View Full Version : Hoenn Gym Battle set complete! For now...

Hoenn Mirror Girl
12-23-2004, 10:02 PM
I've copied this from my LiveJournal since I'm short on time.

I've finally seen the Muro (Dewford) Gym Rematch, so now I'm officially caught up with the Hoenn Gym Battles. I already have high hopes for Satoshi (Ash) vs Mikuri (Wallace), but for now, let's talk Touki (Brawly).

-KIMORI (Treecko)! I guess the people couldn't get enough of that lizard. Heigani (Corphish) appears as well. Too bad neither one won't be in the Gym Battle after this.
-Touki (Brawly) is WAAAAAAAAAAAY different in the Japanese version. His surfer voice doesn't exist (of course), but he still uses surf lingo like damper. Also, whenever he sends out a Pokemon, there's this cool sequence of him on a "surfboard" as he rides a wave. I loved that. "Hariteyama (Hariyama)... TAKE OFF!"
-Speaking of Hariteyama, I really don't hear a lot of difference between him and his dub counterpart, but the voice was still good (a lot more of the silent type, though). Oneriky (Machop), on the other hand, has an insanely awesome (or awesomely insane, I can't decide!) voice. MUCH better than what 4Kids had. WHY can't they let us in on the true nature of Pocket Monsters Advance Generation's insanity?! WHY?!
-There's a piece of music that's a pretty remix of the Sealed Chamber (the area where you start your quest on catching the Regis) theme. ANOTHER portion of AG insanity that 4Kids have left us in the dark about. Kinda sad, really.
-Of course, the overall battle was great.
-And who the heck can forget the Rocket Gang (Team Rocket) saying their motto...WHILE EATING TOUKI'S FOOD?! Hilarious, I say.
-"HATAKU (Pound), HATAKU, HATAKU DA!" For some strange reason, that made me laugh. Made me see that flashback (where Satoshi's Kimori was battling Touki's Makunosita [Makuhita]) in a new light.

Dang, I said more stuff about this Gym Battle than I did about the others.

Now, all I need is the last gym battle and fan subs of gym battles 2-7. Then I'll be in Heaven.