View Full Version : The Grand Pokemon Tornament!

07-02-2007, 12:05 AM
Ok, It's a Pokemon Tornament RP. But, with a twist. It's not just the battles, but.. In the Waiting room, and in pokemon eyes aswell.

Basic Standards:
1) Cursing is allowed, but not to much.. and it's normally trainers.. not pokemon.

Kyle got up from his chair. His Pokeball, was right on his belt.
His Pokemon, Bax, was next to him.

'Chimchar' Bax said, In a confused voice.

'Bax, It's time to get ready! This is our moment!' Kyle Laughed, in an excited way.

'Let the First Battle Begin!' The announcer said, through the intercom.

'Cmon Bax. I wonder who's battling now.' Kyle said, a bit annoyed that he wasn't fighting.

As Kyle and Bax stepped outside, a Tyrannitar went flying and barely missed Kyle.

'What the?' Kyle gasped, cautious and anxious.

'And the winner is: Ryan!!' The announcer shouted.