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Neo Emolga
12-01-2004, 08:34 AM
Surprised? Yes, we’re starting, very soon in fact, whether you like it or not. Enough people were interested in this idea, so Harry and I decided, what the hell, let’s just give it a go. Because if we wait until summer, we’re going to drive ourselves insane just waiting for it to start. Either that, or we’re going to forget about the whole thing. Plus, who really wants to wait around for this to start? Thank you, I’m glad you think so too. Since we really don’t need all that much to prepare, I was thinking we spend Sunday, December 5 getting set up and then actually starting Monday the 6th.

This is simple really, just have the team leader post the War team name here, and the members of the team who would like to become a victim of War Season 3⅔. If you haven’t updated the member list in a long time, trust me, no one is really going to care. Just some idea of who is on your team will be fine. As soon as you post your team, you’ll be added to the participating teams list, which should be up as soon as we get the first courageous team to sign up. Also, even when this crazy war season has already started, you’re still welcome to sign up, but hey, don’t be surprised if you’re a bit behind the other teams who have already stepped into the gauntlet before you have. Don’t worry, I’ll still add your team.

Just fill this out, and you'll be on your merry way.

Team Name:
Team Goal:
Team Description:
Member List:

Anything else you want to put, is up to you, but you need at least 5 people to have an official War team.

Lord Celebi
12-01-2004, 11:24 PM
Team Name: Neo Aqua-Frost
Team Goal: Stop Global Warming Damnit, then flood the earth.
Team Description: A team of tree-hugging enviornmentalists, scientists, Stolen Tech from Outer Heaven, Rowdy Sailors, a crazy Sealeo, and A thousand year old weirdo cyborg, and a cybrog crazy scientist with no last name.
Member List: I'm too lazy to copy, so 2nd post here: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4608

12-01-2004, 11:55 PM
Team Name: Team Rocket
Team Goal: Together, we plan to create a new race of Pokémon clones, genetically and cybernetically enhanced. We shall do this by catching every Pokémon , cloning them, and replacing their body parts with better, more capable robotic parts. We shall then create a super-army of Pokémon even stronger than the Pokémon zombie army that was formed ten years ago......
Team Description: A team of crazy, super smart, hack anything scientists. We can hack ANYTHING!!! =D
Member List: Me. Yay! And Marril, kinda sorta, ish.

12-02-2004, 02:59 AM
Team Name: Team Rocket
Team Goal: Together, we plan to create a new race of Pokémon clones, genetically and cybernetically enhanced. We shall do this by catching every Pokémon , cloning them, and replacing their body parts with better, more capable robotic parts. We shall then create a super-army of Pokémon even stronger than the Pokémon zombie army that was formed ten years ago......
Team Description: A team of crazy, super smart, hack anything scientists. We can hack ANYTHING!!! =D
Member List: Me. Yay! And Marril, kinda sorta, ish.
You need at least 5 members.

Neo Emolga
12-02-2004, 05:00 AM
Yeah, PaperFairy, you need five members in your team. So far it only looks like you have three.

As for Neo Aqua Frost, welcome to the funny farm of War Season 3⅔!

12-02-2004, 06:12 PM
And so the superpower known as Nox enters the fray...

Team Name: Nox
Team Goal: To cover the world in darkness... ... ...And torture people by making them eat several tons of Chocolate, until they hate Chocolate altogether! Since Chocolate brings happiness to people, we plan to turn people against what they love so much; without Chocolate to comfort them, the citizens of the world will drown in their own depression!
Team Description: Team Nox is a team dedicated to the darkness of the night. The Pokemon we use are mainly Dark, Ghost, and Poison types, and while other types are also used, it is uncommon for Noxians to have neither one of the three main types.
Member List:
Kamon (Leader)
Neo Pikachu (Co-Leader)
Ash Red Ketchum
Dark Pikachu
~delfino feroce
green gyarados
Knucklez X
Max & Absol
Nick the Angelic
Shane O' Mac Version 3.0

Total Members: 41

Neo Emolga
12-02-2004, 06:17 PM
Amen to that!

Nox is offically entered! Depression via chocolate destruction forever!

12-03-2004, 02:27 AM
Team Name: TMA
Team Goal: To create a world where greif and sorrow is the norm (man, we get it easy). Also to convert all non-nerds into nerds that does fluent 1337 SPE/\|<. And uh...eat cake above clouds (TM). And like give all your genetic predeccessers some arse whuppin' (tm).
Team Description: Your parental guardian's got our description! No fair!
Member List: No one. I mean like wtf am I doing here? Oh TMA not the crappy FW clan? Uhhh...who's got the list anyway?

Jack of Clovers
12-03-2004, 03:47 AM
Team Name: Team Elite
Team Goal: To overthrow the world with dominating insanity. Oh, and fruit pies in every home.
Team Description: A bunch of elite vets of the URPG with a serious attitude toward being anything but normal.
Member List: leader-Jack


Neo Emolga
12-03-2004, 04:46 AM
Aloha Elite and TMA! Welcome to the dimension of ceaseless insanity and madness!

I'm... *sniff sob* so proud of... you... *sniff*

12-03-2004, 04:47 AM
Does TMA even have 2 members?

Neo Emolga
12-03-2004, 04:56 AM
I know JIG belongs to the TMA, but I don't know of any others off hand. I'll go check, but I thought they had enough.

EDIT: They do. You have Kenny, Ygesto, JIG, Pikachu, and Elimn8. I've seen those five around at least a little bit, but I don't know about the others.

Plus, we kind need TMA for the War RP...

Manjoume Jun
12-03-2004, 04:57 AM
Although it'd be better if BlazikenInferno was consulted on this first, it's the crazy times like this which require one to act spontaneous, therefore I'm hauling the Ryu Soul Alliance into this thing, so let's get jiggy!

Team Name: Ryu Soul Alliance
Team Goal: To respect dragons in all of their majestic glory... by covering them in toilet paper and beating any dragon haters to death with cucumbers, otherwise we shall all succumb to the almighty gingerbread man, known only as... Bob.
Team Description: A bunch of people who like dragons, we have 2 admins, a mod, and a bunch of other people, some who may be in other teams, but they can side whichever way, but don't forget Bob! Or he'll eat your kids.
Member List: Uh, there's me and BlazikenInferno... DarkComet, TalonScar... Keeper of the Light... that's at least 5... I forgot the rest, :P

Neo Emolga
12-03-2004, 05:13 AM
I recommend Scottie for those dragon haters. It has 1000 more sheets and is extra soft!

Ryu Soul Allaince is in! Tell Bob I said hello!

12-03-2004, 05:25 AM
No, they don't deserve cushy Toilet paper.

Fear the RSA!

However we lose some numbers because we have some Noxians (like Shane and Marco)

And the Official List

Latios Faction:
Ryu Admin:
Ryu Mod:
Ryu Members:
Dark Luddico (who can remain with the RSA, especially since he is the one who made the RP, but he will work with Nox for War 2/3)
Eevee Evolver
Ninja Emperor
Tamer San
Zan Zabrefang
Nick the Angelic
Shane O Mac: Version 3. (another Noxian we return to you, but we would like them to stay at least an outside member)

Well, thats our list of people. However, all members of the Ryu Soul Alliance should respect their original teams. Those of you who are in other teams, you can remain in the Ryu Soul Alliance, but you should help your team for War 2/3.

12-03-2004, 06:11 AM
Team Name: Team Trainer

Team Goal: To Protect Peace. To Champion Courage. To Advocate Justice. To Defend Destiny. To Summon Strength. To Be the Best. To Dream of a better place for all of mankind whether in the world of sanity or insanity.

Team Description: Team Trainer was origionally founded on the principles of peace, unity, and truth. We have fought through three war seasons bringing victory to two. Our dream to finally stop evil will be achieved. Chaos is still a form of order and we're ready to tackle it.

Member List:
Leader: HKim
First Officer: Dratini
URPG Officer: Shroomish
Elite: Channel Delibird (Poke the North)
Green: Steven
Green: Bronislav84
Green: Tamer San
Rookie: ~*Esper*~
Rookie: TotodileHop24
Rookie: CNikkita
Rookie: TonyTrainer
Rookie: Pikadude
Rookie: Matt
Rookie: Satou
Rookie: The God of Love
Rookie: SK101190
Rookie: Alex
Rookie: Ninja Emperor
Rookie: Duke
Rookie: Scizor_master2oo4

Neo Emolga
12-03-2004, 08:54 AM
Oh fun!

Welcome to the grounds of insanity Harry and his all Team Trainer friends!

Manjoume Jun
12-04-2004, 01:14 AM
Despite the fact that this post was made AFTER I announced that I have left the Ryu Soul Alliance, I guess I'll make my last deed as co-administrator by pulling the Alliance out of this War.

And... uh... Bob can now return to the big oven in the sky... or something... meh... the insanity has left me now.

12-04-2004, 01:51 AM
Well, one point I have to make...

We really are a small team so far. Maybe when some more members join us, or more experienced/active members join us, we will join a WAR. We will just remain a club, so to speak.

Peace out all, and best of luck to all other teams

Neo Emolga
12-04-2004, 04:31 PM
Well, it's your choice. You're always welcome to come back in if you feel like, but I'll take RSA out of the War if that's what you want.

Tamer San
12-04-2004, 05:04 PM

Team Name: Team Triblade

Team Goal: The old Team Tri-Blade had much lower aims than now. Our aim is now up there with the rest of the other war groups. We wish to become the number one team there is. We hope to achieve this by togetherness; for it is only if we fight as one group that we can defeat others. Teamwork is what we are all about. Is an army filled with just one man? No! In the same way Tri-Blade is more than just one person doing all the work, we are one. We do not just fight for ourselves; together we fight for those that can’t defend themselves and strike down without mercy upon those who divulge in the dark-side. Within our hearts though we have long-term aims, which can only be achieved with true commitment and strength. The legendary dog Pokémon: Entei, Suicine and Raikou are what our hearts desire for, they are what represents Tri-Blade; the powers of Fire, Water/Ice and Electricity, united as one, together elite. It is not only their elements which represents Tri-blade so well but also what they represent within themselves; Courage, Strength, Hope and Unity. The legendary birds also represent the same elements as the dogs but the dogs, unlike the birds posses the qualities what Tri-Blade are all about. Resistance is futile, no matter how hard anyone tries to defy us or stop us, it never works, we always overcome any obstacle no matter how rocky the road, high the mountain or wide the ocean, we will stop at nothing to achieve everything that has been stated. Our orb colour is purple for it is seemed to be a unity between the forces of fire, electricity and water/ice.

Team Description: “Forged in secrecy, combined with power, each force great alone but always missing something. Together though, all three forces piece together; indestructible, indescribable, together to the end. The lamp’s light of power shadows others and instead favours them. Team Tri-blade is back; Re-amped and ready for action. Rivals and evil doers beware; the blade is hungry”

Member List:
Leader: JohtoTrainer
2nd in Command: RaddStealth (Dap)
3rd in Command: Tamer
3rd in Command: Mike (Phoenix)

PS. I am 3rd in command, and many wondered if triblade will participate or not. Yes we are participating, if JT or Dap didn't like what I did then they can tell me and I shall edit. Member list might have somethings wrong that I should fix, but that when JT or Dap get on. Thanks a lot...AND GO TRI-BLADE!!!

12-04-2004, 08:17 PM
Ok, Tamer thanks for doing this for me. I didn't have time to get it ready lol

Neo Emolga
12-04-2004, 10:17 PM
Okay, Tri-blade is offically entered!

I hope you guys are good at going insane!

Tamer San
12-05-2004, 05:01 AM
I have been declaired No.1 Trainer Noxian style loonatic...so don't worry about being in...sa...ne...NEO!!! :goofy:

12-24-2004, 01:05 PM
No need to worry about us being crazy, I learned from the masters. I don't think I need to name them...


Neo Emolga
02-21-2005, 11:55 PM
Say adios. This is little event is done, and I thank everyone who took part.

*Locked and Unsticked.