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07-21-2007, 11:38 AM
Here's the plot and the guilds, in case you need to refer back to it;

The Story

The legend of the Twilight Clan stretches back to the time before Pokeballs were invented, a time when Pokemon did not deem humans their equals...
Hundreds of years ago, a young man saved an Umbreon from a mob of villagers that were trying to kill it. When asked why, they replied, "That is an Umbreon, a Pokemon of the darkness. It is a demon, and no fate is too terrible for it." To keep it safe from the people who would have it dead, he took the Umbreon home and nursed it back to health. Once it regained its strength, it began to follow the young man wherever he went.
One day, in the woods, the young man was attacked by a pack of wild Pokemon. The Umbreon, seeing this, bravely lept into the fray and chased off the attackers, thus saving the life of his friend. The young man realized that Dark Pokemon were not the demons people said they were, and the Umbreon, whom he named Silver, became his friend and partner.
But in the eyes of the people, the Umbreon was a demon.
In their eyes, the human and Pokemon both were demons.
There came a night when Silver woke to the smell of burning, and woke his master up.
The villagers had set fire to his house.
Both the young man and Silver got out of the house before it burned to the ground, but there was nothing for them to gain by staying.
So they left.
They left to find a place where an innocent Umbreon and its friend would not be viewed as monsters. But they never found it. Everywhere they went, they were turned away. Nobody wanted anything to do with two demons.
Our story would be over - if not for a few kindhearted people.
They left their homes too, to travel with the young man and Silver in search of a place were Pokemon and humans could live together as one. Along the way, they changed their names, as the human names their parents gave them did not describe them anymore. Their hearts were part Pokemon now, and they changed their names to reflect that. The young man became Shadow.
Finally, they found a place - a small valley where the now enormous group of people and Pokemon could start a new life. A life somewhere between light and darkness. A life in the twilight. They were the Twilight Clan.

Now, hundreds of years later...

The Twilight Clan lives on, prospering. Human, Pokemon, and nature have come together to form a kind of utopia in the Valley of Shadow, as it has been named after the person that discovered it. Humans from the outside world that truly believe in the legend come to find the Valley, and those that do are welcome to join the Clan.
But the Clan has found a new purpose. With the rise of various teams, crime has become more severe in many parts of the Pokemon world. The Twilight Clan has decided as a group that they will send out the most able in their ranks to bring down these teams, and stop evil from polluting the world. But there is one criminal group that no one, the Clan included, ever anticipated having to fight...
The Cipher Organization.

The Guilds

The Valley is divided into 19 parts - one for each of the Guilds that the Clan is divided into. There is a Guild for each Pokemon type, plus a Guild for people who train varying types and an Elite Guild of the Clan's strongest. The people of the Clan are divided into the Guilds depending on what type they have decided to train. Each Guild has its own territory in which they build, farm, mine, etc. Children are raised in their mother's Guild until they turn 11 - then they are sent to a school in the Elite Guild for one year. After that, they choose which Guild they will enter.
Here is a list of the Guilds.

Guild of the Steadfast(Normal)
Guild of the Woods(Grass)
Guild of the Deep(Water)
Guild of the Burning(Fire)
Guild of the Storm(Electric)
Guild of the Wind(Flying)
Guild of the North(Ice)
Guild of the Toxic(Poison)
Guild of the Earth(Ground)
Guild of the Gleaming(Steel)
Guild of the Mystic(Dragon)
Guild of the Night(Dark)
Guild of the Spirit(Ghost)
Guild of the Strong(Fighting)
Guild of the Insect(Bug)
Guild of the Mind(Psychic)
Guild of the Rugged(Rock)
Guild of the Rainbow(All)
Guild of the Elite

Your AdventureThe game starts when you are asked by your Guild's leader to deliver the monthly food inventory report to Opal at the Guild of the Elite. You, along with several other messengers, overhear a conversation between Opal and her deputy, Griffin...