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03-14-2004, 10:23 PM
I just know this fic will be a failure... anyway, it follows the adventures of a trainer called Rob, basically a standard poke-journey whatever, only Rob only collects Bug pokemon.

Chapter 1: Father-Son Time

Rob awoke on his custom made Bug pokemon bed. His dad, Bugsy, owned the town Gym in Azalea. He knew that today was the day his dad was taking him to Ilex Forest to take a nature tour. Rob's thoughts were interupted by a loud cry.

SCYTHER: Scyyyyyyyy-THER! Scyther-Scyther-Scyther!

Bugsy's Scyther, also Rob's pet, was buzzing around the room holding a box of cereal.

ROB: What? Oh, It's time for breakfast. Ok, I'll be right down. Tell dad that I'm getting my scout gear ready.

SCYTHER: Ther! Scy-y-y!

ROB: Ok, that's done! I'll just grab my Bug Net and Net Balls and I'm ready to go!

Rob went downstairs, hearing a battle between a challenger and his friend Arnie, who was a gym trainer here. He had a Surskit which stopped most challengers in their tracks because they tried to do with fire types. Today was no different as a sorry Growlithe owner sulked out of the gym.

BUGSY: Rob, over here in the treehouse! Scyther cut us a makeshift table!

ROB: Great! Do we have any Spinirak Cereal? I'm starved!

BUGSY: Of course! Come on and sit down, It's time we talked.

Rob sauntered over to the tree in the middle of the Stadium. He sat down on a Leafy Chair he got at Goldenrod's Dept. Store. He put his things aside, waiting for his dad's topic of discussion.

BUGSY: Rob, I know that we're having a field trip today, but it's more than you think. You see, a kid without a pokemon is like a Butterfree without wings, a Beedrill without a stinger. When we go out, you are going to catch your first pokemon. I'll lend you one of my pokemon for the task.

ROB: WHAT?! A pokemon? For me! Whoa! Well, what are we waiting for, let's go!

BUGSY: Okey-Dokey! Ready? Your very own pokemon adventure is about to unfold!

In the woods, an air of mystery surrounded the trees, chilling Rob's very thoughts. They had been walking together for quite some time, when a red eyed pokemon appeared.

POKEMON: NAT! Veno-neno! Venonat!

BUGSY: Whoa! A pokemon! Rob, are you ready to battle?

VENONAT: Natttttt....

ROB: You bet I am!


02-09-2008, 09:18 AM
was alright, though to be continued after 3 years i doubt it,

Dark Lightning
02-09-2008, 09:37 AM
was alright, though to be continued after 3 years i doubt it,
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