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Fangking Omega
12-29-2004, 09:45 PM
I'm a bit of a card faker in my spare time :D

I've got this here set (not finished yet) of cards that showcases the entire range of skills I've picked up since i started; my own blanks and tools/symbols, mostly my own art (I do get "commission work" done though, for variation - I simply hate using art from the internet), new types (Light and Virus), and a nice batch of my own Pokémon. Of all the projects I've ever tried out, this has been the absolute best and I'm very pleased with it. Of course, I believe the best part of ANY card set is the art, and that's the main thing showcased here. For example, Mileaf :D

I always give reference to the creation dates, and the newest cards are posted as images.

Dates of creation.
16/10/04 - added Striktoil, Viperno, Cobroast, MissingNo., Mistrync and Oxyril.
17/10/04 - added Mileaf, Statiode, Splintrate Leafly, Psyclone, Hydronicle, Hauntorch and Etheretric.
18/10/04 - added Psyclops, Watericle, Spiritide, Neshell and Apusel, Squink and Florade. Updated Hydronicle, Watericle and Splintrate.
20/10/04 - added Finos and Frostoze. Updated Squink.
7/11/04 - added Squidrent, Starus, Magneton, Honoke, Octikle, Volcone, Kulseed, Magnemite, Porygon and Striktoil. Updated Finos.
13/11/04 - added Kirosyche, Cloudrain, Viperno, Light Energy, Virus Energy, Feraligatr ex and Typhlosion ex.
30/11/04 - added Thundull and Energy Plug. Updated Kirosyche, Feraligatr ex, Light Energy and Virus Energy.
1/12/04 - added Squink, Squidrent, Darukan and Teleport Belt
4/12/04 - added Octikle, Piraide and Enigo
12/12/04 - added Porygon3000, Porygon2, Neutrite and PokéDisc. Updated Squink and Statiode.
16/12/04 - added Deoxys (released early due to K&M's Deoxys contest)
20/12/04 - added Plantree, Darukeni, Rootree, Shootree and Staryu






No. 01 Cobroast (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/01-cobroast.jpg)
No. 04 Etheretric (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/04-etheretric.jpg)
No. 05 Hauntorch (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/05-hauntorch.jpg)
No. 06 Hydronicle (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/06-hydronicle.jpg)
No. 07 Kirosyche (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/07-kirosyche.jpg)
No. 08 Mistrync (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/08-mistrync.jpg)
No. 10 Plantree (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/10-plantree.jpg) NEW!
No. 11 Porygon3000 (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/11-porygon3000.jpg)
No. 12 Psyclone (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/12-psyclone.jpg)
No. 13 Spiritide (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/13-spiritide.jpg)
No. 14 Squidrent (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/14-squidrent.jpg)
No. 15 Starus (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/15-starus.jpg)
No. 17 Apusel (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/17-apusel.jpg)
No. 19 Florade (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/19-florade.jpg)
No. 20 Leafly (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/20-leafly.jpg)
No. 21 Magneton (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/21-magneton.jpg)
No. 23 Splintrate (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/23-splintrate.jpg)
No. 24 Squidrent (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/24-squidrent.jpg)
No. 29 Cloudrain (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/29-cloudrain.jpg)
No. 30 Darukeni (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/30-darukeni.jpg) NEW!
No. 32 Frostoze (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/32-frostoze.jpg)
No. 33 Honoke (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/33-honoke.jpg)
No. 35 MissingNo. (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/35-missingno.jpg)
No. 36 Octikle (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/36-octikle.jpg)
No. 37 Octikle (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/37-octikle.jpg)
No. 40 Piraide (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/40-piraide.jpg)
No. 41 Porygon2 (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/41-porygon2.jpg)
No. 43 Rootree (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/43-rootree.jpg) NEW!
No. 45 Statiode (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/45-statiode.jpg)
No. 47 Viperno (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/47-viperno.jpg)
No. 48 Viperno (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/48-viperno.jpg)
No. 49 Volcone (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/49-volcone.jpg)
No. 50 Watericle (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/50-watericle.jpg)
No. 52 Darukan (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/52-darukan.jpg)
No. 53 Enigo (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/53-enigo.jpg)
No. 54 Finos (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/54-finos.jpg)
No. 57 Kulseed (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/57-kulseed.jpg)
No. 59 Magnemite (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/59-magnemite.jpg)
No. 60 Mileaf (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/60-mileaf.jpg)
No. 61 Neshell (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/61-neshell.jpg)
No. 62 Neutrite (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/62-neutrite.jpg)
No. 63 Oxyril (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/63-oxyril.jpg)
No. 64 Porygon (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/64-porygon.jpg)
No. 65 Psyclops (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/65-psyclops.jpg)
No. 67 Shootree (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/67-shootree.jpg) NEW!
No. 68 Squink (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/68-squink.jpg)
No. 69 Squink (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/69-squink.jpg)
No. 70 Staryu (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/70-staryu.jpg) NEW!
No. 71 Striktoil (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/71-striktoil.jpg)
No. 72 Striktoil (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/72-striktoil.jpg)
No. 74 Thundull (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/74-thundull.jpg)
No. 76 Teleport Belt (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/76-teleport-belt.jpg)
No. 77 Energy Plug (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/77-energy-plug.jpg)
No. 79 PokéDisc (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/79-pokedisc.jpg)
No. 80 Light Energy (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/80-light-energy.jpg)
No. 81 Virus Energy (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/81-virus-energy.jpg)
No. 82 Feraligatr ex (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/82-feraligatr-ex.jpg)
No. 84 Typhlosion ex (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/84-typhlosion-ex.jpg)
No. 85 Deoxys (http://fanimation.inuyasha-irc.com/EX_Twilight/85-deoxys.jpg)

Crossfire Chaos
12-30-2004, 12:55 AM
May I be the first to say....


Seriously the backgrounds, the pokemon Ideas, Virus-Type that was a awesome idea!

No there is only 2 questions, do you take request? and do you have anything for Yu-gi-oh cards

12-30-2004, 01:34 AM
Yea I need a fake good Yu-Gi-Oh card too please!!!

12-30-2004, 01:41 AM
Those are awesome! I looked at each one. I love Porygon3000, and the Striktoil evolements.

Fangking Omega
12-30-2004, 02:34 PM
Sorry, but I've never so much looked at a Yu-Gi-Oh card with interest. Pokémon's my area.

As for doing requests, I don't do them often, because art is a long and tedious process especially when it's not for yourself. I do them as favours normally, for people who've done ME favours. Sorry about that too -_- slightly selfish of me I know, but I just don't have time. If I didn't have my own project, I'd do other people's cards, but I have MANY projects -_-

What I HAVE done for everyone though is provide mass ranks of blanks and fake card tools for people. A tutorial too. I've linked to them in my sig; the first link is to my main old catalogue of blanks and the Photoshop tutorial. The second is the new host, the Pokémon Palace, and the newest accessories are there (evocons, symbols and 70 VS badges). All in all, there's 430 blanks to boot and all those accessories, plus a FULL photoshop tutorial so you can at least try and learn how to fake! Some say that I'm the greatest faker around. I disagree; I'm just the most resourceful ;)

I haven't provided the fonts needed because I can't.

But I'm glad you like these cards! I've probably posted them in the wrong forum I think, they ought to go in the fan-art forum (I'm used to an allocated fake card area y'see -_-)

12-30-2004, 05:56 PM
I think they are more dealed with this board..... in the past, we have posted our fakes in this section.... so I think your fine... if a mod has a problem with it... he will move it.

Great job on the cards. Did you make the fakemon?

12-30-2004, 06:31 PM
I think they are all great. I like the new types. Like cyber type and angel type.

12-31-2004, 02:04 AM
I think they are all great. I like the new types. Like cyber type and angel type.

Heh... as do I. I can't wait to see some more work from you.