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07-09-2007, 04:31 AM
So i bought the Transformers game today. I haven't beaten the game yet but here is my take on it right now. I'll start with my story. If you don't want the game spoiled PLEASE do not read on.

So i went home put the game into my Xbox 360 and started to play. I started with the Autobots. So i start off with Bumblebee beating down on some Decepticon Drones(DD). I basically mashed the X button most of the time. There are really cool LOOKING guns and stuff but they hardly do a good amount of damage on low level minions. Don't even use the guns on bosses: at all.

So i transform and driving seems easy at first but you run into cars and people ALOT which i attempted not to do but it's hard to go at a good speed without going out of control. So everytime you get stuck you have to transform then get out and transform again. So after beating on some more DDs i have my first boss fight with Barricade.

Basically you couldn't shoot him because he had his dumb shield. You couldn't fight him at close range because of flailing maces. So you had to run over pick something up and throw it at him then run at him hit him a few times. Then it goes to a cut scene. He distracts Bumblebee then transforms and leaves. So i chase after which is hard with the inability for controlling your driving. So you have ranged weapons on your car which ARE useful and you haev to slow him down then get to a certain point on the map before he does. When you get there you fight him again do the same thing i said above but twice. Then it repeats itself. You go to one more location and do that three times. Then you beat him. However i got stuck and couldn't beat him until i came back to it later on. So i went to the Decepticon storyline for more luck.

You start off as Blackout attacking the base. This was alot more fun blasting buildings and helpless humans. His ranged attacks are quite devastating and his close combat is even more deadly. So then after fighting as him my next mission was with Scorponok which was fun to tunnel underground. However his moving on land sucks. His range isn't that good and neither is his close combat but all i had to do was take out some communication veichles. i went back to being Blackout and had to do some flying which was alot better than driving. Especcially shooting enemies out of the sky with guided missiles. :happy:

So then i went to Barricade and it was fun because i could be as reckless as i wanted to. Fighting Bumblebee was very easy and only required beating him down chasing him forcing him to Transform and then repeat again. So then i went to Starscream later on. He was basically Blackout but alot more powerful. The most fun part being him was going into the sky and having a dog fight with a bunch of jets. Then i finally went back to Barricade and fought Jazz which was also an easy fight. Then i went to scorponk and fought off some drones. Then it was Blackout vs Ironhide. I havn't beaten this yet but here is what happens.

You defeat some Autobot Drones. They go down in one hit since Blackout is HUGE compared to the drones. Then you fight Ironhide and after two or three melee combos more come. See there is this one type of Drone that i hadn't mentioned yet. It is also resitant to shooting. It has a flailing weapon so no close combat. You have to find some throw it at it then hit it but it still doesn't die. You have to do it three times. Usually it's no big deal. However it is when Ironhide shoots his huge cannons at you that can kill you easily if you don't watch yourself. And you can't hurt him until ALL ADs are gone. I got really close to killing him but i died due to really annoying cannons.

So i went back to the Autobot story and started to play as Jazz after taking out some radios blocking the other Autobots from landing. All you do as Jazz is drive around some points stop blow some stuff up and drive to distract the police. Then Jazz gets surrounded by Sector 7 and you play as Ironhide. Now he is basically Blackout. Extreme firepower and closecombat.

So you drive around and help Jazz all the time. Then i fought this annoying DD that took me like 15 minutes to figure out how to beat him. You had to throw something at him pick HIM up and throw him. Then he dies. After that your none other than Optimus Prime. After failing to chase Bumblebee because Soundwave stops you, you fight him. That was farely easy once i figured out how to make him transform from turret to robot. It;'s basically like the Barricade vs Bumblebee fight except longer. It was hard to drive around with OPtimus because you would get stuck alot with his big truck. Then i went back to Bumblebee in Sector 7 who is now going for the Allspark. I stopped playing due to needing a break. So i'll edit this post once i finish the game.

One more thing i hadn't covered was the enviorment. Yes everything is destroyable. But a little too weak. Brushing up against the building will make it crumble to pieces. It got pretty annoying and alot of the debree gets in the way.

Mechanics 5/10

Got really boring button mashing X most of the time.

Graphics 10/10

These were brilliant. On my HD tv it was even better.

Difficulty 7/10

Sometimes you get stuck but after playing the mission for a while you'll get it eventually

Overall rating: 6/10

Don't buy it unless your a hardcore Transformers fan.

Will Edit later.

07-15-2007, 11:49 PM
SO should I rent it, would I be able to beat it in 5 days.

Hypocrisy is Fun
07-16-2007, 12:39 AM
You may want to post that this is a 360 review. There are MANY other versions. :P

07-16-2007, 01:33 AM
They are all the same so how long it would take to beat it should be the same.

Hypocrisy is Fun
07-16-2007, 11:31 PM
I just explained that some are different. :/ You can't just ask how long it'll take, It all depends on the player's skill.

07-16-2007, 11:49 PM
I just explained that some are different. :/ You can't just ask how long it'll take, It all depends on the player's skill.

I dont think you did, you just said they are different.

07-21-2007, 08:10 PM
I got transformers for the psp and it was easy for me it took me less then an hour to get to megatron but thats were i got stuck but the next day i try again and beat him then i get to cybertron and beat whole game in about 2 days