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Orange Islands Adventure!

Welcome to the great fic that started it all for Nick Dunbar, a small town kid from the Orange Islands that travels throughout the Islands into Johto. What will happen in this Orange Islands fic? I'm glad to say that this was the FIRST Orange Islands Fic and a great one it turned out to be i hope. I love all comments and opinions, ENJOY!

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Chapter 1- The Start of a Legend!

Nick yawned widely as he edged his self out of bed. This was the first day of his exciting Pokemon quest. Nick Dunbar lived in the heart of Valencia Island, the starting island of the famous Orange Islands. The Orange Islands werenít like regular islands with regular gyms with regular gym leaders and regular gym battles. Oh no, these islands were very special...
The Orange Islands Gyms were filled with contests that you had to use pure skill. Its not how big or how strong your pokemon are but how well you trained it, how smart and how much skill your pokemon and you BOTH have.

Nick slipped on his black jeans. He rolled up the bottoms of the jeans so they weren't so long. He then slipped on his gray shoes and put on his blue shirt. Last Nick had clipped on his PokeGear and slid on his black and blue hat on backwards. He grabbed his bag and ran down stairs.

This was the day where Nick started his destiny of a becoming an Orange Islands Pokemon Master...

"I'm out Mom" Nick said, walking away from his home.

Nick wasnít going to see his mom for awhile, his dad wasnít there to keep her company cause he was off in a different region, trying to become a Pokemon master. He left years ago and hasnít talked to the Dunbar family in a long time. They all thought it was because he was ashamed to talk or come home as a failure.

Nickís mom and her oversized fat Skitty, CoCo, waved off. Nick was headed to Professor Ivy's Pokemon Lab.

"What are you doing here?" grunted Jason Ivy. Jason was Nick's worst enemy. He always picked on him. He was also Nickís cousin sadly. Their moms were sisters. Jason and Nick never did like each other. Jason picked on Nick with every opportunity. Of course, Nick couldn't say he was any nicer to Jason.

"Iím here to get a pokemon" Nick confronted Jason.

"Well your to late, I already got the best there was!" Jason said, just picking on Nick like always. "Itís ok Nicky Boy, maybe you will get lucky and catch a better pokemon out in the wild".

"What pokemon did you get?" Nick asked politely.

"Wouldnít you like to know" laughed the rotten Jason. "Iíll see you at my victory party after I complete the Orange Islands and move on to bigger leagues to become the Pokemon Master of the World!" Jason showed off as he walked towards the first island to his 'victory party'.

"Wait hunny!" Prof. Ivy screamed. Jason stopped and looked behind him. "You forgot your undies!" she waved white tuggers up into the air. His face boiled with redness as he looked down and ran off from embrassment. She laughed at her joke, trying to calm the ease between Jason and Nick.

"Donít worry about him, its nice to see you again Nick" said Prof. Ivy.

"Its great to see you to Aunt Ivy" Nick said back to his Aunt.

Nick looked back to see Jason Ivy walk off. His blue jeans and black shirt waved in the wind with his blonde hair. Nick was still mad about Jason.

"So what pokemon do you have left for me?" Nick pondered

"Well I have had 2 trainers come in already today, your pretty late. I only have 3 pokemon left"

"Ok then, lets check them out!" Nick didn't care what they were, he just wanted to start his journey!

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Chapter 2- A New Friend

"Here Nick, 5 pokeball." Ivy handed over.

"Your kiddin me! I already know which one I want!" Nick yelled with excitement. "I pick.. Charmander!". Nick opened the pokeball that he held in his hand. But nothing came out.

"Sorry, that one was taken by another trainer, a trainer that wasnít so late! I'm sorry, I know you were looking forward to getting a Charmander or a Chikorita but I couldnít just tell the trainers that they couldnít have them ya know" Professor Ivy giggled.

"Ok then lets check out what you have" Nick said, wondering his pokemon he would get afterall.

The first pokemon came out. "Squirtle, Water Pokemon. Can be trained to become a powerful pokemon. Lots of trainers perfer this pokemon to start out with" announced Ivy.

"Cyndaquil, Fire Pokemon. This pokemon packs lots of heat. If attacked, it protects itself with the flame on its back" confirmed professor.

"Eevee, Evolution Pokemon. This little pokemon can evolve into five different pokemon. Can be a good friend and a loyal partner" said Professor Ivy, now waiting for my choosing.

"Alright I think I'm going to choose..." Nick bit his lip while he thought.

"Eevee looks like a loyal partner" Nick told Professor Ivy.

"Well then here you go! Eevee doesnít stay in its pokeball very often but I will put it in there for now, just make sure to let it out later" explained the Professor as she gave Nick the pokeball.

"Thanks Professor, I'll keep in contact" replied Nick.

Nick sat down on a log. A Weedle crept out of the hollow log. Nick let out his new pokemon, <Eevveeee> growled Nick's new friend.

"Here Eevee, want some food?" Nick kindly asked his pokemon.

Eevee shook its head no and walked off to sit on the other end of the log.

"Fine, No food for you then! Lets head to the pokemon center" Nick demanded.

Eevee stayed still. Nick tried to pick up Eevee but Eevee ran off to a nearby tree. Nick finally decided to just call it back to its pokeball.

Later on...

"Welcome to Valencia Island Pokemon Center! How may I help you?" asked the beautiful Nurse Joy.

"Yeah, can you please treat this Eevee of mine" said Nick. Nick handed over his pokeball with Eevee inside.

Nick walked over to the phone. He called Professor Ivy.

"Nick! Why are you calling so soon? Something happen?" Ivy said, freaking out, thinking something bad happened.

"No, I am here at the Pokemon Center. I just have a question, why doesnít Eevee obey me?" pondered the new trainer.

"Well Nick, not all pokemon obey there masters. Sometimes it takes some work. Plus I think Eevee is a little scared or mad with humans. See it was abandoned by an other trainer about a month or two ago. Just try to be its friend and maybe you to guys can get along. Now I have to go, Jason just sent me his first catch so I can examine it a little. Talk to you soon!" said the Professor.

Nick knew that with Eevee's attitude it was going to take some time to become friends with it!

"Well Eevee, Jason already made his first catch. That means we have some catching up to do!" Nick clinched his fist as they walked out into a wooded area.

Eevee walked in front of Nick, totally ignoring every comment Nick had made. They walked thru the thick forest. It was getting darker and darker. The sun was just setting.

"Well I was hoping to be off Valencia Island before nightfall but I guess I'm going to have to set up camp here." Nick decided.


"Did you hear that Eevee?" asked Nick, scarred to death. Eevee walked over to Nick, like it was scared to. Suddenly something swept right past us. A large pack of dog pokemons were staring us down. It was a pack of Poochyhena and Mightyhena. Nick picked up Eevee.

"I think this is a good time to run" Nick yelled running at full speed. The pack was after him.

"Donít worry Eevee, I wont let them harm you" Nick promised, being scared more than Eevee although not wanting to show it.

The pack were gaining on him. A Mightyhena bit him in the leg. Nick let out a screeching cry. He kept on running though. One of the Poochyhena's tripped and made a lot of the pack trip and fall down.

"I think we lost them Eevee" Nick confirmed. Nick still kept running but he was tired, he wasnít going to be able to keep it up very much longer. Nick tried to keep going.

BAM! Nick fell. Nick was to tired and got clumsy. He dropped Eevee. Nick tried to pick hisself up but couldnít. His leg was bleeding. He looked to his side to see Eevee staring at him. Eevee was all beat up.

The Mightyhena and Poochyhena caught up with them. They stopped right behind them. Eevee arose to his feet. A Poochyhena had ran to Nick's bag, trying to rip it off of Nick's shoulder. Eevee Headbutted the Poochyhena.

"Thanks.......Friend.." cried Nick. Eevee looked deep at Nick. The next thing Nick saw was amazing. Eevee turned all white. The moon shone brighter than ever before. Eevee grew twice its size. It turned the color of the black sky that sat above them. Yellow rings formed on its legs and ears. Nick's newly transformed Umbreon stared the pack down with its blood red eyes.

Umbreon started to speak to the pack. Then a massive ball was formed. The light coming from the attack seemed like it blinded Nick for minutes. But really it was just enough to keep Nick from seeing what happened.

Few seconds had passed, Nick got help from Umbreon in order to stand up. Nick patted Umbreon on the head.

"Thanks Umbreon, your the best friend a guy could ask for!" yelled Nick.

Umbreon was filled with joy. Umbreon had finally come to reason with Nick, now they could do anything they set there mind to!

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Chapter 3- Lets Go for the Gold!

Umbreon strutted towards the door of the Pokemon Center in Valencia Island. Umbreon had Nick on its back. Nurse Joy ran over.

"Oh myÖ Are you ok?" Nurse Joy came running over to Nick to see what happened.

"I just hurt my leg really badly, a Mightyhena bit it and it wont stop bleeding." Nick explained.

Joy had two Chanseyís pick Nick up and take Nick to a bed in the back of the center. Even though it was a hospital for pokemon she was still able to find bandages and such for Nickís leg. Umbreon sat by Nickís side in the dark room. Nickís leg all wrapped in bandages so Nick wasnít able to move at all so he was stuck there. Nick just hoped he wasnít stuck there for long. Umbreon was sleeping silently.

Nick thought about how Umbreon rescued me in that horrifying situation. Umbreon seemed to really like me now. It seemed that we would be friends for a long time now.


"Hey kiddo! Howís it goin?" Nickís mom blurted out.

"Me and my new Umbreon are doing great! I am here at the Pokemon Center and I figured I should call you." Nick told her.

"Thatís great, I guess that means Eevee evolved! How great!" Mrs. Dunbar yelled.

"I guess I better get going..." Nick tried to end this quick conversation.

"Sure thing, bye sweetie" she blew a kiss.

Nick walked out the door. He was trying to figure out how he was going to get there. "HEY THERE! CAN YOU HELP ME OUT REALLY QUICK!" yelled a boy that was probably 15 or 16 years of age. He was carrying books and cases. Nick ran over to help me out by taking half of the things he was carrying.

"Whats all this stuff for?" Nick wondered.

"I am in training to become a Pokemon Professor. I am going to travel around the Orange Islands to study different kinds of pokemon. The name is Shawn by the way" he shook Nickís hand.

"I'm Nick. Nice to meet you. Is that your boat?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, do you need a ride or something?" Shawn asked.

"Well actually I am on a journey to defeat the Orange Crew, I would love a ride if its not to much trouble" Nick hoped he would allow the free trip cause having to pay for ferries to take you island to island was a major pain.

"The Orange Crew, sure thing. I can take you to all the islands if you want. It would be great to see gym battles and such" Shawn shrugged as if it meant nothing.

"Right On! Thanks a lot" Nick jumped up in the air with excitement.

Shawn sat down the supplies he needed inside the boat. It was a small fast boat. Shawn combed his hair with his hand. His black hair just swerved by his ears, being parted right down the middle. He had on a green shirt with blue shorts and some dirty black shoes.

As soon as Nick got my package his left with Shawn to the next island. It was the only island between Valencia and the island with the 1st Gym.


Nick, Shawn, and Umbreon walked deep into the island but there seemed to be nothing there.

"I think were lost Umbreon. I thought there was some kind of civilization on this island" said Nick. They walked threw thick brush until they heard a BAAAOOOOMG! Gray smoke arose just to the left of them. They ran over to the blast. It was a big clearing with two trainers battling each other.

It was a Charmeleon v.s Skarmory. The Charmeleon releashed a huge Flamethrower. The twirling flame burned Skarmory badly. Skarmory didnít give up though and used Hyper Beam, winning the battle. Nick kept on walking and saw lots of trainers battling each other. Nick looked over to see Shawn drawing parts of the battle.

"Hey there, wanna battle?" asked someone around.

"Um sure but first can you tell me where I'm at?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, your on an island where trainers come to battle with each other. Its called Battle Park. There is even a small safari zone where you can catch pokemon too. Now what about that battle." the kid explained.

"Right on, Go Umbreon!" Nick accepted his very first battle!

"Lets go Minun" said the kid, with the little electric pokemon jumping off from his back.

--KCash-> If you guys havenít figured it out yet the guy Nick is about to battle is KC from my old fic called KC's Journey.

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Chapter 3 continued...

Umbreon started with a Tackle. Minun was to fast though and jumped out of the way. Minun used a Spark attack. Umbreon got a little shivered up by that. Umbreon used Flash to make Minun go blind for a second.

We took advantage of this by Tackling Minun with all of Umbreon's might. Minun shook it off and used Agility. Minun was to fast for Minun to follow. Minun used Thunderbolt right when Umbreon least expected it.

Umbreon held in there though. Umbreon took the damage and once Minun stopped using its attack, Umbreon Body Slammed Minun. Then Umbreon got ready for its Shadow Ball. Umbreon releashed its mighty attack. The black ball with red lightening around it went flying towards Minun.

Minun used Thunderbolt. The two attack went hurling towards each other. The bounced right off each other. The attacks both failed to reach the opponent.

"Thats enough, come back Minun. Nice match but we most go now" KC said walking off with Minun following behind him.

"Great job Umbreon, looks like I need to learn a little bit more about you though. I need to learn all your attack if we are going to be a great team" Nick patted Umbreonís head.

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Chapter 4- The First Catch!

"I wonder why he was so quick to run off" pondered Nick.

"Thatís why" Shawn pointed out. There was a storming brewing. The sky grew gray. Thunder shook the ground, "We better find a Pokemon Center".

They raced off in hope of finding the Pokemon Center. As it started to poor down raining. Nick let Nurse Joy heal his Umbreon. He remembered the night when he watched Umbreonís shadow grow bigger as it evolved to save him. Because of him seeing that shadow with amazement he decided to call Umbreon... Shadow!

Shawn and Nick got something to eat. They sat by a window. Nick chowed down on a huge double patty poke-burger, served only at the best Pokemon Centers! The rain continued to poor down. Nick looked out the window to see a Squirtle and its trainer, they were actually training in the rain!

The trainer had a whip and was whipping the Squirtle. A bolt of lightening struck the ground nearby. Squirtle got frightened. Nick felt sorry for it. The trainer kept whipping the poor turtle pokemon. Squirtle couldnít take anymore and fell to the ground. The trainer kicked it and came inside the Pokemon Center.

"Whats your deal?" Nick shouted, standing up.

"What?!" the ugly trainer asked.

"Why did you do that to Squirtle" questioned Nick, wanting an answer right away.

"Are you kidding me, that stupid pokemon isnít good for anything!" the trainer huffled.

The trainer walked away. Nick ran outside. Shawn ran behind me. Nick picked up Squirtle out of the mud. He carried it inside the Pokemon Center.

"Nurse Joy, I need you to check this Squirtle. I found it outside and it looks like its in bad shape" explained Nick.

"Ok, Iíll see what I can do" Joy said back.

After they finished their meal, Shawn and Nick got Shadow and waited in the Emergency Room. After a hour wait, Joy came out and announced that Squirtle was alright. Squirtle popped out from behind Joy.

"Squirtle just had some burns and cuts, other than that it just got physically tired... which is what made it black out" Joy explained the story.

"Thatís great, what now?" pondered Nick, know that he knew that Squirtle would be just fine.

"Well you can take the Squirtle but thatís up to him really" Joy gave off a pretty grin.

Squirtle wobbled to Nick and shook Nick's hand. Almost like Squirtle was just giving a thanks for saving it.

"You hungry Squirtle?" asked Nick with a smile.

SQUIRTLE!" screamed the little water pokemon.

Nick had unwrapped a package of Pokemon food for water pokemon. Squirtle seemed to like it...

As they sat down at the table, Shawn and Nick discussed what they would do with Squirtle. Shadow and Squirtle seemed to be getting along. Squirtle tapped on a pokeball that was empty that hung on Nick's belt. Squirtle got in a fighting pose. Then Squirtle started throwing punches.

"I get it, you want me to battle you and if I win I can keep you?" Nick jumped up.

Squirtle nodded its big turtle head.


Shadow head-butted Squirtle. Squirtle jumped back up off the ground and used Water Gun. The blast of water knocked Shadow down. Shadow crawled her way back up. Shadow used Swift. The flying stars streamed out across the muddy meadow in front of the Pokemon Center.

Squirtle used Water Gun to knock the shooting stars away. Squirtle then used Skull Bash. Its hard head knocked Shadow dizzy. Shadow was able to shake it off though and fought back with a Faint Attack. Shadow dodged towards Squirtle then all the sudden showed up ramming into Squirtle's side.

Squirtle tucked itself inside its shell. Then it started spinning super fast. Squirtle used its Rapid Spin. Squirtle spun right towards Shadow but Shadow was able to jump to the side before it was hit. Squirtle came back around though and nailed Shadow from behind.

Squirtle landed on the ground and came out from hiding. Shadow launched a Confuse Ray. The ray caught Squirtle. The blue turtle pokemon wobbled back and forth wondering where it was. Thatís when Shadow used Iron Tail. Shadow's tail glew sliver and hit Squirtle right in the head.

"Ok this is it!" Nick said, grabbing a pokeball that was given to him by Prof. Ivy.

The pokeball was set free towards Squirtle. The ball sucked the pokemon inside. The ball wobbled to the right and then left. Then it wobbled to the right and left again. Then it stopped....... it wobbled to the right.... PING! The ball locked. Nick had captured his first pokemon!

"Welcome to the team friend" Nick congratulated, holding the pokeball that contained a new friend to have on his journey threw the Orange Islands!

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Chapter 5- The Coral Eye Badge

"Alright! Were finally here!" screamed Nick with joy.
The boat with Shadow, Shawn, and Nick arrived at Mikan Island, the island which held the first gym of the Orange Islands.

"Ok man, I gotta check out the PokeMart and some other things. I will meet you back here in half an hour" said Shawn as he left.

Nick and Shawn parted ways.

"Well there it is" Nick said looking on to the Mikan Island Gym. Nick grabbed Squirtle's pokeball.

"Good thing I caught you. From what I read in my Orange Islands Guide Book, this gym consists of water gun target contests. Whatever that means, well lets give it a shot" Nick walked up to the gym.

Nick gave the door a push. He walked inside to see a pretty woman feeding a Blastoise.

"Are you the Gym Leader" yelled Nick.

"Yeah I am, you here to challenge me?" the woman said with a very big attitude accent.

"Yep, the name is Nick" he said, as if it mattered to her.

"I'm Sissy, lets go to the battle platform" she lead the way towards Nickís first Orange Islands battle.

They walked to a battle mat. The floor opened up showing a big pool of water. The wall to the side opened. Cans were setting on a shelf on the wall.

"Pick a pokemon that can knock down those cans. And by the way, you cant miss so donít mess up" Sissy grinned.

Sissy sent out here pokemon. It was a blue pokemon called Kingdra. Water flew out of its spout. The water blasts knocked down each can directly. This was going to be harder than Nick thought.

Nick sent out his newly caught Squirtle.

"Ok Squirtle, just knock down those cans with a Water Gun. Concentrate now!" commanded Nick.

Squirtle eyed the cans. Squirtle let out a blast of water after another. The blasts went flying swiftly threw the air. They nicely knocked down each of the cans.

"Wow, your better than I thought. Next we will shoot down flying plates" Sissy kept the battles up.

The wall on the other side opened up. We could see the ocean from this view. Plates started flying. Kingdra released its nice smooth blast of water. Kingdra had knocked down all five plates that were sent threw the air.

"Alright Squirtle, you saw how fast those plates were going. Just eye them out. Once you release the first blast just keep it going ok" directed Nick.

Squirtle released the first blast. After that the Water Gun attack just kept on going four more times. Each plate was demolished.

"Thatís great work! Nice going Squirtle" Nick congratulated my pokemon.

"Thatís better than I thought. Now there will be one single plate sent into the air. Whoever blasts the plate first is the winner!" said Sissy.

Squirtle got ready. DONG! The plate was sent flying into the air. Kingdra and Squirtle sent out their Water Gun attacks. Their attacks hit each other. The plate wasnít hit by either blast.

Nick looked over to see Kingdra and Sissy ready.

"Get ready Squirtle, looks like we are going again." Nick said.

They released their attack at the plate. The plate soared threw the air. Squirtle's blast swerved right in front of Kingdra's. The plate was destroyed by Squirtle's blast. Squirtle had let its Water Gun attack go half a second before Kingdra did.

"WE DID IT!" screamed Nick.

"Here is your Coral Eye Badge" said Sissy, handing over the shell badge, not seeming to happy about it.

"The first badge to becoming an Orange Islands Champion!" Nick held the badge high above his head.

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Chapter 6- Team Rocket Disaster

"Look Shadow, I can see land" Nick pointed out to his Umbreon.

"According to the Guide Book, this island is called Manderan Island..its known for its huge buildings" Shawn said, trying to read the guide book and drive the boat at the same time.

They got off the boat when they finally arrived at the island. They were looking for a place to eat at for they havenít ate the whole day.

"I'm starving!" Nick complained, holding his stomach as usual.

"Look over there, I wonder whats going on" Shawn wondered, not caring about his aching friend.

Shawn and Shadow walked over to the big crowd, leaving Nick behind to whimper in his own misery.

"NO! THEY HAVE MY STARMIE!" a boy cried out.

"THEY STOLE MY HERACROSS!" a girl cried out as well.

"Whats going on?" Nick questioned, running over to the people moaning about their stolen pokemon.

"These two members from Team Rocket stole our pokemons" the boy moaned and started to cry.

"They were in a van. They had a big vacuum thing sucking up all the pokemon" the girl yelled. Shadow got a small wiff of something it didnít like. Shadow followed its noise to the smell. Nick and Shawn ignored Shadow, still trying to figure out what was going on. All the sudden a gust of wind started to pull at Shadow.

Shadow cried out to its trainer. Nick and Shawn turned around to see Shadow on the other end of the street getting sucked into a big hose that was coming out of a huge van! Nick ran after Shadow and tried to jump on his Umbreon. It was to late though! Shadow was sucked right in!

"SHADOW!!!!" screamed the furious Nick.

They drove away in the van, leaving nothing but a trail of smoke and dust. Nick ran after them until his lungs gave up. Shawn knew what to do...

"GO LEDIAN!" screamed Shawn releasing his pokemon.

"Wow what a neat pokemon" Nick complimented, forgetting about his stolen pokemon for a split second.

Ledian flapped its wings and flew towards the van that sped away from the group.

"Make sure you donít lose that van!" Shawn yelled, of course by that time Ledian was long gone.

Ledian flew extremely fast. The ladybug looking pokemon followed the van with every pace. Nick and Shawn ran as fast as they could, trying to follow behind. About 10 minutes later, Ledian showed up and led them to a warehouse.

"I guess their inside" Nick said, looking around for any bad guys to show up. They stood outside a big, old, rusty building that seemed to be out of business. It was pretty much a big cleared out building. Only the rocket members, their van, and a big cage filled with pokemon were in the warehouse.

Shawn and Nick looked in the window, trying to stay low enough so the Rocketís wouldnít see them. Their was a girl and a boy Rocket, both looking fairly young. They had on black Team Rocket uniforms which had a red ĎRí on the front. The girl had blonde hair that were in ponytails, the boy had blueish hair that stuck up in every direction.

Nick and Shawn easily opened the window and snuck in, without them knowing. Luckily they were laughing about stealing the pokemon and couldnít hear them.

Shawn looked at Nick in a weird way. "Ah man" Nick whispered. Shawn tried to hold it but then in a sudden boom, a loud burp erupted in the warehouse. This attracted attention on them very quickly...

"Hey what do you think your doin?!" the Team Rocket Girl yelled.

"Were taking back our pokemon you pathetic thugs" he tried to sound tough.

"The name is Billy and thats Casey for your information and those pokemons now belong to Giovonni, the leader of Team Rocket" the TR boy said.

"Uh, they arenít yours!" Nick screamed, trying to sound tough like Shawn.

Shawn grabbed his pokeball and threw it, releasing a Houndour.

"If thats how you wanna play then so be it" Casey declared as she sent out her pokemon.

"Pssst! Nick..." Shawn tried to get his attention. Sadly, Nick was busy digging the dirt out of his fingernails instead of paying attention to the battle. Shawn threw a small rock at his head. The rock bounced off and Nick still didnít notice. Then Nick finally turned his attention to Shawn, wondering what Shawn thought was so important. "Sneak around the battle and get the pokemon out of here!" Shawn whispered.

"Uh Alright" Nick giggled, thinking this was a funny matter.

Casey's Cubone came out. Billy sent out aMagby. These were two good combos. Cubone had a skull thing on its head and held a bone. Magby, the pre-evolution of Magmar, looked fierce and very tough. The battle had began!

Cubone threw the bone at Houndour. "Houndour jump out of the way and use Flamethrower" Shawn ordered. Houndour did just so. Houndour let out a smooth, firing blast at Cubone but the attack was blocked by a Flamethrower from Magby.. Cubone caught its club from when it had thrown it. "Magby use a Quick Attack" demanded Billy. Houndour used Agility and got out of the way of the quick Magby coming his way. Cubone threw its club again. This time it hit Houndour right in the head.

"Houndour get up and use Faint Attack" Shawn yelled. Houndour dodged towards Magby and then showed up ramming into Cubone from the left. Then Magby Head-butted Houndour with all its might.

Houndour fought back with Ember. The long flame spread across the warehouse. Cubone, along with Casey and Billy, were fried.

Meanwhile, after the slow work from the slow Nick... the cage was unlocked quite easily, especially since the key was left in there... silly Rockets. All the caged up and stolen pokemons started to file out of the cage with madness.

"NO! Get back in their now!" Billy screamed, trying to get to his fight after that blast from Houndour.

A Raichu, Manectric, Electabuzz, Plusle, and Minun charged up.

"This cant be good" Casey screamed.

They all unleashed a huge bolt of electricity. The whole building lit up with a blinding flash. A huge explosion sounded throughout the island as the warehouse practically exploded. The warehouse filled up with smoke from the explosion. Team Rocket somehow disappeared in the explosion, never being found..

"Alright great job guys! Lets go find yallís trainers!!" Shawn yelled, declaring freedom for all of them.

03-04-2004, 10:28 PM
Chapter 6 continued...

"STARMIE!" yelled the boy trainer Nick and Company found earlier. He hugged the purple star pokemon which he seemed to love very much.

All the trainers grabbed their pokemons. They all were glad to be back with each other. Nick looked around for Shadow. Nick had got caught up in the moment and forgot about his loving friend. Out of nowhere Shadow jumped out of the air right into Nick. Nick fell to the ground and Shadow licked his face.

"Its nice to see you too buddy" Nick smiled as he braced his arms around Shadow.


After they grabbed a burger, Shawn, Nick, and Shadow headed off to the next island...

"ZRRROOOOOMGG!!!!!" sounded the boat as it hoped waves.

"I dont have a clue on where were at" Nick said, looking at a big map while Shawn drove the boat. Shadow was lying down at the front of the boat.

"Huh we are righttttttt here I think?" Shawn guessed.

"WATCH OUT!" screamed Nick, pointing ahead of the boat. Shawn almost drove the boat right into a rock that was sticking right out of the water! This almost knocked Nick out of the boat. Shawn was able to get a hold of his shirt first though.

"Man, that was a close one.. thanks bud" Nick thanked Shawn, even though it was Shawn's careless driving that almost sent Nick overboard in the first place.

Nick swept sweat off his forehead and then looked straight ahead. There was a whirlpool!

Shawn didnít have time to grab the stirring wheel cause of the Nick almost going overboard act. They swirled round and round in the whirl pool and was spit out at an amazing speed.

They were headed straight for a small island. The boat rammed into the deep sand of the island.

"Great driving Genius" Nick said in a very sarcastic way.

"Hey its your fault" Shawn screamed, not letting his self be pushed around.

They climbed out of the boat, both mad about the crash landing on an unknown island...

03-04-2004, 10:29 PM
Chapter 7- The Crystal Wonder

"This place is known for some kind of crystal wonder pokemon" Shawn said to Nick.

"Crystal Wonder Pokemon? That guide book of yours is full of crap, that book has only got us lost..in trouble.. AND STUCK ON AN ISLAND!" Nick thought of excuses to blame Shawn for everything. Shadow shook its head as it walked away from the fighting.

Nick caught up with Shadow and they walked up into the island. The island had a cave on the north side and the rest was covered with trees. Shawn walked behind them looking at his map and guide book.

"Look at this.." Nick pointed to a little pokemon that was a dark blueish color. It had four red dots on its back. The front of it was tanish and fire had sprouted out of its back.

"CYNDAQUILLLLL!" screamed the pokemon as it released a small flamethrower at a tree. The flame burnt off the stem of an apple. The apple fell to the ground where the little Cyndaquil picked it up and started eating it.

"A Cyndaquil! I have always wanted this pokemon.. I would of got it as my first pokemon if I knew for sure that Jason didnít get a water type. Now is my chance to get one, Iíll use the advantage type" Nick declared.

Squirtle popped out of its pokeball. Nick commanded it to use Water Gun. The twirling blast of water hit Cyndaquil right in the admen. Cyndaquil fell back. The apple rolled away. A Tailow swooped down from the sky and picked up the apple.

Cyndaquil bursted out crying. Cyndaquil ran inside a nearby cave.

"WAIT CYNDAQUIL! Man, that was my one chance to catch a cyndaquil and I blew it" Nick started to yell about his mistake.

"You should be thinking of how that Cyndaquil is feeling right now. You really hurt its feelings" Shawn said, always trying to be the concerned one.

Nick looked down at the dirt on the ground. Nick ran inside the cave followed by Shadow and Shawn.

"CYNDAQUIL!" Nick yelled out. Shadow jumped in front of Nick and gave him light by its glowing rings on his body.


Cyndaquil lit up its flame on its back to give it some light. Cyndaquil ran until it hit something. It was a huge shiny rock which had moved! A big huge Onix appeared and gave off a loud roar. Cyndaquil became very frightened and started to run back out of the cave. The Onix went after Cyndaquil.


Cyndaquil ran past Nick and the others and left the cave.

"Where is it going" Nick wondered.

All the sudden the Onix appeared in front of the gang.

"RUUUUNNNNN!" screamed Shawn.

They ran out of the cave. The Onix followed them every inch out of the cave. Nick and the others, including Cyndaquil, turned around once they got outside the cave. The starred at the Onix which had a very bright color to it. It looked like it was made out of... crystal?

"Thatís the Crystal Wonder the book was talking about" Shawn exclaimed.

"Thatís it!" Casey pointed out as well. Casey and Billy ran from out of the trees. Their black Team Rocket uniforms shined in the sun.

"We came here to look for this Crystal Onix. Water doesnít effect it but fire does.. and we happen to have a fire type" Billy declared as he threw out his pokeball. Magby came out.

"This will make a wonderful present for the boss" Casey decided.

Magby used a Flamethrower on the helpless Onix. The fire blast bounced off of Onixís big body. Onix roared with all its might, which made the gang horrified.

"You are doing nothing but getting it really mad" Shawn said to the Rocket members.

Shadow charged up for a Shadow Ball without any commands from Nick.. Shadow let go of the ball which spun rapidly towards Magby.

"Whats going on" Nick said in amazement as the big attack flew towards Magby.

They watched as Shadow Ball hit Magby and Team Rocket. They were sent in the air and landed in a tree on the other side of the island. Onix was beginning to go crazy. Its shiny coat glittered in the sun.

"We are here to help you Onix! Please settle down" yelled Nick.

Onix's tail rammed into the ground. Then it flew right for Cyndaquil. Nick jumped for Cyndaquil and was able to get Cyndaquil away just in time. Nick scratched up his arm up pretty bad though. Cyndaquil looked at him in amazement.

Cyndaquil stood up and used a powerful Fire attack. A huge blistering fire blast twirled at Onix. It covered all around Onixís big snake-like body. It ran back inside the cave to get away from Cyndaquil.

"Alright! That was great Cyndaquil!" Nick screamed, celebrating with his new buddy.


"PUSH!" Shawn yelled.

"Good we finally pushed the boat back in the water. I guess we better get going now" Nick said as he whipped his hands off and took a rest from the pushing of the boat back into the water.

Shadow and Shawn got into the boat. As Nick was about to climb into the boat, something tugged on his jeans. He looked down to see a little Cyndaquil face.

"Whats the matter, do you wanna come along?" Nick questioned.

Cyndaquil smiled and fired up its flame on its back. Nick picked it up and put it in the boat. They sped off to the next island with a new friend....

03-04-2004, 10:29 PM
Chapter 8- Pinkan Island

"This is just great Shawn" Nick yelled, complaining once again.

"I didnít know we were going to get whirled around by giant whirlpools!" Shawn screamed back.

"I knew I shouldnít of fell asleep with you driving!" Nick kept nagging about Shawn and his driving.

Nick, Shawn, and Shadow walked around on the narrow beaches of an abandoned island. There were huge, gigantic whirlpools that surrounded the small island. Cliffs rose around the outside of the island which were around 50 feet high.

"Any idea on where we are?" Nick said once his temper was lowered.

He looked up to see Shawn climbing the cliffs. He had reached the top! Nick started to climb with Shadow holding on to him. It took a little while for Nick to get up there.

"Why are we climbing cliffs when we should be figuring out a way to get the hole in the boat fixed?" Nick started the arguing back up... again.

"Quite" whispered Shawn as he looked threw his binoculars.

"Awesome, an Officer Jenny!" whispered Nick, looking into the distance.

"Nevermind Jenny, look what pokemon she is feeding" Shawn said with an unusual amazement.

A big Pidgeotto was eating food out of Jenny's hand. However, this Pidgeotto looked different though.

"That Pidgeotto is pink" Shawn noticed.

The Pidgeotto was almost all pink, very odd since their original color was a tanish and brown color. .

Nick walked towards Jenny and the pink Pidgeotto. Shawn tried to grab Nick before he got away but was to late. Nick ran over to Jenny and grabbed her hand.

"My fair Officer Jenny, how would you like to date?" Nick asked kindly.

"HUH?!" she blurted out.

"I'm sorry, your gonna have to excuse my friend" Shawn said running over and grabbing Nick off of Jenny.

"Why arenít you guys at the station?" Jenny asked.

"What station.. and how is there a pink Pidgeotto standing next to me?" Shawn wondered.

"Are you two here for the contest?" Jenny questioned.

"No, we had a boat wreck and somehow landed on this island. What contest you talking about?" Nick asked, getting tired of all the questions going around.

"Oh that explains it all! We are having a once in a lifetime chance to capture the shiny pokemon that live on this island" Jenny explained, making it a little bit clearer.

"Say what?" Nick and Shawn both said really loud at the same time.

"Maybe I should explain this all really quick," Jenny said as Nick and Shawn looked at her in confusment, "See this island is inhabited with pokemon that are pink in color. This is because of the berries they eat. They turn the pokemons pink. We donít allow trainers to catch these pokemon that live here but this island is getting filled with to many pokemon so there is a contest for who gets the best pokemon here. The winners will get to keep the pokemon and get a Kings Rock".

"Wow! Thatís totally awesome. Can we join?" Nick asked, excited about this contest.

"Yeah sure, the contest is beginning in 30 minutes so you better hurry up and sign in. I'll take you to the station in my jeep" she offered.

The three heros jumped into Jenny's jeep and they left for the station. There was a lot of different pokemon trainers there. "The name is Nick Dunbar from Valencia Island and I will be using my Umbreon" said Nick, signing in.

A shot fired off and the contest began. Nick along with Shadow walked thru the thick brush that covered the island. They saw a pink Rhyhorn and a pink Totodile.

"Be on the lookout Shadow" Nick proposed.

They walked until the path was blocked from a huge pink Nidoking.

"Lets go Shadow" Nick yelled, thinking this could be the one.

Shadow jumped out in front and used Swift. The shooting stars hit Nidoking right on. Nidoking rolled over on its other side. Nick walked up to it and kicked it. It didnít move an inch. Shadow used a furious Tackle attack. Nidoking woke up. It roared and then rose to its feet. "Itís about time sleepy head" Nick yelled rudely. Nidoking took off after Nick and Shadow.

"Oh crap! RUN!" screamed Nick. They ran as fast as a Rapidash!

03-04-2004, 10:30 PM
Chapter 8 continued...

Shawn looked on the tv screens stationed in the main building. Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny did the same. There were about 10 TVs that showed different parts of the island.

They watched as a boy with an Umbreon running from a Nidoking.

Nick was running his tail off. Shadow dashed ahead of Nick.

"Hey wait up Shadow. Donít leave your best friend!" Nick yelled.

Shadow didnít seem to care, especially since a 500 pound Nidoking was running on their tails. They came to an area that was blocked off by the cliffs that fell straight down for 50 feet. There was no where to run.

"Ok Shadow, we are going to have to fight this thing right on!" Nick ordered.

Shadow sucked up courage and walked up to Nidoking.

"NOW, SWIFT!" screamed Nick.

Shadow used Swift. The stars bounced off of Nidoking's big bold chest. "Shadow use Faint Attack" ordered Nick. Shadow dodged towards the big Nidoking and then disappeared and then reappeared ramming into the right side of Nidoking.

Nidoking gave out a roar. Nidoking fought back with a Mega Punch. "Shadow- Agility" commanded Nick. Shadow jumped out of the way from the dynamic mind blowing punches.

Shadow then charged up for a Shadow Ball. The black ball appeared and Shadow was ready to released its most impressive attack. Then it was interrupted by a huge kick from Nidoking. Shadow got back up and tried to head butt Nidoking but was picked up by the huge pink monster and thrown to the ground.

Shadow got back up again, not wanting to stop. Nidoking charged towards Shadow. Shadow jumped up and leaped off of Nidoking's head. Then while Nidoking was turning around to charge again, Shadow completed the divesting Shadow Ball attack. The purple and black ball went spiraling towards the pink Nidoking.

Nidoking got knocked to the ground and the ball let out a huge explosion.

"Alright, as a pokemon trainer, I will not let you get away Nidoking. You are mine, Pokeball go!" Nick yelled releasing the pokeball, the ball hit Nidoking right on. The pokeball rolled side to side.. side to side..


"Hereís mine" Nick said to the judge, Nurse Joy. Nick let out his pokemon, Nidoking.

Nidoking came out and turned around to punch Nick right in the face. Nick instantly returned the pokemon.

Nurse Joy wrote down some stuff about Nidoking and Nick on a clipboard. Shawn walked over to Nick.

"Ok buddy?" Shawn acted as if he was concerned.

"Maybe it wasnít such a great idea to catch Nidoking" Nick laughed.

Nick took the pokeball that held Nidoking in it and put it in his bag.

"What are you doing, shouldnít you be putting that on your belt?" Shawn yelled.

"Um well I donít wanna take the chance of grabbing that pokeball again. It would be better to send Nidoking to Prof. Ivy to hang on for me" Nick explained, scared of Nidoking.


"Well I hope everyone enjoyed coming on this once in a lifetime opportunity trip to catch these rare pink pokemons. Now I know yaíll are ready to see who the winners are so here we go.. 3rd place goes to Elizabeth on capturing a Raichu. 2nd place goes to... Nick on capturing a Nidoking" Joy announced.

Nick went up on stage to accept a ribbon that said 2nd on it and $50 in cash.

"And 1st place goes to Jason who captured a Venusaur!" Joy announced.

Nick looked at Jason walking up on stage.

"What?!" Nick blurted out.

After Jason accepted his prize, which was a Kings Rock, Jason walked over to Nick.

"Nice to see you again dork, so how many pokemon have you caught?" Jason smirked.

Nick counted his pokemon.. Squirtle.. Nidoking...Cyndaquil... Shadow..

"Four!" Nick said with pride.

" Four? Four? HA! I have gotten 2 badges and caught 18 different kinds of pokemon. I even caught an awesome Venusaur during this contest with the help of my first captured pokemon who could probably whip all of your four pokemons at once, and this one... look at this Houndoom!" Jason laughed. Nickís pride was shot down.

Jason showed off his awesome looking Houndoom. Nick had to admit that his Houndoom seemed to be really healthy and taken care of really well.

They walked off, proud of making Nick look like a fool.

"Lets get going! I have to catch up to them!" Nick said, ready to go.

They raced off to the boat on the shore of Pinkan Island. Officer Jenny helped them fix it up and they were on there way to the next island to get the Sea Ruby Badge!

03-04-2004, 10:32 PM
Chapter 9- Element Doesnít Matter

"That island looks like a good place to rest" Nick pointed out. The boat swerved towards a small island. Nick and Company were going to take a lunch break there. They were only a day away from competing for Nick's 2nd Orange Islands badge.

Nick took off his shoes and his t-shirt. Now just wearing his rolled up jeans, barefooted, gray tucked in undershirt, and hat backwards, he ran down the edge of the water on the beautiful beach. Cyndaquil ran beside him, being the only one of his pokemonís that wanted to come.

Shadow and Squirtle thought it would be a nice day to relax and crash so they stayed with Shawn to fix up lunch.

"Good exercise huh Cyndaquil?" Nick laughed, out of breath from their running, mad that his other pokemonís didnít tag along.

Cyndaquil laughed in his own little way.

"Hiya! Gotcha!!!" screamed a weird girl.

Nickís attention darted over the yelling girl and so he walked over to a girl who was fishing off the shore.

"What are you doin?" asked the nosey Nick.

"Ah man, just another Tentacool" she said depressingly. She took the Tentacool off the hook and threw it back into the water.

"HELLO THERE!" screamed Nick, wanting some attention.

"Oh hi there, who are you?" wondered the girl, just now noticing Nick.

"I'm Nick, a Pokemon trainer. What are you doin?" he asked again.

"Oh Hi, I'm Trinity. A Water Pokemon trainer. I'm just fishing for some new pokemons to capture. You wanna battle?" she challenged Nick. This was bells to his ears.

"Sure, I'm always up for a good battle" Nick said with confidence in myself.

"Ok but this isnít going to be easy" Trinity gave off more confidence then Nick.

Trinity put down her fishing rod and grabbed a pokeball. She threw it, releasing a Vaporeon.

"Thatís a cool pokemon.. alright Shadow..." Nick paused for a second. He thought about it and remembered he only had Cyndaquil with him.

"Guess your gonna have to battle" Nick said sadly, remembering about the disadvantage fire has against water.

Cyndaquil jumped out in front and fired up its flame on its back.

"Thatís pathetic! This might not even be worth battling" Trinity smirk, raising the anger within Nick.

"Hey, take that back!" Nick said getting mad at her.. until he looked at her. He look at her small tight blue jean shorts and her red tank top. Trinity's redish hair floated in the wind. He thought of how hot she was.

"Please, my water type pokemon can crush any fire type" she laughed.

All the sudden that desire he had felt for her went away.

"Element doesnít matter! You must be a fool to think that element determines a battle" Nick thought he was doing a good job preaching.

Vaporeon jumped at Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil used Agility and moved to the side, dodging the attack from Vaporeon. "Cyndaquil use Swift" ordered Nick.. The flying stunning stars soared out of Cyndaquilís long mouth and direct at Vaporeon. The attack had hit Vaporeon right on! Vaporeon took the damage and then tackled Cyndaquil into the ground. Cyndaquil jumped up.

"Vaporeon use Water Gun" screamed Trinity. Cyndaquil jumped out of the way as a long jet of water came towards it. Cyndaquil got the order from Nick and used Ember. The long line of fire spread across the beach sand. Vaporeon jumped away from this attack just in time. "Cyndaquil use Smokescreen" yelled Nick. Black thick smoke covered the small area on the beach as it poured out of the nozzled mouth from Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil focused through the smoke and figured Vaporeonís position. Cyndaquil used its speed and used Head-butt on Vaporeon. Their heads collided and a loud crack rang thru their heads. "Cyndaquil use Swift again" Nick demanded. This time failing the Swift attack was to slow and failed to hit Vaporeon.

"Vaporeon use Quick Attack" Trinity said. The fastness of Vaporeon stunned Cyndaquil. Left..Right.. Left..Left.. Right, it was to fast to keep up with. Vaporeon ended up coming from the right side, hitting Cyndaquil with all its might. Cyndaquil almost couldnít get up. With the little strength still left and the right amount of determination, Cyndaquil climbed back up to its little feets.

"Vaporeon end it with Water Gun" Trinity made it seem like this would be the deciding battle. Cyndaquil jumped out of the way and used one more Smokescreen. The black smoke hid Cyndaquil from Vaporeon's sight. Then Cyndaquil let out a heat dazzling Flamethrower. The big huge fire blast zoomed thru the smoke right to Vaporeon. The blast was just to big to dodge and Vaporeon took the hit. The fire cleared along with the smoke, showing Vaporeon fainted.

"Alright Cyndaquil! Thatís how you do it, see Trinity.. its not always about element but style, skill, and how will its trainer and the pokemon are together" Nick showed off.

"You have taught me a lot today. Thank you" she kindly thanked Nick.

"Anytime babe, huh.................. think I could like maybe get a number?" Nick said without a bit of shyness.

Trinity sighed.


"Were back guys!" Nick yelled.

Shadow, Squirtle, and Shawn's Houndour were eating lunch. Cyndaquil joined them.

"Whats the matter?" Nick asked Shawn who had a puzzled look on his face. Shawn was holding a bundle of papers and a little graph thing.

"I'm not sure, my PokeGraph has been picking up weird signals from the water. Some kind of pokemon or drilling might of made these marks. If it was a pokemon then it must be a really strong one" he said with a weary voice.

"Um.. Sounds pretty weird to me, come on lets eat some grub" Nick pigged out on the food.

Shawn didnít eat, instead he studied the papers.

After lunch they headed out for the next island, which held the 2nd Orange Islands Gym!

03-04-2004, 10:33 PM
Chapter 10- Sea Ruby Maneuvers

"What are you doing?" Nick asked while driving the boat. Shawn was mixing weird liquids together.

"I am making an attack called Ice Beam. Itís a TM. Really I'm experimenting with it, when I'm done why donít we give it to one of your pokemon." Shawn decided.

"Sounds cool, why not... hey look!" Nick pointed to the small island ahead.

A small island with a huge mountain was straight in front of Nick, Shawn, and Shadow as they traveled to get the second Orange Islands badge.

As they arrived on the island, Nick and Shadow ran at full blast to the gym. There didnít seem to be any houses or any sign of humans at all on the island. Finally Shawn spotted a little house or building right in front of the big mountain.

BANG! BANG! BANG! Nick knocked on the door as hard as he could.

"Hello! Is this the Pokemon Gym of Navel Island?" asked Nick.

No one answered the door.

"Hey there! Looking for a gym battle?" a man said behind the group.

"Yeah, who are you?" asked Nick.

The man wore a yellow button up shirt with blue shorts. Looked like a person who hung out by the beach a lot.

"I'm Danny, the owner of this gym" he said like he was Mr. Big Stuff.

"I'm Nick from Valencia and I wish to challenge you" Nick ordered.

"Very well, a good battle sounds good right now but its not that easy, you see that mountain.. you have to climb it without using any pokemon. If you get to the top then you can have your gym battle" Danny explained, seeing if Nick had the guts to take his challenge.

Nick looked up at the big mountain that swarmed over the island. Nick nodded and got ready. Shadow and Shawn were able to take a little cable car up the mountain.

Nick took off his backpack and his shirt, revealing just his dark gray undershirt. Then he started to climb. The mountain was very tall. Rocks crumbled beneath Nick's feet. Nick almost fell 50 feet out of the air. Danny was climbing the mountain like their was an elevator or somethin. Nick fell way behind Danny but Nick figured he should take it easy instead of risking the chance of falling. Shawn and Shadow passed them in the cable car. Shadow cheered on Nick which only made Nick made that they could get up so easy.

Once they got about 1/3 up the mountain, there was a path you took. Nick walked up the extremely steep path way. The higher they got the colder it was. Once they finally reached the top, snow covered the ground and Nick was shivering like crazy!

"Well you made it to the top! That means your worthy of a gym battle" Danny confirmed.

"Great, lets go!" Nick said shivering yet ready to go.

Danny led Nick over to a big water gazer. Two big water strands shot straight out of the ground.

"Ok, you have to win 2 out of 3 competitions. First you have to freeze the water coming out of the ground here" Danny started to explain the rules.

"Freeze? Sounds easy enough" Nick tried to have confidence.

Danny sent out his Nidoqueen. Nick reached for his pokeball...

"Oh no! I donít have a pokemon that knows an ice attack" Nick exclaimed.

"Here give this to your Squirtle!" said Shawn, handing Nick a small capsule.

Squirtle came out of his pokeball and took the capsule. In no time Squirtle was ready for battle. It was that Ice Beam attack that Shawn had made earlier.

"Ok then, as soon as the water comes out.. the battle begins!" Danny said.

Nick and Squirtle got ready.. Danny and Nidoqueen got ready. "SWWOOOOSH"! sounded the roaring water coming straight out of the ground. Nidoqueen started right away. Squirtle started late because of Nick's commands.

Nidoqueen used Ice Beam as well as Squirtle. Nidoqueen was half way done. Squirtle got at the 1/4 spot. The Ice Beam's froze the roaring water. Squirtle fired it up a little bit. Squirtle's Ice Beam started to gain on Nidoqueen's. Squirtle almost caught up. The water was 3/4 covered by each pokemon. Squirtle just had to keep it up and it would win. WHAT WOULD HAPPEN!

"Speed it up some Nidoqueen!" Danny calmly said.

Nidoqueen let out a even more powerful Ice Beam and was able to cover the whole thing. The water was now in a nice frozen ice block. Squirtle finished his about 5 seconds after Nidoqueen finished.

"To bad.. well there is still two more competitions that you must win. All you have to do is win both and you got the badge" Danny said, thinking this battle was over now.

Nick clinched his fist, angered about losing but realizing that Squirtle had never gotten practice with that move so it wasnít its fault. Nick blamed his self for not being ready. Shawn and Shadow watched on as the ice blocks they made were cut down by Danny's Scyther.

"Ok, next you have to pick three pokemons to make a sled out of this ice block you and your Squirtle made" Danny explained the second round rules.

Danny had his Scyther, Nidoqueen, and Machoke. Nick had Squirtle, Cyndaquil, and Nidoking. The battle had begun!

Squirtle clawed away to make a nice front of the sled. Cyndaquil fired up its flame on its back. Then it let out a small, nice even Flamethrower to make the inside of the sled. Nick's pink Nidoking rammed his fists against his chest and then punched Nick right in the face. Nick, on the ground, called back Nidoking.

"That was a huge mistake" Nick complained, holding his face...

03-04-2004, 10:33 PM
Chapter 10 continued...

Since Nidoking didnít work out so well, Shadow jumped in and started to claw away at the sled. Squirtle did the same. Then Cyndaquil powered up and let out a nice spiraling flaming Ember, making the inside of the sled.

Danny's Machoke, Scyther, and Nidoqueen wasnít making as much progress as Nick was.

"Finish it Cyndaquil!" ordered Nick.

Cyndaquil melted the rest of the front of the sled down to make a perfect speed sled!

Danny looked on at their work with total amazement.

"Wow Nick! That Cyndaquil is pretty powerful. Nice work guys.. I guess that brings us to the next competition! Grab the sleds!" Danny said, about to reveal their next competition.

Nick, Squirtle, Shadow, and Cyndaquil slid the sled over to a red line.

"Pick your pokemon to help steer the sled down this mountain. The first sled to reach the bottom is the winner!"

Nick thought wisely. Which pokemon would do the best?

"Alright! Squirtle and Cyndaquil!" he said. Shadow and Shawn rode the cable car down to the bottom.

Nick sat down in the front. Behind him was Cyndaquil and then Squirtle. They both were leaning a bit over the side of the sled. Cyndaquil took the left and Squirtle took the right side. Danny had Geodude and Scyther. Their long arms were able to touch both sides. This wasnít going to be easy.

"On your mark..... get set..... GO!!!" Danny sounded the buzzer.

The race was on! The two sleds roared down the mighty mountain. Nick's sled was going to much to the right so Nick commanded a Water Gun from Squirtle, pushing the sled back in position.

To much to the left.. Cyndaquil used Flamethrower and they were back on track. Danny's Geodude and Scyther were using there hands to shift the sled. They were half way down the mountain. Dust rose up behind them. The bottom of the ice sled was beginning to melt away. What a fierce and competitive battle this was!

Nick knew he had to think of something or it was over with. Danny and his pokemon were gaining speed. They got going faster and faster. They started to get ahead of Nick and Company.

"Squirtle and Cyndaquil, use Water Gun and Flamethrower at the ground at the back of the sled" Cyndaquil and Squirtle nodded. Nick knew that if they did this then no one could steer the sled but it was a chance they had to take.

They went to the back of the sled and used there attacks at the ground. This was like Nitrous Oxide on a sled! It gave the sled an extra boost and lead Nick's sled past Dannyís at a rocket speed.

Nick, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil passed the finish line. Danny came in right behind him. Shawn and Shadow were exiting the cable car.

"Awesome job Nick!" Shawn congratulated him.

Danny returned his Scyther and Geodude.

"Great job Nick. That was an impressive move. I think you earned this!" Danny said, handing over the Sea Ruby badge. It was a sea shell with a red ruby in it.

"Thanks a lot Danny! Alright guys, we got the Sea Ruby Badge!" Nick screamed, holding his new Orange Islands Badge.


Shawn, Shadow, and Nick loaded up in the boat.

"It was nice meeting you Nick and Shawn! Nick, I wish you good luck on becoming the Orange Islands Champ! Hope to see you again!" he yelled as he waved off Nick and Co.

Nick looked at his new Sea Ruby Badge as Shawn cranked up the engine and roared off towards the next island that held the third badge...

03-04-2004, 10:34 PM
Chapter 11- Journey to Mischief

"Cyndaquil, Agility!" shouted Nick.

Nick's Cyndaquil ran around a girl's Cubone. Cyndaquil went in for a Quick Attack but got hammered by the bone Cubone was holding. Cyndaquil lost.

"Dang It!" Nick said to himself as he returned Cyndaquil.

"Great job Cubone. Thanks for the battle!" the girl wondered off down the road.

Nick kicked the sand and then walked back to where Shawn, Shadow, and the rest of the gang was eating lunch.

Nick looked at his badges. He had only 4 pokemon and one of them didnít even obey him. He thought of Jason getting the Orange Cup before him. After lunch they walked up the beach to where they saw a lot of buildings and people.

"So this is Mandarin Island" Nick said, looking at the old buildings.

"Yeah, Its filled with lots of tourists and buildings and whatnot" Shawn mumbled.

Nick, Shadow, and Shawn walked around until they saw a Pokemon Mart. They stalked up on Poke balls and Potions.

"Why donít we just have a day off?" Nick suggested, tired from the long trip.

"Sounds good to me" Shawn shrugged.

They headed to the beach. Shadow and Cyndaquil was burying Shawn's Houndour in the sand. Shawn's Ledian was flying above the ocean water and Squirtle was taking a dive in the water.

Nick and Shawn were bathing in the sun.

"Anyone want to come walking with me?" asked Nick, wanting to take troll down the beach.

No one even looked his way.

"Fine then, Nidoking will come with me!" Nick smirked.

He let out Nidoking. First thing Nidoking did was punch Nick in the face. Nidoking was instantly returned to his pokeball.

Nick walked up the beach by his self. As he was walking he noticed a beautiful young girl. Orange-redish hair. Probably a little older than Nick.

"Hi there!" Nick said in a high pitched voice.

"Uh HI!" the girl said, trying to ignore Nick.

The girl was putting sun screen lotion on her legs.

"I'm Whitney!" she said back, waiting for Nick to do something but stand there looking at her.

"The name is Nick" he played it cool.

"Can you help me out?" she said, holding up the sun lotion.

Nick nodded yes. He took the sun screen lotion and put it on her back. He rubbed it gently.

"So you live here?" she was just trying to make conversation, Nick thought that was pretty cool.

"Nope, I am here taking a break from my Pokemon journey through the Orange Islands. What brings you here?" he liked to follow up with a question.

"I'm a Gym Leader back in Johto. I have been battling a lot lately and I decided to take a break and come here for a nice relaxing vacation" she explained.

Nick finished putting the lotion on her back. He couldnít believe he had met a real gym leader from the hard Johto Leauge.

Whitney laid down and closed her eyes, getting a little sun bathing in. Nick walked off. Whitney looked hot bathing in the sun in that nice bikini of hers. He looked at her and got into a deep stare. She looked up at him. Nick hurried up and ran off, trying to not to be noticed too much.

Nick arrived to the others. They were packing everything up.

"Why are yaíll packing up everything?" Nick yelled, not ready to go.

"Oh, their closing the beach today. Something about a burglary or somethin. I guess we just have to stay all night at the Pokemon Center and come back tomorrow" Shawn explained.

"That stinks!" he said, kicking the sand. He returned everyone but Shadow.

They got to the busy streets.

"I gotta go to the Pokemon Center to make sure they have a room for us" Shawn headed off into the distance.

"Thatís cool. Shadow and me are just going to go looking around at some of the shops" Nick said, parting off with Shawn.

Shadow and Nick walked along the busy streets until they came upon an ice cream parlor. They started to get an ice cream until they heard a scream. They ran down the street to see a girl screaming.

"THEY TOOK THE PACKAGE!" she yelled.

"Whats going on?" Nick wondered.

"Someone took a very important package from the lab she works in" Whitney explained for the troubled lady.

Nick stared at Whitney. He started to drool.

"Hiiiiiii Whiiiiiiitneeeeeeey" he studdered.

Whitney ran farther down the street.

"WHERE YOU GOIN!" Nick screamed. He ran off after her...

03-04-2004, 10:35 PM
Chapter 11 continued...

They came up to this big old rusty factory. It looked like no one was in it. Nick caught up with Whitney. Whitney whipped the sweat off her forehead. Her redish hair was neatly pulled back.

"Whats going on?" Nick said, trying not to be hypnotized by her looks.

Whitney and Nick stood up on some old wooden boxes and looked threw the window. There were three Team Rocket members.

"Team Rocket members took a package from a lab. That package contained a special pokeball. It can catch any pokemon at any time. That pokemon will easily do whatever its master says as soon as its caught. If they caught a Lugia, which they are trying to do, then they could tell Lugia to destroy anything or anyone they wanted" Whitney explained.

"Wow! Thatís terrible" Nick dreaded that thought.

"Umb......reeeee" Shadow moaned as it looked at a little opening on the side of the building. It was a hole just big enough for them to get in so they could enter inside.

"Elite Cole will be satisfied with our little gift" Casey laughed, holding the package in her hands...

03-04-2004, 10:36 PM
Chapter 12- Clefairy's Special

"Stop right there!" Whitney bursted out.

"Hand over that pokeball now!" Nick tried to sound just as brave as Whitney.

"Not you again!" Casey pointed at Nick.

"Don't worry, I can take care of these two" Billy said, throwing out his Magby.

"Go Shadow!" commanded Nick.

Shadow squared off against Magby. Magby let out a spiraling Flamethrower. It hit the ground right beside Shadow. Shadow lept into the air and used Swift.

Magby jumped out of the way of that attack. Whitney let out her Clefairy. Clefairy and Shadow tackled Magby together.

"Hey! Thatís not fair" she yelled, letting out her Cubone.

Cubone got ready to battle. Cubone got ready to threw his club when Magby was sent flying into him. They flew back and hit Casey and Billy.

"Do I have to do everything around here!" a guy said, appearing from a corner.

"Elite Master Cole!" Casey gasped. He wore the greatest uniform of Team Rocket, showing that he was one of the best trainers on the mighty team.

He grabbed his pokeball. A huge Onix came out.

"Use Iron Tail Onix!" the guy said to be Elite Cole said.

Onix's tail glew white and it sung its tail towards Whitney. Nick ran and tackled Whitney down, just before she was hit. Clefairy got up to the plate and started waving her fingers around.

"Thanks" she said, looking deeply into Nick's eyes. Clefairy had finished her Metronome. A big huge yellow ball appeared in front of Clefairy and then it exploded.

Team Rocket was sent into the air. The rare Pokeball dropped out of the sky, right into the bag Nick carried. Nick covered up Whitney, making sure she didnt get hurt.

The smoke cleared and Shadow and Clefairy showed up.


"I'm sorry, we donít have the pokeball. It was probably destroyed in the explosion" the police said to the lady that was found troubled earlier.

"Yeah, I shouldnít of invented that thing anyways" she said, walking off.

Firemen put out the fire in the old factory.

"Thanks a lot Nick" Whitney gave off a big smile.

"No Problem" he said, looking into her big beautiful eyes. They leaned in. There lips came closer and closer to each other.

"Hey guys!" Shawn yelled, running up to them.

They departed from each other in an instant.

"What happened here" asked Shawn.

"Another Team Rocket accident" Nick explained. Shawn rolled his eyes.

"No figure" Shawn laughed.

"I have to get going Nick, here is my phone number.. give me a call sometime" she said as she darted off into the distance of the island.

"Sure thing" he said as if she was still around to hear.

"Someone got struck by Cupid's arrow" Shawn laughed.

Nick snapped out of the trance and pushed Shawn in the shoulder...

03-04-2004, 10:36 PM
Chapter 13- A Tyro-reffic Friend!

"Well the boat is already Nick!" Shawn called out.

"Great!" Nick said, throwing his things in the boat.

Shawn climbed in as the sun rose to its noon point.

"Hey wait! Are you a pokemon trainer?" a mysterious kid asked.

"Yeah, I am" Nick answered.

"I challenge you to a Pokemon battle!" the kid urged.

The kid wore a black and white karate uniform. Nick looked around to see if anyone else was on the beach. No one was except for the kid, Nick, Shawn, and Shadow.

"Sure thing" Nick yelled back.

They picked a spot on the beach that seemed right for battling. Shawn got mad cause he was ready to leave but once he thought about it he figured he could get some good lessons about pokemon in this battle.

"I do things different though, if I win you have to give me a pokemon, if you win then I'll give you this pokemon I just caught" the karate kid tried to make a deal.

"Give up one of my pokemon, I donít think so!" Nick confronted as he put up his pokeball.

"Yeah I knew you would chicken out" the kid laughed.

"Chicken out? Fine then, you have yourself a match!" Nick screamed back.

"Nick, you sure about this?" Shawn asked.

"Donít worry, my pokemon wont let me down" Nick knew that was true.

Nick grabbed Squirtle's pokeball but Shadow stepped up. Nick understood that Shadow wanted to battle. The idiotic kid threw out his pokeball. A white monkey looking pokemon came out.

Nick didnít know which pokemon that was. "Thatís a Mankey, better watch it Nick. They are known to be pretty sneaky" Shawn tried to help him out.

Nick grinned.

"Quick Attack Shadow!" he ordered.

Shadow ran towards Mankey. Mankey jumped into the air and landed on Shadow's head. Shadow shook Mankey off and made it fall to the ground. Shadow ran towards Mankey and headbutted the little energetic monkey. Mankey got up and tried Karate Chop. Mankey did hands chops all around Shadow. "Shadow use Agility" Nick screamed. Mankey wasnít able to lay a finger on Shadow. Mankey got wore out fast.

Shadow rammed into Mankey. Mankey hit the ground hard. Sand flew up from the fall of Mankey. "Shadow use Faint Attack" Nick yelled. Shadow did as told. As Mankey was getting up, Shadow charged towards Mankey and disappeared. Then Shadow showed up ramming into the left side of Mankey. Mankey flew to the ground once again.

Mankey struggled up. "Mankey, use your Low Kick attack!" said the kid. Mankey was kicking towards Shadow as fast and as rapid as it could. Shadow got off balance and fell to the ground. Mankey got a good kick in there. Mankey continued to kick Shadow. Finally Mankey stopped from exhaustion. Shadow, believe it or not, got up on all fours.

Shadow was hurt badly. "Shadow use Flash" Nick said, thinking quickly. The yellow spots on his body shined really brightly and really fast, blinding Mankey long enough for Shadow to get a Tackle in. Mankey fell to the ground. The match was awarded to Nick!

"Great job Shadow!" Nick hugged his pokemon.

"Mankey and me failed, therefor I have to award this Pokemon to you. Good Luck" the kid said as he ran off.

Nick held the Pokeball that Karate Kid had given him. They got into the boat and sped off, trying to hurry and get to Trovita Island.

"That was a great battle Nick, what pokemon do you think is in it?" Shawn asked.

"I donít know, lets see..." Nick said, reaching for the pokeball.

03-04-2004, 10:37 PM
Chapter 14- Fight Competition Begin!

"The boat is running out of gas, we better refill at that island" Shawn said, pointing to a huge island.

They ported the boat at a gas station for boats. Shawn was filling the tank. Nick put his hands over his head, stretching from the long ride over.

"I gotta get some fresh air" Nick yawned.

"Ok, I have to get some supplies so lets meet in front of the poke mart in 30 minutes" Shawn decided.

Nick and Shadow parted from the boat and Shawn.

They came upon a small river. It was a part of the ocean that crept through the middle of the island, splitting it into two halves. The water was beautiful. Nick fell to the ground and put his arms behind his head. He took a sigh. He gazed at the clouds above his heads, forming what Nick thought as Pokemon faces.

"Well, its just like Nicky to be layin around instead of doing serious training" Jason grunted.

Nick jumped up. Shadow stood beside him.

Jason, what an unhappy surprise" Nick grunted back.

"You gonna enter the Fighting Pokemon Tournament too?" Jason asked rudely.

"Fighting Pokemon Tournament?" Nick was more puzzled then a horse in the jungle.

"Yeah, it starts tomorrow. You can sign up in that stadium over there. Although you couldnít win anyways" he said, pointing to a small stadium across the river.

"Exactly I just got a Tyrogue that is pretty strong!" Nick held his head up high and held up Tyrogue's pokeball.

"Tyrogue? Thatís funny! I'm not using such a weak pokemon like yourself. I am gonna use my Poliwrath!" Jason said calmly like the contest was already over.

"I'll show you!" Nick yelled as he ran towards the stadium.

"SIGN ME UP!!" Nick screamed at the lady in the front of the stadium. He shouted out all the information about his self.

"Your registered. You have to win three battles and then you will be in the finals. Good luck to you and your Tyrogue. Oh and your first match will be tomorrow morning at 10:30" she smiled towards Nick.

"Hey man! I have been wonderin where you've been" Shawn yelled, tired of waiting.

"Um exactly if its not to much of a problem I would like to stay here for now.. there is a fighting pokemon tournament that I entered and it starts tomorrow! We will be able to leave the day after. What do ya say?" Nick asked kindly.

"Sure, I would love to study the different movements of fighting pokemon's techniques" Shawn said like it was a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

"ALRIGHT!" Nick threw his fists into the air.

They found a place at the Pokemon Center, last room available.


"LET THE TOURNY BEGIN!" the announcer yelled into the microphone.

The fireworks started! After two battles, Nick was up. Nick had never battled with his Tyrogue but he felt confident about the tournament. He felt he could go all the way.

Announcer: "Nick/Tyrogue on the Blue side V.S Rust/Makuhita on the Red side! BEGIN!"

"Use a Mach Punch!" Nick started things off.

The battle began as Tyrogue started it off with its attack. Tyrogue's hand glew as he threw it towards Makuhita. Makuhita ducked underneath Tyrogue's spiraling punch. Makuhita hit Tyrogue in the stomach.

Tyrogue coughed for air. Then Makuhita hit Tyrogue in the chin, making it fly thru the air and hit the ground hard.

Tyrogue struggled to its feet. Makuhita charged with anger. Tyrogue was to quick and jumped out of the way. Makuhita took a U-ing and came charging towards him again. "Tyrogue use Rapid Spin" ordered Nick. Tyrogue started to spin rapidly fast on its feet, sticking its arms straight out.

The two mighty fighting pokemons collided into each other. Tyrogue got the best out of Makuhita however. Makuhita was sent to the ground. It struggled to get up but somehow managed. "Tyrogue give it a Hi Jump Kick" yelled Nick. Tyrogue did just so and gave a mighty kicking chop to the forehead of its opponent. Makuhita rolled slightly back and forth until....

BAM! It hit the dirt!

"Makuhita is unable to battle, Blue side WINS!" the ref announced.

"YES! ALRIGHT! I CANT BELIEVE IT!" Nick said running to the middle of the battle area. He hugged Tyrogue. Tyrogue smiled at the crowd, happy about its hard fought battle.

03-04-2004, 10:38 PM
Chapter 15- Advance We Shall!

"Great job you guys!" Shawn said, patting Tyrogue on the back.

"Thanks but we can talk later, I'm huuungggry!" Nick moaned.

They found a nice restaurant where they had a late breakfast. They finished eating. Nick looked at the tv sitting in the top corner of the restaurant.

"Jason and his Poliwrath seem to be tiring out here in this 2nd Round matchup!" called out the TV announcer.

They were going up against a mighty Machamp and his karate suit wearing, big muscled trainer. Nick and Shadow jumped up and ran out the door. Shawn followed behind.

They arrived at the arena where Jason was walking out from beneath the stands.

"Jason.." Nick paused.

"Yeah what, so I lost ok. If you go up against him you will probably do the same little Nicky" Jason pushed past Nick.

Jason gave Shadow a harsh look and then looked at the ground as he disappeared into the woods.

"Wow, Jason and his Poliwrath didnít even get that far.. what chance do I have then?" Nick said to Shadow.

"TRAINER NICK DUNBAR, please come to the battle floor" yelled the announcer.

"Well I'm up" Nick said, whipping sweat off his forehead.

Shawn went up in the stands to watch with Shadow.

Nick threw out Tyrogue's pokeball. The other trainer had a Machop out.


Tyrogue started with a kick towards Machop's legs. Machop jumped up to avoid the kick. Tyrogue tried a punch Machop's head but Machop dodged again.

"Machop now try to Karate Chop Tyrogue" the trainer said in a very mature voice. Tyrogue jumped over Machop's shoulders and hit Machop from behind before it could get its attack off. Machop stood back up and tried to use Low Kick. Kick after kick after kick after kick, Machop was giving it all it had but Tyrogue was to quick.

Machop then made a mistake by going to fast and tripping. Thatís when Tyrogue jumped on Machop's head, making it eat dirt, and then waiting for Machop to stand up. Machop was done. Nick gave the wink to Tyrogue which told him to end the match. Machop stood up... BAM! High Jump Kick to the head, Tyrogue stood tall while Machop had its face deep into the dirt.



03-04-2004, 10:38 PM
Chapter 15 continued...

"Here we are, winner will advance to the fighting pokemon championship! In the Red corner is Nick and Tyrogue.. in the Blue corner is Drew and Machamp!" the announcer yelled. Jason watched from the Pokemon Center TV, wondering if Nick really had what it takes.

Nick looked at the trainer. It was the same trainer that beat Jason. Fright hung over him as they stared each other down. Nick knew he had to beat this one or it was all over.

The match had begun! Nick didnít have time to think. Machamp was already going for Tyrogue. Machamp used all four arms to punch away at Tyrogue.

His left top arm clipped Tyrogue and then the bottom right arm got a good hit in. Tyrogue flew to the ground. Machamp stood over Tyrogue and started to punch its stomach.

Tyrogue was getting crushed. Nick couldnít bare to sit there and watch that happen. Nick was about to decide quits when Tyrogue hit Machamp across the face with his left arm.

Machamp was stunned. Then Tyrogue stood up and started to clobber Machamp in the stomach. No effect. Machamp seemed like it was unbeatable.

"I got it! Tyrogue.. Machamp is to bulky, making it not as quick as you. Just keep dodging until you wear down Machamp!" Nick figured it out.

Tyrogue nodded yes to the orders. Machamp gave punches and kicks towards Tyrogue. Tyrogue was just to quick though and started to wear out Machamp with dodging everthing coming Tyrogueís way.

Machamp wore out quickly. "Tyrogue use Double Team" said Nick. Machamp didnít know which Tyrogue was which as Tyrogue seperated into five different forms. Their was a huge circle of Tyrogue's around Machamp. Machamp ran for one of them. WRONG ONE! Tyrogue charged towards Machamp and head-butted it in the side.

Then it used Strength. It built up its energy and picked up Machamp and quickly throwing it hard to the ground. Then it kicked Machamp in the head. Tyrogue was then hit by Machamp's left leg. They both stared each other down.

Nick didnít know if he should give orders or let Tyrogue face this one by itself. Tyrogue seemed to be getting caught up in the moment to obey orders anyways. They both charged for each other. This was it! They both gave a punch towards each other. BAAAAM! They both got hit! Both punches were a success. Tyrogue collided, then two seconds later Machamp fell to the ground.

Nick looked at the referee to see what was the call.

"Because Tyrogue fainted BEFORE Machamp.. Machamp is the winner!" awarded the referee. Nick was in shock, he couldnít move or speak.

Nick slowly just fell to his knees. He couldnít believe it. He had such confidence through this tournament. He believed in his pokemon. He came two seconds short of beating that mighty "unbeatable" Machamp.

Nick walked over to the trainer and his injured Machamp.

"Great job" Nick said, shaking his hand.

"Thanks, you arenít bad. You almost beat me there!" he smiled.

Nick then walked over to Tyrogue and gave it a hug, "Great job buddy".

03-04-2004, 10:39 PM
Chapter 16- Quit Being So Rudy!

"Yeah, I am pretty disappointed but I learned a lesson. I was able to make that Machamp faint whether I won or not. I didnít have to have a big strong pokemon to do it either. Its how big the pokemons heart is" Nick said, remembering back to the other day when he almost came close to getting the championship.

"THERE IT IS!" Shawn yelled, driving the boat. He pointed to the small island straight ahead. It was Trovita Island! They finally made it!

"Alright! Time to get my Spike Shell Badge!" Nick yelled as if he already got it.

Out of nowhere a wave runner came swooping by their boat.

"Hey jerk!" Shawn screamed at him.

They landed on the island along with the person driving the wave runner. Shawn jumped out quickly.

"Whats your problem! This is a new boat, you could of caused a wreck out there!" Shawn jumped all over the driver.

"Well did I hit you?" the boy asked.

"Well... no" Shawn paused.

"Then no harm done" the boy waved his hair around like he was Mr. Pretty.

Shawn curled his fingers up in a fist.

Nick stepped in.

"Hey, do you know where I can find the gym leader around here?" asked Nick

"Yeah, this way" the boy said in a pretty boy way.

Nick and Shadow followed, as well as the angry Shawn.

They came to a big hill that had a river going around it.

"Here we are!" the boy said.

"Cool, where is the leader?" asked Nick, still not seeing anyone.

"He is probably around. I heard he is a real dofus. He tries to be better than everyone else but he really isnít" Shawn grinned.

The boy's face grew red.

"First of all no he doesnít and he is a very intelligent young man!" the boy yelled, calming down a bit.

"Oh yeah, how would you know?" Shawn asked.

"Cause I am that boy!" he grunted, putting on a button up t-shirt. Then he ran his fingers threw his red straight hair.

"Awesome! Lets battle then!" Nick was in a hurry for a battle.

"First of all, the awesomely talented Rudy doesnít let anyone have a chance at the Spike Shell Badge!" Rudy said while playing with his hair.

"Well donít we have a high opinion on our selfís" Nick made fun of him.

"You have to knock down all the targets that come up while going in this boat" Rudy pointed to a small boat over in a river that ran thru the island.

He pointed to a boat in the water of the river that ran around the big hill.

They climbed in the boat and Rudy drove. Nick called out Squirtle. Squirtle and Nick stood on the front part of the boat. They went forward in the river. A target popped out. BAM! The target was hit with a Water Gun from Squirtle. Another target! BAM! Hit again.

Two more. BAM! BAM! Got both. More! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! got them all. Then Nick thought he would use another pokemon. Cyndaquil came out and used a fireball to hit the targets.

They arrived back at the gym.

"That was fun! Lets do it again!" Nick yelled laughing.

Rudy jumped out of the boat, mad...

03-04-2004, 10:39 PM
Chapter 16 continued...

Nick and Shadow stared down Rudy. Shawn was on the side of the battle area, reffing the battle. They stood on top of hill that was flat on top.

"This is how it goes, three on three pokemon battle. You choose your pokemon first and then depending on that pokemon, I choose mine to be the same type as yours. Got it? GO!" Rudy explained, quickly getting the battle started.

Nick nodded and grabbed Nidoking's pokeball. He threw it out to the center of the battle floor. Nidoking's pink body shinned from the afternoon sun.

"NIDOKING?! Are you crazy or just flat out stupid?" Shawn yelled at Nick.

"Donít worry, Nidoking is my friend and with it, we can beat anybody!" Nick said, sounding confident.

"Fine then, in that case I will choose... Graveler!" Rudy said, choosing his pokemon.

His brown rocky looking pokemon came out to the middle of the battle floor.

"BEGIN!" Shawn said, waving flags.

"Nidoking, use Horn Attack!" Nick yelled.

Nidoking just stood still. Rudy's Graveler started with Rollout. It curled up in a ball and rolled towards Nidoking.

"WATCH OUT!" Nick said, trying to watch out for his pokemon.

Nidoking was knocked down. Nidoking got up, furious and it ran towards Graveler. Graveler rolled towards Nidoking once again. Nidoking stopped Graveler in its tracks. Then it pinned Graveler to the ground and started to beat Graveler with its powerful fists. Nidoking hit and hit and hit and hit and hit and hit. Nidoking was beating it up pretty badly.

Graveler started to cry out in pain. Nick didnít know what to do.

"Hey back off! I SAID BACK OFF!" Rudy screamed.

"Return Nidoking!" he said as Nidoking was sucked back into its pokeball. Rudy walked over to Graveler who was hurt pretty badly.

"Since Trainer Nick returned his pokemon, the winner is Rudy!" Shawn declared.

Rudy returned his pokemon. Nick could of wont that one but he was just to afraid to keep Nidoking out, he didnít want to injure or even KILL Rudyís pokemon... plus if that happened then he would be suspended by the Pokemon League Staff. Now Nick HAD to win the next battles or he was finished with. Nick grabbed his next pokemon. He threw out the pokeball and Cyndaquil was reviled.

"You need to control that Nidoking better, it could of really hurt my Graveler.... Alright now, Cyndaquil huh? Then I guess that means its your turn Ninetales!" Rudy decided.

A white, honorable pokemon came out of its pokeball. The battle began! "Cyndaquil start with Quick Attack" Nick said. "Ninetales use Agility to dodge the attack" Rudy said. "Then Cyndaquil use Swift" Nick changed the attack. The little flying stars hit the ground in front of Ninetales. Ninetales jumped into the air away from the Swift attack and used Flamethrower.

The fire blast went right next to Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil ran as fast as it could and head-butted Ninetales.

Ninetales got right back up though and fought back with a Quick Attack. Success! Cyndaquil was knocked to the ground. It got back up. They used Flamethrower. They two blast collided.

Neither one was winning. Cyndaquil turned it up a notch. Then Ninetales did the same. They both quit and Cyndaquil used Agility. Thatís when Ninetales used Screech. A loud screeching noise held over them. Cyndaquil stopped in its tracks.

Cyndaquil couldnít bare the noise. Ninetales stopped and Tackled Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil was hurt pretty badly but somehow managed to get up.

"Cyndaquil use Smokescreen" commanded Nick. The air filled with black thick smoke. Ninetales couldnít see anything. "Cyndaquil use Swift" Nick yelled. Ninetales was hit! Then Cyndaquil used Tackle and rammed into Ninetales...

"Ninetales is unable to battle... Cyndaquil is the winner!" declared Shawn.

"Great job buddy!" Nick congratulated his friend.

"I gotta give it to ya, that Cyndaquil is well trained" Rudy said, returning his fainted Ninetales.

Nick returned Cyndaquil. He thought about his next pokemon. Squirtle! That was the right one to bring home the badge!

"I choose you...... Squirtle!" Nick called out.

"Nice looking pokemon you got there! Although I donít think it can match up to my Starmie!"

His Starmie came out, it was a purple star with a red gem in the middle.

"Squirtle start it off with a Water Gun" Nick commanded.

Starmie stepped out of the way and shot its own Water Gun at Squirtle. Squirtle stepped out of the way. They were testing each other.

Squirtle ran towards Starmie. It tried to Tackle the star water pokemon but it jumped up in the air and used Rapid Spin. It spun really fast and hit Squirtle right in the head. Starmie landed back down and Tackled Squirtle.

Then Squirtle used the move it got for the last gym... Ice Beam. He shot it right at Starmie. Starmie moved and Nick noticed this was going to be one fast pokemon so the moves must be picked wisely. They both shot a Water Gun at each other. They water blasts collided. Squirtle took it up a little bit and was able to over do Starmie. Starmie was hit by the Water Gun and was sent almost flying to the ground.

It was able to catch it self before it fell off the ledge of the hill. Starmie started up Rapid Spin again. WHOOSH! WHOOSH! It went flying right next to Squirtle. Squirtle was able to barely dodge the incoming attack.

Squirtle waited til it came back around. It spun right for Squirtle. "Squirtle use Skull Bash" commanded Nick. Squirtle's head collided with Starmie. Starmie and Squirtle fell to the ground.

They both got up and Starmie used Water Gun. Squirtle used Ice Beam. It froze Starmie's Water Gun and Starmie itself.

"Starmie is unable to continue this battle, Squirtle is the winner!" declared the referee- Shawn.

"WE WON!" he yelled, running over to Squirtle to hug it.

Rudy returned Starmie and walked over to Nick.

"Here is the Spike Shell Badge" Rudy said with a hint of a bad attitude.

Nick grabbed the whitish-purplish shell. He gazed at it..


VVVVVOOOOSHHHH! The boat sped down the beautiful ocean.

"I am happy at my team. They were fought a good fight" he said as he looked at his three badges.

"Yep with an exception of Nidoking" Shawn laughed.

"Uh... hehe yeah" he said, blushing.

"Just one more and you will be able to fight Drake for the Orange League Cup" Shawn reminded him.

"Yeah, I cant wait... GO!" Nick signaled to go faster.

03-04-2004, 10:40 PM
Chapter 17- Good Bye Friend

The boat made huge waves as it sped across the ocean. In the distance a Wailord was with its little Wailmer. Everything seemed so peaceful.

"See that island.. go there. I want to call Whitney" Nick told Shawn.

"You and your girlfriends" Shawn rolled his eyes.

"She isnít my girlfriend, she is just a friend" Nick said back, blushing.

They ported on the island. It was all green cause of the trees that covered it. In the middle it was flat, just grass. A weird island it was...

Nick, Shadow, and Shawn walked along a dirt trail that led to the middle of the island.

"This place seems abandoned to me" Nick suggested.

"It doesnít say that on the map" Shawn said, referring to his map once again.

"Well your map is wrong, its always wrong" Nick said while rolling his eyes.

"Donít make fun of my map" Shawn laughed carefree.

"Gee donít cry over it" Nick played along.

"Hey this map has saved me from going the wrong way millions of times" Shawn said, getting serious again.

"Well you should do what I do, go with good olí common sense" Nick suggested to Shawn.

"And where does that usually get you? LOST!" Shawn was making sense on that.

Nick fell down anime style!

They came upon a small brown log cabin. They knocked on the door, hoping there would be a phone. Shadow looked thru the window. No one seemed to be home.


"What was that?" Nick yelled, referring to the big bang.

"Sounded like something crashed over there!" Shawn said, running to the back of the cabin.

They ran behind the log cabin and in the HUGE plain field was a huge herd of Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Nidorino, and the whole Nidoran family. They were sleeping, eating, fighting, playing, chillin like life had offered them. It was amazing how many there were.

"This is awesome" Nick said, glancing at the huge herd.

"Totally. A great chance to study these things without getting punched like your Nidoking seems to do" Shawn laughed.

"Hey it didnít mean to, my Nidoking just doesnít know any better" Nick tried to take Nidokingís side.

"It never means to..." he said, trying to sound as sarcastic as he could.

"Hey, what are you doing here! This is a reserved park!" a lady screamed at Shawn, Shadow, and Nick.

Nick and Shawn turned to see a lady wearing overalls with a red t-shirt underneath. She had black boats and a green hat on backwards.

"Reserved park?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, No one is aloud here. I keep this Nido's here. Leave now and I wont call the police" she ordered, like the police could really get there that fast anyways... the closest island was 10 miles away.

"NO DONíT! We're sorry, we just wanted to find a phone" Shawn blurted out.

"Yaíll arenít poachers?" the lady asked.

"No, just wanted to make a call" Nick said while smiling real big at her.

"Oh sorry, I shouldnít of cused you of being poachers. I'm Brooke. I take care of this Nido Habitat" the lady, Brooke, explained.

"I am Shawn"

"I'm Nick, oh and thatís my Umbreon... Shadow" Nick said, pointing to his buddy.

"If you want to make a call then you can, I have a phone just right in that log cabin over there" Brooke said.

"Yeah sure" Nick shrugged.


Shawn and Brooke talked about the habitat while Shadow and Nick were talking to the "wonderful" Whitney of Goldenrod.

Nick walked over to the table to join them after his 10 minute conversation on the phone.

"So you stay here all by yourself?" Nick wondered, trying not to sound to rude.

"Yep, I have some family on Valencia Island though so I go there a week every month to get some civilization in my life" Brooke lauged.

"Thatís awesome, I live on Valencia Island" Nick yelled.

They walked outside to go look at the Nido's.

"Come out Nidoking!" Nick sent out his pokemon, thinking it would be a wise choice.

"Oh no" Shawn grunted, putting his hand over his face.

Nidoking came out of his pokeball and then looked at Nick. Nidoking drew back its hand.

"WAIT! Donít punch. I just thought you would like to go play with the other Nidokings and Nidoqueens" Nick said as quickly as he could.

Nidoking looked at all the pokemon like him playing with each other. It nodded its head no. It wasnít interested. Then a beautiful Nidoqueen walked by. Nidoking became super happy and tried to follow Nidoqueen but she was trying to ignore Nickís Nidoking.

"Nido Nid Ni Nidoking"-- <Um heeyy theeeree> Nidoking said while stuttering a lot.

Nidoqueen kept walking.

"Nido Nidoking king"-- <Howís it goin?> Nidoking kept pushing for a conversation.

"Nid Nidoqueen" -- <Go bug someone else> Nidoqueen said harshly.

Nidoking walked back to Nick, saddened that Nidoqueen had rejected him.

"Aw, he was rejected" Shawn said in a sad voice.

"What? No way! No one is going to reject MY Nidoking" Nick said in a mean way.

"Yourrrrr Niddddookinng!" Brooke said in a weeping voice.

"What?!" Nick said while looking at her as she kept on stuttering.

"Its PINK!" she said in total amazement.

"Yeah I got it at a special tournament on Pinkan Island. All pokemon there are pink" Nick told.

"Thatís so cool" Brooke stared with big eyes.

"Yeah totally. Its pretty powerful too. I just wish it would mind me every once in awhile" Nick shrugged.

"Why donít we trade" she suggested.

"Huh?" Nick questioned, cleaning out his ears.

"I just caught a Scizor that wondered here. I donít have any use for it.. I already have a Scyther so why donít I trade it to you for Nidoking" Brooke said with her hopes up high.

"I donít know about that. I'm proud of my capture of Nidoking" Nick looked at the ground, thinking about her offer.

"This is a great opportunity Nick. Nidoking doesnít mind you anyways" Shawn reminded him.

"Ok Brooke, you have yourself a deal" Nick said, reaching his arm out.

They shook hands.

They reached Brooke's house and went to the trading machine device. There were two slots for poke balls.

They each placed their poke balls on the slots and Brooke pressed the button. The balls were sucked up in the machine and then reappeared. This time they were in different slots.

TRADE COMPLETE! read the machine.

"Ok its done" Brooke said, taking her new poke ball.

"Awesome" he said, looking at his new pokemon in its pokeball and wondering if it would mind unlike his Nidoking.

They walked outside as Shawn, Shadow, and Nick were about to leave.

"Here is my number. Call me next time your back at home in Valencia cause then I will take your Nidoking with me when I go so you can see it again!" Brooke suggested.

"Yeah sure thing" Nick agreed.

Shawn and Nick waved as they parted from the island. Nick remembered the first time he caught it in the contest. He remembered the times he was hit in the face by Nidoking. Even though it didnít obey he still cared for it and hoped to see it again some day...

03-04-2004, 10:41 PM
Chapter 18- Ditto-2-Go!

"I donít know Nick, I personally think it was a good trade" Shawn muttered on about Nick's Nidoking-Scizor trade.

They walked through the little neighborhood on a small island a few miles away from Trovita Island. They were walking out the door with a bag filled with potions, PokeGuide for PokeManiacs!, poke balls, and other things needed for their journey.

"Yeah maybe Scizor will come in handy" Nick thought about it.

"It will for sure, no offence.. you have a really strong team but look at it. Squirtle, Cyndaquil, and Tyrogue havenít even evolved yet. As for Shadow, its great for defensively but its attack power is pretty low. And Scizor you just got from a trade. You really need to start looking at the bigger picture here and train or look for new pokemon more. The last gym isnít that far away you know" Shawn showed Nick the wider screen.

Nick thought about his pokemon...

They now walked through the forest, which led to their boat.

"DIT!" whispered something in the brush.

"What was that?" Nick looked around.

"Sounded like some kind of pokemon rustling around, lets keep going" Shawn said, still walking.

Shadow and Shawn kept going but Nick stayed. Then finally Nick started to walk far behind them.

"DITTO!" said something again.

"There it is!" Nick yelled again.

"What?" Shawn yelled back.

"I just saw some pink thing in the bushes" Nick pointed to a very small bush.

Shawn looked behind the bush Nick was pointing at and then a puzzled look came over his face.

"There is nothing here man" Shawn laughed.

"I'm not crazy, I know what I saw" Nick screamed, knowing it wasnít crazy on this one.

Shawn shrugged and continued. Then something jumped out in front of them! It was a pink blob with two black eyes.

"WOW! A Ditto!" Shawn pointed out.

"A what?" Nick asked, never seeing such a pokemon before.

"Thatís a Ditto! It only has one move.. Transform and its very rare" Shawn told about the mysterious pokemon.

"One move? Sounds kinda weak" Nick had a weird look on his face.

"NO ITS NOT! Transform can make it turn into its opponents shape.. other words it can turn into other pokemons" Shawn explained.

"Other pokemon? That sounds awesome! I'm gonna catch it!" Nick blurted out.

Nick threw out Scizor's pokeball. The red big clawed Scizor popped out.

"This is also a great chance to get to know my Scizor!" Nick yelled.

Ditto instantly turned into Scizor. It was bizarre. Nick looked at Ditto in amazement. "Scizor start off with Metal Claw" Nick decided. Its claw turned silver and it tried to hit Ditto with it but it moved! Ditto tried Metal Claw but failed as well. "Next Scizor try a Tackle attack" suggested Nick. Scizor did as told and knocked Ditto to the ground. Then it used False Swipe. Ditto was slashed by Scizor!

Ditto got up and ready to make a move. It used Agility and caught Scizor off guard, making it able to headbutt Scizor hard! Scizor had to pick itself off the ground.

Scizor tried Double Team. There were Scizor's all around Ditto's fake Scizor form.

Ditto didnít know which one was the REAL one. Ditto tried for the one on its left and then the one beside it. WRONG ONE!

Thatís when Scizor attacked from the right! Scizor Tackled Ditto to the ground. Ditto deformed back to its self.

"Alright Ditto, your all mine!" Nick said as he threw his pokeball. It hit Ditto right on!

"DoDon.. DoDon..Dodon.." The pokeball sounded as it wobbled back and forth.

PING! Ditto was caught! Nick had captured his 6th Pokemon!

03-04-2004, 10:42 PM

This is a special chapter(sc). Kinda like a special episode. This will not be about Nick's Journey but his rival! Jason will meet a legendary. Here it goes...

"What a great place" Jason Ivy sighed as he walked threw Dikian Island. There were building after buildings. There were so many huge sky scrappers, it was truly amazing.

Jason walked to the Pokemon Center.

"Thanks a lot Nurse Joy" a mysterious man said as he walked away from the counter.

Jason noticed him from somewhere. He just couldnít remember where. He had red-ish hair and a black pant/ shirt thing goin on.

Jason gave his pokeballs to Nurse Joy so she could heal them. He sat down on a waiting couch. He picked up PokeWeekly magazine.


"Alright" the mysterious guy confirmed as he hung up the phone. He turned walked to the edge of the island. His feet sunk into the sand.

"Lets go Dragonite" the man said as his Dragonite flew down and picked him up. They flew to the other side of the island.

"Something bad is going to happen... something is wrong" the guy said as they flew up high.

A storm was brewing above them. It was enclosing fast. Thunder struck the edge of the island!


Jason picked up his pokemon and walked off.

"Looks like a storm is comin.. we better go find cover" Jason said to his self.

"AAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!" screeched some kind of creature in the distance. Everyone froze in their tracks.

"AAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKK!" screeched the figure again. Something was coming.. something big...

The thunderous, yellow bird flew out of the air. A bolt of lightening came from the amazing pokemon flying over the city and struck one of the buildings. It demolished it as well as hurting the people inside it.

Jason ran over to the building.

"What the heck happened here?!" Jason asked as he looked at the fried and demolished building. The black clouds roared all over the small, busy island.

The man with his Dragonite flew down to the building.

"I know you! Your Drake, the Orange League Champ" Jason remembered.

"Yep, your the Jason kid that has been beating all the orange island gym leaders right? You have earned quite the reputation around here kid" Drake said, giving off Jasonís dream of a compliment.

The thunderous mighty bird flew over them.

"THATS A ZAPDOS!" Jason yelled out.

"Yeah it is... and its going to destroy this island if we donít find its egg now! Someone had stolen it off an island not to far from here. Hop on my Dragonite and help me" Drake suggested, having a serious look on his face.

"Sure thing" Jason said, getting serious now as well now.

They flew over to a large factory place. It looked pretty old and rusty.

They landed and Dragonite used Hyper Beam and knocked down the door.

"Whats going on?!" a man yelled.

Jason noticed the two from somewhere.

"Give us that egg!" Drake blurted out.

The egg was white with a huge yellow lightening bolt on it.

"Billy and I will be taking this egg to Giovanni so it will hatch and see him.. making it very fond of our boss so donít dare think you can mess up our plans you fools" Casey screamed, getting her pokeball ready.

They threw out their poke balls. Casey's Cubone and Billy's Magby came out.

They got ready for battle.

"Lets go buddies.."Jason said releasing his poke balls.

A huge orange figure came out with powerful and large wings.

"CHHHHARRRIIIZARRRDDD!" the pokemon roared.

The second pokeball was his Poliwrath.

"I'll go get the egg while you distract them" Drake said.

"Alright" Drake agreed.

Drake snuck behind the battle scene.

Jason's Charizard traded Flamethrowers with Magby.

Cubone was trying to get a hit with its bone on Poliwrath.

Drake took the egg and gave it to Dragonite. They created a hole in the wall with Hyper Beam and flew out it.

Team Rocket didnít pay any attention to it. Drake and Dragonite flew over to the edge of town where Zapdos was destroying homes. They had to do something fast or people were going to get hurt, possibly even killed.

Drake and Dragonite flew right underneath the powerful monster and made it notice its egg. Zapdos didnít care, it tried to use Thunder on Dragonite. Dragonite fought back with a Hyper Beam. Zapdos dodged the blast very easily.

Then Dragonite started to use another one but Drake demanded it to land.

They got on the ground and sat down the egg. Zapdos took it with its beak and flew to the old factory.

A light of bolting came from Zapdos and blew up the old factory, sending Team Rocket running for there lives.

"Oh no! The factory.. Jason was in there!" Drake cried out, sad that he had put Jason in that position.

"Or was I?" Jason called out.

Drake turned around to see Jason landing on the ground with his Charizard.

"We did it!" Jason yelled, watching Zapdos.

The town was half way destroyed. It took some time to re-due the whole town but it had worked.

Jason got ready for he was about to go fight Drake in a week for the Orange League Championship. He couldnít wait.

Zapdos had flown off somewhere that day with its egg and hasnít been seen since...


ĖKCash-> Bored? Well sorry, I tried my best. This SC was really to show you the pokemon that Jason has and where he is on the Orange Islands. Next will be a post with Nick visiting the Johto League's Goldenrod City on a special visit.

03-04-2004, 10:43 PM
Chapter 19- A Goldenrod of an Adventure

Nick gripped the edge of the handle which connected to the seat. The plan roared as it passed land underneath.

Nick had talked to Whitney, his "lover" or as he calls it "..a friend thatís a girl". She had invited him to come down to Goldenrod for a few days. There was exactly a little private four seater plane leaving that day on the same island they were on.

Nick, Shadow, and Shawn agreed to give him Professor Ivy's phone number(he had a crush on her for three years now) and he would give them a ride to where he was going.. Goldenrod City!

They easily landed and grabbed there bags. They were to meet at the Goldenrod City Gym.

"NICK!" Whitney called out.

Whitney ran across the street to where Nick, Shadow, and Shawn were staring at the entrance to Goldenrod City Gym.

Whitney gave Nick a huge hug and then patted Shadow's head.

"Its nice to see you again" she gave a big smile.

"Yeah, come inside!" Whitney pushed them to the inside part of the gym.

They followed her to a room in the back of the gym. It was more like a kitchen. They sat down and had sodas and a plate of french fries.

"This is a really cool place" Shawn said, looking around in the gym.

"Yeah, it would be cool running a gym like this" Nick said.

"Yep, its fun running it and all but someday I hope to leave it and explore Johto" Whitney said, still wanting to travel more then be in Goldenrod all her life.

"So whats there to do around here?" asked Nick.

03-04-2004, 10:43 PM
Chapter 20- Tauros This!

"Geez, what a workout!" Nick panted as he fell to the ground. Shadow walked up behind him and Whitney followed behind Shadow.

They all sat on the ground under a shaded tree. They had been running through the woods all afternoon.

Nick took a drink from his water bottle and then gave Shadow some.

"These woods are beautiful" Nick said, looking at the distant trees.

"Yeah, I like to run through here a lot. Its nice and calm. Although I see lots of bug pokemon though. They like to run through these parts of the forest" said Whitney.

The group started to walk down the path until they realized they were missing a member!

"Where is Shawn?" Nick jumped up.

They ran back to wear they came upon a big tree. Shawn was up in the tree, shaking in his boots. Down below Shawn was a Tauros!

It looked angry. It was stomping his huge left hoove on the ground. It was kickin up dirt and waving its horns around.

"What did you do?" Nick yelled to Shawn.

"I didnít do anything, I was just wondering if it wanted some of my special pokemon food and then it tried to attack me!" Shawn yelled back.

Nick blurted out laughing. Whitney couldnít hold it in either. They both rolled on the ground and pointed at Shawn. They finally got up and Nick grabbed his pokeball. He whipped a tear from his face cause he had been laughing so hard and he threw the pokeball.

Squirtle appeared!

"Squirtle. Hit Tauros with your Water Gun!" Nick said, still giving off a small laugh.

The jet blast of water hit Tauros right on. Tauros fell to the ground but quickly got up. It stomped the ground and charged for Squirtle. Squirtle quickly jumped up over Tauros and used another Water Gun.

The water blast hit Tauros from behind. It fell to the ground right on!

Nick grabbed his empty pokeball and threw it at Tauros. It was sucked right in. The ball moved from side to side. Then once more. Then Tauros popped out!

"Dang it! Almost... Give it an Rapid Spin!" Nick suggested this time.

Squirtle went inside its shell and then started to spin rapidly fast. It hit Tauros right in the head. Tauros fell to the ground.

Nick gave the pokeball another run. Tauros was once again sucked in.

The ball wobbled.. wobbled..wobbled..wobbled.. PING!

"Alright a Tauros!" Nick ran over to the pokeball to pick it up. He started to dance around.

"Yeah baby! Yeah baby!" he sung. Shawn tried to climb out of the tree but ended up falling out! Whitney came up to Nick and hugged him for the great catch!

03-04-2004, 10:44 PM
Chapter 21- Nick..a Gym Leader?!

"I like your team.. itís a good style for you" Whitney complimented Nick, looking at all of Nick's pokemon.

Tyrogue was practicing karate with Ditto, who was transformed as a Tyrogue.

Squirtle was laying down under a big shade tree. Cyndaquil, Whitney's Clefairy, and Shawn's Houndour was eating some pokemon food Shawn had fixed up. Shadow was soaking up sun rays, other words just laying in the grass and getting some sun.

Scizor was flying around with Shawn's Ledian.

Whitney, Shawn, and Nick were eating some lunch in the back of Whitney's Gym.

"Where is your new Tauros?" Whitney wondered.

"Oh, I had to send it to Professor Ivy. You know.. since it was my 7th pokemon and all" Nick said proudly.

"Oh yeah.... I need to get some supplies for Clefairy and Miltank from the Pokemon Shopping Center down the street so anyways.. I am not sure what kind of food is right for them and all. I was thinking since you were here, Shawn, and you know about that kind of stuff that you could come help me" Whitney wondered.

"Sure. That shouldnít be that hard" Shawn shrugged.

"Great lets go now!" Whitney smiled.

They stood up and started to walk off. Nick followed.

"No hunny! You have to stay here and defend the gym if a trainer comes around" Whitney pushed Nick back into his seat.

"Man! .... Wait! Defend the Gym?" Nick questioned her.

"Yeah" Whitney said, about to walk off again.

"I donít know how to defend the gym" Nick yelled.

"Look if a trainer comes then accept his challenge and if he wins then give him a badge" she said, giving him a case of badges.

Shawn and Whitney walked off. Nick looked on in confusion. Then a grin overcame his face..

"I'm a Gym Leader!" he screamed out.

Nick sat down throwing pebbles into a small itsy bitsy puddle.

Whitney and Shawn had been gone for 30 minutes now. Tyrogue and Ditto took a rest from all their training.

Ditto walked up to Nick, who was sitting in the grass. Ditto tugged on Nick's jeans and then pointed to its mouth.

"You thirsty?" Nick asked.

"DITTO!" it said, showing Nick that he was right.

They walked into the corner of the gym where there was a fountain. Nick poured the nice cold water into a cup and gave it to Ditto. Ditto seemed to be refueled.

"HELLO?!" a young boy called out.

A young boy that was probably are 10-11 years of age walked into the small gym area. He wore black shorts with a black shirt. He had a yellow and blue over shirt though. His brown hair was neatly combed.

"Uh.. yeah" Nick said.

"Hi! I'm Nickolas from Pewter City. Are you the Gym Leader?" he asked.

"Nice to meet you.. my name is Nick too" Nick said back, "Oh and exactly I am not the gym leader but I am taking her place for now. If you can beat me then I will be glad to give you this Plain Badge" he said, holding up the shiny badge.

"Awesome! Is a one-on-one pokemon battle fine?" he asked Nick.

"Sure!" Nick said with a smile.

Nick bent down and asked Ditto if it would like to battle. Ditto agreed to do so and jumped out to the battle floor.

Nickolas threw out his pokeball. A blue and red pokemon appeared. It took form as an elephant.

"PHANPY!" it yelled out.

"Hmm... donít look to tough, you can do it Ditto!" Nick said to its pokemon.

Ditto used Transform right away! It took the form, shape, size and the characteristics of Phanpy.

The two elephant looking pokemons stared each other down. "Phanpy start out with Rollout!" yelled Nickolas. It started to spin rapidly and rolled right towards Ditto. Ditto managed to jump over Phanpy before it was hit though!

Phanpy rolled back towards Ditto again. Ditto jumped over Phanpy again! Phanpy took a U-ing and rolled right towards the transformed Ditto once more! "Ditto use Headbutt" Nick screamed.

The two Phanpy looking pokemons charged towards each other.

"BAM!" Smoke flew across the battle floor. Ditto was on the ground. Phanpy stood tall! Ditto struggled up. Apparently since Ditto wasnít use to the form, it wasnít exactly as powerful as the real Phanpy. Phanpy started to use Swift. The stars flew towards Ditto. Ditto managed to use Defense Curl. It curled up and the Swift attack bounced off of Ditto's hard strong Phanpy body.

"Ditto try Earthquake" sounded Nick. Their was only enough power behind the attack to make the ground shake hard enough so that Phanpy hit the ground. This through it off guard.

Ditto rolled up in a Rollout attack. It rolled right for Phanpy.

Phanpy jumped up and dodged the attack. Then it used its Rollout attack!

Phanpy and Ditto hit each other right on. Ditto's wasnít strong enough. Ditto was sent to the ground where it deformed back to its original state.

Phanpy stood panting.

"Aw no! Ditto!" Nick yelled as he ran over to pick up his pokemon. He then returned it to its pokeball so it could rest.

"That was an awesome battle Nick" Nickolas gave his prompts.

"Yeah, I love your Phanpy. Where did you get it?" pondered Nick.

"Exactly I just got it down the road a ways" Nickolas pointed in the south direction.

"Awesome! I hope to get one of my own someday!" Nick blurted out.

Nickolas returned his Phanpy after giving it a hug.

"Oh, I guess this is yours..." Nick said as he gave up his (or Whitney's) Plain Badge.

"Alright! A plain badge! Thatís awesome. Three down, five to go! Thanks a lot Nick. I hope to see you soon!" Nickolas waved off.

"Yeah, definitely!" he said as they shook hands.


Later on...

Whitney returned, jumping up and down and explaining to Nick about all they bought. Shawn followed behind her, struggling to carry the tons of bags they had.

"So did you have to defend the gym any?" Whitney asked.

"Yeah, he wasnít that great and all but I went easy, ya know" he said as he shrugged and blushed.

03-04-2004, 10:45 PM
Chapter 22 continued...

Nick hugged Whitney very tightly. Shawn and Whitney shook hands as they departed away from each other. Shawn, Nick, and Shadow climbed on board a little gray blimp.

Whitney waved off to them as they flew off onto Kumquat Island! There Nick would compete for its next badge... the Jade Star Badge!


After a days trip over to the island of Kumquat.. Nick and Co. walked off the blimp, looking for the Pokemon Center.

They kept walking until they came upon a small red and white building with a big P on it.

"Ah look! The Pokemon Center!" Nick remarked as he ran inside.

"Hello there!" Nurse Joy said happily to them.

"Well hello there hunny" Nick said, running right up to the counter.

"Donít even think about it" Joy rolled her eyes.

"Hey, I was saying hunny in a nice way.. not in a girlfriend-boyfriend way" Nick said back, blushing.

"Excuse my friend, do you happen to know where the Gym is?" Shawn asked while pushing Nick aside.

"Yeah, just right down the street" Joy pointed to the east side of the island.

"Thanks a lot. Do you have any rooms open for tonight?" Shawn asked as well.

"Yeah sure" Joy said, typing info into the computer to double check they had rooms available.

She typed Shawn's name into the computer and gave him a room key. Shawn stayed in the room to get some rest. The clock turned 7:30 p.m. It was time to go to the gym before it closed. It was now or never in the eyes of Nick.

Nick walked out of the Pokemon Center with Shadow alongside. He focused on the upcoming match!

03-04-2004, 10:46 PM
Chapter 23- Double Trouble!

Luana, the Gym Leader, entered into the gym. Nick stood in the little area provided for him. He looked on as the lights of the gym came on.
The battle floor shone with brightness.

"You sure you ready for this?" Luana asked.

"Sure thing, just tell me the rules!" Nicks stood on the other side of the battle field, ready for his match-up he had set up earlier.

"We will both use two pokemon" Luana said plain and simple.

"What? I thought the Orange Islands Gyms didnít do their battles regularly?" Nick questioned.

"Ah but we do it different.. yes! We will use two pokemon at the same time!" Luana smiled.

"At the same time?!" Nick blurted out, being very puzzled.

"Yep, better choose your pokemon wisely" Luana kept in mind.

Nick thought about which two pokemon would do the best together...

Luana whipped the purplish short hair out of her face and threw out her two Poke balls. An Alakazam and a Marowak came out!

Nick decided on his two pokemon. Shadow jumped out to the floor. Scizor popped out of its Pokeball. The battle begun!

Nick's Scizor charged for Alakazam. Shadow went for Marowak! It was on...

"Scizor.. Metal Claw! Shadow.. Quick Attack!" Nick said, giving orders at the same time.

Nick had to say the words super fast. It was a totally different way then what he was use to. He had never encountered something like this before.

Scizor's big claw turned silver. Then it tried to hit Alakazam. Being smart though, Alakazam teleported behind Scizor and then it used Psybeam.

Scizor fell to the ground hard.

Shadow swept its way to Marowak. Shadow went in for the hit but Marowak jumped into the air and used Bone Club. Its little bone was thrown at Shadow. It was hit right on the head. Shadow was dazed from the hard hitting blow.

Scizor quickly got up. It fought back with a Double Team. Suddenly three Scizor's appeared. Alakazam used Psybeam at the middle one. Missed!

Psybeam at the right one.. Missed! The left one came flying at Alakazam. It tried to go for a Take Down but Alakazam was just to fast. Once again it Teleported behind Scizor and then quickly used Psychic. Scizor was picked up telepathically and thrown across the battle floor.

Shadow got its self back together and used Swift. Marowak wasnít quick enough. It took the hit and then tried a Bone Club. The bone was thrown towards Shadow but Shadow jumped over the spiraling bone and used Headbutt, taking Marowak to the ground.

Scizor stood up. Alakazam used Future Sight. Its eyes glew blue and then nothing happened. Nick didnt know what was going on. Then Scizor used Metal Claw and it hit Alazakam to the ground. Alakazam looked extremely tired.

Marowak didnít give up though. It stood up and used Bomerang. This time the bone came towards Shadow even faster but Shadow was still able to jump over the incoming bone. Shadow stood still, waiting for the next attack.

The bone came back towards Shadow. Shadow was off guard though! BAM! Shadow was hit in the back of the head. Marowak laughed as it got its bone back.

Shadow got up and used Faint Attack. It disappeared and then came from the right side, smashing into Marowak.

Marowak fainted!

Scizor used Take Down and kept pounding Alakazam. Then all of the sudden a slash of wind came out of nowhere. A huge black and gray ball came from the left side of Scizor.

Scizor was hit!

"Ah! What was that?" Nick screamed out.

"That was Future Sight. Bet you doubted that attack huh?" Luana said, laughing.

Luana had to call back Marowak.. Nick called back Scizor. They were each down to one pokemon each!

03-04-2004, 10:46 PM
Chapter 23 continued...

Shadow faced Alakazam. It was now just one pokemon standing in the way of Nick's Jade Star Badge.

Alakazam used Psybeam. It went spiraling towards Shadow. Shadow used Agility and got out of the way! Shadow then went in for a Quick Attack.

Alakazam teleported though to the other side of the battle floor. Then from there it used Psybeam again. It hit Shadow with impact!

Shadow struggled to get up. It looked like this battle was almost done for. Shadow stumbled up and tried to use the little power left on a Faint Attack.

It disappeared and came from behind Alakazam. It knocked it to the ground.

Shadow charged up. A black ball with purple lightening was formed right in front of Shadow. It was a Shadow Ball!

The blast went straight for Alakazam. Luana demanded Alakazam to use its Psychic. Alakazam's eyes turned blue and then made the blast turn around.. going straight for Shadow!

Shadows own blast was coming for it.

Shadow did the only thing it could do.. it used Faint Attack once more. It disappeared as the Shadow Ball hit!

The blast made a lot of smoke go through out the gym. With Alakazam's psychic power, the smoke was shifted away. Shadow was no where to be found!

Then from the right corner of the battle area, Shadow appeared! It caught Alakazam's attention. It looked right and then all of the sudden Shadow hit Alakazam from the left.

Alakazam laid on the gym floor.

Luana looked down at its injured pokemon.

"NO! Alakazam!" Luana screamed as she ran over to her pokemon.

Nick stared along with Shadow.

"We won.. WE WON!!!!" Nick yelled, going from whisper to loud yelling.

Luana returned Alakazam and then walked over to Nick.

"That was a truly great match Nick. I havenít had a good battle like that in awhile.. at least not since that one Jason kid came by" Luana said to herself.

Nick fell on the ground anime style!

"I think you earned this fair and square!" she said as she gave Nick a small badge with a weird star in the middle of the shell.

Nick grinned really big...

"Alright! Orange Island Cup.. HERE I COME!" Nick celebrated as he jumped up and down with Shadow.

03-05-2004, 12:12 AM
Chapter 24- Bruno Uno!

Nick looked at his four badges. With this he could enter into the Orange League Cup where he would have to fight a guy named Drake.

Shawn drove the speedboat across the blue glittering water. They were trying to make a non stop three day trip back to Valencia Island.

With only 18 hours left until they were expected to be at Valencia.. they started to run out of food.

"Man, I'm soooooooo hungry" Nick complained as Shadow moaned with him.

"Well maybe if you didnít eat the food ,which should of lasted us for a week, in just two days.. then maybe we would have some food!" Shawn screamed at Nick.

"Soooorry! I was hungry" Nick looked up in the distance.

"Alright.. what about that island over there!" Shawn pointed to a small island just straight ahead.

"Naw.. it looks like there is no one there. Its probably not inhabited with people, keep going" Nick decided.

"Well they might have some fruits like bananas, apples, pineapples, coconuts, etc." Shawn pointed out.

"Well ok then, go ahead" Nick said while rolling his eyes back and forth.

The boat zoomed towards the island. They found a good place to park the boat and they got off.

Nick sent out Tyrogue. Shawn sent out Ledian. They each went a different way.

Nick, Shadow, and Tyrogue went deep into the island. The whole island was covered with trees. They saw no sign of fruits or anything edible, that is unless you wanted to eat a wild Ditto.. YUCK!

Finally they found a one single apple in the tree.

"AWESOME! Get it Tyrogue!" called out Nick.

Tyrogue nodded and jumped up in the air. It pulled back to kick the apple out of the tree. BAM! Something beat Tyrogue to it!

Tyrogue landed and looked straight ahead. A Hitmonchan looked down on it, holding the red apple.

"Hey! Thatís ours!" Nick yelled at it.

"Nope, I believe my Hitmonchan beat you to it!" a guy grunted. He walked up to Nick. He had nothing on but white karate pants with a black belt. His black hair was spiked.

"You donít know who your messin with buddy!" Nick stepped up to the guy.

"Oh but I do" the guy said back with a very deep voice.

"You do.. what do you mean by that?" Nick screamed out.

"I have heard about you from my friend.. Luana. She said you are a great trainer" the guyís eyes got wide as he really looked at Nick.

"Oh, yeah thatís right" Nick said, easing up a little.

"The name is Bruno kid" he said, sticking out his hand to be shaked.

"Bruno? Thatís where I know you from! Your Master Bruno of the Elite Four!" Nick screamed.

Bruno laughed out loud.

"I have been watching you since I was a baby! Say.. what are you doing out here?" Nick wondered.

"I came here so I could train in private. Never expected to see a little kid here. Just kinda figured the island was abandoned." Bruno shrugged.

"Oh, Well me and my friend are on our way to my hometown, Valencia Island, and we got hungry so we thought we would stop to get some fruits here" Nick explained.

"Oh well in that case take the apple. I have a whole bunch back at my fort" Bruno smiled as he took the apple from Hitmonchan and gave it to Tyrogue.

"Cool" said Nick.

"Say.. I recently got my Tyrogue. If you would help me out with training it.. since you are a fighting pokemon master.. then I wonít tell anyone that you are here!" Nick asked the favor.

"I dunno kid. I donít have time for stuff like this" Bruno thought hard about it.

"Come on, I wonít bother you that much. Just give me some pointers and I will be gone!" Nick was on his knees begging like a baby now.

"Ok but you have to promise not to tell ANYONE that Iím here!" Bruno yelled out.

"I Promise!" Nick agreed.

03-05-2004, 12:14 AM
Chapter 24 continued...

Shawn and Ledian came out of the bushes.

"SHAWN!" yelled Nick.

"Hey any luck budd--" Shawn started to say until the big bad Bruno hovered over Shawn.

"Who is this?" Shawn wondered with a bit of fear.

"Thatís Bruno of the Elite Four and he is going to secretly train me!" Nick said happily.

"Hey, I thought you said you wouldnít tell anyone" Bruno laughed.

"Oops! Sorry.. I wont tell anyone starting NOW!" Nick blurted out, blushing.

"Bruno of the Elite Four? Never heard of him. He donít look so tough" Shawn stepped up.

"SHAWN! Donít defy the greatness of Bruno!" Nick said in a serious tone.

"Whatever" Shawn waved him off.

"Are you a trainer too cause I am only going to train one pokemon!" Bruno said in his deep voice.

"I'm a Pokemon Professor in the making" Shawn said out loud.

"Good. Come on Nick and Tyrogue. Lets hurry up and get this over with" Bruno led them away.

They walked about 1/4 a mile until they reached the middle of the island. It was a clear path. Their was a big circle with no trees. It was just dirt on the ground and a little log cabin.

Weights and other special equipment were sitting outside the cabin.

"Lets see here..." Bruno said as he looked at Tyrogue. He picked up Tyrogue's small arms and then looked at its skinny legs.

"This may take awhile!" Bruno laughed.

Bruno went into the house and brought out a basket full of apples and peaches.

He sat them down on a little table outside by the weights.

Shawn, Shadow, Nick, and Bruno sat down to eat while Tyrogue lifted some weights.

After 10 minutes of that Bruno had Tyrogue cut up logs with only its feet and arms.

"Karate Chop! Mega Kick!" Nick called out, really digging this training stuff.

Tyrogue cut the logs up until there were none left. Then from there it had to dodge the logs as Bruno threw them.

"GO! RIGHT! LEFT! LEFT! RIGHT!" Nick screamed as he directed Tyrogue to dodging the fast incoming logs.

Next was the more hard Defensive AND Offensive training with Bruno. It was none other than a one-on-one battle with Bruno!

Tyrogue tried tons of kicks and karate chops. Nothing was working.

"Karate Chop with both hands!"

Tyrogue did as Nick told it to do and used a double Karate Chop. Bruno was hit!

It was a great training exercise. Bruno still thought that Tyrogue was to weak.

Tyrogue punched the logs into nothing but chips of wood. After the hard training exercise, Tyrogue's hands were all red and hurting.

Nick made Bruno stop the training so that Tyrogue could get some rest but Tyrogue refused.

Tyrogue was very committed to being the best it could be. The clock hit the 4 hour mark. FOUR HOURS of nothing but training. Tyrogue still refused to give up. Nick was on the ground resting. He was tired from just directing Tyrogue in training all day. He didnít even have to throw any punches.

Nick didnít know where Tyrogue found all its strength to keep going at.

The sun was trying to set. Shawn was drawing and analyzing stuff that Bruno did with Tyrogue. Nick stood up.

"Its time" Bruno announced.

"Alright!" Nick said with confidence.


The battle began... We would now see how strong Tyrogue had become. Hitmonchan came out of Bruno's pokeball. Tyrogue stood tall.

Its defense and offensive training had really pumped up Tyrogue.

Tyrogue started off with a Mega Punch. Hitmonchan easily dodged the punch and used Ice Punch. Tyrogue jumped up in the air to dodge the attack.

Then it used Double Team. Three Tyrogue's appeared. Hitmonchan tried to punch the middle one. MISSED! Then it tried to punch the left one. As it punched, Tyrogue jumped from the right one and hammered Hitmonchan with a mighty kick...

03-05-2004, 12:14 AM
Chapter 24 continued...

Tyrogue gave another kick to Hitmonchan's mid-section. Hitmonchan gained enough energy to hit Tyrogue with a Thunder Punch though. The electric punch hit Tyrogue right across the face.

This made Tyrogue electricuted. Tyrogue fell to the ground. It was injured pretty badly.

"You can do it Tyrogue. Just get up.. please!" Nick begged.

Tyrogue glew white. Its head became bigger. Legs became bigger, as well as a third leg appearing. It stopped. It looked different. It EVOLVED!

"TYROGUE!" Nick wondered.

"Wow kid. Your Tyrogue just evolved into a Hitmontop. That means its attack and defense power is the same" Bruno explained.

Nick looked at the pokemon with amazement. That was his first pokemon to evolve with an exception to Shadow.

Nick looked at it in amazement and then he knew this was the chance to beat Hitmonchan. Hitmontop used Rapid Kick. It turned on its head and started to spin rapidly. It kicked Hitmonchan right in the stomach.

Hitmonchan started to punch away at Hitmontop. It kept missing though. Hitmontop used Fury Kick. It kicked Hitmonchan with with its three long legs.

Hitmonchan picked itself up.

"Your pokemon has done a great job but I have to end this now" Bruno said seriously.

Hitmonchan pulled back its fist. Hitmontop went head first towards Hitmonchan, trying to use Headbutt. Hitmonchan took this opportunity to hit Hitmontop with its Ice Punch.

Hitmontop was knocked to the ground in a big ice block. It was frozen solid!

Hitmonchan won!

"Oh no!" cried Nick.

Nick ran over to Hitmontop. It returned it to its pokeball.

Nick walked over to Bruno. They shook each other's hands.

"Great battle you two" Shawn congratulated.

"Yeah, but I couldnít of had a pokemon to fight like that if it wasnít for Bruno" Nick smiled at him.

Shawn, Shadow, and Nick waved off to Bruno and Hitmonchan as they sped off in the boat.

Thanks to the Great Bruno, Nick had a spankin new strong pokemon.

Next stop.. Valencia Island to get ready for the tournament!!!!!

03-05-2004, 12:16 AM
Chapter 25- The Match is Set.. Start your Training!

"MUM!" Nick screamed at the top of his lungs as he raced to his mom. Shawn had docked the boat and was now following behind Nick and Shadow.

Nick's white and green house came up. His mom was in the backyard where they kept their garden.

Nick jumped over the small white fence and gave his mom the biggest hug ever.

Nick's mom put down the garden house and hugged Nick back.

Then she patted Shadow's head.

"How are you sweetie?!" his mom said to her beloved son.

"Great! I have all the badges!" Nick yelled as he showed off his four shiny badges.

"And you must be Shawn! I havenít met you in person yet!" she said as she shook Shawn's hand.

"Its nice to meet you Mrs. Dunbar" Shawn smiled back and shook her hand.

They walked inside. Shawn and Nick sat down at the table as Mrs. Dunbar fixed up some of her famous brownies. Shadow and their oversized house pet Skitty ate some special pokemon food.

"So, when do you fight Drake?" Mrs. Dunbar asked.

"Im not sure. I was told I needed to call in and make a week notice before I can battle him. I would of called before to set up a match but I figured I would call the gym once I got here so then I could have a whole week here to train" explained Nick.

"That Drake isnít going to be very easy Nicky" Mrs. Dunbar said as she finished making her brownies.

"Nicky? HAHAHAHAHA!" Shawn blurted out laughing.

"Yeah, hush it Shawn-zy!" Nick said, laughing a bit his self.

"Seriously Nick. You know Jason lost to him just two days ago. Apparently Drake's Dragonite is quite powerful" Mrs. Dunbar said.

Nick dropped the brownie. His jaw came wide open.

"Jason?! Jason lost?!" Nick couldnít believe what he heard.

"Yep. And he looked like he was doing so well at the start of the battle" she sighed.

Nick looked down and then looked at Shadow.

"Come on Shadow. We have some training to do" Nick walked outside that instance.

He walked out to the back yard. Their back yard was over an acre in size. He sent out Scizor, Ditto, Squirtle, Cyndaquil, and Hitmontop.

"Listen up soldiers.. we have an important battle coming up soon. I want yaíll to work hard. Be tough. Be the best you can be!" Nick yelled, acting like he was all tough.

Squirtle tapped Cyndaquil's back. Cyndaquil turned around, seeing who was tapping on him. No one was there and then Squirtle started to laugh out loud! Cyndaquil decided to laugh with him instead of being laughed at. The two rolled on the ground laughing.

"Stand tall soldiers!" Nick screamed as loud as he could be!

Cyndaquil and Squirtle hurried and stood straight up.

"Scizor. I want you to fly around the island as fast as you can. You outta be fast. Now go! Ditto.. transform into Hitmontop. I want you two to use Rapid Spin and try to kick each other. The one who stops spinning is the loser. GO!" Nick ordered right away.

Ditto transformed and the two started to spin on their heads. They started to kick each other. Ditto was knocked off balance and fell to the ground. It got right back up though and started to spin again.

"Cyndaquil.. you have great defense but your offense needs some serious training. I want you to battle with Squirtle. Squirtle.. your defense is pretty crumby so I want only Cyndaquil using attacks. Squirtle.. you just dodge them. Also, donít hurt each other!" Nick explained.

They started to battle right away. Shadow came up to Nick, wondering what it should do.

"Your coming with me Shadow" Nick said as he walked away from his pokemon training and his house. He walked straight towards the small pokemon lab. He entered inside...

"Hello!" Nick waved.

"Nick!" Professor Ivy said, startled.

03-05-2004, 12:17 AM
Chapter 25 continued...

"I called the Gym in Pumello Island. I have a match in 6 days from today. I need your help" Nick got right to the point.

"Yeah sure, whats up?" Ivy wondered.

"I heard Jason lost" Nick looked down at the tile floor.

"Yeah, I'm sad to say it but your cousin lost pretty badly. You know my son.. he thinks he can achieve anything he wants. This showed him that being a pokemon trainer is harder than it seems" Ivy smiled big like it meant nothing to her to see her son lose.

"Is he here in his room?" Nick wondered.

"I'm afraid not. He went to train on an island south of here. He was pretty upset" Ivyís smiled turned into a frown.

"When I first heard he lost, I was shocked. I didnít know if I should quit while I was ahead or not. I mean, just look at his team. I know he has a Charizard.. which evolved all the way from a Charmander. Poliwrath came from his Poliwag and he has had his Houndour, now a Houndoom for a long time. If his powerhouse pokemon cant beat Drake.. then how could mine?" Nick felt like throwing his self down on the ground and never getting back up.

"Oh, I see.. you think that since you have only two evolved pokemon- Shadow and Hitmontop- that you donít have a chance. Remember Nick that even Pokemon Masters donít have the strongest pokemon, they have the strongest mind and skill and they use there pokemon wisely" Prof. Ivy explained.

"Your right.. I need your computer" Nick got up and walked over to her PC.

Ivy followed him over to the computer, wondering what his plan was. Nick pulled up data from Prof. Ivy's special Trainer Database. He typed in Drake.

Nick sat back in his chair.

"Electabuzz.. Venusaur.. Onix.. Ditto.. Gengar.. and Dragonite!" Nick read out.

"Thatís one well trained Draongite, Nick. Thatís what beat Jason. I will be honest with you since your my nephew.. your pokemon wont be able to beat it one-on-one" Ivy said it plain and simple, without skippin a beat. No chance.

"Thatís why I need an awesome strategy" Nick thought about it...

He shut off the computer.

"Shadow.. your my fastest pokemon but your not fast enough. We need to do some training in order to put my strategy to work!" Nick ordered Shadow up.

Shadow nodded yes. It was ready for some intense training.

"Aunt Ivy.. can I borrow one of your strongest pokemon as far as attacks go.. Shadow needs some intense Defensive training if its going to put my strategy to the test!" Nick asked.

"Yeah sure but Shadow is already fast!" reminded Ivy.

"Yeah but its not fast enough" Nick knew that was true if he was going to go up against a Dragonite.

"Well then.. why donít you use your Tauros. Its out running around out back. You could have Tauros attack Shadow. Then you can get some work cut in for Tauros as well!" Ivy thought.

"Alright!" Nick ran outside.

The training began...

Tauros tried to jab a horn into Shadow. Shadow just kept dodging the attacks.

Nick smiled. His plan was going to work. He just had to keep on focusing on training!

03-05-2004, 12:17 AM
Chapter 25 continued...

"Lets go guys!" Nick demanded as he jogged away from his house. The whole gang was there.. including Tauros. It was 9:00 in the morning and it was raining.

Nick, with his fancy jogging suit on, led the group out to the small woods not far from his house.

Once they got to a good spot in the woods.. Nick ordered them to do special training once again.

Squirtle shot water balls at Shadow, who was dodging them to raise its defense.

Scizor and Tauros was playing tug-a-war. Scizor would push against Tauros. Whoever went out of the small dirt circle lost.

Ditto, transformed as Cyndaquil, and Cyndaquil itself was sparring.

Hitmontop was spinning on its head and using its rapidly spinning legs to cut down some small trees.

Nick rested and thought about the match he would be in just five short days away. His team was doing great. Not one of them wanted to give up. They each had a big heart and lots of determination.


2 days til battle...

The fourth day they took off and just did some pokemon studies with Prof. Ivy.

Now they would train for the third and second days. Nick knew his team wasnít going to let him down.

Shawn's Houndour was sparring with Shadow. Nick smiled at the progress that Shadow had made.

"Take a 5 minute break you guys" Nick yelled out. All the pokemon looked at him and then continued to train.

"I said take a break" Nick said again.

No one stopped. They all kept fighting. Kept training. Kept getting stronger.

Nick smiled and walked across the street where Prof. Ivy's Lab was. He walked inside.

"Make a decision" Ivy said to Nick.

"Yeah. I know which pokemon to take with me now" Nick smiled.

"Alright then. Still got your strategy?" wondered Ivy.

"I think so.. it should work. If Shadow is ready. But then again I may have to use Shadow for Gengar. Ghost are weak against Dark and you did say his Gengar gave Jason's pokemon a hard time as well. As long as Shadow keeps training in defensive ways.. we got this!" Nick tightened his hand into a fist...


1 day left...

Nick decided to take the day off with his pokemon. He took them to a beach. No one was there that day. He had the beach to his self. Tauros stayed with Prof. Ivy. It preferred running in the field Prof. Ivy had instead of getting all wet.

Squirtle took a dive into the water. It enjoyed it very much. Cyndaquil and Shadow sat underneath an umbrella, sleeping away. Scizor flew across the edge of the water. Ditto had jumped into the water and saw a Horsea so it transformed into it so it could swim better. Hitmontop stuffed its face with Shawn's food.

Shawn's Ledian joined Scizor. Shawn sat down right beside Nick. Nick was drawing a pokeball in the sand.

"So you nervous?" Shawn asked the question of all questions.

"Kinda. Just hope I can pull this one off" Nick said, not really sure if he was really ready.

"You'll do fine Nick, just donít worry about it!" Shawn tried to give out encouragement.

03-05-2004, 12:18 AM
Chapter 26- Final Battle! Drake V.S Nick

Shawn, Nick, Shadow, and Mrs. Dunbar walked off of the small plane. They walked to the Pokemon Center. It was 11: 00 in the morning. Their match was at 3:00 later that day.

Nick gave his pokemon to Nurse Joy. Shawn was reading some of Prof. Ivy's notes of rock pokemon.. which she let him borrow. Mrs. Dunbar was reading her woman magazine.

Nick stared at the floor. His hands were neatly folded in his lap. He could feel his hands shaking.

"I'm going for a walk" Nick said as he stood up and walked out of the Pokemon Center. Shawn and Mrs. Dunbar didnít even know he left since they were caught up in there magazine/book.

Nick walked til he could see the ocean. Their he saw a Wailmer blow water out of its blowhole. Then he saw something flying extremely fast across the ocean.

It was coming straight for him! It was a Dragonite with some guy on it!

The Dragonite landed on the beach. Nick ran over to them.

"Wow! Thatís one fast Dragonite!" Nick yelled.

"Thanks a lot man. I have been training Dragonite for a long time now!" the guy said back.

"Itís a really great pokemon" Nick said, admiring the big Dragonite.

"Say are you Nick Dunbar?" the guy asked, looking at Nick really hard.

"Yeah! Hmm.. a Dragonite huh? Guess that means your Drake" Nick said, looking into the ground and scared to have to face him already.

"Yep. Ready for the match later on" Drake asked.

"I hope" Nick knew he was really still nervous though.

"Jason is your cousin right?" asked Drake.

"Yep, sadly" Nick laughed.

"He said that I better watch out for you" Drake said, believe it or not.

Nick gasped.

"Jason said that?" Nick said while making sure he heard that right.

"Yeah. Me and him have known each other for awhile now. Since we had this mission with this Zapdos. He's a good guy" Drake said, attending to his Dragonite.

"Yeah. He can be anyways" Nick rolled his eyes.

"Well Nick. I have to go get ready myself. I'll see you soon" Drake nodded his head goodbye.

"Yeah sure. See ya soon" Nick waved off.

Drake jumped on Dragonite and they flew off! Nick looked up at them. Nick clinched his fist. He was ready more than ever.

Back at the Pokemon Center...

Nick got back his pokeballs. He walked over to the stadium. Shawn and his mom took their seats. The stands were full. Nick stood in his locker room. He could hear the fans yelling for Drake.

He felt the nervousness come back. All those people, all rooting for Drake. One mistake and Drake could beat him. This was the battle. The ULTIMATE BATTLE!

03-05-2004, 12:18 AM
Chapter 26 continued...

Nick walked out to the battle field. Nick could hear the crowd shout at him. 'Drake's to strong, leave while you can' and 'You donít stand a chance son!'.

Nick ignored these comments. Suddenly Drake appeared. The crowd went crazy. He came to the designated area for him.

Nick and Drake starred at each other across the battle floor. The battle floor was a rock field. There were rocks everywhere on this platform.

Drake grabbed his pokeball and sent out his pokemon. Nick sent out his.

Drake's Ditto faced off against Nick's Hitmontop. Ditto instantly started to transform into Hitmontop.

"Hitmontop.. Rolling Kick NOW!" Nick yelled out.

Hitmontop jumped to where it was on its head and it started to spin. It spun right for Ditto. Ditto jumped into the air and kicked the spinning Hitmontop. This stopped Hitmontop.

Ditto used Rolling Kick. Hitmontop did the same. The two pokemons were spinning right for each other. They clashed into each other. They both were knocked off balance and flew into a rocks.

Each of them got right back up though. Ditto tried Rapid Spin this time. Hitmontop used Agility to get away from Ditto's attack. Ditto quit the attack and watched Hitmontop. Hitmontop suddenly appeared in front of Ditto.

"Hitmontop use Headbutt" called out Nick. Ditto was sent flying into a nearby rock. Ditto was barely able to get its Hitmontop body up.

Hitmontop used Quick Attack. As Hitmontop went right for Ditto, Ditto was able to jump over Hitmontop. Then Ditto used High Jump Kick. Ditto's leg hit the back of Hitmontop's head really hard.

Hitmontop had to pull itself off the ground. Ditto tried Headbutt. Hitmontop barely dodged the Ditto's attack. Hitmontop used Horn Attack.

By using the little horn on its head, Hitmontop rammed into Ditto with the horn hitting Ditto in the mid-section.

Hitmontop used Headbutt next. Ditto hit the ground. Then as Ditto got up.. Hitmontop used Triple Kick. Hitmontop ran towards Ditto and then jumped up in the air, giving three hard hitting pounding kicks right to the head of the transformed Ditto.

Ditto was sent flying straight through a rock! Ditto deformed and was now back in its orginal form.

"Ditto is unable to battle. Hitmontop is the winner!" the referee declared.

"Great job Hitmontop! You did great!" Nick congratulated his first victory in this long battle.

Hitmontop seemed tired and was sweating a lot. Hitmontop decided to stay out there though.

Drake grabbed his next pokeball. He sent it out. A huge rock type pokemon came out.

"An ONIX! You ready for this one Hitmontop?" asked Nick.

"HITMONNNN TOP!"-<Lets GOOOO!> Nickís fighting pokemon yelled out.

Hitmontop got on its head and started to spin again.

03-05-2004, 12:20 AM
Chapter 27- Make No Mistake, This Match is Mine!

Hitmontop spun for Onix. Onix got its long, big, rocky tail and swept it around Hitmontop. Hitmontop was captured! Onix had its tail wrapped around Hitmontop.
Hitmontop was getting squeezed like no other! Hitmontop was screaming out loud. Nick closed his eyes. He had no choice. He reached for Hitmontop's pokeball. Then he returned Hitmontop.

"Hitmontop is unable to battle" the referee declared, the score was tied.

Nick minimized Hitmontop's pokeball and clipped it back to its belt.

"Da*n it. Make no mistakes Nick" Nick whispered to himself. He knew he shouldnít of put Hitmontop against an Onix! There was one pokemon that could get the job done...

"Go Squirtle!" called out Nick.

His little blue turtle pokemon came out of its pokeball. Squirtle stared at Onix, ready for battle.

Squirtle started to Water Gun. Onix used its tail to block it. Squirtle then used Bubble.

Onix dodged it though by going under the battle floor. It was using DIG! It could come out just about anywhere. This wasnít good.

Squirtle looked all around. No where to be found!

"Squirtle the LEFT!" Nick yelled.

By the time Nick said that Onix had came out of the ground and hammered Squirtle. Squirtle was sent into a rock. Squirtle stood up. It seemed to be ok.

Onix used Iron Tail. As Onix's glowing tail came swooping towards Squirtle, Squirtle managed to jump over it and used Skull Bash. Squirtle's head hit Onix right in the head.

Onix sucked up the pain however and tried another Iron Tail. Its tail came towards Squirtle once again. To fast this time!

BAM!!!!!!! Squirtle was sent into the ground. Its head was stuck in the ground! Squirtle couldnt get it out. It wiggled and wiggled but no success.

"Aw man, this cant be. How embrassing" Nick said, putting his hand over his face.

Onix took this time to Slam. Onix's big huge rock body fell on Squirtle. Nick looked on, worried. Onix lifted its body up and Squirtle was laying on the ground. It looked injured pretty badly. The referee went to raise up its flag for Onix but then Squirtle started to get up.

"Way to keep fighting buddy!" Nick yelled to his partner.

Squirtle nodded and used Bubble. Onix managed to dodge it but moving its head but then Squirtle shot the Bubbles where Onix now was and it HIT! Onix screamed out.

Then Squirtle used Water Gun. Onix was inflecting much damage.

"Way to go buddy! Lets finish it, Skull Bash!" said Nick.

Squirtle quit using Water Gun and ran to pick up speed. Then it jumped, head first towards Onix. Squirtle's head met with Onix's head right on!

Squirtle landed back on the ground. Onix stood staring at Squirtle. Then it fell to the ground!

"Onix is unable to continue.. Squirtle is the winner!" the ref called out.

Nick jumped in the air.

"Your awesome Squirtle. Now lets try to get this next one as well!" Nick was already for the next opponent.

Drake heard Nick.

"Sorry Nick but this next one will be tough. I doubt you will be able to beat this one!" Drake smiled big.


ĖKCash-> Hope you have liked it so far! Here are the stats as far as the battle has gone...

Drake- Nick
Ditto lost to Hitmontop
Onix beat Hitmontop
Onix lost to Squirtle
??? v.s Squirtle

03-05-2004, 12:20 AM
Chapter 27 continued...

"Electabuzz GO!" Drake yelled as his strong Electabuzz came out of his pokeball. Electabuzz started with Swift attack. Squirtle jumped away from the attack. Then it used Water Gun. The blast of water hit Electabuzz but did little damage.

Electabuzz used Thunderpunch. Its electrifying fist went flying at Squirtle. Squirtle jumped away from the attack once more and used Bubble. The attack missed Electabuzz and Electabuzz used Thunderbolt.

The awesome electric attack hit Squirtle. Squirtle was afflicting to much damage. The attack stopped. Squirtle laid on the ground fainted.

"Squirtle is unable to continue.. Electabuzz is the winner!" declared the ref.

Electabuzz stood tall, seeming like it was well rested and didnt take any damage from Squirtle.

"Just look at it. Thatís one strong Electabuzz. I'm trusting you, go do your stuff!" Nick yelled as he threw out his next pokemon in its pokeball.

Cyndaquil appeared. It fired up its flame on its back. It was ready to battle.

Cyndaquil started with Swift. Electabuzz took the hit and then fought back with Thundershock. The electric attack came towards Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil jumped away from it and used Flamethrower. The fire blast swallowed up Electabuzz.

Electabuzz was burnt up but that didnít keep it from going. Cyndaquil then used Swift. Electabuzz ran right through the attack and Tackled Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil flew into a rock.

The rock crumbled around Cyndaquil. Electabuzz started to approach. Suddenly Cyndaquil popped up from the small rocks and used Smokescreen. Black thick smoke filled the air.

Electabuzz couldnt see a thing. Cyndaquil took this opportunity to use Ember. The long line of fire hit Electabuzz directly. Then Cyndaquil appeared out of the smoke and used Quick Attack. Cyndaquil rammed into Electabuzz, sending it into the ground.

Electabuzz slowly got up. It then used Thunderbolt. Cyndaquil was hit! Cyndaquil had to withstand the pain.

"Cyndaquil.. Flamethrower!" Nick called out and Cyndaquil obeyed.

Cyndaquil's flamethrower went right threw Thunderbolt and burnt Electabuzz to a crisp.

"Electabuzz is unable to battle. Cyndaquil is the winner!" yelled the referee.

"Great job Cyndaquil, can you go anymore?" asked Nick.

"CYNDA!" <YEAH!> it said as it nodded yes.

"That was great Nick but lets see how you do against my Gengar!" Drake yelled to Nick as his purple ghost pokemon came out.

"Cyndaquil use Screech" ordered Nick, getting ready for this powerful pokemon.

Gengar didnít do anything. It was the only thing in the stadium that wasnít holding its ears.

Gengar used Lick. Its big tongue came towards Cyndaquil.

Cyndaquil jumped over Gengar and used Flamethrower. Cyndaquil's attack burnt Gengar pretty bad but no enough to stop it.

Gengar faced Cyndaquil and used Hypnosis!

"Dodge that attack or your done for!" Nick cried out.

Cyndaquil was hit to fast though! Cyndaquil was instantly on the ground...... asleep.

"Dang it!" he said to his self as he returned Cyndaquil.

"I'm proud of you, take a nice long rest" Nick finished saying to his pokemon in its pokeball.

"I came prepared for you though Drake. I have the one pokemon that can beat your Gengar" Nick yelled across the battle floor to the mighty Drake.

He threw out his pokeball to reveal TAUROS!

"I didnít know he switched out his pokemon for Tauros. He probably switched it out for Ditto" Shawn confronted as he sat next to Mrs. Dunbar up in the stands.

"Alright, if we want our attacks to work then you have to use... Foresight!" Nick yelled.

Drake gasped. Drake never thought Tauros could know such an attack.

Now Gengar was venerable to any physical attacks Tauros threw out at it.

Gengar didnít care. It tried Lick so Tauros could be paralyzed but Tauros charged towards Gengar and used Take Down. Gengar flew up in the air to dodge the attack. Then it came down and tried a Hypnosis. Tauros charged away from the attack and used Horn Attack on Gengar.. sending it into a nearby rock.

03-05-2004, 12:21 AM
Chapter 28- Charge Towards Victory!

Gengar used Confuse Ray. A long beam hit Tauros. Nothing seemed to happen. Then Tauros started to stumble around and run into rocks.
"TAUROS! SNAP OUT OF IT!" Nick screamed.

Gengar used Lick. Its long tongue swept the face of Tauros. It started to shiver. It was paralyzed!

This meant trouble. Gengar suddenly made a black ball with purple lightening around it. Gengar sent it towards Tauros.

Tauros had no option but to watch it come at it. The blast hit Tauros. The whole battle floor glew white. After five seconds of the big blast, Nick could see what happened. Tauros was on the ground!

"Can you get up?! Tauros?? Get up!" Nick yelled.

Tauros struggled up. It dug its hooves into the ground to get a grip. Then it charged straight at Gengar. Gengar jumped on Tauros' head right before it was hit by Tauros and it jumped into the air.

There it charged up for the final blast. One more SHADOW BALL! Tauros turned around and knowing what attack Gengar was going to do.. it instantly threw up a Hyper Beam right for Gengar.

The two blast collided. The whole stadium went up in smoke. The referee ran out to the middle of the collision. He looked at both pokemons.

The smoke finally cleared. Nick couldnít tell who had won.

"Both pokemon are unable to continue.. this match-up is a DRAW!" the ref ordered.

Nick returned Tauros, as well as Drake returning Gengar.

"Thanks a lot Tauros. Without you I wouldnít of been able to beat that Gengar. I appreciate it" Nick thanked.

"Alright Nick. I'm going to turn it up a bit. No more fun' n' games. Now its serious" Drake yelled across to Nick.

He threw out his pokeball. A big grass type pokemon came out. It had a plant on its back.

"Thatís a Venusaur! Hmm.. Alright then, its up to you buddy" Nick said as he grabbed his last actual pokeball.

He had to beat Venusaur cause he needed Shadow to go up against Dragonite at full health if his plan was going to work.

Nick's Scizor came out and stared down Venusaur.

"BEGIN!" announced the ref..

03-05-2004, 12:23 AM
Chapter 28 continued...

Scizor started with Quick Attack. It went flying at high speeds towards Venusaur. But with one little Vine Whip.. Venusaur had Scizor all wrapped up.

Then Venusaur unwrapped its vines around Scizor really fast, making Scizor spin right towards a rock. There were now only four rocks left on the battle floor.

Scizor started to stand up as Venusaur used Leech Seed. A little brown seed fell on Scizor's head. Scizor didnt know what it was. Then vines sprouted out of it and wrapped around Scizor.

Scizor couldnt move. Then they started to suck energy right out of Scizor.

Scizor yelled.

"Scizor, FOCUS! Break out of them before they drain you dry!" Nick called out.

Scizor got its big claws and opened them up, cutting the vines up.

"Way to go Scizor. Metal Claw!" commanded Nick.

Scizor's claw started to glow as it flew towards Venusaur. Scizor threw its big claw at Venusaur, hitting it right on!

Venusaur groaned. It was very clear that it was well trained. Venusaur got itself back together and used Vine Whip. Its long vines came out of its back and went right for Scizor. Scizor flew up into the air and around rocks. Left, Right, Down, Up, Left. Scizor flew all around trying to escape its vines.

Then Scizor turned around and snatched the vines by pinching them with its big red claws. This hurt Venusaur so it started to bring back its vines. The vines were getting sucked right back into Venusaur.

"Once the vine runs out and you get close to Venusaur, use False Swipe!" Nick whispered to his pokemon.

Right when Scizor got up to Venusaur, it let go of the vines and swipped at Venusaur. A big red cut appeared on Venusaur. It groaned.

"Not enough! Scizor, Double Team!" Nick kept the attacks coming.

Scizor suddenly appeared to be eight Scizor's. Before, just a week ago it was only fast enough to do three of itself but now it could make eight.. completing a circle. All that speed training had really helped.

Venusaur was surrounded by Scizor's! It used Razor Leaf at one of the Scizor's.. no hit! It threw out some more Razor Leafs at two more Scizors.. no good!

Then it used Vine Whip.. it was going to use it to cancel out all the Scizor's. Scizor knew this so it flew right for Venusaur as it was going for its attack. As it flew right towards Venusaur, it sensed the attack so it shot two Razor Leafs at Scizor. Scizor used its claws to knock them away. Then it used Quick Attack.

It hit Venusaur right on.

Venusaur looked wore out. Scizor started towards Venusaur again. Venusaur releashed Sleep Powder from the plant on its back. The blue powder spread across the battle floor.

Scizor stopped in its tracks and turned around. It flapped its wings as fast as it could. The blue powder started to go right back at Venusaur.

The powder surrounded Venusaur. It very, extremely slowly.. fell asleep!

"Venusaur is unable to continue.. Scizor is the winner!" the referee yelled out.

"Awesome!" Nick screamed out.

This is great, now my plan will go into work. My two fastest pokemon are now still in. That means my plan with just Shadow now with Shadow AND with Scizor. Thatís great Nick thought to his self...

03-05-2004, 12:23 AM
Chapter 29- Enter the Dragonite

"Nick, its time to enter my Dragonite!" Drake called over. He released his most powerfulest pokemon.

A big orange and yellow dragon pokemon came out. It flapped its wings. The crowd cheered for it. They seemed to love the Dragonite. Nick swallowed his spit...

"Scizor, donít let its attacks hit you!" Nick yelled.

Scizor nodded. Dragonite started things off first. It charged for Scizor. Scizor flew up in the air away from Dragonite.

Dragonite flew up too. Scizor landed back on the ground and Dragonite flew right for it. Scizor moved in the last split second before Dragonite rammed into it.

Instead Dragonite got a mouthful of dirt. Dragonite stood up and used Twister. A huge wind tornado went flying towards Scizor.

Scizor flew up into the sky. Then it went behind the Twister. Dragonite was controling the attack and made the Twister follow Scizor.

Scizor flew right for Dragonite and flew straight up once it got a foot away from the awesome dragon pokemon. As its attack followed Scizor and Scizor went straight up right before Dragonite.. the attack ended up flying right into Dragonite itself!

"Scizor, that was awesome! Keep it up" Nick said.

Drake was stunned. Dragonite was hit by its own attack. Dragonite charged towards Scizor, obvisiously angered by the Twister attack thing.

Dragonite tried a Slam attack but failed to get it done. Scizor flew up into the sky. Dragonite followed. Now it was an aerial fight.

Dragonite sent out a Hyper Beam at Scizor. Scizor dodged it barely. Scizor started to fly away from Dragonite but Dragonite just followed. Looking behind Scizor detected another Hyper Beam.

Scizor scooted to the right to dodge the attack but then another beam came right for Scizor. There was no time to dodge!

Scizor was hit. The sky seemed to explode. Scizor was shown falling from the sky.

"SCCCCCIIIZZOOR!!!" Nick screamed to his hurt pokemon.

Scizor landed hard on the ground. It was covered in black smoke. It was injured pretty badly. It was clearly in no shape to continue...

"Scizor is unable to battle.. Dragonite is the winner!" said the ref.

Scizor was returned to its Pokeball. Shadow stepped out from behind Nick. It stepped up to Dragonite who landed.

"Look at Dragonite!" Shawn said

Dragonite stood with sweat all over its head. It was breathing heavily.

"It looks like its... tired" Mrs. Dunbar had a big smile overcome her face.

"That was his plan! He knows that Dragonite is way to strong for any of his pokemon so he picked his fastest for last! He is going to outrun Dragonite's attacks until its tired and then he will attack! Alright! GO NICK!" Shawn screamed as loud as he can as he stood up in his seat.

Dragonite started with Wing Attack. It flew low to the ground and then tried to nail Shadow with its wing. Shadow was to quick though and ran for one of the four remaining rocks. It bounced from rock to rock until Dragonite got confused. Then it started shooting Hyper Beams out very fast and all over the place.

It hit all the rocks. The now smokey battle floor was flat. No more rocks to bounce off of. Shadow stood staring down Dragonite. Shadow disappeared! All the sudden it appeared ramming into the right side of Dragonite's face. Dragonite was sent to the ground.

"Thatís one fast Umbreon! Wow, Dragonite's gotta focus. That Faint Attack of Umbreon's was so incredible!" Drake stared in amazement.

Dragonite used Thunder Wave. The blue thunder went electrifyingly fast towards the quick Umbreon. Shadow managed to jump out of the way though! The crowd gazed at Shadow. They were amazed on how fast it was.

Dragonite shot a Hyper Beam at Shadow. Dragonite used Swift. The yellow stars hit the ground where Shadow once stood. Now Shadow was no where to be seen. Dragonite looked all over the place. No where!

Then Shadow appeared behind Dragonite! It used Swift right back at it. The flying stars hit Dragonite in the back of the head. Dragonite gave out a loud yell. Dragonite flew up in the air where it could get a good position on the battle floor.

It released many mighty Hyper Beams! Shadow dodged the first but the second, third, fourth, etc. all came right down on the helpless dark pokemon.

Smoke filled the air in the small stadium. Nick gasped.

The smoke arose out of the stadium....

Shadow was on the ground!

03-05-2004, 12:24 AM
Chapter 29 continued...

Nick gasped. What happened? No one knew. Finally Shadow appeared on the ground. It was hurt. It struggled to get up but just fell back down. Then it summoned up enough strength to raise to its feet.

"Shadow, you have to be faster than Scizor!" Nick reminded Shadow.

Shadow nodded as it stared at Dragonite, landing on the ground.

Dragonite seemed exhausted. Drake commanded it to use Hyper Beam once more. This time it was nothing. Nothing but a small, skinny yellow beam coming out of its mouth. Dragonite had lost to much power.

"Gotta be faster than Scizor? Thatís what your plan was! You wanted to make Dragonite tired and then attack. I cant believe it. This match is almost over" Drake said as he frowned and thought about being outsmarted. He never thought he would be outsmarted.. maybe beaten but not outsmarted.

"Shadow, its tired now.. LETS FINISH!" Nick ordered admittally.

Shadow ran towards Dragonite and then disappeared in a flash. Then it showed up ramming into the back of Dragonite, sending it into the ground.

Dragonite was showing its tiredness. It struggled to get up. Shadow stood in front of Dragonite. It smirked a little before charging up.

Charging up for its ultimate attack! The big bad black ball appeared in front of Shadow. Dragonite stopped trying to stand back up and instead looked at the attack. Purple lightening revolved around it.

WHOOOSSSSSSH! The attack flew towards Dragonite. Dragonite's eyes grew big as it watched the final attack of the battle.

An explosion filled the stadium. Smoke rose high into the sky. The referee ran out to Dragonite. He looked closely at the Dragon pokemon. It fainted!

"Dragonite is done for.. NICK AND HIS UMBREON ARE NOW ORANGE ISLAND CHAMPIONS!" announced the ref.

Nick gasped for air. He couldnít believe it. All the hard work. Remembering when it first got Shadow when it was just a small Eevee. His first pokemon caught, Squirtle. The hardship with those hard, tough battles with Cyndaquil. The trade that gave Nick Scizor. Catching Ditto, Tauros, and winning Tyrogue.. now a Hitmontop.

"WE WON SHADOW!" Nick screamed as he ran over to his tired Umbreon. He gave it a huge hug. Drake walked over. Nick stood up. Drake and Nick both shook each others hands.

"I knew that there are trainers out there that can beat me but I never thought there were trainers that could outsmart me. Great job Nick. Welcome to becoming an Orange Islands Champ!" Drake said to the awesome champ, Nick.

Nick smiled. The crowd was silent. Nick fell over anime style. The crowd was still quiet. Then the erupted into "NICK! NICK! NICK!"

Nick felt so good inside. He had accomplished his dream that he set off to get months ago.

He looked up in the crowd and saw Jason. He was standing on the aisle by the exit door to the stadium.

Shadow tackled Nick down and started licking his face. Then Nick laughed and pushed Shadow off. He then looked back up in the stands to find no Jason. Shawn and Nick's mother came running out to him.

It was the best day of Nick's life!

03-05-2004, 12:25 AM

Drake directed Nick, along with Shadow, Mrs. Dunbar, and Shawn, to the Hall of Fame.
It was a small gray room. There were pictures and footprints of other trainers that have overcome the obstacle of the Orange Islands. He saw one that said Ash with prints of a Charizard, Pikachu, and other neat pokemon. One person down from it was a spot from Nick.

"Its been a long time Nick. No one has beaten me in a long, long, long time! But now you have and you will be congratulated with this Orange Island Trophy" Drake handed Nick a gold trophy with a Pokeball on top. Beside the pokeball were white wings on each side.

Nick grinned a mile wide.

"Please send out all your pokemon and have them put there footprint on in this clay" Drake directed him.

Tauros, Hitmontop, Scizor, Shadow, Squirtle, and Cyndaquil all happily put their foot or hand prints in the clay....

The gang stayed at the Pokemon Center over night and returned to the Hall of Fame.

Shawn walked in there, catching Nick and Shadow stare at Nick's picture with his teams prints underneath it.

NICK DUNBAR read the gold print on the picture. He fulfilled his dream but what next?

"Come on Nick the Champ, we gotta get back to Valencia Island" Shawn smiled at his friend, the champ.

"Yeah" Nick said softly. As he walked out of the room he had one last look at his picture and pokemon added to some of the best pokemon trainers ever...

03-05-2004, 12:25 AM
Chapter 30- Valencia Bash!

It was now two days after Nick had defeated Drake at Pummelo Island. Nick yawned as he slipped on his new clothes that he recently bought. (His clothes he wore around the Orange Islands seemed to small for him now, plus he got tired of wearing those clothes everyday).

He walked downstairs. No one was there. Shawn wasnít in the guestroom asleep. His mom wasnt there. Even their house pet, the overweight Skitty, wasnít there.

He opened the back door and he stepped out to the backyard. Suddenly 20-30 people jumped out! Nick fell over from the fright of the "SURPRISE!"

Nick stood up seeing Shawn, Shadow, Mrs. Dunbar and almost half the town.

"Wow guys! You really caught me off guard" Nick jumped up in surprisment.

"NICK" Whitney yelled.

Nick overcame with a smile. They hugged each other very tightly.

"What are you doing here Whit?" Nick asked her.

"Shawn called me and told me that you won the Orange Islands Championship and that they were having a party so I came right over!" Whitney explained, not helping herself but to smile at the fact of seeing Nick.

"You did a great job Nick. Everyone in town watched your battle on the Orange Islands PokeTV channel. You did an awesome job. Everyone is excited you are representing Valencia!" Ivy laughed.

"Wow, if I would of known that I would have had way to much pressure on me to even get past his Gengar"Nick laughed.

"We just thought that you deserved a Victory Bash since you did a great job on the win and all" Shawn said, patting Nick on the back

"Thanks a lot guys!" Nick blushed.

For the next half hour people from all over Valencia Island congratulated Nick and met his pokemon.

Then once Nick had enough of people talking about the big win, his aunt.. Professor Ivy.. came over with a man.

The man had glasses with a green shirt under his white lab coat. He had black shiny shoes and tan pants. His hair was spiked a little in the middle.

"Nick... this is Professor Elm, he is from New Bark Town in the Johto Region" Ivy interduced.

Nick and Prof. Elm shook hands.

"So Nick, what are you thinking about doing now that you have accomplished the Orange Islands?" Professor Elm asked.

Whitney came over to the group.

"Well actually I was able to have some experience being a gym leader at Whitney's gym in Goldenrod City. I liked that a lot and I thought about taking a gym leader course so I could be one someday. It was lots of fun" explained Nick.

"Well Nick, I was thinking about asking you to come to the Johto League. Some of the best trainers are in that league and I think you will do well" Elm offered.

"Explain this league" Nick asked.

"Well there are 8 gyms and 8 badges you have to collect. Get them all and you can get in the Silver Conference where you battle different trainers from all over the world, all competing to become a Pokemon Master" Elm had explained it as well as he could.

"Wow! Thatís awesome. I would love to be in a league like that!" Nick yelled out.

"Great! Why donít you stop in New Bark Town within the next week and I will even give you a new pokemon before you start your journey. It was nice meeting you Nick" Elm waved off.

"Yeah sure" said Nick.

Prof. Elm and Ivy walked off talking to each other. Nick saw a familiar face leave his backyard. He headed for the small pond just up the street and in the woods a ways.

"Ill be right back" Nick told Whitney. He followed the guy...

03-05-2004, 12:26 AM
Chapter 30 continued...

Squirtle noticed Nick as he left Whitney and walked out of his backyard and the party. Squirtle decided to follow.

Nick: "Whats up?" he said to his cousin who had the new clothes on as well. Nick sat beside him as they stared at the small pond with a Horsea's playin in it.

"Where you headed?" asked Jason.

"Johto" Nick answered.

Jason jumped up!

"Your going to Johto also?" wondered Nick.

"You know it" answered Jason.

Nick stood up. It saw Squirtle behind a tree.

"Squirtle?! What are you doing here" wondered Nick.

"SQUIRTLE!" it called out and jumped into Nick's arms.

"Why donít we have a pokemon battle. Just a real quick one-on-one battle?" wondered Nick.

"Alright but its going to be pretty fast" smiled Jason.

They each moved so their pokemons could have room to battle. Squirtle was battling against....

Jason's pokeball was thrown. A huge blue and white pokemon came out.

"POLIWRATH?! Alright lets go" Nick was ready for this one.

Squirtle started with Water Gun. Poliwrath jumped into the air to dodge it. Then Poliwrath shot a Water Gun at Squirtle. Squirtle easily dodged.

Poliwrath charged towards Squirtle. Squirtle used Skull Bash by ramming its head into the incoming Poliwrath. Poliwrath was sent to the ground.

Poliwrath got up and used Dynamic Punch. The white glowing fist came right for Squirtle. HIT! Squirtle was sent to the ground.

Squirtle shook it off and shot back a Water Gun. Poliwrath did the same. The two blasts collided. Water filled the area where they were battling.

"Your pokemon is really strong" Jason and Nick both said at the same time.

Poliwrath's Water Gun seemed to be overcoming Squirtle's.

"Push it Squirtle" yelled Nick.

Still nothing.. Poliwrath's was just to strong. But then something happened to Squirtle. Something big...

03-05-2004, 12:26 AM
Chapter 30 continued...

Squirtle turned all white. Its body grew bigger.. stronger.. cooler.

Then it was finished. Nick had only had Shadow and Hitmontop evolve before. Squirtle now had two sharp teeth. A big white bushy tail thing came out from its back. Two little white wing lookin things sprouted from its side of its head. Squirtle was now an awesome Wartortle.

"AWESOME! A Wartortle!" yelled Nick.

"I can believe it!" Jason smiled at the awesome looking pokemon.

Even through the evolving they were still exchanging Water Guns but Wartortle's started to get back at Poliwrath's.

They both quit and ran towards each other. They collided heads. They both got very dizzy from that blow.

Wartortle shot a blast of Bubbles at Poliwrath. Poliwrath took the hit. Poliwrath used Bubbles as well. Wartortle took the hit. Then the two pokemons walked up to each other.

They grabbed each others fist. They stared each other down.... then they both collapsed!

"NO!" screamed Nick.

"They both fainted!" Jason said smoothly.

They both grinned and returned their pokemons.

"I cant believe they both fainted like that" Nick laughed.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to beat me when your Squirtle evolved" Jason laughed back.

"Yeah, I was wondering why none of my pokemons were evolving.. even after all that hard training we did. Guess it was just a matter of time before it evolved" Nick shrugged.

"Well I guess you better get back to your party and as for me, well I'm leaving for Johto in the morning so I guess this is goodbye until we run into each other in the finals of the Johto Championship!" Jason smiled, hoping that would be true.

"Yeah, see ya there cuz" Nick waved off.

They did their old hand shake. Nick remembered playing with his cousin back when they were just old enough to walk. All the fun they had. Jason walked off as Nick walked back to the party...

03-05-2004, 12:27 AM
The Final Chapter of the Orange Islands

Nick got ready to depart from the Orange Islands. He loved being back with his mom. As no one knew he did have a sister.. just four years older than him. 16 years old. She set off for Johto awhile back but unfortunately no one has talked to her since she left.. two years ago. Thatís why it took some time for Nick's mom to let go.
She tried to use the excuse of the Spearows and Murkrows disturbing her garden.. which seemed to be ruined everyday for the scarecrow wasnít working to well. Therefore Nick left Scizor to help out with that and with some stuff for Professor Ivy.

Hitmontop stayed with Professor Ivy along with Nick's Tauros. Ditto was released into the wild to be with its kind once again. Nick kept Shadow by his side with Wartortle and Cyndaquil in their Pokeballs which were clipped on to his belt.

His mom cried as he left. He was to meet Prof. Elm tomorrow morning so he had to hurry up and get on his ship to leave.

He wouldnít see Valencia Island for awhile. It was time to get serious. He was on his Quest of a Lifetime!

03-21-2004, 11:53 PM
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