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Pokemon Trainer Sarah
01-26-2005, 04:21 AM
The Path To Destiny
By Pokemon Trainer Sarah

Part One - A New Beginning
Sarah looked out over the cape. Her short, deep blue skirt fell about six inches above her bare knees and her light blue t-shirt clung tightly to her body. A small light pink backpack sat beside her, resting on her leg. The sun was high up in the sky, though barely visible behind white fluffy clouds. A cool wind blew silently through the small town of Pallet, blowing through Sarah’s long brown hair and causing the pink cap on her head to nearly fly off toward the sea. She grabbed it quickly, pulling it from her head and clutching it to her chest, not wanting to lose it to the fierce gale. Her bright blue eyes gazed out upon the turquoise sea that stretched out before her. She had seen it in different moods; stormy and angry, the turbulent waves lashing at the bright coloured sand or calm and serene, gentle waves lapping the edges of the beach, their foamy waters leaving a mark where they had come to rest. Today the waves were in a different mood, more rough than calm but not violent. Sarah watched the waves flowing in and out in a continuos cycle. She had lived here all her life, watched the waves, and seen the ships come in and leave again. Now it was her turn to set sail, to leave her home and embark on a journey to the ends of the earth, for only one reason: to fulfil her dream, her destiny, of becoming a Pokémon Master.

The wind washed over her as she reached into her backpack. She searched inside before finding what she was looking for. A small red and white orb. Placing her cap firmly back onto her head she held the ball in two hands. It caught the sun and seemed to glisten magically. Sarah had seen a PokéBall before, held one even, but never her own, never with her very own Pokémon inside. She allowed a smile to play at her lips as she thought of the adventures that lay ahead of her. She looked back up to the sky. Judging from the position of the sun it was past midday. She returned the ball gently to her backpack and pulled her backpack up onto her shoulders. With one last look over the cape she turned and walked forward toward a small, densely foliaged path. As she reached the beginning of the Route she turned for one last look at her hometown before setting off upon her very own Pokémon Journey.

As she walked down the narrow path toward Viridian City she heard rustling by the side of the track. Cautiously she stopped walking and stood still, hoping that a wild Pokémon would appear. A small purple blur dashed passed her before she even had a chance to pull a PokéBall from her backpack. A small red book-like object in her pocket flashed on.

“Rattata, the rat Pokémon. These Pokémon have sharp fangs and are extremely quick.” The Pokédex recited.

Sarah looked into the bushes where the Rattata had scurried off. There was now no sign of it and it was very quiet once again, except for the sounds of the leaves rustling in the breeze.

The trek to Viridian City was mostly uneventful except for the Rattata sighting. Sarah arrived at the small town by mid-afternoon and made her way to the Pokémon Center for a rest before heading out toward Viridian Forest, which was known to be like a maze. Sarah yawned tiredly as she took a seat on a small faded red sofa near the side of the Center. She grabbed her backpack off her shoulders and put it on her lap, then reached her hand inside to find her PokéBall. She looked around inside for quite some time before finally retrieving the PokéBall from her bag. She slowly took it out and rolled it about in her hands. She placed it in her pocket this time, so she could find it more easily, and then headed out the sliding door of the Center.

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
01-26-2005, 04:23 AM
Part Two - Friends and Rivals
“Hey! Where are you headed?” a young male approached Sarah. His deep emerald eyes focused on her. He wore a green vest, dark blue t-shirt and light blue tracksuit pants. A blue and white baseball cap covered his messy dark brown hair and a light green backpack was slung over his shoulder.

Sarah turned around quickly. “Toward Viridian Forest.” She replied, looking at the newcomer.

“Me too! Hey are you a trainer?” the boy asked, “Wanna battle?”

“I dunno. I only started my journey today.” Sarah said unsurely.

“That’s ok. Me too. I only have one Pokémon so far.” He said. “Come on, just for practice.”

“Ok…I guess.” Sarah said, pulling the PokéBall from her pocket. The two headed towards the next route where they would be able to battle.

“By the way, I’m Kenta.” The boy introduced himself as they walked.

“I’m Sarah.” Sarah replied. “This looks like a good spot, lets battle here.” She said.

There was a large clearing to the left of the pathway they were currently on, which eventually led into Viridian Forest. The grass was quite long and big Oran and Pecha trees lined the far edge of the area, they were filled with lush berries. Wildflowers grew up from the long grass, and pollen from wild Pokémon shimmered over the flowers, making them sparkle in the sunlight.

“Yep, this will do nicely.” Kenta said as he pulled a PokéBall from a belt on his waist. Sarah and Kenta took opposite sides of the clearing, which would serve as their battlefield.

“Ok, Bulbasaur, I choose you!” Sarah said, pulling her cap down firmly on her head. She released her PokéBall from her hand. The PokéBall flew into the air and then emitted a strange glowing crimson light, which took the form of a small green dinosaur-like Pokémon. Bulbasaur stood rigid, it had a large bulb on its back, which it used to store nutrients. The PokéBall returned to Sarah’s hand.

“Well, here goes!” Kenta grinned. “Charmander go!” he said as he threw his own PokéBall into the air. The same crimson light came from the ball. The light materialised into a small orange lizard-like Pokémon. It stood on two legs and a flame burned brightly on the tip of its tail.

Sarah’s Pokédex reacted to the new Pokémon. “Charmander, the flame-lizard Pokémon. The flame on its tail burns brightly when it is healthy.”

“Ok, Charmander, use a Scratch attack!” Kenta started, directing his Charmander into battle.

Charmander moved forward speedily toward Bulbasaur, its hands reached out in front of it, its sharp claws glistening in the light from the sun. It was getting very close to Bulbasaur. Sarah knew she had to make a move.

“Bulbasaur, dodge to the right and counter with Tackle!” Sarah instructed as Bulbasaur dug its claws into the ground before springing to the right, Charmander’s Scratch attack just grazed Bulbasaur lightly. Bulbasaur now turned, and balancing on its hind legs, it jumped toward Charmander, colliding with the back of the unsuspecting Pokémon.

“Char” Charmander cried as it was hit from behind. It lurched forward and fell on its face.

“Charmander, are you ok?” Kenta called out worriedly from the sideline. Charmander let out a small grunt before slowly getting back to its feet.

“Saur!” Bulbasaur growled as Charmander turned to face it, it’s eyes glowing with fire, it was angry now.

“Charmander, Ember!” Kenta called as Charmander responded to the instructions. It jumped high into the air, the flame on its tail now twice its normal size.

“CHARRR!” Charmander cried as it opened its mouth. A hot rush of fire escaped its mouth, the red and yellow flame getting dangerously close to Bulbasaur.

“Bulbasaur! Look out!” Sarah cried as Charmander attacked. Taking one look at the oncoming flames, Bulbasaur jumped back, but not quite fast enough. The flames licked at its face before burning out.

“Bulbasaur!” Sarah cried, hoping that Bulbasaur wasn’t hurt too badly. It was lucky that it hadn’t taken the hit dead on. By now both Pokémon were wheezing with fatigue. Charmander was crouched on the ground, the flame on its tail back to normal.

“Bulba!!!” Bulbasaur growled angrily, shooting arrows at Charmander with its eyes.

“Bulbasaur, use a Sweet Scent!” Sarah said. This time Bulbasaur crouched down, its bulb opening slightly. Soon a purple powder was emitted from its bulb, it travelled through the air toward Charmander.

As the scent reached Charmander’s nose, it sniffed hungrily. It moved slowly toward Bulbasaur in a daze, being pulled in by the sweet aroma.

“Charmander, stop!” Kenta called hopelessly.

“Now’s your chance, Bulbasaur!” Sarah called out as Bulbasaur stopped using Sweet Scent. “Jump and use Tackle!” Sarah instructed.

Bulbasaur planted its feet firmly on the ground, the sprung high up into the air, the sun behind it, so it was impossible for Charmander to see.

Meanwhile Charmander shook itself from the Sweet Scent and regained its composure. The sun glared in its face as it searched desperately for the attacking Bulbasaur.

“Charmander, no!” Kenta called out as Charmander turned slowly, it was too late however. Before Charmander knew what had hit it, Bulbasaur had Tackled it from behind, using gravity to add extra force to the attack. Charmander spun slightly before falling to the ground, its eyes closed. Bulbasaur stood next to it proudly though tired from the battle. The flame on Charmander’s tail seemed much smaller now.

“Charmander, return.” Kenta said sadly as he reached for Charmander’s PokéBall. In a flash of crimson light Charmander was pulled into the ball to rest. Kenta slowly made his way over to Sarah.

“Great job, Bulbasaur!” Sarah called out as Bulbasaur ran into her arms. “You did really great!” she said, patting Bulbasaur gently on the head.

“Bulba!” Bulbasaur crooned happily.

“Great battle.” Kenta stood next to Sarah now and reached out his hand for Sarah to shake.

“Thanks.” Sarah replied happily. “You did so well. Your Charmander is going to be really strong some day!” she said, shaking Kenta’s hand.

“I can’t wait for it to evolve” Kenta said. “That battle would have really helped Charmander’s experience, so thank-you!”

“You’re welcome” Sarah replied with a grin. She stood up and pulled Bulbasaur’s PokéBall from her pocket. “Great job, Bulbasaur!” she said. “Take a nice rest.” She held the ball up as a red light appeared and covered Bulbasaur, pulling it back into the PokéBall. She then placed the ball back into her pocket.

Kenta pulled his backpack from his shoulders and reached into it, drawing out a small white and purple item. “Here, take this for Bulbasaur.” He said as he handed it to Sarah. “That way you don’t have to travel all the way back to the Pokémon Center.

“Thanks” Sarah said as she held the Potion in her hand.

“Well I’m gunna have to get going,” Kenta said, “You can’t use Potions on Fainted Pokémon so I’m gunna have to head to the Pokémon Center.”

“Oh, ok.”

“Well see ya round”


“And Sarah…good luck”

“You too.” Sarah called out as Kenta walked off. She stood waving until he was merely a speck in the distance.

Pokemon Trainer Sarah
01-26-2005, 04:27 AM
Part Three - A New Pokemon?!
The sun was now quite low in the sky. It was still warm with a slight breeze from the north. Sarah continued down the path toward Viridian Forest. Soon she saw a small wooden sign.

“Viridian Forest ahead, beware of Wild Beedrill” she read aloud. Beedrill could be fierce especially when they were angry. Sarah placed her hand to her side, feeling Bulbasaur’s PokéBall in her pocket. It comforted her to know she could call on Bulbasaur anytime for protection.

She walked slowly through the large gatehouse into the forest. It was surprisingly cold. Pathways twisted and turned, lined with huge trees, their leaves blocking out the sun. It was quite dark already in here. Once her eyes had adjusted to the darkness, Sarah chose a path and started walking. The path was lined with thick foliage and trees.

Sarah know knew why they called this place a natural maze. She walked slowly, thinking about her battle earlier in the day. She walked aimlessly along the small path until she came to a crossroads. Unsure of which to go, she took the left path, which led deeper into the forest. The trees seemed to thin out here. She looked up at them and noticed many small green and brown blobs near the top of the trees. She pulled her Pokédex from her pocket and held it up towards them.

“Caterpie, the worm Pokémon. Its feet have suction cups designed to stick to any surface. It tenaciously climbs trees to forage.” The Pokédex recited, showing a picture of a small green caterpillar-like Pokémon, with pink antennae on the screen.

“Weedle, the hairy bug Pokémon, beware of the sharp stinger on its head. It hides in grass and trees where it eats leaves.” The Pokédex continued, this time showing a picture of a Weedle, a small brown worm-like Pokémon with a pink nose and a large, pointy poison barb on its head.

Sarah continued walking, even though she wanted to capture one of those Pokémon she would never be able to get up that far. She headed down the path again, in search of more Pokémon.

Suddenly a Beedrill flew overhead. She jumped back startled but luckily the Beedrill continued without even glancing at her. Her Pokédex showed a picture of the Pokémon, a large bee-like monster with a stinger on its tail and fore arms.

“Beedrill, the Poison Bee Pokémon. It can take down any opponent with its powerful poison stingers. It sometimes attacks in swarms.” The Pokédex said as the Beedrill disappeared over the treetops.

Sarah soon came to a small clearing. It had a tree stump in the middle. Sarah headed over to it. The stump was about as tall as her waist but it was very wide. The bark was eroded by generations of Pokémon and decades of wind and rain, the stump itself looked healthy, however. Like the tree that had been standing there had only just recently been cut down.

Sarah took her backpack off her shoulders and put it by the stump. She then pulled Bulbasaur’s PokéBall from her pocket. She wanted to catch at least one Pokémon before she reached Pewter City. She held the PokéBall up.

“Bulbasaur, come out!” she said softly as a flash of red light came from the ball. Soon Bulbasaur materialised in front of her, tired from their last battle. Remembering what Kenta had said, Sarah pulled the small purple and white spray from her other pocket and gently sprayed it onto Bulbasaur. She used the whole thing and by the time she was finished Bulbasaur looked much happier and healthier.

“Bulbasaur, can you use a Sweet Scent attack to help me find some wild Pokémon?” Sarah asked, placing Bulbasaur on the large stump and then stepping back.

“Bulba” Bulbasaur agreed happily. It screwed up its face with effort as it opened its bulb slightly. Soon a purple powder wafted through the air. It’s aroma drifting thoughout the area. Soon the bushes around them began to rustle, signalling the appearance of wild Pokémon. Sarah thought she saw a flash of yellow from behind one of the bushes.

“Bulbasaur, stop.” Sarah said quietly, wanting to catch the Pokémon by surprise. “Ok Bulbasaur, use your vines to pull that yellow thing into the open.” She said.

Bulbasaur obeyed immediately. The Sweet Scent stopped coming and two vines protruded from the sides of its bulb. The vines edged their way toward the wild Pokémon that Sarah had seen earlier. Bulbasaur wrapped its vines around the Pokémon behind the bush and then quickly pulled it out into the open, releasing it from its grasp.

What stood in front of Sarah seemed to be a very angry, small, yellow Pichu. It had a growl on its face and its mouth hung open, its small sharp teeth shining in the sun. It had small round pink cheeks that stored electricity and a black tail. Sarah grinned happily.

“A Pichu!” she said, overjoyed. “Come on Bulbasaur, lets catch it!”

Bulbasaur stood to attention, it eyes fixed on the small yellow, mouse-like Pokémon.

“Bulba!” Bulbasaur grunted.

“Ok Bulbasaur, use a Tackle attack!” Sarah said.

Bulbasaur sprang forward quickly as its hind legs pushed off the ground. Pichu however had other ideas and quickly dodged out of the way with a Quick Attack. Bulbasaur kept trying but Pichu was too quick. Pichu used a Quick Attack to push Bulbasaur from behind. Bulbasaur lost its balance for a moment, but regained composure quickly and continued trying to attack.

“It’s not going to work, Bulbasaur!” Sarah called out. “Try a Vine Whip!” Sarah knew that if she could only get the small Electric-type Pokémon to stay still it would be much easier.

Bulbasaur’s vines shot out of its body again, this time catching the Pichu by surprise. Bulbasaur was able to grasp the small Pokémon tightly, enveloping it in its vines.

“Pi!” Pichu cried as it struggled to get free. It was no use though as Bulbasaur had it tightly in its vines.

“Great, Bulbasaur!” Sarah encouraged. “Now swing it around!”

Bulbasaur began swinging the small Pokémon around in its vines. It went so fast that soon only a yellow blur whirring around Bulbasaur could be seen. Bulbasaur prepared to launch it into the ground but it seemed the Pichu had other ideas.

It chomped down hard on Bulbasaur’s vine with its sharp teeth, causing Bulbasaur to let go in mid-swing. This sent the Pichu flying backwards but it managed to land on its feet without serious injury. The Pichu now walked dizzily around the clearing.

“Bulbasaur, try a Tackle now!” Sarah called out.

Bulbasaur dug its hind claws into the ground and then suddenly sprang at the Pichu, who was too dizzy to evade. It hit Pichu dead on, causing the small Pokémon to fall backwards to the ground.

“Keep it up! You’re doing great, Bulbasaur!” Sarah said. “Try to grab it with your vines again.”

Bulbasaur grunted in reply as its vines plucked the small yellow Pokémon from the ground. Bulbasaur then swung it around once, before bringing it towards the ground. Just as Bulbasaur began to release Pichu from its grip, and smash it toward the earth, Pichu’s small body lit up.

A resounding “Piiiii CHUUUUU!” could be heard as it released a Thunder Shock at Bulbasaur. The shock ran up Bulbasaur’s vines. Yellow electricity surrounded its body. Pichu’s body also glowed with Electricity. The small Pokémon had shocked itself as well as Bulbasaur.

Bulbasaur eventually shook off the attack. By now both Pokémon were growing weary. Pichu breathed heavily, its whole body jerking with each deep breath.

“Bulbasaur, finish it with Vine Whip!” Sarah called out to her weakened Pokémon.

“Bulbasaur!” Bulbasaur growled at the Pichu. Two vines sprung from its back, toward the small Pokémon. Bulbasaur’s vines made contact with the Pokémon’s side and a resounding “crack” could be heard, causing the Pichu to fly a few feet into the air before coming to rest on the ground.

The Pichu didn’t move, the only signs of life was its small chest rising with each breath. It was hurt pretty badly. “Pi” it cried with each breath as it lay upon the ground of the clearing, next to the tree stump. The ground was littered with leaves and twigs.

Sarah slowly reached for a PokéBall from her backpack that lay beside her. She unzipped it carefully, but hurriedly. She reached her right arm into her bag and searched around. Finally her fingers came to rest on a small orb. She pulled it out of her bag quickly and turned back to Pichu. It was still lying still. She pressed the large button on the small orb, which in turn made the ball maximise. It was now as big as her fist and fit comfortably in the palm of her hand. She held the empty PokéBall in the air.

“PokéBall go!” she cried as she flung the PokéBall into the air. It hovered in mid air above the Pichu. Before her eyes, the Pichu was enveloped in a bright red light and pulled into the PokéBall. The ball then fell to the ground.

Sarah watched silently with bated breath, as she focused on the PokéBall on the ground. Bulbasaur stayed by her side. The ball wriggled slightly to the left then to the right. The button on the front of the ball still glowed red. Sarah and her Pokémon watched anxiously, waiting to see if the ball would stop glowing. Longing to hear the resounding “Ping!” that would signal the capture of the Pokémon…

Jack of Clovers
01-31-2005, 01:17 AM
story: well written. i like the intro, the idea, the Trainer battle. it's all good.

detail: great, great! just what i like.

grammer: nothing jumped at me.

battle: oh, nicely done. intense fighting. details were nice!

realty: You didn't fight the first pokemon that you saw. lol. i like how you went after the one you really want.

tips: ur good. can't wait for you to keep writing.

Outcome- Pichu Captured!


Pokemon Trainer Sarah
02-01-2005, 06:40 AM
Wow really! Thanks! I was so nervous about this lol :oops: