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03-16-2004, 04:40 AM
There Representing The Cool,tough,smart,cute,beauty Contest

03-16-2004, 08:07 AM
There Representing The Cool,tough,smart,cute,beauty Contest

You need to have, strong suggestion here, 5 Pokemon that can win the contests. When you go to your Pokemon summary, hit the right part of the keypad until it can't go anymore. The moves of your Pokemon are highlighted as 'contest moves'. The best moves are 4-6 hearts. Sometimes, your Pokemon can have a 'combo move' that can help out in round 2, like instad of 4 hearts, it gets 8. 6 hearts becomes 12 hearts.

I'll give you 5 Pokemon I used that got framed in Lillicove:

Medicham: Smart contest winner and framed in Lillicove
Mind Reader
That combined with 'Hi Jump KIck' made Hi Jump Kick, a cool move, a 12 heart move instead of 6. That's a combo move. ONly bummer thing is audience will not like it. BUT it helps get you to Lillicove.

Raichu: Cool contest winner and framed in Lillicove
Double Team
That combined with QUick Attack/OR Agility makes it a 6 heart move plus one for audience liked it. If you score a total of 5, as in all of the audience liked it, it's a 12 heart move.

Grumpig: Cute contest winner and framed in Lillicove
When Spoink/or Grumpig, learns rest, then snore, it's the best combo move ever to use.

Azumarill: TOugh contest winner and framed in Lillicove
have it learn Rain Dance, and Hydro Pump becomes a 8 heart move.

Dewgong: Beauty winner, framed in Lillicove
used surf and dive. waterfall, if used last is a 6 heart move.

Some other examples:
Shock wave, if your Pokemon is in the lead, is a 6 heart move
Faint Attack, if your Pokemon is in the lead, is a 6 heart move
Growl, if your Pokemon is last, is a 6 heart move
Sunny Day/Double Team/Rest/Surf have a few combo moves. When your Pokemon performs in the 2nd round, if you see a red mark by its attack, you will instantly get double the points.

Also, you need to get 6 stars and 6 hearts at least for your Pokemon to be framed. You also need to get scarves for your Pokemon from Slateport in that house from the old man after you max your Pokemon's condition. To do that, need to make Pokeblocks in the contest area and use the right berries. If you want anymore information, let me know in a PM and i"ll give you the play by play on how to make your Pokemon a winner and framed in Lillicove. If taught right moves, any Pokemon can be framed in Lillicove.

03-17-2004, 07:41 AM
Here are some tips I used and some suggestions. But before I get started there's a flaw in the above post.

The person used Dewgong, and Dewgong is unobtainable now, and the whole point of the contests is not to cheat. that's the challenge. You could probably use a Walrein or one of its earlier evos. When you beat all four contests and get 5 or more hearts on your last move of your last contest, you'll get 5 ribbons and when you get all 5 paintings, you'll get a glass ornament for your base, it looks like the bird statues and the pretty desk put together. That's all for that

Now, you're probably thinking contests will be hard. They're not. You have everything you need. a pokeblock case, a water pail, berries, tms and hms, some pokemon and pokeballs to catch some. Just teach the pokemon moves of the right contest, and blend the pokeblocks and feed. get the scarf for the type, and conquer. It takes at the most a week to do. you can probably do one or more contests a day, the only reason it might take longer is so that you can grow your berries.

Save before blending pokeblocks, just incase it's not as good as you hoped for. Blend the right berries to make the right stat go up.

Grow a bunch of the needed berry.

Check the tag of a berry to know if it's sweet, sour, spicy, bitter, or dry. The flavors correspond to cute, tough, cool, smart, and beauty.

see what makes better pokeblocks, 2 people, 3 people, or four people, maybe even with real friends?

when you've raised a stat so high it won't eat or rise any more, put that pokemon first, go to slateport and talk to the president of the pokemon club, and he'll give it a scarf that's a color that corresponds to it's type. If you equip it, it will help it out more.

Kill two birds with one stone by catching a feebas and evolving it with 180 beauty, then grow it a level to evolve into a beautiful Milotic who can hold a blue scarf and beat master level.

Check what type of pokeblocks your pokemon likes by putting it first in your lineup and going to mossdeep and there is a man in the west side of the town in a house who tells you what pokeblocks they like. If they like blue pokeblocks (beauty), then they will be able to eat more blue pokeblocks and the stat will rise higher than usual.

Use combos to defeat the opponent. To know if you've started a combo, the judge will look at your pokemon expexticantly. For example if you use Rain dance, you'll get more points if you use a move that is lit up on the next turn. It is best to make a move of good appeal first, then do a combo on your second turn, then finish the combo on third, start a combo on fourth, and finish it on your last turn to gain a high amount of points. You need 5 hearts on your last appeal to get a portrait.

Don't use your battle pokemon because they aren't trained for special types. Their moves may be tough, beauty, cute, and smart, which is not a good combo. I like to have one move that is not of the contest, two moves that make a combo, and a high appeal move. Why? So you can make a high appeal first, use a combo, finish combo, start combo, and finish combo, and then if anything goes wrong, like the clap meter is at 3 instead of making it four so the next person will get the crowd going, use the move so that it will ruin it and make it two, so that the next possible person is that last person, although there is likely to be a move done that isn't of the contest after you anyway.

At the begging of a contest, (Master Rank, actually) if you don't get the most votes, then you have to try extra hard, and try to use jam moves.

That's all folks.

03-17-2004, 10:48 AM
Pokeblock flavour preference:

Contest combos:

03-18-2004, 09:14 AM
If I ever need help on any game I just go to www.gamefaqs.com and search for the game on the left and them find whatever guide I need to help me. It's free and easy, although you can't bring it with you like a book guide. but oh well. they seem to be more indepth on the site.

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so to put these replies in a really short summary win all 5 different contests in master lvl and ask for them to be donated.

Tamer Marco
04-08-2004, 01:59 AM

so to put these replies in a really short summary win all 5 different contests in master lvl and ask for them to be donated. Don't reply to threads this old man. If they're more than a week don't post in them.