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Neo Emolga
12-01-2004, 07:36 AM
WaR sEaSoN 3⅔ rUleZ

Okay, I won’t be heartless monster with these, since I’ll be trying to allow enough freedom to make this fun and HaPpY fOr EvErYbOdY, but still, we need a few tidbits at least to avoid total chaos. Trust me, chaos and insanity are two different things. Insanity is critical and essential to winning War Season 3⅔, trust me.

If you’ve never been a part of the War before, lucky you, you’re about to start off on the wrong track before you’ve even started! Just kidding, but just to let you know, War Season 3⅔ uses the same idea and point system that was used for War Season I and II, but everything is made to be wacky. You’re about to see everyone go crazy in ways you’d never expect. Like me for example…

War Season 3⅔ is divided into 10 weeks. During each week of War Season 3⅔, you have to privilege (go on, Honey!) to participate in each of the War Sections. Be a part of as many War Sections as possible to order to earn your team and yourself as many points (bragging rights) as possible. Yes, using OWNED!!! images when appropriate is encouraged.

You have all week to submit your entries, staring from Monday 12 AM Eastern Time to Saturday 11:59.99.99 PM Eastern Time. This allows Sunday to be used to give our insane judges, mentally disturbed War leaders, and me, a crazy Uzi-toting Pikachu, time to add up the points, prepare next week’s topics, decide winners of each week… you get the idea. Every point you earn reserves you a better kickass spot on the hall of fame of the highest point earners and gives your team bragging rights. So go on, earn as many points as you can!

A big difference between War Seasons 1 and 2 and this new War Season 3⅔ is that while entries submitted in 1 and 2 were graded based on excellence and appearance, entries in War Season 3⅔ are graded based on humor, complete nonsense, and overall insanity. If you can get the judge to soil his/her/its pants while reading your crunk fo’ shizzle entry due to the extreme laughter, then cha-ching and ba-bam, you’re going to get yourself some points. But trust me, in order for that to happen, don’t type out something stupid like “alfjasklhaa” or “alasfjaseeio” as an entry. That’s called having a brain fart, which really isn’t funny…

Also, here are some rules of thumb when being a part of War Season 3⅔. Read them people!!!

NO CHEATING!!! If you cheat, I’ll edit your posts in other chat and make you look like a geek. Just kidding, but really, no one loves a cheater.
Play On One Team! Please people, stay on one team during the course of War Season 3⅔. You didn’t see the New York Yankees switch sides to the Boston Red Sox during the World Series now, did you? Unless the team kicks the bucket and completely disbands during the War, just stick on one team, and don’t pull a Cypher (stupid Matrix reference).
Submit Only One Entry Per Section Per Week! One = 1. Section = Art, Fan Fiction, Humor… etc. , Week = That 6 day period between Monday and Saturday I was talking about before and really don’t feel like repeating. Fan Fiction, Role Play, Lookie and URPG are exceptions. In those, participation is constant.
Respect People! Some light teasing is fine, and a little “I pwn j00” is okay, but don’t completely cuss off a team or a particular team member just because they’re winning or losing or whatever. I hated bullies in third grade, so did you, gracias, let’s not bring that back. (stupid bullies… :susp:)
Don’t Grade Yourself! If you’re a judge of a section, then don’t enter it unless you’re doing it for pure fun, like RP. Just grade the wacky stuff of others, but don’t grade your own work. It’s a bitty too biased, my precious…

Neo Emolga
12-01-2004, 07:37 AM
WaR sEaSoN 3⅔ sEcTiOnZ

I’m lazy, so here’s a copy and paste.

Lookie – Yes! It’s the dream you have all been waiting for! The day the Lookie thread actually becomes on official war section! Points are handed out to the people who kill everyone else in the most funniest and original ways possible!

Art – Guess what you people who use Photoshop like a crutch!? Your days of Bevel and Emboss and Filter>Render>Clouds are over with! Every submission that is sent to the Art section has to be in MS Paint, forcing everyone to have to draw with the same crappy program! Again, points are handed out to the funniest looking picture, or to the person who can actually draw something decent with that pathetic program! And don’t even THINK of drawing something on paper and scanning it in, because we’ll know… *coughRachelcough*

War Role Play – And of course you knew this wouldn’t make it out of this war season without being completely harassed, now did you? The battle between the TMA, Trainer, Nox and the other war teams rages on, but something strange has happened. We’ve all been magically turned into Pokémon! Everyone becomes the Pokémon they best represent (i.e. Harry Kim as Bulbasaur, ElimN8 as Alakazam, and yours truly as Pikachu) and still continues the crazy All Your Base Are Belong to Us battle spree! This time points are handed out for the best RP entries, and humor is an extremely big plus as well!

Fan Fiction – And I bet you really thought we couldn’t screw around with this either. What do you think your precious fan fictions would suddenly look like without the letter “e” in them? Thy’ll start looking lik this! So imagin all your favorit fan fictions suddnly looking lik wird crap for onc! Plus don’t b afraid to us plnty of 1337 languag as wll! So OMG! Mak th 1337st fan fiction you can think of! WTF! Also, putting good old classic humor in your fan fiction will gt you mor points too!

URPG – What happens when the URPG’s finest champions find themselves in War Season 3⅔? They find themselves stuck with using Charmander and Bulbasaur, because the only thing they’ll be allowed to use is completely unevolved Pokémon! So finally, so long to all those other overgrown guys, and at last, we can all say Adios to Harry Kim’s steroid Starmie!!! And on an added note, yes, you do need to new Pokémon to do this if you don’t have any already. And no single evolutions either, like that sneaky dark Absol or that goofy looking Snorlax.

Debate – Yup, even PE2K’s most serious section has been turned inside out. No more talking about Bush and killing babies, now we’re going to be talking about what realty show we think has got to be the stupidest one of all time, what video game we think is so overly hyped out that it’s making us puke that Big Bacon Classic we had at Wendy’s, and which of today’s cars we think is the crappiest one of all time! Points are given to the person who can make the most convincing argument while keeping it darn funny!

Scavenger Hunt – And everyone’s favorite Google-abusin’ section is back, only this time everyone’s is out to find really weird or extremely funny pictures (Nothing pornographic or violent you crazy monkey!) such at that OWNED! picture of the little kid being chased by a car, a goofy picture from a comic strip, or any other wacky nonsense the judge can bust out with! Be sure to have fun with this one!

Creative Writing – Imagine writing a lovely and detailed poem or Haiku about something so random and crazy like WORD TO YOUR MOTHERS!!! Ah Word to Your Mothers, how my family gathers around the table to praise your name. Ah Word to Your Mothers, how you bring joy and happiness through every one of my smiling days. Points go to the person who can still write well about something so crazy and random, and yes, bonus points go out to those who pump out the funniest sounding nonsense possible!

Humor – Yes, this is pure, unblemished and raw humor, right out of the bag! It’s a wacky free for all in this one, which focuses on making exclusive use of all your PE2K friends and family on the forum! So go ahead, make crazy fun of everyone at PE2K and the silly and crazy things we can do! Ever want to write an alternate ending to a popular movie? Do it here, put all your PE2K friends in it, and make it as crazy as possible!


These are the teams that have decided to join War Season 3⅔ in life, liberty, and in the pursuit of Mad Skillz.

Neo Aqua Frost (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4608)
Team Nox (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=185&page=1&pp=15)
The Magnificent Alliance (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=34&page=1)
Team Elite (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1776&page=1)
Team Trainer (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=41&page=1)
Team Tri-blade (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2621&page=1)

*If you want to elect yourself as victim of War Season 3⅔, then create your own War team with 5 other people (no imaginary friends!) with the same wacky intentions or join a team that has already committed themselves to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs in 9 different magical ways. Also, you need to get acceptance from any of the war leaders (Happy Harry Kim ( http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?u=43), Fantastic [Fair] ( http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?u=27), or yours truly, Nifty Neo Pikachu ( http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?u=6)).

JuDgEz N’ SeCtIoNs

These are the current masters of madness that are the judges of the sections. Obey them, or SuFfEr!!!

Lookie – Judge: Looney lil_leprechaun (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=53)
Art – Judge: Random rust (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=202)
War Role Play – Judge: Terrific Tamer San (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?u=749)
Fan Fiction – Judge: Kickin' Kamon (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=4)
URPG – Judge: Jumpin' JohtoTrainer (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=11)
Debate – Judge: Nifty Nick The Angelic (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=48)
Scavenger Hunt – Judge: Boomin' bronislav84 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=23)
Creative Writing – Judge: Dazzlin' Dark Pikachu (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=209)
Humor – Super Shane O Mac: Version 3.0 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/member.php?userid=7)

With that said, enjoy being part of the wacky fun known as War Season 3⅔! :goofy:

Neo Emolga
12-24-2004, 01:37 AM
Just so everyone is made aware of it, War Season 3⅔ will offically start on Monday the 27th, and then end ten weeks later on the 5th of March, which is Saturday.

In all, I hope everyone has a blast. Have fun!

Neo Emolga
02-21-2005, 10:56 PM
Well, this is done. No need to keep this around. Say adios.

*Locked and Unsticked.