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06-28-2007, 02:12 PM
"Two thousand years ago the world controlled by a strong creature called humans. The humans destroyed our nature and our primitives. One man that lived with our primitives, named Nicolas Siver, saw a green rock that travelled in the world that after the sky and was ready to fall in a few weeks. Nicolas and the primitives went to a place called 'government' and told them the situation. They didn't listen to him. They laughed and thought that he was crazy. But, as Nicolas said to the humans in the government, the rock fell and all of these creatures died. Only the primitives survived, but a process called 'mutation' happened to them." A white female wolf said to her cub.
The wolf cub looked at the drawings on the cave and asked: "Mother, did they have abilities before the 'mutation'?"
The female wolf licked her son's blue spikes. "They had ability that called 'atsumari'. It means 'meeting'. Like these days, our primitives, the wolves, used to be together. All of us know how to use this ability, right Max?"
"Yes mom, we just need to howl." He said and tried to escape from his mother's orange striped paws.
She looked at him with a smile. Her white feathered tail shined when she stood up and got out of the cave. "Your father wanted to see you."
The black furred cab got out of the cave and ran towards the council cave. His father stood outside of the cave and his blue wings rested on his back. His father was the leader of the tribe. Two wolves, that Max never saw, stood next to him.
"Who are they?" The young wolf asked. A brown rat-like creature jumped on his head.
"They are our new tribe members."
Max didn't trust them. They stayed for a night in one of the empty caves. Max woke up and went to the Raro territory, where some of his best friends lived. Suddenly, a rain started to fall and Max saw something in the field. He saw that the two new wolves turned to tigers, the wolves' biggest enemy. One of the tigers' ability was 'doukei', an ability that used for transforming. They killed the leader of the wolves in front of his son's eyes. From this moment Max wanted revenge.

The humans died two thousand years ago because of a green meteor. Only the animals survived, but they became half mutants. The world separated for two main tribes: The Life Tribe that belongs to the wolves and the Death Tribe that belongs to the tigers. The tribes had smaller tribes that lived with them. Every animal had its ability, from calling for help to telekinesis. The tribes tried to live in peace, but the Death Tribe decided to attack. They killed the leader of the wolves in front of Max, his son. From this moment, a war started between the two tribes.
Life Tribe: One of the main Tribes. It's a tribe of the wolves.
Life Tribe's other tribes:
Raro: rats.
Laco Laco: horses.
Balo: rabbits.
Eo: eagles.
Whaso: foxes.
Snae: snakes.
Ano: antelopes and elks.
Beo: beavers.

Death Tribe: One of the main tribes. It's a tribe of the tigers.
Death Tribe's other tribes:
Hon Hon: crows.
Dedo: owls.
Tarfe: turtles.
Bli: skunks.
Sni Sna: lizards.
Paza: squirrels and chipmunks.
Floro: frogs.
Spapo: hedgehogs.

Special Food types:
Chocoloco: giant chicken that found in the fields of the Life Tribe.
Flamer: a fish that looks like a flame that found in every river.
Dragon Claw: a red flower that found in the fields of the Death Tribe.
Fruit stones: stones that taste like fruits. They never lose their taste and never get smaller. Found in the old caves of the Life Tribe.
Water Blade: a small fish that found in every river, but only tigers can fish it.

No Spamming
No Bunnying
No Godmodding
No Flaming
PG-13 romance is allowed
Enjoy the Rp

Sign up form:
Name: (first name will do it)
Age: (human years)
Appearance: (use your imagination. Ad spikes, wings, 6 legs, drawings, etc…)
Abilities: (describe them please)
Rp sample:

My sign up:
Name: Max
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Tribe: Life Tribe
Appearance: Max has black fur and blue eyes. He has blue spikes on his back and neck. He has long ears. His left ear looked like another wolf bit it. Max has long nails and big paws. He has few blue feathers on his black fuzzy tail.
Personality: Max is very shy for a tribe leader. He likes to play jokes on the tribe elders and he usually gets in lots of troubles. He will protect his tribe with his body and soul, like his father. Sometimes he likes to be alone and to think about his dead father. Max is very lazy for a leader. If nobody will wake him up, he will sleep for a few days. If he will hear about traitors in his tribe, he will kill him.
History: Max is the son of the Life Tribe leader. He learned from him everything he knows, like hunting Chocoloco and fighting. He always wished that he would have with wings like his father, but he had powerful spikes instead. Max wanted to be a great leader like his father. One day his father found two wolves that wanted to be in his tribe. Max didn't trust them, but he couldn't do anything, he was only seven years old. One night he went to the Raro tribe. A rain started to fall and max ran to the field. He saw that the wolves turned to tigers. They ripped his father's wings and killed him. From this moment he turned to the leader. He swore that he will kill all of the tigers no matter what.
Abilities: "Meeting"- Max howls and a small ray of light calls for the wolves nearby to help.
Dark Ball"-Max makes a dark ball-like thing around his enemies and slowly kills him. Only pure hearted won't get hurt.

Sockyo- Max- Life Tribe
Gaby- Yuzuki Mikigatu- Life Tribe

da ink
06-28-2007, 03:02 PM
Hey van i sign up?

Age: 12
Appearance:Inaki has red fur and dark green eyes on the end of he's tail he had spikes that he would swing around to hit enemies. He also has a scar crossing he's Right eye. He's claws were as long as wolverine claws but twice as sharp.
Personality:Funny, likes to fight, will do anything to protect he's friends
History:Inaki lived in the Spaso tribe for most oh he's life but after the tigeers killed the wolf leader Inakik was walking toward the wolf tribe, so some tigers saw him and they attacked him slashing him in he's right eye after that he got really angry so he started to swing he's spiked tail aroung to hit any one he could, after he broke 5 tiger's back he ran back to he's tribe to warn them
Abilities: Inaki is able to make the spikes in he's tail biggir so he can stab other people, he can also turn he's body on fire to trow fire balls, Last he can run realy fast so he can make a sonic boom or a smal tornado
Rp sample:???

06-28-2007, 03:08 PM
da ink- not accepted. If you are a Sapaso, you stay in the Death Tribe teritory, you serve them, tou work with them. You need Rp sample to show me your Rp skills.

06-29-2007, 10:17 AM
Like I said, me shalt join!

Name: Yuzuki Mikigatu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Tribe: Life Tribe

Appearance: Click! (http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t262/FLAR30N/Wolf%20Stuff/shisuta.jpg)

Personality: Yuzuki tends to be very quiet and reserved. It's not because she's shy, it's because she detests any and all company. She couldn't care less about the safety of others. Except for Max. She seems to only be able to talk and put her trust on him and him only. In some instances, she has put her life in the line for him. There are a few other people to whom she's nice to, but the change in her attitude is barely noticeable.

History: Yuzuki used to be very cheerful and happy in the past... but that was before she became an orphan. The reason of this is that her parents died protecting her in an attack. Since that day, Yuzuki became completely reserved and not-caring. She thought that to survive, she had to pay attention to herself and no one else, unlike her parents. In truth, this has actually managed to work, as Yuzuki has survived countless near-death experiences, yet at the cost of some of her comrade's lives. Many of the tribe started treating Yuzuki as an outcast, calling her the "Lone Wolf". She has never really cared, always keeping her head up high, knowing that she'll never die in combat.

Abilities: Feral Spirit: A blue aura surrounds Yuzuki, giving her lighting speed.
Moon Clones: Yuzuki makes exact replicas of herself, using the light of the moon. Only works at nights when the moon is up.
Lone Demon: Yuzuki turns more vicious, her fur turning completely dark andher eyes changing to red. Her strength is increased ten-fold, yet her control over this is very little. Can only be used once every two weeks. If used twice, her body is put in a lot of pain. If used three times, she dies.

Rp sample: Merines/Merines 2

06-29-2007, 10:20 AM
Gaby- accepted