View Full Version : Jet's crappy 3D desu~

07-03-2007, 04:06 PM
Well, since my previous works (handrawn) works aren't successful at all... I'm guessing the same thing will happend with this as well; aka won't have much impact as with teh masterz.

except maybe because I'm the first one to actually post his 3d works here in pe2k... or maybe there were others before, I dunno...

anyway, comments and criticism of course are welcomed... I'm just starting anyway...

Some kind of kitchen


from left to right: Plate with apples, plate with sugar, bowl with water, board with dough, some 3 cans of random whatever food stuff

my current project
Infinity Eight: First Phase: Skeith Zeta 1

Infinity Eight: First Phase: Skeith Zeta 2

May have gone overboard with the redness =/

Well I'm still learning each of the details in Blender, I still have to get used to bezier... (didn't use any here, nor do I plan to use it on any of the other Phases)