in!" one said, and pushed the doors to the lab open.

Psychic Oats
06-29-2007, 07:11 PM
After having departed from the Pokemon Center, the eerily silent boy and his Shroomish walked at a quick pace towards a building that towered in the distance. After a short amount of time, the boy and Pokemon had reached the gates of the building, and the boy flipped a small device into a closed position, slipping it into his pocket. Then, he handed a small card to a tall man standing at the entrance, and after a few seconds of inspection, he was allowed to pass. He nodded to the man, took his card back, and made his way to the laboratory within the huge complex. By the time he knocked on the door, his Pokemon was getting tired of walking.

"How much longer?"

"We're already here."

"Oh...then let's go inside!"


The boy opened the doors, and spotted Mina coming in after him. He froze up, not wanting to make a bad impression on the newly appointed administrator. He also saw Daisuke, a fairly independent member of Team Mythic, waiting patiently outside the door. The boy held the door open for him and the administrator to enter, while he peered inside the lab. He could see Joseph there with a few scientists. Joseph was well-known within the organization for being a close friend of the administator.

The albino Shroomish waited with her trainer, watching the goings-on inside the lab as the boy held the door open for Daisuke and Mina.

06-29-2007, 08:23 PM
Jackson peered towards the odd looking pair of a big, burly man and his badly injured Buneary. He had to hold back a giggle, but then realised the seriousness of the situation. Alexa glided across the lab to sit next to Buneary. She put her wings around it, as if to try and calm it.

"Don't worry, you'll be okay..." she whispered in its ear in a comforting tone. Buneary gave no reply. She assumed that it was too tired.

"Come on, guys! We have to leave now!" Jackson shouted to his new friends. That Buneary... He hadn't seen anything like it before... Not even in those horror movies!

Alexa jumped down and flew back over to Jackson. She didn't like to be separated from him for long. She enjoyed his company and felt safe, protected...

Darth Murkrow
06-29-2007, 09:32 PM
((Ok, time for the creator to throw in a plot twist...))

Nita pulled out her Pokedex and opened it, figuring out the sequence of buttons required to initially get it into the PokeNav mode.

"Um... nearest town is over this way," she pointed straight ahead.

"No crap, Sherlock, that's only where the map tells you it is," Tobias rolled his eyes at the girl and looked up in to the tree ahead of them, listening at the rustling leaves. Nita heard it moments after Tobias and looked up into the tree just as a Weedle flung itself down at the twosome, poisonous point first.

Nita let out a small screech, and Tobias leaped to the ground in surprise.

"Maybe we can catch this! Rattata, tackle it!" Nita commanded. Tobias leaped into the air and sprang at the Weedle, who ducked out of the way, Tobias flying into a spiked bush. Weedle launched a string shot attack to keep him there, and turned to his trainer, who backed away. Its horn glowed purple for several seconds, and then it launched a series of stingers at Nita, Nita shielding her face with her arms.

Although a majority of the stingers bounced off of her body harmlessly, a few stuck into her arms and injected venom into her. Ignoring the fleeing Weedle and the stingers lodged in her arm, she looked at the Rattata tangled in string and in the bushes.

"Rattata!" she yelped, kneeling down and reaching into the thorny brush, wincing in pain as the stingers were further driven into her arms. She bit her lip and endured the pain, though; it was just a Weedle. She didn't need to worry about the toxins, as they wouldn't kill her. They would cause her to hallucinate a little if she had an allergic reaction, but they hadn't developed into the more potent venom of Beedrill yet.

((Hallucinations=hint hint.))

((Nita is not evil, Canis. Mina is. :confused:))

06-29-2007, 10:39 PM
Kenji heard Nita scream and instantly whirled. He was just in time to see the Weedle spray stingers at Nita.

"Nita, are you okay?" He called out, but she must not have heard him. Instead, she went running at a thorn bush, screaming for her Rattata.

Reeah, however, had eyes only for the fleeing Weedle. The prospect of another battle sent adrenaline pulsing through her veins, and she was instantly off after it.

It was a much easier prey than the Taillow. She leaped forward, scratching the back of its head. t turned, angered, and shot a Poison Sting at her. She dodged a majority of them, though she winced as a few hit her side. She leaped forward again, jumping on the Weedle's back and pushing it into the dirt, before jumping off again. Spitting soil, it leaped at her, horn first, in a fierce Tackle attack. Reeah jumped away nimbly, again avoiding injury. She was too fast for it to keep up with. However, having not seen it attack Tobias, she wasn't ready for a string shot. The sticky stuff got in her fur, sticking to everything around her as well. She tried to break free, but the Weedle took advantage of her immobility to use a proper Poison Sting. Hit full force, she felt the poison being injected in her, but she wasn't about to give up. Eyes flashing, she lunged, breaking free of her bonds, and bit the Weedle. Her teeth caused a puncture wound, and the bug called out weakly as its head began to bleed sticky green blood.

(Yuck... XP)

Daisuke nodded to Mina and the boy, allowing the admin to enter first. He followed, and was slightly surprised to see Joseph already there. Drifting towards the back of the group, though still standing taller than them, he awaited the mission briefing.


Rin was sleeping soundly in her Pokeball, her first good rest since Aurora's death. She woke up when something shook her ball, suddenly confused and unsure of where she was. Gradually, her memories came back. She was, in essence, Aurora now. She'd been put in the Seel's body so that it might live on. Feeling at ease with this knowledge, she patiently awaited the time she would meet her new trainer.

Darth Murkrow
06-30-2007, 12:07 AM
Tobias, embarassed already at his failure to defeat the Weedle, allowed Nita to pull up the string-wrapped Pokemon, getting the webbing stuck on her skin and clothing in an effort to free him.

"Are you ok?" she asked him, then noticed her hand trembling. An effect of the poison, which was just starting to set in, and it was barely enough for anyone else to see.

Tobias looked at the stingers in her arm and instantly felt guilty. She was poisoned because of his failure. She had done nothing wrong, and he was starting to become attached. Was it the Rattata's instinctual love for its trainer?

Nita looked at Kenji, realizing how stupid she must have looked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she assured him. It wasn't strong poison, as long as they got to the next town before today ended she could be treated.

"Kenji... your Meowth..." Nita started, looking around for the feline, completely ignoring the stings in her arms. Most of the poison had already entered her body, it was just a matter of dislodging the points.

06-30-2007, 10:01 AM
"Oh my lord!" Jackson yelled as he ran over to see what the commotion was. "What happened here? Is anyone hurt?"

Alexa hurried across to the gooey, wincing Meowth. She put her fluffy wing around her, concentrated hard, and began glowing a pale pink colour. The aura then shrouded Meowth. As every second passed, the Meowth seemed to feel better. When the aura had stopped, Alexa was exhausted. Getting rid of all of that poison... There was a lot there!

Reeah gently turned her head towards the Swablu, now trembling from exhaustion, anf felt guilt rush through her entire, gooey body. Why had she misjudged her?

Kenji tilted his head, confused. He wasn't the only one. The three of them stared at Alexa, pondering upon what had happened.

Then suddenly it dawned on them!

OOC: I was gonna put some speech for another character, but that's bunnying! :eek::eek: NOOOO! Although, I hope you don't mind me adding the bit about Reeah feeling guilty... What Alexa did was her Natural Cure ability. If anyone wants to be the one who says and is the smarty-pants!

Xlugon Pyro
06-30-2007, 10:09 PM
OOC: You guys forgot about me and my buneary! If any of you want, join me at the pokemon center. Oh, and djax, Xuii isn't a big burly man, he's just a normal blonde haired kid. And yes, I guess my chars do have problems with their starters, but this time, the buneary will have a long ways to go to adapt to this guy.

With help of these others and their guidance, buneary should turn out fine. They had asked him a series of questions. The first was about what happened.

"Eh, the buneary was misbehaving, so I thought I could teach it something, but I didn't realize this thing was THIS puny!" exclaimed Xuii honestly.

"Yeah, I know where the center is. I passed it last night getting here," replied Xuii to the other kid.

Heading of to the Pokemon Center, he turns when he hears a screech. A girl is stung by a weedle and a rattata and meowth seem to be stuck in silk. He should probably help, but his buneary was of more importance at the time. Xuii rushed off to the Pokemon Center and dropped off buneary. Now having to wait a few hours for her recovery, Xuii heads back to the others to see what's up with the situation. He observes the swablu who heals the rattata and meowth. Mumbling to himself, he blurts out something.

"Swablu's natural cure... Interesting."

Darth Murkrow
07-01-2007, 07:26 PM
The poison eventually worked its way through Nita's body, resulting in her stumbling and feeling somewhat dizzy. She dissmissed this as merely low blood sugar and leaned against a tree, closing her eyes and attempting to think clearly.

"Great. She can't even acknowledge that she's poisoned. She's going to die, and I'll have to go to some other loser kid. That is complete bull crap," Tobias muttered. Nita turned and looked at the Rattata, eyes widened slightly.

"Did you--I--?"

"Wait, you can hear me?" Tobias asked hopefully.

"Yes... I think," Nita told him, still in shock.

"YES! Thank God, someone can understand me!" the Rattata leaped up at his trainer, nearly toppling her over due to her already being thrown off-balance and not expecting the pounce from her Pokemon.

"Since when could you talk?" Nita asked him in a low whisper, looking around to see if the others were hearing this. Unfortunately, to the other trainers it sounded like a series of squeaks, "ratat"s, and a lot of growling.

"I've always been able to! I'm human!" Tobias told her. That was the comment that made her stop.

"...Hu...Human..." she repeated.

"Oh my freaking God, isn't that what I freaking said? I thought you could freaking ear me!" Tobias complained at her, Nita taken aback, shocked at how rude her Rattata really was and how much more she preferred him when she couldn't understand what he was saying. Nita bit her lower lip and looked at the other trainers and Pokemon to see their reactions.

"Oh my God... I must be allergic to the poison..." she determined, convinced that what she was hearing wasn't real.

"What? No! You're not allergic to some stupid bug! This is real, Nita! I'm real, and this is really happening!"

"No, that can't be right!" Nita told him, rubbing at her temples, Tobias' tail wound around her neck as he sat on her shoulder, impatiently waiting for her to stop doubting herself.

07-01-2007, 07:43 PM
Jackson peered round from behind a thick tree stump. What was she doing? Why was Nita having a full depth conversation with a Ratata?

"Did you--I--?" she stammered. Jackson had a quizzical expression on his face.

"Yes... I think," What on earth was she on about?

"Since when could you talk?" Who could talk? Surely not her Ratata?

"...Hu...Human..." Human? Of course she was human! That was blatantly obvious.

"Oh my God... I must be allergic to the poison..." Allergic to poison? What a daft thing to say!

"No, that can't be right!" What couldn't be right? All that Jackson could make out inbetween her outbursts were squeeks and growls from Ratata...

"I wonder..." Jackson began.

"Maybe I can help you out with that?" Alexa called over to him.

Darth Murkrow
07-01-2007, 07:50 PM
"Maybe I can help you out with that?" the Swablu called out. Nita stopped in silence and looked up at the Pokemon that had just spoken, then at Jackson.

"Oh my God..." she slid down to the base of the tree, rubbing at her temples some more, then looked up at Jackson, embarassed.

"It's the Weedle's poison. I'm allergic, and it's making me hallucinate. If I get help, I should be fine, but if this keeps going..." she stopped her sentence, allowing Jackson to panic.

"Nita! You are not hallucinating! This is freaking real! We're humans! You have to believe me, I'm your Rattata!" Tobias told her, which again sounded like squeaking and growling to other observers. Nita pulled a few of the stingers out of her arms, wincing, trying to act somewhat natural, considering her circumstances. Why was she hearing Pokemon talk all of a sudden? Why couldn't she before? Was it all Pokemon she could hear? The twittering of some Taillow overhead told her that, as of now, she could only hear the Rattata and the Swablu talk.

07-01-2007, 07:59 PM
Jackson walked slowly across to Nita, being careful not to scare the Pokemon. He was afraid that they might be alien, and could attack them at any moment. He sat down beside her, whilst she yanked a few of the needles out of her fore arm.

"What do you think we should do?" Jackson whispered to her, so as not to arouse suspicion with the two Pokemon 5 feet away from them. Nita gave him a look that told him she needed help.

"I would help, but I'm tired from curing Meowth..." Alexa mentioned to them. The pair stared at the small bird, unsure of what to do.

"When I give you the signal, grab Tobias' Pokeball. Slip me one too, while you're doing it..."

Darth Murkrow
07-01-2007, 08:19 PM
((Who's talking, and to whom? No one except Alexa would know that the Rattata is named Tobias at this point.))

"I can get up, it's fine, real--Ouch!" Nita yelped when a particularly nasty stinger was yanked from her arm. She forced herself up off of the ground, though a little wobbly still, Tobias leaping onto her shoulder again.

"Rattata, please, let me absorb the weirdness first," she whispered.

"Tobias," he corrected her.

"Hm?" she asked him.

"Tobias. That was my name before I was transformed," he told her.

"Ok ok ok, you'll need to explain this to me when we're out of earshot," Nita whispered at him. Tobias sighed and looked at Jackson, hissing at him as though acting like he was protecting Nita.

Xlugon Pyro
07-02-2007, 01:10 AM
OOC: Posting just to let you guys know I'm here.

Watching the wierd girl talk to the rattata as if it was human was hilarious. Even though she was poisoned, Xuii wasn't considering that. With his stomach growling, Xuii sits down against a tree and pulls out a sandwich.

07-02-2007, 12:16 PM
OOC: Since Haku hasn't arrived, I'll just post.

BIC: The scientists led them into a large room, the walls painted white. Further down, there were two doors that said "TRANSFERENCE ROOM- DO NOT ENTER." Luckily, the scientists stopped at a table with three white Pokeballs on it. "We have one for each of you," the first said, and the second picked up. "They were transferred humans, but they should be fine. One actually volunteered to do this. Admin Mina, you may pick yours first. Mina picked the one to the far right. "Joseph you may pick next,"

Joseph reached for the one to the far left, not knowing what it was. It was warm, and had the name "Cassie" engraved in it. Joseph startled as they spoke again.

"Daisuke, you may take the last one," they said, and he reached for it. "Now, these Pokemon will be your partners for battling, and protecting Team Mythic. Now, if my friend here will escort you to the door..." he said, going into the back room, where on the table lay a dead Roselia, and a woman. The doors closed behind him, and the scientist ushered them out.

OOC: I wish Haku was here...

07-02-2007, 04:34 PM
OOC: The last piece of speech in my post was Jackson. The idea was to put Ratata back in the Pokeball and for Jackson to do the same with Swablu.

The... Ratata was hissing at him. Jackson jumped back, unsure of what to do. He glanced at Nita, and she signalled him to give her and Ratata some space. He slowly backed away, keeping his eyes on the rat Pokemon all of the way.

"Please, just listen to me!" Alexa pleaded. Jackson looked at her, into her eyes. There was something there... He started to trust her. He beckoned her to follow him behind a tree. So that they could discuss this matter...

07-02-2007, 05:46 PM
OoC// Sorry. :oops: I got home yesterday, but I was exhausted and really didn't feel like posting.

BiC// Mina reached the testing lab with no problems. By the sound of a guard behind her though, it seems as if Joseph hadn't been so lucky. The sound of her black boots padding against the marble floor did not stop as she kept on running towards her destination. After all, she was sure that her friend could handle things himself. Almost skidding on the floor, the girl turned a sharp corner and stopped in her tracks. Hastily, Mina patted down her curly caramel hair and uncreased her clothing. After all, she wanted to look as if she had made her way calmly; not running.

Satisfied with her appearance, she walked on at a fast pace down the hallway. Strangely, it was deserted, but the girl didn't have time to ponder on that now: she needed to reach the testing lab. Caramel curls flowed behind her as she turned yet another corner. Her green eyes spotted Daisuke, a member that she had seen around the base but never actually talked to. For the record, she didn't particularly want to either. Though knowing that he had obviously been called to the lab as well, chances were that they would end up communicating.

With a stiffness to her walk, she strode up to Daisuke who stood waiting outside the lab door. Mina mustered up all the politeness she could manage, which wasn't much to someone she hadn't spoken to before, and nodded a greeting to the boy. The youth also saw another boy whom she did not recognize. He opened the lab door and held it open for herself and Daisuke. Silently, she nodded at this boy, both in greeting and in thanks, as she entered the room.

The girl took in what lay before her with interest. A few scientists waited inside, some looking excited. Mina had no idea why they had such expressions on her face, but she supposed it would all be explained very soon. Soundlessly they lead the small group into a completely white room that matched well with their white lab coats. In the middle of the room was a small table. Atop this table lay three white Pokeballs. Too much white, Mina thought to herself, her features forming into a slight frown.

"We have one for each of you," one of the scientists stated.

"They were transferred humans, but they should be fine. One actually volunteered to do this," another picked up. "Admin Mina, you may pick yours first."

Mina was slightly surprised at this despite the handful of rumours circulating about Team Mythic scientists transferring human minds into Pokemon. Even though surprised, she found the concept of having a human-now-a-Pokemon quite interesting. Taking her time, she stepped forward. Green eyes studied the three Pokeballs, deciding on which to choose. Eventually, Mina picked the one to the far right. For some strange reason, it appealed to her more than the other two.

The girl stepped back and watched as Joseph and Daisuke obtained their Pokeballs. Joseph picked the one on the far left, while Daisuke picked, or rather was given, the centre Pokeball. The other grunt, it seemed, already had a Pokemon with him.

"Now, these Pokemon will be your partners for battling, and protecting Team Mythic. Now, if my friend here will escort you to the door..."

The group was ushered outside of the lab and the door shut tightly behind them. Mina stood there and studied the Pokeball, wondering what was inside.

Darth Murkrow
07-02-2007, 08:45 PM
Nita watched Jackson leave, a little confused, and watched Xuii eat a sandwich. How come they weren't hearing this?

"I'll just... keep heading for town now..." Nita announced to no one who really cared to listen to her, stumbling on her way up.

"Nita, girl, you're not hallucinating. I will bet you that once you're cured, if that ever happens with how this poison is affecting you, you will continue to hear me talk and will forever be haunted with the fact that you picked a human as your starter," Tobias rambled.

"Tobias!" Nita hissed at him angrily, silencing the shocked Rattata. She took in a deep breath. "First off, how can you prove to me that you're a human?"

"...Well, I can't," he sighed. He then looked into her messenger bag, scampering down into it and finding her Pokedex.

"Tobias, what are you--?" Nita started, stopping her walk and shifting the bag to the front of her body, opening it to search for her companion, who emerged with the Pokedex in paw.

"I'm not sure if I can work this with paws, but..." he started, managing to turn the device on. "That looks like a good sign."

Nita watched in awe as her Pokemon companion managed to find a map of where they were and downloaded the location. He managed to find a hospital, a Pokemart, and a Pokecenter, which was more than she had been able to accomplish.

"There's a hospital in the next town. They also sell alll sorts of antidotes, and the Pokecenter probably wouldn't be a bad place to visit," Tobias told her. She continued to stare at him, then shook her head.

"No," she said, shaking her head again. "You just did that by watching me."

"All right," Tobias sighed, nudging her hand with it. "You try to find the next gym." Nita looked at the series of buttons, then sighed as she failed to. Tobias grabbed it, and found the next gym.

"Maybe some humans are just freaking stupid. The glasses don't make you smarter, girl, at least I hope not for your sake. Have any food? I haven't eaten much since I was on that dare wth my friends," Tobias dug through her bag, Nita trying to pull him out, wanting to say something. "What? Who would pack freaking fruit? Are you some kind of freakin' vegetarian? I eat vegetarians, you kow."

"Ok, ok, ok, I see your point," Nita complained, yanking him out and holding him at eye level. "But that dare... I remember hearing about it somewhere. Someone found the Team Mythic base and had entered..."

"And dissapeared, his companions running and shortly after alerting the authorities also vanished. None of them were found," Tobias recited, looking at her. She almost dropped the Rattata from shock.

"...Then... you're that kid..."

"Isn't that what I said? God, aren't we a little slow," Tobias sighed. Nita ignored her poisoning presently and took several moments to absorb the fact she held a human in her arms.

"...Oh my God," was all she could repeat under her breath for a while.

"Oh your God," Tobias finally complained. "Can we keep moving now?"

"Um, maybe we should wait for the others..." Nita murmured.

"No, we're moving. Now. I'm hungry, you're half-dead. Let's move," he told her.

07-02-2007, 09:25 PM
Joseph stood outside the door, gazing at his Pokeball. It was very tempting to open it right there, but Joseph couldn't. He sighed. "Well, time to get on duty," he said, and walked down the hall to report for cleaning duty. Luckily, taped on the Pokeball was a note that excused him for being absent. Joseph shook his head. He'd have to wait until his next free time after cleaning to see what was inside. He clipped the Pokeball onto his belt, and walked on. Reaching the cleaning room, he walked in and showed the person in charge the note. Swiftly picking up a mop and a bucket, he exited the office.

In an extreme stroke of luck, Joseph was assigned to a hallway at te end of the base that was only used for punishment. Since yesterday was the day when grunts received their punishment, the hallway was dirty and deserted. Grinning widely, he set the mop against a wall, and set the bucket down. Unlatching the Pokeball, he flung it into the air.

Cassie woke up, and was in the dirty, empty, hallway. She let out a low whine, then looked around. Seeing a teenager, she put her tail between her legs, and ran to the end of the hallway, scared. "Cassie?" he said. Cassie looked up. How did he know her name? He began to make clicking noises with his tongue. Relaxing, Cassie walked closers, unsure of what to do. She finally decided on something, and looked up at the teenager.

"How do you know my name?" she asked.

Joseph looked down at her. Amazingly enough, he could understand her! "It was on your Pokeball," he said, and sat down on the floor. "So you were a human once?" he asked her, hoping she would respond.

OOC: You said that members of Team Mythic can understand the Pokemon immediately. So, I'm taking advantage of that!

Darth Murkrow
07-03-2007, 05:13 PM
((Take advantage all you want, Canis. I'll just... post, I guess...))

"So Team Mythic has been transferring human minds to Pokemon... that's where all those missing people are!" Nita realized after Tobias explained it. He sighed and looked off into the distance.

"Yeah. I know it's shocking, but they took a handsome guy like me and stuck me into the body of this measly rodent. I bet, if I were still human, you would be all "Tobias! Let me bask in your hotness!" and I would be all, "No, you have glasses, get away from me you geek!" I'm telling you, the girls were all over this hot piece of--"

"Are you hitting on me?" Nita laughed out loud, finding her human-turned-Rattata's ego to be hysterical. He fluffed up his hackles, and then sighed, knowing he couldn't win.

"...No...!" Tobias finally answered. Nita chuckled, then stroked the top of his head with two fingers, hesitating upon remembering he was human. "Oh, go ahead, I actually like being petted. I know it's really odd, but I do," he clarified. She continued her stroking, stopping when her headache worsened. "...Nita?"

"No, I'll be fine. No one's going to believe me now that I'm hearing this... If I'm hearing Pokemon talk and believe that Team Mythic is transforming humans into Pokemon, I have to have more than just poison in my body..." Nita murmured.

"Nita..." The girl finally sat down, closing her eyes. "Nita? Hello?"

((Geez, all of that from one Weedle... my characters all succeed in being hinderingly wimpy.))

07-03-2007, 08:58 PM
Mina only half-noticed as Joseph walked off, as most of her attention was still on her new Pokeball. For reasons unknown to her, she had not yet received a Team Mythic Pokemon even though she was an administrator. All of her Pokemon battles had been fought with either stolen or rented Pokemon. It seemed a bit stupid to her, but she wasn't going to go a moan about it to the boss. Who knows what he would do.

The youth hoped that they would get along at least partially well. A partner in crime that hated her guts was probably not going to get her very far. She did, however, realize this new Pokemon was probably not going to be the happiest of Pokemon, due to the fact it would have become one against it's will. The girl shrugged; she'd just have to get this guy, or girl, used to the fact. Mina walked away from the lab, a kind of eagerness building up inside her. She wanted to see what kind of Pokemon lay inside the Pokeball.

Suddenly, her special watch vibrated painfully on her wrist, while an annoying pinging sound emitted from its speakers. The sensation of having her watch vibrate brought the girl quickly from her daydreams. It was a message, and from the painfulness of it, she judged it was from the boss. The boss! Hastily, she tapped a button on the side to open the message. Her eyes scanned the message, taking her instructions in carefully. It read:

To Administrator Mina,
I am issuing you with a mission. As you will not know, several other Pokemon like the one you have just received have been given to Professor Birch to hand out as starter Pokemon to new trainers. Our spies have spotted one of these trainers talking to her Pokemon. After conferring with our top scientists, we have concluded that this girl has somehow 'connected' with her Pokemon and is now able to understand him. This must not be. If out secret gets out, we will be ruined. Therefore, I am appointing you to lead a group of grunts to stop these trainers. The selected grunts have been notified, and you shall meet with them in exactly 10 minutes at the front gate. You must not fail.

The message vanished, all traces of it ever being there gone along with it. She had received messages before on her watch, but none had been from the Boss and she was positive none had disappeared before either.

My Pokemon will have to wait until later, Mina thought almost sadly. Shaking the sadness from her head, she regained her composure and began to make her way to the front. Now, she wondered who the other grunts going on the mission were, as well as what the Pokeball held.

Reaching the front gate, she clipped her Pokeball to her uniform belt. There, the admin stood and waited for the others to arrive.

OoC// Guess who the selected grunts are. =)

07-03-2007, 10:29 PM
OOC: Moi? Oh, how kind of the boss.

BIC: Cassie shrunk down, and answered Joseph quietly. "Yes, I was," She laid down, and put her paws over her eyes. She sniffed her doggie sniff. "The librarian kidnapped me, and took me to Team Mythic, and this is what happened," she said, and got up. Freezing up, she noticed the boys outfit. She gasped. "So you are part of Team Mythic too?" She backed up. There was something familiar about this boy, but she couldn't out her paw on it.

Joseph sighed. "Yes, I am. But let me ask you something- As a human, was your name Cassie Vendela? She went missing from our school, along with the librarian," he said, edging closer to her, stroking her fur.

Cassie was shocked. "Yes, that is my name!" she said fiercefully. "Oooh, scratch a little further back. That felt really good!" she said, submitting to his scratching. Joseph froze up as he heard running.

"Quick, get back in your Pokeball! They can't see me with you yet!" he said, undoing the Pokeball from his belt. "Cassie, return!" he said, and Cassie was beamed back into the Pokeball. The person who was running finally reached him.

"Grunt Joseph! You have been chosen to head out with a group of grunts and an admin to stop a group of trainers who have discovered their transferred Pokemon! Now move to the front gate!" the messenger said, and ran off. Getting up, Joseph followed him, curious about which admin it would be.

07-04-2007, 07:36 AM
"NO! Nita!" Alexa shouted. She flew hurriedly across the patch of grass. Jackson sprinted after her.

"Nita?" he tried to wake her. He shook her violently, but stopped when he realised that would make it worse. "Nita, please! Wake up!"

OOC: My posts always look bigger when I'm writing them...

Psychic Oats
07-04-2007, 11:49 AM
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Darth Murkrow
07-04-2007, 06:45 PM
((I understand, Oats. Mind if I call you that?))

"NO! Nita!" Alexa shouted. Nita heard the bird, and then she heard Jackson. Tobias looked up at Alexa.

"Hey, um... Swablu," he told her, unsure of her name. He pulled up the Pokedex and showed her the location. "Can your trainer lead us to the hospital here? We really need to get her better, even if it was just a Weedle," he told her, pressing buttons and ignoring Jackson's reaction, even though he couldn't understand his chattering.

07-04-2007, 06:56 PM
"Please, Nita..." Jackson mumbled between sobs. "Alexa, how can I help her?"

"Hey, um... Swablu," Tobias told her, unsure of her name. He pulled up the Pokedex and showed her the location. "Can your trainer lead us to the hospital here? We really need to get her better, even if it was just a Weedle," he told her. Jackson gave the Ratata a confused look, and walked over while wiping tears from his face.

"My name's Alexa, and sure, I'm on it!" she assured Tobias. She flitted up to Jackson with the Pokedex in her talons. He looked at it and noticed the location of a nearby hospital. With a look of joy, he raced to Nita, picked her up, and started making the journey to the hospital.

"Come on... You two..." he panted. "You... Can't stay... Here..."

07-05-2007, 04:05 AM
Damage done, Reeah leaped away from the injured Weedle, then blinked. During the battle, she'd grown tired from psin and the sapping of her energy from the poison. Now, though, she suddenly felt refreshed. Hearing the flapping of wings, she looked up to see the little Swablu, Alexa. Assuming she'd healed her, Reeah blinked gratefully.

"Uhh... Thanks."

Realizing his Meowth was gone, Kenji sighed and began to search for it. The others were suddenly doing their own things. Though, he was beginning to wonder about Nita's sanity. Why was she talking to her Pokemon? Shaking his head, he looked around, finally spotting the shock of black fur. Except... She'd found something else to fight.

Aghast, Kenji covered his mouth when he saw the state of the Weedle. It was badly cut, with green blood oozing from open wounds. Kenji had no choice- he had to capture it and get it to a Pokemon Center.

"Good job, Meowth," he muttered angrily. "Not my exact choice for a first capture, but..." Kenji tossed the Pokeball... Just as the Taillow from before dived down at the Weedle. It saw the Weedle as a tasty snack, an easy meal, and didn't notice Kenji toss the Pokeball until it was almost to late. Agitated, for being captured was the last thing it wanted, it swatted the Pokeball forcefully away with a wing. Maybe a little too forcefully. It came shooting back at Kenji, hitting him in the head. The boy fell backwards, seeing stars. Unperturbed by her Trainer's injuries, Reeah lunged at the Taillow, shooing it away. She'd worked hard to beat that Weedle, and letting the bird eat it was a waste. With her trainer out of comission, she grabbed the empty Pokeball he'd been struck with in her mouth, carried it over to the injured bug, and dropped it. The Weedle was instantly sucked in in a flash of red light. She watched smugly as it rocked once, twice, three times...

(I'm letting Darth decide on the capture. And yeah, Kenji will understand Reeah once he wakes up, if that's okay. =3)

Daisuke took the final Pokeball without a word. He'd rather assumed it would be his, whatever was left. Daisuke knew about a majority of the humans-turned-Pokemon scheme, considering his closeness to Giovanni, former head of Team Rocket. He was picked personally for this job because of prior service, despite his current level. He gazed at the Pokeball intensely. This was his chance to gain back his old status, to become an Admin again. While Mina looked away, he glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. Before this was over and done with, he's make sure that there was a spot open for him...

Later, back in his room, Daisuke released his Pokemon. He'd really been hoping for a Poison type. Ever since his time under Koga, his father, he'd loved Poison types. He was rather disappointed in the cute-looking Seel he'd received.

For a long while, Rin watched her new trainer. Big and quiet. He didn't seem like much fun. She wished she could have gone to one of the children...

"Er, hi," she said shyly. Daisuke didn't respond. Rin watched him for a while longer before saying, "I'm Rin. What's your name?"

"Daisuke," he replied, though he sounded sort of disgusted. Both jumped when there was a loud knock at the door.

"Daisuke!" Said a loud, muffled voice. "Open up!" Daisuke was quick to return Rin and openned the door.

"Yes?" He replied shortly.

"You have been chosen to head out with a group of grunts and an admin to stop a group of trainers who have discovered their transferred Pokemon! Now move to the front gate!" The messenger loudly said. Daisuke glared. He already knew most of that. The messenger shifted uneasily under his glare before running off. With a sigh, Daisuke made for the front gate.

(Sucks, I know. I'm empty on creativity... All the posts I had to make tonight. XP)

Darth Murkrow
07-05-2007, 06:07 PM
((Yes and yes, Espeon. Or do I actually have to incorporate the capture into my post? It doesn't seem like the Weedle has much of a chance... And your lack of creativity is fine, as long as it isn't a sentence long like my last few posts. :oops:))

Tobias leaped ahead of the path several feet ahead of Jackson, sighing impatiently.

"Come on, boy, move faster! She probably weighs about sixty pounds soaking wet! Faster faster faster!" Tobias chattered, watching the deadweight that was his trainer, seriously worried about her inside. He looked at Alexa, leaping up at her to snatch the Pokedex, then crawling into her messenger bag to replace it. He heard the familiar sound of a Pokeball opening and capturing a life form, but didn't especially care about it presently. He would regret this, knowing that the Meowth and her trainer were probably the ones that captured it. He sighed and nudged his trainer's hand.

((Djax, I'm letting you decide when we get to a hospital.))

07-05-2007, 06:18 PM
"Come on, boy, move faster! She probably weighs about sixty pounds soaking wet! Faster faster faster!" Ratata nagged at him. Jackson glared down at the rat.

"Why don't... You Carry... Her... Instead..." he panted, speeding up a little. The horizon grew larger, and a tall building, covered with a big "H", was visible. "That's it!"

"Come on!" Alexa called back to them, scouting ahead in the air...

Darth Murkrow
07-05-2007, 06:39 PM
"Poisoned?" a nurse asked, Tobias poking his head out of her bag and nodding. She looked at the Rattata, then looked over as a stretcher was wheeled out for the girl. "Thank you, young man, we'll take it from here," she told him, removing the bag.

Tobias had an odd feeling about the hospital. How had the nurse known that Nita was poisoned before anyone told her? Hackles raised, he let out a growl and lay down across Nita, gripping the bag with one paw.

"Get off," a nurse hissed at him, trying to yank the Rattata off, facing away from Jackson, hoping he wouldn't hear. Tobias let out a fierce growl. "Let go, we need the girl!" Now he was sure something was up.

"Nurse, we're taking her in," a male doctor said, smiling at the Rattata, hanging Nita's bag on the end of the stretcher. "How precious. He's concerned for his trainer. We can take him in."

"Aren't you at all concerned about... contamination?" the nurse offered as a last attempt to get rid of the former human.

"Nah, I'm sure this girl takes very good care of her Rattata, if he's this loyal. I'd suggest that you stay out, though," he told her, wheeling the stretcher in, preparing to start an I.V. The nurse mumbled curses under her breath, looked at Jackson, then crept into a room full of soiled linens, manipulating an earbud tucked meticulously behind her hair.

"Admin Mina, I've failed to gain access to the girl while she's in treatment. The Rattata's growing attached. The boy and his Swablu are outside in the waiting room, I'll try to stall," she whispered, leaving casually, awaiting her response as she smiled at the twosome.

((I love making evil NPCs...))

07-05-2007, 07:27 PM
"Tobias, must you really be so protective? They're only trying to do their job!" Jackson complained at the Pokemon. He let out a sigh, and let the matter go.

"I think I recognise her from somewhere..." Alexa whispered in Jackson's ear. He looked at her closely. She seemed to be muttering something under her breath. She was also holding her ear. He dismissed the thought, thinking she must have a rash.

"Come on, let's go with Nita..." Jackson beckoned Alexa. He wanted to be sure that Tobias wasn't going to cause trouble...

07-05-2007, 10:11 PM
With a groan, Kenji sat up. His head was throbbing, though he couldn't for the life of him remember why. He looked around, eyes taking in the unfamiliar scene. Why was he in a forest? Shouldn't he be at home, in bed?

Something hit his fingers, and he looked down. A Pokeball had hit his fingers. When Kenji picked it up, it was heavier than he expected. Almost like... There was a Pokemon inside.

"Ha. You're first capture, and I do all the work." Surprised, Kenji looked up, but no one was around except a black Meowth, daintily licking her paws. Slowly, memories came back to him. Of receiving his own first Pokemon, attempting to capture the Weedle...

"Did I catch it, then?" He mumbled to himself, confused. He happened to look up at his Meowth and saw her leave off cleaning, rather angrily.

"Ungrateful brat! I caught it!" She said, in perfect English. Kenji blinked.

"Wha... What? Did, did you just talk?" The Meowth blinked as well, then grinned in return.

"Well, that knock in the head apparently did more than just knock you out. You here something else besides 'nya nya', then, right?" Slowly, Reeah's trainer nodded. "Good. Then, let's get a couple things straight. I'm Reeah, got it? No Meowth, no Kitty Kitty, Reeah. Call me anything else and I'll scratch your eyes out." Kenji nodded again, this time more rapidly, then looked down at the Pokeball in his hand.

"So... You caught the Weedle? Is it okay?" Reeah shrugged.

"Heck if I know. It wasn't moving when I caught it." With a sigh, Kenji quickly stood up. "Well, we better get to to a Pokemon Center, then. With any luck, we'll meet Nita there."

"God, that Rattata is annoying. What's his name? Tobias?" Without warning, Reeah clawed her way up Kenji's back and onto his shoulder. The boy winced, but didn't make to throw her off. He'd have to get used to it. He began walking in silence.

Listening as he did, he heard the sounds of various other Pokemon, but none as clearly as Reeah. Could it have something to do with them being partners? Would he be able to hear the Weedle?

"Oh, that's right," Reeah said suddenly, as if remembering something. "I suppose I should tell you. I used to be a human." Kenji wasn't overly surprised. The day just kept getting weirder.

"That's funny. Not something I'd think someone could forget."

"I wasn't thinking about it, okay?" The small feline snapped back. "Besides, it's not so bad. I rather like being a Meowth. Any chance that you might teach me Ice Beam?"

"Not likely." Thinking about what she said, he carefully worded his next question. "How... Did you become a Pokemon?"

"Oh, I tried to join Team Mythic," she said, waving an obsidian paw. "Hiding from the police, thought it'd be the best place, and they turn me into an experiment." She looked over at Kenji and noticed his shocked face. "What? I didn't kill anyone, if that's what you're thinking. Even I'm not that cold hearted."

"What did you do, then? Steal something?"

"Yeah. Just some money, nothing real valuble." Kenji shook his head.

"How old are you?"

"Sixteen. I think." The cat looked down at her paws, trying to count the digets. "Maybe seventeen... Stupid paws, I can only count up to six."

"Twelve if you count your toes." She gave him a flat eyed look, and he couldn't help but laugh.

(Wow, kinda long... Haha, toes.)

Darth Murkrow
07-06-2007, 06:54 PM
"Young man, we'll only be a little while. You can wait out in the other room," one of the male nurses told him without looking, starting an I.V. Some activated charcoal in her body was all that was really needed, and she was recovering but unconscious half an hour later. Tobias curled up alongside her free arm, growling at anyone he deemed suspicious. Reactions of the nurses ranged from "Aw, how cute!" to "How did that thing get in here?"

"Not a thing," Tobias murmured, resting his head alongside Nita. She would live, certainly, and she would be ready to take off with the group tomorrow. Maybe he wouldn't let that Meowth steal what was very obviously his catch next time. He smirked at the thought of outdoing Reeah.

The nurse from earlier watched the two of them, then spoke into her earbud.

"Admin Mina, she's recovering. What course of action should I take?" she asked carefully.

07-06-2007, 07:29 PM
"Young man, we'll only be a little while. You can wait out in the other room," one of the male nurses told him without looking, starting an I.V.

"I think I'll stay here, thanks. Is that okay?" Jackson contradicted him. He may have come across as rude, but he didn't mean to. He laughed quietly to himself, then seriousness filled his body. He hoped that Nita was okay...

Tobias leapt up onto Nita's bed, growling at passing people. The Nurse from before was mumbling to herself again. Alexa glared at her, and whispered into Jackson's ear.

"I don't like her... Something's going on, and we need to find out what..."

Darth Murkrow
07-07-2007, 10:48 PM
Nita woke up what seemed like hours later, Tobias' face greeting her.

"Tobias..." she murmured.

"Hey, glad you remembered!" Tobias chirped, then looked at Jackson. "Hey, kid, the doctors told you to scram. Make like a tree and leave," Tobias growled at him.

"So I'm not imagining you talking..." Nita murmured, staring at the white-tiled ceiling. She then spotted Jackson and smirked. "Hi. I'll be ok, no need to look so worried." She noticed the I.V. in her arm and winced.

"I can't believe they started that without waking me up... I hate needles like you wouldn't believe..." she half-laughed. Tobias sighed again.

"You can't take a needle? I used to have so many piercings that you'd probably faint!" he told her.

"Please don't elaborate, I don't wear earrings, I can't imagine what plethoria of other extremities one can pierce," she told him, flinching and closing her eyes again.

"Gah! Geeky, quit it with the big words! You're talkin' to a Pokemon with a brain the size of a nut!" Tobias squeaked, rolling onto his back. Nita laughed and scratched at his stomach, which Tobias found incredibly pleasant.

The nurse glared at Alexa and Tobias, then turned her nose up at them. She wouldn't let the Swablu's suspicions get in the way of the master plan. She then prepared medications for someone else, and Tobias was instantly on alert, as though trying to ensure that the nurse didn't slip poison into his trainer's I.V.

07-07-2007, 11:01 PM
OOC: Yay! Nita's alive!

BIC: Nita stirred from her sleep, and looked around the room.

"Hi. I'll be ok, no need to look so worried." She smirked at him. Jackson gave a sigh of relief. She'd be okay...

"That Nurse is still there..." Alexa whispered into Jackson's ear. Now he was becoming suspicious of her watching them all of the time. The Nurse was glaring at them...

07-09-2007, 06:54 PM
OOC: I come to save the RP!

BIC: Joseph jogged down the hallway. By now he was out of breath, as he was on the end of the facility. Slowing down, he turned a corner to see Daisuke walking towards the front gate. A few minutes later, Joseph lined up with the rest of the grunts, and stood ready to take orders. Luckily, Mina was the admin, but Joseph know how to act. This was a mission, not a leisure time. For all Mina knew, he weas just a grunt, ready to take orders. And he had to remember that no matter what Mina did to him out here, she was still Mina.

Inside the Pokeball, Cassie panicked. Why did I have to end up in Team Mythic? she thought to herself, letting out a low whine. She could always escape... That's it! she thought, and she smiled. When the boy let her out of her Pokeball, she would run away, and go home. At least there she could try and tell them what happened. Or I could be a cushy family pet.. she thought, and sat down. Seeing a little leftover food, she gobbled it up, and waited to be sent out.

Darth Murkrow
07-10-2007, 12:10 AM
((Yay Canis!))

"I think I'm going to be out by this afternoon," Nita murmured.

"Right you are," the nurse complained, listening to the earbud for any response, scowling when she couldn't hear anything. Tobias growled at her, and the nurse pushed him away, hiding a tiny tracking device in his fur. There was no way he could scratch it off, and he didn't know it was on his body. She undid the I.V., not without whimpering from Nita, and Nita could eventually stand on her own, even though she was a little lightheaded still.

"You're free to go, Meyers," she unconsciously spat, facing away from them and fingering the three Pokeballs on her belt, itching to fight the lousy ex-humans and their trainers.

Don't worry, you three, she thought, preparing more medications. You'll be out and fighting them soon. I just need to get them all together, contact the group, and be off for the day. The Pokeballs twitched, as though itching for a fight themselves, and she smiled, genuinely cheerful now.

07-10-2007, 07:12 AM
OOC: That Nurse isn't very nice... =[

"I think I'm going to be out by this afternoon," Nita murmured. Jackson gave her a big grin.

"That's great!" he beamed, positive about her recovery. The Nurse seemed a bit grumpy, but he didn't let her burst his bubble.

"Right you are," the nurse complained, scowling at the pair of them. Jackson glared at her, fury brewing inside. But he let it pass, Nita was better. She turned around, doing something to her belt. Alexa gave her a funny look, and suspicions began growing once more.

"She's doing something..." Alexa whispered to Jackson. He gave the small bird a quizzical look, and smiled.

"Hey, who cares! Nita's better!"

07-10-2007, 06:08 PM
As Mina waited not-so patiently by the front gate, she spotted a grunt messenger running towards her. A small brown package was being clutched by her hands. Gasping, the messenger approached and stopped in front of the admin. She did a hasty salute, which wasn't returned by Mina, and held out the package silently.

The admin snatched the package from the girl with not even a thank you. The messenger, however, seemed to be used to this because her expression remained the same. Mina inspected the package, tossing it within her hands, her green eyes noticing each crease that lined the packaging. It was then she noticed, from the corner of her eye, that the messenger still stood as if waiting for something.

"Go away," Mina almost growled at the girl, a glare upon her face. She wasn't expecting this and so visibly flinched. Swiftly, the messenger turned and ran in the opposite direction, not wanting to upset an admin. Mina sighed before turning her attention back on the package. As her gaze descended back on the parcel, she noticed a small note attached. She lifted it towards her face, and read it. It was from another admin, and it apparently contained an ear-piece that allowed contacts between other Team Mythic members. Quickly, Mina ripped open the small parcel and found not one, but quite a few ear-pieces. An educated guess told her these were for the grunts that were going to be joining her. The youth shrugged, and attached one to her right ear.

It wasn't long after that before others started to join her. While fiddling about with her communication device, she noticed Joseph walking towards her and the rest of the group. Immediately, a rush of joy washed over her. No, must keep calm, she thought, taking a deep breath. With one final comfort adjustment, she stood at the head of the group of grunts.

"You have been called here today to go on a very important mission," she shouted, commanding silence from the group. "You will all have been notified of what this mission is. If you haven't, you do not need to know." The admin paced from left to right, and then back again. Remembering the ear-pieces, she picked one from the pocket she had stuffed them in.

"These are ear-pieces that I will issue out to you all," she explained, holding up the one in her hand. "These will not be used for leisure, they are to be used to emergencies only. Understand? Good. Now let's go." Slowly, Mina reached for the rest of the devices, and in turn handed them out to the group.

Suddenly, a voice rang in her ear. She immediately knew this was important, and so order the gossiping grunts to shut up.

"Admin Mina, I've failed to gain access to the girl while she's in treatment. The Rattata's growing attached. The boy and his Swablu are outside in the waiting room, I'll try to stall," the voice whispered. She knew not of whom it was from, but she guessed they were in a Pokemon centre due to all the commotion in the background.

"Admin Mina here," she replied into the small microphone attached to the device. "Keep stalling them, we will be there immediately."

Nodding mentally to herself, she decided it would be best to meet with this person in the Pokemon centre. The nearest was not far away, and would go there. With a wave of the hand, she motioned for the group to follow her. Silently, she lead them out of the Team Mythic HQ.

It did not take the group long, perhaps only a ten minute walk. As they approached the building, Mina ordered some of the grunts to stay outside while motioning for the rest to come with her. Without a word, she and some of the other grunts entered the building. Green eyes scanned the surroundings, spotting trainers with unusual starting Pokemon. They must be them, she thought.

07-10-2007, 06:42 PM
It wasn't a long walk before Kenji and Reeah reached the Pokemon center. He left his newly caught Weedle there to heal. The nurse said it would be some time before it would be better, and suggested Kenji go out and take a look at the town. As he walked out, Reeah, who followed him on the ground, walking upright, noticed his disappointment. Neither had seen Nita, and Kenji as beginning to get worried.

"She was attacked by Weedle," he said, thinking out loud. "Do you think she might have had to go to the hospital for treatment?" The black feline shrugged.

"Maybe. I didn't pay much attention." Grinning mischievously, she went on. "You really like her, doncha, Kenny?" Surprise turned to a scowl as he glared down at the Meowth.

"Don't call me Kenny. And no, I''m just worried because she might have been hurt!"

"Well, why don't you go check, if you're so worried?" Acting bored, Reeah abruptly sat and began washing a paw before she realized what she was doing.

"Okay, I will, then." Reeah yowled as Kenji picked her up around her middle, ignoring the Meowth's protests.


Daisuke has attached the ear piece to one ear, and now patrolled around the hospital. He was staying back, waiting in case the trainers and their once-human Pokemon made a run for it. As he walked, acting nonchalant as he methodically watched his surroundings, a strange scene caught his eyes. A young boy wrestling with a black Meowth. The odd thing was, he could understand the Meowth. It could only mean one thing- she was an ex-human.

"Be quiet, Reeah," the boy said, letting the Meowth climb to his shoulders. "You'll draw attention to us." Daisuke blinked. He remembered seeing them bring in the young girl that called herself Reeah. A thief from Goldenrod, pursued by the authorities, was looking to join Team Mythic. He'd assumed they'd turned her down, but...

Still, he needed to contact the Admin. This could definitely be called an emergency, he assumed.

"Another trainer with an ex-human is nearing- no, entering the hospital," he said quietly as the boy entered the building, just loud enough to be heard by the ear piece.

Rin waited patiently in her ball. Time ticked by, and it was only a matter of time before she'd be released.

Darth Murkrow
07-10-2007, 09:28 PM
Nita staggered up warily, looking over at Jackson, not wanting to show her weakness.

“Um… Jackson, why don’t we look for Kenji? I wonder if he’s at all worried…” Nita wondered, the last more to herself.

“Girl, quit it with this girly self-conscious stuff!” Tobias scolded her, leaping onto her shoulder.

“I am girly and self-conscious. You don’t know me,” Nita sighed, looking away from the Rattata.

“I know that you’re geeky and wear glasses and use big words. Why don’t you wear contacts?” Tobias asked, genuinely confused.

“Can’t. I get infections too easily.” There was an awkward silence between the two for several moments.

“You get infections too easily.” Nita nodded. “Why are you out in the world, then? You should be at home, in your little plastic bubble! Give me back and go live in your little bubble.”

“No,” Nita told him, her voice turning serious. She was remembering the day she received the ultimate rejection, and had someone she loved tell her to go away and leave them there…

”Allen?” Nita asked. The muscular youth looked down at her, brown eyes glittering in the sun, smiling in a way that made Nita’s heart absolutely melt as the sight made its way into her own eyes. His arms were splayed out to either side of his body, keeping his balance as he walked along the fence lining the dirt pathway she was walking down.

“What, Glasses?” he asked her. Glasses. Being the clueless girl with a crush that she was at the time, she did not realize that this nickname held a vicious connotation, and that Allen did not mean for it to be an affectionate nickname.

“If I… If I tell you something… something big, you know… will you still be my friend?” she asked him seriously, heart pounding. She was genuinely scared at this point, but Allen looked as cool and collected as ever.

“Fire away, Glasses.” There was the nickname again. Nita could feel her stomach leap up into her throat, and she swallowed it back, taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out.

“I… I really like you, Allen. More than just a friend, I think,” she finally told him. Allen let out a small screech, toppling off of the fence and onto the dirt path before her.

“Allen! Allen, are you hurt?” Nita asked, only to get swatted away by Allen. She withdrew her stinging hand and backed away from the boy, whose face was bright red.

“I don’t like you. The only reason I can even tolerate having you around is because we both live in the middle of nowhere! I can’t stand you, Glasses! The hair… the smell of Tauros dung… even your face! And those glasses! Why don’t you get a freaking pair of contacts already?” Allen asked her. Nita was shocked beyond words at this point, crying. “Oh, look at you pathetic excuse of a human. You’re crying. Why don’t you just go home and stay there forever? Go lie down in the Tauros pen and cry yourself to death, Glasses.” At that, Allen was gone. Nita stifled another sob and collapsed onto her knees.

“What did I ever do to you?” she wondered out loud. Then, another thought crept into her mind, one that would change her mindset forever:

What made me think I could trust you?

07-10-2007, 10:08 PM
Joseph put the earpiece into his ear. It fit rather comfortably in his ear, and he followed the group to the hospital. Mina motioned a few grunts to come inside, and Joseph was one of them. The hospital smelled very sanitary, and made Joseph shiver. He had never liked hospitals.

Inside her Pokeball, Cassie was growing impatient. Why wasn't that boy letting her out of her Pokeball? She wanted to escape! Something in her mind clicked. She had just heard the grunt call the boy Joseph, right before the ball closed. The boy seemed oddly familiar at the time, but it didn't register until now.

Cassie sat on a chair in the school auditorium, her itchy dress scratching her legs. Her parents had always made her wear these things, but she felt like she was going to die of embarassment. Behind her, boys giggled as the looked at her ugly, flowery dress. She was trying to pay attention to the principal on the stage, droning on about kids getting awards. Finally, the math awards would be handed out. She crossed her fingers, hoping that she would get an award.

"Bobby Brooks, Margie Finch," the teacher said, listing names of kids in the school. Finally getting close to her name, she perked up. "Lucy Moran, Paul Sharp," she said. Cassie's heart beat so hard, she thought it would come out of her chest. "And Joseph Regulus," the teacher said, and Joseph walked onto stage. He was also dressed nicely, obviously his parents doings.

Cassie felt tears spring to her eyes. She was at the top of her math class, but she still hadn't gotten an award! The letter had said that she would be getting an award, and she thought it would be for math. Stuck in her world of sadness, she didn't hear the teacher begin to announce the names for history, or the names. She finally brightened up when the teacher read the last name on the list. "Cassie Vendela," the teacher said, and Cassie sprung out of her seat, surprised. She walked to the stage, and shook hands with her teacher, and then the principal.

"Good job!" the principal said, shaking her hand vigorously. Cassie thanked the principal quietly, then walked back to her seat. The tears of sadness in her eyes had changed to tears of joy. She looked back, and she saw her parents clapping, and smiling.

Cassie sighed. She hadn't even been able to show her parents the trophy after school. She had gone to she her friend the librarian, but was instead kidnapped. And so here she was now. I never would've thought that Joseph would end up here... she thought, and small dog tears rolled down her eyes, sad that she couldn't have shown her parents the trophy, and that the last thing she had said to them was about how much she hated the dress.

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Darth Murkrow
07-11-2007, 07:28 PM
((Touche, Canis. :wink:))

Tobias completely disregarded Nita's serious moment and instead sniffed the air, hackles raised.

"Nita, I smell something funny," he told her.

"Probably disinfectants and bedpans," she told him reassuringly.

"No, I smell... people," she told her.

"I'm sure that it's fine, there's a lot of people here," Nita sighed, still lost in her memories.

"Nita, what if Team Mythic is coming for me? They won't hesitate to attack, even if we are in a hospital," he warned her.

"Just let's get out of here. All the white is starting to bother me," she said somewhat absently, trying to restore what composure she still had left.

((I'm going to sprite Team Mythic uniforms now. I should've done that a long time ago. Edit: Team Mythic sprites have been edited into the last post on the disscussion thread.))

07-11-2007, 07:46 PM
((Go for it, Darth. I'm sure they'll be great!))

"I agree, let's go," Jackson commented, feeling left out of the situation. "Team Mythic might be looking for Alexa, too..." Alexa flew over, wanting to join in the conversation.

"Tobias is right," she added in a sweet, melodic tone. "Although, I have a feeling they might already be here..." Her voice trailed off, her eyes following the nurse who treated Nita earlier...

Darth Murkrow
07-12-2007, 05:49 PM
Nita and Tobias walked out into the hospital lobby where Mina and the grunts had just entered. There was something not right... Nita's heart skipped a beat, and she felt uneasy. There were people staring at them--at least, that's what it felt like to her. She uneasily brushed her brown hair behind her ears and tucked it behind her glasses, trying to act casual. The Rattata beside her growled in the general direction of Joseph, hackles raised.

"Nita, Team Mythic! Let's get out of here!" Tobias told her through ground teeth.

"Shush, Tobias!" she hissed back at him, but knew that he was right on some level. She approached him and smiled uneasily at Joseph, stroking the Rattata. "Think you can fight? I don't want to pressure you if you're unsure..." she asked him so quietly only the sensitive ears of the Rattata could hear her.

"Bring it. I think I figured out quick attack and hyper fang," he told her, staring up at Joseph.

07-12-2007, 06:41 PM
Joseph saw a girl and her Rattata enter the lobby. They must be the ones were supposed to get, the girl pushed her hair behind her ears, trying to act like there was nothing wrong, even though her Rattata was growling at Joseph. She looked like she was whispering to her Rattata, and then she approached him. Alright, this was it. No acting soft, he was supposed to be part of Team Mythic. Scary. Rawr. The girl whispered to her Rattata, then looked up at Joseph. "Would you like a battle?" she asked Joseph.

Looking at Mina, he got the okay sign from her, and he agreed with the girl. Luckily, the lobby was big enough for a battle, and so the two got in their places. Pulling the Pokeball from his belt, Joseph flung it into the middle. "Go Cassie!" he yelled, releasing Cassie. The girl put her Rattata on the floor, ready for battle.

Cassie got a gulp of air, then looked around. It wasn't the ideal place to escape, but she could manage. She began to yell. "HELP! HELP!" (although this came out as barking) she yelled, and ran under a table, then under a couch.

Joseph flinched. This would not be good for him. "Come on Cassie! I need you to help me fight this sissy rat thing!" he exclaimed, running towards the couch, not seeing the Rattata anger. He put his hand out, and got a nip on his fingers by Cassie. "Oww!" he yelled, and turned at the girl.

07-12-2007, 07:56 PM
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07-12-2007, 08:16 PM
A male voice sounded in her ear as the ear-piece received a message. "Another trainer with an ex-human is nearing- no, entering the hospital," the voice whispered and crackled through the device. The voice was not recognized by Mina, but she soon worked out that it belonged to Daisuke, whom she had left on guard outside the building. After all, he was the only one of the guards she had not heard speak. The rest were babbling fools.

"Roger," she replied simply, moving to one side of the door so as not to block entrance. The girl wanted them all in one place, or at least all very close to one another. The grunts, being like sheep, followed her move to the side only a split-second after she had done it herself. That was, except for Joseph, who had been confronted by a girl and a Rattata. Damn, she thought, I missed her enter the lobby. I need to concentrate more, otherwise I'll lose this job.

After some words muttered between the two, Joseph looked in Mina's direction. Having not heard the conversation bar the word 'battle', she nodded, assuming the two were going to have a battle. Knowing that just about any Pokemon could beat a mere Rattata, Mina felt safe in letting her friend deal with the battle alone.

The girl glanced around the room, trying to see if there was anyone who looked as if they were working undercover. She almost immediately found a very suspicious looking Nurse, who was muttering under her breath and stroking the Pokeballs hanging from her belt. Mina rolled her eyes. How did she manage to stay undercover so long? They must all be idiots if they didn't notice her, Mina thought rather sourly. Nevertheless, she walked upright and proudly towards the Nurse. The girl drew an intake of breath, her mouth opening to speak. However, a loud barking sound drew her attention away.

A Growlithe, apparently named Cassie, bolted under a table, then sprinted under a sofa. Joseph yelled after the Pokemon, and Mina could hear a slight bit of nervousness creeping into his voice. The admin felt a pang of sorry for her friend, who seemed to be having some trouble with his companion.

Knowing it would be best if Joseph didn't lose the fight, Mina decided to help him a bit. The girl had forgotten all about the Nurse as her fingers reached down to the Pokeball on her belt. They secured the Pokeball in their grip, and Mina pulled the Pokeball of its hook.

"Go!" she yelled, flinging the red and white coloured ball into the air. It opened, and a canine form began to form from the red light that had escaped it. Soon, a Houndour stood on the building's floor, facing it's trainer with a snarl.

"You're a Team Mythic member," it said to Mina in a growl, though everyone around just heard growls and snarls. The Houndour crouched, as if to attack.

"Shut up, and stop your insolence," Mina said harshly, making the Pokemon visibly flinch. "You will do as I say, or I'll make you wish the transfer had gone wrong and you were no longer alive." The girl almost spat the last few words, her features formed into a frown and her eyes glared fiercely at the Pokemon.

Slowly and uncertainly, the Houndour turned around silently and faced the girl and her Rattata. I don't like her, the Pokemon thought with a shudder. I'll just obey for now, I'm sure an opportunity to escape will arise sooner or later. The Houndour was left standing in his battle pose, hoping that it would be sooner rather than later.

Darth Murkrow
07-12-2007, 09:01 PM
The nurse watched the fight with growing interest, the Pokeballs on her belt seemingly begging her to participate.

Nita stood up slowly, looking from the uncertain Houndour to Joseph and his reluctant Growlithe.

"You will do as I say, or I'll make you wish the transfer had gone wrong and you were no longer alive." The Houndour flinched when Mina said this, and Nita felt terrible. She didn't want to harm a transferred human, especially one that was as unwilling as the Houndour. She felt a pang of guilt, but it was already too late to pull back.

"Come on Cassie! I need you to help me fight this sissy rat thing!" Joseph told the Growlithe.

"Sissy rat thing?" Tobias growled fiercely. Nita bit her lip, remembering her companion's ego. "I'll show you sissy rat thing!" he sprang, teeth bared, at Joseph, clinging to his arm and chomping

"Tobias, no!" Nita squeaked, feeling simultaneously frightened and embarassed. She could feel Mina and her Houndour staring, and could feel Jackson and Alexa behind her. She couldn't control her companion.

07-12-2007, 09:33 PM
Joseph let out a cry of pain as Tobias latched on to his arm. Lettling loose some rude words, he got a couple odd looks from patients in doctors. Upon seeing what had happened, people panicked. Someone picked up their cell phone and was making a call, others just stood terrified. Shaking his arm, he tried to shake Tobias off, but he wouldn't come off.

Underneath the couch, Cassie's mind raced. What had happened to Joseph? Why was he swearing so much? Gah. Regardless of whether or not he was in Team Mythic, she felt the need to help him out. "I'm coming!" she barked, and launched out from under the chair, and onto Tobias, onto Joseph. Joseph fell to the ground, but not before flinging Tobias across the room. Cassie panted above his face. "I couldn't let you go," she said, then got off of him. He got up, but fell back onto the couch.

His arm was bleeding, as Tobias had left a deep bite on his arm. Sucking in his breath, he pressed on his arm, trying to stop the flow of blood. "Cassie..." he muttered, obviously in pain. Cassie jumped onto the couch.

"Yah?" she asked him, licking his face.

"Go get 'um," he said, trying to smile. Cassie's face lit up, as her Growlithe instincts were kicking in.

"Come here you little sissy rat!" she barked, then ran off to battle Tobias.

Darth Murkrow
07-12-2007, 10:27 PM
"Not a sissy little rat!" Tobias lunged out of the way of Cassie, still recovering from his blow against the wall. He ricocheted off of a nearby chair and slammed all of his miniscule body weight into the Growlithe's body, digging his fangs into her neck, whimpering initially at the burning fur.

He's a natural, Nita thought initially. Either he fought a lot more than he's letting on, or... She shuddered to think about how her companion become such a fierce fighter.

"Tobias, use Crunch--if you can!" Nita yelped at him uneasily. She had never battled before, and she was nervous for her companion. Tobias obeyed, sinking his teeth further and further into Cassie, an attack at, in the wild, would ordinarily be used to crack open food, or, worst case, snap the neck of a predator.

I'm not a sissy rat thing! I don't care how human you are, you've sided with Team Mythic, so I have no choice, Cassie, whoever you are! Tobias focused his anger at Team Mythic--for taking his humanity, for kidnapping him, for being there--and forced it into his attack.

07-12-2007, 11:04 PM
Joseph watched in horror as Tobias latched onto Cassie's neck. Cassie whimpered, struggling to shake him off. "Cassie!" he yelled. "Use Fire Fang to bite it!" he ordered, still clutching his arm. Cassie spun around in circles, while the rat focused his attack on her.

Cassie couldn't get Tobias."Look, do you think I really want to be part of them?" she hissed, a plan forming in her head. Since Tobias was firmly latched on her, she ran towards a table, turning her neck before she hit it, swinging Tobias into the table's legs. Although he was still holding on, his bite had weakened.

An idea hit Joseph. What if Cassie was completely on fire? "Cassie, use Flame Wheel!" he ordered, angered by the little rat. Cassie eyes burned with intense heat, as her body warmed up, quickly engulfing her in flame. The smell of singed fur clung in the air, and Tobias had a choice: Stay on Cassie and burn, or drop off and try a different tactic. Cassie was hoping for the second choice, as the rat was kind of heavy.

"Sissy rat..." she muttered, shaking her fur around, still on fire. A couple flames landed around her, but they quickly went put.

Darth Murkrow
07-12-2007, 11:11 PM
The burned Tobias let go quickly, mouth hanging open as he panted, trying to rid himself of the heat.

"Tobias! Are you ok?" Nita asked him.

"I'll be fine, just tell me what to do!" he told her. She hesitated, unsure. "NITA!"

"Tackle, then tail whip!" Nita called out to him. Tobias galloped over to Cassie, tackling her head-on, then leaping up and spinning so his tail hit her, but she weighed too much for him to send flying. He growled at her, swishing his tail. He could get used to this fighting aspect.

07-13-2007, 01:16 AM
Cassie batted at Tobias' tail as it hit her, earning a resounding smack on her paw. Snarling at him, she awaited Joseph's order. "Cassie! Use Bite!" he ordered. Cassie bent down, and picked up Tobias, squeezing him in her mouth.

She dropped him on the floor, then bounced back to Joseph. It really looked like that the rat couldn't take anymore. "Had enough, rat?" she taunted, trying to anger Tobias again. She was past being nice. This was a battle, and regardless of whether she was battling for the bad guys or not, she was battling for her honor.

Joseph smiled, as Cassie bounced back, taunting Tobias. "Has your sissy rat had enough?" he asked the girl, stroking Cassie's head. "Or does he need another burn?" he said, smirking at the girl.

Cassie crouched beneath Joseph, read to jump up. Knowing what Tobias had done earlier, she was just waiting to jump up and burn Tobias again.

OOC: Man, I can be mean when I need to.

Psychic Oats
07-13-2007, 04:14 AM
OOC: Could someone kindly tell me what's happened during my absence?

07-13-2007, 01:42 PM
Just standing there watching the fight gave Jackson shivers. He felt he should help Nita, but would she be disqualified? Before he knew what he was doing, he commanded Alexa to assist them.

"Alexa, use your Natural Cure to heal Tobias' burn!" She swiftly flew over, glowing pink, reducing his burn considerably. "Now, try Safeguard!"

"Hang on, Tobias... I'll protect you..." The pink aura broke away, replaced by a green one on both of them. This would block any status effects for quite a while.

"Don't worry, Nita. I'm with you all the way!" Jackson grinned at her, then turned his attention back to the battle.

EDIT: Soory it's not very long, but I'm still really happy about my school sports day result. I did the Triple Jump... I jumped 7.6 Metres! I won! Sports day was on the 12th.

07-13-2007, 03:09 PM
OoC// Basically, the good guys are in the Pokemon Centre. The bad guys have been called on a mission, and are now in the Pokemon Centre as well.

Mina watched as the battle progress with interest. Despite the several attacks that had been ordered by the trainer and Joseph, neither Pokemon seemed to have a clear advantage. The winner was still undecided, which surprised the admin as she would not have thought that a Rattata would put up such a good fight.

The Houndour watched along with Mina, but he wasn't paying much attention. Instead, escape plans filled his head as his eyes blankly followed the movements of the two battling Pokemon. When she turns around or gets engaged in conversation, the Pokemon decided, I'll make a break for it.

"You're not planning on escaping, are you?" Mina calmly asked the Houndour, as if reading his mind. This quite startled the poor Houndour, who looked behind him to see a quizzical Mina standing with her arms crossed. Sadly, his head drooped slightly and his ears flattened.

"No ma'am," he told her with a depressed sigh.

"Good," the admin said simply, a very slight smile gracing her lips. "You don't want to know what happens to Pokemon who try to escape. Anyway, do you have a name?"

The Houndour was generally surprised by this question, not thinking the girl capable of asking such a question in a nice way. "My name's Vash," he announced, looking slightly more cheerful.

"Well, my name's Mina," she told Vash. "I'm a Team Mythic admin, as you may have guessed, and..." her voice trailed off as she heard a new voice in the room.

"Alexa, use your Natural Cure to heal Tobias' burn!" a male voice shouted. Since he knew the name of the rat, Mina guessed that he was another of the trainers with a transferred human as a partner. The girl watched as a Swablu flew over to where the Rattata stood. A pink bubble formed around the pair, followed by a green bubble.

"Time to get involved, Vash," she told her Pokemon. Vash looked at her uncertainly, but sighed and nodded. There was no use arguing with her.

"Use Flamethrower!" Mina yelled. In response, Vash stood steadily and opened his mouth. A small flame formed in his mouth, getting bigger by the second. Soon, a large flame had formed inside of him. With a roar, the Houndour let the flame loose, and a line of powerful fire headed directly for Tobias and Alexa.

07-13-2007, 04:48 PM
OOC: The green aura was a Safeguard, not part of Natural Cure.

IC: The Houndour standing there, whimpering slightly, had a look of deep thought over his face. He must have been planning some sort of escape, but his female trainer sussed it out. The pair seemed to be discussing this, kind of arguing. The female commanded him to attack.

"Use Flamethrower!" she cried out. The Houndour began summoning a small flare inside its mouth, which then turned into a giant flame. Sweat rolled down Jackson's face, not just from the heat, but from anxiousness. How would they counter that? A Sawblu and a Ratata... Not exactly the perfect combination.

"At least Safeguard will stop them getting burnt..." Jackson muttered to himself. Then an idea filled his head. "Alexa, use Mist!" he blurted out, hoping that it would dampen things enough to counteract the fire attack. As the stream of flames neared, a tear formed in the corner of Jackson's eye. The Flamethrower came closer, and Alexa unleashed the Mist attack. The whole lobby became damp, and the fire seemed to weaken...

Darth Murkrow
07-13-2007, 05:53 PM
Tobias looked up at Alexa, grateful that she had healed his burn but both too proud and preoccupied to thank her. He noticed her mist attack and leaped out of the protection of safeguard, rolling in the droplets of the mist attack. Nita then formulated a plan.

"Tobias!" she called, her partner looking up at her. "Leap into the air off of Alexa!" she called to him, Tobias wondering for a moment what she could be planning but leaping onto Alexa and springing off over the flamethrower attack. "Now, use quick attack on Vash!" she told him. Tobias glared at Vash, then seemingly vanished, moving impossibly fast and striking Vash's side, skidding off to the side easily.

07-13-2007, 06:05 PM
OOC: I'm waiting for either Hakumeineko or Canis Lupus to post. I don't wanna make this one-sided...

07-13-2007, 06:40 PM
Joseph frowned as the other boy came in. What did he have in this? Angrily, he ordered Cassie to attack. "Cassie! Use Take Down on that bird-thing!" Cassie was thinking the same thing as Joseph at the time, and was angry at the bird for interfering. Running at the bird, she launched herself at it, and hit it. Pinning the bird beneath her, she looked at Joseph. Smiling at Cassie, Joseph came up with an idea. "Cassie! Try a Heat Wave attack!"

Looking down at Alexa, Cassie began to glow red. From around her, it began to grow warmer, and then spread out around the lobby. The attack was fairly weak, considering the mist and the fact that Cassie was weakening, but it thinned the mist, and hit Vash. Vash's Flash Fire activated, boosting his fire power. Cassie jumped off Alexa, and then ran back to Joseph. "I'm getting kind of tired," she said, looking up at him.

07-13-2007, 07:24 PM
Mina cursed under her breath as the Swablu preformed a Mist attack, dampening the air and causing the Flamethrower to lose power. "Stupid bird thing," she muttered under her breath sourly. Time to teach them a lesson: Do not mess with Admin Mina.

"Vash, use Cru-" Mina began to yell, but was stopped mid-sentence by the Rattata colliding into Vash's side with a Quick Attack. Vash was thrown off balance, and crashed down to the floor with a loud thud. Now the girl was getting angry. No-one messed with her. It seemed as if Vash didn't like this either, as his face began to turn into a snarl as he staggered to his paws.

Suddenly, a burst of heat filled the room as Cassie used Heat Wave. It thinned the mist, of which Mina was glad. When the waves of heat hit Vash, his short black fur glowed red for a second, and then returned back to its normal colour. By the looks of it, the Heat Wave had triggered Vash's Flash Fire ability. A smirk formed on Mina's lips as she watched it happen.

"Now, Vash, use Crunch on that Rattata!" Mina yelled. Vash, having been annoyed by the Rattata, gladly obeyed, even if he didn't like the thought of attacking another transferred human. Quickly, the Pokemon crouched. Without giving the Rattata time to do much, Vash sped forward, his paws pounding loudly against the floor. He opened his jaws wide, his teeth seemingly having a faint glow about them, and bit down, hard, on Tobias' hind leg.

07-13-2007, 07:29 PM
The Growlithe pinned Alexa to the ground, hurting her badly from the Take Down. Cassie then used a Heat Wave, thinning the Mist, considerably warming the area around her. Houndour's Flash Fire kicked in, boosting his power. Cassie leapt off of Alexa, running back to Joseph.

"Damn, that was close," Jackson cursed under his breath. Alexa struggled to stand, but managed it in the end. "At least there wasn't a burn, thanks to Safeguard!" Jackson smiled at Nita.

"I'm not sure how much more I can take..." Alexa mumbled, trembling slightly. Jackson noticed this, and began trembling too. He had to think of something, and fast.

"I know... Alexa, use Sing!" Jackson blurted out to his partner. Alexa began chirping and a melodic sound flowed through the lobby. Only Pokemon were affected, however. "Tobias, don't listen! Cover your ears!"

Darth Murkrow
07-13-2007, 07:31 PM
Tobias sneered at the fallen Houndour, but was caught by the crunch attack faster than he could react. He let out a yelp of pain and nipped at Vash's side, but was not released. He felt the power of the heat wave attack, and he began to notice his strength ebbing. He let out a fierce snarl and bit again, not getting a good grip but managing to cause pain. His ability, guts, would kick in soon. He clung to Vash's neck and glared into his eye.

"Get off!" he growled, kicking at his neck with his free hind leg and whipping with his tail around his neck. "Why don't you run? You don't have to help her, it's not your job!" he told him. He still wasn't released, and his leg was starting to throb. "Let go of me, dammit!" he yelled, wiggling in an effort to get free.

07-13-2007, 07:53 PM
The words from Tobias startled the Houndour, who unconsciously let go of the Rattata's leg. Vash stepped backwards, thoughts running through his transferred mind. Why am I helping them? was the most common thought plaguing the confused Pokemon. He wasn't sure of the answer himself, but he suspected a Houndour's loyalty to it's trainer playing a big part in his decision to obey. That and Mina scared him. Of all the Pokemon he could have been transferred into, it just had to be a loyal Houndour who would stick by his masters side even if he disliked them.

"A Houndour's loyalty," Vash explained simply, his previous snarl completely gone.

Mina was watching the coversation between to two Pokemon with interest, despite not having a clue on what they were going on about. The admin shrugged, and decided on an attack. "Vash, use Fire Fa-"

Again, an attack from the Swablu interrupted Mina's call. This time, however, it was Sing. A lullaby filled the room, filling the ears of both Mina and Vash. The difference was, it didn't affect Mina. Vash, on the other hand, became uneasy on his paws, causing him to sway from side to side in a gentle manner. Slowly, the Pokemon slumped to the floor, fast asleep.

"Dammit, stop interrupting my attacks!" she yelled, her temper rising. Angry, she watched as her Houndour fell asleep on the floor. "Vash, wake up!" she screamed, even though she knew well that it was hard to avoid a Sing attack. The girl even started to stamp her feet.

07-13-2007, 08:07 PM
OOC: Hm... I'm not quite sure what to put... *Sips more sugar free Cola*

IC: Alexa heard Tobias' words to Houndour. Why was he helping them? They'd treated him, and everyone else, so poorly, and yet he still stood by them! She knew why she was helping Jackson and the others. They'd treated her kindly, been friendly, except for that Ratata... He was a bit mouthy... But he was okay. From these thoughts, her melodic Sing attack flooded the lobby, putting Houndour into the Land of Nod.

"That's great, Alexa! Now try and help Tobias get up..." Jackson called to her. She flew over, helping the rat Pokemon to his feet. She panted for breath, unsure of herself, and how much more damage she could take...

07-13-2007, 10:52 PM
Joseph could only watch as Cassie nodded off. Looking at Mina, he saw that she was angry at the boy as well, and that her Pokemon was asleep too. "Cassie! Wake up!" he yelled, hoping to jolt her out of her sleep. This proved unsuccessful, although he got a look from Mina. Noticing a water dispenser along the wall, he ran over and got a cup of water. Getting back to Cassie, he splashed the water over her. "Wake up!" he ordered.

Cassie jolted from her sleep, and glared at Joseph. "Sorry, I had to get you to wake up somehow," he said with a shrug, and Cassie nodded. By now, Alexa had helped Tobias get up, and looked ready to protect him. "You ready to keep going?" he asked her, and got a nod of approval. "Okay Cassie, Flame Wheel again!" he ordered, and Cassie charged.

Her body grew on fire, as she hit Tobias and Alexa, luckily around the same place. She kind of felt bad for them, but she knew that they would hurt her if she got the chance. Bouncing back to Joseph, she looked at Mina and VAsh to see what they were doing.

Darth Murkrow
07-13-2007, 11:23 PM
Already unable to walk from the crunch attack on his leg, Tobias was thrown against the wall by the flame wheel attack and slumped over himself. Alexa fluttered over to see what she could do.

"I'll be ok!" Tobias told her, trying to stand but flinching away from Alexa. He yawned from the sing attack, but had forced himself to stay awake. Nita bit her lip and knelt down beside him. "Nita, you hear me? I'll be ok!"

"Tobias, you're not ok! Please," she told him, holding out the sparkling white Pokeball Tobias initially came from.

"Dammit, put me in that ball and I swear the next time I come out you'll pay!" he barked, making Nita flich away from him. "I'll be ok! Just let me fight!" He stood up, trembling.

"Tobias, you can barely stand! Please, I won't put you in your ball, but just give up!" she called to him.

"I can't. They did this to me. I need to make sure someone goes down," he growled, glaring at Mina. He was sickened by the fact Cassie and Vash were helping them; how could they?

Nita realized that she and Tobias did, in fact, have one thing in common; they both pushed their limits. If some sort of miracle other than his guts attack came into effect, maybe he would make it, but the odds weren't looking very good for him...

07-14-2007, 12:32 AM
Tobias went flying into the wall, making a thumping sound. Alexa glided over to see if she could help. Tobias and Nita began arguing. Little bits of "I'll be okay..." and "No, you're not. Just give up..." were heard by Jackson and Alexa. He'd had enough of this.

"Come on, Alexa. Isn't there anything you can do to help him?" Jackson moaned, slightly worried for the small rat Pokemon. Alexa looked at him with despair.

"Not much..." she muttered, catching her breath. She was tired, and this really showed. She prayed that his Guts ability would work soon, but until then...

"Use Dragon Pulse!" Jackson cried out at her. She summoned a dark blue, glowing ball of energy, which then solidified slightly. She seemed to have some Dragon in her. She roared, and unleashed the powerfal ball of Dragon energy. She stumbled from exhaustion after. It really drained her, and she may not be able to perform another one...

"Come on..." Jackson muttered under his breath. "Hit them..."

07-14-2007, 11:28 AM
Mina watched as Joseph was able to wake Cassie with a cup of water. Vash, it seemed, was not going to wake anytime soon. Desperate, though she hated being like this, she stomped angrily over to the water despenser. The girl picked up a small cup from the pile and poured some water into it. Then, she stomped back over to where Vash dozed peacefully and tipped the water over his head.

Vash stirred slightly, a look of irritation on his face. For a moment it looked as if he was going to awaken, but instead went back to snoring contently on the floor. By this time, Mina was quite embarrassed. Her cheeks flushed a bright red, and she quickly averted her gaze to the floor, hoping that no-one had saw her get embarrassed.

Sighing, the girl shook her head slightly. What am I doing, getting all embarrassed like this? she asked herself. She calmed herself down, her cheeks going back to their normally pale colour. Slowly, Mina lifted her head back up in time to see the Swablu preparing a Dragon Pulse attack.

"Wake up, Vash!" Mina yelled, trying to awaken to Houndour before the Dragon Pulse was launched. Vash, however, only stirred slightly, and Alexa's attack was ready. The Swablu released the ball of energy, which headed straight for Vash. "You're going to get hit by a Dragon Pulse!" Mina shouted again at her Pokemon. This time, it had some effect.

Vash awoke abruptly from his slumber, not liking the idea of getting hit by a Dragon attack. Swiftly, the Houndour lifted his head from his orange paws in time to see the energy ball directly in front.

"Oh, darn," he said a moment before the attack hit him. Vash had woken too late, and had been given no time to dodge. In consequence of this, the Houndour had been blasted backwards by the attack, hitting the opposite wall heavily.

"Vash!" Mina cried, though it was noticeably less forceful and commanding than all of her other shouts and yells. In fact, was that a hint of worry in her tone?

"I'm alright," Vash reassured her, standing back onto his paws with some effort. The admin was glad that the Houndour was ok, even if he didn't look it, but didn't let this emotion show on her face.

"Okay then, use Flamethrower," she said, her voice back to normal. Vash obeyed, and a small flame formed in his jaw. Gradually, it became larger, until the flame filled the whole of his mouth. Eyes ablaze with the heat, Vash unleashed a Flamethrower on the Rattata and the Swablu, powered by his active Flash Fire ability.

07-14-2007, 11:47 AM
OOC: Nice post... Very well done!

IC: The Dragon Pulse soared through the lobby, making contact with Vash. The Houndour seemed to have awoken, but not early enough. He was sent flying across the room, slamming hard into the opposite wall. His trainer called out with worry, slightly scared for her partner. This seemed different, like she was genuinely concerned for him. Houndour reassured her that he was okay, and was ordered to use Flamethrower again. The stream of fire coursed through the lobby, making it feel extremely hot.

"Look out!" Jackson screamed at Alexa and Tobias, scared for them. It was too late to do anything, as they were struck by the boiling hot pillar of flames. Alexa and Tobias were singed by the effects of that attack, but it didn't stay for long. Safeguard was still in effect, protecting them from being burnt. "Come on..." Jackson muttered under his breath. "You've got to do something!"

"I'm too tired..." Alexa began, but straightened up almost instantly at the thought of Team Mythic winning. "I'm gonna carry on!" She announced boldly.

"Great!" Jackson said, pride swelling inside of him. "Try Perish Song!" Alexa opened her mouth, releasing a slightly less pleasing tune. It seemed to screech, draining Pokemon's energy. "Hang in there..."

07-14-2007, 12:43 PM
The Dragon Pulse hit Cassie, and she went down. Still holding his arm, Joseph fumbled for the Pokeball on his belt. Holding it up, he pointed it at Cassie. "Cassie, return," he siad grimly, then sat down on the couch. Why had he lost? It was because of that boy. If he hadn't interrupted, he would've easily won against that girl. Gettign up, he brushed past Mina, whispering a quick word to her. "Shall I call in reinforcements?" he said quietly, going into the hallways of the hospital.

Finding an empty room, he went inside, and found an Ace Bandage on the counter. Picking it up, he wound it around his wound, putting pressure on the bite. Putting the clip on that would hold it together, he walked out of the room, to see that Alexa had used Perish Song. Brushhing back past Mina, she spoke to him.

07-14-2007, 01:21 PM
OoC// Why thank you. ^^

The Flamethrower went exactly as Mina had hoped, hitting the two Pokemon directly. A nasty burn was prevented only by the effects of Safeguard, which annoyed the admin even though she knew there was nothing she could have done about it.

Tobias and Alexa were looking tired, their breath looking heavy and forced. However, fatigue was also starting to take its toll on Vash, his breathing also becoming laboured. The Houndour was not used to battling, having only been a Pokemon for a mere few days. It would take some time for the Pokemon to learn how to take hits and stay on the battlefield for longer.

"Cassie, return," Mina heard Joseph say, and instantly turned her head. He had pulled the sparkling white Pokeball from his belt, and within moments, a fainted Cassie had been pulled back into her Pokeball. The boy looked grim as he walked over towards her. He brushed past her, asking quietly if he should call in reinforcements, before heading to a side room.

Suddenly, a screeching sound sounded throughout the room, immediately turning Mina's attention back to the battlefield. For some reason, she didn't recognize what this attack was and what it did. Vash, seeing the confusion present on his trainer's face, said, "it's an attack called Perish Song. Soon, whether or not they attack me again, I'll faint." Worry stood out in his voice. Vash didn't like the idea of fainting.

"Well than, best make the most of the time we've got," Mina said with a smirk, trying to ignore to horrendous screeching sound the Swablu was emitting. "Vash, use Fire Fang on the bird!"

The Houndour crouched low, his jaw wide apart. The fangs that layered the inside of his mouth began to glow red, each reaching a terrible heat. Suddenly, they burst into flames. Vash sped forward towards the Swablu, leaping at the last second in order to pounce.

At the same time, Joseph re-entered the room, a bandage around his wound. As he brushed past her, she replied, "Fetch them."

Darth Murkrow
07-14-2007, 04:36 PM
Tobias panted, glaring at Vash, shivering when he heard Alexa's perish song. Vash was going to faint soon, but he could still be standing by that point. He let out a low growl, legs trembling as he tried to support himself. It was very obvious that he couldn't last much longer.

The nurse heard the request for reinforcements, smirked evilly at the rest of the doctors, and threw off her white apron, exposing a silver belt commonly seen on Team Mythic members.

"Venonat!" she called, releasing the purple insect creature. Nita let out a groan and looked at Tobias. He couldn't last another battle, despite his guts ability. She took in a deep breath.

"Bring it," Tobias snarled, as though hearing her thoughts. The Venonat was not a transferred human; he would have no reason whatsoever to hold back. Nita set her face in a look of determination, even though it was obvious she was nervous for her companion. She looked over at Alexa, who was attacked by the Houndour. Could it be that they couldn't win?

"Tobias, tackle the Venonat!" she commanded. The Venonat leaped out of the way at the last second, tackling him against a wall and holding him there.

"Venonat, use stun spore! The safeguard should be wearing off by now!" she commanded her Pokemon. The Venonat shook out its fur, and Tobias tried to struggle away, but the safeguard seemed to be waning, and his mobility was decreasing.

"Kenji, Naoki, where are you...?" Nita groaned, biting her lower lip.

07-14-2007, 06:09 PM
"Fetch them," Mina said, and Joseph nodded. Speaking softly so that no one could hear, but loud enough to be picked up by the earpiece, he relayed orders.

"All grunts within and outside the hospital are to report in, as said by Admin Mina," he said with a smirk. Hopefully they would catch those two and their Pokemon, and bring them back to base. As something caught his eye, he turned back to the fight. One of the nurses had revealed herself to be part of Team Mythic, and had sent out her Venonat to fight.

Looking back at Mina, he saw that Vash had attacked the Swablu, and he watched as the Safeguard faded away. Hopefully now, She would be able to burn the bird. Taking Cassie's Pokeball off of his belt, he sent her out. She was in no state to battle or escape, but she was awake now. "Hey Cassie," he said, scratching her behind her ear. "That was a great battle, you were quite strong,"

Cassie smiled, and thought. Maybe this kid wasn't so bad. I think I'll stay a little while longer, she thought, and succumbed to scratching while Joseph watched the battle.

Darth Murkrow
07-15-2007, 08:16 PM
"Alexa! Jackson!" Nita called out to the two. Tobias was still very intent on fighting his new Venonat adversary, in spite of the stun spore attack against him.

"Tobias! Run away!" Nita commanded him, voice cracking, gesturing in the direction of Vash. Tobias growled at her without turning to look.

"You freaking coward..." he growled, forcing his muscles to throw him out of the way so their fighting was taking place perpendicular to Vash and Alexa. Finally realizing what Nita was plotting, he prepared to dodge the next attack.

"Venonat, tackle!" the nurse commanded.

"Tobias, dodge it, then use quick attack on Alexa!" Nita commanded him. He leaped up into the air, Venonat striking Vash's side, and then he used quick attack to knock the Swablu free. His muscles completely locked at this point, he trembled and fell onto his side, panting heavily.

07-15-2007, 09:05 PM
Tobias thrust himself at Alexa with considerable speed, freeing her of the Stun Spore.

"Nice idea," Jackson complimented Nita. "Thanks for the help!" He turned his head back towards the battle. He was stuck for ideas, especially for the energetic Venonat. It hadn't taken any damage, apart from Tackling Houndour.

"Thanks... Tobias..." Alexa panted, shivering from the effects of Stun Spore. "Although... I don't think... I can carry on... For much longer..."

"Come on, Alexa!" Jackson cried. "Try your hardest! Put all of your energy into a Dragon Pulse!" Alexa did as she was commanded, summoning a sphere of blue Dragon energy. She thrust it at Venonat and Houndour, exhausted from the preparations of the attack.

07-16-2007, 03:16 AM
(I'll only be using color for the speech because it'll be a mix of both characters.)

"All grunts within and outside the hospital are to report in, as said by Admin Mina..." Joseph's voice rang loud and clear in Daisuke's ear. Just in time, too- the boy was about to walk in. Better to engage him out here than to let him enter.

Daisuke was quick to circle around. The boy was moving slower than he'd anticipated, which was good. He had plenty of time to get into position. When Kenji tried to walk inside, Daisuke's bulky frame slided into his path.

"Hey? What gives?" Kenji said, a little angrily. He wanted to see Nita, to make sure she was okay.

"Can't you hear the battle, brat?" Daisuke replied scathingly. From the man's tone, Kenji instantly backed away, and Reeah hissed. He could hear the sounds of battle now, what was going on. His eyes widened further when Reeah hissed in his ear.

"That's Daisuke! He's a Team Mythic member!"

"My associates have their hands full enough dealing with you little friends. I have no intention of letting you get in their way," Daisuke replied coldly, ignoring the feline's comment. He unclipped the Seel's ball from his belt and released Rin. The young girl-turned-Seel blinked rapidly before realizing she was in a battle. Instantly, she was ready to fight. She had no qualms in fighting for Team Mythic, unlike the other Pokemon. She was, after all, one of them.

"Headbutt," Daisuke commanded, not caring who Rin hit. The Seel lunged forward, aiming for Kenji. The boy, unable to move quickly enough, cringed in anticipation of the attack. All he heard was a sudden yowl from Reeah, and then felt her furry body hit him, knocking the wind from him. She'd jumped in the way, taking the blow.

Kenji wheezed, his stomach hurting, but clung tight to Reeah. He could feel wetness, and openned his eyes to see blood. The Seel's horn had punctured her skin.

"No..." he sobbed quietly, body shaking. No, no, please, don't let her be dead...

Needle-like claws dug into his arm, and he released Reeah. She gave him an indignant glare and sat on the pavement, quickly licking the scratch on her black stomach.

"You... You're okay?" He said, breath coming back.

"Of course," she replied scathingly. "It'll take more than a little Headbutt to KO me." With a ferocious snarl, she leapt at Rin, claws swiping back and forth. Rin took the attack, wincing, but held firm.

"Icy Wind," Daisuke commanded from the sidelines. Rin took a deep breath and blew, the air turning cold. The breath became strong, and hit the Meowth, sending her rolling head over heels back to her trainer. Kenji caught her, alarmed by the coolness of her fur.

"Why don't you actually give me an attack?" She said to Kenji, a little scathingly.

"O-okay," he replid shakily. "How about Bite?" She was off in a flash, launching herself at Rin. The Seel moved, making to hit Reeah away with her tail, but the obsidian Meowth clung to it, digging in claws and teeth and Rin cried out in pain.

07-16-2007, 08:02 AM
The sound of Kenji battling outside startled Jackson, making him scream out in alarm.

"NITA! Kenji's outside!" He shouted across to her. "Shall we go help him? Reeah looks in trouble..." Alexa flew back, panting.

"I can't... Go on... Much longer..." she said, after launching the Dragon Pulse. She thrust it at Venonat and Houndour, exhausted from the preparations of the attack.

Darth Murkrow
07-16-2007, 02:58 PM
Nita spotted Reeah's injury and winced from empathy for her. She was also feeling sympathy for her stun-spored partner, who was trying to get his muscles to move to no avail.

"Venonat, confusion!" the nurse commanded. Venonat's eyes began to glow, and Tobias let out a squeal of pain.

"Ahhh, my head..." he moaned, trembling.

"Tobias, shake it off!" Nita told her partner, shifting her weight from one leg to the other. Tobias closed his eyes tightly, trying to fight off the migraine that the attack produced. His head throbbed in rythym with his heartbeat now, and even as his near frozen muscles forced him to his feet he had to keep his eyes closed to keep the pain from spreading. It was obvious, no matter how much he hated to admit it, that he couldn't take much more fighting.

"Jackson, Tobias can't do this. Is Alexa any better?" she asked, only noticing the dragon pulse attack and how much it took out of Alexa. Nita then formulated another idea, looking over at Rin.

"Tobias, if you can, use endeavor on the Seel!" she commanded him, pointing. Tobias sprang at the Seel, his lack of health strengthening the attack, and his guts ability near doubling that.

07-16-2007, 03:05 PM
"NITA! Kenji's outside!" the boy with the Swablu shouted. "Shall we go help him? Reeah looks in trouble..." Upon reachign Joseph's ears, he knew that he had to do something. His mind raced, as he thought of ways to stall so that his Pokemon could be taken out.

Jumping up, he shouted, "No!" Joseph walked calmly over to the boy, squeezing his shoulder. "You don't want to leave this battle do you? You don't want to be a coward, do you?" he said, hoping to anger the boy into staying. "Besides, you wouldn't want to mess with him," he said, pointing at the big, bulky, Daisuke, "now would you?" Joseph took his hand off of the boys shoulder.

Luckily, he had stalled for enough time, and the nurse shouted. "Venonat! Use Confusion on Ratatta!" Joseph turned to see the bug Pokemon's eyes glowing, as Rattata squealed in pain. He smiled, then glanced back at the boy. His Pokemon was obviously close to fainting, but Tobias was too.

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07-16-2007, 04:09 PM
"What do you think you're doing?" Mina screamed at the Nurse, making her flinch visibly. The Venonat that belonged to the no longer undercover agent had made an attempt at tackling Tobias. The Rattata, being too fast for the Venonat, had dodged, making the bug Pokemon tackle Vash instead. The Houndour had been on the verge on clamping onto the fluffy wing of Alexa with his Fire Fang, and had been quite annoyed when one of his own side, even if he didn't like said side, attacked him.

The admin rolled her eyes and tutted before turning her attention back to Vash. The Swablu had just been ordered an attack, though what is was remained a mystery to her. She hadn't been paying attention as she had been yelling at the Nurse. "Vash, call back," she ordered the Houndour, who instantly bounded back towards his master.

By this time, a large purple ball had begun to form before the Swablu, and Mina now recognized it as a Dragon Pulse. Suddenly, the attack was launched, heading directly for them. "Dodge, then Flamethrower."

The Dragon Pulse came closer until it was nearly upon them. At the last second, Vash leapt up into the air in order to dodge. It was successful, as the attack swept past them and collided with the wall behind. In the split-second he was in the air, flame appeared in the canine's mouth. It got larger until it was large enough to be released. Swiftly, the attack was released upon the Swablu.

Vash landed with a thud on the floor, his expression that of fatigue. "You ok?" she asked the Pokemon, who nodded in response.

"Yeah, fine," Vash replied through pants of breath. "It's just I think that the Perish Song will take effect anytime soon..."

"NITA! Kenji's outside!" the boy with the Swablu suddenly shouted, knocking the pair from their daydreams. "Shall we go help him? Reeah looks in trouble..."

Kenji? He must be another trainer, Mina thought. The girl glanced down at Vash with a slightly worried expression. Although his breath was less rapid and heavy, it still had an edge of labour to it. He wasn't going to last another attack, let alone another Pokemon on the field.

07-16-2007, 04:39 PM
Joseph wandered over, protesting against them leaving. Jackson shook his hand off of his shoulder, turning his attention back to the battle. Tobias launched himself at Rin with an Endeavor attack. Alexa flew out of the way of the Flamethrower attack, it just scimming her wing. She winced in pain, barely able to carry on.

Alexa... Are you okay?" Jackson called over worriedly. "Can you help Tobias? Try Sing on Rin!"

07-17-2007, 12:46 AM
Rin flipped her tail angrily, flinging, Reeah away to skid across the pavement. Kenji was quickly realizing that the Headbutt had hurt Reeah a lot more than the Meowth had let on. She still climbed to her feet, just in time to see Tobias leap at Rin in an Endeavor attack. Rin was flung backwards by the massive attack, rolling before she could stop herself with her flippers. Scrapes covered her now, as did dirt from the road.

"This is my battle, you mangy rat," Reeah gasped angrily, though she was secretly glad for his interference. Rin was far from out, though, and Tobias looked like he'd drop any second now. It was up to Reeah.

"Headbutt," Daisuke called coldly, not wasting a breath. He watched the battle in a kind of deranged glee, like the sight of Pokemon attacking each other lifted his spirits. Kenji seemed his opposite, shivering in fear, unsure of himself. But still, Reeah had saved him, had taken the blow for him. He had to do something in return. Finally, and idea came to him.

"Reeah! Hurry! Use Faint Attack, then Fury Swipes!" Reeah stood stock still, confused. Faint Attack? How did she do that. Then, as Rin lunged nearer, fear gripped her, and she let go of all rational thought, letting her instincts take over. Rin's Headbutt hit where she was... And went on through, as the real Reeah disappeared into whispy black smoke. Caught in it, the Seel coughed, looking in every direction as more puffs of the strange smoke appeared. It was Reeah, moving fast than seemed possible, her eyes alight with the exhileration of simply using the move. Suddenly, she was behind Rin, slamming her into the ground, only to begin slashing repetitively at Rin's back. Gashes formed, with red blood welling up from them. Gasping, sure her enemy was done, she backed away. Daisuke simply watched, the glee gone and once more simply solemn. Kenji too watched, at first unaware that he wasn't breathing. Was the Seel done?

Slowly, ever so slowly, Rin lifted herself. One tooth was cracked, her face scratched, from being shoved into the rough asphalt. A fiery light lit in her eyes, and a low growl rose in her throat. Reeah was stunned.

"...Why?" Reeah asked, tired and confused. "Why would you help the ones that made us like this? That took our humanity?"

"This isn't me," Rin spat, speaking for the first time in the whole battle. "I chose to do this, to let Aurora live on. And you, you hurt her!" As Rin spoke, she seemed to begin to glow. Finally, at the end, she openned her mouth, a sphere of whitish blue light collecting there. The Ice Beam shot forward, freezing Reeah almost instantly. She was sent cascading into Kenji. The two flew farther still, until they hit a wall. Both out cold, with Reeah's lower half incased in ice.

"Good, my ice queen," Daisuke said, reveling in his enemy's defeat. He walked forward and prised Reeah from her trainer, picking up her Pokeball as well and sucking her inside. Everything was going according to plan...

A hand grabbed the arm the the Pokeball. Daisuke hadn't noticed the sniveling Kenji climb to his feet, assuming the boy was knocked out. He trembled, surely, but fiery determination blazed in his eyes and his voice.

"Give... Her... Back..." Kenji managed to say through gritted teeth. Daisuke blinked, unfazed.

"Who's going to make me? Not you, surely?" Daisuke kicked Kenji in the gut, knocking him away. Kenji tried to climb to his feet, but barely managed to reach his knees.

"No..." He gasped, puctuated by a cough.

"The world's never like it's supposed to be, is it, boy?" Daisuke briskly walked over, a kind of mad sneer on his face, and wrenched Kenji up by the back of his shirt until they were eye level, the boy's feet dangling. "It's all supposed to turn out fine, right? The good guys always win, right?" Reeah's Pokeball was now on Daisuke's belt, so his other hand was free to punch Kenji in the face. Blood began to flow from his nose. Daisuke simply dropped him. Kenji fell, face up, completely exhausted.

"Get over your fantasy world, kid. The good guys don't always win. Only the strong survive." Daisuke's sneer widened as recognition crossed Daisuke's face. "Y'know, you remind me of someone. Oh, well." Shrugging, Daisuke turned away from the utterly defeated Kenji and recalled Rin.

(Whoa. Went kinda crazy there. :goofy: Yay for angst and violence. ^^)

07-17-2007, 07:28 AM
OOC: Uh, I did use Sing... (?)

IC:Jackson watched in despair as Daisuke took Reeah. He punched Kenji in the face, blood spurting everywhere. A tear formed in the corner of his eye, he was fuelled by rage. Without giving a thought to the consequences, he sprinted across to Daisuke, and thrust him to the ground.

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Darth Murkrow
07-17-2007, 08:14 PM
Nita's hand instinctively flew to the Pokeball hidden in her messenger bag, relieved to feel it was still there. It was obvious Tobias was going to drop any moment.

"Tobias, fall back," she commanded him.

"You freaking coward! He took the cat!" Tobias told her.

"But you're in no condition to fight back. Come here," she told him, offering her hand. He glanced at the wounded Kenji, sighed, and turned to Mina, heart racing. The color drained from her face, rendering her even paler and sicklier-looking. She could feel her knees shaking, and her eyes teared up. Keeping Tobias close, and the messenger bag closer, she wet her lips and looked up at Mina.

"What do you want?" she asked hoarsely.

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07-17-2007, 09:19 PM
"What do you want?" the girl asked hoarsely, her knees shaking as she did so. Tobias was clutched close to her as if giving her some comfort from the situation. Mina wondered exactly how the two had become so close within such a short amount of time. Would she and Vash become that close, despite the many differences between the pair? The youth mentally shook her head, disregarding the thought. Pokemon are weapons, she recited from her Team Mythic training, not friends.

Turning her attention back to the girl and her rat that stood before her, she gazed at them with eyes of unconcealed hatred. "To stop you and your 'partner' from interrupting with our plans," she almost spat at the pair.

At the same instant, the Perish Song that plagued Vash started to take effect. The horrible screeching rang throughout his small canine ears, making him lie on the floor with his orange paws covering them. The Houndour closed his eyes tightly, and tried to think of things to block out the painful sound that no-one else seemed to hear. It was to no avail, however, as the sound continued, his thoughts doing nothing to prevent it. With a final howl of pain, Vash fainted. His body lay limp on the floor, motionless save for the steady rise and fall of his chest.

Mina turned to see what the howl was for, and was almost worried at first. It showed on her face, though for only a moment, before her normal expression returned as she realised that this must be the effect of Perish Song. Swiftly, the girl snatched the white Pokeball from her belt, which so nicely matched her uniform. "Vash, return," she said as the ball engulfed the Houndour in an aura of red light. Before reattaching the ball to its rightful place on her belt, she cast a quick glance. Again, she wondered if they would somehow grow to like each other.

Darth Murkrow
07-17-2007, 09:41 PM
Nita flinched. Plans? What plans? The admin recalled her Houndour, a look of fleeting concern crossing her face.

"There isn't anything stopping you right now, is there? You'd better heal your... Pokemon," she forced herself to say, knowing that this young woman had allowed a former human to faint. She stepped back against the wall, as though in surrender.

"Hey, girl, what are you doing?" Tobias asked. Nita didn't answer. "...Girl? Hello? Plan?" Nita bit her lip. She didn't want to admit to not having a plan, but she had to somehow get Reeah back and her companions out of trouble. She glanced at the two Pokeballs on Daisuke's belt, Kenji, Jackson, and Alexa, eyes returning to Tobias.

"My Pokemon is in no condition to fight," she announced, turning to the nurse with her head bowed. "You win." The nurse smirked, recalling her Venonat and approaching Nita. Nita held Tobias away, but offered the nurse a small fistful of money. She accepted the money with a sneer, striding back to Mina's side, having taken full advantage of the girl, it appeared. She dropped her head, as though to appear less threatening. With her partner in the condition he was, there was no way he could fight anymore.

"You freakin' coward! Let me at her! She did this to me!" Tobias growled, clawing at the air in front of them. Nita pulled him in closer, adding to the visual appearance of meaning no harm. In her mind, though, she had given up.

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07-17-2007, 11:10 PM
Cassie panted as she lay on the couch. Joseph came back over, and he sat down. Looking down at her, he spoke to her. "So... Now what?"

"Ehh, I dunno. I'm too tired to get out thereand battle again," Cassie said, scratching at her nose. It looked as if the battle had descended into a state of chaos as Tobias attacked a Seel, and a Venonat was attacking pretty much anything.

"No, I mean what are you going to do? You tried to run away earlier..." Joseph said uncertainly, as if he wasn't sure what she would do. Cassie smiled.

"I'll stick around with you for awhile," she said, rubbing against his body. Joseph gave her a nice scratch behind the ears. "You do seem nice, and besides, I don't know my way around this area," she laughed. "Ooh, back a little further. That's the spot. Oooh yeah!" she said, her back leg waving in the air.

Joseph laughed, then noticed that the battle was over. Tobias had obviuosly lost, and the girl was talking to Mina. "Cassie, I need you to get back in your ball okay?" Joseph said. Cassie was soon encased by a red aura, then was safely back in the Pokeball. He got up, and walked over by Mina and the nurse.

07-18-2007, 01:01 AM
(I'm not letting Daisuke get away with Reeah, if that's what you're thinking. And sorry about forgetting Sing, Djax. >.>)

Daisuke stepped away from the fallen form of Kenji, no longer interested in him. The boy was out cold, that much was evident, and thus proved to be no threat. He entered the hospital slowly, waiting to see if Mina approved of his actions. He almost doubted that she would. Team Mythic was nowhere near as ruthless as Team Rocket had once been.

When Daisuke walked inside the building, Kenji slowly lifted his head. His nosebleed had already stopped. While he would be badly bruised for a while, it didn't seem like any bones were broken. He managed to sit up, wincing. He'd gotten a beating, but it was worth it. His mouth widening into a grin, he held open his left hand revealing the white Pokeball in it. He'd managed to snatch it while Daisuke punched him.

Still, Kenji didn't want to be there when Daisuke left the building again. Hiding his blood covered face, he ducked into a dark alley, where he sat against a wall with a sigh.

07-18-2007, 07:30 AM
OOC: Don't worry about it... Didn't I jump on Daisuke? Oh well...

IC: The fight was over. Team Mythic had won, and Jackson clutched Alexa tight to his chest. Very protective of her, he leered at Mina and the Nurse. Nita handed over a small sum of money, trembling. Mina began discussing how she didn't want Nita and Jackson interfering with their plans.

"What plans..." Jackson mumbled quietly. He thought Mina heard, so he turned his head away. Remebering what had happened to Kenji, he took another quick look around the room, and sprinted outside.

"Reeah... Kenji..." Alexa panted, being cradled by her trainer. They stumbled across a small, dark alleyway, peering into it.

"Kenji?" Jackson asked uncertainly. "Is that you?" He walked closer, the stench of blood making him gag. "Oh my god! What happened to you? And where's Reeah?!"

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07-18-2007, 02:23 PM
(>> Sorry, I'm not doing very good today...)

Kenji heard the sound of hurried footsteps, quickly approaching. He froze, but was seen anyway. At least it was Jackson and not Daisuke.

"Kenji?" The other boy asked, sounding unsure. "Is that you?" He stepped closer, and looked shocked by Kenji's appearance. "Oh my god! What happened to you? And were's Reeah?!"

"I probably look worse than I really am," Kenji said, trying to smile. "I got the crap bea out of me. Reeah's in her Pokeball, half frozen. I need to get her to the Pokemon Center, but I don't want to leave without you guys. Where's Nita?"

07-18-2007, 04:40 PM
"I think Nita's back in the hospital lobby still..." Jackson said, still stunned by Kenji's condition. "I glad you're okay..." Guilt ran through Jackson's body. If he and Nita hadn't left him while they were at Viridian Forest, this would never have happened. And neither would the fight between the two and Team Mythic. "Anyway..." he broke the silence, "Let's go back to Nita!"

Darth Murkrow
07-18-2007, 07:02 PM
((DE, it's fine. Really.))

Nita spotted Daisuke and backed away from him. He looked significantly more muscular than any man she'd ever seen before, and it made her uneasy.

"I'm... leaving. Now," Nita announced, backing towards the door, trying to keep herself from bolting away. The nurse's eyes followed the girl out of the doors of the hospital and directly outside.

((See? I'm not doing well either.))

07-18-2007, 07:44 PM
Mina watched with a smirk as the defeated trainer handed money over to the Nurse. This was a compulsory part of a Pokemon battle, having to hand over a portion of your money. Well, at least it was for those who actually bothered to follow trainer guidelines. The Nurse strode back to Mina's side, having gladly accepted the offered money.

"Nurse, would you be so kind as to heal Vash?" It was an order, not a request. Without waiting for so much as a blink in reply, the admin shoved the white Pokeball into the hands of the nurse. Not knowing exactly what to do, the nurse scurried off with a mutter of annoyance.

As Joseph approached Mina, the girl nodded in greeting towards her friend. A slight smile graced her lips, but it was soon pulled away before anyone else could notice. Earlier, through the corner of her eye, the admin had noticed him and Cassie being quite friendly towards one another. Again, the thought popped into her head of whether she and Vash were going to become close. Quietly, she sighed.

The electric doors slid open and Daisuke entered the building. The first thing Mina noticed about the boy was that his hand was covered in blood. She guessed it didn't belong to him, as he showed no signs of pain. "What have you done?" she asked him, slight anger present in her tone.

07-18-2007, 08:13 PM
After Daisuke entered, he saw Mina notice the blood on his hand.

"What have you done?" She asked, sounding a little angry.

"I retrieved-" he started, going to his belt for the Meowth's Pokeball, only to find it gone. Stolen by that kid, most likely. Inwardly, he cursed, though his outward expession was of little more than displeasure. How the boy stole it back, he'd never know, but all that mattered was that he had stolen it. A mere child had made a fool of him. Daisuke wouldn't go so easy on him next time...

"I retrieved a Pokemon," he began again, his face once more emotionless. "But it's owner appears to have taken it back."

Kenji nodded, agreeing that they should go back inside, despite the fact that Daisuke was sure to be in there. Before going, though, he quickly tried to wipe the blood from his face using a towel from his pack. When he finished, he saw Nita approaching, Tobias clutched to her chest.

"Nita! You're okay!" He said happily. "Good. Let's get out of here, then. The sooner we get away from Team Mythic, the better."

07-18-2007, 08:28 PM
Joseph nodded as Mina smiled at him, then got into place. He understood her taking the smile away, as she couldn't show any weakness. "What have you done?" Mina demanded, and Joseph froze. What had he done? Looking up at her, he noticed that she was looking at Daisuke, not him.

"I retrieved-" he started, feeling for something in his belt, but didn't find it. I retrieved a Pokemon, but it's owner appears to have taken it back." he said, and although his face seemed emptionless, Joseph could tell that he was angry at the boy for getting the Pokeball back.

Joseph sighed, then spoke. "So, what do we do now?" he asked, hoping he wouldn't sound stupid. It would be a very bad thing to get Daisuke thinking that he was stupid, especially in the mood he was in now. He quietly rubbed some dirt off of Cassie's Pokeball as he waited for an answer. He would need to heal her later, but for now, she would be fine.

Darth Murkrow
07-19-2007, 08:25 PM
Nita nodded violently, agreeing more than the two could imagine. But where could the trio go where they wouldn't be found by Team Mythic?

"Maybe..." Nita murmured, fishing for her Pokedex.

"There's a town not to far from here, and some water and grass north," she started, poking the Pokedex's screen with some help from Tobias. "Maybe we can catch and train some more Pokemon after we heal these guys," she offered.

The nurse came back with the white Pokeball not too long later, grumbling inaudibly. She was sure to lose her job over this ordeal, but she didn't care at this point.

07-19-2007, 09:06 PM
Kenji nodded.

"Sounds like a good idea to me. I caught a Weedle, but that's hardly anything against Team Mythic. So, let's get going so we can get out of here." In truth, Kenji was worried about how well Reeah would heal. It would take some time, anyway, so they needed to get going.

Upon arriving at the Pokemon center, Kenji was relived to see that his mother wasn't on duty. He'd managed to wipe off the blood, but he knew he still looked dirty, and she would have been shocked by Reeah's condition. He stepped up to the counter, pulling out his PokeTech for identification.

"I left a Weedle here, and I need to get my Meowth healed," he told the nurse. "She got frozen in battle." The woman nodded in understanding. "We'll have her better in no time. Meanwhile, I'll bring out your Weedle." She went into another room, only to reappear with a regular red and white Pokeball. She handed it to him.

"Here you go," she said. "Just wait here while we heal your Meowth." She pointed to a waiting area, complete with chairs and magazines. Kenji nodded and quickly sat down.

Deciding to try and befriend his new Weedle, he released it. It blinked tiny black eyes, its large head waving about dizzily. Once it got its bearings, it looked around, finally landing it's gaze on Kenji.

"I'm your new trainer," he told it carefully, holding out one hand. The bug sniffed it gingerly before loosing interest. Spotting the magazines, it made a beeline for them and started munching on an issue of Delcatty Fancy.

07-19-2007, 09:12 PM
"Yeah, that sounds good..." Jackson mumbled, still surprised by the whole trauma that had occured at the hospital. "We can't go back there... We need to go to somewhere different to heal these three." He pushed himself off of the ground, his wrist in pain for some reason. He looked down at the joint between his hand and arm, noticing a large gash.

"Jackson..." Alexa said, worried for him. "We need to go. Now!"

Darth Murkrow
07-21-2007, 04:16 PM
((Busy busy busy Harry Potter agah))

"Jackson, you're hurt," Nita realized, entering the Pokecenter not too long later. "You should get that checked out, really. If you're not too busy, could you heal my Rattata please?" Nita asked. The nurse gave her a skeptical look, as though wondering why she was fighting with a Rattata anyway, and scooped up the grumbling purple rat, walking away. Nita sat and waited, observing the Weedle's dietary habits.

07-21-2007, 05:38 PM
OOC: Mr Potter! I can't find that book anywhere!

IC: "Jackson, you're hurt," Nita realized, entering the Pokecenter not too long later. "You should get that checked out, really. If you're not too busy, could you heal my Rattata please?" Nita asked. The nurse gave her a skeptical look, as though wondering why she was fighting with a Rattata anyway, and scooped up the grumbling purple rat, walking away. Jackson looked at her, grateful that she was concerned.

"Nah, I'll be okay..." He muttered, watching the Weedle that Kenji had caught. "I'm so jealous..." He turned back to Nita, wanting to ask her something. "Nita, shall we go catch some Pokemon? Of course, right after Tobias and Alexa are healed."

07-21-2007, 09:05 PM
OoC// Sorry guys, I've been so busy these past days, and the new Harry Potter book isn't helping. :oops:

"I retrieved a Pokemon," Daisuke began once more with a face devoid of any emotions. "But it's owner appears to have taken it back."

The happiness of successfully completing her first mission as admin had lightened up Mina's mood, and had so found it rather difficult to suppress a giggle. Knowing this would be a very bad thing to do, however, made Mina cover up her amusement effectively, not even the slightest bit reaching her expression.

"So what do we do now?" Joseph asked rather suddenly, and the girl immediately turned her attention to him.

"I doubt we have seen the last of these brats," Mina hissed, dislike clearly present in her voice. Slowly, she looked at both Joseph and Daisuke, and realized they were the only members of her 'squad' she could actually count on. Well, Joseph at the very least. "Since we only just beat them, we must train ourselves and our Pokemon."

Soon, the nurse grumbled back towards Mina, Vash's Pokeball in her hand having been completely healed by the nurse. She handed the white ball to the admin, who received it with a nod of thanks. "Let's go," she announced. Not waiting for an answer, as she should not need to do, the admin strode out of the building, passing the defeated trainers with a scowl on her face. In all honestly, the girl had no idea where she was leading them, but a nearby forest would most likely be the best place to start. So, Mina lead them towards the forest that loomed menacingly over them.

Darth Murkrow
07-22-2007, 06:34 PM
Nita looked over at Jackson, then smiled.

"Sure. Despite what he thinks, Tobias needs to train, and I need another Pokemon. Do you happen to know what kinds are in the area? I can't work the Pokedex's advanced features without Tobias," she smiled in spite of herself with a half-laugh.

((Ew... short...))

07-22-2007, 06:43 PM
OOC: Um... Are we in Viridian?

IC: Nita looked over at Jackson, then smiled.

"Sure. Despite what he thinks, Tobias needs to train, and I need another Pokemon. Do you happen to know what kinds are in the area? I can't work the Pokedex's advanced features without Tobias," she smiled in spite of herself with a half-laugh. Jackson grinned at her from his seat.

This is great! he thought to himself. Maybe then I can... he stopped instantly. No... She won't... Feel the same...

Darth Murkrow
07-22-2007, 06:45 PM
((We're in Hoenn, but all the forests have pretty much the same Pokemon. Tiny little bugs, a few birds, maybe a plant or two...))

07-22-2007, 06:51 PM
((Oh, sorry. Kanto is my other RP I'm in... SORRY!))

07-22-2007, 07:21 PM
OOC: Don't worry Haku, we're all busy at some point.

BIC: "Let's go," Mina announced, striding out of the Pokemon Center. Seeing that she was in a bad mood, he decided that he would have to heal Cassie by himself. He followed her into the dark forest, and broke apart from the group. Walking uncertainly through the forest, he came to a small lake. He set Cassie's Pokeball on the ground, and pressed the button to let her out. She came out and looked at him.

"I hope I'm not going to battle again, I'm still tired," She panted, then lay down on the ground by the lake. Joseph smiled, then ruffled her hair.

"No, I'm going to try and heal you. I was too afraid to ask the nurse to heal you, as Mina was in a bad mood so..." he said, and Cassie laughed.

"I can see why you didn't ask, that admin is one tough cookie," she said quietly, rolling over.

Joseph stayed silent at this comment, and wet his hands. "Okay Cassie, this may be a little cold, but it'll feel good," he said, shaking the excess water off his hands. Putting his hands on her back, he began to slowly massage her. Cassie's mouth dropped open as she received a relaxing massage. As Joseph massaged her whole body, she dozed off, the massage as well as the sounds of nature hypnotizing her. Once the massage was done, Cassie jumped up. "Did you like it?" Joseph asked her. Cassie nodded, then ran over to the edge of the water to get a drink. Joseph also went over and splashed water onto his face. Feeling like he was being watched, Joseph turned around, but no one was there.

Darth Murkrow
07-23-2007, 06:42 PM
The nurse returned with Tobias, who was grumbling under his breath about lousy service. Nita bowed her head in respect and took Tobias in her arms. Nita allowed him to crawl onto her shoulder as she tried to work her Pokedex.

"Oh for the love of..." Tobias let his utterance hang in midair as he swatted the device out of her hands with his tail and took it in his paws. "Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Shroomish, Taillow, happy?" he told her, tucking the tool into her bag again.

"...Very..." she told him. "Thank you."

"Don't thank me until you get me some food, girl," he snapped at her. Nita grabbed a handful of Pokemon food sitting in a dish on the desk, with an approving glance from the nurse, and offered it to him.

"What the crap? It smells like freakin' dog food!" Tobias growled.

"Just eat it, ok? I promise I'll get you human food later," she told him, realizing how ridiculous she must've sounded. Tobias ate some with sickening crunching sounds that lessened even Nita's appetite.

"Human food isn't healthy for Pokemon, you know," the nurse corrected her.

"I know, he just... has a discerning palette," Nita forced herself to say. The nurse chuckled at his rejection of the food.

"Hey, lady, don't you laugh! You run this dump, why not reflect it in your freebies?" Tobias snapped at her. Nita laughed uneasily, almost forgetting that the nurse couldn't hear him talking. She turned back to Kenji and Jackson.

"Thank goodness she can't hear you!" she hissed at Tobias.

"Like I care. Tell me, would you eat dog food? Probably, knowing you, but I sure as heck wouldn't!" Tobias told her. She let out a sigh, her teeth ground together impatiently.

07-23-2007, 07:06 PM
Jackson watched as Tobias worked his magic paws on Nita's Pokedex. With a click, he announced that the Pokemon in this area were Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Zigzagoon, Slakoth, Shroomish and Taillow. Jackson grinned. Lots of Pokemon to be found!

"This sounds exciting!" Alexa said, wanting some new friends. Jackson looked at her and sighed. She was so friendly, maybe a bit too friendly for her own good!

"Come on, Nita. Shall we leave now?" Jackson asked, wanting to go as soon as possible. He wanted as much ground between them and this place as possible.

Darth Murkrow
07-23-2007, 07:16 PM
Nita smiled at Jackson and Alexa, approaching them to pat Alexa on the head. It was really depressing that such a warm and friendly person had to be transferred. Tobias adjusted himself impatiently.

"Let's go! I need to beat something up!" he complained. Nita let out a sigh and adjusted the messenger bag, trying not to disturb her partner.

"I'd love to," she told him, pulling her Pokedex out and looking up the different species. She didn't particularly like Slakoth's evolutionary line; she preferred her creatures small, and being trampled by Rapidash in her youth didn't help. She felt drawn to Cascoon, though; maybe she could raise it into a Dustox. She smiled to herself and put the Pokedex away, realizing that she still had Pokemon food in her hand.

Tobias, as though reading her mind, instantly turned his nose up, and Nita didn't want to subject Alexa to it. Maybe she would use it as bait in the forest. She turned to Jackson and Kenji, waiting for one or the other to lead the way.

07-23-2007, 07:22 PM
OOC: It's raining outside my window, and I'm listening to depressing music... I feel like crying from what has happened to me today... :sad:

IC: "Let's go! I need to beat something up!" Tobias complained. Nita let out a sigh and adjusted the messenger bag, trying not to disturb her partner. Jackson giggled, endeavouring to hide it. His mind began drifting away to the kinds of Pokemon in the forest. Shroomish... A grass Pokemon, right? He sounded interesting...

"Anyway, come on!" he called back to Nita and Tobias, racing for the door.

OOC: When's DE coming back?

Darth Murkrow
07-24-2007, 06:50 PM
Figuring that Kenji must be waiting for Reeah to return, and she entered the woods, listening to the chirping and twittering of other Pokemon. Tobias' stomach gurgled beside her ear, and he leaped off of her shoulder and grabbed at a chesnut, cracking open the shiny shell and pulling out the seed, eating it. Nita, in the meantime, watched, amazed. Tobias looked up at her.

"Whafoo ookinah?" he asked through a full mouth, which Nita remarkably understood.

"You can eat those?" she asked them. He swallowed.

"They're a little bitter, but better than dog food," he told her, grabbing another one and manipulating with such skill that Nita had to wonder if Tobias did a lot of tinkering in his human form. Her heart twinged when she remembered he was human.

07-24-2007, 11:22 PM
In the woods, the leaves rustled underfoot. Tobias cracked open a chestnut, gobbling the inside.

"Whafoo ookinah?" he asked through a full mouth. Alexa looked at him in disgust, then giggled as she saw the funny side of it.

"Maybe we should look for some Pokemon?" Jackson suggested, eager to get things over with. A rustle came from nearby bushes. startling Alexa and preparing her for a fight...

OOC: You can take this one if you want, or can say it was nothing in the bushes... Sorry for setting up!

Darth Murkrow
07-25-2007, 01:03 AM
A Shroomish wandered through the bushes in front of Alexa, ignoring the trainers and Pokemon before it.

"Smish smish smish... Shroomish?" it asked, looking into Tobias' eyes. The Rattata looked back, cheeks stuffed with chesnuts. He swallowed hard and growled, scaring the Shroomish.

"Smish smish smish smish!" it squealed, running into Jackson, then looking up in fear. "SMISH!"

"Tobias, leave it for Jackson," Nita told him with a sigh. Tobias perked his ears up, then bounded toward another bush, where he heard slow, deep breathing.

"Girl, c'mere!" he told her. Not bothering to familiarize him with her name yet again, she pushed some of the bushes aside and gasped. Silcoon and Cascoon were sitting in a small grouping, all asleep, waiting for the time where they would emerge from their shells into Beautifly or Dustox. Nita was drawn to the purple Cascoon, but left the pod creatures there. They needed sleep, not a battle.

((Is that what you meant by "taking" this one?))

07-25-2007, 10:33 AM
OOC: Yeah, you could've taken it. Thanks! =]

The Shroomish wandered over, looking up with a terrified expression. Jackson felt sorry for the small Pokemon, but he still had to battle it to capture it.

"Um... Alexa, try a gentle Peck Attack," he mumbled. "Make it gentle!" She glided towards the Shroomish, her beak outstretched. She thrust it at him, careful not to hurt him too much. The Shroomish toppled over, his legs waving in the air.

"Not bad for a human, eh?" Alexa giggled. She flew back to her trainer, ready for anything else. Jackson slowly reached to his belt, pulling off a Pokeball. Unsure of what to do, he clicked the middle button thingy. The sphere enlarged, and he gently tapped it on the Shroomish's body. He was envelopped in a crimson light, and drawn inside the red and white sphere. The Pokeball rocked once, then twice, then...

OOC: Darth, you decide.

Darth Murkrow
07-25-2007, 06:02 PM
((Meh... I'm feeling generous today.))

The ball gave a third rock, as though it would burst open, but instead the capture mechanism in the front went dull. Jackson had captured his first Pokemon.

"Congratulations!" Nita told him with a laugh, clapping her hands together once. Tobias rolled his eyes.

"C'mon, girl, throw all five of your balls and you'll instantly have a whole team!" Tobias told her, gesturing to the sleeping creatures.

"I can't do that! Not only would I be stuck with five immobile creatures, but that would be cruel! Take them from their homes while they're asleep. Go find a Taillow or something to chase," she told him. He immediately perked up his ears, searching for something that moved faster that was awake.

07-25-2007, 06:25 PM
Turning back to Cassie, Joseph smiled. "It was probably just the wind or something," he said to her, then proceeded to watch the lake. Behind him, bushes rustled. Snapping out of his daydreams, he looked at the bushes. "Did you hear that?" he quietly asked Cassie.

"Yes, I did. You aren't just hearing things," she replied, getting up. She cautiously walked over to the bushes, and stuck her head in. "Hello? Anyone in--" she began, but abruptly stopped.


Joseph walked over, and pulled the bushes apart, revealing Cassie's head, and a small brown Slakoth looking at each other. Cassie smiled it him. "It's kind cute, don't you think?? she asked him, and the Slakoth slowly moved out of the bushes, into a small clearing. "I think it wants a battle," she said, nudging Joseph. Joseph looked down at her wiht a look of concern. "Don't worry, I can do this," she told him, then walked towards the Slakoth. He got behind Cassie, vaguely aware that Mina was watching him from the woods.

"Cassie, start off with a Fire Fang attack!" he ordered, and Cassie began her attack. Her mouth filled with fire, and she clamped down on the Slakoth.

Darth Murkrow
07-26-2007, 05:47 PM
Tobias immediately growled in the general direction of a young Zigzagoon. Nita only recognized that it was young because its fur hadn't completely hardened into points that could become its pin missle attack later. Nita thought that the creature was cute, but Tobias just wanted to attack it. With a growl and a quick attack, the Zigzagoon lay supine beneath him.

"Zig... oon!" the tiny creature cried out, trying to get free.

"Nita, please can I bite it?" he asked, completely oblivious to the crying beneath him.

"Tobias, get off of it! It's just a baby!" Nita ordered him. Tobias ignored her and wrapped its jaws around the creature's neck, and Nita picked up a Pokeball in her bag and threw it. The ball rocked weakly a few times, Tobias sulking for the sole reason that he couldn't sink his teeth into anything.

((Someone else call it.))

07-26-2007, 05:56 PM
After rocking a few times, the ball dinged, and sat peacefully on the ground. Nita smiled, happy that she had caught her first Pokemon.


"Koth!" Slakoth screeched as it felt Cassie's fangs close down on it. While being in Cassie's mouth, it took a chance to Scratch at her nose, making her let go in pain.

"Cassie! Try a Flame Wheel attack now!" Joseph ordered, and Cassie body was engulfed in fire. Hitting the Slakoth, it was hit a couple feet, then fell onto the ground. Feeling like now was a good time to catch it, Joseph unlatched a Pokeball from his belt, and threw it at Slakoth.

The ball shook once, bringing a smile to Joseph's face. It shook again, and Cassie smiled. One more time, and it would be caught!

OOC: Somebody please call it.

07-26-2007, 08:06 PM
The Slakoth burst from the red and white sphere with a cheeky grin on his face. He laughed at Joseph, not realising that the Pokeball he broke free off was flying through the air. It bounced from a tree stump and struck the Slakoth again. It was enveloped, and capture mechanism went dull...

07-27-2007, 01:13 PM
OOC: Thanks djax. :)

BIC: Joseph smiled as he walked over to the Pokeball laying on the ground. Picking it up, he searched in the woods, but couldn't find Mina anywhere. Cassie barked at him, getting his attention. "Well? Let it out already!" she said impatiently, and Joseph pressed the button on the Pokeball. Out of it came Slakoth, who sat on the ground and looked up at Joseph.

"Koth?" it asked, scratching its back. Joseph smiled, pondering what to name it.

"Umm, Cassie? Could you come here?" he asked. Cassie walked over. "I-I need you to ask it what gender it is," he stuttered, and watched as Cassie talked with the Slakoth in a rapid tone.

"Its a boy," she said, peering at Joseph.

"Ahh, okay. How about... Koth?" Slakoth shook his head. After listing off names for a while, Joseph was beginning to run out of ideas. "Slaa?" Nope. "Moss?" he asked, but this instead earned him a nod from Slakoth. "Done! You will now be known as Moss," he said, tapping Moss on his head.

OOC: Gah, I need Haku to post.

Darth Murkrow
07-28-2007, 05:29 PM
Nita smiled, picking up the Pokeball.

"You've captured another normal-type rodent, I hope you realize," he told her.

"I know," Nita told him with a sigh, releasing the creature. It clung to her arm tightly, licking her as though thanking her. She stroked the soft baby fur on his head, sitting down to think of a name. "...How about Peeko?" she asked finally. The Zigzagoon looked up at her, tilting his head with a cooing sound. "Peeko. Do you like that name?" she asked him. He nodded. Nita hesitated in letting Peeko down, for fear Tobias would try to attack him, and instead allowed him to crawl up onto her shoulder to chew on the ends of her hair.

07-28-2007, 08:28 PM
Jackson bent down to pick up the inactive Pokeball containing his new Shroomish. Pressing the small center button, he released the Shroomish. It looked up at him in confusion, but then ran to his leg, jumping up and down as if asking to be picked up.

"You should probably give him a name..." Alexa suggested, happy to have a new team mate. Jackson looked puzzled, then smiled.

"How about Roomush?" Jackson asked the little Grass Pokemon on the ground. He kneeled down and scooped Roomush into his arms, tickling his belly. He seemed happy enough, so Jackson was too!

Darth Murkrow
07-29-2007, 01:26 AM
"Roomush?" Nita asked, although with a smile. Peeko chirped happily from her shoulder, and Tobias sulked in her lap. "I like that. It suits him."

"We'd better start training them," Nita offered, shifting Tobias and standing up stretching.

"Training on what? There's nothing here but trees," he yawned, scratching his ear. Nita picked up a stick on the ground. "You're not going to make me fetch that, are you?"

"It's like you read my mind. Tobias, use quick attack and then hyper fang!" she commanded, hurling the stick as far as she could. Tobias took off at a run, seemingly vanishing and reappearing in the air. He slammed his jaws shut, his teeth splitting the stick cleanly in half. He landed on the ground, awaiting more orders, Peeko letting out squeals of delight in watching the Rattata's abilities in action.

07-29-2007, 12:45 PM
Moss grinned at Joseph. "Koth! Slakoth!" he said, pointing to a tree. Picking Moss up, Joseph set him down at the base of the tree. Koth climbed onto the tree with ease, then climbed up to the higher branches. "Koth!" he yelled, beginning to shake the tree, then stopping.

"He wants you to shake the tree," Cassie said, who was laying lazily on the ground. Shrugging, Joseph began to shake the tree. From out of the tree fell a Wurmple, which was what Moss wanted. Jumping down from the tree, Moss landed on the ground, and looked at Joseph. "He wants to battle the Wurmple," Cassie said, getting up to walk to Joseph.

"Okay, you ready Moss?" he asked Moss, and he got a vigorous nod. "Okay Moss, Scratch!" he ordered, and Moss ran after the little Wurmple. Following, Joseph saw that the effort put into the attack had sent Wurmple into a bush. Angered by this disturbance, Wurmple shot two needles from it's tail; a Poison Sting. "Moss, look out!" Joseph exclaimed, and Moss lazily rolled out of the way, taunting the Wurmple.

Wurmple let out a screech of anger, then shot another at Moss. "Koth!" he exclaimed, falling onto his side. Wurmple began to charge at Moss, but was stopped as Moss attacked.

"Moss, use Faint Attack!" Joseph ordered. Moss disappeared for a second, only to reappear behind Wurmple, slashing it with his claws.

07-29-2007, 05:32 PM
"Okay, you guys might find this method of training a little harsh, but I want you to use Stun Spore, Roomush," I said, preparing myself for the rush of guilt. "Direct it at Alexa..." I paused, waiting for the burst of anger from either Nita or Alexa. No protest came, though. "Alexa, use Safeguard when you feel threatened by Roomush's attack. Try and delay it as long as possible, though." Once I'd finished, Roomush shook himself vigourasly (sp?), releasing a cloud of spores into the air. They travelled towards the Swablu at a great pace, not leaving her much time to react to it. At the last second, she forced a green aura around herself, protecting her from the attack.

"Shroo!" Roomush cried with excitement. He'd been praised, and that made him happy.

Darth Murkrow
07-30-2007, 01:36 AM
Nita observed Jackson training and let Peeko down.

"Jackson?" she offered. "A double battle? Not to the death or anything, but just to train?" she asked him, narrowing her eyes at Tobias for her last sentence, who seemed to be deliberately ignoring her. Peeko twittered at her, standing on his hind legs and falling over. Tobias rolled his eyes.

"Got to be better than fetching sticks for you. I can't wait to beat something up," Tobias yawned and stretched lazily. Peeko shied away from him timidly, and then looked up at Roomush, who was slightly larger than him. He was scared of Roomush, but there was something about Alexa that amused Peeko, likely her fluffy wings.

07-30-2007, 01:43 AM
Hit by the Faint Attack, Wurmple crumpled on the ground. Its small defenses hadn't been able to take Koth's attacks, and so it had fainted. Koth looked at Joseph, wanting to know what to do next. "Koth, it's okay. Come back," he said, beckoning to Koth. Looking around, he noticed a Sitrus Berry lying underneath one of the trees. Picking it up, Joseph examined it. It was nice and ripe, perfect for healing. Walking over to Wurmple, he bent down by it.

"Wurmmm," it said groggily, looking at Joseph. Joseph smiled at it, turning the Sitrus Berry over in his hand.

"Here you go, eat it," he said softly to the Wurmple, putting the Sitrus Berry by its mouth. It sniffed it, then reluctantly ate it. After chewing, its eyes got wide, and it sprung up.

"Wurmple!" it yelled, reenergized. Looking at Joseph, it gave a little smile, then hopped off into the trees. Joseph felt happy, happy that he had helped the Pokemon. Cassie walked up to him, and leaned against him.

"That was a nice thing to do," she told him, gently licking his hand. He rubbed her head.

"Well, it was the least that I could do, especially after Moss weakened it," he replied, scrathing her ears. Standing up, he gazed around the clearing. All was quiet, and he couldn't see Mina. Picking up Moss, he walked towards the forest. Cassie silently followed.

OOC: Hey Darth, shall I PM Haku and see if she's still in this?

Darth Murkrow
07-30-2007, 01:50 AM
((You could. I should probably be the one to do it, though, seeing as I am the creator. Not having our principle villain could be a bad thing, couldn't it?))

07-30-2007, 11:00 AM
OoC// Well, I feel like an idiot. Dx I didn't even realize this roleplay had continued, since it never appeared in the bold threads.

Mina had only been walking through the forest for a mere thirty seconds before having an embarrassing encounter with a bramble thicket. The admin had not noticed the large thicket directly in front of her, and had so got her foot caught between the brambles and tripped over. Having been walking such a distance in front of Joseph and some of the other grunts, no-one had seen her fall and had just walked past.

Angrily, the girl began to tug and fidget her foot from its trapper. This was all to no avail however, as her foot would just not budge. If this situation had been in a comic or a cartoon, steam would almost definitely be pouring from Mina's ears. Tiredly, she began to calm herself down, which somewhat worked. Slowly, the youth reached for Vash's Pokeball, which luckily could be easily gotten a hold of. With a swift throw of the Pokeball, it opened and the red aura formed the shape of a Houndour.

Vash stared at his master, amusement clearly visible in his eyes. "What have you done?" he asked, trying to hold back laughter.

Mina narrowed her eyes, but said nothing about his amusement at her expense. "Will you help me out please?" she asked, forcing the last word.

It suddenly hit Vash that this would be a perfect time to escape. For a moment, he decided to do just that. But then again, he couldn't just leave her like this, however mean she was. With a sigh, Vash walked towards the bramble thicket and began to help his master out.

Soon, Mina was standing, brushing the dirt from her clothes. "Thanks," she murmured, kneeling down to scratch her saviour behind the ear. Then, as if remembered who she was, stood straight again. Without a word, she headed in the direction that Joseph's voice was sounding from. It wasn't far, and within minutes she had rejoined her friend with Vash following rather reluctantly by her side.

07-30-2007, 11:38 AM
"Jackson?" she offered. "A double battle? Not to the death or anything, but just to train?" Jackson smiled, wanting her to say something like this for a long time.

"Yeah, that sounds good..." he shrugged, trying not to show his excitement.

"Got to be better than fetching sticks for you. I can't wait to beat something up," Tobias yawned and stretched lazily. Jackson couldn't help but laugh at his remark, however childish it was! Peeki wandered over to Roomush, slightly intimidated by his 10cm height advantage. Trotting to Alexa, he giggled. He seemed amused by her fluffy wings.

"Aww, isn't he cute?" Alexa cooed, mesmerised by the little Zigzagoon.

"Okay, no fainting in our battle?" Jackson interrupted, talking to Nita.

07-30-2007, 01:24 PM
After walking through the forest for a couple minutes, Joseph became lost. He sighed, and turned around. About a hundred yards away, there was another lake, which Joseph headed for. Upon reaching the lake, his jaw dropped. Around the lake, small Pokemon lay by the water, napping. The scene was very serene, and Joseph smiled. Hearing someone behind him, he turned around to see Mina and Vash, both looking a bit disheveled.

"Umm...Hi!" he said, and he got a nod in reply. In his arms, Moss waved to Mina, and Joseph smiled. "I just caught him a little while ago, he's quite the vigorous battler when he feels like it," Joseph said, rubbing Moss's head.

"Mmhmm, we found him in a bush," Cassie said, and rubbed up against Joseph before getting a drink of water from the lake. Turning around, he saw the sun, and checked his watch.

"4 o'clock already?" he exclaimed, then looked out at the Pokemon. They definitely looked very happy. Looking up into the sky again, he saw a small flock of Taillow flying above the lake. He gasped as he saw soemthing on the lake that didn't seem just right.

"WHOOSH!" Something flew over the lake, leaving a flash of blue and white, and was followed by another. "WHOOSH!" Now there was a flash of red and white, but it stopped on the other side of the lake. Floating on the other side was a Pokemon.

It had a red body, and a white head, and floated just above the lake. It was Latias. Turning around to Mina, he noticed taht she had seen it too, and he stared back at it. Latias flashed a quick smile, then dashed off for the blue flash that must have been her brother.

OOC: I hope you don't mind an appearance from Latias, Darth, I just figured it'd be nice.

Darth Murkrow
07-30-2007, 03:02 PM
((That's fine. Not exactly the legend that Haku and I were planning on getting involved, but it's fine she appeared.))

Peeko inclined his head to one side when Alexa said "cute." He paused for a moment, then rolled over, exposing his belly and grinning. Nita laughed, then cleared her throat and returned to Jackson.

"Oh, no fainting, of course not. We just got back from the Pokemon Center, we wouldn't want them to faint again, would we?" she asked, her last question more rhetorical.

"That's not at all fun," Tobias warned her. She shushed him and clucked her tongue, Peeko looking up and managing to wiggle his way back onto his feet, trotting over to Nita's right side. He crouched down, wiggling his tail playfully, while Tobias merely sat and looked bored.

07-30-2007, 03:35 PM
((I'm calling this next post, and am just saying this so you know I'll type something up... Because I'm slow! =P))

EDIT: ((Okay, here I go!))

Peeko tilted his head slightly when Alexa used the word "cute". Jackson giggled, trying to make it a manly giggle, but failing. Roomush rolled on the floor laughing, making funny noises.

"Okay, you guys... So no fainting, double battle?" Jackson confirmed, ready to take Nita on.

((Sorry... Shortness must die!))

Darth Murkrow
07-30-2007, 03:58 PM
"All right. I believe that you would make the first move, as I initiated?" Nita told him, though it sounded more like a question. Her first battle had been with Team Mythic, and they never really followed many of the trainer's guidelines.

"Whatever," Tobias groaned.

"Goon?" Peeko asked Tobias. Tobias raised his brow at the rodent beside him.

"Look, Shorty," he told him. "I'm warning you now; you're in for a tough ride. This girl beats you if you don't work hard enough. And what she said about not fainting? Totally not true. You push yourself and get stronger."

"Goon!" Peeko stuck out his tongue and nuzzled Nita, and she laughed.

"Tobias, don't take advantage of poor, impressionable youths," she told him.

07-30-2007, 04:29 PM
Mina nodded in greeting, staring at the Slakoth that lay between Joseph's arms. It waved at her, but she made no movement to wave back. She'd never taken a liking to the Slakoth family, though she didn't know why. With a slight shrug, Mina averted her gaze to what was behind her friend.

A rather beautiful lake lay in a large clearing. Pokemon of all kinds stood at the edges of the sparkling water, all having a peaceful sleep in the sunshine. Joseph had a new Pokemon, and no doubt those pesky trainers had some as well. If you took all that into account, why couldn't she?

Mina spotted a small flock of Taillow asleep not far from where she stood. Both quickly and quietly, she motioned for Vash to follow her. The girl made silent footsteps as she almost crept towards the flock with Vash following behind just as quietly. When they neared, Mina stopped and looked at Vash. "Use Fla--," she started, but was cut off as a whooshing sound filled the clearing.

A Pokemon that Mina instantly recognized as Latias flew speedily into the clearing. She stopped, floating steadily as she descended towards the lake. She seemed to smile for a moment before rushing after a blue blur, who could only be her brother, that had just flew over the lake. This sudden appearance of a legendary seemed to have awoken the small Taillow flock, who flew off.

Mina cursed under her breath, but she had secretly liked the appearance of Latias. When she had been in the Team Mythic briefing room, the other admins had told her all about Latias, along with a few other of the legendaries she could have chose out of. She had taken a liking to Latias, but although she had liked the idea of becoming the red-and-white dragon Pokemon, Mina still preferred the legendary dog of water: Suicune.

07-30-2007, 11:01 PM
Joseph couldn't help smiling as Latias scared away the Taillow, but he abruptly stopped. Although his friend, she was still an admin, and he was supposed to respect her. Sighing, he turned back to the lake, and lay on the ground. With Moss on his belly, and Cassie by his side, he closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the lake. Slipping into sleep, he began to dream.

Joseph was in a dark hallway, with doors every few feet. At his side, Cassie was not a Growlithe, but instead she was a human. She gestured for him to follow, and he did. The hallway gradually began to brighten up, and he soon recognized it as the Team Mythic base. Turning around a corner, he followed her, and they soon came to the room in which he had gotten her. He saw Mina get Vash's Pokeball, and then himself getting his Pokeball. He watched as he was ushered out the door, then he saw Cassie beckoning him forward.

They followed the scientists into the next room, where the scientist pulled on his gloves. "Okay, now back to business," he said, then pushed past another set of doors. Joseph gasped, and Cassie also gasped. In front of them, there was a set of tables. Strapped to one was a young girl, unconscious. On the table next to her was a Pichu, that was obviously dead. Walking over to the girl, he began the process that would implant her soul into a Pokemon.

Thirty minutes later, it was done. The girl's body was bleeding profusely, deeply cut in many places. Beside her, the Pichu stirred slightly, proof that the process was complete. Joseph looked at Cassie, at a loss for words. "I-Is this really what happens?" he asked her, pointing at the two bodies. Cassie nodded, and the room began to dim.

Before he knew it, he was awake, by the lake. Looking at Cassie, he felt pity for her. Her whole life was practically ruined because of this. She'd never be able to date, or do many things. Cassie looked up at him. Reaching over to her, he hugged her. Cassie gave him an odd look, considering that she had been sleeping at the time. "What was that for?" she asked him, yawning.

"I just had a dream, and I saw what happens in the transference room," he told her, and her eyebrows raised. "I can't believe that's what goes on in there," he said, still hugging Cassie. She licked his ear, still sleepy. "I'm really sorry Cassie, I never knew,"

"Well, at least they had the decency to put me to sleep while the operation went on. Now come on, get up. You've slept for about an hour," Cassie said grumpily, pawing at Moss to get up. Cassie was obviously not someone to be around when tired. Upon getting an odd look from Joseph, she spoke again. "Don't give me that look. I sort of have an internal clocky-thingy. It's one of the good things that came out of this," Cassie said, pacing around impatiently. "Now come on, Mina went off after you fell asleep. We'd better go find her, and see what to do next," she said, pushing against Joseph.

Getting up, he picked up Moss who had fallen back asleep, and walked into the forest. "Mina? Where are you," he asked the forest, hoping for an answer.

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07-31-2007, 03:19 AM
(I am really sorry, but would someone mind telling me what's happened in the past week? If it's just a few pages, I'll go ahead and read them, though.)

Darth Murkrow
07-31-2007, 05:18 PM
((It's fine. Real Life should always come first. :wink: Our Pokemon are healed, Nita and Jackson caught a Zigzagoon and a Shroomish respectively, Mina and Joseph are working on catching their Pokemon, Latias flew by, Mina's reflecting on Team Mythic's plot and Nita and Jackson are about to have a double battle for training purposes. [/quick recap]))

07-31-2007, 06:56 PM
((It's fine. Real Life should always come first. :wink: Our Pokemon are healed, Nita and Jackson caught a Zigzagoon and a Shroomish respectively, Mina and Joseph are working on catching their Pokemon, Latias flew by, Mina's reflecting on Team Mythic's plot and Nita and Jackson are about to have a double battle for training purposes. [/quick recap]))

(And Joseph has also caught a Slakoth, and just had a dream. Yay for dream sequences!)

07-31-2007, 06:58 PM
(Okay. In that case, random reappearances are in order. ^^)

"Oh, you're quite good at judging directions, aren't you?" Reeah sneered from her perch on Kenji's shoulder. The boy didn't say anything, just kept glancing around the forest. They'd gotten separated from the others, and he had no clue where they were.

"Wee, weedle?" The tiny larvae Pokemon he'd caught early said, looking confused. She, for both Kenji and Reeah had determined she was a girl, seemed as confused as they were. He'd named her Raktyc.

"We'll find them soon. I mean, how big is this place?" Kenji said positively. Reeah was about to give a scathing reply when she heard voices. Before she could speak, there was a loud woosh from overhead. Kenji looked up just in time to see a red and white shape pass. He watched it for a moment, before Reeah finally said, "There's someone beyond that bush over there." She pointed with her tail. "Maybe we should take a peek. It could be the others." Kenji nodded. As he approached, he recognized the voices, but they weren't those of Nita and Joseph. It was the Team Mythic operatives.

(I'll do Daisuke later. I don't feel like RPing him now. >>)

07-31-2007, 10:10 PM
Mina was not about to succumb to fatigue and fall asleep, not when there was still so much to do. So instead of doing the more intelligent thing and taking a rest, like Joseph, she called out to Vash and the pair vanished into the depths of the forest. The admin figured she and her partner could use some one-on-one training, so she led the Houndour into a small, grassy patch she had remembered passing earlier. Although not big, it was still big enough for training in.

"Vash, use Fire Fang on that tree," Mina called, flicking her head in the direction of a broad tree. Vash hesitated for a moment, but figured attacking a tree couldn't do much harm. He mentally sighed before attacking the tree with his flame-covered fangs. Many more attacks were ordered by Mina, and Vash obeyed every one with a tinge of reluctance. After a while, the youth decided it was time for a break.

Silently, she slipped a hand into her pocket, pulling out a small portion of cheese. The girl broke the portion in half, handing one to Vash, who was starving and wasn't about to refuse food. As the Houndour finished the small nibble, Mina spoke. "You don't seem very happy," she remarked.

"Well of course not," Vash replied, refusing to meet his trainer's gaze. "Would you be if you were suddenly transferred into a Pokemon's body and then having to work for those who did it to you?"

Mina frowned, a slight hint of something else mixed into her expression. Confusion, perhaps? Or maybe it was pity. In any case, she opened her mouth as if to speak, yet a voice interrupted her.

"Mina? Where are you," a voice shouted through the forest, a voice no doubt belonging to Joseph. It wasn't fear, but Mina decided it was close enough. Swiftly, she got up from the rock on which she had perched and half-walked, half-jogged back to the lake with Vash bounding close behind. "What is it?" the girl asked as she arrived back at the lake.

08-01-2007, 02:09 AM
Seeing Mina jogging towards him, Joseph waved. "What is it?" she asked him. Vash came up behind her and sat down.

"Hey, it's already five o'clock. I know it's not my place to say or anything, but maybe we should head back," he said, but he noticed that Mina's attention was on something else. Behind him at the lake, a Taillow had stopped to take a drink of water, and was now looking at them curiously. Joseph grinned, knowing that Mina would probably want to catch it. As he turned back to Mina, Moss woke up.

Jumping out of Joseph's arms, Moss ran a couple yards into the forest, then spoke to Cassie. "H-he wants us to follow him, just you and me," she said, shooting a look at Mina. She nodded, and Joseph checked his earpiece to make sure it was still there.

"Let's go," he said, and he jogged off after Moss, with Cassie following close behind him. As he jogged away, he didn't notice Kenji hiding behind a bush, watching Mina and him. At numerous times, Moss stopped for a moment, but then picked up, sometimes changing directions.

After about ten minutes, Moss abruptly stopped, and spoke quietly to Cassie, who relayed the message to Joseph. "Moss heard voices in the woods, so he wanted us to follow. He says that we should be quiet, as they are just beyond those bushes over there," she said, glancing at some bushes.

"Look, Shorty," a voice said beyond the bushes. "I'm warning you now; you're in for a tough ride. This girl beats you if you don't work hard enough. And what she said about not fainting? Totally not true. You push yourself and get stronger." Cassie couldn't help letting out a low growl, it was the sissy rat from earlier. Joseph crept up to the bushes, and carefully climbed in. Koth also climbed into Joseph's lap, and Cassie lay to his side.

"Goon!" A small Zigzagoon nuzzled the girl from earlier, making her laugh. What was her name... Rita? No, it was Nita. Joseph thought to himself.

"Tobias, don't take advantage of poor, impressionable youths," she said, scratching the Rattata under the chin. It seemed like she was going to be battling with the boy who had saved her in the hospital. Considering alerting Mina about this, he figured that he would wait until after the battle. Inside the bush, a small horsefly flew around Cassie, so she unconsciously swatted at it, making the bushes rustle. Joseph shot her an angry look, and hoped that the two hadn't noticed the noise.

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