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07-29-2007, 08:28 AM
my rules

- I AR clone all my pokemon so if you DON'T like or want clones this thread is not for you.
- I will ask questions about any shinies I get to make sure that no information on them is badly hacked or are from OTs I don't trust or want more shiny pokemon from.
- I don't have WiFi at home at the moment so most of trading is done at in the evenings or at night during the weekdays. The weekends trades can happen at all times unless I'm busy. If you want a trade you might want to PM me so we can set up a time and remind me of the trade.
- I trade shines fairly. I do not expect 2 for 1s for my legendaries or rares.
- If my shiny comes with an item remind me what that item is so I don't forget to attach it.
- I don't want lvl 100 non-legendary shinies and a prefer shiny pokemon that are English and don't have nicknames. Please tell me before hand if your pokemon is not english and has a nickname, I may still accept it anyway.
- To the best of my knowledge all of the pokemon in my collection check out to look legit in the way they were caught, where they were caught, their movesets, their abilities, and in certain cases where it applies: the type pokeball used. That is not to say that this is an iron clad gaurantee that nothing in my collection is not expertly hacked by some POS scammer. So even though everything may look real, it could still be hacked with super cheat programs like pokesav or AR by the scads of liars and cheaters out there. The only ones I'd stake my life on being legit is the very few I've caught myself. I do however think by large and far most of what I've collected is more than likely good legit shiny pokemon.

Now to the fun stuff!

Level 100 fully EV trained shinies...
(All training done by me with the D/P's awesome power tools!)

- Shiny Shuckle Sex: Female, Nature: Sassy, Ability: Sturdy, OT:GARET, ID no: 42109
Stats - HP:164, Att:31, Def:546, SpA:25, SpD:584, Spd:39
Moves - Power Trick, Double Team, Gyro Ball and Stone Edge

- Shiny Espeon Sex: Female, Nature: Modest, Ability: Synchronize, OT:Erik, ID no: 43577
Stats - HP:257, Att:139, Def:131, SpA:367, SpD:214, Spd:296
Moves - Psychic, Shadow Ball, Psych Up, Morning Sun

- Shiny Umbreon Sex: Male, Nature: Adamant, Ability: Synchronize, OT: Dawn, ID no: 23600
Stats - HP: 301, Att:242, Def:293, SpA:118, SpD:273, Spd:136
Moves - Faint Attack, Iron Tail, Toxic, Moonlight

- Shiny Honchkrow Sex: Female, Nature: Lonely, Ability: Super Luck, OT: MIDNITE, ID no: 07092
Stats - HP:404, Att:383, Def:126, SpA:246, SpD:140, Spd:179
Moves - Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Psychic, Haze

- Shiny Dragonite Sex: Female, Nature: Adamant, Ability: Inner Focus, OT:DENNIS, ID no: 27353
Stats - HP:386, Att:403, Def:218, SpA:206, SpD:224, Spd:172
Moves - Dragon Dance, ThunderPunch, Aerial Ace, Dragon Claw

- Shiny Magmortar Sex: Male, Nature: Lax, Ability: Flame Body, OT: Jamie, ID no: 11502
Stats - HP:323, Att:199, Def:154, SpA:320, SpD:192, Spd: 198
Moves - Earthquake, Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Focus Blast

- Shiny Mewtwo Nature: Sassy, Ability: Pressure, OT: Krystal ID no: 43750
Stats - HP:388, Att:233, Def:194, SpA:402, SpD:213, Spd:246
Moves - Calm Mind, Recover, Psychic, Aura Sphere

- Shiny Garchomp Sex: Male, Nature: Jolly, Ability: Sand Veil, OT: Axel, ID no: 04451
Stats - HP:350, Att:346, Def:205, SpA:170, SpD:186, Spd:316
Moves - Sandstorm, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Fire Fang

07-29-2007, 08:35 AM
i have shiny electivre EV trained

07-29-2007, 05:28 PM

go to this website and see what it says. scroll down to where it says Fire red and leaf green. it proves that my shiny mewtwo wasnt a hack. it shows all of his moves and he learns all the ones he had on there before lvl70. so now do you believe me.

07-29-2007, 05:32 PM
what kind of pokeball is the dragonite in?