View Full Version : Worst RP Plot You Can Think Of

06-30-2007, 05:02 AM
Just as the title says.Think of the worst RP plot you can think of and post it here.

You walk around and do stuff.You can catch Pokemon and stuff like that.Then you battle some people and eventually you become the Champion of the Poke League.

jayrod 123
06-30-2007, 05:11 AM
you get to be a slice of cheese and do cheese stuff

Shiny Loser
06-30-2007, 09:49 AM
Two cops are partners, but they can't STAND each other. (it's a cliche.)

06-30-2007, 09:57 AM
there was a boy who liked gravy, his name was Ed, one day, Eddy came and stole his gravy, Ed wants revenge cause of that

06-30-2007, 10:00 AM
Everytime you take a step, you get blown up


07-01-2007, 04:51 AM
You throw away money you need cash to be an actual man. Once your an actual man you win.