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01-24-2005, 08:12 PM
It was reaching sunset as Alex roared closer to the golden beaches of Dewford Island, he had borrowed a speedboat from a kindly sailor who said he had no need for it any more and it really made an impact on his ability to travel Hoenn. He stepped out of the boat onto the glistening sand and winced as the sand burned the soles of his feet. He had lost his trainers on the trip there after a savage attack from a group of Sharpedo threw him overboard with them only partially on his feet. His medium length brown hair lolled in the summer breeze and he had to keep brushing it out of his eyes. His Oakland Raiders jersey was a little big around the chest, but he didn’t care, his jeans were too big round the waist, but he didn’t care and the sea soaked his feet, but he didn’t care. He was just too happy to have finally made it to Dewford, to capture some new Pokémon. But before he could catch some more Pokémon, he needed shoes, food and a place to stay.

He began to make his way towards what appeared to be the main residential and commercial area of the island, large neon signs on all sides seemed to welcome him with their red glowing warmth and the smell of freshly baked pizza waltzed through the air. Up ahead he saw what appeared to be a shoe shop, thus he weaved through the crowds to reach it, just to find that it had closed for the night, and would not be open until the next morning at 9am, he cursed under his breath and turned around, to look for a hotel. He strolled back along the street and after approximately five minutes, saw the local branch of the Hoenn Travel Inn.

He stepped inside what from the outside appeared to be a magnificent building, but the inside was a great contrast. Wallpaper was peeling off the walls, cracks covered the ceiling like tectonic plates and the carpet was all the same colour, mustard brown. The place seemed to stink of onions and it almost brought tears to his eyes, a woman stood behind a fading pine counter chewing gum and talking on the phone.
“Yeah, I know… I know! I just so can’t believe it, kicking her out three days before the wedding…” Alex cleared his throat, and the woman looked at him in disgust, “can’t you see I’m on the phone? You’re so rude!” He waited about five minutes for her to finish talking to her friend.
“Hello, I’d like to book a single room for two nights, one breakfast, and preferably a TV in my room”
“Sure, like whatever. You’re in room 12, First floor, 1st room on the right, cant miss it.”
“Thank you.”

To Be Continued

02-17-2005, 11:55 AM
“Let’s see, First floor, yup, first room on the right… Yup, that’s it!” Alex pulled the bronze key from his back jeans pocket and inserted it into the key slot, he turned it clockwise once and the lock clicked open, the flaking red door swung open with a creak and Alex steeped in onto the spongy red carpet. Like the walls downstairs, the red Pokéball print wallpaper was shedding from the walls, the glass table in the centre of the room was covered in wine stains and the bed appeared to be short in one leg and looked to be tilting drastically to one side.
“Ah well, looks like this’ll be home for ht next couple of nights…” Alex walked in a bit further, threw his silver and black Raiders bag onto the bed, pulled his wallet out of it and exited the room again. He shut and locked the door and sauntered downstairs back towards the lobby.

Alex stepped outside into the humid summer air, the sky glowed like a Charmander’s tail and now the smell of cooking fish danced through the air, like a waltz of the senses. He turned left out of the door, back towards where he had been earlier; he’d spotted a ‘Perfect Pizza’ place previously. Alex paced along the side of the hectic boulevard, his hands thrust deep into his pockets, trying to find the ‘Perfect Pizza’ place. After approximately five minutes, he saw it. The red neon signs flashing ‘Perfect Pizza’ almost swallowed the entrance, even better the place didn’t seem to be packed at all! He ran over to the desk outside where a smiling young woman, no older than twenty-five asked him
“Table for one I assume sir?”
“Aye, I travel alone, except for my pokémon.”
“Would you like us to prepare some food for them as well?”
“Sure, would knowing what I’ve got be any help?”
“Yes, it gives our chef’s a challenge sometimes.”
“I’ve got a Seviper, a Nidoking, an Ariados, an Aipom, a Crobat, a Victreebel and a Primeape.”
“Wow, you like your powerful and poisonous pokémon don’t you?”
“Yup, they always serve me well.”
“Just go to that table over there by the window, here’s a menu to see what you’d like. I’ll be a long in a couple of minutes to take your order.”
Alex searched for the table he would be at, saw it and ran over. He released his seven pokémon; Cobra, the first pokémon he ever had whom he found lost when he was just ten. Aipom who he acquired next, had been found terrorising the forests near Violet City, Alex captured the cheeky little monkey. His next find was a Victreebel whilst he was in Kanto. He’d been just north of Cerulean City, planning on doing some fishing when his line was sliced by a Bellsprout’s Razor Leaf. That Bellsprout was now one of his more powerful pokémon. Next up, his Almighty Nidoking that he had caught as a little Nidoran♂ in the Safari Zone of Fuchsia City, his adopted home. Sixthly, his Crobat, that had once been a small Zubat, captured as he braved the Seafoam Islands. And finally, his newest, and possibly most powerful Pokémon, Primeape. Defeated rarely, punishing, always. Primeape could obliterate many pokémon with his Focus Punch, and even take out his flying foes with Rock Slide, both moves that Alex had taught him.

The Waitress came over to Alex and asked what he would like,
“Hmm, I’ll have the Garlic Bread with Mozzarella, followed by a Reine please, with a large Pepsi to drink.”
“Sure, it won’t take too long as we’re having a quiet night.”
Now this was the life.