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01-16-2005, 10:35 PM
The area was quiet, for the sun had not begun to rise. A thin mist hanged motionless near the ground, and in the trees the bird Pokemon begun to stir. A family of Taillows began to stretch their wings, and a deep call of a Spearow could be heard, hidden in the protective arms of the tree branches. A lone, female trainer named Naomi breathed deeply and then let it out. It was cool out, and the first breezes of dawn felt good on her just-woken-up face. She stretched and looked around her, and then back at the Zangoose by her side.

"Well, Daggon," she said to him, "it looks like there's another big day ahead of us." The Zangoose chittered in agreement, and then yawned. Naomi smiled and sat down, and then looked around warily. Not a Pokemon in sight...it was almost frustrating to wait for something to come. Naomi sighed, and Daggon closed his eyes. She realized that it was way too early. She could have sleeped in and there would have been more Pokemon around when she woke up. "Sorry, Daggon...I'm always making a mess out of things," she groaned. The Zangoose did not reply.

Naomi looked at the Pokemon and narrowed her eyes. The Zangoose's eyes were closed in what seemed deep concentration. "Daggon, are you okay?" Naomi asked, concerned. Suddenly, his eyes snapped open and he got on all fours. His fur began to bristle and his ears shot back and forth. "What is it, Daggon?" Naomi whispered, looking in the direction he seemed to be concentrating on.

Suddenly the bushes that were about thirty feet away from them began to shake, and a low growl came from its source. Naomi's heart quickened its pace, and she slowly stood up and fingered her pack, which had extra Pokeballs. There was nothing quite more exciting than knowing that you may have found and might catch a wild Pokemon. She stared at the bushes for a what seemed like a long time, waiting patiently. Soon the leaves parted and the head of an odd, purple, pig-like Pokemon.

"What the?" Naomi whispered, and cautiously pulled out her Pokedex, careful not to startle the Pokemon. She accessed the program quickly and concluded that the Pokemon was a Grumpig, the evolved form of the Psychic type Spoink. "It's kind of cute," she said, smiling. Her eyes widened when the Grumpig suddenly leaps out of the bushes and charges towards them. Daggon hissed, his fur standing on end, and charged back at the Grumpig until they stopped about fifteen feet from Naomi, both staring at each other in mock challenge. "Hmm, pretty agitated for a pig-like Pokemon," Naomi observed, and then shrugged. "It seems pretty strong, so let's try to catch this guy. Are you up to it, Daggon?"

The Zangoose growled in agreement, its eyes burning into the Grumpig's, whom never did once flinch. "Okay, let's do this! Catch of the day, coming up! Daggon, use Quick Attack!" Naomi cried. Daggon dashed quickly around the Pokemon in a white blur, but the Grumpig did not attempt to follow its movements. Just when Daggon was about to strike, the Grumpig headbutted him, knocking him back a bit, but unharmed. Daggon screeched in anger and leaped back to its feet, now more angry than ever.

"Wow, it's pretty smart," Naomi said softly. "Okay, we'll just have to work our way up. Use Swords Dance, Daggon, and then use Scratch!" Daggon closed its eyes in deep concentration and then clashes its claws together, a faint red beginning to glow around him. The Zangoose then quickly lunges forward and slashes at the Grumpig. The Grumpig squeals in pain and is knocked down. Daggon grins in triumph and readies itself again. "Okay Daggon, Scratch him again while he's down and then I'll get him," Naomi commanded.

Daggon leapt at the pig Pokemon again, but before he could strike, the Grumpig quickly gets up, puts its hands in front of it, and closes it eyes. The pearl on its forehead began to glow, and Daggon stopped in midair. "What the!" Naomi cried. "What kind of attack is this? Daggon, try to move?" Daggon struggled to move, but he could not budge. He was held in midair by a dark purple aura, which its power seemed to come from the Grumpig's pearl.

As Naomi watched in disbelief, the Grumpig clasped its hands together and a beam of energy shoots out of its pearl and hits the Zangoose. Daggon screeches in pain and grits its teeth from the impact. "Daggon! Hang on!" Naomi yelled, and pulled a Pokeball from her pack. "Oh, God, please catch it," she thought to herself, and flung the Ball with all of her might at the pig.

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01-16-2005, 11:11 PM
Detail: Very nice, its high quality.

Length: Not long enough for that pokemon, a Magikarp maybe, make it a real story.

Spelling/Grammar: 4 mistakes found, passed.

Reality: Odds are a pokemon isn't just going to pop out at you. Life isn't that easy.

Outcome: Spoink not captured.

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Gah, it appears that I cannot have a Zangoose as a starter. *sob* So I requested a Spoink and it is now approved, muha! Now, I'll have to try this catching thing again. *fingers are about to fall off*

* In this story, I am trying to look for a Seedot. Would it be alright if I do not intoduce the encounter, but for a moderator to do it for me? I don't want to mess up again. Also, how do Pokemon evolve here? *

Naomi ducks just in time as a Taillow suddenly swoops inches above her head. It alighted itself on a nearby branch and screeched angrily at her, its eyes wide and its feathers ruffled. "Man, the Pokemon around here are edgy," Naomi muttered to herself and continued to walk through the small woods that she had entered about half an hour ago. So far, she had not come across any Pokemon besides a Shroomish, which had fled before she could get close enough, and the Taillow. She had no idea what other kinds of Pokemon were in the area, but she was determined to find out. Naomi looked up through some of the thinner branches of the trees at the sky and narrowed her eyes at the sight of a cluster of dark rain clouds gathering overhead. Suddenly, thunder crackled overhead, and she groaned in frustration. "Just my luck to jinx the weather," she sighed, and continued to trudge onward. Hopefully, she would find a Pokemon before the downpour came.

As she traveled deeper into the forest, the thicker the trees seemed to get. She pushed aside a large tree branch that was in her way and stumbled through a cluttered patch of brambles. Naomi concentrated on where she was stepping so that she would not trip and fall and grit her teeth when a thorn stuck in through her jeans. "This just keeps getting better and better," she growls as she finally gets out of the patch alive. She looked up at the sky again, and this time the clouds were directly overhead. Thunder boomed once more, making her flinch, and lightning streaked across the sky in thin veins. Might as well pitch in until it blows over, she thought, and sat down, leaning her back against a medium-sized boulder. Of course, she stayed away from the nearby trees.

She took a Pokeball out of her pack and released a Spoink, a very odd Pokemon that must continuously bounce on its spring to keep its heart pumping. "Heya, Takeru," she said to it, "we might not be moving for a while. There's a nasty storm coming our way, and I'm not having any luck at all, as usual." She rubbed her eyes with her knuckles and yawned, since she did not have a lot of sleep the last night. "Oink?" the Spoink said, blinking. Naomi smiled and shook her head. "I really wish I could understand you, but hopefully you can understand me. It would be useless if both couldn't understand the other. We wouldn't get anywhere."

She scratched its head, and Takeru closed its eyes in delight. Naomi smiled again, and then sighed and leaned back. "We might as well get some rest," she said, putting her arms behind her head and closing her eyes. The Spoink closed its eyes as well, but it continued to spring in place. Naomi thought that it was incredible for a Pokemon to bounce in order to survive, but yet can sleep while continuing the action. In no time at all, the two began to doze off. Rain began to drizzle, but the thick covering of firs protected them from exposure it.