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01-17-2005, 11:05 PM
Note: This story is going to be continuous. So after one catch, more plot will still unfold.


“Squirt, Squirtle, Squirt!” one of my newest Pokemon sang as it bounced around in the small glittering lake, lit harshly by the noon sun, which surrounded us. I smiled gently, simply enjoying that it was enjoying the boat ride we had gone on. Nothing meant more to me than the happiness of my Pokemon.


My mood of tranquility had been destroyed when I heard the ringing of my cell phone. I swished my long blonde hair out of the way and reached deep into my pocket, grasping my cell phone.

"This is Jenny, of the Pokemon Collector's Society Ranch #5. Our ranch specializes in making sure many Pokemon of all different types, environments, and levels can coexist with each other peacefully and without worrying about predators. This ranch is statistically proven to be one of the happiest Pokemon societies in the world. What can I do for you?" I said coolly, without flaw, stumble, or stutter. I had to recite that every time I answered the phone; it's a ranch regulation.

"Jenny! Quit talking and come to HQ, we're under attack!" said a familiar voice. This was followed by the sound of the phone being thrown down onto its stand.

Well, I thought to myself, so much for being descriptive. What could be going on? There were nearly never attacks here, and even when they did occur, we always knew way ahead of time, thanks to our Dragonite security team.

"Squirtle," I called out, "I'm going to leave you here. Don't go too far, okay?"


I smiled as much as I could. I didn't want fear to penetrate my eyes for it might scare Squirtle. I dug into my pocket once more, and this time I grabbed a ball.

"Go Pokeball," I called as I through the ball. In a flash of red light, a Dragonair appeared in front of me, and I hopped onto its smooth back, and straddled my legs across Dragonair. I petted its back silently.

"Dragonair," I said breathing heavily, "To the HQ, and fast!"

A few minutes later Dragonair and I had almost made it to HQ. Right as I could begin to make out what was going on, the sky had clouded up and begun to hail. A large, nearly Voltorb sized chunk of ice came crashing down toward Dragonair and me.

"Dodge that thing, get above the clouds!"

Quickly Dragonair soared straight up, and turned westward at the last moment to avoid the ice chunk, before continuing up to the cloud tops. As we flew through the clouds, I covered my head with my unprotected arms and shut my eyes tight. The clouds were literally filled with deadly chunks of ice. If my Dragonair wasn't a trained flier, I'd be dead for sure.

"Hurry, I feel like I'll be hit by ice any seco... ahhh!"

Something hit Dragonair's side, and we began plummeting down toward the ground. My eyes flew open. A huge Pidgeot had knocked Dragonair out. I glanced around, but I could only see huge chunks of hail on all my sides, and a ground that would surely kill me as soon as I hit it.

"What in the world... I've never seen such a powerful Pidgeot or Hail attack, and none of my current Pokemon can stop them or smooth my fall." I whispered to myself, panting with fear.

Pidgeot appeared right at my side. I didn't blink or anything; it just appeared out of thin air. That had to be the quickest Quick Attack I had ever seen. A stinging blow hit my side. I lost the feeling in my body, followed by the thoughts in my mind.

01-22-2005, 10:45 PM
Slowly I lifted my limp eyelids. It seemed like it took me hours to get my eyes opened. Even when they were open, my surroundings were completely blurry. What was going on?

"Who? What? When? Where? Why?" I said, in a drained tone. My thoughts were racing too fast for complete sentences.

"She's awake," I heard a first voice whisper. I recognized this voice; it was a deep male's voice. However, I couldn't seem to put a picture of the person in my mind.

"I thought she died! Oh my, oh my my my!" exclaimed a voice

"Obviously," said a voice I knew very well. It was the same one that had called me earlier, "She has amesia and is asking us to explain the world to her."

"No, not exac..." I started, before I was cut off.

"Jenny, that is your name. It is short for Jendayi. I am Dr. Allie. I am here with my assistants. You are a girl. You have blonde hair. Your hair is long. You have blue eyes. You are from Blackthorn City. Your mom died. You dad is missing. We are at a Pokemon Ranch not far from Blackthorn City. I..." Dr. Allie rambled, pointlessly.

Throughout Allie's monologue I had tried to tell her I did not have amnesia. I finally gave up because, knowing her, she would not listen. If could simply see, I would have left the room. Luckily, my vision was clearing up slightly. For the next few minutes, I ignored Allie and focused on trying to see.

"... And finally, you have amnesia."

Finally, there was silence. I sighed a heavy relief.

"Thank you Dr. Obvious," I said in a tense fashion, "But..."

"Actually," Dr. Allie cut me off in a cheery tone, "It's Dr. Allie."

"That was sarcasm. I do not have amnesia. Okay?" I asked, annoyed that Allie was not listening to me at all.

"Oh!" Allie exclaimed. I assumed she was blushing because I heard her assistants snickering. I knew that Allie hated being wrong, so she was probably taking this pretty badly.

"The only problem is, I can't seem to see. But even more important than that, what happened in that battle?" I questioned quickly.

"Oh, you simply have dirt in your eyes from your fall, nothing a few eye drops won't take care of," Dr. Allie said calmly, before questioning, "But what battle are you talking about?"

"The one you called me about!" I exclaimed, surprised at the question, "With the Hail attack and the Pidgeot that OHKO'd my Dragonair!"

"Jenny..." Dr. Allie sounded worried, "You were seen flying on Dragonair. Then, Dragonair simply fell without cause. There was no battle."

I gasped. What did they thing I was? Insane? I remembered it clearly, and no matter what Allie said, I knew it happened.

"I know what I saw..." I said, confused, "And this is no time to joke!"

"You must have hit your head," Dr. Allie sighed, "Or dreamed that. Now about the eye drops..."

02-19-2005, 09:37 PM
I slowly walked out of Dr. Allie's office, somewhat blinded by the bright lights I could now see. Dr. Allie had said she'd never quite seen an eye problem quite like mine. According to her, nothing was wrong with my eyes and I should be seeing just fine. I knew that was incorrect, because I could not see, whether I should be able to or not. But that was only the first layer of all that was on my mind. Dr. Allie said the most likely problem was that I was overworked and beginning to hallucinate. I doubted that; I love this job too much to think of it as work. Whether that was the problem or not, Dr. Allie had given me 2 weeks vacation.

As I walked through the hall, lined by pictures of the many Pokemon on this ranch, I began to ponder what I could do outside of the ranch. I couldn't think of anything. I had no family, and all of my friends were here at the ranch. I sighed. I would have to wing it.

"Jenny!" a voice called from behind me. It echoed through the long corridor. I turned around and saw one of Dr. Allie's nurses. Maybe Dr. Allie had changed her mind about my vacation.

"Yes?" I asked quickly, wanting to find out if my guess at what the nurse wanted had been true.

"Dr. Allie has sent some people to pack your stuff. She doesn't want you to do any more than you have to," the nurse said cheerily, as if she thought that news would make my day.

"Oh," I faked a smile, "Tell her thanks."

The nurse nodded and walked away. Great, I thought angrily, I'm official the resident nut job it seems. Time to act my part. I turned and dashed toward the nearest door. I ran right past the stunned receptionist and pushed the door open with a strong push on the glass. Had it been any stronger, I would have expected the glass to break. I stumbled through the door, nearly falling down. As soon as I had caught myself from falling, and my breath as well, I grabbed a Pokeball from my pocket. Knowing Dr. Allie, she had taken the liberty of healing my Pokemon for me. It was time to find out if this assumption was right, unlike my other one.

"Go Dragonair!" I screamed. I hit the white button on the Pokeball, and in a flash of red light, Dragonair came out. It floated in the air happily.

"Dragonair, we're finally getting some freedom," I said as I walked toward Dragonair. When I reached Dragonair, I straddled my leg across it, "Let's go anywhere you want."

With that said, Dragonair flew up into the air and sped away.

02-20-2005, 02:21 AM
"Dragonair," I asked as we sped upwards, "Where are we going?"

Dragonair tilted its head toward a vast mountain in the distance. Mt. Silver. I gasped. There was absolutely no way we would survive there. Although, I suppose I shouldn't have been too surprised considering Dragonair had always showed a particular interest in rigorous training. So much for a vacation.

"I don't know, Dragonair," I said feeling weak even against the zephyr blowing my hair, "I don't know if we are ready."

Dragonair nodded in a way that I knew meant "Yes, we are.", but that in no way reassured me. I sized up the mountain as we continued our ascent. It was huge. All the mountains around it were big and rugged as well, but nothing even seemed to be a fraction of Mt. Silver. Mt. Silver had perfectly smooth slopped sides. This made it nearly impossible to climb to the top on the outside of the mountain, like you would do on normal mountains. Instead, the only way to reach the top was through a cave. This cave, from what I heard, was full of the toughest Pokemon in the land. Only the true greats could survive. No normal Trainer could even deal with the Pokemon in the grass outside the cave. The mountain was also immensely tall. It stuck far above the clouds. This height showed just how long a journey through the cave would be. The journey would be months of continuous walking and fighting. The top of what I could see of the mountain was completely covered in snow. This just showed how cold and difficult life on the journey would be. There was no way Dragonair and I could survive a day in that, let alone months.

"Dragonair..." I said, gulping, "Wouldn't you rather go to Dragon's Den? I mean, appearently I'm insane, do you really think this is the best time to do the insane and climb Mt. Silver?"

Dragonair smirked.

"Oh," I said dryly, "You think that because I'm insane, or was at least trying to prove I was, that I'll do something insane? I should have known this wasn't a random trip..."

I sat quietly for the next few minutes, staring down at the ground. We were no where near the height of Mt. Silver and yet looking down was scary anyway. The rivers were nothing but the trickle of water one would get from a Psyduck's Water Gun and the towns looked like they were straight out of Sabrina's toy box. This was bad enough. My view of the ground was ruined as we flew up through a cloud.

"Ahh," I yelped as I felt Dragonair hit something. Dragonair came to a sudden stop and looked around, "What was that?"

I looked around. I couldn't see much of anything due to the cloud.

"SWABLU!" I heard from slightly below us. The sound seemed to be getting nearer.

"Dragonair, we must've hit a Swablu!" I exclaimed, "And it must think we attacked it. Hurry, let's get out of this cloud!"

Dragonair quickly continued upward, toward the top of the cloud. However, I had no idea how large this cloud might be.

02-20-2005, 08:59 PM
As we continued our way up through the cloud, I dug my hand into my pocket to see which Pokemon I had with me. I had many Pokemon, but only six could be with a Trainer at a time. I gasped. My pocket felt so empty. Only 3 balls, one of which belonged to Dragonair.

"Shoot, Dr. Allie must've kept some of my Pokemon," I murmured to myself, "Perhaps hitting this Swablu was good fate after all, if we really do go to Mt. Silver I'll need as many Pokemon as I can get."

Suddenly we burst out of the cloud into open air. Swablu burst out right behind us. Both Dragonair and Swablu were panting from the quick flight. The match had begun.

"Dragonair," I commanded, "Agility! If it can't see us, it can't attack us!"

I grabbed Dragonair tightly as it began to quickly circle around Swablu. The speed of Dragonair's agility in combination with the strong, high altitude wind blew my hair in every direction, preventing me from seeing the match. During that instant I felt something thrash into Dragonair, nearly knocking me to my death.

"Dragonair!" I screamed, "Slow down! It must have hit us with Take Down!"

Dragonair came to a nearly instant stop. I looked around but Swablu was nowhere to be seen. Dragonair was knocked sideways once more, throwing me over its edge. Luckily I was still grasping its body. I glanced down toward the cloud below. If I fell it would mean near certain death.

"Help me, Dragonair!" I screamed, panting for air. Dragonair circled its head under its snakelike body making a nice seat for me to fall onto. I thumped onto its back hardly, but at least I was alive. Dragonair once again was knocked sideways, but this time I was ready and held on tight.

"Dragonair," I said, furrowing my eyebrows, "I think I AM going insane. Air can't attack us... and Swablu doesn't know any speed boosting attacks."

A light bulb in my head clicked. How could I be so stupid?

"It's Mirror Move!" I laughed, "Use Thunderwave to slow it down!"

Dragonair's horn began to glow a bright yellow. Sparks flew from around it. Those sparks lit the whole area around Dragonair. I flattened myself to Dragonair's back to avoid being hit. At first it seemed like nothing had happened, but then I saw a blur coming to a stop in front of us.

"Good job!" I exclaimed happily, "Now that it's weakened, finish it off with Hyper Beam!"

Dragonair's horn gleaned once more, but this time it was glowing every color of the rainbow. However, something weird was happening; mist had appeared all around us.

"Dragonair," I questioned, "Are we in a cloud? I can't see Swablu anymore."

Dragonair released its Hyper Beam in the direction of where Swablu had been before this mist had surrounded us. The Hyper Beam was so strong it cleared all the mist away. Swablu was no longer in front of us.

"It was Paralyzed," I said quietly, "How could it not be there? Unless it's falling to the ground... which could kill it!"

Dragonair moaned a depressed sigh.

"Dragonair," I said with worry, "I think we were too hard on Swablu! We need to fly down to see if it's fall..."

Before I could finish, something thrashed against Dragonair once more.

"What in the world?" I asked myself. Since I knew it couldn't be Swablu, what could it be?

I glanced behind myself to see what had attacked us. I was shocked. Swablu was there, and it did not look Paralyzed in the slightest.

"How in the world?" I said, my eyes were wide, "Did the mist help to heal Swablu or something?"

I pondered that thought for a while. I had once heard of an attack called Mist. I had never seen it used before, but could this be what it does? Could it be a healing Mist? Even though this seemed to be the case, I had a feeling that the Mist was irrelevant to its miracle recovery.

"Dragonair," I said softly, "Once you've recovered from Hyper Beam, use Leer, so Hyper Beam will be more likely to KO it next time."

Swablu darted forward once more. It hit Dragonair and me hardly, but weaker than the previous times. It then flew back away and approached for an attack once more. However, before Swablu reached us, Dragonair's eyes began to glow. I had used this attack many times before and knew it would stop Swablu dead in its tracks.

"Just a little longer!" I exclaimed. However, I was beginning to doubt this would work. Leer had never taken so long to work before, "Scratch Leer Dragonair, get out of the way!"

Dragonair dove down just in the knick of time. It successfully avoided Swablu's attack.

"Oh," I whispered, "Mist must have prevented Swablu's stats from being lowered. But then what cured its Paralysis? I should have paid more attention at Poke-School. Maybe Refresh? I'll figure this out later..."

I looked down at Swablu. It looked tired. I suppose it had worn itself out from trying to attack me so many times.

"Swa, Blu," Swablu said in a tired tone.

"Dragonair," I panted, "While it is tired, use your Hyper Beam to knock it out!"

Dragonair nodded. It tilted its head down as its horn lit up once more. Swablu tiredly began flying away, but I knew it would not clear the area of Dragonair's Hyper Beam.

"Dragooooonair!" Dragonair screamed as it unleashed a might beam of light from its horn. The light started off in a straight line, and then spread to engulf the whole sky below us before it exploded. For a moment, time stood still.

"Come on," I said impatiently as I waited for the smoke to clear. A minute later, I could makeout Swablu floating in the air directly below us, nearly ready to pass out and fall. I reached into my pocket and grabbed an empty ball. I dropped the ball straight down. It bounched on Swablu's head and then opened its latch, turning Swablu into a flash of red light. Pokemon turning into red light was weird, but the Pokeball staying afloat in the air as it decided whether or not I had caught Swablu was the definition of weird.

"Please let it be a catch..." I said to myself, "I risked my life for it, and... it’s only a Swablu! If I can't do this, I'll never survive at Mt. Silver."

The ball continued to shake.

Jack of Clovers
02-22-2005, 10:11 PM
"Thank you Dr. Obvious," I said in a tense fashion, "But..."

"Actually," Dr. Allie cut me off in a cheery tone, "It's Dr. Allie."

"That was sarcasm. I do not have amnesia. Okay?"
now that was funny.

wow. very well written. good ideas leading to a fun vacation.

2nd post, end. --> I gasped. What did they think I was?
3rd post, near end. --> Great, I thought angrily, I'm officially the resident nut job it seems.
4th post, middle. --> Mt. Silver had perfectly smooth sloped sides.
great similies in your story make it that much better.

nicely done. maybe describe the HQ a little more next time.

wow, an aerial battle... well done. i was there (actually shaking because i don't like height like that. :dazed: )

looks good.

keep up the good writing.

Outcome- Swablu Captured!