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The Elite Ygseto
12-04-2004, 02:35 AM
OCC: This is going to be one chapter. As in, once I get the pokemon there will be no more story added. Hope you enjoy this intro. :P Remember this is a little gorey in some parts so reader discretion avised.

“What the…” A young boy around the age of 6 said as he stubbed his toe on a round rock halfway buried in the ground. “Cool, this will be a cool addition to my sis’s rock collection.” He reached over to pick it up. He bushed off the some if the dirt and saw red and white colors on it. He started to bush of more. “Humm… this dirt is a little head strong ain’t it. Let’s wash it off with some water.” He poured the water from his canteen on the ball and polished it with his shirt tail. When he cleaned of the ball his eyes sparkled and he mouthed the word ‘wow.’

15 years later the once young boy was now 21. His name was Hagane and he was now 6’ tall and had brown spiky hair. He wore a long black coat that flared near the waist along with a pair of black cargo pants. His feet were adorned in black leather boots that ran halfway up his lower leg. But the most important thing he wore was a small red and white ball around his neck.

“Hagane!” An old man said running behind Hagane screamed. “Please wait up! I’m too old to be doing this!”

“All right gramps,” Hagane said smartly, “I’ll wait.”

“Stupid kids,” the old man mumbled to himself as he finally caught up with Hagane. “I have another mission for you. You’ll finally be able to use that pokeball you’ve been keeping all this time, but in return you might have to kill someone.”

“Again…” He contemplated for a second remember the first time he had to kill a man. His name was Nai Hito. He was a thief and a good one at that. He had stolen one to many things that where important to Hagane, like his parents.

One dark lonely night, Nai had snuck into Hagane’s house and he took his parents. He then took them to a dark ally and hung them. While killing them he mumbled something to Satan, his supposed ‘king’. Koko mai ouja. Koera tamie maro.

That pushed Hagane over the edge; his life was dedicated to finding Nai and killing him. So he had tracked him down and hung him with the same rope, in the same bloody ally as he had done with Hagane’s parents. Since then Hagane has become a bounty hunter, doing the things he had never thought of doing, for a living.

He turned to the old man and said with a small smile, “Sure…”