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08-06-2007, 03:34 PM

Welcome one and all to
Palkiaperson's Spritin' Tournament!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is for all spriter's that would like to try a challenge and show off them spritin' skills ;)
Here are the rules for the competition
1. No spamming. Art thou be disqualified from said tournament.
2. No saying other people's sprites look bad.
3. Only enter one entry per round. If you made two sprites, I will pick for you.
4. Meet the deadlines or your disqualified.
5. Have fun!

1. Palkiaperson (me)
2. Pikablu Pie
3. Calypso

(After round 1, 4 made it)
1. da ink
2. FiragaShark
3. Blazing Chimchar
4. Zappy

This weeks Tourney:

You must change Persian's type to flying. You may use only 1 bird pokemon and it's parts.

08-06-2007, 03:37 PM
Competitor Entries

Round 1 Entries

1. da ink
Overall judging:
Was a very nice sprite, but was very simple but congrads, your moving to the next round!

2. FiragaShark
Overall judging:
Very nice sprite, in some parts the placement is off but congrads, your moving on also!

3. Blazing Chimchar
Overall judging:
Very nice overall but the shading on the head was a little off but your also moving on to the next round, congrads!

5. Zappy
Overall judging:
Was a very nice sprite, shading's a bit off but was enough to get you to the next round congrads!

6. politoed123
Overall judging:
I don't mean to be rude but this sprite is poorly edited and would've needed alot more work. Sorry but your not going on to round 2.

7. Drew_Pkmn
Overall judging:
Was very nice but the shading on part of the shoulders didn't quite fit and the ankle fur in some places could've been better worked on. Sorry your not moving on.

10. Ember the charizard
Overall judging:
I'm sorry but your sprite nedded alot more work if it was to go onto round 2. The shading is totally off in some places. Sorry, your not moving on to round 2.

Thank you for entering the contest and congrads to all that are staying and to those that lose, practice makes perfect. I will post round 2 entries as soon as I pm the winners with their prizes.

08-06-2007, 03:38 PM
~*Round 1 Winners*~

1st place

2nd place

3rd place

4th place
da ink

I will pm you with your trophies.

08-06-2007, 03:41 PM
May I ask if it's aproved? I didn't see it anywhere.

08-06-2007, 03:42 PM
OOPS, sorry:oops: Forgot to put it was approved by Azumao.

da ink
08-06-2007, 05:20 PM
Ill join :biggrin:

but do the winners get a trophy or a banner or somethin if not it's ok ill still enter

08-06-2007, 05:26 PM
ooh! can i enter please?

08-06-2007, 05:27 PM
The 1st,2nd,and 3rd place winner's of each round get a trophy of their entry. I'll add you guys.

Just Leo
08-06-2007, 05:49 PM
I'll Join. I just gots to make the sprite.

Blazing Chimchar
08-06-2007, 06:08 PM
I'll join. I hope that mine is good enough!

08-06-2007, 06:19 PM
Alright, i'll add you both.

08-06-2007, 06:32 PM
I'm in:

08-06-2007, 06:33 PM
I'll add you too.

Pikablu Pie
08-06-2007, 06:35 PM
Can I help judge?

08-06-2007, 06:37 PM
Course you can Pikablu. Just pm me with your judgings on each sprite.

08-06-2007, 09:38 PM
Can I enter? I'll make the sprite later if I can

08-06-2007, 09:41 PM
Course. I'll add you. I won't be on tommorow because I have to go to miami so don't get mad if I don't add you on the list cause you posted tommorow.

Blazing Chimchar
08-06-2007, 09:44 PM
There ya go:


I used one color from Manectric and one from Luxray. : ^ )

Silver Frosted
08-06-2007, 10:25 PM
Can I also be a judge?

da ink
08-06-2007, 11:11 PM
Here is my entree:biggrin:


08-06-2007, 11:50 PM
Could I be the final judge. I don't feel like entering ._.

Edit: Nevermind. Never saw Silver Frosted' post xPP

08-07-2007, 01:10 AM
Ya, sorry calypso. I'll put up your sprites.

08-07-2007, 01:33 AM
here is my entry.

08-07-2007, 01:34 AM
Nice job. I'll add it to the entry list.

Pikablu Pie
08-07-2007, 02:22 AM
here is my entry.

It's... Simple, to say the least.

08-07-2007, 02:42 AM
May i enter? Heres mine http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa184/politoed123/Fusions/Meneray.jpg

08-07-2007, 03:01 AM
It's... Simple, to say the least.

well it's kind of hard to have "flare" since they're both so similar.

off topic: hey Palkiaperson, did you scratch that swampert in your sig? it looks awesome!

08-08-2007, 01:03 PM
May i enter? Heres mine http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa184/politoed123/Fusions/Meneray.jpg

You can enter but please save or redo as PNG pls.
@ FiragaShark: No it's a TCG pixel-over.

Silver Frosted
08-08-2007, 05:10 PM
Could I be the final judge. I don't feel like entering ._.

Edit: Nevermind. Never saw Silver Frosted' post xPP
You can be the Judge, I think you should.

Ya, sorry calypso. I'll put up your sprites.

Can you erase my name on "Judges" and Put Calypso's?

08-08-2007, 05:29 PM
Alright, if you want to resign you can. Do you want to enter the contest instead?

08-08-2007, 06:15 PM
save me a spot. my entry will be up soon.

08-08-2007, 09:39 PM
ya should'nt have everyone do the same thing cause they always look the same :sleepy::sleepy:

08-08-2007, 09:46 PM
@RET412: I'll add you

@sammylammydingdong: It's kind of hard to pick 10 different tasks:oops:

08-09-2007, 03:47 PM
no, just have everyone do any random splice they want, stuff like that. look at my contest for examples.

08-09-2007, 05:27 PM
I'll enter . Reserve this Please


mY ENTRY UP . I found it hard to fuse them . One has two tails but if not aloud the other one will do.

08-09-2007, 05:29 PM
Alrighty, I'll enter you.

Ember the charizard
08-09-2007, 08:05 PM
Id like 2 join

08-09-2007, 08:17 PM
Alrighty, your our last entry. The contest ends Sunday so start spritin' everbody!!!

Ember the charizard
08-10-2007, 03:33 AM
heres mine http://i210.photobucket.com/albums/bb243/Mystmyst_Ember/Manecray.png

08-10-2007, 03:40 AM
Heres mine i already entered but i fixed it legs alittle http://i203.photobucket.com/albums/aa184/politoed123/Meneray.jpg

08-10-2007, 02:01 PM
I put them up. Since RET412 dropped out and no one else is gonna enter probably, I' m gonna start judging. Leo and Green Rampage are the only people that I have not gotten sprites from yet.

08-10-2007, 02:39 PM
In that case, shall I start judging too?

08-10-2007, 02:55 PM
Yes, go ahead.

08-12-2007, 02:05 PM
Sorry to spam but today, round 1 ends. I'll put up the results as soon as I get Calypso's judging.

08-12-2007, 02:29 PM
Sorry to spam but today, round 1 ends. I'll put up the results as soon as I get Calypso's judging.
Can you please count me in for round two? If so, thanks!

08-12-2007, 03:18 PM
Here are mine. Sitll gotta' judge the last two though ._.

Da Ink:
Form: There isnít anything major wrong with it worth mentioning, but then again, there wasnít much added on. The tail looks a little strangely bent though 8/10
Shading: If youíre gonnaí flip the tail, at least change the light-source to match the body pleash :o 7/10
Outline: Iím not liking the jagged part right before the tail connects; it looks stray when compared with the entire spikes. 7/10
Creativity: You barely added anything. You can do better than a tail and a nose. 6/10
Overall: Too simple 28/40

Form: The snout is way too long and the rear looks pretty messy. Also the leg looks strangely fat 7/10
Shading: Fine, though you couldíve recoloured it to Manectricís colours. Probally wouldíve given it a bit more depth. 9/10
Outline: Again, the leg outline looks funky. 7/10
Creativity: I understand how it would be hard to fuse these two, but still, Iím not seeing it 7/10
Overall: More creativity 30/40

Blazing Chimchar:
Form: The head doesnít flow well with the rest of the body. I wouldíve preferred if you had added a snout, or something in relation with Manectric. 8/10
Shading: Again, the head looks much darker in comparison, you couldaí created a highlight shade and used the lighter yellow for the main colour ^^ 7/10
Outline: Minus a few points for the funky outline at the top of the head. 8/10
Creativity: A recoloured head and tail stuck on Manectricís body. All right, I suppose 8/10
Overall: Needs to flow better 31/40

Form: Very choppy. The added features at the head and rear look sloppily connected. Not to mention exceptionally copy and paste-ish. The fur at the bottom shouldnít overlap the spikes. 4/10
Shading: All wrong. The added partsí light sources are different. Tut tut ._. 5/10
Outline: Appears very uneven. 5/10
Creativity: Heh. Iím actually quite fond of this xP. Ignoring the messy shading and outline, the added fur give the affect of ears. Calypso likes 10/10
Overall: Work on the outline and shading 24/40

Form: -Dies- Well for one, the erect pike sticking from itís head looks exceptionally stupid, as does the attached legs. Also saved in Jpeg 2/10
Shading: Wrong in so many ways. Itís all over the place, and the behind (itís right) leg should be much darker. Also, whatís up with the patch of yellow merging into itís back? 3/10
Outline: Itís clear it hasnít been recoloured and has random pixels in places where it shouldnít. Also, the frontal legs have none ._. 5/10
Creativity: I can tell you made an attempt. Little extravagant though. 9/10
Overall: Maybe read some fusion tuts. Donít mean to sound rude, but it could use a little improving ^^ 19/40

Form: The tufts of fur sticking out itís hind legs look pretty distorted, and Iím much baffled at the random turquios lines :S 7/10
Shading: Oh noezz. Where has it gone? :O Seriously, you removed it why?. Head is fine though 2/10
Outline: Tail is missing some 8/10
Creativity: All you added was badly cropped fur and tail. 5/10
Overall: Lacks shading 22/40

Ember the Charizard:
Form: A little too much going on for it. Looks a little weird with both the spikes and the fur at the bottom 8/10
Shading: Yellow part could use a little more shadows. 7/10
Outline: Missing a few pixels at the top pike and is too dark where it nears the front. Also too blocky around the middle-ish 7/10
Creativity: I like what you done with ears and colour, though I donít think you shouldíve mixed the D/P and R/S/E sprites. Two completely different styles ^^ 8/10
Overall: I liked it ;D 30/40

Heh ^^;;

08-12-2007, 04:04 PM
Thank you Calypso. Sorry Dryz, you would have to been in round one first if you wanted to compete in the second round. Maybye next contest. I'll now post the results.

08-12-2007, 04:49 PM
I edited my previous post with my finished judgments ^^

08-15-2007, 01:20 AM
here is my entry!!

08-19-2007, 12:42 AM
Thanx Firaga.

08-26-2007, 04:21 PM
meh, i'll enter.

Edit: heres my entry i just made, pikamoo! http://i10.tinypic.com/4kvyj9j.png

Pikablu Pie
08-26-2007, 04:39 PM
meh, i'll enter.

Edit: heres my entry i just made, pikamoo! http://i10.tinypic.com/4kvyj9j.png

I don't think you get the whole "this rounds challenge" thing. Besides, this is basicly dead.