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Crossfire Chaos
01-09-2005, 01:31 AM
This is a club to creat a awesome RPG that is based off of Dungeons and Dragons, I figured that since that was about monsters, and humanoids, this one can be about the same thing.

There should be 1 race:
Human (or we could split it into Kanto, Johto, and Hoeen, counting OIs and SIs as Kanto)

There should be a few Classes:

Anyway when it's done we could create a forum and then the people who worked a lot on it could all become admins mods(depending on how much work they put into it.

Here are the things you can do.

Stat Creator - Make stat cards for all the pokemon and races/classes.
Abilities Maker - Make feats or abilities that the pokemon and PC's could use.
Items Creator - Make new pokemon type items.
Pokemon Creator - Make new pokemon.
Fine Edgers - The job will vary, right now it's fit pokemon into how they will be controlled by a PC.
Regioneer - Create Ideas for regions, and create some sprite to go with it.
Spriter - Make sprites an stuff for the RPG, also make sections for the towns/routes/other places of regions like kanto.

I Think It will be fun and if it works a lot of people will join it!


Jobs: what you will do.
Sugetions/Ideas: self explanatory
Other: self explanatory