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07-09-2007, 11:29 PM
Having trouble on a Gym Leader? Well, this guide will soon have eight guides, one helping on each gym leader. We currently have one guide now, but more will come soon.

{Gym Leader #1}
{Rock Gym Leader}
The first Gym-Leader is named Roark. He specializes in Rock Type Pokemon. You will have ease with all three starters, depending if you use them right or not. With his first Pokemon to start with, Geodude [Level 12], you can use any starter with ease. Using Turtwig or Piplup, you can use Turtwig’s Razor Leaf or Piplup’s Bubble attack. With a Monferno, you may use Mach Punch, which it learns at level 14. Be careful, as if the Roark’s Geodude uses Stealth Rock, the Pokemon you switch out, will take some damage. Geodude’s Rock Type attacks will do much harm to a fire starter, so be careful of that. If you Budew and trained it to level 13, use Mega Drain to defeat the Geodude.

The next Pokemon is Onix. You can use the same strategy before, and it will work also. Be careful of Screech, it will lower your defense harshly. Onix is tough, and it is also Level 12. Keep on the same strategy, but if you lose your starter and if you have a Budew, you are screwed. Revives are great, and the same strategy will make it after some hard work.

His last Pokemon is Cranidos. It’s very dangerous at Level 14. It doesn’t know any rock-type attacks, so your Monferno will be safe from fainting. Leer, like Onix’s Screech attack, will lower your defense. Also, be very aware of Headbutt, as it damages your Pokemon a lot. The same as the first and second Pokemon keep the same strategy. You will soon beat Roark. When you win, you will earn the Coal Badge, the first badge in Sinnoh. You will also receive TM 76, which is Stealth Rock, and you are also able to use the HM Rock Smash outside of battle. Congratulations! You received your first Sinnoh Badge.


{Gym Leader #2}
{Grass Gym Leader}
The second gym leader, Gardenia, is the grass gym leader of Eterna City. She has pretty wicked Pokemon, so watch out for that. She may be tough to beat, but you will make it through. Starting with Chimchar is great, as well as teaching your Piplup Peck. If you also have a Starly, you will have good luck with the gym. You might’ve had some good training in the forest, and may have caught some Pokemon there.

She first sends out Cherubi. It may leech you, so watch out if you are using a Geodude. Flying or fire will be good. With Monferno, throw some embers at Cherubi, or some pecks or wing attacks if you have the right Pokemon. Safeguard is pretty tough, as it takes out any status problem the cherry Pokemon has, so paralyzing or poisoning is useless. Growth raises Sp. Attack, which makes it harder for you. You don’t have to worry so much about Grass Knot, since Cherubi is a pretty light Pokemon.

Next Pokemon is Turtwig. Flying and fire types once again work well here. Grass Knot has the same effect, but hits more since Turtwig weighs more then the previous Pokemon. Be careful of Reflect, it weakens your physical attacks. Also, Withdraw will make its defense go higher, so make sure you defeat it before its defense goes as high as it could. Razor Leaf is also annoying, since it is a great offensive move. Other than that, the Pokemon is pretty easy to beat.

Last one, is the amazing, Roserade. The Pokemon is also grass and poison, so it’ll be hard if you use the same strategy. Stun Spore may paralyze you, and you may also be poisoned by Poison Sting. Grass Knot is hard on you, since Roserade is a pretty heavy Pokemon. Magical Leaf is also hard to beat, since you cannot evade it and hits with sixty power. Once, again, just keep striking. Using a defensive move is great, raising you defense, so it will be harder to defeat you. When you defeat Roserade, you win. When beating her, you get the Forest Badge, and you will be able to use Cut out of battle. All Pokemon level 30 and above, will follow you. You also get TM 86, Grass Knot! Congrats!

Lord Fedora
07-10-2007, 05:22 AM
Prety good guide, except for one thign I noticed in the Gardenia Guide. Go to Serebii.net's Attack Dex D/P and look up Grass Knot. Grass Knot does damage that is more pwerful the heavier the opponent is, not the user. It doesn't change anything, Grass Knot is still not a threat because all of the early pokemon are all fairly light, unless by some miracle you have a Graveler (stupid useless Graveler, got knocked out by Cherubi). Anyway, it's still looking pretty good, just thought I'd point that out.