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06-30-2007, 11:44 PM
Chapter One:

A Beginner's Tale


"When the foul king rose,
a long awaited band of warriors will arise,
to claim back their freedom,
and one mighty power will have it's demise. . .

Sir Oliver Benedict Bartholomew had read the prophecy many times, and so had his son, Kargeth Bartholomew. Kargeth never fully understood what it really meant, but his father knew exactly what the etches meant, though he never told his young boy. When ever they went out to see the giant stone pillar, Sir Oliver would always pat his boy's head with a small smile on his face. Though, deep inside, he never was completely comfortable and safe. Piecing small things together, along with the help of his best friend Arthur, and slowly realized its and bits of what would happen. It wasn't very far from their two, small village houses, so they met up easily. Not rain, nor snow, nor wind, nor anything else would stop them from meeting. After all, Arthur's father too took him to the huge rock with writings in it. And then one time, when the sky was black and lingered bits of death and despair, Arthur never came.

That was seven years ago. Seven years ago when Kargeth's mother died, seven years when Arthur went missing, seven years since the new, brutal king rose. Since then, that one terrible king has ruled the land. But, one day a brave and valiant man rose up to defeat the king, and save his friend: Kargeth. Soon, after days of traveling, he reached the castle, defeated the king in a tremendous battle, saved his friend, and soon became the new king. The end."

A Clavat mother closed the children's book she was reading to her two young boys. She sighed and though about how many times she's read this book for them, even though they're both old enough to read. She looked up from the book and said, "Okay, it's night time, good night boys." She said to them, as she leaned over and gave them each a kiss on the forehead. Of course, one had to protest.

It was the on on the left. He said, "Aww! But mom, we're not tired!" But he only got one of those, "You're-going-to-bed-and-now." look. As she walked out of the room, she blew out a lantern, blew a kiss, and closed the door behind her. Out in the hall way, she passed her son, still awake, sharpening his sword and shield. At first, she didn't see him, and continued to the main room. But, when she soon realized that she just past a room with a lantern still on, she turned around and went to his room.

After the short intermission, she quickly stood at the doorway, hands on hips, and said, "What are you doing?!" in response to her son sharpening his shield and sword. As soon as he noticed his mother talking to him, he quickly hid his equipment in that, "You-didn't-see-that!" fashion. His mother sighed as she walked over to his bed and sat down. She spoke to her son, "Look, I know it's hard to go all alone on an extremely huge adventure, but you need to go to bed now." He nodded at his mother, got up, and blew out the candle. . .

A Lilty sat up, panting, gasping, as if being choked. He slammed his hand on the bed after he had realized it was only dream. Multiple times has he had this dream. And he knew it meant something: He was to go out and explore the world beyond him after that Clavat's footsteps. But the problem was, he need to rally up seven other people and a Moogle AND a chalice. And he smiled, as he knew today was the day.

Chapter Two:

A Journey of too many Wonders


This on Lilty, along with seven others and a Moogle carrying a Chalice, are the first people who are two explore the world beyond the small village of Tipa. Yes, the one Legendary Clavat set out, but he never came back. These eight Clavats, Selkies, Yukes, and Lilties, one of each gender, are to find out what's out there. But, why so many people? Many have hear of sights of vicious monsters. Who knows, there could be more. Toss in a Miasma, a noxious substance that can only be repelled by a crystal empowered by Myrrh, that or die from it a quest for Myrrh, which powers the town crystal, and it's running low on it, and eight people from the four races, and you've got yourself in an insane adventure.




Type (Example: Black Mage for a Yuke, Raccoon Tail for Selkie):



Order Meat, Fish, Gourd Potato, Cherry Cluster, Star Carrot, Cob of Corn, Rainbow Grapes, and Striped Apple from favorite to lease favorite:

Items (other than food[pick only three]):

Reason for going:




Name: Raemor

Age: 14

Race: Lilty

Type: Helmet http://www.finalfantasytr.com/ffcc/lilties.jpg (Third one on the top.)

Gender: Male

Weapon: Dragon Lance

Order Meat, Fish, Gourd Potato, Cherry Cluster, Star Carrot, Cob of Corn, Rainbow Grapes, and Striped Apple from favorite to lease favorite: Fish, Gourd Potato, Meat, Cherry Cluster, Striped Apple, Star Carrot, Corn, Rainbow Grapes.

Items: Phoenix Down x2, Thunder.

Reason for going: Wants to see world, and own personal reason.

Personality: Raemor, or Raem as he's called, is very serious. He never takes things lightly, just like how he never takes his helmet off. He's quite tall for a Lilty, but still very short. He does have a very short temper, though, and hates when people make fun of him. Raem all ways takes things personally, and loses friends quickly that way,

History: Raem doesn't have much of a past. He always claims that a "white light" stole his memories. It's quite sad, when you really think about. Here's some poor Lilty who has no memory of his life. This one's bond to lead to something horrible, like some ravage attacker.

Stats: Given soon

I will give you your stats after everyone signs up.







1: Raem (AnalysisExpert)