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Lord Celebi
06-30-2007, 05:33 PM

[The banner features Bai-Hu. And I decided to screw the grid, because the image looked damn nice XD]

Prologue: The Combining of Forces

Three years have passed since the dreaded Battle of Rustboro. Each of the heroes of the battle set out on their own mission to defeat a monster created many years ago, formerly known as Infera. Infera, now Diabora, has assumed his true form, and is using it to execute his grand master plan: Merged the worlds of the living and the dead with the world of Oblivion.

Diabora had gone back to Sekai after assuming his true form, where he was followed by many ships from the Nightsrtrider/Aqua fleet. When it had seemed he was pinned on Sekai, Tiantus authotized the use of Project MAELSTROM. The Maelstrom Seed was planeted on Sekai to kill Diabora, but he had escaped, revealing it was a set up to get the coalition to use their only Maelstrom Seed.

Sekai was destroyed in a flash after he left. The few hundred survivors of Diabora's rampage died in the destruction of the planet. The only survivor was Ho-Oh, who was saved by the spirit of Bai-Hu.

Meanwhile, the heroes of the Battle of Rustoboro went on their quest to find the things they needed to defeat Diabora. rust Makuta was charged with finding the three legendary dogs to create Bai-Hu. He searched high and low around the world for many months, until he tracked them all down. When the three were combined, they became the majestic Sacred Dog Pokemon spirit Bai-Hu. Bai-Hu traveled the stars and was able to save Ho-Oh from Sekai's destruction.

Neo Winterfield was charged with creating ten new Crystal Guardians to guard the new crystals that would be made when Diabora was destroyed. Unbeknownst to him, thousands of miles away, Lation and Latira were created. They were bodies of Dinora and Liam, two NSRK Executives, possesed by the ancient spirits. They absorbed the powers of the Crystal of Power and tracked down Neo.

By the time they had found Neo, Neo had revived the five original Crystal Guardians, also known as the Old Ones, due to their age. With seven Crystal Guardians, Neo got to work creating three more.

Shairii, the wife of rust Makuta, had gone to the AMS Wrath III, the housing of those who rust Makuta had brought back from hell. She was able to find five men, who would selflessly sacrifice themselves to become Combins. Two of which were rust's former Admins, Frank Bueller and Peter Jennings.

Unfortunately, the five Combins had to recover their memory. They would be in no condition to fight without understanding what was going on. This took three months. By the time that everyone had finished their tasks, two and a half years had passed.

In the remaining six months, Diabora took advantage of the Fiore crisis and took over North Fiore. Afterwards, South Fiore quickly fell to his might and later Orre. His final territory he took was the Sevii Islands. The territories were all formerly Team Aqua's in the Great War, which had enraged rust the most.

Now, with their new powers in hand, the few who pose the greatest threat to Diabora are ready to engage him. They all know one thing; Diabora is going down...

Sign-Up Form
[You can just copy and paste From your last sign-up form (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=36385).]

Name: (Your character’s name)
Age: (17+. Add five years if you are reassuming the role of a character from the Season 5 RP)
Species: (You can choose any species as long as you can adequately describe their powers, and post a picture if possible. Hybrids are still on the table (We can pretend the magic spell at the end was only a trial period, and if you didn't like being human, you'd magically become a hybrid again))
Description: (What your character looks like)
Personality: (Your character’s emotional intelligence and outlook)
Background: (Your character’s history. If reassuming the role of a character from Season 5, copy & paste what you have for background in the Season 5 Sign-Ups)
The Last Five Years: (Only to be filled out if you are reassuming the role of a character from the Season 5 RP. If so, state what your character has been doing for the last five years. If not, then say 'N/A')
Pokémon: (1-6; any evolution. You may only have a legendary if you earned it in the Season 5 RP).
Team: (Pick Aqua, Alpha Guild, Trainer, Nightstriders: Renegade Knights, or Rocket)
Mecha: (Only to be filled out if you pick Mecha Pilot in your skills. You can pick either an Eva or a Mobile Suit. Gundams, the strongest mech, can only be used if you built one in the Season 5 RP. If you want a Gundam in this RP, you have to build it. 30-40 posts is good for one Gundam)
Weapons: (Pick your weapons. You can have an unlimited amount of weapons, just detail them and make sure they correspond with your combat skills)
Two Tactical Skills: (See Below)
Two Combat Skills: (See Below)

Tactical Skills List
Mecha Pilot: Able to pilot Evas or Mobile Suits, Gundams if you already have one.
Spy/Hacker: You can sneak into places, hack into a computer and steal files, etc.
Engineer: Take one fourth the posts off of a project. For example, with a 100 Post Project, you can finish it in 75. A Gundam only takes 23 Posts (Round down if it comes out uneven) to make now.
General: This allows you to command troops from space with more ease, allowing for orders to be given quicker, and things to be destroyed faster. With this power, subtract one fourth of the posts required to destroy a battalion/ship/etc. For example, it would take a good four posts to destroy a Spaceship. It is now only 3.
Scientist: Has the ability to create deadly gases or biological monstrosities.
Medic/First Aid: Add one fourth of the posts required to destroy your battalion/ship/etc to it. For example, if you're a Medic on a Space Ship, your space ship takes 5 posts to blow up now. If a Medic faces a General, the effects are void and it takes 4 posts to blow up a ship.
Politician: Stops enemies from creating large scale revolutions within your territory. Note that if you don't pick this, if you can RP out being a good politician, you get the powers that associate with it.
Pokémon Master: This gives you stronger Pokemon. If you use Pokemon to fly from place to place, you do not need to have the one post travel, and instead detail some of your travel in the first post, and arrive in your second post. You can also carry two extra Pokemon.
Commando: This gives you extra strength and allows you to destroy things easier if you are attacking from the ground. It also makes you harder to kill.

Combat Skills
Force Master: Allows you to manipulate the Force, like in Star Wars.
Saiyan: Similar to Dragonball Z, this allows you to change your hair yellow whenever you desire, and concentrate your ki energy into energy balls with only your hands.
Spiritualist: Allows you to summon spirits from the dead and see several minutes into the future, but only twice a week for each power.
(Note: You can only pick one of the above three, if you choose any of those).
Swordplay: Allows you to use swords and knives with ease. With this, you can mow down troops armed with guns with ease, but don't think about going against someone with an AK-47.
Gun Specialist: Good with things that shoot bullets. Pistols, Snipers, and Machine Guns. Only Gun Specialists can use Sniper Rifles.
Energy Specialist: Can operate energy weapons like Plasma Rifles, Laser weapons, and Energy Weapons.
Cannon Specialist: You can use any large cannon weapon mounted on Pokemon or be able to drive tanks in ground battles. You can also use pistols and knives to defend yourself if not mounted or in a tank.

(Note: You can learn any of the skills above if you RP learning it. 20 posts makes you a basic learner. 50 makes you a medium learner. 100 makes you a master of the skill, like anyone who had started out with the skill).

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: (Name of NPC)
Species: (Same as before. Pictures are nice as well)
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: (One skill from the list of Tactical Skills)
Combat Skill: (One skill from the list of Combat Skills)

NPC #2

Name: (Name of NPC)
Species: (Same as before. Pictures are nice as well)
Background: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Description: (A quick paragraph is fine)
Tactical Skill: (One skill from the list of Tactical Skills)
Combat Skill: (One skill from the list of Combat Skills)

[When I become Unlazy]

Neo Emolga
06-30-2007, 05:56 PM
Name: Neo Winterfield

Age: 33

Species: Quinlong, evolution of Lugia

Description: In his human form, Neo has short brown hair, stands 6’4”, and has a fair complexion. While underweight, he is still strong and intelligent. Also, he is very perceptive and agile. Meanwhile, unlike other officers, Neo has terrible luck, often running into the worst of situations when in combat. It often takes quite a bit of improvising on his behalf.

After the Great War, Neo’s face has been scarred from combat. Not to mention, during the same war, Neo had undergone numerous transformations, many of which involved Lugia. Because of the changes, remaining essence seeds of Lugia still remain within him, along with the once-held devotion of protecting his people as a Lugia, something he can no longer undertake. Regardless, at the moment, there is nothing that can reawaken these seeds, and they will forever stay dormant until some means replicates them into physical form.

As Quinlong, he stands 34 feet tall, and has the same shape as Lugia, but now with two additional wings, markings, and spikes.

Image of Quinlong (http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Quinlong2ndVer.png)

Personality: While some wars forever scar people with fear and doubt, Neo’s brought on a sense of transformation, helping him to appreciate life and every day that he has. His selfless actions during the Great War caused him a lot of pain, but in the end, knowing he saved the lives of many people gave him the sense of relief and a new sense of born optimism. The transformation was hard, and in the many senses, a lot of it was due to the fact of his coming responsibility as a Lugia.

Even though the Lugia power is gone, after settling down, Neo has grown to appreciate life further, get involved, and help people along the way. Rather than letting himself be plunged in deformation, Neo realized that it was his courage and optimism that helped him survive the war and make a difference. In a sense, Neo has gained further freedom from the events, and as they continue to shine on, many people see the more ambitious side of Neo, always willing to try everything and even be a little wild sometimes.

It was through this that Neo achieved the rites of passage into transformation, and it keeps him hopeful for an even better future.

Background: Neo Winterfield and his family were directly affected by the initial PHT bombing when it first broke out. The move resulted in going to Hoenn and seeking refuge. Neo then made the move to join Team Trainer, hoping that in effort they would remove the reasons as to why the hybrids came to be in the first place.

During one battle in Johto, Neo Winterfield had been captured by the hybrid renegade force, and was turned into a Lugia hybrid himself. However, after being injected with HRT, he had become a full Lugia, and escaped capture. What resulted was Neo pledging to serve Team Trainer’s cause, even despite the change. When Team Aqua became more of a threat, rust Makuta and Neo Winterfield became sworn enemies.

Over the years of many hard battles, Neo changed, often become less human during his strives to achieve peace and to stop Team Aqua. Many sacrifices were made, and his trials to gain incredible power by becoming the father of the legendaries were finally met, only to be forced out of his grasp when facing a very difficult decision to allow his sworn enemy rust have a balance of power. It was there that Neo lost everything, becoming a lone soldier in the fight against Team Aqua.

During the war, Neo was a major element in the restoration of Kazmar, helping to defend the newly refreshed planet overcome their flooding problem, and build a new way of life. It was through there help and their assistance that Neo was also able to shut down several of Team Aqua’s projects before they rained terror upon the Homeworld/Kazmar alliance.

However, later on, it was through his support that finally brought the war to a close.

The Last Five Years: After the war, Neo left the Homeworld to continue helping the people of Kazmar bring their beloved planet into full restoration. Thankfully enough, Kazmar never became a battleground during the Great War, and it was here that a new way of life was possible. In the meantime, Neo Winterfield had resigned as a General of the Team Trainer faction, and spent his time as a building contractor for Kazmar, helping their cities grow building by building.

After Kazmar declared independence from the Team Trainer faction, and shortly after became the faction known as Nightstriders, Neo remained as a hidden identity among the faction, and slowly, his affiliation and acts of heroism in the last war were quickly forgotten. However, after some time, he felt the need to support Kazmar’s military, and knew that his specialty wasn’t being involved with buildings and architecture, it was being in the armed forces.

After being involved with heavy construction as well as Nightstrider’s armed forces, Neo combined his experience between the two of them, developing heavy weapons, mechas, machines, and vehicles. In all, it has become his mission to make sure Kazmar remains safe with its defenses.

Pikachu (Nicknamed Stormblaze)
Stormblaze was Neo’s starter Pokémon, but he was given to him by his father rather than a Pokémon professional. While Neo’s intention was to train him, getting badges was not his interest. Stormblaze was a Pokémon that Neo could talk to in his times of worry, and surprisingly, Stormblaze was closer to Neo’s feelings than how most Pokémon are to their trainers.

Pidgeot (Nicknamed Zephyr)
Zephyr was raised from being a lowly and lonesome Pidgey to a fast and energetic Pidgeot all by Neo’s hand. While it took time for Zephyr to understand and trust Neo, he felt his protection and attention was far greater than anything he had be given to him previously. Today, Zephyr remains as one of Neo’s most loyal comrades.

Dragonite (Nicknamed Colossus)
Colossus is Neo’s “Surprise Powerhouse,” a Pokémon that Neo likes saving to be used later in battles to surprise his opponents. Like Zephyr, Colossus was raised from a Dratini that Neo went through a lot of toil to find and capture. But, when he finally came across him, Neo used his wits to capture him, and while times of understanding were hard in the beginning, Colossus was raised to not only be a loyal fighter for Neo, but also a loyal friend.

Team: Nightstriders

Mecha: The Commodore LST was the second Mecha that Neo designed and helped manufacture as a defender Mecha for the Nightstriders armed forces. It is generally white in color, and has two arms that come with several optional weapon attachments. Generally, Neo prefers using the Hyperion PowerMag Cannon, and the Sunblazer Gattling Laser. Meanwhile, there are several other attachments that remain usable by the Commodore LST model. However, even after the Commodore LST design module, Neo is still in the process of perfecting the Nightstrider Mecha Force with continued research and improved designs. This is in conjunction with the creation of several other designs to defend the Kazmar homeland.

Weapons: Superior Titan HRL. This continues to remain as one of the more heavier brands of rocket launchers, intended to be either carried by personnel or mounted on vehicles. When carried by personnel, it comes with four rockets that are fired one after another in semi-automatic fashion. Meanwhile, the mounted version comes with sixteen that can be shot via auto-fire. Neo Winterfield prefers the infantry version, unless in an armored vehicle.

Tactical Skills: Mecha Pilot, Engineer
Combat Skills: Energy Specialist, Cannon Specialist

NPC #1

Name: Jamar Harding
Species: Human
Background: Jamar is a native resident to Kazmar, and was heavily involved with chemical weapons during the Great War. However, many of his weapons often went unused, but now he is a major element in current medical research for Nightstriders.
Description: Jamar has dark brown skin, short black hair, and usually a dense but respectful personality. Meanwhile, he is also exceptionally intelligent, willing to work hard and create meaningful solutions to situations.
Tactical Skill: Scientist
Combat Skill: Gun Specialist

Name: Mac Johnson
Species: Human
Background: Mac grew up in the mean streets of Saffron City, and like Neo, is a battle-hardened war veteran from the last great war that scarred the galaxy. He was also involved in the invasion of Ramdyne before Trainer’s forces were pushed back. Regardless, swapping war stories with Neo has become a pastime, and Neo’s real standing among Trainer’s forces is still known, but never acted upon. To both of them, its okay that he resigned from Trainer’s armed forces to help Kazmar, a planet with what used to be weaker military defense, help get itself up to speed.
Description: Mac is often a redneck, is a combat freak, and is often a gunner for Neo when handling heavy weapons on the backs of military vehicles. However, thanks to hanging out with Mac, his wild lifestyle has been shedding off on him, and it results in the two of them becoming very fearless and confident in fighting for their world.
Tactical Skill: Commando
Combat Skill: Energy Specialist

06-30-2007, 06:17 PM
Silver Etherlight


Human - Psychodriver

When one meets Silver, there are three things about him that catches your eye when you first see him, the first being his hair, the second being his eyes, and the third being the impression that he left on you..
His hair is silvery white, the kind that seems to shine under direct sunlight, but not blindingly so. It possesses to texture and feel so many hope to have without even him lifting a finger, a trait unique to his Etherlight Clan. As such, he rarely has to cut it, and in face does all the trimming himself. As such, when not tied in a ponytail that follows his spinal column and ends with it, it appears somewhat rough at the edges, rather unkempt and unprofessional, done without even glancing at a mirror. When it is tied though, it just seems a bit messy at the front, a relative world of difference.
Then, his eyes, the colour of blood. It is something else unique to the Etherlight clan, and is said to be a key to something huge. Note that he still possesses the white of his eyes and all that, his pupils are just red instead of black or brown or blue.
Lastly, the mark he left on people that he meets. Despite the fact that he is not exactly very tall, he seems to tower over people, intimidate them even, just with a glance in their direction. It has been said that those eyes of his are always looking straight ahead, through whatever it is that is in the way, be they people, or whatever else that it is. They are always locked in an intent gaze, fixed upon a goal, and never wavered.

Silver is always thinking about something, wherever he may be. Be it as within the cockpit of whatever machine he is test piloting, or in the laboratory and assembly line thinking up ideas for new machines to test pilot, he is always quietly searching ahead. Though what exactly is he searching for in that vast mind of his, nobody ever quite knows, as he has been known to never work on only one thing at a time.
He is a genius through and through, and his personal machine totally put Gundams to shame with its raw power.

However, for all his intellect, he has been said to be rather too far-sighted for his own good, working on things that most would consider impossible with current technology. Working to prove them wrong however, has become his latest hobby, what with his current work on the R and Grungust series, all of which contain at least one 'impossibility' within it.

However, one suspects whether he truly is calm and collected at all times once he is thrown into battle, where he becomes a fierce beast in combat, capable of taking down machines far stronger than his own.

In these three years, he has been busying himself with building something capable of taking down Diabora, having created the R-Gun Powered, and completing the R-2 Powered, R-3 Powered, Grungust Reishiki and Nishiki. However, the Reishiki and Nishiki have been abandoned in favour of the very recently completed Grungust Sanshiki. However, the epitome of his creation is the PT-Link System, a modified T-Link System which allows Psychic type Pokemon to pilot mechs.

First off, what one must know is that Silver is a Psychodriver, a person born with the Force within. What makes them different from other Force adepts however, is that they are psychic, and exclusively psychic. Along with their complete ignoring of the Light and Dark sides of the Force. That is to say, they cannot have lightning sprout from their hands, or heal wounds with a touch, or even bend people to their will. However, they also find it just as easy to rip someone's guts out, as it is to push someone's guts back in.
Now that that much is settled, his historical background is nothing much, except to say that he spent most of his life attached to Team Rocket, and was disallowed from joining the Great War due to his youth, that, and a slight problem with allegiances, but otherwise, his life was as normal as any rich child's was. With the only real variation being his foray into piloting, and his emergence as an ace with just about anything he piloted. However, his range of choice is melee, and he is an expert in swordplay, and therefore has trouble using uncustomised units.

Cobray the Alakazam
Rio the Gardevoir
Ryusei the Medicham

Rocket Renegades

Silver primarily wields a customised lightsaber, which is special in that it leaves a trail of energy behind wherever it swings that can continue to cut whatever goes into it. This special energy trail not only restricts enemy movement, it can be used to deflect energy beams like a normal lightsaber edge as well. This weapon is known as the Z-Saber, after the inspiration for its creation.
However, he is also well-versed in most forms of throwing weapons, and some forms of medieval weaponry such as bows as well.

Name: Grungust Sanshiki
Type: Super Robot
Climates: All climates, 0G capable
Flight: No
Weapons: Eye Laser, Drill Boost Knuckle, Omega Blaster, Sanshiki Zankantou

The ultimate form of the Grungust, this Sanshiki, or Type 3, leaves the previous incarnations of the Grungust in the dust in all aspects, be it speed, mobility, armour, or power. Boasting an enhanced engine, a T-Link System, and a dual pilot system where he shares control of the unit with Cobray, his Alakazam, the Grungust Sanshiki strikes fear into its enemies with its Sanshiki Zankantou, a blade composed entirely of Liquid Memory Metal, which allows it to expand to huge proportions, making it worthy of the name Zankantou, or Ship Slicing Sword.

[Tactical Skills]
Mecha Pilot

[Combat Skills]
Force Master - Psychodriver


NPC #1

Davion Sargtlin


Human - Psychodriver

Despite looking somewhat unspectacular beside Silver, Davion is normally an extremely handsome looking man, who, relativity aside, tends to draw glances from people as he passes. He has dark brown hair and eyes, and a babyish face that does not seem to detract from the air of seriousness he has around him, and merely adds to his own unique charm.

Davion is somewhat similar to Silver, except he tends to live more in the present than the future, and is somewhat more down to earth. However, he is extremely intelligent in his own right, and is picking up mastery of the weapons on board his machine with extreme alacrity. That said, he is always somewhat serious, even in combat, and is always focussing on what is ahead of him.

Davion is a test pilot in the same team as Silver, and for good reason too. Having lived a somewhat peaceful life for most of his years, imagine his surprise when his previously undetected psychic energies were picked up by a certain white-haired pilot who quickly forced him into test piloting machines, and actually being naturally good at it. And in these three years, he has trained himself extensively, gaining mastery over energy weapons and his R-2 Powered.


Name: R-2 Powered
Type: R-Series Type Unit
Climate: All climates, 0G capable
Flight: Hovering Ability Intact
Weapons: Head Vulcans, Photon Rifle, Beam Sabre, Beam Wired Chakram, Hi-Zol Launchers

The R-2 Powered is the completed version of the R-2, affixed with the new Hi-Zol Launcher attachment and slightly upgraded performance to offset the extra weight from the huge cannons. However, its real purpose is not to fight in this manner, but rather, to form the SRX, the true Ultimate Super Robot.

[Tactical Skills]
Mecha Pilot

[Combat Skills]
Force Master - Psychodriver Type
Energy Weapons Adept (Halfway there)


NPC #2

Tokiko Hikari {Eastern Order}


Human - Psychodriver

Hikari is a woman with an aura of self assurance and intelligence, despite merely being the least skilled and newest pilot in Silver's team, in spite of her being the oldest member. She was born with grey hair that she abhorred, and so dyed it navy blue instead. She keeps said hair short and neat, as she wanted to make sure it never got in the way of her work, which has recently became test piloting. She still refuses to grow it long, as apparently tucking one's hair into a helmet is an absolute pain.
Apart from that, she is an extremely fair woman, befitting her heritage.

Hikari is a carefree woman who does whatever the heck she wants, when she wants, be it dying her hair a different colour, or trying flips in her own Gespenst R. However, in spite of her carefree nature, she knows when to shut up and work, and is fairly efficient at guessing at people's moods, psychic powers or not. This makes her a highly valued member of Silver's team, as the other two pilots are somewhat non-social and are rather bad at anything related to other people.

Basically a carbon copy of Davion's own story, the main difference is that she never even dreamt of being inside a cockpit of a combat machine, and only came in because of the money to be made. However, she is a far more powerful Psychodriver than Davion, and slightly stronger than Silver, and is capable of controlling all three Slash Rippers with just her mind alone, whereas Davion needs the remote controls to work them all properly.
In the last three years, she has been fine-tuning her abilities with the Force, in order to bring out the T-Link System's full potential. As such, she is easily the most powerful human telekinetic and telepath around.


Name: R-3 Powered
Climates: All, 0G capable
Flight: Yes
Weapons: Head mounted vulcans, Beam Sword, TK Missiles, TK Powered Laser Cannon, Strike Shields

The R-3 is a long ranged support unit, and though extremely heavy, is armed with an extremely powerful Tesla Drive is to lend to its mobility, due to its rather weak armour. Its two main weapons are the TK Laser, and the Strike Shields, the latter of which are elongated missile-type attachments armed with barriers which can detach and pierce through most types of armour. This makes the R-3 an extremely versatile unit capable of attacking from every direction. Of course, its real purpose is once again, for the sake of the SRX.

[Tactical Skills]
Mecha Pilot

[Combat Skills]
Force Master - Psychodriver

Lord Celebi
06-30-2007, 06:25 PM
Both accepted.

I'll have mine up later today.

Charizard Michelle
07-01-2007, 11:51 PM
Name: Mike Anone
Age: 23
Species: Human
Description: When using the Transformation Necklace to gain his human form, Mike has neck long brown hair. Tan skin covers most of his body and on his long face he has brown hair and a gold earring in his left ear. Mike is tall and skinny. Blue jeans cover his legs and a black shirt covers his chest. Mike wears a red vest that had some items. Mike wears a big belt that has his pokemon on it. Mike has a novety Team Trainer badge to show that he supports Team Trainer.

As his new hybrid form by using a little bit of the aura that he gain from the Crystal of Change and by seeking out his energy, Mike can become the third stage of Absol: Presol. This form was gained by absorbing the aura of the spirt Rayquaza and the essance of Infera that was inside the Crystal of Weather. Under his dark sliver jumpsuit for the Neo Lugia that had the Trainer symbol on the arm and the Neo Lugia's too. Rough black scales cover his body which can some times be sharp due to the essance of Infera showing itself in Mike. White lines can be on Mike's legs and arms connecting with the white circles that on on his hands, feet and forehead. Black Rayquaza-like fin-wings can be found in pairs on Mike's lower back and shoulders which allows him to fly. On Mike's arms are long blades that are white tipped. Mike has white fur on his long face that had long blades that had the shape similar to the fins on Rayquaza. The white circle on MIke's forehead has a blue pointed jewel in it.
Personality: MIke is honest and very caring for the people that he knows. He is loyal to whatever he does and is determine to see things to the end. Mike has many leadership skills that appeared mostly while he was the Captain of the Neo Lugia and his later years as a pokemon trainer. He is smart and tries his best to make everybody happy. Still some times MIke would have anger swings and rude instances because of the Infera essance that Mike absorb from the Crystal of Weather.
Background: Mike was rasied on the island of Cinnabar Island in the Kanto Region. He started his pokemon journey at the age 12 with his first pokemon Char (Charmander). With hard training he rasied Char to be his most powerful pokemon but also raised his other pokemon to be strong too.

When the attack on Saffarn happen, MIke was currently in the Hoenn region particpating in the Pokemon Leauge there so when he saw the evacuations happening he was surprsie to see that happening.

As the Great Wat countinued Mike was able to grow a lot and accomplish many things. He started out as a simple grunt for Team Trainer and after his first mission in Johto where he became an absol bybrid. From there he met his future wife, Amy, and started to create ties with the people of Johto. When he returned to Hoenn he was determine to help repair Johto and was known as the person that brought Johto and the birth of the Johto Repubic. From there Mike was made Foriegn Relationship Leader and was later made the Captain of the Neo Lugia. After many adventure on the Neo Lugia including passing the Hero Trial to revive Lucario and later becoming an absol evolution he went into space and was able to see aruas.

While on Kazar, Mike and Amy were wedded in secert. At that moment Mike set his sights on ending the Great War. After creating a peace with the mermen king on Kazar he was able to gain the two Royal Family Necklaces that had the power to alter any planet. Mike then set out his plan during the final battle of the Great War by using the Mirage System and threating to kill all people on both Homeworld and the planet held by Aqua. A peace agreement was reached and with that done Mike and Amy did the final part of their plan by using the Royal Mermen Family Necklaces to return the planets back to their normal selves before the Great War.

Peace was made and the Legendary Aruarus granted him, Amy and their pokemon live back for their great sacrfice.

The Last Five Years: Mike and Amy were revive on Cinnabar Island where they were rewed under the names of Micheal and Anna Ano and reassume their lives. Nobody knows about Mike and Amy's past life and know them to be formal hybrids whol went into hiding in Sinnoh because of their condition. After a year of traveling as a pokemon trainer Mike retired from being a pokemon trainer and settled on Cinnabar Island with his wife Amy. Soon after, AMy gave birth to twins, a girl name Terra and boy named Richard. Mike soon opened up a restrurant called the Lugia Eats where he is the owner of. Mike still has the ability to see auras.

Since the incident that reawaken the war between Homeworld and Aqua's planet Mike been watching over his family to make sure they they aren't dragged into the incident. Still he is worry about the path that the Homeworld government is taking in this situation and beginning to feel as if something else is undoing all the work he did during the Great War.

The Past Three Years: Declining the offer to become a Corbin, Mike has been doing his best to find ways to fight Infera. At the end of the Battle of Rustboro, Mike succuessfully drained the Crystal of Weather's power and the essance that was inside it along with the aura of the dead Rayquaza. Mike was able to trick Infera into thinking that he did absorb those powers by placing the auras of a school of luvdics leaving the beast to think that he had regain his power. With the new powers that Mike recieve by absorbing the aura of Rayquaza, the power of the Crystal of Power and the essance that was inside the Crystal of Weather; Mike was able to gain a new form that could only be an evolution of his Disasol form that resemable a little of Rayquaza. Since the time Mike has been trying to find out who was the person who revive Mike and AMy many years ago since Rayquaza mention it wasn't the God Pokemon who revive him.
Pokémon: Charizard, Gryrados, Nidoqueen, Absol, Dragonite and Gengar.
Team: Team Trainer
Mecha: N/A
Weapons: Mike is skilled with Lightsabers when he was Captain of the Neo Lugia
Two Tactical Skills: General and Pokémon Master
Two Combat Skills: Swordplay and Force Master (closest thing you had to arua user)

Super NPCs (Stronger, harder to kill NPCs)

NPC #1

Name: Amy Anone
Species: Human
Background: Was once a high skill computer energneer for the Blades. Met Mike and befriend him. Spent most of the Great War wit Mike traveling with him and was known as his secutary. She married Mike and co-own MIke's restaurant. After the rise of Infera, Amy joined Mike to rejoin the ranks on the Neo Lugia as the computer expert.
Description: Amy has a nice figure and long bloude hair. She wears mostly black and has a red vest like Mike.
Tactical Skill: Spy/Hacker
Combat Skill: Gun Specialist

NPC #2

Name: Lucario
Species: Pokemon
Background: This is the same Lucario from AG Movie III. After he met Ash Ketchem he gave up his life to help balance the planet. He was later revive by Mike using the Hero Sceptor which Mike proved to be able to use after passing the Hero Trail. He joined Mike and Amy as they travel and helped Mike understand his Arua Powers. Once Mike and Amy gave up their lives he became second in command of the Neo Lugia. Lucario is a speacil Lucario and has a connection with the LEgendaries. Since the Great War, Lucario had became a valuable member of the NEo Lugia and had kept the lessons he had learn from Mike.
Description: Is a Lucario.
Tactical Skill: Mecha Pilot
Combat Skill: Force Master

Lord Celebi
07-02-2007, 07:01 PM
Mikey accepted.

Name: rust Makuta Sr.
Age: 44
Species: Starmie Hybrid / Zhu-Quiao
Description: Purple skin with Starmie spikes emerging from his back. rust Makuta wears a typical Aqua grunt uniform with a trenchcoat over it. His belt is actually a whip with many pouches and has sword sheaths and holsters hanging from it. A bandana covers his dark blue hair.
Personality: Greedy, trigger-happy, powerhungry, and quick tempered.
Background: (I'm changing it from my original sign-up to reflect a story I'm going to write later :P)

rust started out his childhood living in the slums of Sootopolis with his drunkard father and substance abusing mother. His father frequently beat both of the Makutas, until rust turned 14 and shot his father. Afterwards, he joined a gang in Sootopolis. After his initial few raids, the gang learned of the legend of Kyogre and turned themselves into Team Aqua.

rust grew older until he finally killed Archie, the founder of the gang, and took it over for himself. He grew tired of the 'flood the world' thing and instead, turned it into a mercenary organization. rust began to make money until he lost all his business to Auex, the mercenary.

Finally, after several years, Team Aqua recovered a sample of the PHT virus before it was sent into Kanto. Due to an explosion, rust himself became a hybrid. This prompted him to plan Project ZEPHYR and the hit on the OMS Angelwing.

The Last Five Years:

After the Great War, rust had gotten married to Shairii Combin. Together, with the help of his Amulet of Transformation, were able to father a son, who is now four years old. In his time no longet a Wartime King, he got more involved in Ramdyne politics, going to more Senate meetings. He also taught Shairii how to use the sword, and is currently in the process of teaching his son the same art.

In his other spare time, he trained mroe with his swords, making new, flammable swords. He was recognized as one of the ten best swordsmen in the Corona Solar System and is called the 'Flaming Nitoryu.'

Pokémon: Swampert, Dragonite, Kabutops, Celebi, Electrivire, and Rhyperior
Team: Aqua

Name: MS Azure
Type: MS-02 Space-Ready Gundam
Climates: All, including space
Flight: Yes
Engine: Powered by a Ti-47K engine
Weapons: Two Beamsaber, 4 Omega Cannons on the back of the unit, and a MX-17 Giants Subautomatic Rifle.


A Zanpaku-to Katana named Nimaru, which has the ability to become two Katana that can light on fire on command.
Dual Mini AK-47 Guns. These fit into his two holsters.
Whip used as belt.
Knives. He has a sidearm and knuckle knife in both of his Gauntlets, several other knives placed all over his body, and a knife in the heel and toe of each of his boots.
Riber. An hourglass shaped device can turn into metallic, living alien armor for rust on a dime. Found on the planet of Jasandax.
Pouches. His Pouches hold assorted weapons and ammo like Plasma Grenades, Shadow Tranqs, and Smoke Grenades.

Two Tactical Skills: Mecha Pilot and Commando
Two Combat Skills: Swordplay, Gun Specialist, and Energy Specialist (Moderate skill learned during Season 5).

NPC #1

Name: Tiantus
Species: Magnezone Hybrid

Tiantus was one of rust's best friends since his terrible childhood. He studied science during school and became a great scientist and engineer, leading him to become head of Team Aqua's Board of Sciences and founded of the Aqua Corps. of Engineers. After the magic spell, when he reverted to being a hybrid, he had somehow evolved and became a Magnezone hybrid.

Description: Silver, metallic skin with only one large eye that gives him 360 degree vision, and both of his arms now floating where they should be, with floating magnetic balls where his shoulders were. He is seen in his labcoat most of the time.
Tactical Skill: Engineer
Combat Skill: Cannon Specialist

NPC #2

Name: rust Makuta II
Species: Salamence Hybrid

rust Makuta II was born a year after the Great War had ended. He grew up normally on board the Deathwing, making friends with the other children on board the Team Aqua HQ, which were results of active duty Aquas coupling off.

For his fourth birthday, he recieved a Piplup as his first Pokemon. Since then, he has evolved it into a Prinplup. He also has a Kabutops and Bastiodon, which also serve as his bodyguards. Because of the fact that he is small, he has some spying and hacking skill, which allows him to slink into and out of enemy bases.


Light blue, scaly skin with two orange wings protruding from his back. He wears a smaller, custom made, Aqua uniform and a bandana, just like his dad. He carried a wooden sword in a sheath around his belt as well.

Tactical Skill: Spy/Hacker
Combat Skill: Swordplay

And I accept myself :P

07-03-2007, 09:28 PM
Poster reserved for me, myself, and I. [Stuff to be inserted here]

07-04-2007, 05:23 AM
Name: Halt Lauvel

Age: 17


Description:Halt is about 6'2" and has a dirty blond flat top , brown eyes that sometimes change color depending on his mood. He has a freshly shaved beard and mustache. Halt also has a scar on his upper lip which he obtained five years ago.

Personality: Halt is pretty smart, he is sly but people still love to hang out with him and be around him.

Background: When Halt was a young boy, his village was always being marched through be Team Aqua. He looked on in awe, as he watched the Aqua soldiers come too and fro through his village and take some people away never to be seen again until a wooden casket shows up at the parents door with a 2nd LT. and a 1st L T. waiting to consul the boys parents. He was always dreaming of join Aqua because of the fame they get on the news and because they were being run by a ruthless and power full dictator. After Halt had turned 14 he joined up with a Aqua recruiter and was shipped out to basic training the very same day. Then, after three years of hard core training he was let loose in the region to reek havoc for Team Rocket. Pillaging and slaughtering entire villages all under the command of Rust Makuta.

Pokémon: Never had one, don't plan on having one. I would worry about my self than an electric rat.

Team: Aqua, like always.

Weapons: Classic Aqua Issued Sniper Rifle, customized Standard Aqua military issued assault rifle, Standard Issued Aqua Officer's Desert Eagle, and several fragmentation grenades.

Two Tactical Skills: Medic/First Aid and Commando

Two Combat Skills: Swordplay and Gun Specialist

Super NPC #1

Name: IZ

Species: Vampire

Background: IZ started serving with me about 4 months ago, we were assigned with each other because Rust was planning to start some mega war that we just wanted to be a part of.

Description: IZ is a paled faced young women with blond hair and brown eyes. She was going out wit Halt before she was bitten by a vampire, so now she can't trust any one except him, which has left her emotionally scared.

Tactical Skill: Commando

Combat Skill: Cannon Specialist

Super NPC #2

Name: Nick

Species: Human

Background: After Halt and Iz raided a Rocket village, they found a small boy quivering in the corner of a quonset hut, morning the loss of his parents, Iz and Halt walked in and Nick thought thatwe wanted to take him away from his village. In the end, they did eventually take him away but not before NIck put up one heck of a fight.

Description: Nick is a short 16 year old boy, with brown hair, brown eyes, and a cut on his lower lip, a cold sore, that seems to never go away.

Tactical Skill: Politician

Combat Skill: Energy Specialist

I'll try and be more active this time around.

Lord Celebi
07-04-2007, 11:13 PM
Free2Rhyme accepted. Have fun.

07-06-2007, 11:49 AM
Rust, are you and Neo on seprate teams again?

Lord Celebi
07-06-2007, 05:46 PM
Rust, are you and Neo on seprate teams again?

Well, we are, but at the moment, Nightstriders and Aqua are alligned to take out Diabora.