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01-26-2005, 02:44 PM
Hi. Well I started this story:


I did that for the last competition and this is another adventure that has taken along randomly. If you want to read the full story then you’d have to wait till summer till I write it all out. This is just done in the middle to enter the competition. Happy reading :cool:

CH 1

“Vulpix! Don’t give in buddy, use your agility!”

John’s voice was hardly recognisable as he ordered his tired Vulpix on. Vulpix had seemingly tried everything and was only hanging on in this gym battle because of its speed. John hoped that it would help now.

Vulpix nodded fervently and raced forward across the hard ground. It weaved in and out, getting faster and faster as it ran. As it picked up speed, the ground sparked with electricity as it tasted friction. Poliwrath didn’t move and instead clenched its fists and stayed focus.

“Now Vulpix, Tackle it!” ordered John.

“Poliwrath, hold firm”

Vulpix raced onwards and hit Poliwrath at full on speed. Momentarily it looked like Poliwrath had been stunned but a second later Vulpix slumped to the floor at Poliwrath’s feet.

Chuck laughed cruelly. “Do you think that you can tackle my Poliwrath? Ha!”

“Vulpix! Can you get up?”

Vulpix raised its head feebly but looked worse for wear.

“Time you learned a lesson squirt. Poliwrath, Bubblebeam it now!”

Vulpix couldn’t have moved even if it had tried. The blast of water bubbles fired swiftly and accurately like a sword and pierced straight through Vulpix. Vulpix was thrown backwards by the force of the attack, and skidded across the battlefield as it went, landing inches away from John.

John ran over to Vulpix and knelt down beside it. Its eyes were half closed and looked in a bad state.

“You did well buddy, return!”

John now took out another Pokeball from the back of his belt.

“Now you’re in for it! Go Bayleaf!”

Bayleaf emerged out of the Pokeball and stood glaring at Poliwrath.

Chuck smiled. “It won’t work. Return Poliwrath.”

“What, are you chickening out?” shouted John.

“Far from it” said Chuck softly, reaching into his pocket and producing a small Pokeball which he enlarged.

He threw it fiercely onto the ground and a form of light appeared in mid air for a second then the form of a Mankey appeared.

“You’re losing your touch Chuck, that little monkey is toast. Bayleaf, Razorleaf now!”

Bayleaf bent its head and fired a dozen sharp leaves straight at Mankey. Mankey though, quick as lightening dodged right out the way of the leaves and did a roll, landing far to the west.

“So its quick, doesn’t matter. Bayleaf, send more leaves at it!” ordered John.

Bayleaf obeyed and this time sent a torrent of the leaves straight at Mankey.

John smiled. There’s too many to dodge…its over now.

John didn’t believe what he saw next, he just stood rooted to the spot staring.

“Mankey, you know what to do, tear those leaves to shreds!”

Mankey nodded, jumping in the air at the same time. It started moving its fists up and down, faster and faster till its arms were a blur. The leaves now made an attempt at a hit and instead felt the fury of Mankey’s arms. The leaves were simply cut into two. Every last razor leaf fell like autumn falls beside Mankey.

John tried to shake himself out of his shock. Either this Mankey was just well trained at cutting leaves or his Bayleaf was in severe trouble.

“Bayleaf, try your Vinewhip!” said John desperately.

“Mankey, Karate Chop!” growled Chuck.

Bayleaf sent the two long vines straight at Mankey but before it could hit it, Mankey had, with a sickening attack, karate chopped them straight back at Bayleaf.

Bayleaf let out a gasp as its vines flew straight back at it and hit her straight between the eyes. It stumbled for a second as to shake of a dizzy spell.

“Bayleaf!” cried John taking a few steps forward.

John was helpless to act, nothing seemed to be working and things were looking grim.

“Now Mankey,” Chuck’s eyes were glittering strangely as he called out his instruction to his Pokemon, “Finish it off! High Jump Kick!”

Mankey gave a nod to Chuck and jumped high in the air, eying Bayleaf. Bayleaf still didn’t look fully well and was swaying on the spot. Mankey’s feet began to glow a brilliant white.

”Bayleaf, look out!” yelled John, knowing that if Bayleaf didn’t move then it was going to get hit.

Mankey had begun its descent at high speed. Collision would happen at any second. Bayleaf had finally got rid of its dizziness yet it was rooted to the spot, fear etched out clearly as its pupils grew smaller. John couldn’t do anything and turned away as he heard the sickening crash.

When he turned back, Bayleaf lay fainted on the floor and Mankey was leering over her.

“Mankey return” said Chuck softly, taking out his Pokeball and recalling Mankey to its Pokeball.

Chuck pocketed the Pokeball then walked up to John.

“You just weren’t good enough kid” he said simply.

John glared angrily at him, not saying anything; he was too angry to speak. He called out his thanks to Bayleaf for its efforts then returned her to its Pokeball.

John placed the Pokeball back on his belt and turned to leave but Chuck spoke again.

“Come back when you’re ready, I’ll be waiting”

John didn’t reply and exited through the steel sliding doors and into the outside. The bright sunlight hit him after being in the gym for so long. He squinted and wished that it would rain to match his mood. It didn’t boost his spirits to have the rest of the world happy when he wasn’t.

He hadn’t walked more than a few metres away from the gym when a voice called out to him. He turned and saw a woman walking towards him. She had appeared to have been waiting by the gym wall and waiting till the fight was over. She was middle aged with the distinct appearance of a cheerful housewife. She also had long black hair that seemed to frizz up at the ends; clearly this woman didn’t seem obsessed with her appearance. She came up close to John and he also noticed that she was considerably short.

“Yes?” asked John, not knowing what this was about.

“Did you just face the gym leader here?”

“Yeah” said John narrowing his eyes.

“And?” prompted the woman, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

John scowled and looked away. He expected her to get the hint but she still awaited his reply patiently.

“I lost, okay. What’s it to you anyways?” said John reluctantly.

The woman smiled sympathetically. “You shouldn’t be so rude to someone who is trying to help”

John blushed and looked at his feet sheepishly. “I’m sorry…I’m just angry I lost…”

“That’s understandable” said the woman smiling and taking a step forwards. “I’ve seen a lot of very good trainers go to this gym with great Pokemon and still lose. Chuck isn’t easy to crack, people usually treat him as the last leader they face as they want to gather as much experience as they can before facing his fighting style. Even when they have the supposed type advantage they still lose.”

John looked sadly at her. “So it’s futile battling him?”

“I’m not saying that” said the woman, waving an impatient hand. “I’m saying that they always assume that type advantage wins when that’s not the case. If you want to beat Chuck then you have to fight him physically.”

“What?” said John startled. “You want me to fight him without Pokemon”. John had a sudden thought of him boxing Chuck in a ring.

“No…” said the woman, slowly, eying him strangely. “I mean, fight his Fighting Pokemon with other Fighting Pokemon”

John shoved his hands roughly in his pockets. “That’s all well and good but I don’t have any Fighting typed Pokemon”

“Well this island has many places to explore. All over there is Fighting Pokemon. It was in fact around here that Chuck caught that Mankey of his”

John’s eyes lit up. “Well…thank you. I better get going then.”

The woman smiled. “You’re welcome. Good luck in finding a Fighting Pokemon.”

John waved and started jogging away. He knew that he would have to now get a Fighting Pokemon or die trying. He wasn’t about to give up his Pokemon challenge over this. He would do whatever it took to beat Chuck.

CH 2-

John had been jogging for a few minutes when the scenery began to change and he was faced with more rocky lands which made it more difficult to run on. Eventually he slowed down and finally broke down into a walk; the land finally getting the better of him. Why was the land so rocky around these parts anyway?

The question remained posed in his mind swirling with no answers before he was interruptedly rudely to find himself falling and hitting himself on the rocky path. He let out a groan of agony. Pain was coursing through his left leg and putting a dirty hand to his face, he found that his nose was bleeding. He tried to get up but he couldn’t. He swore loudly and lay there, thinking of a way out of this mess. He had no certain idea how he had fallen but he assumed he had tripped over something in the middle of the path. He swore again thinking that lying here wasn’t such a bad prospect.

This thought didn’t last long as he heard something that made him prick up his ears and almost made him jump upwards. It sounded like a battle cry yet strangely shrill. He listened intently and heard it again.


There was then a huge crashing sound that made John cringe. He knew that he had to get up now; if there was danger coming he couldn’t be laying here as easy bait. He quickly rummaged around his belt and produced a Pokeball and threw it into the air. The ball hit the floor and the light turned into a small figure.


The small Vulpix came up to John and began licking its face lovingly. This wasn’t the Pokemon John had in mind.

01-26-2005, 02:46 PM
“Ger-off” said John roughly, muffled by the small fox on his face. He produced the Pokeball and returned Vulpix. He now found the ball he was looking for and threw it into the air. Bayleaf now appeared and looked puzzled at John’s position on the floor, tilting its head to one side in puzzlement.

“Bay?” it asked.

“Look buddy I’m kind of stuck here. Could you help me out?”

Bayleaf nodded and sent two vines to help him up. John grabbed hold of them both and as Bayleaf pulled the vines back; John was able to help himself to his feet. Once he was finally up, he patted Bayleaf on the head and thanked her. He was about to recall her when he heard the shriek again.


Then he heard another crash. This time he knew the direction it was coming from. It was further on in the direction John had been heading. He thought twice about returning Bayleaf as he felt that he would need some sort of protection against whatever was making that horrible shriek and the crashing sound too. Before he moved on he took a look at what he had tripped up on. He could have slapped himself for being so stupid to have tripped over something so large. It was in fact a small boulder but a small boulder is still not that small. John had obviously been too caught up in his thoughts and tripped straight over it and got injured on the floor. A single fleck of blood dropped on his shoe. His nose didn’t seem to be bleeding quite that bad. He put a tissue to it and indicated to Bayleaf to follow him.

Bayleaf did so reluctantly as she, like John was afraid of whatever was making this noise. As they walked on John began to notice that the further they went, the more boulders there seemed to be scattered around the road. He had to dodge in and out of them in order to keep walking. Bayleaf followed suit behind him, finding it more difficult to avoid the boulders because she was much bigger than he was.

Eventually they began to see figures in the distance. John could hear more crashing and more shrieks. He was certain that this was the place where the thing that he heard was.

He now moved cautiously and as things came into better light he stood astounded at the sight before his eyes. There had to be no less than fifty of them. What they were John didn’t know but he presumed they were Pokemon. They all were of a light grey colour, with yellow humps on top of their heads. They also, John noticed, had bulging muscles which was rather peculiar as they were so small. He flipped his Pokedex open and pointed it at the Pokemon:

“Machop- The fighting Pokemon. Machop is incredibly strong despite its small size. Machop will always attempt things that are estimated too hard for it.”

John’s eyes glittered excitedly as he heard the description. A fighting Pokemon!

This was his big chance. He had to capture one of these Machop so it could help him beat Chuck. He walked casually around them looking for the best opportunity. It was here that John found out what the shrieks and crashes were. The Machop were here and seemed to be solely concentrating on smashing the small boulders. Every minute or so, John would hear one of the Machop let out a yell and karate chop a boulder. The boulder really stood no chance as the moment the hand made contact, they broke, crumbled and lay in small heaps of dust. John noticed that the vast field of boulders were slowly being worked down and there seemed to be less and less over the time he watched.

There was though one particular Machop that intrigued John. For one it seemed to be slightly bigger than the other Machop and secondly it seemed to be stronger and faster; it was breaking down more boulders in a period of a minute than the others. John smiled as he identified his target. He walked straight up to it with Bayleaf just behind him and stood watching at very close distance. The Machop stopped crushing boulders and looked up at John. Its red eyes narrowed suspiciously. John tried to smile and was momentarily stunned; he was lost for action and his plan for capturing Machop suddenly vanished. Should he just throw a Pokeball at it?

After about a minute of complete silence John produced a Pokeball from his pocket and held it out in front of him. Machop glared at it then flicked its eyes back to John. John then made a strange hand signal, pointing at the ball, then to Machop, then back to the ball. The other Machop had now looked up and were watching the situation with interest. There was no more crashing or any yells. John kept up the pointing process for about a minute before Machop actually made its move. It let out a snarl and quick as a flash it had hit it with its left hand. The ball had flown out of John’s hand like a rocket across the ground. John looked about 10 metres behind him. It had hit a boulder and lay in pieces on the floor.

Bayleaf growled and stepped forward so she was now beside John. John now realised that Machop wasn’t going to be an easy capture. He looked at Bayleaf and nodded.

“Bayleaf, let’s do this, hit it with Razor Leaf!”

Bayleaf swung the leaf on its head and fired sharp leaves at Machop. Machop realised what was coming and simply crossed its arms and put them in front of its face. It then crouched low and waited for the attack to come. The leaves fired accurately and hit its arms and rebounded off. Bayleaf kept firing and Machop kept its arms tensed and its head down. John realised that it wasn’t working.

“Bayleaf, that’s enough.”

Bayleaf stopped firing and looked up at John. John just shook his head and kept its focus on Machop. Machop seemed to have realised that the attack was over and slowly lowered its arms to below its eyes. John was startled to see that it now seemed furious; its eyes were flickering with seething rage. It lowered its arms all the way and readied its fists. John looked at Bayleaf.

“Bayleaf try your Vine Whip!”

Bayleaf sent two vines at Machop but Machop ducked and ran straight at Bayleaf. Bayleaf, who still had its vines near where Machop was standing, was motionless. Machop flew in and hit Bayleaf with a Low Kick. Bayleaf was toppled and it fell to the floor in a heap. It was almost up when Machop did it again and this time Bayleaf, who was still recovering from the gym battle, did not get up.

John returned Bayleaf and was about to pick another when he felt like he had been hit over the head with a hammer. In fact Machop had aimed a punch at his head. He stumbled; everything seemed to be going dizzy and he was unsure where he was. He felt another blow to his stomach this time and he fell to the floor. The blackness seemed to overcome him and within seconds he had passed out.

CH 3-

John didn’t know where he was when he finally awoke yet he knew that it was quite late in the night or very early morning as it was dark all around him. He got out of a flat sort of bed and stumbled to the door. Feeling his head he found that it was bandaged and feeling very stiff. He stopped about half a metre from the door as the knob turned and it opened. An old man stood in the door way. Though it was dark, he could still get a good look at him. He looked to be about 65 and reminded somewhat of his dead grandfather. His hair was a youthful grey; full of vibrancy and energy scenting through the room like perfume. He also had the same thick moustache and light blue eyes that reminded John so sadly of his Grandfather.

“Ah I see you’re awake then.” The old man grinned and turned on the light. John got a full view now of the room that he had been staying in and the small bed in the corner that he had been asleep on. The room was full of photographs of a person but of different stages in their life. In one photograph there was a small baby, completely bemused by the situation. The next one showed a young toddler with very black hair and grey eyes, being hugged by a handsome young man and pretty woman. The boy was laughing in the picture; with a childish laughter that no-one can fault. As John moved along, the photographs showed him quickly growing in age and it appeared that he was growing more sullen every photograph, with his grey eyes becoming more and more apparent.

Finally the man and woman disappeared from the photographs and were replaced by either the old man that was standing in the room, and an old lady. Right up the latest photo, the boy looked extremely depressed with a look as if he carried the weight of the world on his shoulders. He looked to be, in the latest photograph, around the same age as John, possibly a month older. It wasn’t also his age that made him similar to John. Their hair was both the extreme colour black and seemed to be of the same height and weight. The only difference was eye colour as while this boy had stormy grey eyes, John’s were a deep brown.

“My grandson, you know.” The old man interrupted John’s field of thought and took a step forward as he spoke. John turned around away from the photographs and was shocked to see that the old man’s eyes were full of tears.

“Is something wrong?” asked John.

“No…not at all…just me remembering…It’s just hard to cope with sometimes…even though its already happened yet you can’t fully take it in no matter how long ago it happened…”

John gently helped him to sit down on the bed and handed him a tissue from his trouser pocket. The old man thanked him and wiped his eyes then blew his nose loudly.

“Can you tell me what happened?” pressed John gently.

“Well…my son, Daniel grew up in this place. He’s there.” said the old man, pointing to the handsome man in the photograph. “He got married to a young girl called Kathy and they had a son, my grandson…Tristan.”

The old man blew his nose again and sat up straighter. “Not a moment goes by that I wish things could have been different. That I had taken their places and they were still here today…they died, so young, with their whole lives ahead of them.”

01-26-2005, 02:50 PM
“How did they die?”

“Murder.” said the old man bluntly. Held at hostage in Goldenrod city by some gang members and then shot dead for no reason what so ever. The killers got away of course, they didn’t hang around, and we were left to look after Tristan…”

“Is he here?” asked John, looking around.

The old man shook his head silently.

“Not dead?” said John softly, widening his eyes.

“No.” said the man with his voice muffled by the tissue. “No, he ran away. Three years ago last week, he just disappeared one night. When we came to wake him for school, his bed was empty, only a set of clothes missing and some fruit. Everything else was left here.”

“So no-one has seen him since?”

“Of course we searched everywhere, asked everyone but no-one had seen him. It was like he completely fell of this Earth. And how he would have got off this island is beyond me, as no boats were missing and the dock men, who were on night shifts, saw no-one that night.”

“Why did he run away?” asked John.

“Because his parents were dead… and he saw no point in staying here with them not around. He used to be so full of life and energy and after my son and Kathy died, he seemed to have died inside, lost all purpose for living. Even his interest in becoming a Pokemon trainer seemed to vanish. And mind you he was really good, could have become the Kanto League Champion if his parents hadn’t died. It isn’t fair to take away your parents when you’re so young and in need of them…”

The old man stopped and got up. “But enough about that, you should really get something down you. I’ll show you to the kitchen.”

The old man led the way through the spacious house; more spacious it seemed with now the knowledge that there should have been people living here that now weren’t. John’s mind wasn’t in reality, but thinking about this boy, Tristan, who was out there by himself. Maybe he had died and no-one would see him again…to survive three years with nothing to live on would be hard…

After about a minute, John found himself in a brightly lit kitchen with morning blue coloured tiles and a white marble worktop. Everything seemed so clean, as if every effort now went into keeping the kitchen in shape when it could have gone somewhere else in other circumstances.

“I’ll just go wake my wife, and then we’ll get the breakfast on.” The old man exited the kitchen and John heard him treading slowly up the stairs. John let out a sigh and walked up to the window. The dark sky was starting to brighten as dawn was fast approaching. The scenery was so beautiful at this stage in the morning and the view from this house made it especially worthwhile as it became apparent that it was on top of a hill.

As the light started pouring in, John realised now where he was. He could see the boulder field and the Machop were fast asleep close by. The house must be on the upper slope looking out on the fields. Though, John soon realised that not all the Machop were asleep. One slightly larger Machop with slightly darker skin was pounding away tirelessly at the boulders. It seemed so determined to get the job done and was not going to let sleep get in the way. It finally came across a very large boulder and as John watched on, he saw that hitting it with Karate Chops alone was no use.

This did not dispirit Machop though as it kept on hitting it, over and over again until sweat started rolling down its face. It quickly realised this was no use and began trying Low Kicks. Though even this didn’t help and all it did was make Machop more tired. John could tell that it wouldn’t be long before Machop would collapse; its movements were becoming more and more slurred and shaky.

Machop stopped hitting the boulder and looked at it, apparently in deep thought. There was a slight crack developing down the middle of it and it seemed that if Machop kept it up, the boulder would break. Yet Machop, like John, knew that it couldn’t hit or kick any more or it would run out of energy. Seemingly spurred on by a sudden brain wave, Machop ran back a few spaces and stood in position, eying the boulder. Without a second lost, it charged at the boulder at full on speed and…


Machop collided straight into it and as he rebounded off it, he swayed on the spot then fell straight onto the boulder. It had fainted. A few seconds passed then the boulder shook and collapsed into dust, landing Machop right in the middle of the rubble. John’s eyes widened and walked quickly to the kitchen door and was about to open it when he heard a voice.

“No. Don’t help it”

John turned to see the old man looking at him intently. John stared back with surprise, his hand itching to open the door.

“Why not?” persisted John, his hand not leaving the door, and his eyes flicking back to the Machop.

“Look, you haven’t been here long but you need to know that you cannot help a Machop like this. The worst thing you could do to it would be to damage its pride and by helping it out now, you would make it very angry when it wakes up.”

“But what if it’s seriously injured and needs our help! We need to do something!”

“Listen. If you do this it will hurt you. It will hurt you a lot more than it hurt you when we found you. Remember what happened? If you go out there then we can’t help you.”

John shrugged. “If you won’t help me, that’s fine. But I can’t let a hurt Pokemon suffer out there!” John began fumbling with the door knob and realised that it was locked.

“Let me out” said John quietly.

"Be reasonable, I think-"

“I don’t care what you think! Let me out now!” John was shouting now, red patches flaring up into his cheeks.

“Please dear, calm down” An old woman stepped out behind the old man and was wearing a rather sad expression on her face.

At seeing how sad she looked, John stopped shouting and looked at her.

“Ma-am please. It needs our help” John pleaded.

“Dear, as my husband said, it will damage its pride…in fact,” and here she looked out of the window, “it seems to be getting better as we speak.”

John swirled round to see the Machop slowly stirring and then rose. It was still shaking but it looked slightly better. It stumbled over to the other Machop and collapsed fast asleep next to them.

John smiled and turned around. “It’s okay!”

“Of course,” smiled the old man, “I told you, they are a very tough species and won’t let an obstacle like a boulder stand in its way, no matter how big it is!”

John looked at its feet sheepishly. “I-I’m sorry for shouting…I didn’t mean to sound rude…I just wanted to help it…”

The old man smiled sympathetically and took a step forward, putting an arm on John’s shoulder.

“I know…I know. You obviously care about Pokemon a lot to try and help Machop but in these circumstances that isn’t necessary.”

John looked back at the sleeping Machop with a relieved smile and then sat down in one of the wooden chairs.

The old lady smiled. “I better get the breakfast on. You must be starving after what happened yesterday.”

Only ten minutes had passed yet the kitchen was wafting the smell of scrambled eggs and waffles. He was placed large helpings on his plate and he ate gratefully, regaining his strength with every mouthful. A few minutes after the kettle was boiled, the old lady handed John a mug of what she called her ‘special revitalise soup’.

“It works the same way as a Revive does for Pokemon, except this is for humans.”

And as John drank, it was if he was sinking into a hot bath with the worries melting of his shoulders. As they drank and ate, John told them about his quest and where he had come from. He included in his story, the friends he had met and all the badges he had earned, showing them proudly his collection. They were very impressed and even more so when he showed them individually his Pokemon. They especially liked Vulpix because of its playful nature.

“What I don’t understand though,” said John, finally putting his fork down after his second helping of egg and waffles, “is why the Machop smash the rocks. What is the purpose?”

The old man too put down his fork and looked thoughtful. “Well they do it to test their strength but also because of certain rewards…”

He smiled at his wife and her eyes twinkled. “We reward them with food for clearing our land and if it gets wet outside then we let them into our house till it gets dry.”

“But how do the boulders get there in the first place? I mean every day there seems to be new boulders where the old ones were broke.”

“Well if you head west for a bit you would come to a rocky mountain and every so often landslides occur and the boulders that are usually on the mountains, are thrown down here and onto our land. If the Machop weren’t here, then we probably would starve as our crops would get crushed and we can’t break these boulders in our old age.”

The day was brightening up considerably now and John’s head and stomach felt a lot better. He wasn’t allowed to take the head bandage off though because the old man said it still needed a couple of days to fully heal.

The old lady was looking at John’s plate thoughtfully. “Are you sure, dear, that you have had enough?”

“Yes, thanks, I really couldn’t eat anymore” said John, stretching.

“But a growing boy needs a lot of food,” persisted the old lady.

“Cheryl,” said the old man, giving her a warning look, “if he said he has had enough then there’s no need to force him to eat.”

Cheryl gave her husband a fearful look. “I’m sorry Dave…I just keep forgetting that he’s not…”

“It’s okay,” said the old man putting an arm around her, “I’m sure he’ll come home soon…”

John helped to clear up and the place was once more spotless within half an hour.

Cheryl turned to him. “I’m sorry dear but you didn’t tell us your name?”

“It’s John”

01-26-2005, 02:51 PM
“Well John, the Machop need their food now as they’re going to be waking up soon. Do you want to come and help feed them?”

“Sure!” said John enthusiastically and took the buckets and bowls of food that she handed them and followed her and Dave out the house.

The warm sunlight beamed down in a rich vein of happiness as John walked across the now boulder-free field, keeping pace with Cheryl and Dave who each had buckets and bowls too.

They reached the Machop within a minute and started spreading out the food in front of them. One by one they began to stir, sleepy heads, yawning and stretching. Their eyes brightened happily as they saw the food and ran straight over to it and began scoffing it down. John laughed, watching how hungry they were. And soon the food began to lessen and Cheryl and Dave went inside to get more.

John was left alone with the Machop, who were still eating but after a minute or so he came face to face with the Machop that had hit him. John took a step backwards, not wanting to be on the receiving end of another assault. The Machop looked at him suspiciously but began to eat all the same, yet flicked its eyes to John every few seconds. John got the hint and walked away to the other Machop.

01-28-2005, 04:16 PM

John had been staying with Cheryl and Dave for three days now and it was the afternoon before the morning that he would leave them in order to search other areas for Fighting Pokemon. It had become clear to John that these were wild Machop and did not like being caught.
He walked sadly around them, wishing that things could have turned out better, in that the Machop that had hurt him, (Dave had told him that they had named him Riley), would have liked to join his party.
To face Chuck again would be suicide but maybe with Joseph and Zvonomir back to health and supporting him, along with his other Pokemon, he could have a glimmer of a chance. Who knows? He might even find a Mankey on the way and capture it.

The wind started to pick up suddenly and the sun seemed to have had enough and hid behind the darkening clouds up ahead. John looked up just as a rain drop fell on his head. He cringed and remembered that Cheryl had said that the Machop were allowed in the house when it was wet outside. Indeed they were looking dismayed at the rain falling and were starting to head slowly towards the house. John hurried forwards to get ahead of them, acting as a guide back to the house.

He led them for about half a minute when he realised that the footsteps that he had once heard behind him had gone. He swirled round and saw nothing. The rain was beginning to pour, and it was hard to see through the darkening sky. He glanced over at the house and saw that all the lights were off. John presumed that Cheryl and Dave were having an afternoon sleep so he headed backwards back down the slope and towards where the Machop had been staying.

John wrapped his arms around his chest, trying to keep dry but it proved difficult as the rain had no plans of letting anyone through easily. He finally made it back and was astonished to find that all the Machop had completely gone. His heart started racing as he twirled in all directions, trying to capture a glimpse of a body…

But all there was, John thought desperately, was ground, grass, trees…

But what was that in the distance?

He headed slowly towards the white thing he saw a bit further ahead and as he got closer the full situation hit him. It wasn’t just a white thing, it was a huge net. And in the net, every one of the Machop were caught inside. John ran forwards but was stopped in his tracks by a cold recognisable voice.

“Good evening.”

John looked to where the low growl of a voice had come from and his heart froze as two figures stepped from behind the net. One was a tall, dark long haired woman and the other was an equally as tall red haired man. Team Rocket.

Naomi-“Prepare for pain”

Zach- “Yes, it’s us again!”

Naomi - “To plague the world with devastation.”

Zach- “To destroy everyone around the nation”

Naomi - “To rid the Earth of truth and love”

Zach- “We shall rise higher than the stars above”

Naomi - “Naomi!”

Zach- “Zach!”

Naomi - “Team Rocket moves at the speed of light”

Zach- “Hand over your Pokemon or prepare to fight!”

They finished their verse with cold laughter and despite the rain, it was still audible.

“Pleased to see us?” said Zach, moving forwards, “I bet you are. After what you did to us back at Elm’s house how could we forget?”

Zach clicked his fingers threateningly and narrowed his eyes. Naomi didn’t say anything but continued to fiddle with the net until it seemed that it was secure. The Machop inside were squirming, trying to get out, and none more so than Riley. It was biting at the net, trying to karate chop it, and kick it, yet it didn’t seem to have any effect. Naomi looked at them squirming with disgust.

“Quit it you little brats, the net is unbreakable and we designed it just so we could capture you. There’s no way out.”

“You had planned this all along?” growled John, suddenly awaking from his fear after seeing the looks on the faces of the Machop.

“Obviously,” smirked Naomi, turning to John, “We wouldn’t have designed it like this if we hadn’t.”

“We’ve been watching you squirt,” said Zach, “you and the old hags, every day for a few days now. We waited for the right moment for them to fall asleep so we could steal them.”

“What?” said John puzzled. “Why not steal them when all of us were asleep?”

“Haven’t you got it through your thick head yet?” asked Zach, taking yet another step forward. “We not only wanted the Machop, we wanted you too.”

The clouds rumbled and a flash of lightening illuminated the sky, etching out the scene for a moment.

“You seem to be forgetting that you got beaten last time.” said John calmly.

“And you seem to have forgot also,” spat Naomi, “that this time, there is no-one here to help you. You are all alone.”

John didn’t say anything but reached around his belt for his Pokemon.


Zach was running at him and before John could do anything, he had tackled him full on. John cried in agony as his head bashed against the floor, making his eyes water. Zach slipped cold fingers around his neck and tightened the grip slowly.

“You made fools out of us kid,” Zach snarled, keeping his grip, “the boss didn’t like us messing up, so we’re going to show you our displeasure…”


The Machop were now causing a huge racket inside the net and trying desperately to get out. Some who had taken affection to John over the last few days were trying to get out and help him.

Naomi strode quickly over to them and kicked the nearest one inside through the net. It turned out to be Riley and it reacted angrily by punching Naomi as far as it could reach through the net. It didn’t hurt her much yet her face reddened and she reached inside her jacket and produced a Pokeball. She pressed the release button and the form of light that came out of it turned into a silhouette of a shape. It was a Gastly.

“Gastly, teach these mongrels what respect means. Hypnosis!”

Gastly chortled and began to stare, its eyes widened at the Machop. They all stopped moving watching Gastly. Gastly began to send out sleep waves at them and they all started to sway with sleepiness. But Riley wasn’t giving up that easily. It closed its eyes and looked away. Naomi returned Gastly and looked back to John.

John could feel his head feeling light as the lack of oxygen to his brain was making him feel like throwing up. He tried to get Zach’s hands off his throat but he couldn’t. He was helpless to do anything…


Zach’s hands were taken off him sharply, as he and Naomi turned around to see what the noise was. Riley had broken free of the net, and while the others lay sleeping, he was wide awake and cold fury running through his eyes.

Riley wasted no time and charged full on at the Rockets with no fear in its eyes. They were knocked backwards with the force of its attack and fell a few feet away, groaning with pain.

Riley returned to the other Machop and tried to rouse them but they were all sound asleep. John managed to get up, spluttering and spitting, trying to regain a normal breathing pattern.

He turned to see the Rockets dusting themselves off and looking outraged. They both took a Pokeball in hand and threw it beside them.


Riley turned to see John shouting and saw his opposition coming fast at him. On one side was a Golbat and on the other was Gastly.

“We’ll show you to mess with us!” said Zach glaring at Riley, “Golbat, Wing attack!”

“Gastly, Shadow Ball!” Naomi ordered.

Gastly began focusing its energy then threw dark balls of energy, seeming to come from its own wispy body, straight at Riley. Each ball didn’t hurt Riley that much but Gastly wasn’t given any instruction to stop and they kept coming, causing a big overall damage.

If one attack wasn’t enough, then Golbat’s Wing Attacks were proving just as, if not more lethal. Its wings had began to glow a brilliant white and it swooped backwards and forwards, in and out of the Shadow Balls, attacking Riley with its glowing wings.

Again and again the attacks wore on and John knew he had to do something. It was reckless but if he didn’t intervene now, Riley would be taken out before long. John ran forwards, just as Golbat was swooping on Riley, attempting to hit it with the final blow, and he aimed a fist at it. The hit was accurate and Golbat flew backwards, hissing angrily at John. Though he wasn’t in time to stop the Shadow Ball and as it hit him he found himself knocking into Riley and both were heaped up on the floor.

Riley looked at him strangely. For the first time it was not a suspicious or angry look but a look of surprise; surprised by John’s actions. Riley was the first to get up and tried a tackle on Gastly. Gastly didn’t move but just hovered waiting. Riley aimed a fist as it ran, but it ran straight through Gastly. It tried again but it was no use.

Zach and Naomi laughed cruelly. “How pathetic,” Zach said softly, “it should know that a Fighting Pokemon can’t do anything to a Ghost Pokemon.”

John reached into his belt and produced a Pokeball. Time to even the playing field.

“Go Vulpix!”

Vulpix erupted from the ball and stood in position, waiting for instructions. Riley was not looking at Vulpix but was instead raring itself for battle.

“Riley,” said John. Riley turned its head. “you have to listen to me. I know you don’t like me, but if we are going to beat these guys then you have to trust me!”

Riley appeared to be listening as it went very still and gave a slight nod of its head, but did not turn around. John felt that this was the signal that he was prepared to fight alongside him now.

“You cannot hit Gastly; your moves have no affect. Leave Gastly to Vulpix, you take on Golbat!” John said to Riley.

Riley gave a nod and raced towards Golbat, not caring about the type advantage.

“Alright Vulpix, let’s show them. Flamethrower on Gastly!” shouted John.

01-28-2005, 04:17 PM
Vulpix nodded, racing forwards and firing flame’s fury towards Gastly. Gastly moved quickly out the way but still got hit and its goofy laughing face turned into one of anger.

“Gastly, don’t let that fire rat hurt you, use Hypnosis!”

Gastly, once more, widened its eyes and sent sleep waves at Vulpix. Vulpix yawned and swayed on the spot.

“Vulpix! I’m counting on you! Don’t fall asleep!” cried John desperately.

Vulpix seemed to have heard John’s voice as it shook its head and managed to clear its sleepiness. It stood snarling at Gastly for trying the move.

“Ha! If you think that’s my last trick, think again,” smirked Naomi, “Gastly, Confuse ray!”

“Vulpix, Imprison!” said John quickly.

Before Gastly managed to aim the Confuse Ray, Vulpix had set up a screen in front of it that resembled a wall of light shadow. The Confuse Ray fired but it hit the wall and the beam fizzled out into nothing.

John laughed. “Think again. You aren’t getting past now. Vulpix, hit it with a Wil-o-Wisp!”

Vulpix leapt out of the Imprison walls and aimed a spray of fire at Gastly. The embers moved through the air swiftly, swaying in and out, until it hit Gastly. Gastly let out a cry and dropped a bit lower in the air. When it rose again, John could see a deep burn on one of its sides. Gastly was more than angry now. It was seething.

“Gastly, Shadow Ball!” shouted Naomi.

“Vulpix, dodge!”

Vulpix dodged every Shadow Ball effectively, jumping away whenever a ball flew in. Gastly seemed outraged that it couldn’t hit it and without instruction, began firing more Shadow Balls, in a desperate attempt to take out Vulpix.

“GASTLY, STOP IT!” ordered Naomi, clearly angry.

But Gastly did not stop; it was determined to win the battle.

“Gastly!” said Naomi, suddenly hit by some inspiration, “It’s time, your time…NOW!”

Gastly stopped firing and nodded. It stood very still and as the rain kept pouring, it started drawing energy into itself, its rage was building and building, and suddenly…Gastly changed colour like a light being switched on. It turned a blinding white and began to grow. It suddenly hit John what was happening and his eyes widened in horror as he couldn’t do anything to stop what was happening. It was evolving.

The light died down and Gastly had disappeared. In its place was a bigger ghost. John took out his Pokedex and with a shaky hand, pointed it at the new Pokemon:

‘Haunter- The Ghost Pokemon. Haunter is the evolved form of Gastly. It is known for haunting old buildings but is even more effective in battle. Its speed and power is much greater than that of Gastlys.”

Much greater speed and power?

John gulped, staring at his new opponent. Vulpix seemed to be shocked that all its efforts were now in vain as Haunter had obviously recovered its health upon evolving.

Naomi laughed cruelly and Haunter joined in. “It seems the tables have turned, have they not?”

John narrowed his eyes angrily. “Vulpix, you can do it, use your agility and Flamethrower!”

Vulpix raced forward, weaving in and out but suddenly Haunter appeared in front of its face and Vulpix ground to a halt, its eyes widened in fear as Haunter had took it by surprise. It aimed a Flamethrower, but Haunter disappeared and re-appeared behind Vulpix.

John put a hand to his mouth and slowly dragged it down his face. Haunter’s speed was amazing, and Vulpix just couldn’t keep up. Vulpix tried to use its agility again but Haunter appeared everywhere it ran. It was starting to become a chase; Haunter being the predator and Vulpix the prey. This went on for some time before Haunter vanished into thin air.

Vulpix glanced around, but couldn’t see where it had gone. Even John wasn’t aware where it was. Naomi was smirking broadly and pointed upwards.

John quickly looked up and saw Haunter hovering high in the air above Vulpix. Vulpix, though, still wasn’t aware of the situation and was looking frantically around for Haunter.

Haunter focused its energy and produced a Shadow Ball, taking aim.

“VULPIX, LOOK UP!” John shouted quickly.

Vulpix looked up and its eyes widened with fear as it saw Haunter throw the Shadow Ball straight at it. Vulpix didn’t have time to move and the Shadow Ball hit it with such velocity and power, that Vulpix was thrown backwards and landed, with its head in the dirt. It wasn’t moving.

“Vulpix!” John shouted but before he could see further to its injuries, he realised that Haunter was swooping towards a new target: Riley.

Riley had seemingly been keeping pace with Golbat, matching its every move but as Haunter now entered the fray, things started to weigh in the Rockets favour.

John reached for his other Pokeballs but to his astonishment, found the rest all gone. With a dawning comprehension he realised that they had fallen out when Zach had tackled him and were lying quite a bit away. John couldn’t go get it, not with Riley outnumbered.

“Riley, you have to try your best!”

Riley barely heard John’s attempts of words of encouragement as both its eyes and ears were fixed on its opposition. And once again it was back to the 2 on 1 situation, with Haunter firing Shadow Balls and Golbat hitting Riley with Wing Attacks. It looked to be all over as John had no Pokemon accessible, and Riley was losing health rapidly.

It seemed though that Riley wasn’t scared, but in fact its muscles were tensing with anger as it was attacked, and every time Golbat came in for an attack, it aimed a furious punch at it, but it still missed.

“Riley!” shouted John in desperation. “This all depends on you…if you don’t win, the rest of them will suffer too!”

Riley glanced over at the sleeping Machop and a flashback seemed to enter its brain.

The memory of being their protector. Right from day one when he had been appointed the new leader of the pack when the oldest died. They were his responsibility, and if he lost…

And as these thoughts spiralled though Riley’s brain something seemed to have awoken inside of him, like several doors opening at once in the back of its head. He was letting out a scream of rage and for the second time today, John saw a Pokemon being showered in blinding white light. Zach, Naomi, Haunter and Golbat all stood at a standstill watching, as Riley grew and grew. His muscles enlarged and his chest widened. Riley was evolving.

The brilliant white light finally subsided and John’s shocked expression changed into a smile as he pointed his Pokedex:

‘Machoke- The Fighting Pokemon. Machoke is the evolved form of Machop. Machoke can crush boulders with ease and can lift weights of more than twice its own. It can also exceed to strengths far greater than Machop.’

“Machoke…” John breathed softly.

Riley turned to him in his new form and gave John a swift smile.

Naomi and Zach seemed to have come out of a phase and were back to their old selves.

“So what?” spat Naomi, “it’s just a bigger brat than before, no problem for Haunter and Golbat.”

“Exactly,” sneered Zach, “Golbat, show no fear, take him out with Wing Attack!”

“Haunter, Shadow Ball!” ordered Naomi.

“Riley, show them your strength!” shouted John.

Riley didn’t need any instruction and readied its fists. Both attackers began their assault as Haunter focused its energy and hurled a Shadow Ball at Riley. Golbat was a bit further back and began its swoop towards its target. The Shadow Ball came in first but Riley steadied itself and as it flew in, Riley simply manoeuvred out of the way, watching the Shadow Ball speed past, where it rocketed into the ground. Golbat had now reached closer and was within a metre. Riley was facing the other way and it looked like Golbat would be swooping in on an easy target.

“Riley!” John called. But it was unnecessary as Riley had the situation under control. As Golbat made for the attack, Riley swung back swiftly and with a deafening crack, it elbowed Golbat with all its strength like a catapult. Golbat was taken completely unaware and it flew backwards and hit the dirt. A cloud of dust rose into the air and all waited for it to clear. When it did, it showed Golbat unmoving on the floor. It was out.

Zach stared stunned at his Pokemon on the floor. He returned it silently to its Pokeball then looked in his jacket for another. He pulled his hand back out, looking grumpy. For Zach had only bought one Pokemon along; he had made the presumption that he would only need one to get the job done.

“Great job Riley!” shouted John.

“Don’t get too cocky squirt,” said Naomi, watching Zach return Golbat, “remember that there is still Haunter, and a Fighting Pokemon stands no chance against a Ghost Pokemon.”

“We’ll see about that,” retorted John angrily.

“Ha! Haunter, show your power, use Confuse Ray now!”

“Riley, try to stop it!”

Haunter sent out a yellowish beam of light straight at Riley and although Riley tried to block it with its muscular arms, it couldn’t prevent it and stumbled in confusion.

“Riley, try and get out of it!”

“It’s not that easy squirt,” scoffed Naomi, “Haunter, Shadow Ball!”

As Riley stumbled in confusion, Haunter was beginning to take charge of the battle and it flew down and sent Shadow Balls, one after the other at Riley. Riley was knocked sideways as it tried to stay on its feet but it was very dizzy and after three Shadow Balls it was knelling on the floor, on the verge of toppling over.

“Haunter, Hypnosis!” cried Naomi.

Haunter swooped down and sent out sleep waves, though Riley, in its dizziness had no time for sleep and they failed horribly. As Haunter swooped off to come round again, this gave Riley a chance to get back to its feet. Its confusion had gone and it was watching Haunter flying, concentrating hard.

01-28-2005, 04:18 PM
Riley ran forwards as Haunter came head on and yet again it fell for it and it passed straight through Haunter. Haunter guffawed loudly, disappearing and then re-appearing behind Riley.

“Haunter, Lick!”

Riley turned quickly but as it did it was face to face with Haunter and Haunter let out a huge pink tongue and rolled it over Riley’s face. Riley was frozen solid for a second before knelling to the floor again. It was partially paralysed.

John was out of ideas. He had tried everything but to no avail. Riley’s attacks were no use as they didn’t affect Ghost types. No matter how physically strong Riley was it seemed it was no match for a Ghost Pokemon.

John lowered his head as Haunter disappeared and again re-appeared high above. It seemed that it would be going for the final blow very soon and Naomi was longing to say the words. Though, although Haunter was putting Riley on the ropes, Haunter was looking exhausted and to John’s surprise, he realised that the burn mark that Vulpix had made, had not gone away and Haunter seemed to be finally being affected by it…
Riley had gotten up out of its paralysis yet it had no action as Haunter stayed high in the air while Riley remained grounded.


John turned sharply to see Vulpix raise a feeble head off the ground. He knelt down and examined it. She was hanging on by a thread and it seemed that it would be no use in battle…

But a sudden brain wave had hit John. It was risky but he had to try…

“Riley!” John called.

Riley turned to John. John could see that it didn’t know what to do next.

“Riley, you need to listen to me. I may have an idea. I need you to focus your energy.”

Riley looked at him strangely but none the less tensed its muscles and began pumping up its energy. Riley began to glow with radiating energy.

“Now Vulpix, buddy,” said John turning to Vulpix, “I need one last favour, and you have to try…it may sound strange but I need you to use your Flamethrower on Riley’s hand.”

Vulpix too gave John a look of misunderstanding yet it too obeyed. Using its last bit of energy it fired flames straight at Riley’s hand. But instead of burning it or indeed hurting it in any way, Riley realised with shock that his right hand was glowing a brilliant red, emitting flames into the air. He had somehow, thanks to Vulpix’s Flamethrower, got a hand with fire.

Vulpix passed out as it did the Flamethrower and John thanked it before returning it to its Pokeball.

Dawning comprehension played out on Riley’s face as it studied its new hand. It realised that although physical attacks were no use, special attacks were and with this fire hand…

Naomi didn’t realised what had happened fully. All she had seen was Vulpix for some reason Flamethrower Machoke and then saw its hand burn. She assumed they had a rift. She smirked, thinking that she could take advantage of the situation.

“Unrest within the ranks, squirt?” she sneered, “you don’t stand a chance now.”

John ignored her and thought through his plan once more carefully.

“Riley,” said John softly, “I need you to taunt Haunter to come down. Do what you must but make it come at you. And when it does be ready to fight, its burn mark is its weakness; use that to your advantage.”

Riley smiled, and turned away to look up at Haunter. It waved a hand in the air at Haunter in a mocking fashion, and all the time, wearing a silly grin on its face. Haunter saw this and hissed, clearly angry. It threw a Shadow Ball down but Riley moved out the way easily. It tried again and yet again it missed. It realised that it couldn’t hit Riley from where it was, but it seemed unwilling to come down.

“Come on…rise to the bait…” muttered John inaudible to all.

Riley this time put its non-fire hand arm in the air and sent a ‘bring it’ hand gesture. This seemed to be the final straw for Haunter. It hissed loudly and began its descent, racing with anger towards Riley. Naomi said nothing but watched with gloating satisfaction.

“Get ready Riley, remember the plan,” said John.

Riley carried on the taunts but much more cautiously as Haunter grew closer and closer. Soon John could see its full purple face bearing closer and closer… it was time.

“Riley, get set!” said John a bit more loudly, pointing up at Haunter.

Riley nodded and got into fighting position, its right hand (the fire hand) drawn back behind it, like a baseball player, waiting for the ball to arrive.

“Steady…” said John, not taking his eye of Haunter.

Haunter grew closer and closer, hurtling though the rain.

“Steady!” said John louder, and Riley tensed its muscles, and drew its hand back a bit further.

Haunter was now a metre away and it was now or never.

“RILEY! IT’S TIME!” screamed John loudly and Naomi realised what was happening now but she could do nothing, it was out of her hands. “RILEY! FIRE PUNCH!”

Riley, like the baseball player waiting to pounce on the ball, swung back and with all its strength, putting every last effort it had, it drew back, and aiming at the burn mark, smashed Haunter with the Fire Punch. Haunter’s eyes bulged with surprise as contact was made. The Fire Punch had re-ignited the wound and Haunter was frozen with pain. It drifted to the ground, its wispy arms holding onto its burn.

“NO, HAUNTER!” cried Naomi.


And Riley drew back quickly and just as strongly, hit Haunter on the burn mark. There was now slow pain for Haunter this time and it was flying backwards and collided with the ground. It wasn’t going to get up from that. It was all over, Haunter was out.

“YES!” screamed John as Riley pounded a fist in the air with delight. Naomi was rooted to the spot, clearly stunned with shock. She returned Haunter and she too realised that she didn’t bring any more Pokemon.

Zach and Naomi looked at each other with dismay, then back to John.

“You’ve outdone us again kid, but do not think that it is over,” spat Zach, “we shall leave for now but mark my words we will be back. And next time, you won’t be fortunate enough to face us with only one Pokemon each.”

Zach and Naomi turned to leave but John coughed loudly. They turned back.

“Do not think that after you have put me, Riley, and the rest of the Machop, through hell and back again, that we are going to let you escape without a scratch.”

The Rockets knew what was coming and they made an attempt to run but they might as well wished to teleport from one dimension to the other.

“Riley, teach them to never come back!” yelled John, “CROSS CHOP!”

Riley pounded forwards and drew back its arms in a bow shape before delivering a slice of a blow at Zach and Naomi. They screamed with pain and fell to the floor, moaning. John walked up to them with a smile on his face.

“That will teach you not to come back, will it not? Now get out of here! Or do you want Riley to Cross Chop you again?”

Zach and Naomi didn’t need to be told twice. Getting slowly up, they hobbled away with pained faces, deep into the woods on the edge of the field. John watched them out of sight before turning to Riley.

“Riley! We did it! You were amazing!” cried John with joy, and found himself hugging Riley. To John’s amazement, Riley didn’t recoil but it seemed that Riley was equally as happy and almost crushed John as it returned the hug.

For now, its expression wasn’t angry, suspicious or even surprised; it was one of happiness.

CH 5-


John drew away to see Cheryl and Dave walking quickly towards him. They both looked like they had been through a trauma but there was a relieved expression on their faces. John thought that it looked like Cheryl had been scratching her face in terror.

“John! We saw it all!” Cheryl spluttered, wrapping an arm around him, “we thought that…but you won! You showed them brilliantly!” and she moved on to congratulate Riley.

Dave moved closer and patted John’s back with a grin spreading from ear to ear, his blue eyes twinkling. “We were asleep when we heard the shouts and we would have come out…but we didn’t know how we could help, so we were cheering you on from the house…Cheryl was so scared…”

John smiled, feeling the blood running through his face, making him feel like he had just run the marathon. But his smile faltered slightly as he looked at Riley.

They had worked so well together…but now was he just to leave and never see it again?

“Riley should take all the credit, I was really proud of the way it battled,” said John.

“You both did well,” smiled Dave, “I was impressed at the way you worked together as a team.”

John looked at Riley sadly. “Yeah…it’s a shame that we will never see each other again…”

“I’m not so sure about that,” said Dave.

“What do you mean?” asked John surprised.

“After what happened today, I think that Riley would much rather join you than stay here with us.”

John stared at Dave. “Surely not…Riley?”

But Riley was nodding with a smile on its face.

John’s eyes lit up, “Riley, thank you, you won’t regret it…”

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a blank Pokeball.

Cheryl coughed. “John I think that Riley would prefer a battle rather than a straight capture.”

Riley nodded again and readied its now back to normal fists.

John smiled. “That’s fine by me,” he said, pocketing the Pokeball and looking around the floor. He walked a few steps to the side and found his Pokeballs and placed them back on his belt. He now took out the one he wanted and released it onto the ground.

Bayleaf came out, ready for the battle. Riley tensed its muscles, concentrating hard.

01-28-2005, 04:19 PM
“Okay Bayleaf. Let’s do this, Razor Leaf!”

Bayleaf swung the leaf on its head and as John predicted, Riley reacted quickly, chopping the leaves to pieces.

“Bayleaf, we know that won’t work, let’s try a tackle!”

Bayleaf ran forwards and hit Riley head on. Riley was knocked back but responded just as hard by giving Bayleaf a Karate Chop to the leg. Bayleaf hobbled for a second and this gave Riley the advantage to aim a kick.

Bayleaf was thrown backwards and hit the dirt. But it was up straight away, determined not to lose again.

”Bayleaf, lets stop its physical attacks! Reflect!”

Bayleaf nodded and sent a yellowish beam of light into the air which transformed itself into a wall of light. Riley looked confused at this but attempted a Karate Chop through it. Its arm seemed to slow down as it went threw the wall and it hardly made any contact to Bayleaf.

“Bayleaf, Vine Whip!” ordered John.

And Bayleaf quickly sent vines at Riley as it was placing a fist through the Reflect wall. Riley couldn’t pull out in time to avoid the vines and it smacked it in the face. It stumbled a few paces backwards, its hands to its face.

“Bayleaf, Razor Leaf!” said John quickly.

Bayleaf jumped out of the Reflect wall, and swung the leaf on its head forwards. Riley was completely unaware as Bayleaf pelted it with sharp leaves. Riley tried to sweep them away but it couldn’t now that Bayleaf had gotten into its stride. John could now see that Riley was developing scratches across its torso, arms and legs.

After a minute or so, Riley finally seemed to have recovered from the Vine Whip attack and it ran through the leaves at Bayleaf.

“Bayleaf, look out!”

But Riley was too quick and it head butted Bayleaf straight on, sending Bayleaf backwards through the dirt. Bayleaf rose slowly but John could tell that she was getting more hurt and hurt by every attack. Riley started to see itself over for injuries and John looked around the field for inspiration to help out in the battle.

The rain had finally stopped and John saw the clouds begin to part. It was as though someone was scraping a field of dust away and to reveal a clear blue sky with the Sun finally being able to make an appearance.

The Sun…

John smiled at the Sun and then looked to Bayleaf. “Bayleaf, use the Sun to your advantage! Solar Beam now!”

Bayleaf nodded and while Riley was unaware, Bayleaf began to collect sunlight through its leaves; the process going much faster with the Sun shining.

Riley seemed to have realised what Bayleaf was doing as it abandoned nursing to itself and ran at her. Bayleaf was nearing complete sunlight gathering as Riley got closer.

“Fire it, Bayleaf!” yelled John.

Bayleaf lowered its head and out the top of its head, grew a great light, getting bigger and bigger until it was an enormous beam of energy. It waited a second, letting Riley get closer, then it fired. The Solar Beam shot like an arrow through the air and Riley couldn’t stop it. It hit directly on target and Riley was caught on it as it threw him backwards. It was like it was riding a large bullet shooting through the air. But the beam began to lower and it eventually hit the ground, sending dirt and mud flying everywhere.

John waited for the dust to clear, waiting to see Riley fainted….But to John’s complete surprise, as the dust cleared, a figure emerged, clutching its arm and staggered forwards.

“Impossible…” whispered John. But it turned out it wasn’t impossible and Riley wasn’t going to be caught easily.

John now knew that they couldn’t beat Riley with Special attacks but they had to fight as physical as Riley was…

Bayleaf realised this too, and it appeared so did Riley. For both began to head for each other again full on without stopping. As they closed in they lowered their heads and bashed head on. But neither had time to stop and recover for they were both back at it again, hitting each other with all parts of their bodies. Heads, legs, bodies; all colliding, and all determined to get the better of each other.

They were now glaring at each other, heads locked, one against each other, pressing hard to try and force the other backwards. Bayleaf was the first to withdraw and it sent vines at Riley’s arms, locking it in position.

John smiled. “That’s it Bayleaf! Now toss it!”

But things went badly wrong, as though Bayleaf tried to toss Riley, Riley was much heavier than expected and held firm. It grabbed onto the vines and now Bayleaf was the one who was caught. She tried to get free but she couldn’t. Riley took Bayleaf in its arms and lifted it into the air. John realised what was going to happen. Riley was going to use Seismic Toss.

“Bayleaf, try and get out of it!” cried John desperately.

But there was no escape. Riley jumped high into the air, hurtling upwards. They were now both airborne and Bayleaf looked down sickly, closing her eyes; she didn’t like heights. Riley though didn’t mind and began its descent. They were hurtling towards ground at a tremendous rate, Riley on top, Bayleaf on the bottom. Once they hit the ground…

“Bayleaf! I know you don’t like heights but if you don’t try then it will be all over!”

Bayleaf opened one eye as she heard John’s voice. John could make out a feeble nod.

“Okay! We have to try this now, Bayleaf try and get on top of Riley!”

Bayleaf tried but it was difficult as Riley was much heavier. But Bayleaf had realised the importance of the situation and as she gritted her teeth and tried. And slowly but surely, Riley was now tipping downwards. Riley realised and shifted his weight the other way. They were now fighting for supremacy in the air as they fell, closer and closer to the ground they drew and it looked like both would end up getting badly hurt.

They were now a metre from the ground and the wind picked up, blowing dust in John’s vision. He didn’t see what happened and all he heard was an almighty crash.

He scraped at his eyes furiously, blinking rapidly and staring around. All was silent, Cheryl and Dave too were watching with anxiety. After about a minute of waiting the dust began to thin and John was beginning to slowly see the scene in front of him.

Both lay in a heap on the floor, Bayleaf on top of Riley; it seemed that she had pulled on top at the last moment. But it didn’t seem to have mattered as both looked to be out…

Then he saw both of them twitch and Bayleaf rolled off, crawling to John. Riley struggled to its feet to get after Bayleaf, but only managed a few seconds before it collapsed to the floor.

John knew that this was it. He dug into his pocket and produced the empty Pokeball.


The Pokeball flew through the air from his hand, and hit its target. Riley was sucked up into the ball and it fell to the ground with a thud.

The ball was shaking furiously. It shook once…shook twice…

01-30-2005, 01:43 PM
Story: Unbelievable... I've read plenty of stories, but I have to say this was one of my favorites... although I did see some mistakes here and there. 9/10

Details: What can I say... it was full of them. Full of mindblowing details. Great job. 9.5/10

Battle: Kinda short for a Machoke... :ermm: Could've gone on a bit more... 8/10

Spelling/Grammar: The usual typos, some missing letters... it really starts to add up you know! 8/10

Length: Well, let me just say this, it took me forever to read it all through... great deal of length Dap... great 10/10

Outcome: 44.5/50 - 89/100
Machoke captured! Good story John, I hope to read more from you like these in the future...

01-31-2005, 04:06 PM
The ball stopped shaking and ground to a halt. John stared at it for a few seconds, hardly daring to believe it. But the ball didn’t make any more movements so with shaking fingers, he bent down and picked it up. He looked at it, stunned for a second or two before he managed a smile and threw it up in the air in joy. He had done it. After that entire struggle, he had finally captured Riley.

It was the morning after, and John stood with his rucksack over one shoulder and Riley’s Pokéball in the other. Riley was saying his goodbyes to the other Machop. As John watched, he saw Riley appoint one of them as the new leader, who accepted it nervously; it was not used to being in the company of a Machoke. Cheryl and Dave hung in the background, looking on and when it was time for Riley to say goodbye to them, it was sad for John to watch. They had been with Riley their whole lives and now he was leaving…

Cheryl gave Riley one last hug before allowing John to return it to its Pokéball.

“Well, thank you for everything. Letting me stay with you and-”

“We know, John. And thank you, for saving the Machop. Without you they wouldn’t be here right now,” said Dave, putting a hand on his shoulder.

John turned to the Machop and they too looked sad to see him go. But he could not stay; not with his quest still ongoing…

"And John..."

John turned back to Cheryl.

"Yes?" he asked

"If you see my grandson...would you let him know that we're worried and ask him to come home?"

"Cheryl..." said Dave slowly.

"No, I'll look for him." said John.

"You will?" said Dave giving him a look.

"Yes." said John and found himself being thanked with a hug by Cheryl.

He waved goodbye to Dave, Cheryl and the rest of the Machop and started heading along the rocky ground, avoiding the boulders as he stepped. It seemed to be becoming second nature, and John smiled to himself at all that he had learned here…

But there was no time for thinking about that now. He had now only one chain of thought and he needed to concentrate on it if he was to stand a chance against Chuck. But with Riley now on his side, he believed that it wasn’t impossible and he would do everything in his power to win. He would not give up, he would keep fighting on.


Thanks for grading it Rob. :happy: