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01-02-2005, 10:01 AM

*In The Pub Headquarters*

Labels and Jellyspoons! I come before you to stand behind you and tell you something about a thing i know absolutely nothing about! I welcome you to the Pe2k branch of the daftest political party in the world!!

What we will (or wont) do:
Have a laugh
Win more rights for cucumbers!
Have a war with Wales
Extreme Broccoli Racing

You will notice that on the membership form, you are asked for a "Loony Name". Anything goes, but we should warn you that your Loony Name will automatically be used on any correspondence to you - so don't blame us if your relationship ends abruptly because your girlfriend receives a package addressed to "Baron B*ll*cks of Broadmoor".

The same goes for your Shadow Ministry. You can be Shadow Minister for anything you like - if you wanted to be the Shadow Minister for Squidgy Things That Turn Up Behind The Sofa During Spring-Cleaning, that's fine by us. Be as original as you can - and don't forget that when the OMRLP gains power, you will actually be responsible for your own ministry!

Choosing a shadow ministry:

Aspiring Loonies will notice that when they fill in the membership form to join the ranks of the Loony back benches, they are asked to nominate a shadow ministry. Every member of the party has a shadow ministry - the wackier the better. Please try and be as outrageous as possible - but remember, we're loonies, not nutters, and the party will not permit any kind of extremism, unless it takes the form of Extreme Broccoli Racing.

Please try and make your Shadow Ministry as original as possible - for example, instead of thinking it would be a great idea to be Minister for Education, why not be Minister For Learning To Type With One Foot? (NB this is not an invitation for 3000 Ministers Of Learning To Type With One Foot to join the party!!)

The Loony shadow cabinet is reshuffled on the green outside Party Headquarters at each party conference. The current Shadow cabinet consists of the following Official Loonies, each of whom has their own very special role within the party

Loony Ranks:

Head Office:
Alex - Baron Von Thunder Clap (Shadow Minister for Transport, Saving The Dodo & Decimal Time)

Backseat Loonies:
Tamer - Mista Kenjai Wenjai Shu (Shadow Minister of Home affairs, foreign affairs and other affairs)

DP - Sir Kommense Tsu Jigglano (Shadow Minister of Nosenuggets)

The battle for Cucumber rights!


Here are some hopeful candidates for the next election. The bent one at the back is Percy, their ring-leader, he stands for 'world peace', living to see the day when everyone is forced to have green hair, and for it to be acceptable for cucumbers to have purple spots...


This is a photo of late Gertrude who was the founder of the Cucumbers' United Front, and organised many protest walks for the sake of cucumber rights. She campaigned for cucumbers to be treated with the same respect as tomatoes (unfortunately cucumbers can't walk so these didn't take off very well). Gertrude is now revered as a martyr to the cause of the Cucumbers' United Front - unexpectedly, 10 minutes after this photo was taken, Gertrude was seen in a salad...

Well, I hope that the Cucumbers' United Front and some of their policies, such as more room for cucumber plants, 10 seats in parliament for cucumber politicians, and a safe retreat in the country for retired cucumbers (it's hard lying in a fridge all day you know) has inspired you. Remember CUCUMBERS RULE!!


Loony Name: (What you will be called)
Loony Shadow Ministry:
Favourite Ice Cream: (Yes, this has nothing to do with anything, but its still nice to know about your members. =P)

Here is mine for example:

Name: Alex
Loony Name: Baron Von Thunderclap
Age: 13
Loony Shadow Ministry: Shadow Minister for Transport, Saving The Dodo & Decimal Time
Favourite Ice Cream: Toffee :hungry:

Tamer San
01-02-2005, 10:50 AM
Name: Tamer San
Loony Name: Mista Kenjai Wenjai Shu
Age: 17 1/2
Loony Shadow Ministry: Minister of Foreign Affairs...and other affairs :rolleyes:
Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate

01-02-2005, 11:40 AM
As I said on AIM, Your in Tamer. Spread the word, the word being Loony! =P

Agent Orange
01-02-2005, 04:28 PM
Name: Tom

Loony Name: Sir Kommense Tsu Jigglano.


Loony Shadow Ministry: Minister of nosenuggets.

Favourite Ice Cream: Chocolate! >:O

01-02-2005, 04:31 PM
Another Loony captured, global dom.... I mean lower voting age will be ours soon! =P