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Monkey Boy
08-10-2007, 12:08 AM
Poke Battle Feturing 1.Fighting Fire Phycic Eletric Dragon and Flying Vs
2.Grass Bug Posion Dark Ghost Water Vs.
3.Rock Ground Steel And any others I didnt Mention
You Have 3 Pokemon Switchs 1 main ( Your Favroite) then 2 other pokemon
:thpoke_156: Pikachu
:thpoke_249: Charzard
:thpoke_249: Mew
Im In Group 1

Leader Of Each Team is when the first two pepole that say this info and first and has the BEST LEADER SHIP YET get to be leader
1.Leader: Monkey Boy
2. leader:
Co Leader:
Co Leader

Co Leader is for if a Leader is Leaving for 6 days and he says here then co captain Take Charge same rules for being Leader
( No Co Leader Needed For 1.
BTW You May Switch The Ones In Your PArty evrey 6 posts you make here

1.Monkey Boy