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01-25-2005, 02:19 AM
:eek: What!? Matthew is writting a story? You got it :silly: I am in a creative mood... so.... here we go:


POKeMON: A Changing Destiny


OoC: A possible candidate for this season's story contest... if finished in time... I hope to finish a few chapters soon.... but for now, the first half of the Prologue will do.... there is no capture yet, and there won't be for a few days.... I hope to carry on this story for awhile. It will be an interesting story, to tell you the truth, though the idea has been used before, I interpreted it into my own. Enjoy :silly:


The sounds of human steps resonated off of the hard, cold, grey walls of Mt. Moon as two men and a woman slowly made their way into the depths of the cave’s menacing darkness. Every so often, a few Zubat would whiz by the hikers, frightening them. They were on a mission… a mission to find whatever it was that was giving off a great source of energy detected by Silph Company’s satellites a few weeks ago. It was a simple mission. Seek and contain this energy, and return it back to Silph Co. immediately for further tests and experiments.

“I wonder how much farther this cave goes for…” said one of the men, uniformed in a suit of light khaki attire and carrying an extremely heavy pack of electronic equipment. His grey hair tasseled slightly as the air from outside rushed in to the cave’s depths diligently. He wasn’t too thrilled at the idea of being inside such a cavernous mountain with only two men who had no clue how to defend themselves from any Pokemon, if they decided to attack. James had been trained in the art of battling many years ago, but he had seemed to forget much of what he was taught throughout the years. However, he still had his trustworthy Magneton that he had raised as a youngster. Now in his elder age, he mainly used Magneton to power his electronic equipment when on any archeological excursions.

“Not much…. According to my GPS system, it should only be about another half mile,” said Yina, a young Asian archeological enthusiast, known for her brilliant mind and cynical attitude. She loved to tease her partners, and get their hopes up, only to disappoint them, in a humorous manner. She never got into the whole idea of training Pokemon because she had been too busy as a child on her computer. She did, however, catch a few battles online, so she was quite familiar with how battles were conducted and a few strategies here and there. Her youthful, black hair fluttered in the darkness. “Actually, James, We have another few miles to go…. But you should have seen the excitement in your face… it was unforgettable!” A strange noise was heard from up ahead…

“What was that?” Tyler exclaimed, unsure of what lay ahead of the group. They continued for another few miles Tyler was known for being extremely cautious, both outside and inside, especially, of work. He was never sure of what he was doing, seeing as he lacked a lot of confidence to follow through with his work. He relied on Yina and James to guide him through his work. He removed his glasses from the bridge of his nose and folded them, hanging them on the front of his collar. He took a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed at drips of sweat slowly cascading from his forehead. Truth be told, the three of them had been hiking through the cave for a couple of days now.

Suddenly, a large bat plummeted from the top of the cave and collided with Yina, knocking her to the floor. As she fell, her elbow hit a rather large and jagged stone, causing her elbow to fracture and a wound to open up, allowing for a flow of blood to escape. A look of excitement glinted in the small, menacing eyes of the bat. It allowed its rather large tongue to fall from its wide mouth, licking its lips. James identified the Pokemon…

“It’s a Golbat…. Stand back! I’ll try to take care of it!” James slipped his pack off of his back and let it carefully down on the cave’s floor, “Go, Magneton! Let’s chase this menace away… Let’s use a Screech attack… maybe that will pester it enough to divert its attention to us… Cover your ears, guys!” Suddenly, a loud shriek echoed all throughout the cave, causing the Golbat to fly into the air and turn its attention to Magneton. James’s plan was working. Golbat glared at Magneton, causing the loud screech to cease.

“Magneton! Alright… just shake it off and try to make it run by using Thunderbolt.” Magneton began to glow white, arms of electricity escaping its body. After a second of charging up, all of the static electricity erupted from the Pokemon’s body and instantly zapped the large bat. Golbat let out a scream of anguish. It shook of the damage and sprinted towards Golbat. Magneton prepared to embrace the attack, but in the moment before contact, Golbat changed its course and flew straight up, flapping its wings quickly. A sharp gust of air flew towards the magnet Pokemon, knocking it to the ground. Suddenly, the cave got cold and extremely foggy.

“Magneton, use a Thunderdance combo!” Rain began to pour from above, pelting the bat with large drops of water. It was wondering how it could be raining inside of a cave. Magneton closed its three eyes, and concentrated extremely hard. A low rumble of thunder could be heard all throughout the cave, slightly frightening all who were held within its darkened abyss. All of a sudden, a large ray of electricity erupted from above, enveloping the Golbat in a field of electricity. Golbat shrieked in pain and fell to the ground below, limp as a rag.

“I might as well…” James tossed a sphere at the Golbat, causing an explosion of energy to flow out, swallowing the fainted bat in light. The ball closed tight after receiving the energy and began to tremble. After a few seconds, it had stopped. James thought for a second and realized that Golbat could be a tremendous asset to the group, allowing the radar capabilities of the bat to help them find what they were looking for.

“James…. Look at what Yina happened to stumble upon,” stated Tyler, after he had bandaged her up and propped her up. In his hands, he held the stone she had fell on. It was purple in hue. They had found what they were looking for… a fragment of Soul Stone… A stone that had fallen from the heavens above many centuries ago… Just recently had it been activated, allowing for the U-EST (Unidentified Energy Source Tracker) Satellite to pick it up. Their mission was complete… All they had to do was bring it back to the lab and conduct research to figure out what it was…. Unfortunately they would never figure it out…

To be Continued…

02-01-2005, 07:49 PM

With Magneton in its Pokeball, and Golbat in the lead, James, Tyler, and the bandaged Yina tracked their way out of the cave. It took them a few days to get out, and they ran into some trouble along the way, but eventually, they reached the mouth of the cave. They broke out into the bright sunlight, Golbat flying high into the sky. Golbat had seldom ever been out of the cave, so to have so much room to fly was a luxury. After a few minutes of its liberal fly, the behemoth of a bat swooped down to a large branch of a tree and attached itself upside down, his wings folding across his chest. All ready for slumber, James recalled Golbat into the small orb with which he had captured the Pokemon in.

Parked only a few meters away from the tree from which the Golbat had just perched on, was a large trailer from which the group had arrived to the cave in. The three humans walked slowly towards the large vehicle. The opened to door and stepped into the narrow living quarters. The tracked there way back a few meters and opened a door to enter a room that slightly resembled a laboratory. James grabbed the back from his shoulder and emptied its contents onto the counter. On the surface, a small purple stone that they had retrieved laid next to a few unknown fossils and a few artifacts that had no importance. They would eventually send all of their findings to the Pewter Museum which housed many of James’s discoveries. His biggest discovery of all was this stone, but he first had to bring it back to Silph Co. for some tests. It was going to be another couple of days drive back to Saffron City.

James and the gang walked back to the main cabin after securing all of the findings. Yina sat down on the couch, and Tyler sat in the passenger’s seat. James sat in the driver’s seat and inserted the key into the starter. He turned it and held for a second until the engine started to rumble. He released and applied pressure to the accelerator and they were off. James pulled onto the main road, checking the mirrors for safety. After he made sure it was clear, he drove on, entering the forest.

For hours, there was nothing but dense foliage, trees everywhere you looked! Occasionally, a wild Pokemon would appear, but other than that, nothing too exciting. Yina dozed off about an hour into the trip home as James and Tyler talked about the excursion and the addition of Golbat to the expedition team. Eventually, the trees began to thin out, and the road became wider. Up ahead, a truck was parked in the shoulder, steam billowing from within the hood of the car. A man was sitting next to it, looking angry. He turned quickly towards the van, eager for it to stop and help him. James pulled over and got out. He quickly noticed a red symbol tattooed onto the man’s bicep. He couldn’t make it out, but it looked to be like some sort of letter. James made nothing of it. The stranded guy just kept looking at the trailer.

“Thanks for stopping. Where are you coming from?” The man questioned in a raspy, deep voice. He seemed suspicious.

“Is that really any of your concern?” James replied, caution present in his tone. “I came from Mt. Moon if that is relevant… Why are you out here?”

“To steal that stone you just retrieved…” The man said, excitement and anger still now in his tone. He grabbed for a Pokeball on his belt and tossed it into the air. It landed with a thud in the dirt road and burst open with fury. The light that exploded from within transformed into a large, stone beast with a drill on the type of his muzzle. \

“RHYYYYYYYY!!!!!” the Pokemon exclaimed, preparing for battle.

“My god…. What is going on!? What stone are you talking about?” James said, now with a nervous voice. James clutched his Pokeball, preparing to defend his find. Tyler was now looking worried.

“Go, Magneton!” The ball burst open with equivalent force, releasing Magneton from within the sphere’s depths. A droning static sound was released from the magnet Pokemon. Sparks shot from the Pokemon’s magnets.

“You know what stone I am talking about! Hand it over, or prepare for trouble! Giovanni wants that stone,” the stranger bitterly shouted. He had a grim smirk on his face.

“No…. Team Rocket!?” James shouted. “I thought they disbanded years ago!” James cried, shocked to discover that Team Rocket would be making a return. He wasn’t going to allow a filthy scum like the stranger steal his discovery. “Magneton, use Sonic Boom! We have to win…. There is no losing today!”

The battle for power had just begun. Whoever held on to this stone would hold the true power of destiny.

To Be Continued...