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07-22-2007, 12:28 AM
Five trainers Ė One aims to be the greatest Pokemon trainer around, one aims to win as many contests as he/she can and become a great coordinator, one wants to breed Pokemon and learn how to look after each individual Pokemon, one is not really a battler and he/she gains her partners through friendship and the final wishes to become a researcher. The five are the best of friends and travel around together, always supporting each other.

The five discover something that they were not meant to however. A group called Organisation Heart plan to steal the Pokemon off the five great trainers of the world and use these Pokemon to take over. The fiver children discover this when they are searching what they think is an abandoned factory for rare Pokemon. Three members of the organization capture the five and take them to their boss who uses his Alakazam to wipe their memories of what they heard. Unfortunately this wipes most of their memory and when they wake up the have forgotten all about their friends.

One of the members who captured the children feels guilty though and he plans to get them together to help him overthrow the Organization and destroy it's plans.

The story starts when each child wakes up, after having their memory wiped and the member starting to feel the guilt of what he has done and what is happening. Sign up and help these children save the world.


The fault I found with this role play of mine is that, as the friends donít remember each other some of them will have nothing to do at the start. So I decided that if something big happens to your character (like psychic attack, being hit on the head, or just in a place where a memory comes back to them) then they regain their memory.

The role play will start with my post, but then with the member guy who will meet one of the other characters. After that itís up to you lot what happens. You can have your memory back straight away and meet up with each other quite quick, or slow, whichever you prefer! Itís your character after all! Of course everyone has to have met up before we save the first of the ĎFive Great Trainersí.

Hope this is ok. I know role plays are supposed to be completely unpredictable and unplanned, but because of the fault I spotted I needed to add this in.

07-22-2007, 12:35 AM
Nevermind, thanks for accepting me though! Is it ok that Zapper can talk? (Similar to how Meowth can talk)

07-22-2007, 11:50 AM
Yes that's fine.