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Dog of Hellsing
06-28-2007, 04:16 PM
And here we go:

PLOT: The year is 2150.

One hundred years ago, humans went extinct because of war, famine, and other such calamities. Their numbers fell faster than they could replace, leading to the demise of their race that many had felt was nearing.

Using the technology and other things left behind by the once-dominant race, Pokemon have since moved forward to claim the world. They have adopted human tendencies such as schools and jobs, and even now speak the human language! They have even selected Pokemon to rule in the various regions and areas, just as humans once had presidents, kings, and queens.

But with power and intelligence comes corruption, and Pokemon are no different from humans when it comes to this. The desire for power and control has led to the creation of a group of Pokemon with an insidious plot: to kill Pokemon World Leaders and start a massive war by placing the blame of each death on different nations, hoping to take over the world in the aftermath. It falls to the shoulders of normal, every-day Pokemon to step forward and try to stop them.

Of course, this is easier said than done. No one knows the true leader of the group, none know where they hide their bases, if they have any, none know when or how they communicate. And poking around where you aren’t wanted when you don’t know your adversary can be very dangerous indeed…

Can those Pokemon who decide to take the mantle of savior upon their shoulders find and stop their power-hungry kin? Or will they fail, perhaps leading to the loss of another of the world’s great races?

Sign-Up Are Here. (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=46354) There are currently two spots open.

Darth Murkrow
06-28-2007, 08:56 PM
The small blue Mudkip sighed and glared at the small black and white laced apron. It was more of a bib than an apron, but given her size it was plenty large enough. She let out a sigh and wormed her way into it, grumbling the entire time. She despised the uniform almost as much as she did her job as a maid.

A maid. She let out her breath in a woosh of air and trotted past the artwork on the walls down the stairs and entered the main floor of what was formerly the Lilycove Art Mueseum.

"Blue, get over here!"

"My name is Oceania!" the Mudkip snapped back at the Raticate that had hollered at her. "Hag," she muttered, more to herself.

"What? You had better end your insolence, Mudkip!" the Raticate hollered. Oceania held her tongue, took in a few deep breaths, then looked up.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"You have a client. The Elite Four from Kanto, Jhoto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh are all meeting at the Jhoto Victory Road. They asked for my best maids to serve as butlers for the month. You can do that, can't you?" Raticate asked. "Although, given your temper..."

"I'll do it." Anything to get away from here... she thought, hiding her disgust with an eager smile.

06-28-2007, 08:57 PM
I'll post tomorrow, maybe in the morning before school... If not, definitely after school!

I have to go to bed now, so...

Night, guys!


EDIT: Can I change my character's name to Midnight instead of Shadowz?

06-28-2007, 09:12 PM
(OoC: No setting up? Joy. I'll just fire a plot hook and the GM sets something up, please...)

Flammie sat down, to the side of the tree on the park, sighing. He had been busy with helping out his family again, so he had come a bit later than usual... and yet, his friend just wasn't there yet. How annoying! He was starting to wonder when she was going to appear...

Still, as he prepared to get up and go to her house, an odd-looking crowd at the exit of the park came into sight, and he decided to go check out what it was, exactly.

Crazed One
06-29-2007, 02:48 AM
Kori looked at the huge stack of papers that some how managed to restock itself after each coffeeb rake. He sighed and looked at the first of them. It was another stock option. He signed his name and put it in another pile of papers he had signed. This went on for about 20 minutes until his secretary came one in. His secretary was a Tyrogue named Fenn.

"Mr. Koriox, you have a vistor," His secretary informed him. "Send them in," He muttered while still looking at a paper. A Kirlia came in, "Oh, yes, what is," it he questioned.

06-29-2007, 07:40 PM
Midnight roamed the next street. Surely there'd be something valuable here? Every single allyway looked the same to him. Him stomach grumbled angrily.

"I know, I know! You're hungry..." he muttered to himself. He hadn't eaten for several days now, and was on the verge of collapsing.

The lush green grass ruffled in the gentle breeze, and seemed appealing to Midnight. He bent down, retched his mouth open and took a bite. It tasted kind of salty, not good salty. He spat out the saliva covered vegetation and washed his mouth out in the stream.

"At least the water's clean..." he mumbled. This life was no good to him. He had to sort it out.

The next morning, the nineth shop turned him down. Job applications just weren't his thing! A blue poster fluttered by his face. He grabbed it with his forepaws and read the text:

"The Elite Four of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh are meeting at Johto Victory Road..."

Darth Murkrow
06-29-2007, 08:13 PM
((Sorry about instant teleport... can't blame writer's block, because I just finished a fic chapter...))

Oceania arrived in Jhoto and was inside of the kitchen, holding a tray of h'dourves that weighed more than she did. Her small heart was racing, and her lacy apron was scratching at her neck more than usual.

"Out two three four, look left, pass right, set two, up one, spin two three four, pick up, spin again, pass right, jump and turn, switch to left, place trays, out six seven eight..." Oceania rehearsed her serving routine to herself.

"No," a Gallade beside her corrected her, dressed himself in a bowtie. It's out two three four, look left, pass right, set two, up one, spin two three, pick up four, spin five, pass right, hop quick turn, switch to left, serve to guests, out six seven eight..." he corrected her. How could he stand there and not act nervous at all? This was the elite four!

"You forget, Nicholai, that you are at least four feet taller than I am," Oceania snapped at him, nearly dropping the unidentifiable food objects on her tray on the ground. The Gallade quieted, and they all stood up straighter as the doors opened into the hall.

06-30-2007, 09:29 AM
OOC: Where do we meet up in the story?

Crazed One
06-30-2007, 12:51 PM
OOC: I think we all meet up at the Johto Victory Road, where the elite 4s are.

Dog of Hellsing
06-30-2007, 04:18 PM
OOC: Just remember that humans are extinct now. The E4 can be the strongest Pokemon from each region after the world leaders.


IC: Aaita groaned faintly, her wings drooping as she flopped into a seat. She'd never had so many transports in such a short amount of time. The Flygon stared blankly at the papers scattered across her desk. She'd need to fill out sixteen forms...

Groaning again, Aaita pushed herself out of her chair. She couldn't even think about doing paperwork right now. She was too tired, not to mention hungry. Maybe she should go pick up something to eat from the nearby cafe, rest her wings a bit and give herself some time to relax before tackling the paper-pushing. It sounded like a good idea.

The Dragon walked out of her office and headed to an elevator, pushing the 'v' button and waiting for the car to come. When the doors slid open, the tired Pokemon stepped inside and pressed the 1 button. The doors hissed closed and the car began to descend smoothly. Seconds later, they reopened and Aaita walked out of the car, trotting to the front door of the G.A.T.S. main building, waving to a small group of Eevee who were heading towards it. They nodded a greeting, then vanished seconds later into the building.

Aaita smiled a little, then turned and headed to the cafe. It took only a few seconds to get her seated and served, as the cafe was relatively empty for this time of day. The Jynx waitress took down Aaita's order, then bustled away to give it to the cooks. While she waited for her food to be prepared, Aaita's attention was drawn to the TV behind the counter.

"...The Elite will be arriving at Victory Road near evening, and rumors that Sinnoh's leader may be coming with them have surfaced in the past few hours. It's unknown whether Leader Delego, a Garchomp who rose to the seat of World Leader within three short years, will indeed be with the Elites, but we're sure to find out once these powerful Pokemon arrive later today.

"On to other news..."

Aaita sighed a little, turning from the news program and the droning Machoke reporter. All she'd heard about the past week was this and that about the Elite Four meeting at Victory Road to discuss things from politics to schooling to random bits of whatever they felt like talking about. Certainly it would be a waste of time, and even more certainly Leader Delego wouldn't be present. There'd been whisperings lately, of attacks against World Leaders as of late. Attempted assasinations, botched would-be murders, apprehended killers. Of course, none of this had been officially confimed, and the Leaders were keeping silent about whether any of it was true or not.

Aaita pushed these thoughts from her mind with a sigh. She hadn't come here to ponder about such things. She'd come to relax a bit and have something to eat before heading back to work. She settled into her seat, staring out the window as she waited for her food to be served.

06-30-2007, 04:40 PM
(ooc: I've cut it into two parts, so it's easier to read. ^_^; Got a bit carried away. XD And yeah, the first part is very talky.)

~*~*~*~*~Goldenrod City~*~*~*~*~

The bright, sunny air of what was formerly Goldenrod City, largest of the cities in the Johto region. It was calming, like a gentle breeze caressing the leaves of the tall, deciduous trees. It was a relaxing day, a day for taking out your kits or cubs and strolling among the flowers.

“Take that back Roaran!”

Or not…

Starla hissed dangerously at the Meowth in front of her, her bright amber eyes glaring almost literal daggers at the fellow feline. She was crackling with electricity, the pale blue bolts leaping from clump to clump of fur, and her muscles were wound so tight she about ready to spring. The laughing tawny cat just stuck his tongue out, pulling his eyelid down for emphasis.

“Yeah, yeah, we all know little Starla couldn’t handle going into the haunted park all alone!” He cried, bouncing just out of the way as a bolt of electricity struck the ground,” You’re too afraid of poison to go there, what with all the bug types and the occasional snake.”

“I am not!” Starla yowled, her whole fur glowing from built up energy,” I don’t go in there because I have no need to! Besides, if I get hurt who will be around to heal your sorry butt?” Roaran bristled, hissing and crouching on all four legs. He wasn’t that much shorter than Starla, but she held a distinct advantage over him. She weighed over twice as much as he did, and had the use of electric attacks. He knew better than to attack her with no help.

“Heh, not like I asked you too,” Roaran sneered, turning his nose up and turning to walk away,” There’s always Lunarisa, and she’s prettier than you anyhow, Void.” He barely avoided the large thunderbolt aimed at his head, prancing away like a cat with a new chew toy. Starla hissed under her breath, letting the static die down until she no longer glowed and showing off her true colors. Deep ebon fur that covered her whole body, with jagged pale blue stripes running across it. She was unique, but it wasn’t helpful most the time.

‘Cursed Child!’ ‘Demon!’ ‘Void!’

Starla mewled softly, a low sound few could hear, and curled up into a tight ball, closing her eyes and trying to force the words away. In her hometown, after the death of her parents, she was viewed as a cursed child, or a demon of some sort. And they weren’t sparring in using the harsh words.

‘Witch! Give me back my brother!

‘Momma says you’re a bad person, and I don’t talk to bad people.’

‘My daughter, why did you have to take my daughter?’

'Starla. Starla, what are you doing out here all alone? Come back in with Momma.'


Starla’s eyes opened slowly, meeting the ruby gaze of her mentor. The deep lilac fur swam in and out of vision for a little bit, until her she managed to focus completely.

“Luna? What are you doing here?” she asked groggily, not even noticing that she sun was higher in the sky than when she went to sleep. Lunarisa giggled softly, nudging the groggy little lion cub to her feet.

“Deary, you’ve been gone for two hours, I was worried,” she explained, making Starla instantly perk.

“Wait, two hours? So then it’s closer to midday?” she asked quickly, earning a nod,” Oh shoot! Roaran said he was going the park earlier! You know, the one north of here with all the bugs and snakes?” Lunarisa tensed, looking in the direction of the old park. Few ventured there anymore, for the Bug Pokemon had claimed them long ago and did not like trespassers. If you were lucky and beat bag the bugs, there were always snakes there, and they were even more vicious than the swarms of insects.

“We have to go help him, if we don’t he’ll get hurt, and then we might not be able to get him out and treat the poisoning!” Starla cried, staggering to her feet leaping away before Lunarisa could say anything. She wasn’t paying attention to anyone, not even when she passed Roaran’s mother who was lounging on the front porch of their house. In fact, she didn’t stop until she was right outside the entrance to the park, and then it was only to catch her breath and briefly tell herself she’d be all right.

‘Nothing to worry about, I can beat bug Pokemon any day of the weak.’

She took in a deep breath, and then launched full force into the tangled mass of vines, webs, and tree limbs that was formerly the beautiful National Park of the Johto Region.

06-30-2007, 05:48 PM
OOC: TT, can my character meet up with yours? That way, we can get to the Johto Victory Road...

Crazed One
06-30-2007, 07:46 PM
OOC: Since my character is the VP of a large corrporation, can he be invited to the meeting?

Dog of Hellsing
06-30-2007, 08:21 PM
OOC: From now on guys, please use the Discussion (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1292150#post1292150) thread for OOC stuff ^^. zzz, yes, your char can get an invite. djax, sure, your char can meet Aaita in the cafe if you want.

IC: Coming when I have longer than 8 mins to post >>...

06-30-2007, 10:16 PM
"All boarding the 09:05 trip, please report to the Boarding Station immediately!" A voice buzzed from nowhere. Midnight pushed his way through the smelly, unwashed crowd of people and strolled up to the ticket office.

"Um... One way to Victory Road, please," he requested politely. The Politoed just stared at him, tore a ticket off of the roll and handed him one.

"You have a safe trip, sir," the Politoed said in a standard procedure, droned voice. Midnight gave him a quizzical look, then turned and raced for the Boarding Station.

"Where am I supposed to go now?" he mumbled to himself. He was lost. The squiggly writing on the boards didn't help. It just infuriated him that he couldn't read such fancy handwriting!

"All boarding!" a Flygon shouted. He decided to wander over and ask for assistance...

Crazed One
06-30-2007, 10:22 PM
The Kirlia handed Kori th invitation. Kori read it carefully, half way through his eyes lit up like disco lights. He continued reading and there was dead silence in the room. Suddenly, he jumped up, hugged his secretary, waved to the Kirlia and walked out the door.

"I'm off to Victory Road!" He shouted back over his shoulder.

Legendary Wolf
06-30-2007, 10:42 PM
OOC: So I don't confuse anyone TT Accepted me over PM

*~Goldenrod City~*

Skye look blankly across the streets Delcatties, Persians, even Glameow's roamed the streets mixed in with other Pokemon making the way to their homes, jobs, or even schools. Skye was one of the ones heading towards her job, being an Altaria though she just flew across the high buildings and blank feilds. Shouts could be heard from alleys and the city roared with talking and other noises. To her side she saw a plane taking off for the Pokemon who couldn't fly. The noise was ear-shattering, but Skye had gotten used to it, sometimes her job intended on those to. She saw Flyong's flying in the distance and a group of Taillows following a strong Swellow. Skye was happy with what she was doing in her life, yet she had alot more to acheive to.

Skye landed down in front of her class who were waiting patiently how to learn how to fly. The birds started to chirp Skye smiled and said,

"Alrightly who wants to learn how to fly?" After that comment the five or six students tried to yell hard. They suceeded and Skye pushed along a Taillow and Pidgey who yet weren't going to fly. The Taillow hovered in the air for a few seconds then fell back to the ground. The Pidgey did the same. Skye encouraged them more.

An hour later Pidge was in the air hovering, although he couldn't stay airborne for long she could fly and for that Skye would be given money and a freindship. Two of her favorite things. Although she still didn't talk much. Another hour later the rest could fly. Their parents came to pick them up and Skye was left for the day.

Skye jumped into the air towards her home, she felt something was wrong, heat began to gain in her face, but faded soon afterwards. Thinking, "What possibly could be going wrong now?"

06-30-2007, 11:10 PM

Johto Victory Road

"Is the perimeter safe?" One of the Security Guards, a Machamp, asked me. I nodded, choosing not to talk right now. I focused on my job, be it temporary or not...

Oh, forgive me. I haven't even said what I'm doing here. You see, in my efforts to follow the trail of those who killed my parents, I came upon the meeting of the Kanto Elite Four and the other Elite Fours. Apparently, they'd heard of my father, as well as the rising enforcer that was his son: me. They'd heard tale that there were those who'd kill them and start wars, or something like that, so they asked me if I could possibly be in charge of the security of this official meeting. I was inclined to refuse, when World Leader Delago personally asked me to do this for him.

Well, you could imagine the position I had been put in. It would be rude of me to refuse the World's most prestigious pokemon, the one in charge of all the democracies, monarchies, and other forms of government around the world, but I'd most likely lose track of the criminals I was looking forward. Cursing my luck, I accepted. So, here I am, two days later, making sure everything would go perfectly for the Elite Fours and Delago.

"Is something bothering you, Z?" One of the other Security Guards, an Ampharos this time, asked.

"Please don't call me that." I told her without even glancing at the Electric pokemon, "I'm just focusing on the job now, nothing more or less."

"Attention! The Sinnoh Elite Four have arrived!" An announcement said over the intercom.

"Finally, we can get this damn thing over with..."

OOC: Sorry it's so short! *Bows apologetically several times, eventually hitting head on a wall* Ow...anyway, I just didn't have very long to write that...will write more later. See ya!

07-02-2007, 04:53 PM
Myalra hadn't arrived yet, something that was making Flammie worry. She wasn't one for that... whatever had happened had to be important... and trouble, for sure.

However, a squeal from the crowd attracted him, and the Cyndaquil poked through them, only to see a pair of Grumpigs - both female, it seemed - handing out tickets. The squeal seemed to have come from a Clefairy, who was hopping up and down, her ticket having a symbol in it.

"Congratulations, miss!" one of the Grumpigs said, as she looked at the ticket. "You can go watch the tournament on the stadium with one companion, now!"

It seemed they were handing out possible invitations for a tournament... but what tournament, he couldn't figure out.

One of the Grumpigs (the most feminine one, he guessed) noticed him, then. "Oh, here!" she told him, before nearly shoving the ticket onto his paws. As he was pushed away by the crowd, then, he shrugged.

"What a bunch of weirdos..." he commented, before walking away.

07-03-2007, 02:06 PM
The once well kept National Park, oh how the humans who maintained it would cry at it now. You couldn’t even tell it was anything but a dense forest now, with so many years without being kept up. The trees were dense and tall, though not very big around. They were rather easy to navigate, at least for Starla, and she easily wormed her way towards the center. Webs and brambles hung from tree after tree, soft scratching sounds permeating the air, and glowing eyes staring out from every dark corner. Even if she had tried to hide it, her body trembled from fear.

“Roaran! Roaran come out now!” she called, though her voice cracked and failed near the end. She slowed to a walk, looking around her swiftly and trying not to step on anything. A soft hissing had filled the air now, making her even more jittery than she had ever been near here. Bugs she could deal with, snakes on the other hand were one of her worst fears. She was more than positive it was a snake that had nearly killed her before, and that fact hung in the back of her mind like a malevolent spirit where ever she went. Snakes were foul, heartless creatures, everyone she had met was the exact same. They couldn’t be trusted.

A twig snapped behind her, making Starla whirl around faster than she though possible. Blue sparks jumped from her coat, trying to appear menacing. Her eyes snapped every which direction, trying to find the culprit, catching a dark figure slither over the ground behind a tree to her left. Deep hissing filled the air, and she stumbled forward slightly in an attempt to escape. The plan was halted, though, when a large violet body rose up in front of her, dark crimson eyes staring down at her in hunger.

“Aahhh, ssso you are the intruder,” the serpent hissed, puffing out the hood around his head,” My, my, my, you look quite tassty.” A jolt of electricity escaped Starla’s coat, striking the ground near the Arbok. It was a weak attack though, a failed Thunder Wave. The larger violet snake let out a hissing laugh, bending down until he was face to face with the shaking cub.

“Now, now, don’t go doing thingsss you know will get you in trouble,” he scolded, like one would to a pet,” They’ll only resssult in more pain than is worth.”

“G-g-go a-away!” Starla muttered, trying to pull a glare but failing miserably,” I’m n-n-not y-your f-f-food.” Another hiss of a laugh.

“Oh? You sssaaay that, but can you back it up?”

Another, slightly stronger bolt of electricity struck him, making him reel back in surprise while Starla attempted to back as far away as possible. The Arbok glared at her, sliding along after with ease as she turned tail and fled deeper into the forest, her coat glowing with stored electric power. She wasn’t paying any attention to where she was going, she just kept running, trying to find a way to loose the hungry serpent on her tail.


Lunarisa weaved through the crowd, trying to get to Roaran’s house as quickly as possible. Sumi was sitting on the front porch of her house, sun bathing by the looks of it, but she opened her baby blue eyes when Lunarisa stopped in front of her.

“Luna? What’s wrong?” she asked smoothly, watching as Lunarisa panted heavily.

“Roaran’s not here, is he?”

“Yes, he’s been here since about two hours ago. Why?” Sumi watched as Lunarisa’s eyes widened drastically, her breathing claming but her body tense.

“Starla went up to the park to chase after him,” Luna explained, looking distraught,” Roaran was messing with her again today, and told her he was going into the forest. Starla ran off, thinking he was in there, and she could be in danger.” Sumi’s eyes flared, and she stalked into the house in a huff, coming back out with said Meowth tightly clutched in her jaws. She sat him down on the porch, glaring at him the whole time.

“Roaran, I’ve tolerated your teasing of Starla before, but now you’ve gone too far,” she scolded angrily, leaving him confused,” You told her you were going into the National Park, and now she’s run off to go find you. If she’s hurt because you tricked her into going up there, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble young man.” Roaran flinched, looking down ashamed.

“Now, I want you to go into town and find some others to help find her, then meet us at the entrance to the Park, understood? Be quick about it!” Roaran nodded, darting into the bustle of the city while Sumi and Lunarisa headed up to the Park.


(ooc: And here is where anyone in Goldenrod can come help. :P Roaran can be bunnied while he's looking for people.)

Darth Murkrow
07-04-2007, 06:05 PM
The doors opened as the Elite Four from each region began to show up and sit down. The hall was majestic, with meticulously crafted dark wood forming the long table they sat at, and the adornments were carefully carved from the same dark, rich wood. The dressed maids and butlers strode out with their trays, the tiny Oceania struggling to keep up.

It's out two three four, look left, pass right, set two, up one, spin two three, pick up four, spin five, pass right, hop quick turn... Oh crap... Holy Arcerus, what am I doing? What's our count? Oceania panicked after she tried the jumping move, losing her footing and several h'dourves under the feet of the other maids, who glared at her viciously while still performing their moves. It wasn't fair! They were all taller than she was! She finally launched the tray onto the table and tried to prance out of the hall with pride. The second she was in the kitchen and out of eye- and earshot, though, she growled a stream of curses and beat her head into a nearby wall.

"You really need to be better at that, Blue, or you're not going to keep your job for long," Nicholai reminded her, shaking a finger at her tauntingly. She growled at him.

"You really need to be better at that, Blue, or you're not going to keep your job for long," Oceania retorted, mocking him. "Leave me be, you holier-than-thou lump of Tauros dung!" she cursed, sulking in a corner, knowing that, when the time came for the group to serve dinner that evening, she would be stuck carrying the hot gravy dish.

This was going to be a long month for this Mudkip.

07-06-2007, 02:41 AM
While Flammie went on to look around and find where Myalra was, the Mawile was actually running towards the park, several blocks away. She hadn't wanted to get sidetracked, but dealing with all those 'suitors' that her parents had been trying to get her all of a sudden was so much of a bother, and she needed all her patience to not attack them. She didn't know what was it with them, but for the most part, all of them were annoyances she didn't like...

Well, right now, she was headed straight to the park, to meet up with him, so surely everything would be-


"AH!" she cried out, in surprise, while whoever had smacked onto her was fallen onto the ground, something surprising. As she looked over it, she saw it was a Meowth, who was rubbing the back of his head.

"Um... are you okay?" she asked, a bit uncomfortable. She didn't know why the other Pokémon seemed to be in a rush, but she hoped he'd be alright soon.

Crazed One
07-06-2007, 01:25 PM
Kori ran through the City square. There were people everywhere. Eventually, he gave up, disgusted by everything, he ran back to his office. From there, he instructed his secretary to page the Limmo driver.

Around twenty minutes later he was in the Limmo and off to Victory Road.

OOC: I am leaving tomarrow for a 10 day trip, I'll be back on the eighteinth. Please look in the discussion thread.

07-06-2007, 10:36 PM
Roaran yelped as something barreled into him, knocking him over. He rubbed the back of his head, looking over to find out what had happened. Upon seeing the female, he brightened up considerably, and hopped to his feet to help her up.

"I have a big, big favor to ask you, if you don't mind fighting," he started, his words hurried," I was teasing one of my friends, and said I'd head up to the National Park; you know, the one that the bug and poison Pokemon like so much? Well, she sorta ran up there, thinking I was there, and she hasn't come back, so we're trying to get together some people who could help find her." He took a deep breath, to continue his words, and looked up at her with large, begging eyes.

"Can you please help us? I didn't mean to make her get into trouble, I was just teasing her. I really don't want her to be hurt."

07-06-2007, 10:41 PM
Myalra blinked, as she heard the Pokémon's plight... and noticed he sounded really nervous, like what he was saying was, indeed, serious. This helped her make her decision... not that she wouldn't do it, anyway, if only because she didn't want to see anyone get into that kind of trouble.

"Okay, mister... I'll help you out. Can I just go meet my friend and bring him with me? I'm pretty sure he'll be of help," she replied, calmly. She hoped she could bring Flammie with her; the National Park wasn't a good place to be at, and he would be quite the help.

Darth Murkrow
07-07-2007, 09:40 PM
Oceania sighed and balanced a tray precariously on her back, which contained amenitites for the Elite Four, including soap, toothbrushes, and other things that they may or may not have had with them.

"A month. They're staying for a freaking month. What could the Elite Four disscuss in a month?" Oceania murmured, lifting a leg and kicking at the door, which opened to reveal a Shiftry.

"Um... room service?" Oceania offered sheepishly, forgetting her lines entirely. The Shiftry let out a grunt and closed the door.

"Well, excuse me!" Oceania complained under her breath, moving on to the next room. She was about halfway through and still had the weight of the tray on her back. Her stomach growled painfully, and she froze, as though it would surpress the noise.

"Mom, how did you cope? Less than minmum wage unless you have a rich client... Rude Pokemon... H'dourves that weigh more than I do..." Oceania sighed hopelessly, internally cursing at whoever was charged with filling candy dishes around the building. She almost started crying, the amenities sliding off of her back in a disorganized heap. "Mom... I wish you were here..." tears dripped from her eyes, but she forced them back. She was a maid; no extreme emotions, and you'd better not have brine on your cheeks when greeting illustrious clients like the Elite Four.

She choked back a sniffle, picked up the assortment of toiletries and balanced them on her back again, ignoring her hunger but complaining to whatever other employees happened to pass her. She couldn't cry or be rude to the Elite Four, but she could do whatever she pleased to the other maids, so long as it didn't threaten her employment.

07-09-2007, 02:29 AM
Roaran smiled happily, clasping the girls hands in his and thanking her repeatidly.

"Thank you so much! The more help the better, so I really don't mind if you bring a friend," he stated, letting go of her hands and waiting for her to lead him to where ever her friend was," Oh, I'm Roaran by the way." But, even as he said that he couldn't help but worry about Starla, and berate himself over teasing her like that.


Starla yelped, tumbling over a log as her fur snagged on the low hanging branches. She hit the ground hard, the sparks in her fur leaping innocently from her as she struggled to regain her balance. Any other time, she might have been able to take an Arbok; like before she wound up in Goldenron mysteriously. But not now, not with the power level she was at now. The most she could do was run away, for that was the only thing she had over the legless preditor. She was quick, always had been, and it proved to be something that was essential now.

Dodging another low hanging branch, she turned sharply, facing the large purple serpent with a harsh glare. She was panting, but no longer trembling in fear. What was she thinking? When has she ever been afraid of a pathetic snake?

"I told you, I'm not your lunch!!" she yowled loudly, letting all of the pent up energy from within her flow out.


Lunarisa and Sumi froze briefly, their fur standing on end as they watched the forest light up in front of their worried eyes. The flash died down quickly though, and sumi had to forcefully keep Lunarisa from rushing in to find the little Shinx. Luna wasn't a fighter by nature, she really wasn't all that strong either, she would be at close to the same disadvantage as poor little Starla if she ran in there, and while Sumi had done plenty of fighting in her prime, she hadn't lifted a claw in an awefully long time to do anything other than punish one of her six children. They'd have to wait just a little longer, for Roaran to get back with some help.

07-09-2007, 12:44 PM
"Thanks!" Myalra replied, before running towards the park she was going to meet up with Flammie, the other Pokémon following her. In a short time, they finally reached it, and Myalra began looking around, hoping she'd find her friend soon...

"Myalra?" she heard from a side, and upon turning, saw the Cyndaquil was there, looking at her with some curiosity. "What's wrong?"

"Not much, Flammie..." she replied, calming down a bit. "I just was asked by someone to help them out, and I thought you coming would be useful too," she explained, and Flammie raised an eyebrow.

"Me? And you're helping a stranger?" he asked, looking at the Meowth. "Oh well... guess I'm in, since you're unlikely to budge. So, where are we going then?"