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Xlugon Pyro
12-26-2004, 10:48 PM
Note: This story is based on realistic values so in this, any Pokemon can reproduce except baby Pokemon and non gender Pokemon. Legendaries can reproduce. It is also somewhat based off of the Pokemon Emerald Story. Also, this story is based on when my trainer is much further in her Pokemon adventure. Though, I will only use Pokemon I have currently in this story. Its very long so grab some pop-corn!

Ohh... This story is the one I'm entering in the story contest.

Team Magma and Aqua are scheming... Archie and Maxie have sent out some grunts to get the orbs atop Mt. Pyre but things may not go exactly as planned. One trainer, by the name of Xui travels in search of dragon Pokemon. She has encountered schemes by the evil teams but they often go running. But this... something geater that the teams have ever done will be unleashed. Will Xui succeed in thwarting their plans?


Chapter 1: Scheming On Mt. Pyre
From a good nights rest, Xui leaves the Pokemon Center with a cute Eevee on her shoulder. "Well, Myth! Lets get to the ferry that goes to Mossdeep City! They don't wait for anything!" sais Xui. "Eevvhe!" cries Myth. But just as Xui starts to walk, a sudden noice bursts out. "Ohh! SHhhh!" sais a voice hidding. Xui follows the sound and sees a group of Team Magma thugs hidding behind a small cliff. She listens on.

"You dingbat! If someone is listening in on us, we're busted! We can't let this chance go by!" sais a familiar Magma member. "S... s.. sorry, Jake!" replies a grunt. "You better not screw this up! We're heading out now! Get your act together and get moving!" sais the executive with an angry face. Not mercy to be found. They head off out of Lilycove City and Xui follows. She follows them into the jet and she heads inside.

When the jet stops, the Magmas leave and head off the misty mountain. A few Duskull, Shuppet, Vulpix and even a Banette she found on the mountain. She hears screaming in the distance and she hurries but to her suprise, she was too late. "What's going on? I heard screaming!" Xui sais to the two. An old man raging with fury and an old woman crying. "Miss? Whats wrong?" Xui sais to the old lady.

"Team.. Team Magma and Aqua stole the Red and Blue orbs! They must always be together or... something terrible happens!" she sais. Xui ponders and replies, "I've read this in a book... This is not good... I'll go after them!". Myth jumps on her shoulder and the woman replies, "Good luck... young one!". Xui waves and heads down the mountain giving chase to the two teams.

Chapter 2: Race to Slateport City
The Team Magma's copter was taking liftoff. She had to hurry so she had Myth mess with them. "Myth, catch the helicopter and use Quick Attack on the door!" sais Xui. Myth runs ahead and breaks through the steel door. The Magma members freak out and the skittish grunt sent out his only Pokemon, Zubat. Myth attacked it with Bite and knocked it out in one hit.

"Zack you idiot! Your Zubat can't hurt even a Magikarp! I'll take care of this! Go, Mightyena!" sais the executive. Mightyena is sent out and cries, "Burowrl!". Myth prepares for battle but then falls to the front helicopter window. It lands and Xui opens the door. "Alright! Myth, use Take-Down!" Xui tells Myth. Mightyena uses tackle but gets hit by Take-Down.

"Bah! Mightyena, use Crunch!" yells the executive. Mightyena runs up and uses Crunch but Myth tackles his jaw down and muzzles Mightyena before jumping up and hitting Mightyena with Take-Down. Mightyena faints and the executive returns him. "So.. your the one who owns that Eevee! We thought it was wild! You've meddled with us too much!" sais the executive.

The executive tries to turn on the helicopter but the battle held in there ruined the controlls. However, a new helicopter came down with Maxie, the Team Magma boss in it. Xui snuck on and they went to Slateport. Upon arrival, Xui wakes up due to the large thump but she loses the Magma members.

She heads to the Slateport Harbor and watches an interview of famous Captain Stern. She, however, sees the same interviewers interviewing him that interviewed her near Mauville and Fortree City. Captain Stern seems to be talking about a cavern under the ocean he found. After he explains that, they leave. But then, a booming voice comes out of the Harbor's announcement microphone.

"Muhuahaha! Our dream will finally come true! The sea will be expanded so their will be more habitats for water Pokemon! Thanks for the sub, Captain Stern!" yells a voice. Xui and Stern head in to see Archie enter the sub and off they go. Team Magma come bursting in but to their suprise, Team Aqua beat them.

"What!? Team Aqua will pay! Come on, men! To Mossdeep City!" yells Maxie. Stern grows upset and sais, "Why... What do they want with my submarine? Are they perhaps after the Pokemon said to be sleeping in there?". Xui then takes off to Mossdeep City. She then heads back to Lilycove City by following the ocean coast and takes the ferry off to Mossdeep City.

Chapter 3: Return of Groudon & Kyogre
A few weeks later, Xui has gone through another gym and has thwarted Magmas plans in the Mossdeep Space Station. She could not give chase to Team Aqua due to the possibilities of finding the cave. She heads up to her rented room in the Pokemon Center and turns on the news. To her suprise, she hears a very odd report.

"We have some reports sent in only a few minutes ago that Kyogre, a considered mythical Pokemon appears near the location where Stern found an undersea cavern. Weather is becoming very stormy and terrible downpours are moving all over Hoenn." a news reporter sais. Xui turned the television off and met a new face, Drake of the Elite 4.

"Nurse Joy! Have you heard the weather report!?" Drake said. "Why, yes I did! Its terrible! Those poor Pokemon..." sais Nurse Joy. Drake turns to a young girl seemingly looking like a trainer. "Drake... the best dragon user ever..." sais Xui. "Yes... thats me. Have you heard the reports?" sais Drake. "Yes, I have... I found out a few weeks ago that Team Aqua stole a submarine and went to the Seafloor Cavern." said Xui.

"Well... you look like a strong trainer." said Drake. "I need a partner to help me solve this problem so why don't you and I battle a one on one?" sais Drake.

To be continued...

Don't grade yet. Its still in the works.

Xlugon Pyro
12-27-2004, 07:20 PM
Finding out I couldn't edit, I'll continue my story in this post.

"Alright! I accept!" sais Xui. Myth runs off her shoulder and Drake sends out Salamance. "Myth, use Bite!" commands Xui. Myth runs up to Salamance but it flies away and aims a Flamethrower. "Go!" sais Drake. Myth watches the flames come down but Myth jumps up. Myth's eyes suddenly glow green with fury and strangely, Myth uses Dragonbreath.

"Dragonbreath!?" sais Xui in suprise. The breathe hits Salamance and paralyzes it. Myth runs up and uses Take-Down on it and it is near fainting. Salamance turns around and uses Hyper Beam. Myth got hit on the leg earlier by flamethrower which made it hard for Myth to move.

Xui then commanded a Dragonbreath and off the attacks went. Both close to fainting but Drake ends the battle. "Alright! Thats enough! Your Eevee is skiled indeed! It even knows Dragonbreath!" sais Drake. "Well, I guess we should head to the Seafloor Cavern!" sais Drake again. Xui replies with "Yes! Lets go! Kyogre will cause major problems! It must be stopped!".

Just as they are about to leave, another news report comes on. "We have more life threatening news to share! The deadly showering rain is gone but instead, the sun is shining brightly... very brightly. Infact, the temperature is rising very fast! We advize you head to the coldest area you can reach. People are evacuating to the mountains."

Xui turns to Drake and sais "Oh no... Groudon is ressurected too...". Drake returns with "We could handle one of them but two of them is too great. There is only one power that can stop these two. It lies near Pacifidlog Town far in the ocean. I'll come with you but we should leave immediately." sais Drake. Xui and Drake head outside and aboard Drake's Salamance.

Drake and Xui then take off and head to Pacifidlog Town. In search for the force that can stop these two.

Chapter 4: Legend of the Rayquaza
The legend of Rayquaza is a great tale. It starts with when Kyogre and Groudon return to fight. Rayquaza is the only Pokemon who can stop this force so one day, the only Rayquaza went out and stopped them but sadly, Rayquaza sacrificed itself to defeat them. However, the spirit of that Rayquaza wandered on in the sky.

Though, when the day would come that Groudon and Kyogre return, Rayquaza would return and lay an egg of an offspring Rayquaza that only the right Pokemon Trainer could hatch. The only thing that trainer would need was a good heart and a deep love for all Pokemon. But is Xui the trainer to awaken the offspring?

Drake and Xui have landed on Pacifidlog and Xui rides Drake's Salamance to the Sky Pillar. It was hard, getting through the floors but finally, she makes it to the top where a nest with an egg lies. She approached and touched it. Suddenly, a roar cried out and the pillar shook. Of all Pokemon, Rayquaza appeared. Xui backed away slowly as Rayquaza approached. It gave out a tenacious roar and flew up, preparing to battle.

Myth came off Xui's shoulders and prepared with Dragonbreath. Rayquaza easely dodged and hit Myth with a Hyper Beam! Myth flew up high and Rayquaza went at him with Dragonclaw. "NO!!! Myth!!" cried Xui. All of a sudden, the egg glowed green and bursted open. It was a baby Rayquaza and it hatched due to Xui's love for Pokemon.

The baby Rayquaza flew up and took the hit that was directed to Myth. The baby Rayquaza explained to his mother about the trainer, Xui. The mother shook her head and came down to Xui. It apologized and desided Myth should battle her baby so it began.

Myth came back and attacked with Dragonbreath. It hit the Rayquaza but he came back with Twister. Myth was cought in the winds and got hit. The Rayquaza was just born so he was near fainting. Myth backed up and used a new move, Hyper Beam. Rayquaza faints and Xui throws a Mythic Ball.

It wobbles but finally catches Rayquaza. Xui takes the ball and explains to the mother that she needs her and her baby to stop Kyogre and Groudon. She gets on the mother and releases the baby and they are off. They head off to the Seafloor Cavern to stop Kyogre and Groudon for good.

Chapter 5: The Sacrifice of Rayquaza
The weather shifts from scorching sunny heat to a terrible downpour. They spot the two legendaries battling. The rayquaza mother heads up and behind her, her baby. Rayquaza summons power and heads into the battle. Groudon is launching Solar Beam while Kyogre is preparing Hydro Pump.

The attacks are shot but hit the mother. She flies up and creates a glowing green light that freezes time and defeats Groudon and Kyogre. They are put to sleep but the mother dissapears but from her ashes, comes two more eggs. The baby Rayquaza catches Xui and the two eggs.

Xui heads back riding on Rayquaza where she sees a big group of people at Pacifidlog. They congradulate her and she is put on live television. However, the baby Rayquaza doesn't seem happy. It seemed the baby Rayquaza missed his mother. Xui patted Rayquaza and said, "I know you miss her. I can be your new mother, if you want.".

The baby Rayquaza thinks on this idea but requests to put the eggs back and so she and the baby Rayquaza did. Does she end up keeping this Rayquaza or releasing it for its own good?

The End... Or Is It?

I'll add another bonus part if I win this contest but only if I win it. Its now ready to grade.

Tamer San
12-28-2004, 01:53 PM
Ok, first of all, you must CAPTURE a Pokemon not release a one >.>

Xlugon Pyro
12-29-2004, 07:55 PM
Ops... I'll edit that.

Tamer Marco
12-29-2004, 08:33 PM
Also, these are normal mistakes for early writers, but you tend to have a lot of typos. Such as you said Rayquaza wondered in the sky. I think you meant wandered. Just trying to point that out. I hope you take this as constructive critizisum. ^^

Xlugon Pyro
12-29-2004, 09:30 PM
Oopss... I'll edit that too.

Tamer San
12-30-2004, 11:55 AM
But the most important thing is that you aren't allowed to capture Legendaries, i know that the award is a legendary Pokemon, but you don't write for that Pokemon, you make a story for a normal Pokemon to catch, from a Caterpie to a Salamence ^^ (But not Legendaries)