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1st Annual Fighter’s Generation.

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Capcom Characters: (26)

Demitri Maximov: General: Ominous clouds of ill omen obscure the castle. Pale moonlight shrines forth into Lord Maximov's inner chamber... he is awake! "The day of battle is soon to come..." muses the Romanian noble, "after a century of waiting, there are finally foes worth fighting!" With an evil grin, Demitri rises to his feet. After a hundred years of slumber. Demitri seeks to make "Prince of Darkness" the most feared name in the netherworld once again. Morrigan, who is a daughter of Aensland, succeeded to the position of ruler of the Makai (the world of devils), after the timely death of Berial. The night before the final battle to decide who will be the true ruler of the Makai, Demitri's eternal castle has once again been drawn to the evil dimension by mysterious supernatural powers. "Is this an act of Doma?" "I know not of what he is up to, but no chance exists for a loser of his sort." Regretfully putting aside the battle with Morrigan for the time being, Demitri slowly rises from his enchanted coffin to terminate the loser who poses as a ruler. "I will make him fully aware of his place... I am the sole entity that can rule the Makai."

Morrigan Aensland: General: A Succubus living in eternity, Morrigan yearns to become "Queen of the night" to rule the Dark World. She is Lilith’s older sister. "Ah... this is so boring." Morrigan's days in the cavernous Aensland castle were dull. Though she had journeyed to the human world many times in secret from her master, her curiosity wasn't satisfied. Tonight, however, something was different. "I feel lots of strange power... this is getting interesting!" She couldn't bear it any longer and flew from the castle. That something exciting was waiting for her, there was no doubt. After the death of Berial, Morrigan renounced the right to become the ruler of Makai, and instead chose to live the youthful and carefree life she was accustomed to. "I do not wish to become the ruler of Makai, and I do not want to spend the rest of my life being served by everyone!" she states with pouting lips, and a determined brow. But, while she was having trouble with Demitri, who insists upon battling with her, her elegant was suddenly teleported to the Devil dimension. "Excellent timing... I am in need of a new playground to frolic in." Morrigan unexpectedly regained a familiar feeling that had been long lost. And, sorrowful cries from the nether echoes softly within her hesitant mind.

Lilith Aensland: The sister of Morrigan, Lilith is another cute succubus. Lilith is the embodiment of excess evil power. Evil that was once part of Morrigan at the time of her birth, but was sealed by Berial the evil ruler, in order to protect Morrigan from unavoidable self-destruction caused by the uncontrollable nature of her superabundant power. After 300 years had passed, the evil power became a soul in the sealed dark, and an individual who watches over Morrigan. Jedah asked Lilith to cooperate with him in the collection of all the most valuable souls by worming his thoughts into her mind. "Finally, I can have my own body!" In no time at all, Lilith decides to aid Jedah in the making of his plan into a reality.

Jon Talbain / Gallon: General: The curse of the Werewolf...Talbain was shunned by human society because of his terrible tendency to transform into a wolf every full moon. When things were looking their bleakest, however, Talbain found something to live for... improving his fighting ability. So, one night when the moon was full, he left the woods and went on a journey. In the subdued full-moon light, Talbain trembles with increasing fear, since he has once more felt the existence of a vicious animal rumbling throughout his body. Flushed and drenched with sweat, he asks himself, "What is this blood burning feeling that has come over me?" Although he thought the curse of the lycanthrope had been expelled and that he was now a reborn human, he felt a voracious driving force filling more and more of his being. He now has horrendous nightmares, contorted vision, and the haunting discovery that his very shadow has taken the form of the beast he wanted desperately to forget. His most horrifying nightmares have become a torturous reality. Unexpectedly, an unknown voice booms with an invitation from the netherworld... He reasons for no more than a fraction of a second: "Is there any answer to what is happening to me?" But the burning of his blood will not allow him to avoid his violent destiny.
Victor von Gerdenheim: General: "I shall create LIFE!!" The year is 1830. The place, northern Germany. It is a rainy night, and the sound of thunder echoes throughout the halls of Schloss von Gerdenheim. The mad scientist Prof. von Gerdenheim has succeeded in his greatest experiment: the creation of human life. Unfortunately, his frail body could not withstand the excitement of his deed, and his heart gave out.
"Professor... I... strong." Victor decided to leave the castle and prove to the Professor, his father, that he is the strongest man in the world. A couple of months have passed since Victor's sister, the ever-innocent Emily, stopped functioning. Emily and Victor are both golems, created with the doctor's deft hands. Victor put her limp, pale body in the chair, and waited patiently for a stormy day, one like the thunderous front that enabled his birth. One night, somebody spoke to him using telepathy. It was a message sent from the stranger Jedah in Makai. "Every soul must return to one."
Victor thinks, with his loosely attached brain, that this message must refer to a resurrection of life, and shambles off for Majigen believing that Emily will be returned the gift of life.

Donovan: General: Donovan is a mysterious vampire hunter. He was suffering. He could find no solace; not even in the sacred sultras. His dishonorable blood would give him no peace, for Donovan, the child of darkness, was a Dhampir - half vampire, half human. One day, Donovan met a little girl named Anita. Her heartless, empty eyes told him that she was the same as he. "Little time is left. I will destroy the Darkstalkers before my last day. By my blade, Dhylec, I swear it!"

Ken Masters: General: A disciple of the Shotokan school of karate, and past training partner of Ryu, Ken has an amazing fighting spirit but an even larger ego. Convinced that he is the best fighter, and he can defeat anyone, Ken seeks a confrontation with his long-time rival and friend Ryu. Many other martial artists such as Allen and Sean respect him.

Ryu: General: A student of the Shotokan school of karate, Ryu has devoted his entire life to perfecting the true way of the warrior through the mastery of the fireball. It is this devotion that makes Ryu the eternal enemy of Sagat. Now Ryu wanders the world for stronger fighters to battle. He is a friendly rival of Ken, in which he grew up with. Ryu and Ken were both students the Shotokan master, Gouken, as they trained along with Retsu. After ten years at Gouken's dojo, their training came to a tragic and abrupt end. Akuma, Gouken's brother, used the Raging Demon to kill Gouken. Ryu and Ken were then left without a master. They went their separate ways since then, but still meet for a friendly fight now and then. Evil Ryu is his alter ego.

Chun Li: General: Secretly pursuing the movements of Shadaloo, the international operation lead by Bison, Chun-Li fights bravely, unmindful of personal danger. The memory of her father burns brightly in her life. Bison tells her that it was him who murdered her father. Chun Li's only purpose now is to destroy Bison and avenge her father's death.

Blanka: General: As a child Blanka was lost in the jungles of Brazil after surviving a plane crash. He grew up in the jungles and became mutated into a green beast, who can channel electricity through his skin as an attack. Blanka's aim is to find out who he really is.

Sagat: General: Sagat is known as the "Emperor of Muay Thai." The scar upon his chest serves as a reminder of his defeat to Ryu and his Shoryuken! He fights for vengeance alone... But, he's begun to realize that the power of hatred is limited. Adon is his student...

Adon: General: He is Adon, the self-proclaimed "Master of Muay Thai." His former master, Sagat, is now a rival. He's also the first Muay Thai fighter ever to grace a fighting game.

Master Bison: General: The leader of Shadaloo, Bison has worked hard to enhance his Psycho Power. Many, many battles ensued in his laboratory as Bison drew from the power of the fight. But his lab rats were only cowards, for hatred wields more power than fear. Bison craves to battle against true warriors. He hears of a warrior named Ryu who defeated Sagat in Thailand. Suddenly Bison's body glows into a blue flash in anticipation of confronting Ryu and using his psycho crusher to destroy him. Bison has hired many members into Shadaloo including Sagat, Vega, Balrog, Birdie, Cracker Jack, Juni, Juli, and Cammy. His inner power is about to exceed what his body can hold. Psycho Power needs a host that can trap its demonic strength. A new body that only the strongest of warriors possesses...

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Alex: General: Alex is a powerhouse wrestler who lives in Manhattan with his father's old friend Tom, Tom's four year-old daughter Patricia, and his own daughter, Pauline. Tom took Alex in after Alex's father died and raised him like a son. He even trained Alex in his gym, and Alex quickly became a powerful yet agile fighter. Alex eventually signed up for military duty, and earned a reputation as a great Street Fighter. When he returned from service, Alex discovered that Tom had been defeated and gravely injured by a mysterious man named Gill. Gill had apparently visited Tom to recruit him into Gill's personal army. Tom refused, and Gill brutalized him as a message to Alex: if Alex didn't join with Gill, something worse might happen to Tom, or even Patricia or Pauline. An angered Alex swore vengeance and entered the third World Warriors tournament in order to fight Gill. Having trained hard in anticipation for the conflict, Alex was among the most powerful warriors in the tournament. Despite his great skill, Alex was captured by Gill's forces and was about to become one of Gill's super soldiers before the undercover Chun- Li freed him. After his escape, Alex confronted Necro and emerged victorious. Upon his return home, Alex found Tom and Pauline were awaiting his return. Alex, discovering that there were many other strong fighters in the world, decided to venture out into the world and prove his worth in competition. Despite his large frame, Alex is extremely quick and powerful, especially in hand-to-hand combat. He mainly employs swinging punches complemented by throws. Alex is also a rival of Hugo.

Yun: General: Yun learned Chinese martial arts from his grandfather (Gen) along with his brother Yang. He is taught to wear down opponents with lighting-fast combos. Yun is entering the Street Fighter tournament to show off his fighting skills. He is also an avid skateboarder. Lee is his father...

Yang: General: Older brother of Yun, he learns Chinese martial arts from his grandfather, Gen. He is more reserved than his brother and has entered the Street Fighter tournament in hope to meet Yun and fight him to show him he is not as great as he thinks.

Gouki/ Akuma: General: Also known as Gouki, Akuma is a demonic entity in the body of Gouki who, like Ryu, wanders the earth in search of suitable competition. Warnings from his master were not enough. Akuma believed his ancestors to be fools for stealing the most deadly move: the raging demon. So what if the technique could kill the person who executed it? The true warrior will do everything he can to win. By releasing the Raging Demon, Akuma sealed his evil destiny and destroyed his own master, and his brother Gouken.

Cody: General: Cody used to be a hero, famous for saving Metro City. Bored with the peaceful life, he kept fighting, day and night... Until he was jailed. One day he managed to break out of prison. Wandering outside, he now seeks something that will satisfy him. If you don't already know, he is the original star of the beat-em-up game "Final Fight," Cody is from Metro City, in which he once rescued his girlfriend, Jessica, from a gang called Mad Gear. This was only possible with the help of his friends, Mike Haggar and Guy. He once defeated Sodom and Rolento during that time.

Guy: He is the ninja who lives in the present. He is heir to the Bushin Style, which has endured for centuries. When a threat to the world raises so will the shadow of Bushin. These are the words Master Zeku left. What do they mean? Originally from the beat-em-up game, "Final Fight", Guy walks the streets of Metro City looking for a fight. Guy is a master of ninjitsu and uses his skills to wipe out evil. Guy helped Cody and Mike Haggar defeat the Mad Gear gang and now he is after destroying Shadowlaw and M. Bison. He also shares the same style as Maki...

Mike Haggar: General: A former professional wrestler, Mike Haggar was elected mayor of Metro City. He quickly became popular with his reforms and cheerful personality, but he made several enemies among the city's criminal element. Haggar had a daughter named Jessica, who was dating a young fighter named Cody. Haggar took a liking to the youth, and the two became good friends. Even though he was an elected official, Haggar continued to lift weights and practice his wrestling moves to keep in shape. While in the ring, his trademark move had been the "Spinning Clothesline," and he was surprised and flattered when he learned that a Russian wrestler named Zangief had copied the move. In response, Haggar copied Zangief's Spinning Piledriver, a move that Haggar quickly learned to love. One of Haggar's goals when he was running for mayor had been to rid Metro City of organized crime, and he was constantly pushing for stricter rules and harsher punishments for criminals. The Mad Gear Gang, the largest criminal operation in the city, perceived Haggar as waging a war on crime, and vowed to stop him. One day, a Mad Gear member named "Thrasher" contacted Haggar at his office. The angered Haggar learned that the Mad Gear had kidnapped Jessica, and were holding her for ransom. Haggar either had to ignore the Mad Gear's criminal activities, or Jessica would be killed. Haggar did not want either to happen. Enlisting the aid of Cody and Guy, one of Cody's friends, Haggar set out to destroy the Mad Gear personally and rescue his daughter. The three were all skilled fighters, and by themselves they crushed the mighty criminal organization. One by one, the crime bosses fell until they reached Belger, the supreme leader of the Mad Gear. He was no match for Haggar and his friends, and he plunged out of his office window to his apparent death. Haggar was relieved to have his daughter back, and publicly honored Guy and Cody for their bravery and service to the city. With the Mad Gear gone, the city was a little safer. However, Haggar was always prepared to strike against crime, whether it is as mayor or as the greatest fighter in Metro City.

Zangief: General: Known as the "Red Cyclone," he is the Russian hero, Zangief. He targets the secret organization "Shadaloo," lead by Bison, a power that threatens the security of his country. He is easily the strongest of the Street Fighters... He actually wrestles bears in his homeland for training...

Sakura Kasugano: General: Sakura has an unusual interest in street fighting. Most high school girls down walk down the street looking to pick a fight with anyone older than she is. Her friends worry about Sakura's interest in street fighting, and try to steer her away. Sakura's ambition is to become a great street fighter like Ryu. Sakura is Ryu's greatest fan and tries to mimic his moves. She hopes to fight Ryu and for him to train her.

Birdie: General: A member of Shadaloo, lead by Bison, Birdie does the dirty work. But as a mere henchman, his daily life became very dull. And so he gathered information to overthrow M. Bison. Soon, he found the keyword... "Psycho Drive..."

Rose: General: Rose is a mysterious woman who wields the mystic "Soul Power." She feels that Doomsday is fast approaching... She must seal Bison's power away even at the cost of her life...Rose believes no one should abuse their power. She believes fighters such as M. Bison abuse their power and must stop them. Her inner strength guides her as she fights and it enables her to use telepathic powers.

Natsu Ayuhara: General: Natsu is an expert volleyball player for Gorin High school. She is competitive, smart and determined to protect her teammates. She is also a good friend to Shoma and Roberto. Rival of Sakura

Hinata Wataba: General: A bright, high-energy girl, Hinata allied with Batsu to solve the year-old mystery of the disappearances. Gifted in martial arts, she is a karate master an expert in all sports. She is also a good friend of Sakura and attends Taiyo High School. Her Idol is Ken Masters.

SNK & Virtual Fighters Characters: (30)

Terry Bogard: General: A hero of South Town, Terry Bogard is legendary for defeating the great Geese Howard. He is also brother of Andy Bogard, in which he respects very much. He also has a newer rivalry with Geese Howard's son, Rock Howard. His father, Jeff Bogard, also originally taught him.... Terry fights with an unmatched spirit and passion for fighting.... Terry is just the man... Don't touch the hat...

Andy Bogard: General: Andy Bogard is the younger brother of the great fighting legend, Terry Bogard, champion of the first two King of Fighters tournament. Both are sons of the great martial artist, Jeff Bogard, whom was killed by his training partner, Geese Howard. The orphan Andy's heart was crushed when he knew about the death of his father, whom he respected and saw as his greatest idol. Being a lot more sentimental, and a lot more brash, Andy vowed revenge against Geese, and promised to kill him no matter what it takes: even if it cost him his own life.

Joe Higashi: General: Born in Japan, Joe uses Muay Thai to fight among the best. His fighting game debut spans all the way back to the days of Fatal Fury 1, right along with Terry and Andy Bogard.

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Billy Kane: General: Billy Kane, and his little sister, Lilly, grew by themselves in the underground England. Having no parents, Billy had to take care of his sister alone, and was desperate in getting a stable job. Having no fortune in England, he and his sister traveled to the land of promise: the United States. They soon surfaced up in Southtown, a town filled with filth (lousy rhyme) and crime. Billy tried to stay away from such influences, and soon got a job in a local steel factory. Even though he worked a lot to sustain his sister, he couldn't see an end to such a tedious and unsatisfying job. One day, Billy got so frustrated, he tore out a metal pipe, and began wielding it wildly, threatening the physical integrity (politically correct term here!) of the workers there. The owner of the factory had happened to pay a visit that day to see how things were going, and saw the whole incident. The supervisor was more than willing to fire Billy, but the owner, seeing the sheer will of the worker, decided to have more interesting work for him. Geese Howard is his boss.

Geese Howard: General: The most powerful man in Southtown, and also the most feared and reverenced, Geese Howard has created a monopoly over Southtown, using his dirty business to buy the law, and impose fear on all those who dare challenge him. A man with an evil heart and a treacherous mind, Geese will do anything to reaffirm his position as the strongest man in the world! He was defeated by Terry Bogard, and was thrown off a rooftop, but still seeks revenge. He also killed Jeff Bogard, the father of Terry and Andy Bogard. His son is Rock Howard.

Jeffrey Mcwild: General: A fisherman on the Australian coast, he lived in the salty tang of the tides and the hot sun. The most skillful fisherman of his village, he has an engaging personality. Only one opponent - the giant, eight-meter long, man-eating Satan Shark, bested him. They fought several battles, and finally met in their ultimate match. Jeffrey was routed and his boat wrecked, but he somehow managed to recover as he hovered on the verge of death. He entered the World Fighting Tournament with a vow to build a new boat and do battle with the shark again.

Sarah Bryant: General: A young blond girl who is very conceited. She cons boys to going easy on her, and then smashes them with hard, and powerful blows. She is agile also, and dodges when going against women. She got tired of simple street fights, and enters tournaments to find a worth opponent. She has a building Rivalry with Vanessa Lewis.

Wolf Hawkfeild: General: He lived as a woodsman and hunter in the Canadian wilderness until he was discovered on a scouting trip by a professional wrestling promoter. A quiet man who loves nature, he has his gentle side. He is filled with fighting spirit, however. Once aroused, he is not satisfied until he finishes the job at hand. He was an instant star in the pro wrestling area, and successfully defended his title several times. Dissatisfied with the level of competition, however, he turned in his belt and retired from the ring. He entered the World Fighting Tournament in search of a rival worthy of his abilities.

Vanessa Lewis: General: A Muay Thai kick boxer, she is straightforward, and powerful. She is fast, and strong, and seems to be building a rivalry with Sarah Bryant. She matches Sarah’s speed with her defense, and powerful counters. She is prepared for a tough tournament, and expects nothing but a challenge.

Brad Burns: General: In the kickboxing world, a new style is being created. A newcomer, Brad Burns, suddenly appeared and won many successive victories. Because of his good looks, he has many female fans. What's more, he likes to go out with such girls at night after his battles and present a charming personality. In the ring, his manner is the opposite of his social self, and he overwhelms opponents with sharp attacks. Quickly he was rising to the champion's seat. After becoming the undefeated champion, there was nobody in his region left to do battle with, so he began to look for his next stage. About that time, a woman told him about the World Fighting Tournament. It is a different kind of martial arts fighting, and he wanted the thrill of an especially heated fight. Thus, he determined he would participate in the tournament.

Goh Hinogami: General: J6 is an evil organization; therefore, there have been times when an informant from within aims to expose them. But within J6 exists an arm whose specialty is exterminating such traitors. In there, orphaned young boys and girls are captured and trained as perfect assassins; moreover, multiple assassin forces have been built up in this fashion. Serving under his commanding officer is an Asian youth - Goh Hinogami. His father was a judo expert chosen to go to the Olympics, but, a jealous friend whose career aspirations were unsuccessful murdered him, and Goh became an orphan. Soon after, the Organization found him, and trained him in assassination arts. Orders have come down to him from above. He will appear in the World Fighting Tournament, and will send the participants into dark oblivion...

Ryuji Yamazaki: General: Yamazaki is an all around psycho, involved in top-secret criminal activity. He usually fights with his hand in his pocket, where he carries a long ass knife. He is also a rival of Terry Bogard.

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Mai: General: Mai Shiranui is the granddaughter of Hanzo Shiranui, master of Ninjitsu and Kopo-ken. Mai has learned from her father the secrets of Ninjitsu, and as such, she is an expert in stealth and other sneaky tricks. Although she was a very beautiful girl, she rejected all the boys who proposed to her, considering them "weak". However, one day, she would be obsessed with a young boy by the name of Andy Bogard. Andy had come from Southtown in the United States to train under the orders of Hanzo Shiranui in Kopo-ken. Mai then had to take alternate courses from his grandfather's friend, Jubei Yamada in Ninjitsu. However, far from hating him, Mai fell instantly in love with the American kid, since he was so strong and so handsome. However, Andy never did pay attention to Mai, too absorbed in his training. Mai, by the other hand, had even made plans when Andy would marry her! When both grew up, Andy became a good-looking young man, and Mai a very attractive woman. Even more men desired her, but she still remained tied to Andy. However, Andy decided to travel back to the United States, and reunite with his brother Terry to exact revenge on Geese Howard, the man who killed their father. Mai was infuriated, but had no choice but to stay and keep training. She knew that Andy would come back one day...and he did... Not much time later, Andy returned to Japan in order to continue his training. He had found out in his fights in Southtown that he had been fighting for personal emotion, and not for the real sense of fighting. Mai didn't care for any of that, she just wanted Andy to be close to her again! So, when Krauser decided to go out in search of worthy fighters, she follows Andy to fight Krauser! After the journey, Mai felt more attached to Andy, and thought it was the time to wrap things up. However, the new King of Fighters tournament came across. The fights would take place between teams of three persons each. Mai felt it a sure bet to make a team with Andy, but he thought otherwise: he would team up with Terry and his friend, Joe Higashi. Mai felt left out, but she promised Andy that she would be in the tournament as well. Once she found out that the Southtown bouncer King had received an invitation as well, and had no present team, Mai immediately assisted to propose herself as a team member, along with Yuri Sakazaki. King was not expecting but had to accept the two "bimbos" anyhow. During the next two tournaments, the Gorgeous Team was seen as a beautiful, but deadly team, like three roses with some nasty thorns! However, by 1996, Yuri was obligated to take her father's place in the Kyokugenryo Team, and King and Mai were left without a third team member. Mai got so disturbed at this, since she wanted to see Andy again so badly. When all seemed hopeless, a strange woman attacked Mai out of the dark. Mai avoided the attack and got ready for the fight. The woman just laughed and praised Mai's skills. She introduced herself as Kasumi Todoh, the new third member of the Gorgeous Team! Once again, the Gorgeous Team was back in action. However, by next year, King and Mai were in trouble once again. Kasumi got lost all of a sudden, and there wasn't anybody who would like to be a third team member anytime sooner. They got reunited, and they resigned to lose the tournament this year. King had to take care of her brother, Jian, anyway. However, Chizuru intervened, and tells Mai and King that she would gladly be the third team member, and that she would take care that Jian would go with them. Mai gets inspired once again. People must be aware of female power! Mai took the two-year recess to go back to Japan and perfect her Ninja skills...and, of course, to pass some more time with Andy! Mai insists in that next time, she would team up with Andy, which he takes more as a joke (after all, it had been four tournaments where they didn't). However, a stroke of luck gets Mai to finally accomplish her wish: an invitation for the new King of Fighters tournament, with the new four-team member rule! Mai loses no time in joining along with Andy, not minding the presence of his brother Terry, or the bothersome Joe. After all, she gets her golden wish by fighting alongside Andy! However, the disappearance of Terry after the tournament, after disappearing under the ruins of Krizalid's base (the host of the tournament). She will now help Andy in a more useful way: trying to cheer him up, not allowing him to think that Terry is dead. Mai doesn't seem a danger when she attacks, since she uses fans and the tail of her dress to attack. However, they turn into deadly weapons when Mai flames them on and burns the opponent down! Mai is also always praising her beauty, and does not think a beauty such as her can ever lose. She loves Andy so much; she never even bothers to take a glimpse at other men. She also seems so careless with her skimpy outfits, since she considers her body her best weapon. However, she is a bit of an airhead, and doesn't think logically in most situations.

Genjuro Kibagami: General: Genjuro and Haohmaru both trained under Caffeine Nicotine. One day, Caffeine had Genjuro fight Haohmaru for a scroll that increases your fighting skill. Genjuro won this fight, but was extremely brutal and almost killed Haohmaru. Caffeine gave the scroll to Haohmaru and expelled Genjuro. That is when Genjuro found fighting on the side of good was not worthy of his talents. Now Genjuro is hunting down Haohmaru and Caffeine Nicotine to get his revenge.

Haohmaru: General: Haohmaru's mentor was Nicotine who also trained Genjuro Kibagami. One day Nicotine made Genjuro and Haohmaru fight to see who wins a magic scroll that increases your fighting skill. Genjuro won this fight, but was extremely brutal and almost killed Haohmaru. Nicotine gave the scroll to Haohmaru and expelled Genjuro from his Temple. With this Haohmaru became an even more skilled fighter than he was. One day as Haohmaru was searching for a fight he found a village with all the people in it dead. Haohmaru than found the last person alive in that village. It was Shizumaru as a baby. After that he trained Shizumaru to fight and also searched for the demon that had killed so many in that village.

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Blue Mary: General: her father, whom had a very busy life, raised Blue Mary since a child. Ever since she was young, Blue Mary began to learn the arts of Commando Sambo and build up her body, following the lessons of her father, whom in turn, had been a student of Geese Howard, Southtown's mob leader. Learning from his father how crime is a society disease, Mary quickly learned what her vocation would be: that of a police agent. Mary trained very hard and became, in time, one tough woman! Not only was she deadly from afar, she could easily get in and grapple her opponent, leaving almost no bone undamaged. Blue Mary then got her chance as a secret agent at a very young age. There is where she met what she thought at the time, was the man of her life. His name was Butch (why do I always picture a bulldog when I hear that name?). Blue Mary and Butch worked together in several missions, successfully completing each and every one. They got to know each other more and more after every mission. Butch’s lovely attitude, his will for doing the job well done, and most of all, his will to live, charmed Mary. Butch was also very impressed with Mary, since he had never known a woman so tough and decided as her! Soon, Mary and Butch began to learn a lot about each other, and both were very happy with each other. Mary saw Butch as a man who would never surrender until he got the job done. She admired him for that. Once, when they were drinking at a bar, Butch got up, stood behind the barstool, and began to whip out a drink. After it's completion, Butch named it the "Blue Mary", his favorite drink, and something he would always rely on. Thus, that's where the name Blue Mary came from.
One day, Butch was assigned a very precarious mission of high risk. Mary offered to accompany Butch, but he refused, excusing that Mary was still not up for the job, and that it was for her own sake. With a tender smile, Butch bid Mary farewell, and went out to complete the mission as soon as possible. Mary waited for days, for weeks...and Butch never came back...and he never did. Finally, Mary received from a member of her agency a leather jacket. It was Butch's, and it was found right in the place where Butch had died. Mary took the jacket, and still puts it on, reminding her of her love for Butch. Mary then realized she would complete Butch's mission: that of eradicating the scum of society and wipe them off the face of the earth. Mary soon began even more popular than Butch. Her missions were always realized with quickness, and efficiency. She always had a way to get things done, always at her way. Mary, and her pet dog, Anton, traveled the whole world, cracking cases and trapping the bad guys. However, in one mission, she discovered a very serene man who was fighting once. Mary distinguished him as a strong man with long, blonde hair, and a trademark red cap. After finishing his battle, the man took a look at Mary, and recognized her as a pretty tough woman. Mary laughed, and ever since, the man and her have been very close friends. The man was no other than King of Fighters legend, Terry Bogard, the man whom defeated Geese and Krauser. As of late, Mary has begun being more and more involved with the Lone Wolf. She was amazed on so many experiences Terry had ever since his father died at the hands of Geese Howard. Mary found a lot in common between her and Terry, and she was beginning to feel something she had not felt for a long time. Something she had not felt ever since Butch was with her. Mary was truly enchanted by Terry, and she began to fall in love with him. However, her work was far from over. One day, a secret person, in charge of a personal investigation agency, sent a letter to Mary for a secret meeting. Mary attended the meeting, and the person was there, waiting for her. The man told her that soon, Ryuji Yamazaki would be entering the King of Fighters '97 tournament. Mary was familiar with Yamazaki, who was renown as a very infamous gangster. The mystery man told Mary to keep an eye on him and Billy Kane, who was sent by Geese to look after Yamazaki as well. Mary's suspicions grew more and more: what did Geese want with Yamazaki? Without any other clue, Mary teamed up with Yamazaki and Billy, forming one of the more peculiar teams of the tournament. During the outcome of the tournament, Mary discovered, from Yamazaki's reactions to the manifestations of the Orochi power, was that indeed, Yamazaki was of Orochi blood! Mary was surprised, and figured out that Geese had sent Billy in order to keep an eye on the Orochi power of Yamazaki. But, then, what did the mysterious man want with Yamazaki and his Orochi power? This became very suspicious for Mary, but during her moment of confusion, Yamazaki had run away. With no other cue more than to investigate the true intentions of the secret man, Mary began a new case. She soon found out that the mystery man was working for Geese Howard, and that he was using her to aid Billy to control Yamazaki, and bring the gangster to him! Mary was infuriated, and taking a new case in her hands, Mary went out to catch the most powerful man of Southtown. After two years of being on the trails of Geese Howard, Mary received a surprise invitation by King, one of her contacts in Southtown and personal friend. She was asked to join King in the latest King of Fighters tournament. Thus, Mary decides to leave the case temporarily, and helps her friend out. After all, it's always time to have some fun breaking some bones! Ever since Mary became aware of the existence of the NESTS cartel at action in the King of Fighters tournament, Mary now directs all her attention in investigating the whereabouts of the evil organization. Upon further inspection, she finds out that NESTS is now very active in Southtown: her own hometown. She decides to join the Lonely Wolves and her beloved Terry in order to warn them about the evil at work in their own turf. To this end, Mary has a new purpose: to stop the NESTS cartel ay any cost! After the matches ended, Mary urges Terry and the others to hurry to Southtown, as NESTS might already be formulating another twisted plot. Upon arrival, Mary's contacts inform her about some suspicious actions taking place in the factory zone of Southtown. Mary leads the Lonely Wolves into the abandoned industrial district, where they suddenly find a factory surrounded by soldiers. Mary warns Terry and his friends about the danger, and is further confirmed when the soldiers begin attacking the intruders! Mary uses her police- honed skills to stop the NESTS agents in their tracks. But the sheer number of soldiers down their throat is so intense; Mary and the others are forced into the building itself. During the fight to survive, the whole building begins to shake, and the soldiers escape hastily. Mary makes a soldier cough up the truth: the Zero Cannon has just fired, and is now directed towards Southtown. The previous shock of the Zero Cannon blast makes the building begin to fall, and one fallen rock knocks Terry, wounding him. Not ready to give up her beloved one again, Mary hurries to help Terry, but Terry tells Mary that she won't be any good for him if she dies here. Mary, reminding Terry's sheer will to survive, escapes along with Andy and Joe. After the complete destruction of Southtown, Mary's rage towards NESTS now knows no end. She begins to scout the areas around Southtown in hopes of finding out about NESTS. The several thugs she meets don’t give her any useful info. In a police hunt at a local criminal hideout, Mary violently wishes to punch the truth out of the thugs. She finds no answer, but she does feel that somebody is following her. It turns out to be Terry! He's pretty much alive, and on her way out, Mary promises Terry that she'll take care of NESTS for good. Using her superior detective skills, Mary has managed to find out that NESTS is finally going to go public at the next King of Fighters tournament as the new hosts! Mary finds is surprising that NESTS would reveal themselves and cast away their disguise after they had just totaled Southtown, but the only thing she can think about now is to inform Terry. Terry tells Mary that the sins of NESTS will not go unpaid. He offers Mary to help him once more to deal with NESTS once and for all, and Mary isn't the woman to back out of a case! During the fights in the tournament, Mary begins to realize something very important: even though NESTS has brought everyone lots of despair and suffering, and their actions could not be forgiven, she owned them the pleasure and honor of being able to team up with her beloved partner: Terry. Throughout the last years, Mary and Terry, more than fighting together, have lived more and more experiences as a couple, and Mary has been able to find more attributes in Terry than ever before. After the end of the tournament, and after NESTS falls to its' destruction, Mary and Terry have a whole new life to see in the future, together.... Mary is a very spirited young woman, and since she is pretty well known of how men fall for her beauty. She even exploits her enchants to make her fights easier! She is as gracious as a rose, but also with deadly thorns. Once in a while, Mary feels a bit lonely, that's when she begins to sing a blues. However, Mary is also a very dedicated woman, who has no other vision in mind than to complete her mission, and trash the bad guys!

01-31-2005, 03:23 AM
Kyo Kusanagi: General: Kyo is the latest descendant of the legendary Kusanagi clan, which is one of the two families that managed to seal away the Orochi power 1800 years ago, along with the Yagami. However, ever since the Yagami made an unholy pact with the Orochi, the Kusanagi have objected to this and due to the challenge of the Yagami, the Kusanagi now engage in a mortal war with the Yagami, and now they use their crimson flames, which were once used to put Orochi to sleep, against their ancient allies. Many members of both clans have perished up until this day, where Kyo and Iori must now finish the battle of 660 years. Kyo, despite his respect for Iori, considers he cannot escape his fate, and that he has to fight, and maybe kill Iori one day. Meanwhile, Kyo studies in high school (where he had been for quite some time, due to his lack of will to study), and passes most of the time with his girlfriend Yuki, his best friend Benimaru, his confident Athena, and his pesky student Shingo. He also likes to talk with his mother, Shizuka, whenever he gets home. Since Kyo's father, Saisyu is always out searching opponents to fight, Shizuka is the one to carry on the legacy of the Kusanagi and pass it on to Kyo. However, Kyo also seems to be a very cold and arrogant man, and pretty unsocialable to all those who he sees as bothers. Meanwhile, Kyo keeps on training, and learning to wield the crimson flames of the Kusanagi. He uses specially designed gloves in order to wield the flames effectively. After fighting so many opponents, Kyo is attracted by a poster that announces a martial arts tournament, which will take place in order to define the three most powerful fighters of Japan, so they can form a team and fight in the new format of the King of Fighters tournament. Inspired to fight, and more due to the challenge from Benimaru, Kyo enters the competition. Not using his whole power, Kyo manages to reach the semifinals with not too much effort. There, he faces a huge Judo fighter. His name was Goro Daimon, and he turned out to be an old friend of the family. Either way, Kyo has to fight Daimon, and for the first time, Kyo has to go all out, and manages to defeat Daimon in the end using his crimson flames for the first time. Daimon congratulates him, and Kyo is so impressed with Daimon that he would like to see him in his team. Daimon promises, and said that, Daimon wins the third-place match. The final battle was against no other than Benimaru, the narcissist who dared Kyo to a fight. Now, they both had their shot. The fight was very spectacular, with flames and electricity flying everywhere. However, Kyo won at the end. Benimaru accepted his defeat, and decided to be friends with Kyo. The duo has been the closest of friends, but they also tend to quarrel too much when they discuss about their skills, having to be cooled down by Daimon! Kyo and his team now enter the King of Fighters tournament. Kyo now has to fight living legends such as the past champion, Terry Bogard, the fighters of Kyokugenryo Karate, and others. Kyo was very excited to fight so many good warriors, and extracted a bit of knowledge from each battle. The Japan Team fought with all their might, and won the right to fight in the last battle. A beautiful woman invited them to a helicopter, which transported them to a air carrier in the middle of the sea. Inside, Kyo saw a man sitting in a black chair with a pet panther aside him. The man introduced himself as Rugal Bernstein, the host of the tournament. Rugal admits that their skills were quite impressive, but he had to finish them now. Then, the Hero Team realizes with horror that Rugal has a personal collection of statues of fighters who were actually alive, but bathed into metal once defeated. Refusing to accept this horrible destiny, Kyo and his team fights against Rugal. Although Benimaru and Daimon fight well, they only manage to increase Rugal's wrath, and once he reveals his true power, he blows Benimaru and Daimon away, and now Kyo has to face him. But Kyo doesn't fair any better, and begins to get trashed. However, Kyo notices a man lying on the ground in a corner of the room. Upon closer inspection, it was his father! Fill with rage, Kyo now attacks Rugal with all the rage of the Kusanagi. Pushing Rugal to the limits, the evil fighter bombs his own carrier, and Kyo and his team barely escape with their lives. However, Kyo worries about his father, and thinks if he managed to survive... A year later, a certain “R” fellow invites Kyo again. Suspecting something going on, Kyo enters again to look for his father. However, he also has to be aware of one man who has entered the tournament to kill him...Iori Yagami! Now with two worries, Kyo fights with all his might. While the Hero Team was preparing themselves for one of the final battles, gas fills the room. Kyo feels dizzy, and falls unconscious. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a hidden base. But then, laughter catches his attention. It was Rugal! He seemed pretty much alive, and ready to take revenge from last year. Kyo challenges Rugal, but he instead calls for his "partner". Kyo is dumbfounded when he meets Rugal's aide. It was no other than his father! Kyo is so happy to see his father alive again, but he doesn't seem to care that much. In fact, he challenges Kyo to a fight! With no courage to fight his own father, Benimaru and Daimon decide to take care of him. Finally, when Saisyu loses control, he is defeated. Then, with his last breath, he tells Kyo to fight and take out Rugal for him. Enraged again, Kyo faces Rugal. But this time, Rugal was ready. Kyo suddenly felt a terrible power surging from Rugal's body. It seemed so powerful, and now Kyo had to fight a certainly ticked Omega Rugal! It was pretty useless for Kyo to attack Rugal, since his power had increased beyond imagination. However, with a bit of help from his friends, Kyo managed to fight back. When Rugal was about to use his full power, his body suddenly began to destroy itself. Rugal couldn't control his own power! Unable to withstand the immense surge of power, Rugal and his base begin to explode. Kyo goes where his father lied, but he isn't there anymore. With no time to lose, Kyo exits the base, and begins to ponder on what sort of power was that destroyed Rugal. Some time later, a mysterious man challenges Kyo to a fight...alone. Having a bad feeling, Kyo attends the battle scene, and is then greeted by a tall man in strange clothes. An eerie wind begins to blow, and Kyo feels chills up his spine. The man seemed to have the same power as Rugal, but this time, he DID know how to use it. Kyo never had a chance, and was promptly defeated by that man. Standing next to Kyo's battered body, he tells him to keep on training, since the fight is not over yet. He then promises Kyo to fight again if he reaches the finals of the tournament. Kyo loses consciousness and wakes up in a hospital. Yuki and his friends are around him, but Kyo suddenly gets up and goes outside, with his friends hopelessly watching how he painfully walked. Kyo then begins to charge his crimson flames, and concentrates it in his fist. He then releases it with a very strong blast of power and flames; a punch filled with hatred and passion.

01-31-2005, 03:25 AM
Kyo cont.: Fazed by the blast, Kyo's friends watches how he still stands up. Kyo has finally developed a new technique, born from the desperation and the feel of battle. Kyo enters the next tournament with his team again to go look for that man. Kyo proves to be next to new by using his new techniques against his opponents. However, Kyo notices how all his fights are overlooked by the new host of the tournament...a very elegant woman. Kyo would soon know whom she was when she fights against them amidst a stadium filled with emotive people. Kyo feels familiar with the woman's aura, but doesn't realize what it is until he defeats her. She reveals to be Chizuru Kagura, heir of the Clan of the Yata, and protector of the seal imposed over the Orochi power. It had been awhile before Kyo heard that word. It seemed that some man broke the seal by killing Chizuru's sister, and now it menaces the entire world. Said that, a huge gust of wind blows through the stadium, but Kyo resists the windblast. However, everything else gets blown to pieces, and Chizuru is wounded. She tells Kyo that he has to fight aside Iori if he wishes to defeat him. Before Kyo could ask any more questions, Chizuru faints, and once again, a familiar figure appear from the mist. Kyo identifies him as the man who had defeated him earlier. The man tells his name: Goenitz. He was pretty impressed with how much Kyo had improved. Kyo clenches his fist, and beckons for Goenitz. Both engage in a fatal battle, but Kyo's powers seem useless against Goenitz' huge strength. When all indicated that the same result would take place, Iori appeared from out of nowhere. Kyo is surprised, but Goenitz laughs and tells Kyo that since Iori has Orochi blood in his veins, he would help him in killing Kyo. But Iori thinks otherwise, and attacks Goenitz instead. He tells him that Kyo can only be his to kill. Confused by the moment, Kyo clears his mind by fighting Goenitz with Iori. Although Kyo was using his whole crimson flame power, he noticed that Iori's purple flames gradually became crimson as well, and with a final double crimson blast, Kyo and Iori defeat Goenitz. Goenitz promises that the Orochi threat would never end, and saying that, Goenitz vanishes. Chizuru wants Kyo and Iori to become allies again, but Iori refuses, and walks away. Kyo knows that the two would encounter again next year...until somebody gets killed. A long year passes, and Kyo has been having nightmares of a strange man defeating him. Including that, he has to train a young fan boy named Shingo Yabuki, whom desires to be as strong as Kyo, and be able to wield crimson flames just like him (but of course, he can't). Having some bad thoughts about the next tournament, Kyo has no other choice but to enter. He then fights all his battles like if it where the last, and it essentially where. By the final stages of the tournament, Iori and Leona, the new Ikari warrior, disappear without further advice. Kyo is worried about Iori's fate, knowing both he and that Leona girl were of Orochi blood. Iori and Leona are found in full Riot of Blood. Kyo aids in stopping them, but when they do, more trouble looms in the horizon. It was the New Face Team, but they seemed to have planned everything, and used the tournament to gather as much fighting energy as they could to feed Orochi. Kyo vows to stop them, and engages in a desperate battle with the rest of the fighters, a fight where the fate of the world rests. Kyo then knows from Yashiro, that her girlfriend, Yuki, is one of the 8 Kushinada girls, the women destined to sacrifice them for Orochi! Kyo refuses such a fate for his beloved, and fights for more than the world, but for Yuki and for him! But even after defeating them, the fight was not over. The kid, named Chris, revealed himself as the host of the Orochi power, and soon, it would awaken completely! Kyo then had to face the Orochi power itself. It was useless battle for Kyo, even with Chizuru aiding him. But suddenly, Iori out of nowhere comes to help Kyo. Iori smiles, and feels it is ironic for him to help Kyo at this moment. Kyo was satisfied that Iori and him could finally fight together as friends. And during the fateful battle, it became more evident that both wanted it more than ever. During a moment of the battle, when Kyo and Iori had the upper hand, Orochi began to control Iori, once again making him enter the Riot of Blood. But this time, Iori grabbed Orochi by the neck! It was the perfect time for Kyo to finish Orochi off. Kyo, with Yuki in his mind, gives a bone-crushing cry and punches both Iori and Orochi. The fight was over...and Kyo and Iori were never to be seen again. It was said that he and Iori now engage in their final fight...a fight for destiny! However, destiny proved otherwise. Being knocked out by the inhuman effort against Orochi, Kyo lies unconscious. He is then approached by a mysterious figure, which takes Kyo's limp body, and takes him to an underground base. Kyo is then subjected to several experiments, while being kept out cold by some narcotics. Samples of blood of Kyo are extracted, as well as memory images from his brain. Several clones are created by these experiments, and the mystery man deploys them to several parts of the world. As long as Kyo's body remained there, there would be no deadlier weapon than him! Kyo manages to open his eyes one day, and finds himself surrounded by weird gadgets and needles. Decided to find some answers, Kyo breaks out of captivity, and while still woozy by the drugs, he manages to make a way out of the hidden fortress. During his path, he constantly hears references to the NESTS cartel and to some certain "Krizalid". Who can they possibly be? With no time to ask himself, Kyo finally breaks out, and begins to recover slowly from his sleepy effect, and decides to perfect his techniques, and deploy the best of the Kusanagi power in order to make that Krizalid fellow pay for his daring task! Ready and as powerful as ever, Kyo follows the trail of the King of Fighters tournament, in hopes that he would get his chance of payback. Suddenly, everything began to turn familiar as he reaches the same place where he had been taken to for the experiments. Taking a familiar path, Kyo quickly arrives in time to see his best friend, Benimaru, and Shingo, his student, fighting against a familiar face: Krizalid, no doubt! However, there was also two unknown fighters helping them out: a skinny, but explosive young man named K', and a huge man with heavy armor called Maxima. Kyo felt something familiar about the energies of K' and Krizalid. Could it be Kusanagi power? They should have infused his power into their bodies in order to acquire his strength. Kyo stared in awe as his own clone, K', dispatched Krizalid with a final flaming blast. Before he knew it, Kyo was standing next to a defeated Krizalid, and facing his friends (and not-so friends). Kyo is quite happy to finally see some familiar faces, but reunion time is cut short when an omnipotent voice begins to echo in the room. He had heard that voice during his bold escape...It was the NESTS cartel! Kyo demands their true intentions, and they explain that they would forward the 10-year process. Kyo begins to get a bad feeling about this, but not after long, the base begins to fall down to nothing, and steel doors trap Kyo.

01-31-2005, 03:26 AM
Kyo Cont.: However, Kyo remains cool and calm. He is glad about how much he has improved, and feels he can take anything on! Kyo gets a chance to escape from the base in ruins, but he knows that NESTS must no be allowed to continue doing such atrocities. He must put an end to their ambition with his flames of justice! One year passes by, and Kyo is ready to face the menace of the NESTS cartel once again, this time, in Southtown. Upon locating the hideout of the NESTS, Kyo suddenly finds his friend Benimaru, his student Shingo, and his clone K'. It would be very grateful to talk to them once again, but now is not the time. Kyo finds the voice that had talked to him in Krizalid's base, but he was now rendered hopeless and didn't have much time left in his life. His name was Zero, but Kyo wanted to know a lot more. Zero might have been Krizalid's superior, but he knows he's not the highest command. Kyo demands Zero where his superiors are, but Zero warns Kyo that a much bigger menace draws near. And as fate would have heard him, a familiar voice invites him to a friendly match. Kyo turns around to face his eternal rival, Iori. This would be the time that they would fight with no hatred in their souls, but just the feeling of fighting and giving their bests with no regrets.... Everyone assumed that Kyo would be lost once again for a year as Southtown was destroyed and Kyo was not heard from ever since. But surprisingly, he shows up to meet his old friend Benimaru Nikaido before the next King of Fighters tournament, expressing his interest in participating this year with him again. It would be a very special occasion, as Daimon would also come back from retirement, and lend his friends his strength once again. The former Hero Team now regroups to find the obscure truth behind NESTS! Kyo knows that several spies have been following them, but he also knows that they can't avoid the inevitable: that he would kick their butts! Even if it means having to stand his annoying student Shingo as the fourth team member.... Kyo made his official return to a team in the next King of Fighters tournament, quickly confirming that both he and his team have returned to run things once again in the new tournament! Kyo lends his incredible power to the cause, and even helps out his own clone K' to fight Igniz, the man behind his cloning operation. Kyo was pretty tired that both Igniz and NESTS would mess up their life so much, and he made it his business to finish them off! After K' defeats Igniz, Kyo realizes that Igniz has a familiar suicidal behavior, and persuades the others to escape as soon as Igniz sets the whole NESTS space station (the place where the final battle was held) on a crash course to Earth. Kyo and the others manage to survive the crash on the ocean, and after his friends and him set foot on dry ground, Kyo confesses that he was really happy to see his friends again and fight along them once more. The old partners bid their farewells once again, but Shingo wants to know why aren't they happy for winning. Kyo arrogantly replies that Shingo should just buzz off, and leaves him on his own! But Kyo knows that in order for Shingo to progress, he must walk the path of a fighter alone. Feeling assured, Kyo goes back to his girlfriend Yuki to continue his life. Kyo is a very proud and arrogant man, and is sometimes very cold with those he deems to be a bother. However, his friends know him to be a warm and caring man. He cares a lot for Yuki, his girlfriend, and is also very romantic, since he likes to write poems. He quarrels with his friend Benimaru a lot, and sees in Daimon a sort of parental figure. Kyo respects all the fighters in the tournament, and about Iori, he really doesn't want to kill him, but he also doesn't seem to have another choice.

Rock Howard: General: a talented fighter, and son of legend Geese Howard, Rock was ironically trained by Geese’s mortal enemy Terry Bogard. He fights for the same reason as many fighters, to become the world’s greatest fighter!

Shiki: General: Shiki was born as one of Yuga's babies. She was told to find a man fit to become the perfect body for the Dark Lord's resurrection. Finding Haohmaru to be that man, she follows him for a chance to take him away to the dark side.

Ralf: General: Ralf Jones, together with Clark Steele, makes up the Legendary Ikari Warriors. These mercenaries are well known for their ruthlessness and performance during combat. Some people even think they have the ability to cheat death. They've been known to take on whole armies by themselves. In 1994, they were hired by Madelf Heidern to settle a score with Rugal, who had taken control of the King of Fighters Tournament. Heidern wanted them again in 1995. In 1996 however Heidern teamed them with Leona for a reconnaissance mission to find out what exactly as the whole deal with the Orochi race. Ralf is different than Clark in a variety of ways. He is more experienced, stronger, and has the power to summon fire onto his hands. Clark on the other hand, is better at throwing people around.

Clark: General: Clark is weaker than Ralf; Clark has less experience, and has not learned all of the techniques yet. Though his is still talented, and a force to be reckoned with.

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Iori: General: Iori is the latest descendant of the Yagami clan, a cursed bloodline which has been condemned to living a short lifespan due to the Orochi blood flowing through their veins. The story goes as far as 1800 years ago... The Orochi power was devastating the world. With all the chaos and panic running amok, two clans came together to fight the menace: the Kusanagi, representing the sword that seals, and the Yagami, the shield that holds. Uniting the power of the both clans, and using the mythical crimson flames, the two bloodlines managed to seal away the Orochi power, then assigning the task to the Clan of the Yata to look over the seal. After that, both clans retired to their respective villages. 1140 years later (which means, 660 years ago), however, the bond between both clans would break dramatically. The Yagami, thirsty of the magnificent Orochi power, broke the pact between them and the Kusanagi clan, and decided to strike a deal with the Orochi: an unholy pact that would grant the Yagami tremendous power, and their crimson flames would turn into purple flames of death! The Kusanagi reclaimed that the Yagami disobeyed the pact, and they were considered as traitors. Since then, the two clans have been in a mortal war, resulting in the death of many clan members on both sides, much to the glee of the Orochi clan. Now, in the modern ages, Kyo and Iori are out to settle the score. Although their destiny was resolved before they were ever born, Kyo and Iori seem more than willing to finish the 660-year grudge! And mostly, Iori is decided to kill Kyo at all costs, although he is destined to a horrible fate: to die before his time, victim of the ambition of his ancestors, and his cursed blood. However, Iori does not to seem to care too much about it. His heart keeps no happy feelings, and is only interested in ridding the path of enemies. However, wielding the purple flames is painful even for Iori, since the power is so great that it even hurts him! Iori and Kyo have similar techniques because both clans had developed together a very special martial art before they engaged in the war. That's why Iori has developed some mortal techniques, and even uses his hands as cutting weapons, his fingers tearing through the opponent's flesh. He has known to be very violent in battle, even though he hates using violence (???). His clan symbol is the crescent moon of the Yagami. His physique also allows him to be very famous among the women, but he doesn't seem to care about that, either! Once Iori was training, he was informed about the entrance of Kyo in the King of Fighters tournament. Iori was interested and supposed he would have a perfect shot against Kyo. He then knew that a man named Billy Kane was looking for some teammates for the next tournament. Iori volunteered, and so, the trio entered the tournament. However, Iori was not interested in any of the only fighters. He only focused on Kyo. But, it seemed that he couldn't have a clean shot against him, since prior to their battle, Kyo was missing. However, Iori still felt Kyo's combat aura burning in a faraway place. When Iori arrived to the secret underground base were Kyo was fighting, he found him fighting Rugal, who was about to be destroyed by his own power. Iori felt something strange boiling in his blood while Rugal was being destroyed by the immense power. Recognizing the power, Iori mocked Rugal, "Only those of the bloodline can control such power! You didn't have a chance!". Saying that, Iori walks away while Rugal is vanished by the huge power. Taking advantage of the power he felt in his veins, he used it to beat his teammates badly. Considering them only a bother, Iori decides he will take on Kyo next time. By next year, Iori trained very hard, and practiced until near the border of unconsciousness. He considered himself ready to kill Kyo this time! While he was walking through a forest, two women confronted Iori. Iori recognized one of them as one of the secretaries of Rugal. Actually, both were the secretaries of Rugal. Iori wanted them to get out of his way, but one of them began attacking him. While he fought the women, the other told Iori that they had been watching over them, and that he would be perfect as their teammate in the next King of Fighters tournament. Iori stopped, and turned towards the other woman. Iori just smiled and released a maniacal laugh. He said he would help them if they wanted to. "But nobody touches Kyo, he's mine! Mine only!” Iori roars. The tournament begins, and once again, considers the other fighters as trash, only thinking in his battle against Kyo. His wish comes true, as his team will face the Hero Team. Kyo and Iori waited patiently until their turn to fight. Then, Kyo and Iori got their shot. It was a very dramatic battle, with flames bursting everywhere, and so much power released that it was overwhelming! However, the time ran up, and the match ended in a draw. Both fighters were exhausted, but Iori was determined to kill Kyo. Then, the host, Chizuru Kagura, interfered. She said it was useless that the two must kill each other, and instead, must be helping each other in order to eradicate the terrible power that draws nearer. Iori is enraged, and demands that she gets away. But Chizuru takes Kyo away, and disappears. Iori then shouts of madness, and begins to destroy everything around him. He would not be left without killing Kyo, and not by any smart-mouthed woman! Iori immediately searched out Kyo, but when he found him, he suddenly felt that feeling in his blood again. What was that feeling that made him feel so powerful, but at the same time, so painful? When those thoughts cruised Iori's mind, a very strong gush of wind blew him away. When Iori woke up, it was Kyo fighting against a very powerful man. Iori recognized the power as the same that had destroyed Rugal. So, it had to be of Orochi blood! Iori then begins to attack the man called Goenitz. He tells him that only him can take care of Kyo, and he cannot interfere! Both fighters battle with all their strength, and Iori even manages to suppress his cursed blood and begin wielding crimson flames. With a final, double crimson blow, Kyo and Iori take out Goenitz, but before he dies, Goenitz tells Iori that he is doomed to serve Orochi as a servant! Iori then bids Goenitz farewell, as he disappears. Iori begins to walk away, and encounters his companions, Mature and Vice, who had let him live in order to kill Goenitz. However, Iori begins to feel extremely bad, and his blood begins to boil. His eyes get hazy, and he begins coughing blood. The Riot of Blood was in full effect! Going berserk because he cannot control the Orochi power. Going crazy, Iori rips through his companions, and continues to walk away, roaring and slashing madly. Nothing was known from Iori up to next year. He had seemed to feel the Riot of Blood several times, causing several deaths. Cursing his own weakness, Iori realizes he has been entered in the next King of Fighters tournament of 1997 as a single entry. It must have been Chizuru, thinking he may help her again. Iori just laughs and, since he has no more bothers in his way, he can concentrate on killing Kyo this time! He views the spectacular display of shows and communications, and decides it was the perfect backdrop for Kyo's death. However, not much later, Iori once again entered the Riot of Blood yet again, and went into a killing rampage. His craziness had reached unsuspected limits, and since Orochi was involved as ever in the tournament, his power grew stronger and stronger. However, he also wasn't too much conscious of what he was doing, allowing the other fighters to submit him, and cooling him down. Iori then loses consciousness. When Iori was sleeping, he receives a message from his ancestors, bidding him to aid Kyo in this final fight against the Orochi. This would rid the dishonor of the Yagami name, and would cleanse their own cursed bloodline. Iori woke up, and almost like if controlled by someone; he walked towards the Orochi awakening spot. He finds Kyo and Chizuru there. They are surprised to see Iori, and he just smiles, and tells them that it is ironic that after so much time of war, they should fight together. Kyo smiles as well, and both go against Orochi.

01-31-2005, 03:33 AM
Iori Cont.:They display their huge strength, as 1800 years ago, and begin to turn the tide in their favor. However, Iori gets controlled by Orochi via the Riot of Blood, but now, Iori will not be easily subdued! He takes a grasp of Orochi, and allows Kyo to punch right through them... Nobody knows what happened after that faithful battle. However, it seems that Iori and Kyo began their last battle, to see which one prevails... Iori awakes, surrounded by a strange place. His whole body aches, but that's the less of his worries. Kyo was nowhere to be found. He later knows that nobody knew where he had gone, but Iori knows that Kyo will not be so easily eliminated. Iori's scouting takes him to a hidden laboratory, where he believes bizarre experiments are talking place (I'm not talking Resident Evil here, OK?). To his disbelief, he finds several Kyo clones being produced! They must have taken Kyo's genetic code, and insert it into these mindless clones, obeying some twisted plot! Enraged for the tampering with his rivalry with Kyo, Iori tears the place down with an incredible display of rage and anger. The name "NESTS" is soon to pop up, and Iori vows he will find them and destroy those who dared mess up with his plans for revenge! Not long after, Iori finds out about the King of Fighters tournament being held again. He senses that the person responsible for the Kyo cloning might be here. Iori takes a hidden role in the tournament, following the battles closely. He finally manages to catch up with the hidden NESTS base, but unfortunately for him, it is already ruined and crumbled. Iori can feel Kyo's presence, but does not see him. Iori knows that NESTS must be destroyed so he can have a fair showdown with Kyo to the very end. After being shrouded in secrecy for a while, Iori hears about the rumors of the NESTS cartel in action again. However, Iori does not seem too interested, but since Kyo Kusanagi was determined to stop the NESTS at any cost, Iori decides that he shouldn't let Kyo die at the hands of NESTS, but his own. Following Kyo's trace, he finally arrives at the hidden NESTS hideout in Southtown. It seems that the city was doomed for destruction by the rampant Zero Cannon, but Iori could care less how many innocent lives were lost. He dwelled deep into the base, and finally finds Kyo standing next to a fallen body. However, Iori takes things easy. He has learned to control his anger. He approaches Kyo, and like always, demands a true fight. This time, it wasn't family rivalry going on. This time, only the feeling of fighting a worthy opponent was the only thing Iori felt...and he was sure Kyo felt the same way. The whereabouts of Iori were unknown after that tournament, and he seemed the person who less cared about what happened in Southtown. He's just unpleased that he lost his chance to kill Kyo last year. Former NESTS agent Seth actually went out to search for the miscarried youngster. Upon finding out where he was, he politely invited Iori to join his team for the next King of Fighters tournament, with a promise that he would get his shot against Kyo if he entered. Iori did not care about what his other teammates did, his purple flames of disaster only hungered for Kyo. Iori's own overwhelming aura made Seth tremble with fear. The power that Iori harnessed within him was beyond any logic! As Iori retreats with his promise to enter the King of Fighters tournament with Seth, the huge tough guy wonders what kind of surprises will Iori give them. Iori made it clear from the beginning of the tournament that teamwork was definitely not in his plans, as he could take on whole teams by himself. His vicious attitude was even more notorious than before. Iori was indeed a threat to be considered, but as if fate would have had it, he would even have to help Kyo defeat the NESTS executives once again. This time, he had to assist Kyo's clone, K', to defeat Igniz, the CEO of NESTS, in their own space station. Once Igniz was defeated, Iori thought that since there were no longer any obstacles, he would challenge Kyo right there and now! But he was cut short when he was forced to escape from the falling space station. Iori and his teammates escaped with their lives, but Iori then realizes that his own team has considered him "expendable" by his superiors, and attempt to get rid of him before he can cause any more trouble than needed. Iori just shrugs his shoulders, and threatens that if anybody should stand against him, he would tear them down like the trash they are! Iori is a single, self-important person who cares of nobody but himself. He considers other people to be no more than "bothers". He dislikes being controlled by Orochi, since he doesn't like to be bossed around! His only goal in life seems to kill Kyo, and won't rest until he does. He also plays music in his band in his spare time, and also manages to gather quite a number of people.

01-31-2005, 03:35 AM
Ryo Sakazaki: General: Ryo is the older son of Takuma Sakazaki, master of Kyokugenryo Karate, and older brother of Yuri Sakazaki. Being the oldest of the two children of Takuma, he has been chosen to be the heir of the Sakazaki legacy, and Ryo tries to live up to it by training very hard every day in the Kyokugenryo Karate dojo, using the power of the tiger to fight. He has trained since he was a little kid, and wants to make his father proud. He considers Yuri to be nothing more than a pest, and that she must not be training in Kyokugenryo Karate, since she is just a girl, and besides, Ryo fears she might be hurt in a battle. While still training, Ryo receives a new training partner, the son of one of Takuma's friends, Robert Garcia. Both became the best of friends, joined by the same style. They quarrel a bit, especially when Robert gets close to Yuri. However, they both respect each other, and sometimes get in a little battle once in awhile. Both fighters become the top students of the dojo, but suddenly, Takuma disappears with no notice, and Yuri is kidnapped shortly after. Ryo is resolved to go and seek his family in the dangerous and criminal Southtown, aided by Robert. Ryo and Robert divide themselves to look out for clues of Yuri's location. Ryo then meets a lot of enemies and friends, one of them being King, a bouncer of a bar which Ryo thought to be a man, and upon using a Ko'ou Ken on her, Ryo breaks King's shirt, revealing Ryo that she is a woman. Pretty ashamed, Ryo offers to help King, and ever since, both have become the best of friends...and even a bit more than that, but both refuse to accept their true feelings... Finally, Ryo is informed that the man who kidnapped his sister was no other than Mr. Big, one of the more important gang leaders of Southtown. Ryo and Robert go to his lair, and Ryo furiously demands Mr. Big to give him back his sister. Mr. Big obviously smiles and tells them that they won't do anything unless they defeat him. Robert takes care in doing so, but then, the defeated Mr. Big calls the incredible Mr. Karate. This man wore a strange "tengu" (bird) mask, and Ryo sensed a powerful, but familiar, aura from him. Mr. Big orders Mr. Karate to attack them. Robert is exhausted from his battle with Mr. Big, and Ryo takes the battle on. The two warriors fight, and Ryo realizes with astonishment that this man uses Kyokugenryo Karate as well! However, Ryo is determined to save his sister, and with an exceptional display of courage and strength, defeats Mr. Karate. About to finish him off, determining he was the cause of Yuri's kidnapping, it is no other than Yuri herself who bids Ryo not to finish him. It turns out that Mr. Karate was really Takuma, who had been blackmailed by Geese Howard, main criminal leader of Southtown, to fight for him if he did not want Yuri to die. Ryo accords to stop Geese, but he already has his hands full with the Bogard brothers, who had come to exact revenge from him for the death of their father. Ryo decides to retire back to the dojo and continue with his training, now that his father and sister are all right. Ryo, after a few years, has been invited by Takuma to form a team with him and represent the Kyokugenryo Karate style in the new King of Fighters tournament, which introduced the team battle mode. Ryo personally refuses that Yuri to join in their team, since she is too unprepared to fight with them. So, Robert comes with them instead. Ryo then helps his father to show the world the power of Kyokugenryo Karate, and since Ryo is the heir to the family, he fights to live up to expectations, and fights with all his will. However, he dislikes being ordered to train again by Takuma after every tournament. Ryo takes a break in the King of Fighters tournament when Yuri asks him to help her in looking for Robert in Southtown, trying to help a childhood friend. After his return, his father tells Ryo that Yuri will replace him instead. Ryo refuses that idea with fury, but Takuma has already made a decision. Not willing to stop showing the power of Kyokugenryo Karate, Ryo has to resign. He also has to keep an eye on Robert so he doesn't do anything smart as well! Ryo fights with spirit, but next year. Ryo is faced with the humiliation of the dojo being wrecked and the students in the dojo being defeated and wounded. Ryo is told by his father to go fight in the tournament once again, and clean the name of Kyokugenryo Karate. Now, Ryo is the leader of the Kyokugenryo Karate, the best martial art in the world! Ryo does not rest his discipline even after the world was rid of the Orochi presence. He knows he must prove that the Kyokugenro Karate is the best martial art in the world any chance he can get. His efforts would soon be rewarded, as he gets another chance to fight in the King of Fighters tournament, this time fighting with his whole family, and of course, his friend, Robert. This time is better than ever to prove once and for all the true power of Kyokugenryo Karate! The King of Fighters tournament ends once again, but the future looks bleak. Ryo is now aware of the evil at work in his own hometown, and prepares to fight the plague of NESTS by training harder every day. He knows he must become ever stronger in order to keep the Kyokugenryo name high! One night, after finishing an intense period of training, Ryo retreats to the local bar of his great friend and secret love, King. Upon entering, he finds the bar pretty much deserted. King sorrowfully explains that NESTS, due to its' huge sphere of influence in Southtown, has earned the bar a bad reputation. Unable to bear seeing King suffer, Ryo takes King in as his new team member. Ryo now had to think what he should do in order to make a vacant place in his team, but the answer arrived by its' own, when Yuri, tired of being the underdog for the Kyokugenryo masters, decides to leave in order to join her old friend Mai Shiranui. But the entrance of King does not come without opposition: King first has to deal with the enraged Robert, who previewing Ryo's intentions, challenges King to a fight to see if she's worthy. Ryo stands poised to defend the woman he loved, but King is determined to do the job herself. The imminent fight ends in a draw, as Robert and King wind up exhausted after the intense effort. This makes Robert finally accept King in the team. Knowing this was a test of fate; Ryo takes a step forward in order to concentrate all his Kyokugenryo Karate against the evil forces of NESTS! It was real hard work for Ryo to help rebuild the Kyokugenryo dojo, which was almost totaled by the explosion in Southtown thanks to the Zero Cannon. During the process of construction, a sad Robert arrived with bad news: his company had bankrupted thanks to a world financial crisis that wiped out his foundation's savings. Ryo is determined to help his friend in need, since he has done so much for him and his family. Ryo makes it his sworn duty to enter the King of Fighters tournament, win the prize money, and destroy NESTS to cheer up his friend once more! The raging tiger enters the fray of battle once more, this time to aid those in need of his strength. With his amazing prowess, Ryo manages to see the tournament through, as well as being a main spectator to the downfall of NESTS as their space station HQ crumbles down to nothing. Ryo is satisfied to cash the prize money, as nobody bothered to do so, and more so, that Robert is wealthy enough to finance their needs once again! Robert shuns the Sakazaki family away, and Ryo couldn't be happier to see that Robert has finally returned to his old self. Ryo is a proud man, and is a very friendly man, but sometimes pretty stubborn. He cares for his sister very so much; this is why he does not want her to be hurt by fighting. He also respects Robert as his friend, but since he is so jealous, he does not want him to get close to his sister. He wants to train hard to keep on to Takuma's exceptions. He is also very interested in King, but he thinks she will not pay attention to him, he tries to stay away.

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Robert Garcia: General: Robert is the son of the wealthy Italian business man Alberto Garcia. Due to Alberto's friendship with Takuma Sakazaki, master of Kyokugenryo Karate, and willing to teach some discipline to Robert, the multimillionaire sends Robert to Takuma's dojo, where he begins to train. While acting like a spoiled brat the first few days, Takuma shows him the state of things in his dojo, and Robert had no other choice but to stay put and obey, and began to wield the power of the dragon. He quickly made friends with both of Takuma's children: the older son, Ryo, and the younger daughter, Yuri. While Robert and Ryo were very good friends, Robert had a special relationship with Yuri. He felt she was something special, and all three grew up being the best of friends...until... One day, Takuma disappeared, and soon after that, Yuri vanished as well. Ryo and Robert felt something bad was behind all this, so they accepted to go out and search for her in the hostile and crime-filled Southtown. Robert and Ryo divided themselves to search clues for where she could be. Robert was determined to find her, since he knew he was very much in love with her, but he wasn't able to tell both Ryo and Takuma, fearful that they would be very angry at his idea. Still, Robert faced most of the criminals in Southtown in order to find Yuri, and all clues pointed towards Mr. Big, one of the more powerful gang leaders of Southtown. Robert managed to defeat the bluffing Mr. Big, and demanded where Yuri was. Mr. Big laughed and called for Mr. Karate. This warrior used a "tengu" (bird) mask, but his fighting spirit was very powerful. He also seemed to use Kyokugenryo Karate as well! Ryo was the one to fight him, and once defeated, Ryo decided to finish him off, as he thought he was the mastermind behind all this. But then, Yuri barged in, and tells Ryo not to harm him, as Mr. Karate was really Takuma! Robert and Ryo were surprised by this, and decided to go after the man who had fooled them, Geese Howard. However, he was already in trouble for facing the Bogard brothers, whom were ready to exact revenge for the death of their father at Geese's hands. So, the Sakazaki family and Robert decided to go back to the dojo. Robert, always benefited by the money of his father, always wore fancy clothes and drove luxurious cars. He also likes to impress Yuri with his presents, but Ryo and Takuma always keep a handy eye on him. By 1994, Robert was invited by Takuma to represent the Kyokugenryo Karate in the new King of Fighters tournament, which now introduced the team battle mode. Robert was a bit confused that Yuri would not enter with them, but he accepted anyway. After two tournaments, the Kyokugenryo Team has shown the power of their style, and Robert has done a pretty well role in honoring the Kyokugenryo Karate. However, Robert and Ryo have to run away after each tournament to avoid Takuma's orders to train again! Robert had a little pause in the action to help a childhood friend save her brother, Wyler, who had gone berserk using a demonic power. After a short trip to Southtown, Robert returned to the dojo, to be known that Takuma would retire his position as leader of the Kyokugenryo Team and deliver his place to his daughter Yuri. Robert was glad that Yuri would fight with him, but Ryo will keep an eye on him! Since that moment, Robert has represented Kyokugenryo Karate the best way possible. He gets very excited when Yuri fights, and more when she wins. Problem is, Ryo is always behind him and does not let him do anything smart. After the tournament of 1996, Robert arrived one day to the Kyokugenryo dojo. He saw it to be destroyed and many students to be wounded. He then consulted with Ryo and Yuri. Ryo tells them that Takuma has told him to tell both of them to fight in the next tournament and clean the honor of the Kyokugenryo Karate. Robert and Yuri accept, and now, Robert is more willing than ever to fight and show that the Kyokugenryo Karate is the best martial art in the world! Robert decides to focus more on trying to sweep Yuri off her feet during the two-year break after the Orochi battle, but is abruptly brought back to training by his master, Takuma, and friend, Ryo, in punishment for his insolence! Robert gets more serious in his training, however, when he realizes the next King of Fighters tournament coming up, and this time around, he will have both Takuma AND Yuri in his team, so he's got a lot to prove. Despite being the only foreigner among the team, he feels as if he was in his own family. He just can't lie back and do nothing while the others trust in him! Once the tournament ends, Robert takes some time off in order to rearrange his thoughts. The whole NESTS business has been quite wild, so Robert decides to take a well-deserved vacation. Upon his return, however, Robert dedicates himself entirely to training in order to fight the NESTS menace for the next King of Fighters tournament. However, Robert realizes with shock that Yuri will once again leave the Kyokugenryo dojo in order to reunite with her old friend, Mai Shiranui. And to add more to his suffering, Ryo tries to get King into the team, which triggers Robert's anger, refusing to lose his beloved to some tomboy! Robert challenges King to a fight, to see if she deserves to fight in name of the Kyokugenryo. King accepts, and as Robert expected, it was a tough fight. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't pin King down. Robert's energy finally starts to falter, and in the agony of the battle, he gives it to King that she has proved herself worthy. Now, Robert would have to live without Yuri this year. Now her place has been taken by King, and the time for Robert to really prove himself to Yuri, now that she has became her rival, and show her how worthy he really is! The year after Southtown was destroyed, the Garcia foundation passed through a lot of trouble. A world financial crisis, in fear of the awakening of NESTS or their possible reaction against economic superpowers that might challenge them, deteriorated and finally made the business of the Garcia family go bankrupt. Devastated and penniless, Robert turns to his old friends, the Sakazaki family, for guidance. The Sakazaki clan cannot bear the sight of a morally destroyed Robert, deprived of all hope. So, they resolve to help Robert out by winning the next King of Fighters tournament, win the prize money, and even get rid of NESTS in the process! Robert thanks them all for their support, and promises that he will do his best as well to lift his company from the ashes. Out of sheer desperation and in terrible need of honoring his family name, Robert fought in the King of Fighters tournament like never before, improving his skills to the highest level. Finally, the end of the King of Fighters tournament was signed by the destruction of the HQ of NESTS in outer space, and the Kyokugenryo Team was left to cash the money. The Sakazaki family is relieved that they will finally make Robert rich again, so he can fulfill their financial needs! Robert is infuriated, and chases the Sakazaki clan away. But deep inside he knows that they are just like his family, and his debt can be hardly paid with his life. Robert thinks he has put the style and finesses in the Kyokugenryo Karate, and is always bragging about himself. He has been interested in Yuri ever since he first met her, even though he has the money and power to get other girls. He respects both Takuma and his best friend, Ryo, but is really bothered when both of them interfere in his intentions to propose to Yuri. He also avoids Yuri's wrath whenever he helps his childhood friend.

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Mr. Karate/Yuri Sakazaki: General: Yuri Sakazaki is the younger daughter of Takuma Sakazaki, and the little sister of Ryo Sakazaki. Ever since she was very young, Yuri's mother died, and her father was left to take care of her and her brother alone. Takuma loved both of his children, but he dedicated more time to Ryo, as he was to be the heir of the Kyokugenryo Karate style. However, he never let Yuri out of the picture, and was always a loving father. Yuri always looked up to her father, and wishes that someday she will be as strong as he is. But Ryo never accepted the idea of his sister training, since it could get her into trouble. Yuri then found a friend in the new boy that had just arrived from Italy: Robert Garcia. She had much fun talking with him, but her father and her brother always seemed to be obsessed in separating them. However, Yuri liked to be with Robert, as she considered him to be an invaluable friend. Yuri was in the dojo one day, when she suddenly received the visit of several strange people. All dressed in black, and they refused to answer Yuri's questions. Realizing they were not there for anything good, Yuri tried to escape, but she was too slow, and got kidnapped. She was stashed in a dark room, and remained there for several days. She was very worried about her family, and was also thinking a lot about Robert. Suddenly, one day, the door opened, and Yuri was able to crawl out. She then finds out Ryo and Robert fighting a man with a "tengu" (bird) mask. Being so united with her father, Yuri recognizes the man to be Takuma, and bids Ryo not to hurt him anymore. Takuma then removes his mask, and reveals his true identity. The whole family and Robert now go back to the dojo, and plot their comeback against Geese Howard, the man who kidnapped Yuri, and blackmailed Takuma into working for him. However, Geese already had his hands full with the Bogard brothers, who had came to exact revenge on Geese for the death of their father. After rescuing her father, Yuri asks Takuma to train her in Kyokugenryo Karate without letting Ryo know. Takuma accepts, and both begin training, making Yuri some exceptional progress in quite a few time. When Yuri considered her ready for action, she received a terrible notice. When she was looking forward to making a team with her father and her brother in the new King of Fighters tournament. But Ryo refuses since he does not want her to make fun of Kyokugenryo Karate. They admit Robert instead, and Yuri is so furious, she goes to a bar in Southtown, and demands a drink. Then, she sees an invitation for the King of Fighters tournament, held by the host of the bar, King. Yuri then rushes over to beg her to join her and make a team. Unfortunately, so was a bouncy ninja girl called Mai Shiranui. Both got in an argument, and King had no other way but to accept both of them. Now, the all- female team of England now enters, and all shall fear both their beauty and fighting skills! After fighting in two tournaments, Yuri is called back to the dojo by her father. Upon her return, Takuma tells her to take his place in the Kyokugenryo Team, since she has showed her value to him. But Yuri has already found somebody to fight with, but Takuma persuades her a bit more by threatening to cancel her credit cards. Yuri then has to join Ryo and Robert and fight to represent Kyokugenryo Karate, much to Ryo's dismay and Robert's joy. Now, Yuri vows to honor her father by fighting in the King of Fighters tournament, although she just wishes that he stopped being such a pushover at the end of each tournament, when he gives very boring speeches using his old "tengu" mask and calling himself Mr. Karate! She also accepts to clean the honor of Kyokugenryo Karate when the dojo gets trashed and the students get whacked. Yuri is always ready to help in anyway she can! Yuri lives her life as a carefree young woman after Orochi is eradicated of this world, but not for very long. She is once again called back to action when the next King of Fighters tournament comes up. Not the one to let down her family and friends, Yuri trains harder to ever that she too, despite being the only female of the team, can put up quite a display of what Kyokugenryo Karate can do! Once the tournament ends, a sense of nostalgia invades Yuri. It has been a long time since Yuri has joined her father's team, but she misses the days where she wrecked havoc in the tournament along with Mai and King. Tired of being tied to her father's qualms, Yuri finally declines to be in the Kyokugenryo Team once more, and leaves her team without a clue of whom they would team up with (leaving Robert grief-stricken). One day, she meets up with Mai, and the decision is made: they are to make a team again! King now replaces Yuri's place in the Kyokugenryo Karate team, and Mai invites her old friend Kasumi Todoh over. However, one team member is missing, but the answer arrives in the form of school-girl-turned-Sumo-wrestler Hinako Shijou, during a local martial arts tournament. Now, Yuri determines her mind to prove the world the power of true female power! Yuri returns to Southtown in order to attend to the rebuilding of the Kyokugenryo dojo that was heavily damaged after the Zero Cannon explosion, willing to help his father and brother out. But it is then when tragedy strikes! A sad Robert arrives at the dojo, and admits that his company had gone bankrupt thanks to a world financial crisis that went directly against his empire. Yuri is worried about Robert's stamina, so she decides to help him out, for once! Yuri will have to team up with his family and Robert once more, this time to help her beloved Robert. Putting in her best effort, Yuri does her best to hold the Kyokugenryo name up high. This time, she can't let anything hold her back! As the tournament draws to an end, with the final demise of NESTS, Yuri watches with joy as Robert gets his wealth back from the prize money of the tournament. But now, she wonders what Robert is going to buy her now that he's rich again? Robert is mad at the fact that the Sakazakis are only interested in his financial resources, but Yuri knows that they appreciate Robert for what he is and not for what he has (although that sure helps!). Yuri is a very sweet young lady, always caring about her friends and her family. She loves her father and sees him like an example, and respects her brother as well, but is bothered when he always gets involved in her business. She also likes being with Robert, but she has denied showing him her feelings since his journey to Southtown to help a childhood friend. She has lots of friends in the tournament and outside of it, and likes to go out with them. In all, she is a very friendly young lady. One day she became so tired of her dad, and the Mr. Karate act that she took his mask, and now, she calls Herself, Mr. Karate, while not in the tournament. She claims she does not want anyone to know its her, but what is her true motive.

Earthquake: General: Earthquake is told he will be paid for killing a demon. Earthquake accepts the job. Little did he know the dangers he would continuously face because of this.

Shizumaru Hisame: General: His story begins with his father, Zankuro. Who went mad with power and began killing left and right. But when he went up to Shizumaru who he did not know was his son he could not kill him. After that in Samurai Showdown 2 Haohmaru took Shizumaru under his wing and taught him how to fight. Then in Samurai Showdown 3 Shizumaru was ready to fight for himself.

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Kazuki Kazama: General: Kazuki abandoned his ninja clan to rescue his sister Hazuki from Amakusa. But now he must eliminate his now elixed older brother. His quest has shift from killing his brother to finding a cure for him. But destiny might confront him with his brother before he can find it.

Sogetsu Kazama: General: Sogetsu is part of the same clan Kazuki ran away from and he has been assigned to kill Amakusa and his brother Kazuki. Though does not wish to kill his brother, and elixir he was given controls his will. The only way to end this might be to kill his brother.

Zankuro Minazuki: General: Zankuro was a heartless demon that would ruthlessly slaughter off villages leaving a trail of blood everywhere he went. But one day when he was about to kill a peasant woman holding on to her crying baby she pled for Zankuro's mercy. And when he saw that baby he found his true calling in life, and it was to test his skills on the true warriors instead of helpless civilians.

Namco & Hudson Soft Characters: 26

Paul Phoenix: General: Hotheaded biker with experience in Judo and other marital arts. Has been in every Tekken tournament to date. Paul went undefeated through the entire The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 and was even victorious against Ogre. Swelling with pride, Paul returned home. However, Paul’s happy ending was short-lived. Unknown to Paul, Ogre morphed into his second form - True Ogre - and the tournament continued after his departure. Although Paul asserted that he was the true champion of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, few believed him and even those that did eventually grew tired of his attitude. Friends and admirers slowly disappeared, and his dojo eventually went out of business from the lack of students. One day, Paul came across a newspaper flyer announcing The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4. Burning with the desire to win this Tournament, he decides to give it his all once again to prove that he is the one true champion, once and for all. He had to win!

Ogre/ True Ogre: General: A legendary beast who came into the path of the third Tekken tournament.

Yoshimitsu: General: As the leader of the Manji Party, Yoshimitsu dedicated himself to providing food, medical assistance, and shelter to the ever-increasing number of political refugees around the world. Unfortunately, with a constant lack of necessary funding and manpower, Yoshimitsu was unsure about the future of his organization. When Yoshimitsu heard about The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, he envisioned a union between the Manji Party and the Mishima Zaibatsu. With this dream in mind, Yoshimitsu decides to enter the Tournament immediately. He must defeat Heihachi Mishima at any cost.

Lee Chaolan/ Violet: General: After he betrayed Heihachi and sided with Kazuya at The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2, Lee was expelled from the Mishima Zaibatsu. For quite sometime, thoughts of revenge consumed Lee. Eventually, he realized that it was pointless to kill an old man who probably had only a few years left in his life at best. With that realization, Lee distanced himself from fighting and moved to a mansion in the Bahamas to lead a solitary life. One day, he discovered a huge sell-off of G Corporation’s stock online. Lee’s intuition told him that something happened within the company. His intuition was correct. He hacked into their classified computer network and accessed their internal corporate communications. Lee learned that the Mishima Zaibatsu attacked G Corporation and caused significant damage to their research facilities. He also came across information that a new life form under development by the Mishima Zaibatsu would be completed by next year. In order to complete the life form, however, it appeared that they were missing a critical component... Oddly enough, an announcement was made for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4 around the same time. Lee’s fading passion for fighting was rekindled - along with his resentment towards the Mishima clan. In order to prevent the Mishima Zaibatsu from discovering his true identity, Lee signed up for the Tournament online under a false name. As an additional measure to mask his identity, he dyed his gleaming silver hair purple.

Kazuya Mishima: General: Once thought to be dead after being thrown into a volcano, Kazuya is one of the most feared fighters of the Tekken tournament. As the son of Heihachi Mishima, Kazuya uses his family's style of marital arts (Mishima style). He once found love from Jun Kazama, and they had a son, Jin. Kazuya has a long time standing rivalry between his father, Heihachi. He is also the master of the famous "Electric Wind Godfist."

Jin Kazama: General: At the age of 15, Jin found out that he was Kazuya Mishima's son. At the same time, he lost his mother, Jun Kazama. Jin trained himself under the supervision of Heihachi with the intention of defeating the "God of Fight", who is supposed to have killed his mother. Heihachi was not only his grandfather, but also a reliable teacher. Four years have passed. Having mastered the Kazama style of Judo and Mishima style fighting karate, Jin starts to take action as a martial artist.

Heihachi Mishima: General: Heihachi is Kazuya's father and Jin Kazama” grandfather. He owns an enterprise, and discovered the ruins of Ogre. Heihachi retrieved the Mishima Financial Empire by defeating his son in The King of Iron Fist Tournament 2. Heihachi failed to capture Ogre. He made his researchers collect blood and tissue left behind by Ogre and attempted to create a new life form by combining its genetic material with his own. The experiment failed, however, and Heihachi learned that he lacked the Devil Gene necessary to integrate Ogre’s genome into his. In order to obtain the Devil Gene, Heihachi searched for Jin, who transformed into a devil during the last Tournament. During the search, Heihachi learned that the body of his son, Kazuya - whom he killed 20 years ago - was stored at a cutting-edge biotech firm called G Corporation. Heihachi ordered his Tekken Force to raid G Corporation in an attempt to obtain Kazuya’s remains. They obliterated G Corporation’s laboratory, and the mission appeared to be successful. …That was until Kazuya, revived by G Corporation, retaliated and caused the mission to fail. Heihachi needed Kazuya or Jin’s body to create the new life form. After much deliberation, an evil smile crept onto Heihachi’s lips. The next day, an announcement was made for The King of Iron Fist Tournament 4, with the Mishima Zaibatsu as the prize.

Eddy Gordo: General: Son of a wealthy industrialist in Brazil, Eddy seeks revenge against the "Organization" that took over his father's life and unjustly put him in prison.. Eddy joined the tournament with the intention of taking over the Mishima Financial Empire so that he can use its resources against the Organization.

Christie Monteiro: General: Christie is the granddaughter of the Capoeira master who taught Eddy Gordo the art of Capoeira during his incarceration in prison. While in prison, Eddy swore an oath to the master to pass on the art of Capoeira to his granddaughter. Eddy sought out Christie shortly after his return from The King of Iron Fist Tournament 3 and taught her the art of Capoeira, just as he promised his master. After only two years of tutelage, Eddy turned Christie into an impressive fighter. But soon thereafter, Eddy abruptly disappeared; leaving Christie only with the words, "I must seek vengeance against the enemy responsible for the death of my father." Troubled by his sudden and mysterious disappearance, Christie chases after Eddy with her only lead — The WGFT (World’s Greatest Fighter Tournament).

Raven: General: Raven, an International intelligence organization operative, is rumored to be the best and most cruel agent. None of his background information such as his nationality, age or history is clear. Nothing is known about Raven except that he has an X scar on his face. He witnessed Heihachi Mishima being terminated by the self-destruct explosion attack of 'Jack Force' in his investigation towards Mishima Zaibatsu and G Company. After that, someone announced The King of Iron Fist Tournament 5. Raven decided to enter the tournament and find out the hidden truth behind the tournament.

Asuka Kazama: General: Asuka has been taught the Kazama Style Ancient Martial Arts by her father since she was an innocent child. Due to her sense of justice, she likes to intervene in any troubles and got to be known as a meddler in her city of Osaka. One day, when she came home, students of her Kazama dojo looked troubled. She found out a Chinese Martial artist appeared and had fought her father, who was now hospitalized with severe injuries. A few days later, a detective of the Hong Kong international police this fighter would compete in The King of Iron Fist Tournament told Asuka. Asuka made the decision to enter the tournament.

01-31-2005, 03:39 AM
Yugo Ogami: General: Yugo's quest to uncover the mysterious circumstances of his father's death led him to Tylon Corporation's secret research institution. He learns that his father was kidnapped and forced to become a test subject for Tylon's zoanthrope weapons plans. To avenge his father, Yugo destroys the research institute together with Gado. After surveying the destruction of the research facility, Yugo found a young boy in the midst of the smoke and rubble. Instincts told Yugo that the boy was a man-made zoanthrope - probably the result of a Tylon Corporation experiment. Together with the boy, whom Yugo named "Kenji", Yugo returned to Japan and continued his professional boxing career. Though he keeps his zoanthrope nature a secret, the life of a boxer satisfies Yugo's fighting instincts well. Kenji has no memory of his life before Yugo, but seems happy to be under his care. All is well until one day; a man who claims to be the scientific genius, Busuzima, who is responsible for the experiments of the man-made zoanthrope assassins, abducts Kenji right before Yugo’s eyes. Apparently, Kenji is the sole successor to Tylon's former top assassin, Bakuryu. Yugo is thrusted into another dangerous quest - this time to save a young boy whose future lies in his hands.

Alice Tsukagami: General: a secret research institution that conspired to use zoanthropes as assault weapons kidnapped her. Her latent powers as a beast were awakened in their experiments. She escaped from the institution just before a brainwashing that would have left her as a combat automaton. A girl named Uriko, who was with Alice at the institution, failed to get away during the escape. Alice decided to fight back against the institution to save Uriko. With the help of Mitsuko, Uriko's mother, Alice manages to save Uriko and escape to safety. The three then set out to lead a happy peaceful life as a family. Since then, Alice has graduated from high school and left home to study and become a nurse. During her training at the hospital she interns at, she is again confronted with her past by an encounter with Yugo Ogami. Yugo has been sent to the ER for treatment for some serious wounds. Before the doctors can examine him, he rushes out of the ER but not before bumping into Alice. Though Alice is somewhat excited to see him again, Yugo is in too much of a hurry to talk and catch up with her. On her way home after this unexpected encounter, a mysterious woman who seems to know all about her past confronts Alice. This woman informs her that Yugo is in serious trouble and gives Alice a piece of paper that contains information on Yugo's whereabouts. Watching Alice disappear in the distance, the mysterious woman whispers, "Phew, finally she took the bait. I haven't been on a mission like this in a long time. What's next...” Alice is also Uriko's cousin...

Long Shen: General: For Long, zoanthropism, which ironically was discovered by his scientific father, is a curse that has brought nothing but tragedy to his family and his life. The blood and battles from serving as one of Tylon Corporation's top assassin left deep wounds in Long's mental state. Overcome with despair, Long decided to alienate himself from the rest of the world and live in isolation in a cave deep in the mountains of China. Long had no idea how long it had been since he entered the dark cave. In the dark, however, he still struggled to find peace of mind. Something continued to stir within his soul. Was it the power of the beast? Did he make the wrong decision? Suddenly one day, Long heard someone trying to pry away the boulders he had used to seal the cave. It was Uriko. This time, a man who looked like Long and who used the same type of Kenpo fighting style had abducted her mother. Uriko had sought out Long in hopes of learning his Kenpo so that she may save her mother. Long realized what had been bothering him. He had to go after this mysterious man.

Shen Long: General: Shen Long was the leader of the Beasts' Liberation army. Many have tried to capture him because they think he is the most dangerous Zoanthrope in existence. No one knows anything about his past, but he doesn't care. He just believes in who he is now and throws himself into the machinations of the underworld. He is proud to be a Zoanthrope, and has entered the tournament to show off his power. Yes, he is a clone of Long Shen.

Uriko Nonomura: General: Interested in Uriko's zoanthrope abilities, the Tylon Corporation abducted her when she was still a small child. Thanks to her mother, Mitsuko, and friend, Alice, Uriko was able to escape safely from the Tylon research institute. To protect Uriko and also hide their zoanthrope abilities from the public, Uriko, Mitsuko and Alice establish a peaceful life among normal people. (Bloody Roar 1 Ending) One day when Uriko was coming home late from school, she found several strange men surrounding her mother in front of the store they owned and operated. The men were trying to force Mitsuko to join the Zoanthrope Rights Movement. To help her mother, Uriko tried using her zoanthrope abilities, but the years had made her weak and instead she turned into a helpless cat. She found it difficult to move in this strange form, let alone fight against the group of men. This time it was her mother that would be abducted right before her eyes. Uriko thought she saw some resemblance between the man who appeared to be the leader and Long, a man she once knew long ago. But the man who abducted her mother seemed to have a darker, more violent nature about him. Later that night, a strange woman who seems to blend into the darkness approaches Uriko. She says she came to warn Uriko and her mother of the Zoanthrope Rights Movement and the men that were out to get them. This woman tells her that the leader of the Movement is Shen Long, and that he has mastered, maybe even more powerfully, the same Kenpo as Long. Uriko is now determined to find Long and learn his Kenpo style in order to save her mother.

Alan Gado: General: Knowing that people are frightened of the beast-men's extreme fighting strength, Gado works to reconcile the misunderstandings between humans and beast-men as the United Nations high-commissioner. Gado himself has a sign of the mark. Now he has flung off his fame and position to enter the battlefield in the name of this cause. He is also Shina's foster father...

Bakuryu: General: A young boy who already carries a dark past. As the sole successor of the master of the Kato School of Ninjutsu, he carried much weight on his still small shoulders. From the time he could remember, his days and nights were filled with hours of grueling training in which the object was always to kill. Then there were the brainwashing sessions. The cold, annoying voice - the man who claimed he could brainwash him into being a top assassin. The only glimpse of a family life he's ever experienced is the brief time he spent under Yugo's care. When Yugo found him, he had lost his memory and the ability to speak. But in his days with Yugo, the boy seemed to slowly regain his humanity and show signs of a normal boy his age, until one day, the man with the voice appeared before him. The first sounds he uttered in years were a scream when he saw the man with the small slivery eyes, the large mouth with thin lips, and the long reptile-like tongue. "How've you been little boy, or should I say "Bakuryu"? I've been looking for you..."

Hajime Busuzima: General: Busuzima is a scientific genius who is fascinated with experiments using live subjects, such as animals, humans and zoanthropes. He is the mastermind behind top assassins of the Tylon Corporation, including Uriko, Bakuryu and Shen Long. Though he worked for the Tylon research institute, Busuzima was never interested in Tylon's cause. He only worked for the conglomerate because it gave him easy access to the most sophisticated technology and equipment and the chance to experiment with live subjects. Through the years of experimenting with artificial zoanthropes, Busuzima altered his own genes and has perfected his zoanthrope abilities.

Jenny Burtory: General: Only a handful of people in the world know that Jenny Burtory lives the secret life of a special operations spy. At one time, she worked for the government for millions of dollars. Now, even as a freelance spy, the few organizations and powers that know about her seek her help constantly. Jenny takes on assignments as she pleases - some for millions of dollars and others for nothing. This type of whimsical behavior and the fact that her past is shrouded in secret (how she became a top spy, no one knows) makes her an even more mysterious character. One day, Jenny is called to meet another man of mystery - Gado. At his request, they meet in the room of a first-class, historic hotel. Though as a rule Jenny doesn't accept personal requests for work, she is willing to make an exception for the man she is much indebted to. Gado hires Jenny to search out a list of people and escort them to a secret meeting place. Every name on the list is a person with beast abilities, but who lives in hiding - their beast abilities are kept secret from the world. As Jenny scanned the list, she recognized some of the names and wondered if Gado knew...

01-31-2005, 03:40 AM
Shina (Jane Gado)/Marvel: General: At first, father was furious. All the other mercenaries in the room were shaken by his booming voice, but she didn't even blink. "But daddy, you're never home, so I decided to come see you." No one could believe that a 10-year-old girl cut across a war front just because she missed her father. It was no wonder her father was upset. The mercenaries who hardly ever show emotion bowled over in laughter as they watched this young girl control their leader. From that day forward, the girl never left her father's side. She ignored her father's orders to stay back where it was safer. She learned how to handle weapons and how to fight by watching and copying her father and the other mercenaries. Her father continued to complain, but actually, he was surprised at how skillful she was, and how fast she learned. She was only a little girl, but had the war skills of an expert - maybe even better. Eventually none of the well-trained mercenaries met up to her skill. "It's true. Using a false name, Gado was a part of the Peace Army. However, he's been AWOL for quite some time. We have no idea where he is now." Shina's eyes narrowed involuntarily as she read the message on the screen. It was the same expression that her father, Gado, had when he faced a strategically problem. "Your father is a legend, a "war professional" among mercenaries and it's no secret that he is a "beast". Recent actions of the Beast Freedom Front indicate they are no longer just another terrorist group, but rather a high-level organization. I'm sure you understand why people may find you suspicious." Shina's expression grew stern as she recalled her leader's words. After finally giving up on raising his daughter in a non-military environment, Gado placed her in a mercenary group led by a friend. He would not allow the emotions of a father-daughter relationship to enter the war zone, so he chose to live in separation. But I always believed we were connected no matter where we were. I didn't worry when I heard you were missing in South American mission because I could feel you were alive and well somewhere. But this time, it's different. Something bad is about to happen. Is it really you behind the Beast Freedom Front? How come you won't contact me? It's not like you to use a false name, and even if it was just a false front, it's not like you to leave in the middle of a mission. I'd go anywhere, if only you'd tell me where. I already know you're not my real father, but I don't care. Where are you? What are you doing? Sweeping away all of her thoughts, Shina suddenly stood up. Unlike her father who was always calm and never emotional, Shina believed in instinct and that instinct would find the way.

Stun (Steven Goldberg): General: When Stun finally awoke; he couldn't quite remember where he was. The pounding headache and dull pain throughout his body didn't help either. Where am I?... At first he thought that maybe he had fallen asleep in the lab, but as he began to make out the things around him, he knew that couldn't be true. The sterile lab would never have this much dust. As his eyes adjusted to the light and he was able to see more, his memory slowly began to come back to him. That's right... this is the abandoned factory. It's where I've been hiding, ever since I escaped from the lab... "Please! You've got to believe me! Busuzima is conducting live experiments right here!" "Calm down, Goldberg." How many years has it been? At the time, Stun was a world-renown, leading scientist. After joining the pharmaceutical division of Tylon, he conducted in leading edge DNA experiments. Analyzing human DNA, dissecting DNA code, "Factor B" - Stun loved his work. "Busuzima is injecting humans with Factor B! That's not all! He's also kidnapping humans who genetically have Factor B and is..." At first Stun was shocked to learn about the immoral experiments his colleague, Hajime Busuzima, was conducting. He couldn't remain silent now that he knew about the secret lab where Busuzima kidnapped people called "beasts" and injected others to create artificial "beasts". As Busuzima's supervisor, Stun felt it was his responsibility to report everything to his mentor, Dr. Maxwell. "I saw it with my very own eyes! Busuzima has a secret lab... and he's conducting these atrocious experiments..." "Hmm, well we certainly have a problem." Maxwell said as he narrowed his eyes. "We can't let this go on any longer. These poor people. We must stop him!" "You just don't understand do you Goldberg." "Doctor! No, not you!" "That lab is Tylon's top secret. It's not something we allow many of our own employees to see. I'll have to speak to security about this." By this time, Stun became aware of the men that had entered the room who had approached and grabbed him by the sides. "Busuzima is smart, but he's still just another employee. What made you think he could build a top secret lab on his own?" Stun's memory was filled with nothing but bitterness. All my work, everything I've lived for was probably being used for their human experiments. I'm just as guilty. I was prepared for them to kill me, but instead, look what they've done... Stun was grateful that there were no mirrors or glass in the abandoned factory. Right now, there was nothing more than he hated most - his own reflection. "Hey there Stun, buddy! How's it going', hmm?" Stun tried to scream out in anger as soon as he saw Busuzima's face as he was regaining consciousness, but only this strange-pressured cry came out from his mouth. "Oops! Is there something wrong with your throat, pal? Relax, we'll take care of you - now that you're special to us." Stun wanted to break Busuzima's neck, but his hands and feet were tightly strapped down. "Do you want to know why you’re so special? Remember your lab report? 'The mechanism that turns humans into beasts can be combined to create a new species far from any human we now know.' So, I tried it! On none other than... you!" Stun didn't recognize the reflection in the mirror that Busuzima held up to his face. His skin was like plastic and what was that thing on his head... "Insects are completely different from mammals. I thought for sure your body would have a bad rejection reaction and you would keel over. But, it's a wee bit too early to be sure, you know. After all, you are the world's first "Insect Beast" and your body is extremely unstable right now. Without frequent doses of this special serum I've created, you're a goner." Busuzima was right. My condition is unstable. A fusion of insect and human - Stun's physical appearance was something that ignored all the laws of nature. A hard beetle-like protrusion and inhuman agility. In general, insects and humans are not alike in any way, shape or form - the forces within Stun's body would continue to fight, each rejecting the other. Stun was in excruciating pain. The serum they would inject would dull the pain for a short while, but Stun knew that was not for his benefit. "Looks like the serum worked, eh? Well now that you've come to, why don't you take a look at the results of my genius experiment!" Another young man in restraints like Stun was brought before him. "This is a subject that was brought from England. He was born with some special DNA. That's right, he's the wild version of the "beasts" you experimented with. And this special serum here is..." "Aaagh!" "Ah, you remember this? Yyeess! It's the experimental serum you created! What do you think will happen if I inject this baby into this one here?" Don't! That's not ready yet! It was for test-tube experiments only. It's not ready for live subjects! No matter how hard Stun tried, he couldn't get the words to come out of his mouth. "What is it Stun? You're the one who created this, right? I'm doing you a favor. We'll find out whether it really works or not!" The serum had exactly the effects that Stun had predicted. Before his eyes, Stun saw a human body go into extreme pain and mutilation. This isn't what... I didn't create that for this... not to be used like this... Busuzima continued many experiments like this before Stun's eyes, while laughing at him. Experiment after experiment, Stun was tortured with the struggle of feelings of guilt and regret. Stun lost count of how many people lost their freedom and became Busuzima's victims. When the secret lab was attacked and destroyed (Bloody Roar 1 Ending), Stun managed to escape. But there was no place in the world for someone who was neither human nor insect. Hiding his appearance with a hat and gauze, the only way for Stun to live was in hiding. He desperately searched for ways to return himself to normal, but... I don't think my body can withstand this much longer... The special serum that he desperately needed to stay alive was running out. Just as Busuzima had said, without the serum, Stun's body would eat away at itself. Even if Stun wanted to create more serum, he couldn't collect the needed elements. The serum contained large doses of hormones from the human body. Unless he wasted human life like Busuzima, he could not create any more serum. The fusion was affecting Stun's windpipes and vocal cords as well. He couldn't utter a sound without enduring any pain. Perhaps the only thing I have left is to wait for death. But Stun couldn't end his own life. He still felt responsible for those that suffered Busuzima's experiments, and death seemed like an easy way out. If only he could seek revenge - not just for himself, but for all the other victims as well. His hatred for Busuzima was the only thing that drove to him to keep going.

01-31-2005, 03:43 AM
Xion: General: There is a relic called "The Tabula of the Thousand Beasts". This tabula, once obtained, will bestow all the power of the beast-men to onto one beast-man. The tabula is sealed and protected by a curse. Xion is the only living being who can unseal the tabula and unleash its power. He believes in this power and dreams of becoming an all-powerful being. He has entered the Champions' tournament to show off his power.

Cronos: General: Cronos is the prince of the Zoanthrope kingdom, and his life long goal is to ensure peace between humans and Zoanthropes. Ganesha is Cronos' right hand man, and he too wants to see peace, but he has many bad feelings towards humans. King Orion is Cronos' father, and his mother is Uranus.

Ganesha: General: Ganesha is from a tribal Indian group. He is big, and powerful, and is Cronos’ bodyguard. His strength comes in handy while protecting Cronos. He simply entered the tournament to serve as Cronos’ bodyguard.

Uranus: General: TYRON changed Uriko into the strongest artificial beast-man machine in existence, although she has lost the power to transform. Is there something inside of here that will awaken, or had anyone made a clone of her? Uranus had the fate to be both the wife of the Master of the sky and the mother of the Master of time, Cronos...

01-31-2005, 03:45 AM
Back in her castle Morrigan Aensland wondered about Demitri Maximov grand plan. At the last time they saw each other it was at the 5th Darkstalkers Tournament for the title Leader of the Makai. She tied with Demitri, and the rules state the ultimate Show down must take place. For some reason the evil Vampire had postponed his battle farther and farther. She just knew he was planning something, and was frightened to think of what it could be.

Suddenly behind her Lilith appeared. She stared at Morrigan for a while, and then she began to wonder, “When I became the evil of Morrigan, did I make Morrigan more sensitive.” She just wondered until she decided to search Morrigan’s mind. It was completely filled with thoughts of the last Darkstalkers Tournament, and Demitri Maximov.

Lilith finally says, were going to fight, right now, I want to prove to you that I am not the afterthought, but the real deal. Lilith lunges at Morrigan, and connects with a combo of 13 hits. Morrigan finally stands up, and a real fight begins. Just as Lilith prepares for her finishing blow POOF, the room was empty.

Just then a blinding light appeared and they were gone. When they opened their eyes, they were outside a humongous dome. Suddenly other fighters Morrigan and Lilith recognized where there. Ryu, Ken, Demitri, and others were there.

Ryo and Iori had finally found a place to settle the feud. It was time for the battle of destiny. Ryo used his Demon Scorcher, Iori countered with his. Ryo jumped as high as he could. Iori had a surprise in store though. Using the glare of the sun to his advantage, he enveloped himself in his flames. Ryo cam down at a great speed to bash in Iori’s face, and enter a combo, but was damaged by the flames around Iori.

They were so concentrated on their battle, they did not notice the fact that they were in another area until Terry Bogard walked up to them, and stopped the fight.

“This isn’t the place to fight, save it,” Terry told them.

Suddenly more people appeared. It was baffling to everyone.

Meanwhile the cause to this were two psychic pokemon greats. Mewtwo and Deoxys. They were both laughing at their plan to become the most powerful creatures on earth.

Mewtwo began to talk to Deoxys, “Ha, those fools do not know why they were assembled here, we will find our host soon, as the quest to find the strongest body in the world begins. Deoxys it is time. Take your illusion in the form of a human. We must start phase one now!”

“Yes, the time is now Mewtwo,” Deoxys replied.
Once their human illusions were completed they proceeded to calm the crowd down.

“Fighters from various places, my name is Mack Mew, you have been assembled here for a tournament to find the strongest fighter ever. This tournament will be 1-person battle elimination. Winner of the match advances, and the ultimate winner will be decided in the final round. However this is different from the tournaments most of you know. My colleague Mr. Devonte Deox shall explain,” said the disguised Mewtwo told the fighters.

“Yes, I am Devonte Deox, and this tournament will use a type of twist. Pokemon spirits, which will make you, adjust your style of fighting. You can fight wild pokemon on this island to hopefully raise your bond with your pokemon spirit. Once this spirit reaches a certain level of bond with its host it shall evolve to its next form, making you stronger, and able to learn new strategies, and attacks with your spirit. Once everyone receives their spirit, you will have 3 weeks to train with your spirits. There are many surprises that await you, but you must figure them out for yourself. Line up single file to receive your spirit.”

Everyone lined up and waited, and after they got their spirit, they were released. (The following is a list of who got what.)

Capcom Characters: (26)

Demitri Maximov: Eevee
Morrigan Aensland: Zubat
Lilith Aensland: Zubat
Jon Talbain / Gallon: Nidoran male
Victor von Gerdenheim: Slakoth
Donovan: Trapinch
Ken Masters: Squirtle
Ryu: Charmander
Chun Li: Tyrogue
Blanka: Eevee
Sagat: Zangoose
Adon: Seviper
Master Bison: Natu
Alex: Heracross
Yun: Lunatone
Yang: Solrock
Gouki/ Akuma: Houndour
Cody: Mankey
Guy: Scyther
Mike Haggar: Munchlax
Zangief: Machop
Sakura Kasugano: Growlithe
Birdie: Poliwag
Rose: Ralts
Natsu Ayuhara: Exeggacute
Hinata Wataba: Krabby

SNK & Virtual Fighters Characters: (30)
Terry Bogard: Slugma
Andy Bogard: Sneasel
Joe Higashi: Corphish
Billy Kane: Spearow
Geese Howard: Pidgey
Ryuji Yamazaki: Nincada
Jeffrey Mcwild: Azurill
Sarah Bryant: Snubble
Wolf Hawkfeild: Teddiursa
Vanessa Lewis: Shroomish
Brad Burns: Tyrogue
Goh Hinogami: Absol
Mai: Voltorb
Genjuro Kibagami: Bagon
Haohmaru: Dratini
Blue Mary: Nidoran female
Kyo Kusanagi: Cyndaquil
Rock Howard: Rattata
Shiki: Misdreavus
Ralf: Tentacool
Clark: Psyduck
Iori: Torchic
Ryo Sakazaki: Bulbasuar
Robert Garcia: Phanpy
Mr. Karate/Yuri Sakazaki: Treeko
Earthquake: Rhyhorn
Shizumaru Hisame: Oddish
Kazuki Kazama: Torkoal
Sogetsu Kazama: Luvdisc
Zankuro Minazuki: Magnemite

Namco & Hudson Soft Characters: 26
Paul Phoenix: Koffing
Ogre/ True Ogre: Areodactyl
Yoshimitsu: Abra
Lee Chaolan/ Violet: Spheal
Kazuya Mishima: Larvitar
Jin Kazama: Elekid
Heihachi Mishima: Mareep
Eddy Gordo: Tyrogue
Christie Monteiro: Tyrogue
Raven: Beldum
Asuka Kazama: Pichu
Yugo Ogami: Sandshrew
Alice Tsukagami: Ledyba
Long Shen: Zigzagoon
Shen Long: Zigzagoon
Uriko Nonomura: Smoochum
Alan Gado: Geodude
Bakuryu: Nincada
Hajime Busuzima: Kecleon
Jenny Burtory: Whismur
Shina (Jane Gado)/Marvel: Kangaskan
Stun (Steven Goldberg): Pinsir
Xion: Feebas
Cronos: Porygon
Ganesha: Onix
Uranus: Roselia

01-31-2005, 03:46 AM
Ryu went straight to training even though the spirit acceptance was a long painful tiring experience. He began meditating for a long time to communicate with his soul, and gain a concept. He then went into the wild for training.

Sakura and Hinata had followed him trying to ask him a question, but they were using a lot of strength just to follow him.

Ryu ran into a dark forest, filled with nocturnal pokemon, ready to attack. There was mist in the air, and the trees swayed almost evilly. Ryu was hit by a flash of white, and sent flying. He regained his composure in mid air, and flipped safely to the ground. He couldn’t see a thing besides bushes, and trees.

Suddenly his eyesight became blurred, and he saw it. The thing that attacked him was an Absol.

“How did I know that was an Absol, and how can I see,” he thought.

“Because of me, your spirit,” said a soft voice. “I can’t have my host getting killed, lets make short work of this Absol, so I can gain experience, and our bond can become stronger. Or you can absorb his energy, establishing a bond with him, that will make him sort of a friend, but you can only use that so many times, because it takes my energy. I gain energy from experience though, also sometimes I will fail to absorb the energy, because of the Pokemon’s will to stay, it does not cost experience then” the Charmander spirit continued.

“Alright, I got it, lets go,” Ryo told his spirit.

Ryu ran for the Absol and yelled “Hadoken.” A ball of Fiery Ki, the color of fire, developed in his hand, and he shot it at Absol.

Absol jumped to dodge, but his leg was hit. Injured it muttered, “I can’t beat them, but I sense a weaker presence in the front of the forest,” and dashed off, slower than before, but still pretty face.

Ryu was frightened by what the Absol would do to the weaker presence and dashed after Absol. He felt faster than normal, and asked his spirit, “Is this one of my bonuses, the new speed.”

“Yep, there are others that I am sure we will discover as well,” It replied.

When Ryu saw Absol, with a group, he stopped to see whom he was attacking. He heard Sakura’s voice crying in pain. With another girl, bleeding very badly. Ryu’s rage unlocked a basic combination move, Ember-Hadoken. Ryu yelled ember Hadoken, while moving his hand back and forth, one always in the opposite position of the other one. The right hand shot out Hadoken blast, the other shot out embers. His hands started moving faster, and faster until the blast were coming out like machine guns.

Suddenly he stopped, he felt his stomach, and looked down, a gapping hole had been stabbed in the back by an Absol, much stronger than the rest. It seemed to be the leader. Ryu fell down, defeated by one blow.

Sakura’s spirit awoke, and with great speed she began punching the leader, and the only one fighting of two Absols. Extreme Speed Combo is the move she performed, the other Absol tried to attack but Hinata stopped him using Crab-hammer Kick, with great speed, and power, her leg smashed into the already weak Absol’s side, knocking it out.

The move was still battering the leader Absol, when it used double team, to get away from Sakura. It used Confuse Ray to turn Sakura and Hinata against each other, and sat back, watching them fight.

Ryu, who still had some energy left in his body, used his remaining energy to stand up. He had almost no balance, almost as if he were drunk. He somehow made it over to the weak, but recovering Absol, who found Ryu’s attempt to fight very amusing, and began to attack.

Absol had way too much energy left to be hit by such slow attacks, and toyed around with Ryu for a while.

Suddenly, Ryu lunged at Absol with all his remaining energy and grabbed him. Sakura, and Hinata punched each other at the same time, before snapping out of confusion. They saw what Ryu was doing, and with their newly learned moves they finished the Absol.

The battle was over. All three of their spirits had gained a lot of experience, and their bond had become pretty good. Using each other for support, they made it back to their rooms, Ryu the last one to get back, and got some much needed rest.

The first week was filled with cases like this, and then people became really close with their spirits, and even others.

In the middle of the second week, Ryu, and his now Charmeleon spirit, Genjuro and his Bagon spirit, and Christie with her evolved Hitmontop spirit went traveling into the rock woods, Christie wanted the Nincada for energy absorb, and Genjuro wanted Rhyhorn for the very same reason, Ryu just wanted to battle.

Soon finding a Rhyhorn, Genjuro ran after it, but in fear it borrowed into the ground. The group jumped down in the hole after it. It had a friend with it ready for the battle this time, a Nincada.

Yet again they lunged at it, but it fled. Stuck in this whole they all began to blame each other. The arguing was so loud and intense; they did not hear the sound of the Rhyhorn, and Nincada charging.

BAM! The group was sent flying. Christie, using her Capoeira style, and the spinning ability of Hitmontop, even while landing on her head almost no damage was taken.

Ryu ran, jumped, and flipped, coming down as a huge fireball. It was headed toward Nincada, but Rhyhorn took the blow for it. Genjuro used his 18 slashes of fury, with the added power from the hardness of Bagon’s head, and Rhyhorn slumped over.

Suddenly glowing, his spirit became Shelgon, a creature with even more power than Bagon. He felt even more rage in his heart, and his 5 card surrounded him, he rose while spinning rapidly, it somehow created the illusion of a dragon, mouth wide open, about to engulf you. As the impact happened dust blew everywhere

When the silhouette had disappeared, the dust settled, and the damage had been done, everyone was hurt. Genjuro hadn’t planned on the attack, but the rage of a dragon had somehow channeled his power into a crushing blow.

A man appeared, and challenged the three; he said he could win with the help of the pokemon known as Rhyhorn, and Nincada. Ryu thought the man was crazy, but nonetheless they accepted, even though him, his teammates, and the pokemon were injured. The man healed the pokemon, and the battle began

The man had incredible speed that he could even transfer to his teammates. The man, and the two pokemon where moving together at such an incredible speed. They would punch, slash, ram, kick, and there was nothing that Ryu, Christie, or Genjuro could do to block or retaliate.

Little did the man, or anyone else know, the spirits were somehow getting experience from every blow, causing the powers of Ryu, Christie, or Genjuro to rise. The abuse they were taking lasted for what seemed like to them months, but it had only been two days, they, had been knocked unconscious many times, but never all 3 at the same time, and that was why the match kept going.

They man finally had used all his energy; the near dead bodies fell as soon as the man stopped moving. All Ryu spirit needed though was for him to make a successful attack. If that happened, he could evolve; the others would only gain energy though.

“I’m going to numb your body, and that should make you able to get up, you will only have 15 seconds to make a successful attack, and if you do I shall evolve, that would be enough for you to turn this battle around, but if you don’t you will in 15 second fall unconscious. Do you understand this? Ok let’s try this plan,” the spirit told Ryu.

Ryu was able to get up. He lunged at the man, and punched, and it was countered, he was thrown to the ground. 8 seconds left. He gets up, and limps over to Rhyhorn. Time is up, and he falls while swinging his arm, the arm still hit Rhyhorn, luckily initiating the evolution.

Ryu glowed, suddenly the cave got hot, and fire started erupting from the ground. Ryu started to float, and the evolution was completed, Ryu was full of energy, so much that he was able to give his teammates some, and then he let them rest. Ryu also now had the ability to fly.

He could make fire erupt from any point in the ground with a simple motion.

“Deoxys and Mewtwo, Group Ryu is ready, my people have reached their full potential of their spirits,” the old man said.

Ryu was simply baffled, and said, “I’m going to finish this now.” He said, he picked up his teammates and nodded his head gently, fire engulfed the man, and the pokemon, shooting straight up, then dissipated.

The Rhyhorn stumbled, and then fell, knocked out, followed by Nincada.

The Man smiled, and said, “You weak fools cannot beat me. Ready for more.” He got back into his fighting stance, and fell straight down, unconscious.

Genjuro limped over to the man, and stuck his sword in the man’s back; he peeled some skin to reveal that the man was a robot. Constructed with the fighting patterns of all the fighters on the island, so he knew how to best counter them.

“Lets do what we came to do now,” Genjuro then said. Genjuro and Christie walked over to the pokemon, Genjuro to Rhyhorn, and Christie to Nincada. They put their hands on the pokemon and began to try and absorb the energy. Did they succeed?

*Note: The characters absorbing the Pokemon’s energy are this stories equivalent to catching a pokemon in a normal story.

Jack of Clovers
02-03-2005, 04:45 AM
which character are you? both Genjuro and Christie are catching Pokemon but i thought the main character was Ryu...

story: wow, lotsa details on characters. i read the start and scanned the rest until the actually story part. it's just so much. i will find time to read all the characters.

grammer: good

detail: good.

battle: very interesting. i like it, reminds me of Shaman King.

realty: well, it's obviously not Pokemon real. lol. i like the idea.

tips: i wonder who wins the tourney? the story length was short, but because of the character detail, i'll give you the double catch.

Outcome- Rhyhorn and Nincada Caught!


02-12-2005, 11:51 PM
W00t, well Ryu is like my ALL TIME favorite character in a fighting game, and for this chapter he was the main character but in the next chapters the main characters sorta switch like next chapter


1st Match of Round one is Mike Haggar vs. Zangief (mispelled, but wont be in the story)

11-23-2005, 12:35 AM
Well i worked on chapter 2 of this and then left so chapter 2 is soon coming.