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Neo Emolga
07-24-2007, 12:40 PM
In the conflict of Zaradar against Maridia, the Zaradar force will consist of many different races, allowing to open up new doors for those who RP on this side. Even if you have no intentions to RP on this side, you’re still welcome to submit races for the Zaradar, and there’s no limit to how many you can submit, just as long as they follow the rules and are balanced.

Understanding “SPECIAL”

The SPECIAL character creation method, taken from the Fallout game series (great but violent games by the way), is one of the features that will be used when creating a race. Not too many of heard of this before, so I’ll explain it.

Strength (Physical strength and brawn)
Perception (Ability to use senses well, such as sight, sound, touch, and so on)
Endurance (Stamina, vigor, energy, that kind of thing. The ability to keep going on)
Charisma (Physical appearance, magnetism, allure, and the like)
Intelligence (Mental prowess, comprehensive ability)
Agility (Physical speed and dexterity)
Luck (Karma, fate, whatever.)

When a race is created, 40 points are spent between each of the seven categories. A score of 10 for any one stat is Heroic, a score of 5 is Average, and a score of 1 is Very Bad (all scores must be at least 1, so no zeros). When creating a race, you’re free to spend the points any way you wish, but the points should be somewhat modeled after the races description. For example, a larger, muscular race might have higher Strength and Endurance, but lower Agility. A smaller and more nimble race may have exactly the opposite. Just know that all members of the race will have the same SPECIAL scores.


This is the official form that will be used when submitting a race. The more detail you put, the better. Really, the only rule is to have nothing larger than 8 feet tall, meaning no dragons or giants or stuff like that.

Name – The name of the race. Single and pluralized.
SPECIAL Allocation – 40 points to spend between Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. Each stat must have a minimum of 1. 10 is a Heroic rating, 5 is Average, and 1 is Very Bad.
Description – What a member of this race looks like in words (Save pictures for later if you have them). There can be variances of colors and features from member to member, but they all must generally look the same and have the same features. Make sure to describe features that aren’t human with care, such as describing wings, fur, horns, or whatever.
Combat – How does the race fight, and what are their usual combative tactics? Mentioning features they have that help them in combat, such as claws, swooping attacks, or increased reaction time is recommended.
Habitat/Society – Where the race usually prefers to locate themselves, how they usually behave and organize themselves, and their culture.
+’s and –‘s – Features that this race has that humans don’t, and features that this race can’t perform as well as humans. Things such as flight, underwater breathing/swift swimming, and resistances to elements and so on would be considered +’s, but they would need to be balanced with –‘s, which could include things such as fragile bones, susceptibility to elements, and so on. This is where most of the balance occurs.
Images of the Race – (Optional) Not needed, but recommended. It helps a lot for others to visualize what you have in mind for the race as far as appearance goes. Try Google Image Search or DeviantArt if you know of other media that has had the race or something similar to it before.


Once a race had been submitted, has been read and approved of being fair and acceptable for the Team RP III, the following will apply:

If the race is accepted, it can be assumed that there are thousands of NPCs of that race on the Zaradar side.
Any RPer on the Zaradar side can choose to be that race, regardless of the alignment or team.
Truthfully, I don’t care if you make a race and have no intention of actually making a character of that race. Someone else might, and having NPCs of that race would also help. Variety is the spice of life. Just make sure they’re done right.
TAG Skills aren’t limited by race. You can still choose any three.
All races can (and should) use Pokémon. Just keep in mind they have a Shiny Pokémon’s colors.

That’s pretty much all you need to know. Once a race has been accepted, it will be linked here on the list so you can easily find it again and use it for race consideration and/or for reference.


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Neo Emolga
07-24-2007, 01:25 PM
For those looking for an example to follow, here’s one. It doesn’t have to be exactly like this, but I’m hoping it clarifies a bit of what I’m expecting.

Name – Harpy (Harpies pluralized)

SPECIAL Allocation

Strength – 4
Perception – 7
Endurance - 3
Charisma – 9
Intelligence – 5
Agility – 8
Luck - 4

Description: Harpies are essentially creatures that are half human, half bird, standing around six feet tall. When it comes to feather plumage, Harpies have very colorful feathers like those of a parrot or a bird of paradise.

Harpies have the head, torso, and arms of a human, while having wings and legs like those of a bird. The Harpy has a normal human face (though their eyes sometimes appear to be colors that a human’s eyes would never be), but on their head is a combination of colored hair and a feathered crest with the upper half being feathers while the lower half is colored hair very close to the color of the feathers. As for the torso, the front is usually bare skin like the chest of a human, while the back is covered with feathers, along with the most predominant feature, the large, feathered wings on the back of the Harpy. Also on the back of the Harpy, right above the rear are a large series of tail feathers, usually the same color as the wings. Meanwhile, the thighs of the Harpy are covered with feathered down the same color of feathers as their wings, while the lower half of the legs are talons like those of a bird. If the Harpy does wear clothing, usually it has to be very loose. Also, its usually the Harpy themselves that has to provide the holes in the clothing to make way for the wings and tail feathers.

The most predominant features of a Harpy are their agility, perception, and their very attractive and charismatic appearance.

Combat: In combat, Harpies will almost always use their wings unless they are entrapped in a closed in space or have a good reason not to take flight. Meanwhile, distance attacks are generally favored, whether it be used by magic, projectiles, or thrown weapons. Swooping and striking is also a preferred hit and run tactic, whether it is with a melee weapon or with their claws.

Habitat/Society: Harpies usually take residence in very tropical areas, but have been known to relocate themselves to temperate climates. Typically, they live in high trees, and usually create treetop homes that would be difficult to access for other races that can’t fly. This is often done for protection as well as privacy. Meanwhile, Harpies are omnivores and can choose to survive on either fruits or a diet of meat, but the preference varies from Harpy to Harpy, or whatever is more readily available in the area.

Leadership is usually determined by combative ability as well as reasonable authority. Even if a leader is stronger than the others, if they are corrupt and abusive, they won’t be tolerated. All matters are handled by reason. Meanwhile, differences are usually handled by verbal debates and discussion, rather than physical fighting. Harpies are usually known to give others the chance to speak before judgment is passed.

+’s and –‘s:


+ Harpies have wings, which allow them to fly outdoors, often using them both for pleasure, purpose, and also combat.
+ Harpies often rely on agility more than strength. Though Harpies aren’t as strong as humans are, they make up for it with speed and agility.
+ Also, Harpies are much more charismatic and sexually enticing. Other races can’t help but admire the colorful feathers and optimism of a Harpy, and they are easily
+ Harpies also have sharp talons, which make for formidable, natural weapons. Also, they prove a very strong grip when clasping on to branches or poles.
+ Harpies also have their own language called Ral‘set, which sounds like modern-day Finnish.


- Harpies absolutely hate water, can not swim at all, and its impossible for them to dive underwater. They also look forward toward taking a shower as much as someone looks forward to going to the dentist, but they know it needs to be done. Hitting a Harpy with a water attack is a pure insult to them since they know others are aware they hate it.
- In order to allow for flight, Harpies need to be less in weight and have hallowed bones like a bird. This also means their endurance is cut down, making each attack they’re hit with a little more painful.
- Harpies also aren’t as physically strong as humans are. Weightlifting and body building is something they just can’t do.
- Like Flying type Pokémon, Harpies are easily hurt by rocks, ice, and electrical attacks.
- Harpies are also pretty loyal to their Pokémon. If their Pokémon can’t float or fly like they can, they will not hesitate to stay on the ground to keep closer to them.


Some pretty close images to what I have in mind are:

Lavender Wings by cuteskittles4u, DeviantArt

Jerendyr by chexxmix, DeviantArt

07-24-2007, 05:40 PM
Catavara / Catavarai

SPECIAL Allocation
Strength- 8
Perception- 6
Endurance- 6
Charisma- 3
Intelligence- 6
Agility- 6
Luck- 5

The Catavara are rumored to be, in some ways, similar to tentacruel. Though they walk on two legs, Catavara have numerous tentacles as well, including two large ones in place of arms. Like the antlers of a stag, they grow 'points' (In their case, more miniature tentacles that branch off, not unlike fingers or an octopus' suckers) after a certain amount of years- both males and females. These fall off in the 'off' season, though the arm-tentacles do not.

The Catavara are a mix colored race. Some are peach- true peach, not like humans- and some are blue like a Tentacruel. Some are in between, or even in patches of both colors. This is considered unimportant, however, the direction in which their tentacles tines point is a huge dividing factor. Those who have north-facing ones, or 'points' that grow on the top of their 'arms', are very unfriendly towards those with points on the south side of their arms, and vice versa.

The Catavara have two large eyes, human-like aside from a more rounded shape and greater size, on their faces. These eyes have faint blue 'whites', and their pupils are white. Their actual eye color is red, save for a few albino-esque Catavara with pink eyes.

What makes Catavara stand out even more, however, is their faces. Two gill-like appendages rise below their ears, going down to their chins. These are controllable, and can be moved with ease. They allow Catavara to breath in water, as well as out of it. Youngsters sometimes live underwater for years before they learn to use their lungs; gills are more simple for them to function with. The Catavara have almost web-like skin on their faces, and their ears are connected to their heads entirely, unlike a humans. In addition, their ears are shaped differently, and are very sensitive to sound, as well as able to decipher garbled noises heard while in the water.

It is, however, the large membrane on the back of the head that makes Catavara stand out most. While many have hair, albeit often straggly/thinner than normal straight hair, they have a red, squishy, large membrane on the back of their heads. This membrane filters out toxins, keeping them healthy. Without it, they are prone to getting ill easily, like a human in the early to mid stages of HIV. This membrane has been unkindly called a 'pustule' by less tolerant humans, however, it is far sturdier, and also less disfiguring. A large membrane is considered positive to their society, it boasts of an individual who is likely to be very healthy and resistant to toxins and diseases.

The skin of most Catavara is somewhat more sturdy than that of humans. It can be bruised just as easily, but is resistant to tearing and cutting, as well as stretchable. The red membrane on their heads can even be, temporarily, concealed if the Catavara wraps the blue gills below his ears back, covering the back of his head. The skin can be made to stay there, but more than 2 hours or so of this, particularly if the Catavara is not used to this, will be painful and hard to maintain, as well as damaging to the parts that stay bent out of shape for so long. Ironically, this flexibility of the flesh is most common in blue skinned Catavara, who can not hide as a human very well anyway (Although their affinity for water, decreased height, and tentacles also hinder this. The tentacles can be retracted within the body, but an armless-being with blue skin will still likely be seen with suspicion by humans)


Near water is common. Some, however, live their entire lives on land with no problem. The Catavara dislike forests, but otherwise, they are generally alright with living just about anywhere. Even extreme conditions are okay. A Catavara with a good Membrane could live near any city, no matter how smog filled, without issue.

Catavara have no 'set' community. Like humans, they can live in a variety of ways. They do always have a government, however. This government is not elected, regardless of what sort it is - communist community, republic, etc. The candidates, in a republic, are voted for, but when it comes to choosing from the final few, they resort to the usual Catavara election method, the Canapadae.

An ancient ritual, the Canapadae is always performed in the water. There, the Catavara
use a rarely seen form of magic. They each send out waves of blue below them, towards the bottom of the sea. There, a large shell is chosen. Within this, each creates some form of being. When the set time comes- in some cases, the time may be days- whatever they have is brought to the top of the ocean, to be examined. All sorts of creatures have been created. The winner's will be chosen to live, as a companion to the leader, though the beings can not speak. The rest, however, are put back in their shells, which are sealed around them, and left out on the land, immobilized, to die. The exact specifications of these creations, their purpose, and what is judged, are unknown. The Catavara are secretive about this, no one has yet uncovered it. One explorer, Sir James Itera, claims that it is not the creature that matters, but what is inside it, that the being is simply a 'shell' to hide the powerful magic from spilling away. This could never be confirmed, however, as he attempted to steal one of the creations, and was executed.

Many Catavara live in a form of something between communism and capitalism. In one large group in the Pacific ocean, the Uokori clan provides a good example of this. Every Catavara has one year of community work, then five years of his own work. Doing the community year, the Catavara may be assigned to provide security, to grow seaweed or raise fish for food for the community, or to remove the trash and waste, among other jobs. Then, during the next five years, the Catavara may do anything he or she wishes. Many Catavara divide this time, giving themselves a year or so for 'fun' work- their preferred job. Then, if this job does not bring in anything to support them beyond the basic neccesities, which are provided for the community, then they spend the rest of their 'free' years doing more profitable work, such as creating magical novelties to trade to the community. This is a common arrangment for the Catavara, as they are honest to each other, albeit not always to outsiders. Few shirk the duties in their assigned year.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Obviously, they are far better swimmers than humans, and deal better with smog and the like. However, the Catavara do have other weaknesses, such as clumsiness. Also, if their vulnerable gills are damaged, then they become unable to breath in water. Their lungs, which are close to their skin, can be hurt by a very tough blow to the chest. This could render them incapable of breathing air for a while, and would force them to resort to 'breathing' water until their lungs recover further. Their gills, however, lead to a different, more protected area of the body, and thus they have a better chance of surviving a gill injury than a chest injury. Even without gills they can get some limited breathing done if water is poured into the holes where they were, though this is a temporary measure and the gills would need to be reattached soon... However, with their lungs injured, hope is gone. The Catavara have one 'plate' like shield, rumored to have evolved from the remnants of an exo skeleton. It has gaps, though in different places on each one, being very rarely complete anyway, and the rounded shape leaves the edges of their chest vulnerable. For those who have more or larger or more obvious gaps, this is dangerous, and thus many Catavara wear a form of chest protection or a shirt so the 'holes' in their chest plate isn't visible through their skin, being as that these bones are close to the surface. Jabbing something through one of the holes, should you locate one, will kill them. Some Catavara have had things implanted narrowly under the skin so the holes aren't visible; these implantations, however, don't grow attached to the bone, so a hard hit will knock them into the lung, likely effectively puncturing it. They simply make it harder to know where to hit.

Another weakness that is obvious is the long tentacles of the Catavara. While they're retractable, they are often extended in fights to give the Catavara more reach than their foe. This allows for them to be chopped off, grabbed and used to drag the Catavara along, etc.

Finally, while Catavara are the water equivalent of cheetahs, they are considered slow on land.

07-24-2007, 06:13 PM
Split Soul / Split Souls
In their own language, Shivoul (Sih as in Sit, vo as in vow, ul as in duh. The l is silent.) / Shivi (Sih vee I)

Split souls contain two parts- The Neh and the Hin. The 'Neh' is the more human looking component, the 'Hin' is the Pokemon-esque portion.

Special Allocation
Strength: 2
Perception: 10
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 8
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 5
Luck: 5

Physical strength and brawn- Split Souls have very little in the way of physical strength. Their strength is often around that of the average human right before puberty. In general, they have grown accustomed to using other means to move heavy objects and such. Because of this, they are very weak. Physical contact by someone of another species, who is not a VERY close friend, is considered extremely offensive because of this, as well as dangerous.

The Neh, thus, are not good hand to hand warriors. Because of this, most martial arts are unknown to them. This doesn't mean they know nothing of these arts, however, simply that they aren't very useful. A youngster may have seen movies including the use of Martial Arts, and may understand the techniques, they simply lack the power to use them.

Because of this, there are almost no dojos in Split Soul communities. There are, however, a few exceptions. Arts that require using the opponent's force against them, like Aikido, have become somewhat popular in the absence of other arts. Because these skills aren't useful against other weak Split Souls, who prefer non-physical means, this is still not common. However, many younger Split Souls of the most recent generation have developed an interest in this from dealing with other races, and Aikido is rapidly becoming popular. Many split souls will know at least a few basic throws. They may not be able to toss someone who is a trained fighter and attacks quickly, but will know how to counter three basic attacks- A collar grab, a wrist grab, and a head strike/ strike from above. Generally, striking attacks are more difficult for them to block. What they focus most on deflecting is grabbing or other extended physical contact.

Unlike the Neh, the Hin partner is more often somewhat ephemerael. While the Neh are solid except in cases of extreme fatigue, or while performing Tey-Keh with their partner, the Hin can switch at will. This is not done constantly, as it takes energy and is not immediate, however. To switch to a non-solid form takes about a minute for a Hin, to switch back takes 2-5. Hin, too, prefer to avoid physical strength, though as they can touch other Hin even if they are not in solid form, in a sort of ghostly wrestling match, they have retained a bit more power than their Neh. In fights, Hin will not often use close-contact moves unless they have first strengthened themselves, temporarily, through some form of magic. They are not quite as weak as Neh, however, and thus can fight a Pokemon, though they would find it rather odd. Hin may appear Pokemon like, but they don't consider themselves to be like Pokemon. This has not endeared them to the race, as it is seen as a snotty sort of attitude, the Hin, however, separate themselves thus because their brain patterns have been proven to be closer to that of humans than of Pokemon.

Ability to use senses well, such as sight, sound, touch, and so on: Though they lack physical strength, both Neh and Hin tend to have very good senses, and be good at using them. The Hin components have varying senses depending on the species they resemble, with 1 being extremely good, 2 above average, and the other two simply 'normal'.

The Neh, on the other hand, may have one ultra developed sense, while the others are merely a bit above average.

Endurance/ Stamina, vigor, energy, that kind of thing. The ability to keep going on: Both the Neh and the Hin have decent stamina. What makes it worthy of a low grade, however, is how they must recharge. While sleep is good and beneficial to them, to really restore themselves, they need to perform Tey-Keh. This ritual leaves them very vulnerable, so while they can recharge their powers in a somewhat shorter time than sleeping (About 2-3 hours to be fully restored, but they can work on 1 for a few days if needed), they are totally open to attack at this time. They will not even see an attacker, and will be unable to defend themselves in any way. During this time, the two are partially fused together, their minds building each other back up as their 'bodies' do the same. However, despite being not quite solid during this time, they can still be injured by physical attacks, and are easily extremely injured by 'special' attacks, perhaps even fatally.

Nor is this the only consequence. Tey-Keh restores magic, but it also reaffirms their bond. A Split Soul with too little time for Tey-Keh will slowly grow apart from their companion. The distance, physically, that they can be apart, decreases rapidly. If one captures the Neh half, it would take mere days before their Hin was forced to reside within touching range of them, which would surely reveal their true identity to their captors. Their powers can go out entirely if not restored with Tey-Keh, and in addition, not being able to re-bond with their other half regularly is painful. It depletes their mental state. While the two can't be turned against each other, they can grow a bit apart, making them extremely lonely. Split Souls are used to having another person who understands them totally to communicate with at all times- without this, they crumble. Thus, they are fairly easy to torture in this fashion.

While the average human functions best on 8 hours of sleep, the Split Soul requires less. For one thing, their Tey-Keh time functions partially as sleep, restoring their mental ability and such, although not as well as sleep does for them. Thus, the average Neh functions best on at least 5 hours of sleep. The Hin vary- some sleep with their humans for extra energy, some sleep a mere 3 hours a day. Note that these times are only applicable if regular Tey-Keh is being performed, without it, they can sleep a very large part of the day, though it will not help.

Charisma/ Physical appearance, magnetism, allure, and the like:

While this varies between Split Souls, most are not unattrative. Split Souls are not strong at all, or very muscled, thus they tend to be rather thin. This can make them somewhat cute or vulnerable looking, should they try to present themselves this way, and also almost fairy-tale esque. Your average split soul (If their Hin is not around, provided the Hin is of a 'tough' species such as Machamp) is, in fact, a bit short as well, and remains young looking longer than a human would.

Split Souls, unless their Hin is of a large species, look harmless. They are not often thought of as dangerous aliens, even though some can be quite cunning. Often, they are dismissed as being aliens, but peaceful ones. They sometimes draw an element of pity from others, when curled up cutely with their Hin, should it be something humans find adorable. If not, well, many young Neh take to cutesy styles, or a sort of 'lost, lonely emo child' look, which can sometimes draw protector people to them. They are also intelligent enough to be useful to humans, and many have the sense to be eager to help, so as to be accepted in a world where many aliens are not.

While some Split Souls are cunning or even nasty, they can be charismatic when they want, and can draw people to them and their cause.

Intelligence/ Mental prowess, comprehensive ability:
If you ask a Split Soul to memorize a mathematical formula, it will be forgotten in minutes. If you give them a problem and ask them to solve it, they will.

Split Souls have a terrible memory for formulas and such things dealing with numbers. They can not memorize dates, either, thus even their own history is vague- everything happened 'Recently', or 'long ago', or 'very long ago'. There are no years. Sequential order is frequently mixed up by them.

They are, however, due to their good senses, masters of image memory. Some are eidetic. Others can often recall some details of a place, if not the exact image, and can describe it to you like they are standing in it.

Another thing many Split Souls are good at are logic problems. They do a bit better than the average human with these.

If numbers are not involved, Split Souls are fast learners. If images or logic is involved, so much the better.

Should numbers be needed, they will work to find a way to solve the problem, EACH time. They do not remember formulas, they instead use what they have been given to derive a new way to solve the problem. For things like percents, a single base value is sometimes remembered, if it is simple, and then they can work from there. (Id est, 1 = 100%, to help them remember which way to carry the decimal when converting to a percent.)
Even then, however, this can be frequently forgotten, or confused. Split Souls make good planners, scouts, and spies. They make terrible mathematicians.

Agility/Physical speed and dexterity : Average.

Luck / Karma, fate, whatever: Average. It should be noted, however, that Split Souls do not believe in luck or fate, nor in karma. Because of this, if something displeases them, they are often active about wanting to remedy it. They may use passive methods to achieve this, but they don't trust luck or karma to sort out problems or injustices for them.

Finally: While some Hin may be of huge species, such as Machamp, they are still not powerful physically. In fact, species that rely totally on strength are rare among Hin, and are considered a sort of genetic throwback. Some normal types who are swift or smart are accepted; those who rely on brawn are often rejected from society.


Split Souls are composed of two separate parts, the Neh and the Hin.


The Neh look almost human. Both males are females are a bit shorter than the average human. Their hair varies in color, it can be black, brown, blond, or white. Redheads don't exist, except when blonds get quite old, in which case their hair may become reddish, like a human's would go grey. Also, white IS a normal color for them, even among the young.

Their eyes often give the Neh away, however. Neh have all sorts of eye colors, which are in their culture said to give away a great detail about them. For those species who see auras, the eyes of a Neh will always match their aura, unless their aura has undergone some huge change since they went through pubery. At puberty, the eyes of the Neh may change, to fit something- what is unknown- about them. At that point, their eyes are fixed in color for the rest of their lives, even if they undergo great change. Common eyes colors include brown, orange, yellow, green, blue, and pink. Other colors, such as black, purple, hazel, and mixed shades, are seen sometimes as well.

When a Neh gets very old, their eyes may take on a sort of shine, or darken or lighten a bit in shade.

The neh have human bodies, with the right number of limbs, and so on. Their skin tones could usually pass for human, too. Neh have skin anywhere from literally as light as porcelain, nearly white, to a deep chocolate color. They do not, however, tan or sunburn at all, though they are still prone to things like heat stroke. Those who are extremely pale to the point of being nearly translucent may be noticed as non-humans. Those who are pale but do not tan may also be noticed, should they be seen spending lots of time in the sun without darkening at all. The Neh can, however, darken or lighten their skin color with certain chemicals, which do not effect humans at all, but will effect the Neh. What these are is unknown, and the Neh won't tell.

Even past puberty, the Neh males will never get very muscled like a human body builder. Some may look as though they have a lean, somewhat muscled body, but most simply look a bit on the thin side. The females do not always fully develop, either. Some of them remain far more lean than curvy.

Finally, no Neh has freckles. Their skin tone is very even all over, without color blemishes.


The appearance of the Hin varies. The only thing they have in common with their Neh is eye color- once they Neh goes through puberty, their eye colors will become alike, and remain that way. Thus, one can sometimes match a Neh to a Hin with this.

The Hin resemble Pokemon. There are, however, some differences. Even those who are bulky Pokemon may look a bit lean for their species, as if they were stretched. Where the Neh tend to be short, the Hin tend to be tall, but also skinny, for their species. In addition, some don't look exactly like the Pokemon they are supposed to be. Most aren't different enough to be seen as an 'alien'. However, a Hin in a crowd of Pokemon of the same 'species' would likely be picked out, seen as a bit odd.

The closeness of the Hin to the Pokemon species they resemble may vary, but they do not look that different than their species.... Once they become 'set' in a species, that is. Generally, the Hin will, as their human goes through pubery, become one set form. They can no longer change after that. However, this may not happen exactly then. Some Hin do not stop changing until their human undergoes some sort of dramatic change. Some don't stop changing if their human, despite being through puberty, feels unsure of who they are. They are far weaker before they cease changing, however.

Before this, Hin can change between a few forms. They are weaker while still changing, as they're still getting used to their bodies, and don't know yet which form is their rightful one. Also, the forms they can change into are quite limited. Timeline of changes:

The difference, of course, is in newborn Hin. A Neh is born with their Hin inside them. At about 2 weeks old, the Hin will emerge, looking like a glowing ball of light. Slowly, it will begin to take on a shape. This shape is not garaunteed to be their permanent one, however. Very young Hin- under 5 years- can often shift between forms almost like a ditto, and will usually look like shapes, not even Pokemon, yet.

Around 5-6, the Hin will settle down into shapes. These shapes are of the smallest, weaker Pokemon. Generally, the first form of a Hin of this age is one of these Pokemon: Sunkern, Togepi, Shellos, Rattata, Pidgey, Igglybuff, or Cleffa.

At 7, the Hin begin to be able to shift forms. This is their only remaining stage before adulthood, at which point they'll settle into their 'true' form and remain as that forever, gaining strength but losing the ability to change. However, in this current stage, they can switch between forms. Each Hin has 2 forms that are unique to them- one 2-3 foot Pokemon, and one 4-5 foot tall Pokemon, that they can become (No legends!). Also, aside from that, they can shift into various forms under 2 feet tall. These forms must be basic Pokemon, not legendaries.

The reasons for such changing are many. First, the Hin gets to explore forms, and learn to fly, to swim, and to walk. Second, they may change to fit their mood or a situation. A timid Hin might become a small moth-like Pokemon, one trying to be brave and fight might become a Growlithe or other couragous Pokemon, one in need of flight could become a Pidgey, and so on. Wynaut, Ditto, Castform, the starters, and Unown would not be allowed. Some too-powerful Pokemon were also excluded from the list below. Because the Pokemon below are still very numerous, however, I suggest a sort of compromise... While a lack of strength makes the need for a variety of forms great, there should be a limit to the number an RPer can become. I'd suggest one 3-4 foot tall pokemon(basic or 1st stage, not a legend), one 4-6 foot tall pokemon(basic or 1st stage, not a legend), and seven 2 foot or smaller/Tiny Pokemon.

This might seem like a lot, but keep in mind that those who play Split Souls are unlikely to own any other Pokemon before their Hin has settled into a single form. After all, there would be a lot of jealousy, if they went and caught Pokemon. Perhaps one who is a friend of both might be owned, but otherwise, their Hin would likely be their only Pokemon warrior, and as such, the variety of forms at least gives it a chance against foes. Also, basic 2 foot or smaller Pokemon tend not to be that strong.

The appropriately sized Pokemon for the 2ft and below, by the above guidelines, are these:
Zigzagoon, Wurmple, Wooper, Wingull, Whismer, Weedle, Vulpix, Voltorb, Togepi, Teddiursa, Taillow, Swinub, Swablu, Surskit, Sunkern, Stunky, Starly, Spinarak, Spearow, Snubbul, Smoochum, Skitty, Shuppet, Shuckle, Shroomish, Shinx, Shellos, Shellder, Seedot, Sandshrew, Sableye, Remoraid, Rattata, Ralts, Quillifish, Poochyena, Poliwag, Plusle, Minun, Pineco, Pichu, Pidgey, Natu, Murkrow, Meowth, Meditite, Mawile, Azurill, Mareep, Mankey, Magnemite, Lotad, Larvitar, Kricketot, Krabby, Koffing, Illumise, Igglybuff, Houndour, Horsea, Hoppip, Gulpin, Goldeen, Glameow, Geodude, Finneon, Exeggcute, Elekid, Electrike, Eevee, Drifloon, Diglett, Cubone, Cleffa, Clamperl, Chingling, Chinchou, Cherrubi, Chatot, Caterpie, Cacnea, Buneary, Budew, Bronzor, Bonsly, Bidoof, Barboach, Baltoy, Aron.

As with humans and Pokemon, the fighting styles of the Neh and Hin vary. Generally, however, they rely on magic and sneakiness/sneak attacks, as well as teamwork between the two of them. They do not do well with physical force, and so avoid confrontations at a close range. Should they get into one, they will try to use defensive skills, like Aikido, instead of throwing punches. For more, see Special Allocation.


Like humans, Split-souls live in a variety of forms of society. Indentured servitude does, however, still exist. Many Split Souls will undergo a period of this for fairly good pay, if they are in need of money, or some sort of medical treatment. Teachers and scholars are treated with great respect, and jobs in the school systems are highly sought after.

Generally, Split Souls do not remain that close to their immediate family once grown, but they are usually still friendly with them, and all the rest of their extended kin. Those they are closest to, are those they feel most akin to, often those with a similar Hin. This doesn't neccesarily mean of the same species, merely, that the split soul's other 'component' is similar to theirs in derived meaning, or some other similarity. (Various theories exist of what each Pokemon represents, as the final form of a Hin. The two most used books, however, are those by Barius Douri, and Kiyal Lind.) It is not known if each book is accurate, but it is assumed that there IS some base truth in them, about what personality traits may lean towards a certain 'mon. This knowledge is private, and would not by known by anyone but other Split Souls.

07-24-2007, 08:49 PM
Guardian Angel / Guardian Angels
Zaharan / Zaharani


Strength: 4
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 5
Luck: 6

Strength (Physical strength and brawn): It isn't that these angels are weak, per se. However, they can't muscle their way through things- they answer to a higher power, after all, who would be unhappy if they used any excessive force on his creations. Thus, angels can not go around hurting others, or using their strength.

Perception (Ability to use senses well, such as sight, sound, touch, and so on): A bit better than average. Their senses are good, but their use of them isn't always. After all, they are angels, they aren't used to having to be vigilant while up in heaven!

Endurance (Stamina, vigor, energy, that kind of thing. The ability to keep going on): Average. Angels don't need to sleep, though they can, but they DO need to spend time resting between missions, just as a human would. However, they can engage in things like calm conversations instead of having to actually sleep, to recover.

Charisma (Physical appearance, magnetism, allure, and the like): A bit better than average, as they are, well, angels. However, their holier-than-thou attitude, and single-minded devotion to the person they guard, can sometimes be a bit offputting.

Intelligence (Mental prowess, comprehensive ability): Very good. Their common sense isn't always as great, however.

Agility (Physical speed and dexterity): Average

Luck (Karma, fate, whatever.): If they are doing a good job and their higher power is happy with them, a bit above average. Otherwise, just about normal.

Description – Winged humans.

There are, of course, other differences in appearance sometimes, too. For example, an Arch-angel, or even any angel who has a job battling demons or something like that, would be larger than normal, so as to be an imposing figure.

On the other hand, angels with a cushy job, or whom are meant to simply be watching after a child, may be smaller than normal, so as to be cute and appealing. It widely varies, but generally, they look human. Aside from the wings and halos, of course.

Even wings, among angels, vary. However, their wings share one thing in common- they are powerful. Angels can fly for long distances without trouble, though they are forbidden to fly too high unless returning to heaven. Like Icarus and Daedalus, they must not go too close to the sun, or they will displease their God, and may temporarily lose some of their powers. On the plus side, their bones aren't hollow, but of a material which is lightweight while still retaining strength.

Combat: Varies. They do not use weapons unless they absolutely must to protect their charge, however. Angels prefer to call on light and godly powers. They may also call on other angels.

Angels do not use a lot of Pokemon. They may try to call on the good souls of the area to help them, but they do not believe in trapping, and capturing, pokemon. Many, however, have Pokemon friends who may fight with them. If you imply in any way that the Pokemon belong to them, the angel will likely be very offended.
No angel would ever befriend a Dark type. Ever. Psychic types and Fire types, however, are often preferred.

Habitat/Society: Heaven. Their culture is widely unknown.

+’s and –‘s –
Included in above Description.

Lord Celebi
07-24-2007, 11:57 PM
Name – Minotaurs
SPECIAL Allocation –
S - 10
P - 2
E - 8
C - 3
I - 4
A - 7
L - 6
Description (http://www.etherea-dg.com/art/minotaur.jpg) - Minotaurs are human shaped with bull heads. They are extremely muscular and commonly carry weapons. Their skin is a deep brown, with several Minotaurs being dark black in color. Dark black minotaurs are royalty minotaurs, only birthed from Minotaurs with Royal Blood. Minotaurs typically do not run a democratic government, but instead, the strongest minotaur clan (The clan with the royal blood) asserts their dominance over the minotaurs with their superior strength and weapons. The Royal Clan is known to murder other minotaurs to assert their dominance. Because of this unruly system, minotaur clans are constantly at war to dethrone the Royal Clan.

Combat – Minotaurs run into a fight like Sent Reglay, using their great agility and endurance to their advantage. They attack with their various melee weapons at any opening possible. When weaponless, they use their horns, teeth, hooves, and fists to fight.
Habitat/Society – Forest
+’s and –‘s – +Weapons Building and Mining+/-Politics and Neogtiation-

Neo Emolga
07-25-2007, 02:08 AM

Definitely enjoyed reading this, and it definitely sounds like an interesting race. Also, the balance is perfect, and shows a lot of forethought and planning.



I remember these guys from before the War RP. Definitely amazing and unique, and you definitely didn’t disappoint when it comes to introducing them again. Nicely balanced, original, and would be great to see in the RP.



Just needs to be finished, but very good so far. Keep up the good work.



Description could really use a lot more. What you have is pretty self-explanatory and most people know what Minotaurs are like already, but… this description is mostly a skeleton framework. Flesh it out like you’re showing explaining what Minotaurs are like to someone who doesn’t know. Maybe use FireflyK’s example and reflect off of what was decided on the SPECIAL allocation. That would help a lot with it. Combat I’m fine with. Not expecting a novel there.

+’s and –‘s, I was kind of expecting things that weren’t already mentioned on the SPECIAL allocation. If the drop in Charisma and Intelligence and the raise in Strength, Agility, and Endurance is all you really wanted to mention, that’s fine.

Just brush it up a bit, but most of the stuff you have is right, just needs a little more to it.



Next time, just separate each race by posts. One post for every race. Makes it easier to people to find when I reference it. And… agh, your link is still broken. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/crazy.gif

I’m guessing you mean these dudes, right? (http://www.aolcdn.com/aolmovies/pirates-caribbean-worlds-end-insert-caption-400a)

Anyway, yeah, you need to write the description out. Don’t rely on a picture. Again, pretend you’re explaining this race to someone who has never watched Pirates of the Caribbean. Makes it easier for people to imagine them. Combat is good. Society… could use a little more. While your Minotaurs may be solidarity (assuming that, actually saying that in your description could help!), its apparent your Mermen have some kind of social organization. Go into that, it helps when people might decide to RP as this race. And… your +’s and –‘s could have more to it. A + could be their ability to breathe water, but their – to balance it out could be something that forces them to go back into water after a period of time, or have lesser mobility on the land than a human would normally have.

Just work on it, but you’ve got a good start.


Lord Celebi
07-25-2007, 02:28 AM
Okay, I didn't know the exact function of the + and - thingy. I get it now. :oops: (God I feel stupid).

Name – Mermen
SPECIAL Allocation –
S - 4
P - 10
E - 4
C - 4
I - 4
A - 10
L - 4
Description (http://www.aolcdn.com/aolmovies/pirates-caribbean-worlds-end-insert-caption-400a) - Mermen are humanoid creatures that evolved from man to reside in the water. They still retain their human posture, but have grown sea creature parts like tentacles, shells, and sharp teeth. It varies from Merman to Merman. Mermen have a better political system than other creatures on Zaradar. Mermen live both underwater and on tropical islands. Underwater dwelling Mermen typically congregate into cities, while those that live above water sail the seas on pirate ships. In the underwater society, a leader is elected by popular vote. In the pirate society, Mermen captains are the toughest on the ship, and the position is frequently fought over.

Combat – Mermen can walk on land and on water, unlike mermaids, who can only swim underwater. They use their different underwater creature-esque deformaties to their advantage in battle. For example, one with tentacles on his head can use the tentacles to choke someone. This species is also extremely good with swords.
Habitat/Society – Underwater and land near the sea
+’s and –‘s – +Above and Underwater breathing+/-Sun dries them out quicker, meaning they have to stay close to water to stay alive.-

Neo Emolga
07-25-2007, 02:34 AM
Looking better already.


That’s more like it! That’s way better from before. Everything looks good and balanced, so they’re in.



I see you’ve got the hang of this now. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/smile.gif

Again, way better than before. Good to go in my opinion.


07-25-2007, 03:46 AM
Status: Finished!
Ok I think that the Fallen are good to go!

Name: Fallen


Description: The fallen have the standard look of humans with some distinguishing features that can easily set them apart. First the fallen have two different wings depending on their location. They can either have black feathery wings or black scaly wings like those of a dragon. The wings differ in size from person to person. Next the Fallen have two different types of eyes either Dark black or red eyes that always give off a menacing glare. The fallen come in five different colors, red, blue, green or black. Finally the Fallen have strange tattoo patterns that comes forth from their skin that weaves around their entire body.

Combat: The Fallen are excellent hand to hand combatants as they contain great strength that is far above that of a normal human. The fallen also have two special combat abilities which first include dark lightning, a long range attack that has the ability to strike two targets, one with each hand. Second the fallen have the ability to create a shield in front of them to block attacks. The power depends on the intensity of light in the vicinity, for instance when the sun is brightly shining their powers are greatly weekend. At night the powers increase so that the shield enlarges and is able to hold out longer while the dark lightning can become even stronger and hit up to 1 target and then spread towards two other targets although as it spreads it does less damage. The fallen are not fast so they are about hitting hard.

Habitat/Society: The Fallen tend to always live in large groups seeing as they are usually the only people they can count on and trust. Fallen don't go out of their way necessarily to harm other species but if you annoy them enough then its best to run for your life. Second dark areas such as caves and places where the light barely shines all day are where most fallen hang out to make sure to be at their fighting peak to defend their home. For the fallen deciding who is worthy to lead their people is simple. The position of fallen leader goes to the strongest in the tribe after a tournament once every year. The previous leader is free to enter and reclaim his title. The habitat of the fallen tends to also influence their looks as artic tundra and desert Fallen have rough scaly wings to prevent damage to them while cavern and jungle fallen have the black feathers. The color of the fallen differs depending on how much sun they receive from an area, such as black skin results from little to no sun while red means they receive more sun then is expected of the Fallen

Positives: The Fallen have a minor healing ability that heals minor wounds but wont regenerate limbs or work on their heart or brain. The fallen have wings that can cause them to fly for short period of times at a moderate speed and height. Their powers grow in the dark. The fallen finally give off a menacing aura initiating fear into the weak. The fallen can also take more of a beating then humans can in combat before falling.

Negatives: The fallen powers weaken substantially when the light increases. The fallen are unable to swim due to their wings. Due to the fallen's menacing aura other races are not very friendly to them. The fallen have speed below that of an average human so they usually need to use long range attacks if the enemy tries to bolt.

07-25-2007, 10:57 AM
Elf (Singular)
Elves (Plural)

SPECIAL Allocation
Strength – 3
Perception – 8
Endurance – 3
Charisma – 5
Intelligence – 10
Agility – 8
Luck – 3

Basically imagine elves from Lord of the Rings, or any other fantasy-related book, movie or game. However, I have made some slight changes.

In general, elves are slender, and built like athletes, and you never find a big-boned elf. Why is unknown, and attributed only to the fact that the elven way of life is different, and requires a lot of movement, so if you were big you would not do very well as an elf. Apart from being thin, they are also shorter than most, having an average height of one metre. The tallest elf recorded was a record breaking one metre ten centimetres, but no one has achieved that since then. Probably one of the more prominent features of the elves are their ears, which are elongated and pointy. This helps for enhanced hearing, as well ad being considered attractive in elven culture. The longer and pointier, the hotter.

Their hair colour is very limited, as elves nearly always have blonde hair, of black hair. Of course like any other species, as they grow old, their hair begins to turn silver, and can sometimes become completely silver, but that’s only if an elf lives its full life-span of ten thousand years. Their eyes, also, are very limited in colour, being only various shades of brown, from water light brown, to an almost black, dark brown.

Elves are, in general, a peaceful race, who detests open warfare. However, they will fight if given the right incentive, which can vary from gold to family honour.

Their fighting style relies heavily on their technique with weapons, and their magic. When it comes down to physical fighting, they are both weak, and inexperienced. However, as a magical race, they far outstrip many others. They are born with an innate magical ability, which only grows and develops as time passes. They use magic very effectively during combat, although each elf specialises in different aspects of magic. And those who are wary of magic, and it’s obvious powers, turn to two forms of weaponry that elves are very good at using. Archery and throwing weapons (hatchets and small knives).

Because of being rather varied, they fight in small groups of five to six, where each person specialises in a different thing. The four forms of magic, and weaponry. This fighting as a group has proved to be exceptionally good, as they’re small enough (both in number and in size) to sneak in and out of secure places, and volatile enough to protect themselves from too much harm.

Elves are primarily woodland creatures. They prefer to live in thick, dense forests, as they feel completely at home. The towering trees, and the berry-bearing bushes are what the elven society is built up upon, and it’s almost unimaginable to see an elf walking through a modern day city. Of course, with the recent events in Maridia, the elves are forced to fight and even live in cities, and they’re getting a bit apprehensive.

Originally, elves lived in small wooden shelters built high up in the trees. These shelters were no more than protection form the elements, and possessed nothing more than a small feather bed, and perhaps a place to keep one’s weapon, staff or wand. They later became more sophisticated, as the elves progressed, and were soon built with rooms for eating, sleeping and training. In some cases – those of the excruciatingly large shelters (they’re not called houses) – the shelter was stretched over more than one tree, and in the biggest case, took up the canopy of five large beech trees.

As far as society goes, the elves live in a state that is almost considered anarchy. With the presence of no firm ruler, the elves all turn up to those whom they trust and respect, who generally turn out to be elves of five thousand years or more. But in the odd case of a young elf turning out to be a prodigy, the elves will treat him or her with as much respect as they treat anyone else. They grow up in a society that places common courtesy above anything else, and it is considered an insult not to stand and greet someone when you see them for the first time in more than twenty-four hours. But apart from that, they have no strict customs, as they do not believe in other-worldly beings (this meaning Angels and Demons, rather than literally another planet).

+s and -s

Elves are incredibly intelligent, and have an acute understanding of how things work. After dismantling a computer once, they could figure out how it works down to the last screw.
Elves are rather light-footed, and can actually walk on top of snow, rather than wading through it. That, however, is where it stops, as they cannot walk on water, or anything of a lighter density than snow.
Elves can live for up to ten thousand years, and so hardly ever die of old age. However, this could also be considered a disadvantage
Very rarely do you find a clumsy elf.

Elves are, for all their glamour, physically very weak; one solid punch to their face, and they could be knocked out for several long hours. This is why you never see elves brawl. Well, physically, anyhow.
Elves tire very easily, and cannot run very fast, or for a very long time.
Because they live for such a long time, some elves actually wish to die soon, and commit suicide. This can happen for various reasons, the most common being that a love was killed, or died of an unnatural cause before their time was up.
They do not work well alone, although there have been a few exceptions

Images of the Race

A rather large drawing of the shape and weaponry of a male elf (Legolas) (http://img-fan.theonering.net/rolozo/images/lelandais/Legolas.jpg)
Now in colour, but without the bow (Legolas) (http://www.starstore.com/acatalog/legolas_18inch_figure_L.jpg)
The basic appearance of a female elf (Galadriel) (http://www.cbswords.com/images/galadriel.jpg)
A slightly more intimidating female elf (Arya) (http://www.cardboardstandups.com/images/Standups/662Arya.jpg)

So I ripped off Lord of the Rings (except the short part). Sue me.


07-25-2007, 11:04 AM
Yay, random idea. Inspired by Bleach and Harry Potter. xP I don;t think this race would work, but still... *shrugs*

Name: Konkenomoi [No pural pronounciation]

SPECIAL Allocation:

Strength- 5
Perception- 6
Endurance- 6
Charisma- 5
Intelligence- 9
Agility- 8
Luck- 1

Description: The Konkenomoi don't have a real distinct form. Like the Patronuses in the Harry Potter world, they differ from person to person, taking a slivery spectral shape of a certain Pokemon that would respresent them the best or would mean something to the human. Konkennomoi are like spectres, or a representation of themselves in the mental sense, showing how they are like in the deepest parts of their hearts and souls, hence the name Kon (Heart) ken (and) omoi (soul), literally translated to Heart and Soul. Every human is born with them, but not many humans have the ability to summmon and use them as partners. To summon them is akin to the Bleach Shinigamis - the humans has to know the name of his/her Konkenomoi (usually in a life or death/near-death situation, or otherwise because the Konkenomoi deems the human worth to wield it). And in following the name, a command phrase to releae the Konkenomoi from its sealed state, which could be just about anything, though it usually chooses to reside in something that the human would take around almost everywhere, or would have some sentimental vale to the human. There are certain exceptions to which a human does not know the command phrase, and thus has to keep his/her Konkenomoi in a currently unsealed form - a very taxing effort too.

Combat: Summoned by willpower, the Konkenomoi battle using special moves that are granted to them, along with the standard moves that their form is (like a Konkenomoi that takes the shape of a Pidgey can use the moves a normal Pidgey would use, plus two or three special moves etc.) The special moves usually represent the personality of the human, like if the human hates seeing others hurt, the move will most likely be some major healing move - while a trickster's one would be an illusion-based kind. The Konkenomoi are sentinel, though they will act on their human's command, but they take the intiative for themselves too. Being spectral, they cannot do any physical damage, but can solidify with some willpower. The amount of time a Konkenomoi exists on the physcial plane despends on how long one can keep their wills firm and steady, for even the slightest waver can cause their spectral partners to vanish.

Habitat/Society: The Konkenomoi are a part of their human counterparts, and so live in their minds and hearts, in what one could call an 'inner world', a crude representation of the human's mindset and personality. They also don't have much of a society, only regnoizing each other as fellow species of themselves.

+’s and –‘s: In strengths, the Konkenomoi can't take in any form of physcial damage at all, being spectral. They can pass through solid objects much like a ghost, and communicate mentally with their human counterparts, in addition to talking. They're also pretty smart, and can go on their own without their human's command. However, they can take damage delt by another one of their kind and also by special attacks that are strong (ie Hyper Beam, Solarbeam etc.), although the special attacks don't do much damage, so attacking with one's own Konkenomoi is highly recomended as a better course of attack. As mentioned, the time a Konkenomoi is able to exist of the physical plane depends solely on the human's willpower. It will also vanish when its human dies. There have been a few cases of people naturally having two or three Konkenomoi naturally, but other than that, there have are no possible ways to obtain another one of them.

Images of the Race: Just think of Patronuses in a Pokemon form. Voila! xD

Footnote: Might I add this might come due to the (rather?) long term exposure to the what-it-is. I know it might never seem to fit into anything, but well, meh... I was random. Let me proceed to bash my head relentlessly against a random brick wall for even attempting to put this race up. ><;


Neo Emolga
07-25-2007, 12:28 PM

Saw you made the edits. You’re good to go, nicely done yet again, FFK.



Looking good so far. Seems like you’re almost done, but what you have is pretty nice. Keep working on it, and just let me know when you’re done.



I love it, and its okay if you got them from LOTR. Nicely explained, balanced and described, the fit is go.



Lol @ bashing your head on a brick wall. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/laugh.gif

Good, nicely done and described… but, this comes across as a race that would be not the best for actual RPers, but great for NPCs. My feelings are that RPing as one of these might be a little tough since… heh, you’d be stuck being spectral, and would be limited it what could be done. But with NPCs, this race could have some innovative and creative uses, so it gets the okay in my book.


07-25-2007, 01:45 PM
(Last one- Promise!)

Wreithtyr / Wreithtyrs

It has been said that fire and water leaves nothing but wisps of smoke.... However, a new breed of creature has arisen, prepared to prove this wrong. The powers of the Wreithtyr may be dependent on water, but their personality leaves it clear that there is still plenty of fire left in them.

Special Allocation

S: 7
P: 8
E: 8
C: 3
I: 5
A: 7
L: 2

Physical strength and brawn: The Wreithtyr, when in solid form, have strength above that of the average human. They aren't the strongest creature out there, but they do have a good bit of power.

Ability to use senses well, such as sight, sound, touch, and so on: In addition to being very good with these senses, Wreithtyrs can sense large bodies of water even from a great distance, as well as being able to locate nearby fires.

Stamina, vigor, energy, that kind of thing. The ability to keep going on: As long as they have enough water, Wreithtyrs have extremely good stamina. They also do not need to sleep more than 3 hours a day.

Charisma, Physical appearance, magnetism, allure, and the like: One might expect that creatures of both water and fire might draw others like moths to a flame. They would, however, be wrong. Wreithtyrs naturally repulse humans, and other species treat them indifferently. They are not considered in the least attractive. Only wisdom or another good trait can endear them at all to others.

Mental prowess, comprehensive ability: Wreithtyrs have the intelligence level of your average human.

Agility, Physical speed and dexterity: Wreithtyrs tend to take their time, and thus aren't amazingly speedy unless they are in danger. However, they have great dexterity, being used to working with Water from birth, which is, after all, made up of oh-so-many individual droplets. Wreithtyrs do well in repairing tiny objects and such, and can be very patient when working with something with small or many parts. If you need some sort of space craft repaired, there is no better technician than a Wreithtyr.

Luck/Karma, fate, whatever: Wreithtyrs are not lucky, and what's worse, they know this. Legends of their kind have it that their powers are from a dual curse, from two great powers whom they once angered. Wreithtyrs are pessimistic, sure things will go wrong at the worst moment, and thus, some may take huge risks feeling it is pointless anyway, or go the other way and be too fearful to take risks at all. Wreithtyrs are not aetheists or nihilists- No, worse yet, they believe in a variety of several higher powers, and are positive that these powers dislike them.


Wreithtyrs have a variety of forms. The most-known one, however, is their Spirit form. In this, Wreithtyrs stand at about 6-6"5. Or float, rather, for in this form, they are not solid. Though they maintain a relatively human shape, with a dark 'interior', a hair-like layer of mist and smoke covers them. At random intervals, wisps or even great gouts of dark grey smoke will emerge from them, only to be drawn to them as if magnetically, swirling round and round them like a moon around the earth. This form is said to be the stuff of nightmares, and used only in dire situations. This is because to maintain this form, a Wreithtyr combines the internal organs with both his or her water and fire, basically repressing their powers in exchange for the form. The Wreithtyr do still have limited power of one or the other in this form, depending on which of their two elements in strongest in that particular being, however, this power is limited. Luckily, their intimidating appearance, and ability to perform mental and other 'special' attacks in this phase, is not so limited.

Solid Form is another of their forms. In this form, a typical Wreithtyr stands at the height of 5'9 or so for females, 6'2 or so for males. They do resemble humans, but are black and translucent in color. Yes- translucent. Parts of their bodies may be seen through entirely, and swirls of water or fire, should this be the area near their Nixel or Kerrnin organs, may be visible. Otherwise, what a person who looks closely will see is little wisps of steam floating around within them, masking the rest of their insides. Due to this steam, they are warm to the touch, perhaps 10 degrees above the normal temperature of a human. In this form, Wreithtyrs have a tail, which is very flexible, but not strong. It can not support their weight. In addition, the arms of the Wreithtyr are excessively long for them, and bend in three places, not simply one, as do those of humans. They are quite flexible, despite their large size. Wreithtyrs do have hair. It is black without exception. Their eyes vary in the normal human colors.

Finally, the Wreithtyr have two elemental forms. In these, they contain the form they aren't using to the center of their core, and use the other to form their body into that element. These forms are not often seen, and so little else is known about them. In them, the Wreithtyr may appear like their solid form but made of their element, or may go so far as to become a puddle or a wave, or a burst of flames. They must remain connected, however. The surface tension of a Water Wreithtyr is extreme, holding their body together unless they want parts to separate... However, all parts MUST remain attached in some way or these lose a great deal of energy, like a human losing a limb (Albeit without blood).


Fighting strategies vary, depending on the form they've taken on. In their Spirit form, they can actually use a bit of air magic, though they disdain any magic not related to water or fire directly. Wreithtyrs tend to use their twin elements to fight, though often not both at once- As that would, indeed, simply cause steam, and be useless.


Little is known about Wreithtyrs, save that they prefer small groups. Some even live in solitude. The heart of tall, hard-to-reach mountains seem to fit their preference, and they often create a path to cause a basin or an ocean/spring in the middle of their little community. Wreithtyrs NEED water, and so they live near it. Water is what regenerates their power, oddly enough. It is rumored that their inner fire is created by making so much heat that water molecules that are excess are broken down into their element compounds, hydrogen and oxygen, and from there, actually burn. The inside of Wreithtyr, should one be split open in battle, is extremely hot! Someone nearby will feel a rush of air not unlike what you'd get if you stood too close to an oven and opened the door.

+’s and –‘s –

Wreithtyrs have many forms, but are not comfortable with physical weapons, and thus stick to the elements most often. Fire and water, to be specific, for aside from those and air, they can't use other magic.

Wreithtyrs have a longer lifespan than humans, averaging around 110 years. However, for the first 20, they are considered children, and for the first 10, they truly are young... They can not even use their element powers until 16 or so, at all, because they are still developing.

Wreithtyrs need water badly, but do not do well if submerged in it. They need air, too, to keep their inner fire going, and thus being submerged can be damaging to them, if it lasts longer than 2-3 minutes. Wreithtyrs are, in myths and legends, often described as tormented for this reason- neither the realm of air, nor of water, can sustain them. And while they can use fire, living in a volcano would be impossible, for it would dry up their water supply, killing them. Wreithtyrs can store water within them in large quantities, larger than one would think a being of their size could hold. How is unknown.

07-25-2007, 06:41 PM
Er, I promised that'd be the last one....

However, the fact of the matter is, I dunno if places need to be submitted, too, if we're gonna use them for background history. =X

I mean, aliens who don't have a described homeland... Meh. xD So I'm describing a section of a planet if they're from one planet/ a planet in their galaxy/ whatever it is that they come from, for my characters, if you don't mind. ^^; If I can make up the place my chars are from, let me know, and I'll post that here for approval. xD

07-26-2007, 07:44 AM
-submits oh so obvious races-


I'm going to smack you if you don't know what I'm talking about.

They're SPESHUL!

Strength- 7
Perception- 9
Endurance- 7
Charisma- 2
Intelligence- 4
Agility- 7
Luck- 4

Wolfmen are strong, though not quite on par with say, a Minotaur. A swipe from then can tear straight through bone however, and their jaw power is frightening, to say the least. Their ability in perception is almost unmatched, with the slight exception of their inability to see objects with proper clarity. However, even with their weaker than average eyesight, they are still perfectly capable of catching even the smallest movement that whatever it is makes.
They are not untiring, and their ability to take damage is about the same as a normal well-built human, but they have a legendary ability to never succumb to pain due to their incredible focus, as they will never willingly fall before an enemy is defeated. To be fair, they do need sleep, but adrenaline wakes them up faster than a triple espresso with a large bar of bitter chocolate.
Wolfmen tend to be a little rough, and are incapable of properly expressing themselves, as the shape of their face, teeth, and tongue, tend to get in the way of perfect articulation. Although they are capable leaders in a crisis, based on pure guts, whether one can put one's trust in a wolfman is questionable. Besides, to be honest, they kinda smell.
Intelligence-wise, wolfmen are perfectly capable thinkers, although their instincts tend to get in the way of proper thought processes. As such, though a well trained wolfman is capable of writing a university thesis like a normal human, in difficult situations their cognitive ability is heavily compromised.
A wolf is fast, neh?
And their luck is pretty average, though trees do get in their way a bit more than they do other races.

Description: You know, like a werewolf. Slightly larger than a normal human being, and furry, along with elongated snout and all. Fundamentally similar to putting a Mightyena on its hind legs and giving it opposable thumbs, except with different colours. As far as clothes go, different wolfmen have different preferences, some are fully clothed in generally simple clothes, some wear a loincloth so nothing hangs out, and some run around in the buff. A wolfman in huge robes and all sorts of expensive clothing is not only unheard of, but the very topic of a rich wolfman is considered bad manners in their society.
Wolfman! (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/werewolf-11.jpg)

Combat: Wolfmen are born warriors through and through, relying on instinct and brute force to get through all combat situations. With roughly matted fur that can even tangle the occasional dagger and tooth and claw, they are the perfect brawlers, and have been known to take down trolls on their own with not too much difficulty. Of course, they can also use weapons, such as spears and knives, the latter of which they always carry out with them, as skinning an animal with only claws is considered barbaric, even for them. Magically, they are capable of casting spells, but are generally not considered made for it, but there have been very successful wolfman mages, though any that specialise in a field other than offensive magic is unheard of.

Habitat/Society: Wolfmen, like the wolves on Earth, (a place unheard of by any in this conflict,) can quite literally live everywhere. Be it sub-zero temperatures, or boiling deserts, there is no place where a wolfman cannot thrive.
Wolfmen live in pack-villages, where the leader, the Alpha, is in charge of all proceedings, though very often, if said leader is wise, there are often many others under him who handle external affairs. This is as while individual wolfmen going on holiday is common, even encouraged, (though they are given free perfume anywhere they try to go,) politically speaking, wolfmen are isolated, and choose not to immerse themselves with the rest of Zaradar.

+'s and -'s: Wolfmen have claws, and good strong teeth and jaws. Their hide is also far tougher than a human's, and their instinctive nature ensures that they are never at a lost except in very, very, extreme circumstances. To find a depressed wolfman is to find a hopeless situation.
On the other hand, this nature is also their greatest bane, as for all of the individual's intellect, when faced with fear or whatever else it is, they tend to revert to a near primal state, and provoking them will more often than not cause a large part of your flesh to fly somewhere else. Also, their extremely strong senses make them seem rather distracted at times, although when faced with a proper enemy, all such notions are put to rest. Although it still makes them much more susceptible to sound based weapons, and Muk.

Neo Emolga
07-26-2007, 12:58 PM
Eh, I wouldn’t do aliens, FFK. I was just thinking the submission of new races and other races based on fantasy. If aliens are brought into the picture, its naturally assumed they have a high amount of technology to have reached a different world (Zaradar uses a magical one), and high technology is… something I kind of want to avoid in this RP. But thanks for asking ahead of time.

And don’t hesitate to submit more, you’ve entered a lot of great contributions. Keep them coming, I appreciate the help.


Definitely another unusual race of yours, but still very interesting. Closest thing I can think of that could be close to them are elementals, but even those have a lot of differences. Another nice original race.



They are speshul.

Nicely done, good balance, sure this one will be popular. We need these guys running around, and meanwhile, you balanced them and described them well. It’s good to go.


07-26-2007, 03:10 PM
In the second of my Very Obvious Races, we havvveeeeeeeee theeeeee


As in like, Dwarf, Dwarves, short people.

Fear the SPECIAL, lest you want to be Fallout'd.

Strength - 7
Perception - 5
Endurance - 8
Charisma - 4
Intelligence - 4
Agility - 4
Luck - 8

Quite an oddity amongst the other small(er) folk of Zaradar, the Dwarves are one of the stronger races around, albeit one of the slower ones. They tend to be lethal with a blade of any kind, and have been said to be able to take down even creatures ten times their size due to a mix of ingenuity, luck, and sheer force of will.
As far as their senses go, due to the origin of the dwarvish folk, they tend to have exceptionally good hearing when compared to that of humans, though they are also a little shorter on sight for the same reasons. However, a night blind dwarf is rare, unheard of even.
Dwarves are known for never backing down, and have a seemingly infinite stamina, and seem to treat sleep as something of a luxury rather than a necessity, though even they need to stop working and fighting at times. This is due partly to their tough build born to fit the hostile conditions underneath the ground, and also partly because a dwarf's pride is absolutely huge. Insult a dwarf and beware your neck, as they say, because they can, and will, go to hell and back for revenge if they need to, and backing down is a mark of shame for them huge enough to pariah them for the rest of their three hundred odd year lifespan.
A dwarf is also famous for being exceptionally lucky, and cave-ins always mysteriously occur right AFTER they leave the cave, and even if they fall all around the dwarf, that's it, a way out is even very normally present. This is why many consider it folly to challenge a dwarf, especially races like the Wreithyrs, who feel as though they might trip over their (sometimes metaphorical) feet even before the axe comes down to bore.
As for everything else, perhaps due to the smaller size of their brain or something, but their ability to charm and think is slightly below that of the average human, and their stocky limbs also prevent fast movement. That, and heavy armour, heavy armour always helps.

Description: Small, but tough, dwarves are without any exception, long haired, and for the males, large bearded. About half the height of a normal human, dwarves are known to be pale (under all that hair,) due to a lack of exposure for sunlight, for most of them at least. The surface dwelling dwarves on the other hand, are very often an odd, if not unpleasant, reddish pink in colour, as though permanently scorched by the sun.
Normally a dwarf is always donned in gear made for battle, or mining, or other dangerous adventure, and perhaps this preparedness is what makes their legendary luck, so legendary.
DWARF! (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/the-white-dwarf.jpg)

Combat: Dwarves are tenacious fighters, who tend to adapt quickly to any given situation and just beat it out with whatever they have at hand, though they are not above, and are in fact proud of their abilities in picking out the best tool for the job at any time and using it. Of course, most dwarves tend to take the easier route, and just carry a heavy weapon at them with all times, and due to their armoured bodies, are simply impossible to kill. In fact, Mithril, the highest grade of ore used by dwarves, is even tougher than dragon scale, and mirrored in the correct way, are even magic-reflective. This, coupled with their already tough bodies, (no wonder if they wear that suit around all day,) makes them difficult to take down, as more often than not, they tend to simply outlast you, and getting in the last smack with a club, or something like that.

Habitat/Society: Dwarves, being the hardy things they are, adapt quickly to any situation and habitat, and are therefore found everywhere, especially if there are metals to be retrieved. However, they do show a marked preference for lower temperatures of about ten to twenty-five degrees Celsius, though anything up to forty, and they can still wear their armour without too much difficulty. The vast majority of them though, live under and in huge mountains, some expanded with magic and tight packing of dirt. Presiding over these mountains are the Kings of the Hills, who are governed by a dwarvish council lead by the King Under the Mountain. Other than that, and the fact that they live underground, they are fundamentally similar to medieval Middle Age humans, except that smithery is considered the highest form of art there is, and anyone who works with metal is highly respected. Note that the Hills of the dwarves are considered autonomous politically, and as long as one is within said Hill, one follows Dwarf, and only Dwarf law.

+'s and -'s: Dwarves are notoriously difficult to kill, and it is often safer to burn away all the bodies individually just in case one survives and remembers your face. As that is how many a tyrant on Zaradar has fallen, by insulting the dwarves and their otherwise isolated Kings. Also, dwarves function just as well in almost perfect darkness as in brightly lit areas, due to the special make-up of their bodies. This means that while they are about the same as humans perception-wise in the day, at night, and in caves, they are almost undefeated amongst pure humanoids.
However, dwarves have several huge weaknesses. One is that they are unable to swim, at all. While they tend to mysterious never drop into underground rivers during their excavation trips, if one was to push them into water, they would sink like a brick, and not only because of their armour. They also tend to be very stubborn, in a way that would make a psychiatrist quit his job and go be an insurance salesman instead, less stress that way. This means that while if they chose to, and they perhaps would in ten years or so, they could easily analyse and be able to perfectly replicate human weapon technology, but they simply choose not to, feeling that magic and will is already more than enough.

07-26-2007, 04:02 PM
My race is finished now so you can take a look at it Neo.

07-27-2007, 12:57 AM
Cat Demon(s) AKA Neko (Plural of Neko is Neko)
SPECIAL Allocation
Strength: 5
Perception: 6
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 5
Agility: 9
Luck: 4

Changes to this in Feral Mode:
Strength: 6
Perception: 7
Endurance: 6
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 10
Luck: 4
A race of humanoids with cat ears on their heads, extendable claws on their hands, and tails. They don't usually wear shoes because they also have claws on their feet, although not extendable. Although they are humanoids, they actually started as a race of anthropomorphous cats, not humans who got cat abilities. Some members also have whiskers on their faces. They generally wear not too much clothes.
Neko have quick reflexes, good senses, intelligence comparable to that of an average human, and are very fast. They have durable claws on their hands, just like cats. They usually fight with acrobatics similar to ninjutsu, jumping around and scratching their enemy with both sets of claws. Their claws are not easy to break, but when they are broken, they usually grow back in a matter of hours.

They have the ability to channel the demon energies into their claws to make the claws on their hands and feet especially deadly by increasing their size, and making them razor sharp to touch on any part of the claw, not just the tip. The durability on this kind of claw makes them especially hard to break, and they glow.

When their adrenaline goes too high, or their stress builds, they lose control of their minds for a period of time. Their bodies mutate on their own, and they enter what is called Feral Mode. In Feral Mode, a Neko stands on all fours. Their hair grows somewhat, and they become pretty hairy.

Feral Mode is where their power is at it's finest, and their speed tops off. They move really fast, as if possessed. They can further increase the size of their claws, and slice things to shreds in a matter of moments. They grow really large fangs in their mouth, which are used for biting their enemies. Feral Mode wears off when the Neko calms down.
Neko are a primarily female race, with the females being quite stronger than the males. There are very few males. So few that the ratio of females to males is 10:1, with females usually competing for the males. Although it might be fun to be a male in this species, think again. Neko females usually are very possessive of the male they choose to be their mate, and will not hesitate to fight over him. There are no reported cases of a male wanting a divorce, because they are usually that afraid of their female. Though in most cases, there is no reason to be afraid, as females are very nice to their males, and like to do a lot of fun things.

The society is Matriarchal, which means females make all the decisions.

They generally live in medium to large packs, and have a democratic society, with elections for leader. Everybody has a say in the affairs of the pack, but the opinions of females are usually honored more often than those of males. To date, no pack has ever reported electing a male leader, thought there have been close races. It will happen sooner or later.
+’s and –‘s
Neko are very fast, above average on beauty, have good senses, and good reflexes.
They have a Feral Mode that turns them from already a pretty formidable force into a stronger formidable force.
Their Strength is pretty average, they have lower than normal Endurance, and their luck is below average.
Feral Mode cannot be controlled, and happens on it's own. This may lead to situations where it activates when not needed, so Neko need to keep their emotions pretty steady.
Images of the Race
http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/Gun6/Catgirl5.png A sprite by gun6. Thanks dood.
http://i150.photobucket.com/albums/s86/u2dum2liv/Nekogirl20.jpg This is actually an edit of the above image, which was also found on Photobucket.
http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b70/Gun6/CatgirlferalFIN3.png Feral Mode sprite, by gun6. Thanks.
http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2006/08/04/snowleopard_narrowweb__300x344,0.jpg An idea of the size of the fangs on Feral Mode, except still slightly bigger.
http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/pic/RIC/2400-4393~Black-Panther-Posters.jpg another one showing fangs.
Note that these pics are only for an idea of what it looks like. Feral Mode is actually bigger than these cats, and is comparable to an average sized adult human standing on all fours.

07-27-2007, 01:45 AM
Lisktes (Also used as a reference to the species)
(K = Silent) (Liht - Stehs) (Lisktelians for racial reference)
(Lisktes and Lisktelians can be used for the same references, as they aren't words that are too different.)

SPECIAL Allocation
Strength - 10
Perception - 8
Endurance - 1
Charisma - 3
Intelligence - 4
Agility - 10
Luck - 4

Description: The Lisktes race is composed of several organic strains of deadly, physical combat fighters that have been assimilated into the group as the original species went. Over millenniums of time, the Lisktelians have evolved, and altered
many of their weak points. One unique variable about the Lisktelians is the variety in the entire race. Unlike how the majority of other races consist of different color variations or genetic variations of their sole, main base species, the Lisktelians have assimilated around 6-7 different, altered versions of extinct races in the past.

The Lisktelian race is said that for the members of the race to possess intellect that can be compared to that of a fly constantly banging on a window, trying to get out, not knowing that there is an "invisible wall" between it and the outside world. However, one scientific notice that keeps high regards for this brain-dead race is how members of the race never give up on their mission, and will keep on attacking their target at all costs. Scientists can still not describe in full detail of how this type of thought is processed on and on inside the "mind" and "ego" of the Lisktelian, but it is for sure that all members of this race possesses such a thought process. However, there have been reports that several "commander" Lisktelians have been seen in "bird's eye view points" "commanding" their forces, speaking some language similar to human language.

Originally starting out as small, toxic, genetically unstable hounds that have been mutated from their original set off, the Lisktelians began ferociously consuming and assimilating other species as they traveled throughout space. There are different color variations within the race itself, along with genetic variations, but the one difference that differs this race from others is the ability of how the race can allow variety among its society. (More detailed sketches of the race in the Images section later on.)

Combat: The most common type of Combat found in the military society of the Lisktes is physical combat displayed through a variety of armaments, such as claws, crescent moon scythes, spines, and etc. Going along with the aforementioned background of the race, the Lisktes assimilate those of the race who they find worthy by overwhelming them in terms of numbers. One thing worth of mentioning is the way of how the Lisktes fight in groups. Due to the fact that the Lisktes are weak in body structure, they always come prepared to fight their enemies in groups, overwhelming the enemy by a milestone or so.

It is rather easy for the Lisktelians to mass their soldiers, as it takes around about 12-18 minutes in real time perspective for a generation of Lisktes to hatch, and around 5-6 for every phase in its metamorphosis to finish. It is said that the weak body structuring of all Lisktes comes from the fact that the original species passed down its genetic defect for the body's bones, limbs, organs, and etc. This gives all members of Lisktes a general weakness for highly powerful assaults against them, but this weakness is usually covered by the swarming numbers of Lisktes send out at one time during an attack.

Depending on the type of Lisktes, those who fight for their race will assault enemies vary in many ways. There are Lisktes that use Territorial Void (An ability that can be deployed by Spiegels), slither on the ground, making no sounds, and much more. Despite how the Lisktes race lack intelligence in terms of technology, partially on tactics, and some other habits that are common among many races, their ability to adapt to the environment, rejuvenate their wounds, and create in-battle tactical signals without the need to really point themselves out in the large crowd astounds most of the advanced races that, by far, are by milestones, highly advanced in technology and military tactics. The Lisktes race is said to have incredible synchronization with all of Lisktes, as if their minds were all thinking a similiar, if not the same (Highly possible), thing. This, along with battle tactics and complication in their history, still astounds scientists of all races that study the Lisktes.

Habitat/Society: Lisktelians usually group themselves in large packs when going on expeditions to expand their race's territory. It is said that all of their lower chains of societies lead to the citadel where all the main Lisktelian leaders govern over their empire. The habitat that suits the Lisktelian race the most is a swamp or jungle that provides evasion for fast soldiers, darkness for Vydre Hunters to capture prey with one grasp, and much more that is required to meet the standards of behavior of most, if not all, Lisktes.

It is said that Lisktes have taking a liking to several captivators of other races, and, after having chosen to cut themselves off from the leaders of the race, chose to become "pet and guard" to these captivators, referring to them as "Guardians". Rumor has it that these "Guardians" have been located in large groups spread out on several planets. These groups house themselves in huge, yet easily disguised facilities, undergoing the process of trying to understand, breed, and teach their Lisktes under their captivity. Another rumor has it that a new strain of improved, more intelligent Lisktelians have been bred after careful choosing of Lisktes and gene reconstructing. To the point where they are comprehensible of human speech and context, the Lisktes are still undergoing changes.

It was told that in the history of the Lisktes, there were an abundant amount of difficult times that have set back the Lisktes several changes back. As recorded by the first Lisktes, there was a description of "gigantic monsters that took the lives of many Lisktes that risked their lives to assimilate these behemoths into their race, hoping for a larger chance of the future of the Lisktes to thrive".

+’s and –‘s

Lisktes possess incredible vitality, agility, and reflexes.
Lisktes display a huge amount of "team work", or the ability to act together in tough situations of the battle, if it goes for the wrong turn. It is also very easy for Lisktes to turn the tide of the battle with one tactic that is given through a rather unobvious signaling.
Due to the fact that only very, very special, and rare members of the Lisktes possess an intellect of that slightly over the smartest Human being, the Lisktes Leaders do not have a hard time governing over their race.
Lisktes possess a brain wave, or a mental trait, that drives them on to finish their given job. This trait was passed down from the first Lisktelian, a Lisktelian that naturally developed such a feeling after trying to allow its race to thrive abundantly.


Unfortunately, a set back for their incredible vitality, agility, and reflexes is the fact that all Lisktes possess a body structure, both internally and genetically weak. This is due to the genetic defects that were shaped around inside the chromosome strands of the first Lisktelian. Although there is currently no specified, entirely detailed scientific reason for such a defect, it has been confirmed that the defect was created in the first Lisktelian, which may have been created of some breed itself. Some "first Lisktelian" it is.
Despite how the Lisktes race possesses an ability of to work as a team, usually "team work tactics" are given when the Lisktes notice that their side is taking the loss, which is usually around when there are a few 10-15 Lisktes left.
The majority of the Lisktes population are stupid (Does not apply for the few Listoids).
The Lisktes usually display a big ego along with the brainwave, and often, do not know when to stop (In the bad sense).

Images of the Race
- Note: Only Listoid units are RP-able, if you want a standard model of a Lisktes looking humanoid. It is decided by Neo and the other authorities if you are able to RP as others. Also, one exhibits blood, so please note that if you find blood offensive in any manner.

Toller (http://urlcut.com/1krds)
- The Toller is the lowest tier warrior of the entire Lisktes race. It is also the fastest in terms of mass producing in battles. It is weak, although in numbers, it is considered to devastate its enemies faster than a swarm of mutant locusts. It is not as unique as other Lisktes forces, and is considered simple. Regardless, it is still a vital part of the Lisktes military.

Tollers are often seen on patrol with Suppressors, usually in packs of 5 Tollers and 2 Suppressors.

Spine Spiegel (http://urlcut.com/1krdv)
- The Spine Spiegel is an R-Class Assassin, as classified by early military forces that discovered and studied it. Spine Spiegels are armed with razor sharp claws. The Spine Spiegel is, without a doubt, the quickest killer in the Lisktes empire. The internal structure of the Spiegel's arm houses many retractable muscles that retract and contract in patterns depending on the movements and angles of which the arm, hand, and the fingers. With muscles that react fast and multiple capable arm rotations, the Spiegel is able to quickly take out an enemy even if in a position that does not favor such arm movement.

The most unique attribute of the Spine Spiegel is their means of transportation. It has been reported that Spine Spiegels are always extending their upper body out of "White Holes", which appear to created by the Spiegel. The White Hole does not provide locomotion, but the way a Spiegel moves is by tucking itself back into the hole, closing the hole, and reopening it at another spot. Although it appears to be impossible to bring down a Spiegel, it has been confirmed that the Spiegel generates this Hole with electricity that it builds up internally. If an EMP mine/bomb/missile/or shell were to have hit the Spiegel, it would be unable to generate the White Hole for approximately 5 minutes. The Spiegel's lower body half is rather normal, just being two legs, and a continued blue stomach skin plan.

Due to the fact that Spiegels can generate a White Hole, which is quite complex, it is assumed that they are similar in much more intelligent than most of the Lisktes forces.

Kayderliskte - Acildyte (http://urlcut.com/1krdu)
- The Kayderliskte, codenamed Acildyte, is a ranged assaulter that supports physical attacker forces such as the Toller and Seeker. With a Triceratops head-like design, the Acildyte holds many spikes in the openings where, most of the time, spikes are already prepared, ready to be shot. Out of the Lisktes empire, the Acildyte is the most precise when it comes to targeting. There is a theory that the Acildyte is capable of projecting a mental laser trajectory image that locks onto the target, and replaces the current sight of the Acildyte. The laser trajectory follows the target if it moves, so the Acildyte is capable of hitting it everytime. However, this is only a theory. If it is not true, it could be said that the Acildyte has incredibly developed vision.

It is capable of shooting 10 spikes at a time, all of which are sharp, and, with the momentum given to it after being forced out with a considerable amount of power, continues to dig into the target's skin/hull for a few seconds.

Listoid Bladeer (http://urlcut.com/1krdw)
- The Listoid Bladeer is simply a Listoid that has trained in the arts of using the "Arch Blade", a blade that does not live up to its name due to the fact that it does not look like an arch. Jokes aside, the Listoid Bladeer is capable of doing a considerable amount of damage. Bladeers are trained to move swiftly throughout the battle field, avoiding enemy fire or attacks at it by about 3 feet. This is due to the fact that the Bladeer is capable of thrusting out enough energy to move it farther in a space, literally distorting the phase space around it, making the space force the Bladeer 3 feet in the direction he is facing.

However, to do this, it takes a considerable amount of training and energy to accomplish. The loss of every Bladeer is keenly felt among the Lisktes military, as the arts of the "Arch Blade" is dying out.

Listoid (http://urlcut.com/1krdx)
- The Listoid are the first of the Lisktes race to be have evolved from the descendants of the first Lisktes. The name "Listoid" is a portmanteau of the name "Lisktes" and the word "humanoid". Being the counterparts of humans in the Lisktes race, they are capable of what most humans can do, and like humans, are intelligent. Despite how there are only a couple thousand Listoid in the Lisktes race, they make most use of their abilities by volunteering in service to accomplish more and more for the race. They are eventually trained to be armed with knives and blades, but the most common path for a Listoid to take if they join the Lisktes Military is the path of a Listoid Bladeer.

One important note about the Listoid are its flaps near its chest and stomach area. If the Listoid is severely wounded in a conflict, it is capable of restoring itself by the excess intake of nutrients supplied in the atmosphere.

Seeker (http://urlcut.com/1krdy)
- The Seeker is a heavy physical assaulter that is the most ferocious and powerful of the Lisktes forces. Standing at 9 1/2 feet tall, the Seeker is an intimidating sight that leaves many enemy troops running back to base. The Seeker also lives up to its name because of its unique sensitivity to a certain chemical pattern that is found on all living organisms. This makes the Seeker adept at finding and taking down enemy forces that exhibit such an organism. However, the only purpose of this unique sensitivity does not only serve for the purpose of the Seeker's assaults. Because of how the Seeker is blind, it must be led into battle by those around it. The Seeker is only capable of intentionally attacking organic enemies, and can be seen as a threat, as it is capable of destroying buildings and things it cannot see.

Most of the time, the Seeker is crouched down in a position ready for chasing. Despite how intimidating and strong the Seeker appears to be, it may be as unstable as any other Lisktes force. The Seeker, unfortunately, possesses the weakest body structuring of all Lisktelians. The skin and flesh of the Seeker is easily erodible, and to significant firepower, collapse along with the bones and internal structuring of the Seeker, literally making it collapse into itself after a power assault from tanks. Thus, the Seeker is said to be employed only if the enemy forces do not expect it to be coming. Regarding its weak body structuring, the Seeker is, with no doubt, pretty capable of overwhelming the enemy. It is not so common to be seen taking down Seekers when they are employed into the assault.

Suppressor (http://urlcut.com/1krdz)
- Among the Lisktes forces, there only is one strain of Lisktes that is incapable of physically assaulting its targets, but is heavily capable of employing deadly toxins and abilities that eat away the enemy. The Suppressor is a blind snake like creature that slithers around quickly. The Suppressor has a segmented body that, with every segment on its snake-like body, holds a dozen toxins and spores in each blood red capsule. The Suppressor also possesses segmented arms that differ each other in length, and more importantly, use. The Suppressor launches several toxins and diseases by waving around its arms at the enemy. Its right hand side is meant for long distance tosses, but it holds the lesser toxins. Its left hand side is meant for closer distance spreading, however, it is, of the two arms, the one that holds the most deadliest toxins. Toxins and spores on its segmented body are released by shaking the toxins and spores out rapidly after opening the capsules.

As said before, the Suppressor is a blind creature that only has two linear nostrils as a facial feature. This nostrils are used to inhale in the atmosphere's air, and then exhale a certain chemical that leads the Suppressor in the direction that it desires. If there are other Lisktes forces around, the chemicals will latch onto their bodies, and the Suppressor will follow.

^ All pictures above are drawn by ChronoPika, a.k.a, me. Do not use without permission, and if you do, please give credit.

07-27-2007, 01:47 AM
Eizgroth / Eizgroths

Strength: 9
Perception: 7
Endurance: 9
Charisma: 1
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 7
Luck: 3

Physical strength and brawn: Eizgroth are immensely strong. Also, due to the location of their center of gravity whilst standing, they are difficult to stop while on all fours, as they can not be thrown/have their strength redirected easily. They are, however, somewhat easier to handle in such a fashion while on two limbs, even though they can use their strength more easily while upright.

Perception: Eizgroth are not that bright, so they don't always use the information they find well, but they have excellent senses. Someone with the patience to communicate with them and get them to describe things they ignored as useless will find a veritable mine of information. Eizgroth can also sense magic related to the Earth, Rocks, or Metal.

Endurance: Excellent. The Eizgroth were meant to be marathon runners, not sprinters, though they can achieve decent speeds with proper motivation.

Charisma: As low as can be. They have no feelings for anyone who is not either A) their species and of the opposite gender and available, or related to them in some way, or B) their Oath-Holder. Some are vicious, some are merely indifferent, but none are pleasnt to be around for those who don't fall under those categories. And while they appear powerful, they can not by any stretch of the imagination be considered cool or cute.

Intelligence/Mental prowess, comprehensive ability: They aren't total idiots- they will spot obvious traps- but they are a bit dimwitted.

Agility/Physical speed and dexterity: Fairly good, they are fast, and CAN handle semi-delicate/small objects... If they have the patience. They often don't. And they like breaking things, so trusting them with delicate machinery and such is unwise.

Luck/Karma, fate: They don't lack luck entirely, but they don't have much of it. Then again, that may be true Karma, depending on how many of them act!


The first, and most striking thing, about the Eizgroth are their limbs. The Eizgroth has four leg-like limbs, as well as two arms that can also be used as legs when needed. The odd thing about their four legs is that they are not on the same side of their bodies.

Imagine a creature as furry as a werewolf standing upright, with their front paws now arms. Now, place four legs on them... Two sprouting from right below their stomach, and two from the same place on the opposite side of their body. This is how the legs of the Eizgroth are, and they can use both pairs just as easily, and in either direction. Because of this, Eizgroth are notoriously hard to throw or knock over. The only way to even tell which legs are truly the front and the back pair is to convince an Eizgroth to go onto all fours. They will always do so on the same side, using one set of 'legs' as well as their arms to stand on... And the other set will retract into their body. All their fur makes it hard to see where they even were before they moved back inside, in fact!

Aside from this particular bit of eeriness, however, the Eizgroth are still fairly unattractive. Were they wolflife, the comparison to a werewolf would be rather accurate. The Eizgroth are untamed and not always pleasant smelling, with very thick, coarse fur all over their bodies, curly fur. The front and back of their body are indistinguishable beneath this, which appears to be a survival tactic. Their long arms can even be reached around and held at an angle to their body so it appears they're on the other side of their body. If an Eizgroth wants to hide which side is their front, they can.

What, one might ask, about their head/face? Well, the thing is, the Eizgroth have a face on both sides! Their face has much shorter hair, with bare patches to allow their features to peek through. A nose, a mouth, and two eyes on each side, to be precise. Spotting their eyes while closed is also a task, however. The Eizgroth have eyelids the same color as the spots that cover their faces, and it is rumored, their bodies beneath all that fur. Also, their eyelids lack eyelashes, but have the same fur coating above them as much of the rest of their faces. Thus, unless they move their eyes a bit, it isn't always easy to know where those eyes are. This makes poking out the 'back' pair, should you sneak up on an Eizgroth, difficult. After all, their faces are NOT usually symmetrical, like those of humans. Their eyes could be anywhere, though they tend to be on the top half of the face, and lined up with each other, if not with anything else. The Eizgroth are really not very nice to look at. All that fur might be a mercy.

The Eizgroth have two ears, one on each side of their head. These 'ears' look almost like 2 ears fused together, and again, do not give away which side is the Eizgroth's back, or front. They can also can sense vibrations very well. Though their ears don't retract, they can be folded in either direction against their heads, hidden under a protective coating of fur, though that would diminsh their hearing.

All in all, the Eizgroth are a rather unpleasant looking species.

As far as body shape goes, they resemble a cross between a human and a rather pudgy bear. Their claws are wolf-like but retractable, and their long arms remniscent of a cross between humans arms and those of an octopus. Their legs are sturdy, resemblig those of an Ursaring, but longer.

Some Eizgroth have horn-like protrusions on random parts of their body. Scholars claim these are a 'genetic throwback', but with the Eizgroth, no one can tell what features are mutations, vs. what their species would consider normal.


The Eizgroth prefer to use physical strength and their sharp claws and teeth while fighting. They are good at adapting to difficult combat situations- they can fight on two legs and two arms, on two legs while kicking with the other two, OR on four legs. Also, the Eizgroth have some basic form of magic involving the ground and rocks, and will occaisonally call on this if need be. They are not, however, the most intelligent creatures in the world, so pelting the foe with rocks & dirt, or blocking an attack with the same, are about the extent of what they think of doing. Even tossing sand in the eyes of their foes is generally a tactic that escapes them; their strategies involve their own bodies, not magic.


The original habitat of the Eizgroth is unknown. However, something considered more important about them has been discovered- foolish and anti social as they may seem, they can be bonded to one person, and will serve them faithfully.

Obtaining an Eizgroth is only an easy matter in the terms of finding one. After all, they make few attempts to hide themselves! Becoming the Oath-holder of one, however, is far more difficult. The rituals & tests you must pass through are difficult and dangerous, sometimes even fatal. Even if you succeed in the terms set, and Eizgroth who is unsatisfied with you for some reason may still kill you. Many Eizgroth-partnered are missing a finger, where their Eizgroth showed displeasure in being tamed, too. Also, the Eizgroth will only bond to a few races. Not all of these are known yet. However, it is known that they bond with the following: Minotaurs, Guardian Angels (Should the angel be willing to try to take on one of those somewhat evil creatures), Fallen, Elves, Wolfmen, Dwarves.

And not with these: Harpies (Distrustful of air-related creatures), Split-souls (Can not be bound to them, this is considered to have something to do with their bind to their Hin), Catavara (Distrustful of creatures with strong water ties), Mermen (See Catavara), Konkenomoi, Wreithtyrs.

The Ritual of the Eizgroth

Varies. All Eizgroth have different things they look for in a human. However, some sort of fight is always included, as is some sort of compatability test.

Being an Oathholder

Congratulations! You've obtained an Eizgroth, and it hasn't eaten you (yet. It IS still possible.)

Well, what should you know about it, you might ask? First of all, the Eizgroth are omnivores, but with a strong preference towards meat. They need a lot of protein to regenerate their great muscles, and keep their fur thick. Eizgroth prefer vegetables to sweet tasting things like fruit, and disdain sour foods.

If your Eizgroth is truly tamed, you should know. While you will not be able to even feel it, they have attached their mind to yours, and can now sense what you want them to do, as well as glimpses of other thoughts. Don't worry, they have poor manners, but they will not read thoughts that you want to have as private- they will show YOU consideration, but will not give the same to others.

An Eizgroth who is beholden to you will accompany you wherever you go unless given clear orders not to. While with you, they will remain on all fours, a considerable sign of submission in their society. Should there be a fight, you may have to give them permission, the first time, to get back up onto their legs while fighting. In the future, they will remember this command.

Your Eizgroth can never share such a mental connection again if you die, and thus will fight to protect you (And, of course, because you've won their respect). You may, however, give them someone to protect. The Eizgroth will not harm them, but they will still dislike them. Also, if you do this too often, the Eizgroth may grow to distrust you.

Should a bond become untrusting on both sides, you may release the Eizgroth from his or her bond to you. At this point, they may leave on their own, or attempt to bond to someone else. You may try to suggest someone, but if you have disowned them, even if they didn't want to be bound to you anymore, they may ignore your advice.

Eizgroths are at home with the earth and the metals and minerals in it. If you have magic relating to one of these things, your Eizgroth may be able to give power to your magic, strengthening it. In addition, the bond may be even closer. You may be able to communicate mentally with your Eizgroth. Please note that Eizgroth speak VERY limited English, if they deign to speak it at all, even though they understand it decently. They can, however, show images quite easily, making mental communication easier.

+’s and –‘s –

Eizgroths can swim but despise it, and while they won't drown, they are not fast swimmers. They do a form of doggy paddle. Also, they are extremely uncomfortable with airborne vehicles/creatures.

The Eizgroth are totally uncharismatic and make no attempt at manners with anyone but their Oathholder, which renders them void of allies much of the time. Also, they do not work well together, so they don't even have their own race united against attackers.

Their strength & such, however, are excellent.

Likely to be more a 'supportive' NPC race than anything else, I think. ;)

Neo Emolga
07-27-2007, 05:24 AM
1 AM – Check.
Caffeine – Check.
Insane Mental Psychosis – Check.

Let’s do it!


Awesome job man. You gotta love these guys. Great job putting in all that stuff, you did great.



These guys would rock as casino bouncers. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/laugh.gif

Great job on the race, but feel free to submit as many as you like!



You know the drill, just let me know when its ready and done. :P



These guys remind me of the Zerg from Starcraft. Interesting creatures, NICE drawings too, by the way. I can tell you worked hard making these guys up.



And I thought the Lisketes were weird. Wow… http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/sweat.gif

I see you’re still working on it, but really good so far. Just let me know when its finished.


07-27-2007, 03:55 PM
Yeah, yeah, I lied, I said last one before. x3 I sort of kind of might really mean it this time, though. xD

Neo Emolga
07-27-2007, 03:57 PM
Yeah, yeah, I lied, I said last one before. x3 I sort of kind of might really mean it this time, though. xD

Even if you don't, I'm not going to chase after you. :P

Just keep submitting, there's still plenty of time.

07-27-2007, 09:46 PM

Name – Intallas(Intallas)


Description – An average Intalla in it's natural state looks like a human with very small muscles. Although their physical muscles are very small, their mental muscles are second to none. Their head is extremely larger than a humans, and holds a brain the size no humans head could hold.

Combat – The Intallas do not beleive, or overall specialize in physical fighting. They use their superior mental power, with it's sixth sense. They do not use any pokemon besides the Ghost, and Phychic type Pokemon. They will not use their Physical attacks, focusing on their Special, and Status attacks.

Habitat/Society – The Intallas live in isolated underground communities, or Sanctuaries The Sanctuaries each have a training ground that trains the young and youthful Intallas to use their sixth sense to the max. Each and every Sanctuary has an iron door that only the Cheif of the Sanctuary has. This door is protected by not only iron doors, but phychic energy that only Intallas can remove.


The Intallas have telekenesis, meaning that they can move things by simply focusing on them with their minds, and they can read the minds of anyone that doesn't have a Phychic Forcefeild. They also can change their appearance at will, though changing to a different appearance takes up severe amounts of energy, but turning back into your original form will restore all taken energy. They can use their senses very well, but not perfectly. They can heal wounds, but restoring internal organs takes up energy, leaving enough to put up a forcefeild that will protect against three to five hits. They can put up force feild that can protect against a number of hits, or certain degree of power. They have unprediactable second sight, but injuries taken while using second sight cannot be healed by healing, and must heal normally, but even though, it greatly increases luck. The Intallas also have Teleportion.


The Intallas, have many weaknesses, which comes with being skilled in Phychic powers. Their powers can be blocked by the blunt minds. And their Phychic powers can be blocked by people with a Phychic Forcefeild, which is very different from the original Forcefeild produced by Intallas, but is possible from Intallas.Their mind reading can be blocked by discarding all emotions, which is hard, but possible by the Miridian, and the Zaradian side. Changing appearance is a disguise, and cannot be used while fighting, because it takes up too much energy. Restoring heals and wounds takes up alot of energy, depending on the severity of the wound. Forcefeild are not indestructable, and the more powerful, the more energy draining. Their Second Sight is anthing but sure, and if you are injured, you cannot heal by your healing powers, you must heal naturally. The Intallas do not beleive in Physical fighting, and left their muscles alone, and honed their Phychic powers, while totally abandoning their Physical powers. If their Energy runs out, they must rely on others to keep them safe. The Intallas' Teleportaion cannot go great distances, it's max is approximately five miles.

07-28-2007, 02:20 AM
Watch out for theeeeee:


Horseman, manhorse, whatever.

They are not only SPECIAL, they are broken, too.

Strength: 7
Perception: 6
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 3
Luck: 4

The Centaur is a strong breed, and one with longbow or lance in hand is not something you would want to face. With extremely strong arms capable of snapping a human neck in seconds, and legs capable of sending even a wolfman flying without very much effort, the centaurs seemingly combine the strength of both human and horse easily.
Perceptiveness is a trait that is not very easily apparent in a centaur, as while their eyes are as sharp as an eagle's, and their hearing more than sufficient to survive in a forest environment, they are almost completely devoid of a sense of smell, and touch is limited to any form of proper sensitivity for their humanoid parts.
Centaurs are almost impossible to kill, and once they start running, they can easily keep at it for a full day. Nobody quite knows why, but the record for a centaur is exactly a hundred and seventeen arrows stuck in various parts of his body. Here's the secret, all centaurs have two sets of lungs, two hearts, and cannot die until both stop functioning. The catch is this, they are incredibly weak to blunt weapons, and a sharp blow to their legs will send them to the floor easily.
While centaurs are a polite and well-mannered lot as a whole, they have a major weakness in that they tend to appear too mysterious for their own good. Perhaps this is due to their natural penchant for divination and astronomy, but whatever it is, it tends not to appeal too much to people.
Centaurs are intelligent, not incredibly so, but they can process information much more easily than say, dwarves, and are practically geniuses compared to minotaurs. They are also naturally adept at magic, if they so choose to pick up this route, but many choose to be hunters as well, so that might not always apply.
For all their gifts, the centaur's major weakness is his agility. They have difficulty jumping straight up, cannot climb a tree, have a practically non-existent dexterity, and even have difficulty turning around. (Although their humanoid waist allows them to turn a hundred and eighty-degrees around. Quite creepy really.) They are fast, as far as running is concerned, and very much so, but expect them to do twists, flips, and turns, and you will find yourself sorely disappointed.
The karmic balance does not particularly favour centaurs, who often find themselves in situations where their expertise is needed, no matter how much they try to stay away from it. Of course, it is not so much that centaurs trip and fall on a regular basis, but they do meet unfortunate incidents a bit more than the average human being.

Description: Half horse, half man, centaurs are larger than both and tend to, without a doubt, have far tougher muscles than either. They tend to have long, wild, hair reminiscent of a horse's mane, along with generally more horselike features such as a slightly elongated nose, and larger molars than humans. For the most part, centaurs go unclothed, including females, but in colder climates or when in the presence of many other races, they do not have trouble wearing tops.
Centaur (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/Centaurs.jpg)

Combat: A centaur's style varies, with some being magicians, some being fighters, and some choosing to be archers. Whatever they are, they tend to excel in it, and more often than not, another field of combat as well. As magi, they generally make use of superior speed to get around enemies and cast precise and powerful magic, unless they are supported by many allies, whereupon they tend to simply let loose. Fighters are generally users of spears, lances, and one or two might use halberds. Long weapons are preferred, as they allow the centaur to hit in a wide arc, including below and behind them, though it is not recommended to get behind a centaur. A kick from them is as painful as a blow from a dwarf's warhammer, if a bit less permanent. Also, long weapons allow them to charge in from a distance away, maximising their natural gifts, although many are also adept in swords to enhance versatility after the initial charge. Archers are more simple, they stand there, and they let loose with frightening accuracy and strength.

Habitat and Society: Centaurs tend to live in small herds in forests and on plains, some choosing to be nomads, and others settling down and building burrows in the ground, often with some help from other friendlier races. They are led by whoever they feel to be best for the job as a collective, and simply live their lives as it is, sometimes leaving by themselves to explore and to sate their natural curiosity. Above and over these herds, is a sort of de facto king of centaurs, who communicates with other centaurs using a group of magi, and a lot of telepathy. He supplies them with important information, and occasionally orders for them to follow, but other than that, he tends to leave the individual herds to their own devices, except when he is REALLY bored and needs someone to talk to.

+'s and -'s: Centaurs are fast, running at the speed of a prized racehorse with ease. At the same time, they are also incredibly difficult to kill, and it always requires at least two strikes to take them down, unless one happens to be both tall, smart, and strong enough to land a heavy blow on their skulls; or legs, which topples them almost instantly, but does not kill them, although trying does tend to leave the attacker open to a good tough kick to the chin. Their running is also exceptionally silent on dirt and grass, with almost nothing audible to suggest that a centaur is there.
On the other hand, due to having four legs and a non-centralised upper body, centaurs have almost no ability to climb, and swimming tends to be a slow, if safe process for them. They are also exceptionally loud on concrete, and are easily recognisable by anyone with half a brain.

Neo Emolga
07-28-2007, 03:07 PM

Looks okay, the psychic powers check out with them requiring a lot of energy. So in my mind, that's even and works well.



Okay, this I have a little quirk with. Agility of 2, but one of their attributes is speed. This is... eh, kind of contradictory. To me, it almost sounds like the Endurance should be around there, and instead have the Agility of 7, which would make sense with the speed.

Up to you, but it could be fixed a little...


07-28-2007, 03:17 PM
Erm... Neo, they are not AGILE per se, they just have strong legs. In fact, any other part of them tends to move a little bit slowly. The two points come from their speed, and the lack of the other eight comes from their lack of ability to do anything else. Heck, trip them over properly and they'll take fifteen minutes trying to stand up.

Number FOUR! I'm going to use the Warcraft image coupled with the Forgotten Realms description, so read on!

This is for all you sad godmodders out there. The undying race.

So SPECIAL, they break limits too.

Strength: 7
Perception: 6
Endurance: 10
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 4
Agility: 7
Luck: 4

Trolls are pretty strong, although not so much as say, Minotaurs, Giants, and the like, and are in fact closer to the strength of dwarves and centaurs, although their generally longer limbs make their strikes seem much harder than they should be, but they, as a rule, will lose to the above mentioned races in an arm wrestling competition.
Trolls are pretty much like humans with respect to their sensory capabilities, with their small beady eyes and unobservant nature. They have little need for great senses honestly, as enemies tend to seek them out rather than be the other way round, and backstabbing a Troll is generally not going to be much use.
What is truly frightening about trolls is that they do not, freaking, ever, die. Nothing kills them, at all, at least, nothing short of chopping off their head, and doing an odd dance around the fallen head to stop its ghost from biting you in the rear. Yes, I was kidding about that last part, but they are so tough that in fact, limbs can be reattached with enough effort. As far as humans can tell, their nervous systems are endlessly regenerating, and any non-fatal injury can be healed up within a day.
Trolls are, as expected, not a very welcome lot anywhere. Most people are scared of them, and those that are not tend to be either very brave, or very stupid. Besides, the smell like blood and bile most of the time anyway, which is pretty much an automatic turn off for anyone.
These trolls are also unexpectedly intelligent, and in fact have a penchant for shamanistic magic if they choose to pursue it. So if some poor uninformed sod tries to take on a troll through wits alone, they tend to be taken down through sheer force of will, as a troll will never forget the person who last wounded them, and will never stop chasing revenge.
Trolls are also, naturally, an agile lot, capable of climbing trees with ease and doing up to double backflips from a standing position if they need to. This is mostly due to their disproportionately long limbs, but also due to their tough jungle habitat that more often than not, puts them at odds with other races.
Luck-wise, Trolls are pretty normal, although things like stones tend to stub them a fair bit. Not that they care, at any rate.

Description: Trolls are about seven foot tall, and have skin tones that range from green to blue, depending on their habitat. Green is generally for forest trolls that hunt in the day, and blue is more common in mountain trolls, or any family that usually acts nocturnally. There is no mistaking a troll, as they tend to be big, rough, and smelly, and are normally adorned with all sorts of tattoos that at first glance, appear to be voodoo, and upon second glance, still appear to be voodoo in origin. These supposedly prove their allegiance to their shamanistic gods, the spirits that dwell well, everywhere. They also tend to move in a half-crouch, something like a frog, which brings them down to about level which smaller sized humans, although they still are far more intimidating.
As a rule, trolls tend to carry skulls around wherever they go, whether they be strung into a necklace, stuck on top of a staff, or any other way, depends on the troll himself.

Troll! (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/wow-troll.jpg)

Combat: Trolls generally prefer throwing weapons, and fight as though they were hunting deer, or something similar. This allows them to chase down running enemies without too much effort, and if anything goes wrong, picking up the tossed spears of aces is simple for them, and then they proceed to maul any person who gets to close with wide strokes of whatever weapon they are using. For the most part, trolls are unskilled, if deadly accurate with throwing weapons, and simply rely on being tougher than their enemy to survive.
The exception is of course, the troll priest, who casts spells as any other mage would, except that their spells tend to be a fair bit more exotic than most, and appear not to follow the traditional elements, but rather, invoke spirits to do their bidding. More often than not, said spirits tend to be huge snakes that may choose to spit poison at enemies, or perhaps just to bite and maim.

Habitat and Society: Trolls live detached from normal society, and band in small tribes where they go about their lives surprisingly normally, and do not participate in whatever grotesque thing that most people claim they do. In fact, the most grotesque thing that they do participate in is the reattachment of limbs, which tends to be a rather vomit inducing affair for the faint of heart. Anyway, these tribes are lead by their High Priest, or a Witch Doctor, the two being synonymous to each other as far as the trolls are concerned. This High Priest relays messages from the spirits of the earth to them, and they live by these words like law, doing whatever these spirits wish. When not under the behest of the spirits though, they tend to work primarily as hunters, feeding mostly on deer and various other forest animals, though any humanoid that passes too close is fair game as well. Which explains where the skulls come from, although despite all claims, this is not an act of barbarism, they are simply keeping the spirits of the dead with them, as their own guardians, though few but the witch doctors are truly capable of using them.

It has been said that if a thousand trolls joined up and made an army, there would be no force in any world that would be capable of taking them down. Though as of yet, they have vehemently refused to participate in the upcoming war, except for the few stray ones and smaller tribes that go either out of curiosity, or bloodlust.

+'s and -'s: First off, trolls just refuse to die. They are, by nature, fierce and spirited, and it is impossible to tear them away from the fight unless something very, very, big happens.

But erm... They smell? And they tend to be ostracised by any other race, mostly due to fear of their supposed immortality. As such, more often than not, unless accompanied by other trolls, a troll is generally alone to fend off whatever comes his way, and are generally disliked even by Pokemon on principle.

07-28-2007, 03:42 PM

Looks okay, the psychic powers check out with them requiring a lot of energy. So in my mind, that's even and works well.



Okay, this I have a little quirk with. Agility of 2, but one of their attributes is speed. This is... eh, kind of contradictory. To me, it almost sounds like the Endurance should be around there, and instead have the Agility of 7, which would make sense with the speed.

Up to you, but it could be fixed a little...


Oh, dong, I forgot a little tidbit to the -s. I'll add that now.

07-28-2007, 03:51 PM
Name – Viera
SPECIAL Allocation –
Strength - 4
Perception - 9
Endurance - 2
Charisma - 6
Intelligence - 8
Agility - 10
Luck - 1

Description – They are humanoids with bunny ears and a tail (usually puff balls, but sometimes none at all). There really isn't anything else to say about them, as they are pretty much humanoid. There are no known male Viera at the moment, and how they reproduce is beyond the capabilities to human comprehension. Most Viera are brown accompanied by silver hair, though there are some that are of different colours.

Combat – Their general method of combat is simply to moves around quickly and dodging everything before making small strikes that should eventually add up, due to their lack of strength. The strikes generally come from their small weapons they could handle quickly. Considering that they really can't take a hit, this is how they work. They are also very skilled at ranged combat, due to their quickness. While they lack strength, their magical capabilities are strong and know many elemental spells, but only those that are infinitely trained in their magic arts will be capable of devestating spells, with long incantation times.

Habitat/Society – They have a complicated system of dividing territory, but live in the forest for the most part. They are group thinkers and hate the outsiders, preferring to shun them rather than accept them. Overall, their rigid structure of society simply comes from their connection with the woods, and their ability to hear from the woods.

Pluses - The Viera are fast, have point-blank accuracy, and can devise plans on the go. They are known to have quite a bit of charisma and can rally their troops if needed be. They are, of course, very silent, and is better than Solid Snake half the time at stealth missions. They have the additional advantage of being able to communicate with the wood in forests.

Minuses - They tend to fall apart after few hits, and can't dish out the damage without the aid of a weapon. This means that in combat, reinforcements generally would arrive before they can finish their assault at most given time, unless a strong magic user gets a spell off. Their weaknesses, however, is this reliance on powerful magic, which are even more fragile to break. Their reliance on their perception and other factors have caused them to forsaken luck, and luck to forsaken them.

Images of the Race

07-28-2007, 04:10 PM
-le gasp!-

Nekomimi! What's with the 1 in strength though?

07-28-2007, 04:25 PM
Uhhh....fragile nekomimi girls = incredibly weak? You tell me how a loli nekomimi can have more than 1 strength, and I might reconsider. XD

07-28-2007, 04:35 PM
You see, they are so incredibly cute that anyone is taken off guard when they attack, creating a three times strength multiplier on the first strike.



And something that cute can't have one luck... -pets poor nekos-

Neo Emolga
07-28-2007, 05:07 PM
@ Cipher Lord

You need to redo the SPECIAL. You don’t have anything for agility. Gah, I can’t believe I didn’t notice it at first.

@ Kenny

Sorry, but Nekos are already being made by Bron. He even put “AKA Neko” in this post (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1434985&postcount=20). Also, he’s been talking it over with me, and it has the exact half cat, half human approach to it.


Okay, I think that’s fine now.



Endurance = 12 > No. Sorry, but that’s… insane. :P

Plus, I don’t like the idea of having a race that can’t be killed. Sure, some regeneration is fine, but this is just excessive. Also, being a little stinky or ugly is no big deal with that kind of power.

Endurance = 10 is fine, that’s as high as it should go. They can regenerate to some degree, like have a cut that would normally need stitches in an hour, but what you have is too much, sorry.


07-28-2007, 05:23 PM
Figured that would happen. I'll change it to the less godmoddy version then.

Though honestly, that's what Trolls are like in the Forgotten Realms. At least, in Dark Alliance, you NEED a Fire or Acid enchanted weapon or a Fire/Acid spell in order to kill them. At least they give you a +1 Dagger of Fire at the start of the map, but honestly, it's ridiculous. If my Monk wasn't already freakin' broken, I would have sued.

EDIT: Anyway, changed their Endurance back to 10, and that's that. The description has been modified from fact to mostly hyperbole now, but I kept their ability to reattach fallen limbs. Hey, if a human can put his finger back with surgery...

07-28-2007, 05:33 PM
Neo: Gah. Changing it to Viera then. >.>
Bunnies aren't done yet, right? XD

Yeah, Didn't notice Bron's thing, that's for sure. :(

07-28-2007, 05:39 PM
Oooh.. Has anyone done rat-humans yet? ^^: Hehe, I'm imagining a race of people like Yuki from fruit's basket... -giggle- That'd be an interesting one.

07-28-2007, 05:41 PM
Oooh.. Has anyone done rat-humans yet? ^^: Hehe, I'm imagining a race of people like Yuki from fruit's basket... -giggle- That'd be an interesting one.
I was considering it, but I figured if I did rat people, I would have to get started on snake people and dragonkin as well.

Alright, I was going to do dragonkin as soon as I figured out a race that would have a Strength stat that was less than 7, but whatever.

07-28-2007, 05:55 PM
Angeko / Angekos

Strength: 1
Perception: 7
Endurance: 4
Charisma: 10
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 7
Luck: 5

Strength (Physical strength and brawn): Entirely weak. Angeko are, well, rather helpless.

Perception (Ability to use senses well, such as sight, sound, touch, and so on): Very good. They see well in both light and dark, have good hearing, and so on.

Endurance (Stamina, vigor, energy, that kind of thing. The ability to keep going on): Slightly on the low side. Angeko tire rather easily.

Charisma (Physical appearance, magnetism, allure, and the like): Angeko are adorable. They're cute, innocent, and trusting. In general, they are reasonably physically attractive, albeit somewhat childish looking.

Intelligence (Mental prowess, comprehensive ability): A bit above average. However, while Angeko are good with learning things, they have just about no common sense, or street smarts. They are very trusting.

Agility (Physical speed and dexterity): Both speedy and dextrous, the Angeko can deal with even delicate mechanical items without breaking them.

Luck (Karma, fate, whatever.): About average.

Description – Angeko vaguely resemble angels. Rumor has it that they resulted from human and angel parents, though this has yet to be confirmed.

Most Angeko are short. Otherwise, size varies- some are thin, with a lost, waif-like look, others retain chubby baby fat.

In general, the Angeko have light colored eyes- blue or green. Their hair is blond, dirty blond, or light brown. Angeko tend to be very pale, though they can tan without burning if they spend a lot of time in the sun.

Overall, Angeko look like very short, cutesty humans. Some have tiny wings, too small to support their weight, sprouting from their backs. This appears to be a sort of genetic throwback.

Angeko come in only the following alignments: Lawful Good, Neutral Good (Very common), Chaotic good (Rare), Lawful Neutral (Rare), True Neutral (Common), and occaisonally Lawful Evil or Neutral Evil. Angeko with the latter two alignments are generally referred to as Darkened or Fallen Angeko, and tend to be rather bitter and resentful.

Combat: Not all Angeko fight. Those that do, tend to stick to their magic. Often, their combat roles are supportive, or negotiative. They can cast spells to strengthen, heal, or protect their comrades, or can try to negotiate with the enemy. Fallen Angeko, resentful of their lack of powers and ability to defend themselves, turn away from working with and depending on a group of others, and try to hone battle magics, with varying degrees of success.

Angeko have a fondness for Pokemon of all sorts, save Dark Types and Steel Types. They will, however, try to be kind to Dark types, in an attempt to 'show them the light'.

Habitat/Society: Angeko live in the communities of others, not by themselves, as their poor strength makes it hard for them to even construct homes and the like. They adapt to whatever sort of area they are living in currently.

07-28-2007, 07:11 PM
Lol at Kenny trying to steal my idea. The wonders of reading would do you good.

Hot Viera btw. All you did is reuse your description and SPECIAL from your attempt to steal my race. The Viera race is NOT that weak dude, seriously. If you know anything about them, then you know they're not as weak as you make them out to be. If you wanted to make a "Hi, I'm cute, but I CAN'T KILL FOR THE LIFE OF ME." race, you've succeeded. The race is a joke, and cannot be RPed, due to it's stats.

Or at least, that's my interpretation of 1 in Str, 1 in Endurance, and 1 in Luk. I so much as breathe on her, and she's dead or seriously hurt (Endurance factor), and she can't do anything about it (Str factor) because she would sooner trip over her own legs than hit me even once (Luk factor).

And FFK, didn't you already make an angels race? :eek:

EDIT: Kudos to Neo for that thing in quotes about cute but can't kill anything.

07-28-2007, 07:20 PM
Lol at Kenny trying to steal my idea. The wonders of reading would do you good.

Hot Viera btw. All you did is reuse your description and SPECIAL from your attempt to steal my race. The Viera race is NOT that weak dude, seriously. If you know anything about them, then you know they're not as weak as you make them out to be. If you wanted to make a "Hi, I'm cute, but I CAN'T KILL FOR THE LIFE OF ME." race, you've succeeded. The race is a joke, and cannot be RPed, due to it's stats.

Or at least, that's my interpretation of 1 in Str, 1 in Endurance, and 1 in Luk. I so much as breathe on her, and she's dead or seriously hurt (Endurance factor), and she can't do anything about it (Str factor) because she would sooner trip over her own legs than hit me even once (Luk factor).

And FFK, didn't you already make an angels race? :eek:
Well, in FFT:A, an assassin can murder a whole team by herself.

I doubt anyone feels like RPing a Viera though, so... Meh.

07-28-2007, 07:28 PM
Well, in FFT:A, an assassin can murder a whole team by herself.

I doubt anyone feels like RPing a Viera though, so... Meh.Exactly, my point lol. Ken totally nerfed the race. Might as well call it "Bunnygirls" cause seriously, these are not the Viera from FF.

07-28-2007, 08:10 PM
Lol at Kenny trying to steal my idea. The wonders of reading would do you good.

Hot Viera btw. All you did is reuse your description and SPECIAL from your attempt to steal my race. The Viera race is NOT that weak dude, seriously. If you know anything about them, then you know they're not as weak as you make them out to be. If you wanted to make a "Hi, I'm cute, but I CAN'T KILL FOR THE LIFE OF ME." race, you've succeeded. The race is a joke, and cannot be RPed, due to it's stats.

Or at least, that's my interpretation of 1 in Str, 1 in Endurance, and 1 in Luk. I so much as breathe on her, and she's dead or seriously hurt (Endurance factor), and she can't do anything about it (Str factor) because she would sooner trip over her own legs than hit me even once (Luk factor).

And FFK, didn't you already make an angels race? :eek:

EDIT: Kudos to Neo for that thing in quotes about cute but can't kill anything.

Yes, I did. =p GUARDIAN angels. Totally different focus. ;P Guardian angels are 'Good', sometimes even Lawful good, with a different focus on special 'n stuff. Angeko are human-angel combinations almost, with a different outlook on life, and different abilities. ;P Remember, every race must be written here to be used... You can't just decide on a sort of angel, you know... If you want to play a Guardian angel, a 'normal' angel, and a part-angel, you gotta describe each one. x3 Which I did.

Kind of like each kind of animal person must be described.

-pokes people-
Someone make a cute, angsty little rat-person race. x3

07-28-2007, 08:19 PM
Lol at Kenny trying to steal my idea. The wonders of reading would do you good.

Hot Viera btw. All you did is reuse your description and SPECIAL from your attempt to steal my race. The Viera race is NOT that weak dude, seriously. If you know anything about them, then you know they're not as weak as you make them out to be. If you wanted to make a "Hi, I'm cute, but I CAN'T KILL FOR THE LIFE OF ME." race, you've succeeded. The race is a joke, and cannot be RPed, due to it's stats.

Or at least, that's my interpretation of 1 in Str, 1 in Endurance, and 1 in Luk. I so much as breathe on her, and she's dead or seriously hurt (Endurance factor), and she can't do anything about it (Str factor) because she would sooner trip over her own legs than hit me even once (Luk factor).

And FFK, didn't you already make an angels race? :eek:

EDIT: Kudos to Neo for that thing in quotes about cute but can't kill anything.
Actually, it depends on the viera. Just because I based it on the summoner build, so you'd say I nerf it? Sure, if you want, would you like 3 on strength instead? Does that suit you better? Ah whatever, I'll do it for you guys. >.> BUT, I will not change 1 on luck. They are not the type to EVER rely or use it. No crits, nothing.

Neo Emolga
07-28-2007, 09:12 PM
Now now children, play nice.


Better, not 100% perfect, but good. I’d say they could heal from gunshots, but getting hit with a rocket and getting blown up into a shower of body parts would be enough to finish them off.

And I’m guessing like World of Warcraft, they still have the Jamaican accent?



Never really liked FFTA, but the races were good. And the Viera were no exception, but I’d say you pretty much captured them perfectly.

Good to go.



These are pretty funny. I’m pretty sure the SPECIAL speaks for itself when it comes to +’s and –‘s, but let me know if you’re planning on adding those two.

Another interesting race. :P


07-28-2007, 09:48 PM
Now now children, play nice.

I didn't start it this time! =p Miracle of miracles...

Uh, questionnnn... Can we make creatures with odd magics?
Like, the Magic abilities list Arcane, nature, etc magics... Can we make something uber skilled in, say, Nature, but who can't use Arcane? xD

Neo Emolga
07-28-2007, 10:09 PM
I didn't start it this time! =p Miracle of miracles...

Uh, questionnnn... Can we make creatures with odd magics?
Like, the Magic abilities list Arcane, nature, etc magics... Can we make something uber skilled in, say, Nature, but who can't use Arcane? xD

Yeah, I'm okay with that. Fire away. :D

07-28-2007, 10:10 PM
Actually, it depends on the viera. Just because I based it on the summoner build, so you'd say I nerf it? Sure, if you want, would you like 3 on strength instead? Does that suit you better? Ah whatever, I'll do it for you guys. >.> BUT, I will not change 1 on luck. They are not the type to EVER rely or use it. No crits, nothing.Lol, they're stll unplayable then. With a 1 in Luk, you have as much grace as a person with 12 legs. Expect to fall every step. Luck is not only for crits.

I'm trying to help by the way. Don't look at this as picking on you cause you tried to steal my race.

07-28-2007, 10:30 PM
Lol, they're stll unplayable then. With a 1 in Luk, you have as much grace as a person with 12 legs. Expect to fall every step. Luck is not only for crits.

Wouldn't that be 'dexterity'?
Grace seems a lot like dexterity to me, which falls under agility, not luck.

07-28-2007, 10:36 PM
I think it's part that, part Luck. Think of it as clumsiness. A 1 in Luck makes you accident prone, and not the good kind.

07-28-2007, 10:37 PM
Wouldn't that be 'dexterity'?
Grace seems a lot like dexterity to me, which falls under agility, not luck.
The problem is not how they walk. It's how often stones mysteriously appear under their feet with every step. Though if Kenny says so, it'll just give me chance to randomly g-mod all over Vieras.

And silly Neo, a rocket launcher blows EVERYTHING up. Nothing much to regenerate if there's nothing left, eh?

07-28-2007, 10:43 PM
I'm trying to help over here, seriously. The SPECIAL is not true to the race in the game.

Another thing I noticed, Charisma is not high enough now. With a body like that, a Viera would be at least a 7 or 8. As you'll see in my description, Neko are also gonna be primarily female, so a primarily female race needs a high Charisma. Do what I did, take it out of Intelligence, and make the only average. Or take out of Perception. A bit high in that department too.

EDIT: Good, I see Ken deleted the flames.

07-28-2007, 10:43 PM
Bron: A perfect Viera build has a SPECIAL of over 40, and you know it. You can't possibly fit everything in there. Luck, as far as I say, is how often things go the Viera's way, such as how often the reinforcements arrive on time, etc., not how often a random piece of rock shows up and trips them. If that is the case, then a luck of 1 is perfect (see FF12 if you don't believe me). Since I make the calls on the interpretation of luck when building it on my terms, a luck 1 is what works. Also, what do you propose to drop even if you want charisma to go up? Drop int? Can't do that, since Viera are a magic-based species, no matter how much you think that the assassins are what made the Viera (which is completely untrue, as the summoners and archers are what the Viera are more closely related to).

Name – Syikure (pronounced "seeker")

Description – Syikures are an entire species of drakes that live up in the mountains. The difference between Syikures and drakes are simply the fact that Syikures are capable of speech, and humans can tell them apart only from that distinction.

Habitat/Society – Syikures live in the mountains for the most part, but their society is very much a divided one. All Syikures have an alignment to an element, and depending on this alignment, belong to different parts of their society.

Light - Sunsyikures
The Sunsyikures are a tribe of Syikures that live in peace and harmony, and are the coordinators of the tribes amongst themselves. These Syikures form the majority of the government board, and are held at the highest prestige. These Syikures study politics and healing arts for the most part, and are selected at very young ages for those that have the potential to be a Sunsyikure. These Syikures are also most likely to accept humans and other races into their lands.

SPECIAL Allocation –
Strength - 2
Perception - 4
Endurance - 4
Charisma - 9
Intelligence - 10
Agility - 6
Luck - 5

Dark - Qwell
The Qwell are dark-aligned Syikures that are used in recon and in search and destroy missions. Their groups are those that want to learn deadly arts and fighting for the right prices. Most Qwell, however, are loyal only to their own kind, and thus are difficult to hire even at higher prices. Qwell operate under some parts of the Sunsyikures.

SPECIAL Allocation –
Strength - 6
Perception - 9
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 3
Intelligence - 4
Agility - 9
Luck - 4

Wind - Fiell
The Fiell are research-oriented Syikures that want to learn first and foremost. Due to their nature, they are very powerful at magic relative to the other Syikures, and are selected to be into the Fiell simply from test scores and performance tests. They are the most driven of the Syikures from their simple pursuits in life, but they tend to hate outsiders most.

SPECIAL Allocation –
Strength - 2
Perception - 8
Endurance - 4
Charisma - 2
Intelligence - 10
Agility - 5
Luck - 9

Fire - Guridas
The Guridas are the only non-drakes in the tribe. By non-drakes, it is meant that they are actually halflings. The Guridas live outside of Syikure territory and are half-breeds of Syikure and dragon. Because of their specialty, they were banished from the tribe. However, the Sunsyikures support the Guridas even though they are not fully their kin, and thus the Guridas tend to be relatively loyal. But it is simply relative. Most Guridas do not care for the Syikures at all.

SPECIAL Allocation –
Strength - 8
Perception - 5
Endurance - 9
Charisma - 3
Intelligence - 4
Agility - 6
Luck - 5

Water - Sunder
The Sunder are water drakes that govern the oasis within the mountains. They are the most "average" of the Syikures and are also the most common. They tend to live in groups, but are strong enough to live on their own should the need be. The Sunder are also the type of drakes that most people encounter during their travels, and thus earned the names such as "weaker than a dragon". Even so, they are loyal enough, and can do quite a bit by themselves. Their selection is from those with the lower test scores.

SPECIAL Allocation –
Strength - 6
Perception - 5
Endurance - 6
Charisma - 5
Intelligence - 6
Agility - 7
Luck - 5

Combat –
Sunsyikure: They don't fight at all, and would rather stay away from combat. They are trained in the healing arts and support arts should their service needed, but are generally the ones protected rather than the ones fighting. They don't even have talons to fight with, as one of the rituals for the Sunsyikure is to de-talon themselves.

Qwell: The Qwell are strike forces, being the fastest of the drakes. They can pinpoint targets, carry them off, and then finish them with other forms of offense such as wing attacks and what not. The Qwell are thus known as the assassin drakes.

Fiell: They are back-of-the-line mage class Syikures. They have the unique ability to spell-chain. This is an ability that allows the Fiell to use the momentum from the previous spell to help power the next spell, generally speeding up the casting process by nearly 50%. The problem with spell-chaining is simply the fact that each extra chain puts an increase in strain on the drake, and thus cost them more of their strength than needed. Interrupt their spells, and they lose the spell and the strength used for incantation.

Guridas: They have rather strong arms (even if they are attached to the wing) and legs, thus are capable of simply attacking using bare-handed combat. They are the frontline tanks that work. Unfortunately, their numbers are small, and thus cannot even form their own units. They are incapable of breathing fire like dragons, and can really only shoot fire balls.

Sunder: They're everywhere, and use their talons and wings to deal damage, with the occasional ice ball here and there.

Pluses - Diversity is their main strength. Depending on their test scores, they are sent to any of the 4 groups, which allow them to maximize their potential. They are all airborne creatures, and can fight while staying in the air and out of reach.

Minuses - Neither the Qwell nor the Guridas are loyal to the Syikures. So in essence, their frontline is really just a bunch of Sunders that are unlikely to be capable of holding the opponent away in time for the Fiell to cast anything. Worse of all, they are fairly weak at healing, considering only Sunsyikures are taught healing arts, and they're nowhere to be found on the battlefields. They also lack tacticians, and thus might have some problems.

Images of the Race


It's the one in the top right.

Don't mind the firebreathing, it was the only thing I had for a drake. They CANNOT firebreathe, they can only shoot fireballs.


Dr Scott
07-29-2007, 12:37 AM
I deleted them, if you have a problem take it up with me, but don't forget what happened last time you did.

We're done here. If Neo had a problem with it he would tell Kenny, so you drop it now.

__________________________________________________ _

Name – Goblins (Brown, Blue, Red, and Black)

SPECIAL Allocation –


S - 9 (A Brown Goblin's strong point, as they devote themselves to this)
P - 5 (Average)
E - 9 (Stronger, so they can survive frontline battles)
C - 2 (Not so much ...)
I - 3 (Follows orders, other then that it's instincts and
A - 7 (For use on the battlefield)
L -5 (Average)


S - 3 (Never used, so who needs it?)
P - 5 (Average)
E - 5 (Average)
C - 5 (Average - Which makes them the most charismatic of the goblins, and thus usually the leaders)
I - 10 (Very smart, great at magic)
A - 6 (More then average)
L – 6 (More then average)


S - 5 (Average)
P - 8 (For finding the best vantage points, finding enemies far away, etc.)
E - 5 (Average)
C - 3 (Goblin...y)
I - 5 (Average)
A - 9 (Used mostly for long ranged greatness)
L – 5 (Average)


S - 6 (More then average)
P - 7 (Higher for finding weak spots / hiding places / where best to strike)
E - 5 (Average)
C - 2 (They're murderers who stick to the shadows ... not the prettiest)
I -5 (Average)
A - 9 (For getting around with ease, striking fast and in the right spot, and then getting out of the way)
L - 6 (More then average)

Description – Goblins are generally shorter creatures, with longer hands and feet, slightly larger buggy eyes, and longer ears.

Brown: The fighters, these goblins are … brown, with larger muscles then the others. Their bodies are stronger, as are their bones, giving them a great grip on the various weapons they might be clutching, letting them lift objects heavier then themselves.

Blue: The magic users, these goblins are blue in color (obviously). Their bodies are weaker, their hands and fingers longer. Their feet are webbed, as they are the best swimmers out of the rest. Their eyes glow a little with their magical powers as well.

Red: Red (duh), these goblins are a lot more like imps. They have small, curved horns that give them the demonic look. They have powerful feet, giving them a great dexterity, as well as a horned tail.

Black: A slight, lean body for acrobatics and moving quickly in shadows, their black skin easily blending in with the shadows. Their teeth are slightly sharp, giving them an odd vampire look. Their hands are made for holding daggers and clawed instruments to slash with.

Combat –

Brown: Stronger body as well as harder bones, so that even their heads can be used to hurt an opponent. These creatures usually swarm their opponents, all of them attacking at once and cutting them down before they could do anything in response. As they are built and bred for fighting, they have great combat instincts, much like the 300.

Blue: Blue stays far away, using magical powers if they need to fight, and heal other goblins and fighters. If encountered with melee fighters, they flee unless they can’t. Support character.

Red: Reds like to stay back, firing their firebolts with deadly accuracy. They pelt upcoming enemies before they get to Brown, and kill the enemy archers. If encountered in a melee situation, they will pull out a close ranged fire power or a fire sword.

Black: Much different from the rest, blacks may be sent in beforehand to thin out the enemies before the rest come in, or strike from out of nowhere in the middle of a battle. They are likely to stay away from head to head battles, preferring to wait in the back for an opportunity. After striking they run off to start their tactics over.

Habitat/Society – While melee is more suited for caves or the ground, blacks in the shadows and any darker spot, reds in fire or somewhere warm, and blues in the water, they can usually be found together in camps or anywhere else they need to live. Usually, however, they are found in their masters castle / fortress / hideout.

Only trusting true Zaradar’s, they stick with their master, someone who has shown incredible power. This is one they must respect greatly, and so bond with and follow loyally. They don’t have any separation between themselves really, having no problems mingling with each other and any other species.

They are, however, simple barbarians who delight in mischief and doing their masters bidding. Most have ADD, and always seem to be active.

+’s and –‘s –


+ - Stronger, trained in many weapons, combat instincts, well trained warriors
- - Must rely on tactics of those above them (meaning, not the smartest), unable to swim, unable to perform magic


+ - Great with magic, mainly defensive spells and healing, smarter and strategic, able to swim well
- - Weaker, unable to hold melee weapons and so must rely on the protection of others, weaker bodies make them easier to kill.


+ - Good aiming, talented with fire magic, immune to fire damage and can suck up the power of fire somewhat to use
- - Not as talented with melee, and so have to rely on Brown, weaker to water, cannot swim, heavier armor makes them slower so they do and cannot wear it


+ - Blends in well with the shadows, master assassins, good at finding weak points, talented runners
- - Not the strongest in body (must wear no to light armor), weak when faced in a one on one or facing anyone melee.

Images of the Race –

Brown: (1 (http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/825/825967/img_4566600.html)) (2 (http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/825/825967/img_4483197.html))

Blue: (1 (http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/825/825967/img_4483199.html))

Red: (1 (http://media.xbox360.ign.com/media/825/825967/img_4566597.html))

Black: Well, they're green in the game, but I can't find a pic :o.

Dr Scott
07-29-2007, 03:03 AM
I know, just saying yours was more complicated and complex ;P

BTW, are Wolfmen Werewolves / Shifters, or just men always in wolven form?


Name – Fallen Angels (Demons)

SPECIAL Allocation –

S - 6 (Above Average, not too powerful but not too weak)
P - 4 (Below Average, but contacts work wonders)
E - 7 (A great willpower to live and fight on, usually caused by that which made them a fallen angel)
C - 3 (Low, simply because they are thought to be demonic. However, where respect is made, charisma is not needed...)
I - 7 (Able to learn fighting styles quicker by watching their enemies / etc.)
A - 8 (Great speed, their greatest strength. Makes them great assassins.)
L - 5 (Average)

Description – Though demons can be found as many different races, shapes, and colors throughout the universe, in Maridia they take a human appearance, much like their yang (guardian angels). When the portal opened to let the Zaradians in, it also allowed the demons to make an appearance.

Far from the picture of horns and a pitchfork that they have always been given, Demons are simply angels who have done something to displease to fall from graces, which usually amounts to grasping at a bit of dark power to survive. This usually happens on the immortal battlefield between light and darkness, one that is fought all over the universe on different planets.

This, however, does not make all demons evil.

Combat – Much like humans, each is different. However, in their demonic ‘battle mode,’ fallen angels develop a bit of a bloodlust (as well as yellow eyes usually). This causes them to raise their potential, making strong men stronger, fast killers faster, and raises combat senses in general.

Habitat/Society – Like any other entity, they live with whom they like and whatnot. However, they have found home with the Zaradar, as the multi-race team quickly accepted the few demons into their ranks.

+’s and –‘s –

+ : Bloodlust gives added bonuses to fighting

- : Bloodlust causes some loss of thought process, in that they sometimes forget anyone else is present; slight allergic reaction to holy objects and powers; 'inner demons'

Images of the Race – ~None~


Name – Werewolf / Shifter

SPECIAL Allocation –


S - 8 (Gained power from being a special human, their greatest strength)
P - 5 (Average)
E - 7 (Able to take a beating and get back up, sometimes even shrug off pain)
C - 3 (Not so much, seeing as they tend to be more instinctual and beastlike)
I - 6 (Above Average)
A - 6 (Above Average)
L - 5 (Average)

Wolven Form

S - 8 (Most sets them off from actual wolves, catching people off guard)
P - 8 (Great trackers, much like actual wolves)
E - 6 (Above Average)
C - 1 (They're animals, they can't speak ... not so schmexy)
I - 4 (Slightly below average, though smart for a human)
A - 8 (Fast like a wolf! But more so)
L - 5 (Average)

Description – In the humanoid form, the shifter looks much like a human, except for slightly rougher look and behavior. In the wolven form, they look much like a regular wolf would, but larger and more powerful. In this sense they are basically beefed up wolves, sometimes hard to distinguish from normal wolves. The wolves retain some of the same appearance, such as hair color, distinguishing features, etc.

As the full werewolf form, the user looks like a werewolf from legion, standing upward with gleaming yellow eyes and a rather nasty looking demeanor.

Combat – In human form they send to be more simple about fighting, becoming a little bit of a bruiser more then anything, using their muscles and strength to their advantage. In wolven form, they use claw and teeth to overpower and get at their enemies any ways they can, acting much like a wolf would, but more intelligence.

Habitat/Society – Were’s tend to band together with each other in ‘packs,’ much like any other wolf would. However, as the were population thinned out, some of them were forced to break from their solitary group and into the main world, while some left on their own to brave this new world full of possibilities.

Because of their past, they tend to find a group of friends and allies and end up in a pack-like mentality with those individuals, becoming fiercely loyal and close to them as if they were family.

+’s and –‘s –

+ Ability to transform into a wolf for tracking, speed, etc, and in some highly stressful combat situation can turn into a full werewofl. A trained were can change at a moments notice.

- Thinks more like a intelligent wolf while in wolven form, sometimes giving into baser instincts. Also, it is much harder for them to learn magic, as they are not usually made for it. Finally, they only seem to bond with more beastly Pokémon. Can’t grab things / use weapons in wolven form, or speak to those who do not understand (close friends might understand basics, beast Pokémon moreso).

Images of the Race – Human (http://www.geekroar.com/film/archives/uw_lucian_on_car.jpg), Wolven (http://www.wsu.edu/~mgorg/werewolves/img/fantasy_goldenwolf.jpg)


Name – Cherubs

SPECIAL Allocation –

S - 1 (They don't attack ...)
P - 5 (Average)
E - 2 (Not so much ...)
C - 8 (Cherub's have a strange lure, and sometimes people wonder why they like them so much ... Let's them get away with a lot)
I - 9 (Masters of light magic)
A - 7 (Wings help with this)
L - 8 (They're also amazingly lucky above all!)

Description – A small, child looking angel. They usually dress in white (no, not nakie), though that is only to show their purity and innocence. Much like other angels, this race has small wings protruding from their back, giving them the ability to fly.

As they have to be light to fly, they are not very physically strong or powerful, though they do have a great luck and maneuverability, as well as a strangely charismatic innocence.

Combat – Cherub’s don’t attack, though they will instead utilize pranks.

Habitat/Society – Cherub’s usually live in Heaven, though at times the males will go down to Earth to randomly help or prank people. The female cherubs (who look more like human females) show the dead to their resting places (Botan off of Yu Yu Hakusho).

Every once in a while, a cherub will find a particular group entertaining enough to follow around, helping them out when they need to.

+’s and –‘s –

+ Flight, Great Healing Ability, very lucky, cute as a rabbits kisses

- Unable to attack at all, weak body, heavenly ethics

Images of the Race : HERE (http://www.acharmingchest.com/collectibles/VictorianCherubAngel6L.gif)

07-29-2007, 06:40 AM
They are always in a half-wolf form, since I figured I wouldn't do anything human even half of the time.

Anyway, next, to please FFK, theee...


Plural is still Nezumi.
This is going to be a bit harder to find images for, but I think I can get a few M:tG cards or something... Which of course, means they are going to be very heavily influenced by their M:tG stats.
Which reminds me, I haven't been playing M:tG much lately.

So SPECIAL, because they aren't stock races.

Strength: 4
Perception: 7
Endurance: 3
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 8
Luck: 6

The Nezumi, or ratfolk, are far from strong, although they are tough enough to wield weapons, wear armour, and still maintain an extremely high level of agility. Of course, that pretty much takes up most of their stamina, so they usually tend to eschew the armour.
Nezumi, being what they are, are a very perceptive lot, so much so that they can tell danger from extremely far away. However, they are generally incapable of telling the precise nature of this danger until it is right next to them, which usually forces them to run quite madly to avoid any of ten thousand possible dangers.
And why do they run so madly? Because they take hits like wet paper, and one or two strikes will usually bring them down. Although they do have the ability to hold up in terms of stamina for a rather long time, but that's all that can be said of their endurance.
When the Nezumi are not being backstabbing mercenary asses, they are actually a rather pleasant lot, once they clean up and stop smelling like a mix of sewer and blood that is. Which they will, in time, since they themselves take no pride in crawling around the armpit of the world.
As many would expect of a race based on rats and humans, they are a very cunning bunch of people, more than capable of trapping and baiting their prey before taking them down from behind. In fact, their cunning is matched only by their greed and their speed, which are both very great.
So, lyk duh, they are really fast, really dexterous, and really generally agile, reaching jump heights of twice their body height with ease, and three to four times if they put in enough heart into it. They can also climb trees in seconds, and always seem to be able to miraculously squeeze themselves into any hole. Though that's not really agility, is it?
The Nezumi are luckier than most, and they have to be, considering the lifestyles they adopt. Because if their luck was like say, the Vieras', they would have died out by now.

Description: Like a rat standing on its hind legs, is the very obvious answer to what Nezumi look like. Although their limbs are a fair bit longer than a simple rat on hind legs. However, apart from the fact that they are all rats on hind legs, Nezumi appearances vary wildly, some choosing to shave, some choosing to grow out their fur, some choosing to wear clothes, some not.
However, you cannot mistake a Nezumi for anything else, with their skittering and penchant for running on all their limbs when it suits them. Then there's the fact that their tails are really, freakin', long.

One example of Nezumi. Yay Magic! (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b204/Skiboydoggy/nezumironin.jpg)

Combat: The Nezumi usually wield short swords, daggers, short spears, or magic to fight. Armour is generally not a necessity, and their style of combat tends to involve a lot of random flipping and misleading, trying to take advantage of any opening that an opponent makes. Nezumi without weapons usually use their tails to cheapshot opponents, but when armed, they try not to expose this sensitive part too much.

Habitat and Society: Nezumi are usually the only one of each race in any given group, although occasionally the services of many of them have been bought at any one time. This is as Nezumi tend not to like others of their own race too much, though why exactly, nobody knows. The singular Nezumi is normally a mercenary, a sword for hire, who will take any job, no matter how low, how base, and how dirty the job is. For the right price. Some who still have their pride refuse to kill infants-in-arms, but that's about that, there is nothing that the Nezumi will not do, which really, puts them apart from all forms of society. [READ THIS COYOTES]

+'s and -'s: Nezumi have the miraculous ability to fit into any small hole anywhere, as though there are no bones in any part of their body. Quite grotesque, and quite amazing at the same time.
On the other hand, Nezumi are normally incapable of healing magic, as though they have been forsaken by God. (The Oni on the other hand, are completely in love with them, which probably explains their slightly enhanced luck.)

07-29-2007, 01:27 PM
Finished, I gave them a six, and limited Teleportation.

__________________________________________________ ________________________

Name:Spedes Cereltu (Spedes Cerulti)

They Shpeshul

Strength - 8
Perception - 7
Endurance - 5
Charisma - 2
Intelligence - 6
Agility - 10

Description: Cerulti are very aerodynamic. They have blades on the backs of their legs, and on their arms. Their hair is bright gold and spiky, and sleeked back. Their teeth are sharp as a steak knofe, and can cut through human flesh. They have white skin with a ebonish tinge. They have very good senses, their eyesight, hearing, and feeling is unmatched , and the other senses are second to only several races. Their eyes are large, yellew, and have large vertical pupils. Their body's ebonish tinge is really cells that help take in the feel of things, and their ear organs are reinforced to increase their hearing tenfold.

Combat: Cerulti have a very unique battle style. They use their razor sharp blades to cut through flesh. Also, they use their teeth like they use their blades. To reinforce this, they use their unmatched speed topower them up. They can also infinitlymake the blades grow out, or retract into the arm, or leg. They also use another battle strategy. It involves using their senses. They wait for the victim to grow weary, drowsy, become unaware, or fall asleep, or anything in that catogory. They attack the victim when the vicctim is most vunrable, and completely rip it to shreads.

Habitat/Soceity: Cerulti are lone hunters, and scavengers. They do not stay in one place for more than a night. They stop only to sleep, and have learned to sleep with their eyes opened, being aware twenty four hours at a time. Even though that Cerulti are lone, there is a rare cance that about fifteen or so Spedes Cerulti will travel together.


The Cerulti can run very fast, and it is hard to see them when running. Their blades are razor sharp, and can become bigger, or smaller at will. The teeth have the same power, but can't be elevated, or shrink. Their eyeesight cannot be outmatched, their hearing is unbeleive, and their other senses are also supurb, but none of them are perfect.


The Cerulti have always been considered unlucky. It was thoguht to be a myth, but it was true. The Cerulti have always had luck against them. A pack was considered to be an omen of death, fortunately, that really was a myth. They have no special powers. They are more like humans, or wolves, with slight perseption, Charima, and Agility powers. They are not what you would call "the sharpest pencil in the holder". They can be easily fooled by someone with slightly more intelligence. Some of the dullest Cerulti might be fooled by the smartest of trolls, but only a slight trick. Their blades, and teeth are there only weapons, and preception are their only weapon, making them one of the less felxible Zaradians.

Neo Emolga
07-29-2007, 04:28 PM
Rock it.


Sure, I did say dragons were too much, but these guys are the perfect alternative. All five of them are good to go. Nice design too.



Colorful! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/cute.gif

These guys are great, and all variants check out. And those screen shots are pretty cool.




Ooh, more evil. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/laugh.gif

Checks out, clear for takeoff. Have fun.



Wouldn’t be the same without these guys.

Evens out, nicely done.



Ha ha, first you make two wickedly evil and strong races, and then… these guys. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/laugh.gif

But they’re good and very evened out. Have a blast with ‘em.



I would be wrong not to accept these guys. They are simply too good.

Go forward, and make as many as possible! Montage!


(Cipher Lord)

Just needs some negatives, but everything else checks out fine. Finish it up, and let me know.


07-29-2007, 05:44 PM

S - 10
P - 5
E - 10
C - 4
I - 4
A - 2
L - 5

Large, and very slow. The Leviathan are a powerful race of sea- and airborne creatures. Though the airborne ones tend to be smaller in size, according to mtg, 6/6 or 8/8 as opposed to 10/10 or 12/12, with the very rare 3/3 (wtf?), they are still rather large in size, and they all cost a crapload of mana (thus agility of 2). The Leviathan tend to live alone, isolated from others of its species, and do not tend to cooperate with their kin. However, what the Leviathan have is immense strength and immense endurance. They are long-living creatures, and can carry much wisdom.

Description: Large seaborne creatures that are very long and can resemble may types of aquatic animals for their heads, namely whales, fish, and crazy giant heads that probably doesn't look like anything. They are always very long and very large, and even the airborne ones tower above buildings (picture will show its size in comparison to a tower).

Habitat: They live in the sea, the deepest parts of the ocean, but some can creep onto land to hunt for food during dry seasons. Towns evacuate when a leviathan warning occurs, as their size and magnificence may be a problem, considering they're bigger than a gyruados (SP?).

Combat: They use their large body to crush anything. If that doesn't work, they'll eat it up. The fact that they are so huge makes them really in capable of doing anything with precision, but precision isn't exactly something you need, when a random swing of the tail can swipe quite a long distance.

+'s Large and bulky means high strength and endurance.

-'s They really don't do anything special in terms of capabilities. Their large size makes them very weak at pin-point attacks, and large body size means that anything can hit them, even if they're blind. Also, they are incapable of holding weapons (duh). XD

Notice the towers at the bottom compared to the size of this thing. This one's an 8/8 in size.

07-29-2007, 07:10 PM
Finished, and the plural is Spedes Cerulti, not Cerultu.

07-30-2007, 12:35 PM
I'm not sure if this race is going to be accepted, because it is really, really, freakin' powerful, but meh. I'm just going to try and see how it goes.

NUMBER SIX! The second non-stock race, the one of which I have been mentioning once in a while...


Plural is still Dragonkin, although different names have been given to them over time, as they were thought to be a mythical race, even to Zaradar, until fairly recently, in the last century or so.

SPECIAL, need I say more?

Red {Fire} Dragonkin

Strength: 8
Perception: 7
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 3
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 5
Luck: 2

Blue {Ice} Dragonkin

Strength: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 6
Luck: 2

Green {Earth} Dragonkin

Strength: 7
Perception: 8
Endurance: 9
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 8
Agility: 4
Luck: 2

Bronze {Air} Dragonkin

Strength: 7
Perception: 6
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 4
Intelligence: 6
Agility: 7
Luck: 3

Black {Death} Dragonkin

Strength: 8
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Charisma: 2
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 7
Luck: 2

These are the more traditional of the dragonkin, possessing large strength, high perception, and having huge staying power. As a rule, they are all a terribly misunderstood lot that tend to come off as arrogant and bloodthirsty, along with a horrible lack of manners and an incapability to sit down in the normal way, breaking chairs by accident a fair bit. Luck is also against them, but it's not as though they need it, considering their power.

Faerie {Magic} Dragonkin

Strength: 5
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 9
Agility: 5
Luck: 3

The Faerie Dragonkin are rather different from the usual, though they are not any less powerful. Preferring exclusive use of magic where possible, the Faerie Dragonkin are highly intelligent and tend to have a way with words, though they are also naturally a fair bit weaker than their coloured brothers.


Description: The dragonkin are humanoid dragons, ranging from 6 foot tall, the size of a small Faerie Dragonkin, to 8 foot, that of a large Green Dragonkin, with all the other colours being somewhere in between. They are covered from top to toe in dragon scales, that are predictably, coloured according to the breed of dragonkin they each belong to.
And as humanoid dragons, it is rather obvious that each of them are in possession of a pair of huge bat-like wings, that normally can stretch to as wide as the dragonkin is tall, allowing them to take to the air just as easily as true dragons. They also have a long tail, which normally starts from their hips, and drags on for half of the dragonkin's body length. They also have elongated snouts, completely reminiscent of a dragon's face, filled with all the necessary fangs and serpentine tongue. Speaking of fangs, they are also clawed on their four fingered hands, wickedly sharp claws that can tear through anything short of dwarf-crafted mail with ease.

[Picture as soon as I find one. Donations are gladly accepted. If you need me to explain more, I will.]

Combat: The dragonkin use varied styles of attack, and how they fight is determined solely by the dragonkin himself.
Some choose to fight with tooth and claw, slashing away with strength and grace. More strength than grace really. All dragonkin are adept at this form of combat, even if some are better than others, it's just that many prefer to use something else instead as long as they still can do so.
Another style is to fight from a distance away using breath attacks, with the Red Dragonkin breathing fire, Blue balls of liquid carbon dioxide, Green a noxious poisonous gas that all dragonkin are immune to, Bronze a bolt of lightning, Black deadly acid, and Faerie a beam of what appears to be similar in nature to Psychic attacks. Every one of them are just as deadly, and pack about the same power as a Charizard's Flamethrower and its other typed counterparts.
The third is magic, though this is generally used by the Faerie Dragonkin more than the other colours. When they do so, they tend to be naturally predisposed to using the element of magic most closely associated with their colour, Fire, Frost, Earth, Air, Shadow, and Divine. Slightly different from traditional magic, but dragon magicks are quite non-traditional in themselves.
All dragonkin show an obvious disdain towards using forged weapons, even though some are collectors of this particular form of art. This is for good reason too, as their claws are generally considered tougher than any but the best dwarf-smithed blade, and their scales are likewise, second only to mithril in strength. Also, they tend not to rely overly on Pokemon, as dragonkin firstly, only attract danger wherever they go, and secondly, because they prefer to rely on their own power instead.

Habitat and Society: While the dragonkin are capable of living in any habitat for the most part, they generally choose to group together in large villages near the peaks of mountains, some living in groups according to colour, and some coming together as a race. For example, it is an open secret that the largest group of Red Dragonkin can be found near the top of active volcanoes, which only the bravest and the most foolish dare to thread. In these communities, the dragonkin live their lives surprisingly peacefully, amongst equals that can understand how the dragonkin operate. Some move out of the safety of their homes to be hunters, who bring back large and more exotic animals for the consumption of the villages as a whole. Others may choose to tend to lakes or forests which generally grow at the bottom of their mountain homes, even if it is a volcano. (Some Nature magic at work there, obviously.) As a whole, the dragonkin choose to live their lives out in isolation, but encouraging their young to move out and explore, which explains their scattered numbers all around. This is especially as there is no single army in the world that is capable of climbing up a huge mountain and face down the wrath of the dragonkin to force them to fight, or they would have been enlisted long ago.

+'s and -s: Dragonkin are all hatched with claws, fangs, and scales equal in strength, if not size, to that of a true dragon in itself. This makes them incredibly tough, be it in terms of strength, or in terms of trying to kill them. All dragonkin can also fly, courtesy of the huge wings growing out of their back. Their tails also function as weapons if the need arises. Oh, and breath weapons too, can't forget those.
On the other hand, a dragonkin's wings are extremely fragile, and if the wings are punctured and torn apart while the dragonkin is in flight, they will immediately plummet to the ground, usually to their death. Also, all dragonkin have horrible luck, and the non-Faerie ones are not exactly charismatic either, this makes it easy for a dragonkin to gain enemies, and often find themselves needing to soak their claws in blood unnecessarily. This is also what gives them their reputation for bloodlust, which is totally untrue. They also share the weaknesses of their Dragon Pokemon cousins on Maridia, with the slight exception of Black Dragonkin not being weak to Fighting attacks, as more likely than not, the fist will hurt more than the scale. Their large size and tails also make them unable to fit in any form of human vehicles, and so cannot ever drive at all, or even sit down properly for that matter.

[As a side-note, all dragonkin must have Unarmed Combat as a TAG Skill, and cannot pick up any form of weapons at all. Like they need any.]


Now that that's done, look forward to the next one of my races. Another non-stock before I return to the stock races. The Reploids!

07-30-2007, 03:54 PM
Sphinx (Sphinxes)

SPECIAL Allocation

Charisma- 7
Intelligence- 8
Agility- 10
Luck- 3

Sphinxes have the head of a human and the fur of a large cat, like a tiger or lion, with the exception that their front paws are sharp talons, like a bird of prey's, and from their shoulders sprout feathered wings.

Their human head is about the only way you can distinguish the Sphinx's gender. A majority of them are female, with a beautiful but somewhat angular face. Males are strangely pretty as well, but their hair tends to be shorter. Their teeth are different from that of a human's, instead long and sharp, like a carnivore's. Their eye and hair color differs between clans, generally determined by what kind of cat the rest of their body is made from. Here's a quick list;

Lion- Fair skin, blonde hair, blue or green eyes. Males do have manes.
Orange Tiger- Tanned reddish skin, brown or black hair, brown eyes.
White Tiger- Very light skin, white or silver hair, blue eyes.
Panther- Black skin, black hair, brown eyes.
Leopard- Lightly tanned skin, golden blonde or light drown hair, yellow eyes or hazel eyes.
Cheetah- Darker brown skin, auburn or brownish red hair, green, brown, or hazel eyes.

Their body is human-like, but, again, with talons and fur and paws and wings. Their stature is slim, though height differs between clans. (Lion and Tiger clans would be tallest at nealy seven feet, while Cheetah clan is shortest at about five.) Some Sphinx wear clothes, some don't. It all depends on the individual. The White Tiger clan, which live near snowy mountains, often do wear clothes for warmth.

Their bird wings generally match the color of their fur. The wings are very small, though, not big enough to fly with, but enough to glide.

Sphinxes fight with a combination of fluid movements and their talons and teeth. Some use weapons, but their dexterity isn't all that great, so they don't use them very well. They will also use their intelligence to outsmart an opponent, due to the fact that they aren't the strongest of races. Some will use magic, it all really depends on the Sphinx. Sphinx prefer to be above their opponent, so that they can swoop down and attack them from above.

The Sphinx are divided into clans, dictated by what large cat they look like. The different clans also live in different places, but Sphinxes almost always live alone, except when raising children and to mate. The sole exception to this is the Lion Clan, which resides in large groups that help support one another. Sphinxes don't have much in the way of housing or development, instead just living in the wilderness.

+’s and –‘s

+'s- Sphinxes are incredibly fast and agile, no matter the clan. They are also very intelligent, and can outsmart many opponents. They also have small wings that can be used to glide for short distances from a high ledge. They are deadly fighters, with their razor talons and sharp teeth.

-'s- All Sphinxes hate water, even the Tiger clan. A Sphinx will hardly ever take to the water purposely. As a result, they hate getting hit by water attacks. With the exception of the White Tiger clan, they also hate ice. They are not very strong, nor do they have great endurance, which means they will usually lose a long fight.

Sphinx are predominantly carnivorous, and eat meat. They may occassionally eat fruit or vegetables, but rarely. Also, Sphinxes don't usually have that many Pokemon, if any, because of the fact that they are loners. The Pokemon they do have are often cat-like, like Luxray, Persian, or Delcatty. They'll sometimes have flying types, but many prefer dragons to birds. (Birds remind them too much of prey.)

Hope these will work. I've got another idea, too... Not Draiken, though. Dragons have been pretty well covered. :oops:

07-30-2007, 04:34 PM
Last species for real this time!

Huldah | Huldaeem / Huldote
(Guttural H) Hul Dah (As in 'Dot') / Hul Dah Leem (Plural for all males, or a mixed group) Hul Dah oat (female pural)

There are several varieties of Huldah.
Amete (Ah me eht )
Nacon (Nah sone)
Kesem (Keh seem)
Hazak (Hah Zah kh)
Magel (Mah Gel with a hard g)
Notzav (Note Zahv)
Hasani (Hahs Soh nee, with both s pronounced distinctly)

S: 6
P: 5
E: 5
C: 9
I: 5
A: 5
L: 3

Strength: A bit above average, both in humanoid, rat, and Ratoid form.
Perception: The senses of these rats are very unbalanced.
- EXTREMELY POOR night vision! About a 1 in the dark. They NEED night vision goggles or a spell to see in the dark! Luckily, their other senses still bring their overall score up to a 5.
- Good vision of moving objects, poor vision or use of vision as relates to non-moving objects.
- VERY good hearing, will detect slight noises anywhere nearby, and if focused, can sort these out to figure out who or what is near.
- Very good taste, can often detect all but the most tasteless poisons. Rats are used to being poisoned, even these sort, and so they're good at spotting poisons, too.
- Decent sense of smell- can identify some sorts of gases, etc.

Endurance: Average. Amete Huldah are scrappy, but they do need their rest eventually.
Charisma: Very good. These brave rats are somewhat heroic, and tend to draw people to their causes.
Intelligence: Average.
Agility: Huldah can move fast, but at the expense of some strength and aim. They are very dextrous with small objects and such, however, and have good balance.
Luck: Not so great, but managable. They are used to fighting off bad luck, and being superstitious, often carry charms that they hope will salvage their luck.

Nacon Huldah
S: 5
P: 10
E: 4
C: 3
I: 5
A: 8
L: 5

Strength: Average in all forms
Perception: Excellent senses of all sort, even night vision. Nacon Huldah are very deceptive, and thus have learned to avoid dangers... Like people out for revenge. These slippery beasts are, well, true rats.
Endurance: A bit below average, Nacon Huldah tend to be somewhat weak willed, and do not train hard enough to learn to sustain all the force of battle.
Charisma: Low. The only reason they get a three is because they can deceieve others at times- acting all sleek and oily, "Oh, please, let me travel with you/ protect you/ help me!"
They will try to wring pity from others, or ask to serve them, but they only have their own interests in mind, whatever pretty words they spout.
Intelligence: Average
Agility: Fairly good. They're able to get free of many sorts of ties and such, and make a fast escape.
Luck: Average. Some say better than they deserve.

May not choose Enchanting Magic.

S: 3
P: 6
E: 4
C: 4
I: 7
A: 9
L: 7

S: Low strength. Those who fight physically must rely on their good agility, extra limb (tail) in ratoid form, etc.
Perception: Fairly good. Poor day vision (Too much light hurts their eyes) during the brightest few hours. Decent taste, smell, etc.
Endurance: A bit below average, physical tasks tire them easily.
Charisma: Kesem Huldah aren't unpleasant to be around, nor particularly ugly. They're a bit plain, however, and can sometimes sound somewhat condescending or snotty, or be impatient with those who don't understand their grasp of Huldah Magic.
Intelligence: Above average.
Agility: Very good.
Luck: Fairly good. Rumor among the Huldah has it that the Kesem were on the good side of their Gods, and this is where they got that luck from. Nacon seem to still resent them for this, feeling that it is why they are known as the evil ones, and why the Nacon have such trouble using certain forms of magic (Enchanting, to be precise).

S: 9
P: 5
E: 7
C: 4
I: 5
A: 5
L: 5

S: Very strong. The Hazak prefer to fight physically with only a bit of magic when needed, so this strength is important to them.
P: Decent/average. They have poor vision in the dark of night, but it is workable. Also, they somewhat make up for this with their good hearing.
E: Fairly decent, they can battle a while and not get tired, especially if unarmed.
C: They aren't unpleasant, but some can be a bit unaccepting of different fighting styles, or people who don't let them lead the group.

S: 4
P: 4
E: 7
C: 6
I: 9
A: 4
L: 6

S: Below average
P: They have average senses, but since this also includes the use of them... It goes down a point to 4. After all, they are often too distracted to aptly use their senses.
E: Quite good, which is needed, since they tend to look after and protect others, which takes lots of energy.
C: A bit above average. They're protective and not ugly, so some people like them.
I: Very smart, good at tactics, etc.
A: Decent agility in terms of physical speed, but being cautious, they will often take their time doing anything, anyway.
L: A bit above average.

S: 7
P: 6
E: 9
C: 4
I: 5
A: 5
L: 4

S: Very good strength. Notzav can use either physical or magical attacks, both with decent efficiency.
P: Above average senses and reflexes.
E: Very good endurance, the Notzav can brawl for a while without tiring.
C: Notzav can be stubborn and sometimes hotheaded, making them not-so-charismatic.
I: Average
A: Average
L: A little below Average

While some rats remain Hasani their entire lives, this term generally refers to the young, whose final 'clan' of rats hasn't been discovered yet (If they have unknown parents, come from a family with multiple 'types' of Huldah and so it isn't clear which they'll be, etc.)
Players who choose this may, when their character is done growing up, choose which of the other 'breeds' they become.

S: 4
P: 6
E: 5
C: 6
I: 4
A: 5
L: 10

Intelligence: The Hasani have average intelligence in general, and are actually quick at logic problem things. However, they are very naive still, with little knowledge of the world, OR of people. Thus, their overall intelligence appears dropped a bit by this. However, their Charisma often increases, because they are reasonably innocent (Or at least not totally knowledgable and insufferable), and so they tend to be quite friendly and cute.
Luck: Whilest their other stats are about average, Hasani have amazing luck. Cockroaches are easier to kill than Hasani, and considerably less adorable.
Strength: As they are young, the Hasani aren't quite so strong yet, but they've got decent strength.
Perception: Somewhat about average. They don't know how to use their hearing well yet, or focus well enough (usually) to be able to detect slight sounds. However, they are very adapt as spotting, smelling, and tasting poisons, which can be useful. They also have a fairly good sense of smell.

Amete ("Brave" type)
Nacon (Nah sone) ("True Rat" type)
Kesem (Keh seem) ("Magic" type)
Hazak (Hah Zah kh) ("Strength" type)
Magel (Mah Gel with a hard g) ("Protector" type)
Notzav (Note Zahv) ("Fighter" type)
Hasani (Hahs Soh nee, with both s pronounced distinctly) ("Neutral" type)

Description: In humanoid form, they look mostly human, but with ratlike features (Ie, angular features generally, might even have ears or whiskers or the tail of a rat). They are lean, and slightly short.

In Ratoid form, they look half rat and half human, how much of each varies. They are about 4' - 4'5 in this form.

Finally, in rat form, they look like, well, rats. Unless one notices that they're stronger than the average rat, that is.

Combat: Varies. Some varieties of Huldah prefer magic, some prefer force, some a mix of both. What they excel at, however, is sneak attacks, and spying. Generally, they make very good scouts. They are also relatively resilient in healing injuries. Mentally, however, some of them are not quite as strong, and thus the consequences of being caught scouting or spying can really damage them, if they aren't cared for.

Habitat/Society – Huldah are adaptive, and tend to live intertwined with other societies, not off on their own. They will adapt to the society of these others.

+’s and –‘s – See the Special Allocation.

Images of the Race –
In humanoid form: http://www.spiritworldfiles.com/sims/skins/kyou_yuki002.jpg
http://imalbum.aufeminin.com/album/D20050114/77482_VYUL4G7G1KLASRI7ARMPFLO6DXFXHP_02_06_H150722 _L.jpg
Note the slender, angular, rat-like features. This Huldah also has a tail, though it isn't visible in the picture.

In rat form: http://www.geocities.com/gottabegenki/yuki/rat.jpg

07-30-2007, 09:22 PM
I'm not sure if this one would work, since we've got the Necklace of the Shapeshifter, but I figured I'd try. And yes, they are largely based off of the Animorphs, only with Pokemon and more restrictions.


SPECIAL Allocation

Strength- 2
Perception- 6
Endurance- 8
Charisma- 7
Intelligence- 8
Agility- 4
Luck- 5

Overall, Morligans look very much like humans, except for a few differences. All Morligans have horns of varying lengths, females with two and males with three. As the Morligan grows older, the horns grow longer. Also, their eyes and hair are very different colors than those of humans. Normal hair color for a Morligan would be white, silver, blue, and occassionally green. Eyes tend to be red, yellow, purple, or orange.

But, this is not a Morligan's only form. They have the ability to change shape. While they are young, they can duplicate the DNA of a Pokemon when they touch it. By calling upon this DNA inside them, they can transform into and exact duplicate of that Pokemon. And, if the Pokemon is able, they can further evolve. But, there are some downsides. They can only take the form of any single Pokemon for two hours once a day. That means that they can only transorm a total of three times, once into each of the forms they have.

In stature, Morligans are slight and often short. However, their bones are made of sturdier material than that of humans, sturdy but flexible for when they are transforming. They give the Morligans more endurance, allowing them to pick themselves up long after a human would be out.

Generally, Morligans acquire a specific Pokemon for battling that they transform into when in a fight. They use the various abilities of the Pokemon to protect themselves. In their original forms, they don't possess a lot of strength or agility, but they have high endurance due to their strong bones, and can take a beating if they must. If their battling form can't win the fight, they use a combination of one of their other forms and their own intelligence to outwit opponents. Very rarely do they use any kind of human fighting technique.

Morligans live in small communities together, prefering to stay away from other species. Each works together to help provide for the whole village, using their various forms to gather food and build houses. Each has one individual that overlooks the village and keeps things running smoothly, known as an Elder. An Elder is chosen by the people of the community, and can only be over fifty. It is assumed that those in old age are wiser and know more than those who are younger.

+’s and -‘s

+ Can change into any of three Pokemon whose DNA they have acquired.
+ Look a lot like humans and can blend in better than some species, and are more likely to be trusted.
+ Good endurance, and can take quite a few hits, even in their basic form.
+ Has the intelligence to use any form to their advantage.

- Their basic forms are very weak and rather slow.
- They can only enter any one form other than their basic one once a day.
- They aren't good at fighting or with weapons while in their basic form.
- They can only stay in a Pokemon form for two hours before they are changed back.

Morligans are strictly vegetarians, and eat only fruits and plants. They don't have a specific allignment, and can be either good or evil, and they can only acquire the DNA of Pokemon. No humans, no other races. They also don't keep Pokemon, only capture them for a short while if there is a child that wants to acquire them.

Neo Emolga
07-30-2007, 11:04 PM
We must have more!


Okay, really hate to do this to you, but that thing is definitely too big. Eight feet was the limit, and I really think this goes over by quite a lot. Not to mention we’re looking at a creature that could destroy loads of buildings in very little time, and it would be incredibly hard to RP considering they’re stuck in the water for a vast portion of time.

Sorry, I try to be lenient with the limits and stuff, but this went way over.



They’re a bit too tall, make them eight feet or under and it will be fine.

Other that little bit, they’re okay. Just make them a bit smaller and they’ll be good to go.



Another classic race. Nicely constructed, its good to go. Nice job.



Looking good. So many variants! Just let me know when its done, that’s all.



Interesting idea, and the power is balanced out nicely. Nice job.


07-31-2007, 04:12 AM
Neo, the Neko race is done. Please take a look. We worked on it together. Tiana found most of the images, and helped with description.

Personally, I think it needs more + and -, but I can't think of any more.

07-31-2007, 04:22 AM
No sweat Neo, I'm just pushing borders myself. XD

Neo Emolga
07-31-2007, 04:31 AM
Neo, the Neko race is done. Please take a look. We worked on it together. Tiana found most of the images, and helped with description.

Personally, I think it needs more + and -, but I can't think of any more.

Not a problem, its clear for take off. :P

Have fun with them.

No sweat Neo, I'm just pushing borders myself. XD

Yeah, thanks for your understanding, Ken. :P

Dr Scott
07-31-2007, 06:14 AM

Added a bit to were's, changed around the cherub's stats, and added descriptions ish to all the SPECIAL stuff (I liked how Carly did it :o)

07-31-2007, 12:12 PM
Probably going to be my last submission before the RP starts. A race and their familiars.


Yeah, yeah, so sue me.


Basic Reploid

Strength: 5
Perception: 6
Endurance: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 7
Luck: 5

Description: Reploids are similar to most other humanoids, unique in that they are possibly the only sentient race on Zaradar that is what one can term mechanical. Legend has it that the first of them were born when through a miscasting, a wizard accidentally fused himself with the golem he was creating, and hence the Reploids were born. So as one can expect, each individual Reploid varies wildly, from the amount of mechanical parts they have, to what kind of mechanical parts they have. The vast majority look just like humans, except permanently fused with a suit of armour, although there are many variations, with many base races and many base golem types.

[I'm not going to supply a picture since they have too many variations, but think the actual Reploids and Mavericks from Megaman, except with less guns and lasers, and you have it about right.]

Combat: Reploids vary in combat styles, very much like golems do, some preferring to use combat, be they magically enchanted swords, beating down on enemies with their bare hands or what. And due to their many variations, too many to count, each Reploid will have different methods of using the same magical sword, or the same pair of fists. However, one thing all Reploids have in common, is that every time they are born, a Fairy is born from the residual magic of their birth, and the two act as familiar and master to each other, and the Reploid will often use these Fairies to fight for them.

Habitat and Society: Reploids generally live on the outskirts of small towns, nearby, but choosing to never be within. They live very much like humans, hustling and bustling and mind their own business, entering town when they have to or want to, and staying at home as it suits them. They have no true leader position, but their most revered members are the Lifebreathers, masters of their craft of enchantment, and are often the only way to ensure that many Reploids, with their strange body makeup, can survive past two seconds from their birth.

+'s and -'s: Reploids have their Fairies, familiars that are both extremely powerful, and extremely fun to be around with. As such, they are never without a weapon. Also, as half magical-mechanical beings, they are also practically impossible to kill.
Conversely, while difficult to kill, the vast majority of them are easy to disable, and are not exactly the best soldiers around. Although they do make rather powerful vanguard units as and when their expertise is required, especially that of the Fairies.

The familiar race!

I feel so SPECIAL, so SPECIAL, so SPECIAL, and...

Strength: 1
Perception: 8
Endurance: 8
Charisma: 7
Intelligence: 7
Agility: 4
Luck: 5

Description: Cute as a button, these fairies are generally only recognisable by their distinct glow, within which they hold forms that can only be seen by their Reploid Masters and those that both Fairy and Reploid trust explicitly. The vast majority of them are butterfly winged creatures, but there are variations amongst them as well, as there are variations in terms of individual Reploids. Some are bigger and tougher, some have different colour schemes, and some look radically unique.

Combat: This is the most incredible thing about Fairies. By absorbing a weapon of any sort into their magical bodies, they can replicate the properties of these weapon at any time they choose to. They are not particularly picky about these weapons either, even a simple wagon can be used as a weapon, and often the Fairy will gain the properties of an American Footballer, an expert ramming god. Most of them choose swords, whereupon they reform into elongated glowing blades that cut through just about anything with ease, and some bows and arrows, although those are slightly rarer. Just about anything that is without life, and can be truly believed as a weapon by the Reploid and the Fairy both, can be taken into the Fairy, anything but those born of Mother Nature, but those built of blood, sweat, and tears of men, on the other hand, there is no limit.

Habitat and Society: Fairies will go anywhere the Reploids go, and while they tend to be a little on the stubborn and willful side, are completely and utterly loyal to their masters. Of course, there are limits, and while they will willingly die for their masters, they will not go on suicide missions of which there is a 0% chance of success.

+'s and -'s: Can replicate the properties of any single weapon.
On the other hand, in their normal form are completely useless in combat, and as such, if their weapon form cannot be used, they are quite useless themselves.

Neo Emolga
07-31-2007, 03:48 PM

A winner is you! Just kidding, the changes you made are coolio with me.

Which the name surprisingly reminds me a lot of Altoids

Another unusual one. :P

Fair, even, don’t see anything wrong here, so its good to go.

The Fairy familiars are just plain weird, but they’re okay. Everyone wants their own Navi, don’t they? Look! Listen!


07-31-2007, 08:50 PM
Are the Spedes Cerulti accepted.

Neo Emolga
07-31-2007, 11:46 PM
Are the Spedes Cerulti accepted.

They're in, I reviewed them.

08-01-2007, 02:50 AM
Eizgroth are ready to be checked out. ^^: Just finished 'em.

Neo Emolga
08-01-2007, 05:36 AM
Eizgroth are ready to be checked out. ^^: Just finished 'em.

And they get the thumbs up.

Nice job on creating a weird creature. http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y109/Ultradyne/Pikachu%20Emotes/laugh.gif

08-02-2007, 05:55 PM
The Huldah are done.

Neo Emolga
08-02-2007, 09:18 PM
The Huldah are done.

And they are good to go. Thanks for letting me know.

Dog of Hellsing
08-03-2007, 12:01 AM
;_; So late...but here's the Sayorian application ^^:

Name: Sayorian (Sayorians = plural) (The race is also known as Tors)

SPECIAL Allocations:

Strenth: 7
Perception: 7
Endurance: 7
Intelligence: 6
Agilty: 9
Luck: 1

Description: The Sayorians have two forms. The first is a human-like form, in which they possess tails, claws, amber-colored eyes, fangs, and scales on their arms, legs, and tails. Their hands and feet resemble a lizard's, and their ankles are built like a dinosaur's (the ankle is lifted off the ground, and basically they're walking on their toetips, like a cat). They're very lithe and lean with a starved appearance, as their stomach are sunken in. This causes their ribs to stick out more (think of the Lycans from Underworld XD).

Their second form is a beast one, in which they look like small versions of Utah raptors. They have manes of thick golden fur instead of feathers, and their scales are sharp along the edges, like a knife. This makes them very good at fighting: most others can't physically touch them for risk of getting cut on their scales. Though they can range in color from dark green to nearly white to pure black, most are tawny or dark brown in hue. Just like in human form, they look starved because of the way their stomachs sink in.

Combat: Sayorians prefer close-quarters, hand-to-hand (or claw-to-claw) combat. When they fight a foe up-close, this gives them the chance to use their favorite weapons: their fangs and claws.

A Sayorian's main line of attack is slashing quickly and viciously at a foe's face or belly, incapacitating them and weakening them. Once that's been accomplished, they use the sickle-claws on their feet to finish off a foe. Or if there are a lot of enemies around or the Sayorian wants to finish the foe quickly, they'll kick at their enemy and try to disembowel them or crush their organs (a Sayorian can kick stronger than a war horse, and their sickle-claws are EXTREMELY sharp). Another tactic is to slash the foe's throat open, severing the jugular and leaving the opponent to bleed to death. This can be done by another of the Sayorian's favorite moves, which is grabbing the foe in their jaws and ripping out their throat. (The Sayorians are kinda violent fighters XD).

Sometimes, if they're surrounded on all sides, they'll use their tails as a weapon. Their tails are packed with muscles and, like an alligator, if a Sayorian feels threatened enough they'll lash out with it. The tail is strong enough to snap bones clean in half or leave huge bruises. On top of the fact that the scales covering a Saryorian's body are sharp-edged, and the tail is just as dangerous a weapon as the claws or fangs.

Also, since their scales are sharp-edged, a Sayorian's whole body can be used to defend itself. If one feels like they're in too deep or are surrounded by many foes, they'll simply hurl themselves forward and ram into their enemy(ies). While the foe is stunned, the Sayorian will flee to a safe area to rest.

However, Sayorians are very proud, stubborn creatures. They hate running from a fight or giving up, even if it's just in a friendly sparring match. Play fights often become real ones when neither individual is willing to call it quits and the blows become stronger. They'd rather die than be shamed by fleeing a battle, and if an adversary offers mercy and lets them go, the Sayorian will usually leave their Pack, if they're part of one.

When a Sayorian has been fighting for a long time, or they are gripped by a powerful, negative emotion (fear, anger, etc), they enter their Berzerker Mode. In this state they'll fight any moving object around them, except for other Sayorians of their Pack or those they're extremely close to (who the recognize by scent). Others are risking their life to be around a Bererker Sayorian, as they'll fight until their killed in this state. Luckily, this Mode only lasts for a few minutes, until the Sayorian runs out of energy and passes out (Berzerker Mode takes a great deal of energy to fuel, as the Sayorian under its influenece feels no pain and is working their body to the max). The longest amount of time a Sayorian can be in this Mode is four minutes.

Habitat/Society: Sayorians prefer living in forests or heavily-wooded areas, as this gives them the secrecy they prefer. When traveling, they prefer to avoid open areas like plains and fields, sticking to the trees and keeping away from more populated locales. Many times Packs will travel and lounge in their beast forms. They normally only take their human forms when dealing with other races that can't understand their beast-speak (growling, snarling, roaring, chirping, and other dinosaur-y noises XD).

Sayorians live in families known as Packs (or Clans), which normally contain between 7-15 members but can have upwards of 20. They are very loyal to their Pack members and to those they care for. They don't forgive easily, however, so betraying one is NEVER a good idea. Their trust takes time to gain, but once you have it, you'll have a solid friend and ally for many years to come. If they believe someone they care about is being threatened in some way or is in danger, they'll do anything in their power to help them out. They don't think twice about throwing themselves into the face of death to protect a loved one.

Breeding season is the worst time to be around these creatures. Males get so aggressive that just nodding at one can spark a violent attack. Females also get aggressive because of the hormones going through them, though they don't actively go out and fight. Instead, they eat less and sleep longer, going out of their way to avoid males of any race. If you try to talk to them, they're often snappy and easily annoyed. This gets worse the closer to the end of the breeding season they get, until they're impossible to be around. Sayorian couples don't really stay together for long: the race has no sense of marriage or tying down. However, within large Packs, only a few higher-ranking males and females are permitted to breed. This keeps the Pack from geting too large.

All Sayorians in a Pack have one of the following ranks:

Delta- Lowest ranking members. All members under ten years of age are Delta. Also includes the weakest members. Newcomers to a Pack are automatically Delta unless they've defeated an Alpha (see Alpha). Members who have hurt the Pack in some way or become less useful may be demoted to this rank. They eat last (except for the young, who normally eat with the Alphas).

Beta- Medium-ranking members. Members ten and older go here, unless they are forty-five or older. Members that prove their worth in some way or another may be promoted to Beta if they are a Delta. They eat after the Metas and before the Deltas. They can generally get away with more mischief than a member of the Delta ranking.

Meta- High-ranking members. These are members who are over forty-five years old or ones who have been promoted from Delta for outstanding services done for the Pack. Members in this rank eat after the Alphas and before the Beta and Deltas, and can directly challenge views or choices made by an Alpha if they something better can be come up with. They have the most freedom within the Pack after the Alphas.

Alpha- Highest-ranking members. Most Packs only have 2-4 Alphas, with at least one male and one female. They are basically the Pack leaders, or heads of the family. They make all the important desicions, such as who can breed, where the Pack lives, and when and what they hunt, though they will listen to the options of Metas if any are to be had. They take care of all internal conflicts and most of the external ones (such as spats between Packs over territory). They also promote or demote members within the Pack. Of all the other ranks, they have the most freedom, and only in extreme cases will one Alpha demote another one.

Somestimes a member of a Pack will be exiled, if they have done something particularly hurtful to the Pack or have been misbehaving for a long period of time. Members may also be exiled if the Pack is too large, though most of the time agreements are set up between Packs that allows members of a large one to migrate to a smaller one with at least a Beta rank. Exiled members are refferd to as rankless. When this term is used against a Pack member, it's seen as a vicious slur and can cause fight between not just indivuduals, but also entire Packs. And, as stated earlier, if a Sayorian is beaten in battle but allowed to live, they'll usually leave their Pack to avoid bringing shame to the whole family.

+s' and -'s:

Pros: The Sayorians are quick, agile, and powerful in both forms. They have impressive stamina and extremely sharp senses of smell, hearing, and sight. Able to jump up to fifteen feet high, run at sixty mph for ten minutes, and lift up to five times their own weight for an hour, they can be formidable to face.

Cons: But for all their strengths, they have a few cripling weaknesses. They have insanely high metabolisms, which means they must eat very often. They can go for a maximum of four days without food before going into shock, and another day before they die of starvation. When using their intense speed or stamina, they must eat every hour or so or risk going into shock much sooner. They bleed fast since their blood reproduces at about 2.5 times faster than a human's. This means wounds that getting shot in a leg or something could acually be fatal, even if the bullet doesn't hit a vein or something. They also have relatively short tempers and a tendency to eat someone if they get angry enough. Their Berzerker Mode is also a major flaw: they can inadvertanly kill someone or something they didn't mean to when in this Mode, as they don't diffiencerate between friend and foe when fighting. Also, since they don't feel pain in this Mode, they can get seriously wounded and end up dying from blood loss or damage done to their bodies. Their sharp-edged scales prevent them from hugging, carrying, or basically doing anything else that calls for touching with anyone or thing that lacks protection from being cut. This makes it hard for them to form lasting relationships of any kind with other races, as Sayorians can communicate a lot though simply touching.

Images: Human Form: Trying to find a decent pic somewhere >>

Beast Form (http://sp1.mm-a7.yimg.com/image/3769006266)- Small crappy pic, but the best I could find. Females have smaller manes than males (as pictured here).

Neo Emolga
08-04-2007, 05:30 AM

Very nasty guys there, but they're nicely balanced and are good and ready to go.


08-04-2007, 04:38 PM
Hope they didn't take squids yet. ;_;

Name: Gareth'ar

S - 1
P - 5
E - 3
C - 7
I - 10
A -10
L - 4

Description: These creatures are humanoid to the point that they have arms and legs and move on their legs. However, they differ from humans in how they look generally like a cross between a squid and a human for their heads, while carrying that same slimey outlook for the rest of their bodies. They do have thumbs, hands, fingers, etc. like a normal human, though.

Habitat/Society: Complexity is their way of life. If the task is simple, make it more complex than it should. There should always be a delay on every possible task, except for transport. Transport should be done as quickly as possible. What is mindboggling is that this complexity way of life is simply a way to preserve and adhere to the ancient traditions they hold dear. They believe that by adding complexity and creating that perfect delay, they will delay the inevitable advances in tradition.

Their society is created solely on their religion, and they worship their gods, the Leviathan (you didn't think I'd just leave them alone, did you? XD). They have several annual holidays that essentially matched the migration patterns of those magnificent creatures from the deep, and calculated their calendar off these migratory patterns. Their four major holidays map approximately 3 months apart from each other, though they are approximate, knowing that the migration of Leviathan are not always spot on.

New Year - The first holiday is the most obvious, and maps to the points when the Leviathan move near their shores.

Spring Eve - The Leviathan's mating season ends with Spring Eve, and Spring Eve is the last day they stay near their shores before heading back into the great sea.

Hri'era - This maps to the Leviathan's migration to the furthest point from their shores. Hri'era tends to be approximated, but are sometimes accurate during times when they spot a Leviathan or two during fishing trips in this season.

Fesber'ita - This maps to the Leviathan's migration back to their shores. Those fishing from out there follow the Leviathan back to their shores, to carry their large hull back.

Gareth'ar are also themselves very much magically oriented creatures, deriving their magic usually from nature.

Gareth'ar do not tend to fight often due to their physique (lack of strength and endurance). However, a large number of them do train in their magic, and attack using these magics. They also have a special task forces that do not follow traditional "cast spell" mage types. These task forces tend to specialize in hit-and-run tactics.

Flash Mage (some flash mages lose 2 points in endurance to increase preception to 7)
The flash mage is a physically oriented mage. Flash mages are trained under the arts of augmentic magic, and have a very powerful single offense. This offense is when they charge their arm (usually just one) with hyper-intensive raw mana, usually linking the arm directly from their mana cores into their arms. The result is that the arm becomes powerfully dangerous, and can vaporize things just by palming them (a la Kent Tousaka). Of course, this is simply a method to compensate for their lack of strength, and taking advantage of their natural speed. They are the ultimate all-or-nothing mages.

Cardmancers are typical "cast spell" mages, with a twist. They actually cannot cast spells on their own, but require the assistance of their own specially made "spell cards", essentially blank mana containers. Cardmancers charge cards with mana, and then use these cards to produce spells. The difference between Cardmancers and typical "cast spell" mages are that cardmancers do NOT have "casting time" due to the medium being the containers that actually does the casting. This means that they can move and cast spells at the same time, and can cast multiple spells by charging more than a single container with mana. The downside is that they are unable to cast spells without cards, due to their training to learn how to charge the appropriate mana into a single container, and that the size of their spells are limited by the amount of mana that can be charged into a container, so they will have very few very powerful spells at their disposal.

Auramancers are rather awkward mages in general. They by themselves do absolutely nothing. They really only stand around in crowds and are generally harmless to the enemy in general, save for a couple of healing spells there and there. The major power of the auramancer is not in their healing arts, but in their augmentation arts. The auramancers actually emit a light aura of mana around themselves (so when they are on, it's a slow drain on their mana), which augment the magic of basically anyone who use similar types of mana, friend or foe alike. Plant a couple amongst a group of spellcasters, and that force becomes one that can be enormously dangerous. Since Auramancers' abilities tend to be second nature, they CAN run around with the non-standing mages, as well.

Enchanters are different from Auramancers in it that they do not possess a continuous ability. Rather, they are capable of enchanting weapons and spells (yes, they can enchant spells on the go). They are incapable of doing any other sort of magic, other than some support spells here and there. Not offensive. They are advised to just run if the going gets too tough, like the auramancer.

+'s Fast, agile on land and moreso in water, can communicate over long distances in water via a squid ability (cannot be intercepted due to strange encription using mana).

-'s lack of anything once mana pool is gone. For flash mages, that's quite quick, but less so for the other kinds. Lack of endurance, have to be augmented to do any real damage.

Charizard Michelle
08-07-2007, 01:29 AM
I have a question.

Has a race been made that is simlar to the Neko race but a dog version? You know just human form but with dog ears, tail and some sort of claws (Something like the wolf demon that Inuyasha is). I know there are two dog races but from what I can tell they are dog like with dog nose and all. I don't want that.

Lord Fedora
08-09-2007, 11:54 PM
Edit: Here's the new new race


SPECIAL Allocation
Strength: 10
Agility: 7

Nightwings are perhaps one of the most creepy creatures you will ever meet. In terms of their figures, they are mostly humanoid, but only in shape. There bodies are in fact those of humans, but their skin is a dark coal black, streaked with thick red lines running through the entire body that are literally the veins, carrying their molten hot lava blood through their bodies. From their backs are a set of four raven black wings, two on each side of the body. Often inbetween them is where you will see his weapon (there are no Nightwing females), a Nightwing's favored being a katana. They have ordinary faces though, except for two of their top teeth, which are more like vampire fangs. Nightwings are also different from humans in one other aspect: the eyes. Nightwings are capable of, through years of practice, preventing any emotion to be shown through their eyes, just keeping them at a blank, cold stare.

Nightwings are known in Zaridia as some of the most skilled and powerful warriors in existence. They are masters of blades, incredibly strong, and very quick too. The cost is that they have no built up defense, so fighting large numbers isn't really as good option, but in one on one, few can best a Nightwing. They take much advantage of their wings to choose when fighting actually takes place by flying away when they want the combat to end. Since their style focuses on speed, they are more adept with light weapons then heavy, but can use larger weapons if necessary.

Nightwing politics are... sketchy at best. For the most part Nightwings divide themselves into clans. The clan is led by the strongest member, the Angelus. The clans, under their Angelus' leadership, are constantly wandering, always looking for a fight, as that is the one thing that Nightwings love to do: fight. Whenever two clans meet, then the two Angelus' fight to the death. The clan of the loser is then inducted into the clan of the winner. This means that the larger the clan, the more powerful it is.

Nightwings are... a unique race. They are not born through normal means, as can be imagined if there are no females. They are born through the sheer power of corruption. Like all creatures, Nightwings struggle for survival when it is out of their grasp. So, whenever a clan comes across a cruel and corrupted soul, the stronger members are to bring him to the Angelus, who will then perform an excruiciatingly painful ritual, turning them into a Nightwing. This is regardless of wether the person is male or female, they will always turn out male.

Despite this forcible transformation, which is only done by neccessity to survive, Nightwings are honorable creatures. They will not challenge one they percieve as weaker than them, nor will they murder needlessly. The only time they will intentionally harm someone off the field of battle is when they absolutely need to feed, and even then they rely on each other. Most people do not see this, though, and only see their fearful fighting prowess.

Another interesting note about Nightwings is that they do not require sustanance to survive. Or rather, not from a need for energy. Unfrotunately, they do have a fatal flaw. A natural addiction to blood. Any blood. From any animal. Like vampires, they feed by biting into a vein with their razor sharp teeth and sucking out the resulting blood. However, unlike vampires, they don't do it to live. Like most addictions, quiting will result in withdrawl, a very nerve-racking period in which the body begs for the addiction. However, unlike other addictions, this withdrawl is much more painful, and in 99% of cases, ends in insanity. However, because of their honor, Nightwings will never feed off of sentient beings. Only animals. When they have gone too long without feeding, usually there will be someone, a friend perhaps, who will willingly offer their blood to satiate the addiction.

+’s and –‘s
+Extreme fighing prowess
-Low defensive capability
+Feared by many, allowing for easy intimidation in the case of interrogation
-Feared by many, most will run at the sight of them
+Wings allow arial combat
-Vampiric addiction to blood
-Insanity causing withdrawl for aforesaid addiction.

Images of the Race

08-12-2007, 12:51 AM
Tah dah! A concept for a completely evil race, a race of apochalypse bent hell bringers. In other words, they are clones of the old man down the street in the morning.

It might not be finished right now, but I'll finish it later.

Name – Wrech. Wrechs. Wrechs, The Children Of Blood.

SPECIAL Allocation –

Intelligence-1 (I'd actually like to make it 0 XD...)

Description – To almost every single living thing in the entire universe, nobody knows what the true appareance of these blood loving demons are completely unknown. It is said that the gods do not know because these creatures come from the deepest darkest reaches of hell, where the fire of evil and darkness compells the light.

However, whenever a Wrech is seen, they're appareance is completely different from eachother. Why? Because they have a deadly, moldy secret. The Wrechs, when born, kill everything. And when they've completely killed their victim, they actually enter the being's corpse, reanimate it, and use the corpse as their own body, although the body is still technically dead. And, when they kill another, they remove completely rotten body parts, and replace them with new parts from a corpse of their next victim. This pattern keeps on going for the Wrech.

The true form of the Wrech is simple, and mysterious, and is unknown to just about everything. The true form is nothing more than a big, black, levitating blob of dark energy. No face, no ears, nothing at all. Just a big blak ball of energy. However, when killing, the blob engulfs the foe, and drowns it with the blob itself, crushs it by constriction, and drains the life force, and eats literally crushes the soul, sending it into a black realm, where the victim is cursed to be overkilled by inborn Wrechs, and ripped apart, not going anywhere else for all eternity.

Combat – When they're in their blob stage, all they do is completely destroy the foe. Their blob form races through the victim's body, drowning the victim. The blob also engulfs the foe and crushes him. It absorbs the soul, and banishes it into a curse world. It is definitely, the most unpleaset way of dieing, and the most unpleasent afterlife as well.

When they've killed their victim, they use the victim's own manners of offense in contract to their own, as the blob is no longer used, although it still exist. In fact, the blob IS the Wretcher. The bodys of it's victims it puts together is simply it's "armor" or "shell". It can use it's victim's manner of offense, but only if it has the body part that uses the attack. For example, if it killed a Blastoise, but didn't take it's cannon, it couldn't use the powerful water moves Blastoise could use.

Habitat/Society – Habitat: The Wrech's habitat is everywhere there is things for the Wrech to kill and extract useful body parts from it's corpse. The Wrech has no care for neither it's own being, nor the well being of others. It could live anywhere, and not care if they were being sucked by quicksand. They'd still try to kill, until they get themselves trapped in the sand, although they won't die, the corpse shield will rot away, and allow the blob to escape.

Society: Wrechs have no sense or idea of what society is, nor are they capable of creating and being a part of it. They will horde and swarm to kill large groups, usually of resisters to the horde. They cannot breed animals, they can only kill them. They cannot rear and create, they can only horde and destroy. There is no exception. No Wrecher can have a society.

+’s and –‘s –


- They cannot feel emotions like mercy, sadness, or despair, although they appear to always be angry somewhat. This allows them to kill the weak as they beg for mercy, and keep on killing if an ally falls.
- They cannot feel pain when they are attacked. Physical contact against the corpse will break it, but contact with the blob spells doom. It will do the killing process, and take over the victim.
- They simply cannot die by means of natrual causes, such as quicksand, or fires, or tornados, lightning, and storms. This allows them to keep on marching, killing in the process.


- These creatures are highly vulnerable to spells with a light element, and sealing spells can also undoe all they've done; including reviving the killed victims, restoring their body, and sending the thing straight back to hell.
- Since they're "armor" is a corpse, it can easily be withered, and beaten away by being hammered with attacks, and then allowing for a light spell to kill it.
- They cannot think. They have NO BRAIN AT ALL. They just rely on instinct, do whatever they do, kill. That is all they can do. That allows intelligent beings to get the edge on Wrechs, and kill them.