View Full Version : My Ipod!!!

07-27-2007, 10:58 PM
Well I got my self a 200$ Ipod and it was work fine untill 3 weeks ago then I could not Get any new songs! I can fit 200 more songs and I have new podcast to put on! But when i plug in my Ipod (Normaly it would pop up and do it's thing and then on the ipod it would say do not connet) but i plug it in and it says its Charging! and I want to get songs! and when i go to Itunes it says it's not hooked up but it is becasue it says charging and it will only charg if the computer is on plus You can't find it on the computer! I try almost every thing like Reinstalling Itunes and puting in the new updates! I tryed EVERY thing! I look it up on Apple.com and went to ipods and NO luck! PLZ help i hate listen to the same song!

Please Help! ASAP!

~ Craig ~