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07-05-2007, 05:27 PM
Well, this is my first RP in a long time, and my first one made here so... yeah.


7 years ago 10 volunteers signed up to beta test the first virtual reality game. In this game you would be hooked up and then be sent into the game while everything was 3D and you looked the same. But something happened. the game flashed off then on again. The 10 volunteers pressed a button to be sent back to real life, but the rest is unknown.
The beta testing was to take only one week, instead t lasted 7 years, and people started to worry after a month past. There were 9 families who knew that their family members went in to beta test the game. One family never knew. One person was marked not to have a family.

Now they are holding sign ups for 5 volunteers to search for the missing 10 and bring them back to the real world. Why 5? Why not 10? The reason is that only 5 spots are left to be in the game.

You will be sent to find the problem of the beta game, then fix it, and go in and find and retrieve the lost 10. We believe even if you do fix the problem, the only way to get the lost 10 back is to make them beat the game, while you may be able to quit at any time, but this is only a guess. Good luck. :mrgreen:

Sign up:
Age: (13+)
Species: (what is your species, if an odd one, please explain)
History (background):
Weapons: (you can pick as many weapons as you can carry, just make sure you detail them and correspond with your character somehow.)

07-09-2007, 06:51 PM
Name:Winston Kotaname
Age: 16
Species: Feral+Human
Description:Light Brown fur and fuzzy cat ears. Black hair . Sharp Claws and Sharp toe's
Personality:This cat don't mess around jusyt gets straight to buisiness.
History:On the Lam,dosen't like to discuss
Weapons: Of Course my Claws and Fangs