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I don't know why there isn't a theard for this, but I thought this might help.

Have you ever wanted to buy a game, but you wanted to see how it reviewed on like X-Play and other game rating shows/sites? Well, here is the place for youW Of course they will be in 0-9 & A-Z. So let us start with a few things real fast.

All Pe2k rules apply
Try to do games that are past the year 2000 unless requested. I really don't want to see a Pong review :oops:
Try to use proper grammer. I don't like the whole 1337 or "chat" speak on forums, unless used on PM's.
Atleast beat the game before you give a review, don't say a game Kingdom Hearts a 3.2/10 'cause you didn't finish the game in record timing

Format for Reveiws.
Game Name:
Year Created:
Plot Review:(What did you think of the entire plot it's self of the game)
Characters:(How did you like the character development)
Graphics:(How were the graphics on said game, were they all blocky or were they like PS3 Gears of War awesome. Don't know if Gears of War is on PS3, don't qoute me on that.)
Gameplay:(How did the game play, any controls that have changed from other games?)
Genre:(What genre is the game, is it Action, Shooting, Driving, Puzzel, RPG, etc..)
Tips & Hints:(Any tips or hints you'd want to give the person buying said game)
Overall Rating:(What is your overall rating of the game?)

I'll try to get a few reviews in myself, but later on. Also, this isn't really for discussion, so let's keep that down to a minimum...

Also, if you feel you want to type a review that's already been typed, feel free to do so. It'll give people a second maybe third opion on said game.


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Reserved For List of Reviews.




Custom Robo Arena (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1529550&postcount=7)
Written by Poltergeist


Elebits (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1529408&postcount=6)
Written By Charbok
Excite Truck
Written By KarmaChameleon

Forza Motorsport 2 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1677817&postcount=21)
Written By .AzuraLight
Fusion Frenzy 2 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1638887&postcount=16)
Written by Tamer Marco



Jump Ultimate Stars (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1529730&postcount=8)
Written by Kenny.C002


Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1600839&postcount=12)
Written by Karmachameleon
Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess, The (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1598997&postcount=11)
Written by Spinarak Craney
Luminous Arc (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1677721&postcount=20)
Written By Kenny. C002


Madden 08 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1639052&postcount=17)
Written by Karmachameleon
Naruto:Clash of Ninja 1 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1528943&postcount=5)
Written by Xerion


Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1660570&postcount=19)
Written by Kenny C.002

Resident Evil 4 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1528511&postcount=4)
Written by Charbok
Resident Evil 4 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1638596&postcount=15)
Written by Aiikari
Seiken Densetsu 3
Written By ChronoPika
Star Wars:Battle Front II (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1705393&postcount=23)
Written By Charbok
Tales of Synphonia (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1601046&postcount=13)
Written by Yggdrasil


Wave Race 64 (http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/forum/showpost.php?p=1533740&postcount=9)
Written by Charbok




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Just in Case

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I was gonna do this, great idea though!


Game Name: Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition (Biohazard 4)
Year Created: 2007
Creator: Capcom
Plot Review: Right when you start the actual game, you get immediatley hooked. Leon is voicing over a "pre-plot" of the events in Resident Evil 1-3. Umbrella Corporation's secretive activities within Raccoon City have become a public affair. Following an investigation conducted by the U.S. government, several Umbrella officials are implicated and prosecuted. The government indefinitely suspends Umbrella's business, causing the company to become bankrupt. After the opening cinematic, Leon is seen in a car and explains that he is on a secretive misison to rescue the President of the United States daughter, Ashley Graham who was kidnapped on her way back from her university in Spanish Europe. When I first left the car and began controlling Leon, there was one thing I notcied: The Controls. They're practically flawless, and make the game experience quite the ride. As you walk, you enter a house and discover a man in front of a fireplace, you try to ask him about Ashley but he answers quite angrily in Spanish.He attacks you and you are forced to kill him, afterwhich a car is seen driving by outside and you hear quite the ruckus along with screaming and explosions. The plot continues on with all of the scares and surprises you'd expect from a resident evil game and more. It developes amazingly along and the game never slows down, while it is somewhat unrealistic at times (You're kicking off someones head and a chainsaw person comes but it fails to cut your head off because you were "busy" with the other person) it still brings all but a flawless storyline.

Bottom Line: 9.95/10

Characters: The characters of Resident Evil 4 are really what makes the game so great. The main character, Leon Scott Kennedy, is the most well developed and has quite the backstory. But Leon isn't all the game has to offer as far as characters, Luis Sera, a mysterious spaniard, Ada Wong, the women in red, and especially the villians with the small exception of Chief Mendex who is just plain scary *Shudders*

Bottom Line: 10/10

Graphics: The graphics are... interesting to say the least. The overall realiticism of the game is incredible and the only reason I say interesting is the massive gore in the game. If you are under 14 or so I highly recommend talking to a parent before playing this. Some of the stiff can scar you for life. (ie: Getting head chopped off, Face burned off by acid, getting mauled by dogs) If anything, these things make the game better simply because of the sheer pleasure I get out of killing poor Leon.

Overall: 9.95/10

Music/Sound: The music is okay, nothing special, but some of it really enhances the absolutely scary feeling of the game. The SFX of the game in amazing though. From the characters voices to the roaring of a chainsaw, this is another part of the game that has no flaw.
Overall: 9.75
Tips and Hints: Play it in the dead of night with every light in the house off.

Overall Rating: 9.95

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Nice on Charbok, I'm going to add it as soon as I finish this one I'm working on. As soon as I finish mines.

Game Name:Naruto: Clash of Ninja 1

Year Created:Somewhere between '04 in Japan and '05 in America.


Plot Review:At first, when I saw the case and commercial I was like "OMG, that game is going to be awesome, man was I wrong. I can't really consider the story mode a "Story Mode" since, well, it had no rellivance to where we were at in the anime. It was all the way in the Land of Wave arcs. Which I will remind you is episode 6-19 only equaling to 13 episode in said arc, which 4had nothing to do with the main figthing.

Overall Rating: 5.7/10

Characters: There were only 10 avaliable characters in the game. 1 which was the same character, only with Sharingan. That would be Kakashi Hatike[sp?]

Overall Rating: 3.2/10

Graphics: The graphics were possibly the only thing keeping me from burning this game in an incinerator. They were not the best, but they were not the worst that I've seen in my life.

Overall Rating: 6.9/10

Tips & Hints: Don't buy this game. Case and point.

Overall Rating:5.6/10. Not a very good game.


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Elebits Review

Game Name: Elebits

Year Created: 2006

Creator[s]: Konami

Plot Review: The name of the game "Elebits" is derived from the main little creatures in this "adventure". According to the game, "Elebits" are creatures that provide energy for the world by living in machines and such or something like that. But what happens when a giant electrical storm hits your town and all the elebits get loose and all the power is out? Chaos. Total, furniture smashing, annoying chaos. You find yourself in a room when the power goes out and you talk to what I would assume to be your mom and dad. Apparently, they're researchers of Elebits and they need to get to the lab-station right away so they leave their precious little boy at home. You take your dads "capture gun" and then the fun begins. You find that your goal is to capture the elebits by "point and click" strategies. This seems quite boring at first until you get upgrades that allow you to throw the furniture everywhere and create aboslute chaos. Which is the only reason I kept playing the game from the beginning. Other than the gameplay, the plot pretty much sucks. No one can argue with that.

Overall: 6.0

Characters: Characters? I didn't really recognize any. Theres you, who I think is a littel boy with a gun or something like that. And your parents, but honestly, I know nothing about any of them, which is why this category get's a crappy...

Overall: 4.0

Graphics: They kind of remind me of sesame street with all the little puppet looking things running around. The textures are terrible, the coloring is terrible and the rooms really aren't very fun to look at.

Overall: 4.0

Tips & Hints: This game, as bad as it seems, really isn't too bad for a renting type game. After the first week though, it becomes repetetive, annoying, and stupid. I couldn't stand to even beat it.

Overall Rating: 6.0 (Rent, do NOT buy like I did)

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Game Name: Custom Robo Arena for the Nintendo DS

Year Created: 2006

Creator: Noise

Plot Review: Okay basically the plot is you're the new kid at school in the future, yes very original already! In the future you fight with these tiny robos that, despite their size, could still kick your butt any day. You’re new to this whole robo thing but help this small team called the Numero Unos get into the cross-town school showdown anyway. So in it you battle robos that you can personally customize with a body, legs, pod, missile, and gun. In it you battle many people and soon start to get a reputation as an almost unbeaten rookie. You enter tournaments, try to stop a bad group of people that deserves a spanking, yeah you basically get the idea. The story only gets interesting in the end when the all the pieces of the puzzles start to fall together! I think what we have to blame for this is the boring repetitive schedule of wake up, eat breakfast and talk with the family, go to school as long as nothing is going on, go through class, do some battling, go home and eat dinner while, once again talking with your family, and finally go to bed. Then the whole thing repeats over again and you start to realize why dinner and breakfast are not represented in most games. Especially since half the dialogue is repeated every single day! I mean after 7 days you are STILL going to school. In this world you apparently go to school almost every day of your life so I would hate to live in this world. Also I have to laugh in this game at how some people get a 98 on a 20 question quiz. Trust me the story is basically just for getting parts.

Score: 5.0

Game play:( I believe this is something vital you forgot to add in the review outline so I shall add it myself since it isn't really supposed to be in the plot section.) Okay two robos are launched from the robo cannon where your robo is still in dice form. Depending on how you land is how fast you get up and if you don't get up fast enough then your opponent will get the first hit on you and start off with an advantage. Now the rest of the game play involves shooting your missiles with R, gun with B, pods which are basically mines with L and the dash attack with X. A is also jump and of course you move with the control pad. The point is to take your opponents 1000 HP of health down to zero with your assortment of weapons while trying to dodge your opponent’s attacks so you don't end up ready for the dump. Usually before the match you try to configure your weapons to have the advantage over your opponent’s weapons but I was too lazy to do so and just stuck with the same weapons basically the entire game. I'm just that good. Anyway there are plenty of different courses with different obstacles like a moving train or lava that makes your robot nice and toasty! Now the touch screen doesn't really do anything in the game except polish your robot before battle for optimum performance. This of course really isn't fun and just gets tedious. Overall though battling with your tiny titan is pretty fun.

Score: 8.0

Characters: Well your main character, the only person you control, is dead silent in this game and lets his friends mostly do the talking except for the few multiple choice questions. You got the nerdy friend named Denis who at first is unable to put up a real challenge in fighting with these tiny robos but later finally learns how to truly fight, but he still can't beat you of course. Then you have your second friend, a girl named Liv who unlike everyone else in the world is unable to dive. Diving is fancy talk to say you’re controlling the robo. She is also your mentor at the beginning. Now you have your family. Your mom works at home while your dad and sister work at Neobrain, the company responsible for creating these tiny fighters. There are plenty of other people but these are all who appear the most in the game.

Score: 6.0

Graphics: Well since its DS you can't really expect graphics that will blow your mind but they are OK for the system. The character sprites and world you move around in are all 2D but the battles are in 3D, basically a bit better then N64 3D standards. Since you are battling most of the time that’s the graphics you'll care about.


Tips & Hints: If you are trying to be the god like winner, turning off every time you lose, then let me tell you one thing that at one point in the game you will lose. After you battle the almost final boss a second time he will kick your butt no matter what and even if you get the person down to zero hp he will still battle so don't even try to fight him, just lose. Also Flam99 has a great miscellaneous guide and on the same site there is a walkthrough as well although I haven't really checked it out.

Here is the Link to Flam's guide:

Overall Rating: Overall this game has a mediocre story but the game play is pretty fun trying to find the right robo to kick the opponents butt while trying to dodge their fire. There is also wifi so you can also lose, or heck even win, against people around the world! So you are probably asking yourself what is my final verdict and why have I taken so long to just spit it out? Well the game play is where it’s all at and can keep you hooked for a while so I would say it is worth the buy.

Final Score: 7.5

Well I hope you all enjoyed the review. Oh and if you haven't figured it out yet Xerion Gears of War is for the Xbox 360.

Edit: Now it is spell checked so you don’t haves to sees my goods grammars.

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Let's see how long this one lasts.

Game Name: Jump Ultimate Stars

Year Created: 2006

Creator[s]: Ganbarion

Plot Review: N/A
I was never aware that a fighting game would ever need a plot. The plot itself is generic anyway. Next. Oh, throughout story mode, you gain these gems that let you unlock features in the game, such as new characters and stuff like game music and movies.

Characters: 8/10
When reviewing a fighting game, you look at the selection of characters. Jump Ultimate Stars feature many (over 30, I believe), and thus the selection of playable characters are rather strong. Almost all of the characters have to be unlocked through story mode, however, which does hurt this category.

Graphics: 8/10
Graphically this game is very nice. It is Cel-shaded, with colourful backgrounds based of many different anime series.

Gameplay: 9/10
This is perhaps the most important part about the game, as in any fighting game. The game itself separates from other fighting games with its innovative "deck" system. The "deck" system allows you to place characters into a 4x5 rectangle. There are 3 types of "koma" (pieces you place onto this rectangle): battle koma, support koma, and help koma.

Help koma are always 1 square, and provide a boost to characters adjacent to it. Support koma are 2-3 squares long themselves, and are "activate per use" abilities. Battle komas are characters you physically control, and range from taking up 4 squares to a whopping 8 squares. The more squares a koma requires, the more powerful your character is, and may differentiate themselves. For example, Ichigo Kurosaki has 4-6 koma as regular shikai ichigo, while his 7 and 8 koma are bankai ichigo. Some characters have more progression than others. All decks require at least 1 of each type, but can have as many of any of the three types of koma as you like, meaning that you are literally allowed to use more than one character in a deck.

The shoulder buttons are NOT used in this game, but you can assign these buttons function from the decks themselves, such as having the R button do a support koma attack.

In battle, you have 4 buttons: jump, weak attack, strong attack, and special. The select button is also used for a "special ability" that the character has, but it seems a more strategic ability than anything else (such as pressing select makes you use a super-jump). Characters can chain their attacks from weak to strong to a special. Specials (not the select button abilities) and support koma consume a special bar, which can be regained either from abilities from help koma, or by hitting an opponent.

At any point in battle, your deck is prominently shown at the bottom screen. If you press on the touch screen on a battle koma, or a support koma, you will either switch into that battle koma character, or use the support koma ability. It is these abilities that can be assigned the L and R buttons.

What the game managed to do is to make this rather complex engine SIMPLE. It's very natural after playing for 15 minutes or so.

The final point in the game's gameplay is the fact that there is a system of power/knowledge/laughter characters. All playable characters belong in one of these categories. When hitting an opponent that is weak against your type, you deal additional damage, so the game becomes similar to rock/paper/scissors, where power beats knowledge, knowledge beats laughter, and laughter beats power. This game does skew toward power characters, with the most popular and thus most powerful characters mostly being power characters (such as Ichigo, Naruto, Sakura, Train, Goku, etc.) and most female characters knowledge characters (Lenalee, Nami, Eve, Rukia, etc.), you can see that most of the faster characters tend to be sidelined (bye Yugi, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Hitsugaya). This, however, does open the game to laughter characters being more popular, with solid characters such as Bo-Bobo, Gintoki, Kagura, Gotenks, etc. all being in the category to potentially take down the popular characters if used well. This makes the game rather exciting, and even the characters themselves have the feel that comes with their style! Cool!

Tips & Hints: DOWN IS BLOCK, and it can break like in smash bros. Forget the stylus, use your thumb. Lenalee will be one of your favourite characters throughout story mode, considering that the objectives in the game tend to have "ring someone out" on it half the time (forward + Y, keep mashing Y until she kicks them down, and if you're over the edge, it's a ring out), though her 4-koma character is better than her 5-koma character. Eyeshield 21 may be football, but their support komas (usually the 3 square ones) literally the best. Piccolo has a healing help koma! Who knew his regenerative abilities would end up helping others?

Oh, and KAIBA IS NOT PLAYABLE. Sorry. You can use his support koma though. He just blasts people with blue eyes.

Overall Rating: 8/10
I've had a lot of fun playing this game. There are frustrating moments such as mission objectives that force you to do 3 kills using support characters (it's really hard, even with eyeshield 21 guys), or you're stuck using a crappy character to do a mission, and you get your butt kicked too many times. Otherwise, story mode was enjoyable enough, and definitely going online is the way to go after.

This game is Japanese, and if you want to play it, import it. Your DS will allow you to play this import game. No worries.

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Wave Race 64 Review

Game Name: Wave Race 64 (Virtual Console)

Year Created: 1996

Creator: Nintendo EAD

Plot Review: As a racing game, Wave Race 64 doesn't have too much of a plot, but what do you expect? It's a simple "race and place" game that incorporates Jet-Ski's and if you do good enough, dolphins. There are 3 modes in which to play, Championship, which is a 7-9 round race that you must get a certain number of points to continue. There's Stunt Mode, in which you must go through rings and do tricks to get points. Last, is a great multiplayer where up to 4 players can take on eachother head to head.

Overall: N/A

Characters: Only the racers can be recognized here, well and that annoucer guy.

Overall: N/A

Graphics: In comparison to even todays games, Wave Race has some of the best water animation out there. The waves alter every time you play, making for a challenge each and every time. The water is easily the best part of the graphics, making for almost a flawless and incredibly realistic race.

Overall: 9.5/10

Music/Sound: This is the only area of the game where it doesn't truly shine. The "Mary Tyler Moore" theme played on N64 type music isn't fun to race to. Turn off the music and listen to the aboslutely amazing SFX of this game. From dolphin squeeks to jetski engines, the SFX in this game once again rival that of even todays racing game.

Overall: 8/10

Gameplay: There is one word that describes the controls and gameplay of this game. Perfect. There really are no flaws with the controls. Nuff said.

Overall Rating: 9/10

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Okay guys, I've updated the second posts and first posts. Second has all the reviews so far, and the first has an update to the format reviews shall be written, the ones that haven't used that little update don't need to be edited so, it's all good :cool:.



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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Gamecube

Year Created: December 2006

Creator[s]: Nintendo

Plot Review: It was a normal zelda plot, but much, much better. Before it came out, and I heard you could transform into a wolf, I couldn't belive it! With a new evil guy, Zant, working with Ganondorf, it is one of the hardest zelda games, second to Ocarina of time/master quest. It was very hard to complete and probably , for me, the best Wii game so far. Rating: 9.8

Characters:(How did you like the character development) It was link again, so you know it's going to be good. But with a wolf added, it is much better than without it. Rating: 8.9

Graphics: What more can I say but, amazing! They are the best graphics in the history of gaming, with it eing perfect, so I'm giving it a 10!

Gameplay: With the wii remote, it feels like you're link! It feels weird controlling the wolfs attacks, but it has very smooth gameplay. Rating: 9.4

Genre: Action/RPG

Tips & Hints: Don't worry about following a walkthrough, as it is hard. And when your in prison, as a wolf for the first time, look at the wooden crate. May I need to say more ...

Overall Rating: 9.525 (I got the average score using a calculator)

08-21-2007, 08:05 PM
The Legend of Zelda, Majora's Mask, N64

Year Created: 2000

Creator[s]: Nintendo

Genre: Action/RPG

Plot Review: The first Zelda game in a while to not have the generic "stop Ganon from getting the Triforce while rescuing Zelda" plot. For an original plot, it is pretty good, but not amazing. While on a journey to see his long lost friend Navi, Link is traveling through a strange forest on his horse Epona, when suddenly, a weird guy named the Skull Kid comes, steals Epona, the Ocarina of Time, and turns Link in a Deku Scrub. After following the Skull Kid for a little bit, you find yourself in a large town, Clock Town. After you talk to a mask salesman, he turns you back into normal and tells you about Majora's Mask, an ancient mask that the Skull Kid stole from him. It is very powerful, and in the wrong hands could be very bad. Then, you find that Majora's Mask is causing the moon to fall on Termina, which would destroy all of it. It becomes your mission to find four masks, which would summon the four giants to stop the moon from destroying everything.
Overall: 8.5/10

Characters: There isn't much character development, but there are a lot of people to talk to in Clock Town which gives the game a lot of side quests and explains a lot of the story. Plus, Tingle is one of the coolest video game characters ever.:biggrin:
Overall: 8/10

Graphics: While the graphics are nothing compared to todays graphics, for its time it had some amazing visuals.
Overall: 9.5/10

Sound: I really like the music in it, and the sound affects are pretty good.

Gameplay: Same as Ocarina of Time, but better. The controls are basically the exact same, as well as the basic temple design (find an item in the temple, use it to defeat the boss). However, it is more difficult, which I like more. The temple design, in my opinion, is the best in any Zelda game. You also have only three days to play before the moon crashes down and you have to play the Song of Time. I didn't think that to be annoying but I know some people who have.
Overall: 10/10

Tips & Hints: Try to find the Stone Mask before entering the pirate area.

Overall Rating: 99/100

08-21-2007, 08:38 PM
Heh, 1753 words, I've submitted this review to GameFAQS as well. =P
I'll just post the review. Sorry, I can't be bothered sorting it into those categories, since I didn't review the characters in an entire section.

Game Name: Tales of Symphonia
Year Created: 2003 (Japan)
Creator: Namco
Genre: RPG

"Right to start off; I'll say that I'm a gamer who absolutely loves RPGs, any half decent RPG I see I will likely buy and try out at least once. Tales of Symphonia is something different, and it ranks as one of my "most Favourite games of all-time", because something about this RPG makes it stand out from any other I've ever played, but I can never quite put my finger on what it is, it's like a hidden feel to the game which you can't see, but you know it's there. Namco have truly outdone themselves on this, now I'll start my review for my 2nd favourite RPG of all time...

Story: 9/10
Right, onto the first section, just so you know; I'm not really good at summarizing stories, so I'll keep it short, as to avoid too many spoilers:

You play as Lloyd, a mediocre sword-wielder who lives in a tiny little village named Iselia. Anyway, I'll get right on; a tradition known in their world is that a Chosen-one goes on a massive journey across their world visiting temples, and while at each temple they acquire one of the powers of an Angel, which begins the process of them becoming a 'complete' Angel. At the end of their journey they allegedly become a Complete Angel and ascend into the heavens, this process apparently fills their world with Mana, with is the source of all living things.

Lloyd decides to travel with his best friend, Genis, his school teacher, Raine, his other best "friend", Colette, and a mysterious mercenary, Kratos. Although, along the way he meets a lot more characters, and each has their own backstory.

Anyway, that's an extremely short summary of the story, like I said; I'm horrible at summarizing stories, so it probably sounds crap. What I liked about this story was that it didn't try to be original, other RPGs that I've played try to make too many twists in their stories to make the game seem original, which they quite often just are not. I'm not saying that a good plot isn't good, because I believe an RPG depends on a good story, but Tales of Symphonia's is enjoyable, because it doesn't have any extremely stupid or complicated story twists. One thing that I hated about the story though is that it never settles the relationship that Lloyd and Colette obviously share throughout the story.

Oh, and I forgot to say; this story has a twist, and a big one at that.
I won't mention what it is, but it'll surprise you, most of which makes most of the events you earlier achieved in the story completely useless, and your characters later uncover a much more sinister plot. Like I said; the story is nothing to get hyped-up about, but it's simple, interesting, and it keeps you occupied.

Graphics: 9.5/10
The graphics in this game are spectacular, they look absolutely beautiful, but not because they are designed well or that they look realistic, because they present something new which isn't very common in other RPGs; cel-shading. The cel-shading is what gives it such a high score, because it gives a very light-hearted feel to the game, and just looking at them leaves you astonished.

The designs of each of the characters are fantastic, they all have their own unique feel and each of the characters don't look like your typical cliche heroes, the only word I could use to possibly describe the standard graphics for this game is: special.

Now, apart from only having cel-shading in the game it also uses Anime-style drawings in the form of little events called "skits", and this is where the characters really come alive, they give each of the characters facial expressions, character and the drawings of each of the characters is also very impressive. Let's just say that looking at the graphics in this game makes you think; "this is so spectacularly done, I really can't see why other people bad-mouth cel-shading", mainly because it looks brilliant.

My only complaint on the graphics, and the explanation of why this didn't get a 10/10 is because; occasionally, but not extremely often, the graphics will go extremely blurry, this tends to happen more at the bottom of the screen, rather than towards the top, where the characters faces are.

Apart from that little ... mistake, the graphics are really something special.

Gameplay: 10/10
Now I can get right onto describing the actual game:

Tales of Symphonia has a real-time battle-system, which means: there are absolutely NO waiting times in battle, you can just run straight in and start slashing as soon as the battle begins. The battles also take place side-on, which means; it isn't a completely free battle system, what I mean is: You can only run Left and Right in battle, you can't move away from or towards the screen ... people who have played Tales of the Abyss will know what I'm talking about.

Now, using the menu you can assign special techniques to different buttons, these techniques are mainly assigned to the "C" stick, and moving that in different directions will command the character that you are controlling to start using many different techniques. Just to add; most magics you obtain have a different waiting time, this can range from very short (magic that is quite weak) to quite long (the more powerful magic attacks).

The AI system in this game is also ...decent, I won't call it perfect and I won't call it bad, because infact; it is neither of those, but it is also both of those. What I mean is; sometimes the AI can be extremely good, and other times, it can be extremely stupid, like if a character who is assigned to use only magic (via the tactics option) runs out of TP (technical points) they will just sit there, they won't try to run away from the enemy or defend themselves, they will just simply sit there and let themselves be killed. Namco messed up in that aspect...

The Tactics option is a good idea, but it is practically useless, towards the end of the game you will find yourself solo-ing most of the bosses, mainly because your other characters are just ...useless. I found it much more effective to just set your team-mates AI to the option where they can do what they want, because I don't want to be constantly changing it all the time. Of course, you are able to issue your team-mates commands, like tell them to use an item, magic or just attack with their weapon. This option has potential, but failed because it wasn't made good.

Audio/Sound: 8/10
This game had a good soundtrack, but it wasn't spectacular, one thing I particularly hated was the overworld music, I just couldn't stand it ... and hearing it nearly all the time really got on my nerves. Apart from the overworld music quite a lot of the sounds are pleasant and will keep you in a mellow mood, but pleasant music isn't always a good thing ...

The thing that I don't get is: quite a lot of the tracks that were really good were only heard once or twice, why, Namco, WHY? Namco completely lost it here and used brilliant tracks (Beat the Angel for example) only a couple of times, don't they understand that they had to use the better music more often? From what I can work out, they decided to do completely the opposite, and seemed to use the horrible, more repetitive sounds, a lot more often.

Basically, the soundtrack is good for an RPG, but it is easily beaten by many titles in the Final Fantasy series in terms of Audio and Music, so if expect to hear an excellent soundtrack, and one which is unique then you'll be greatly disappointed, sadly.

Replay Value: 10/10
Seriously, there is no game out there that I have played more than this game, with the exception of Final Fantasy IX, anyone who is at least a small fan of any RPG will play this time and time again.

In other words: expect to get the absolutely maximum replay value out of the title, because, the chances are; you won't become bored of this brilliant RPG title until you've played it literally hundreds of times.

Overall: 10/10
I seriously recommend buying this game, from any possible location; eBay, Amazon, etc. The chances are; you won't see this game ever if you don't buy it now, because it would be such a terrible waste to have never played this RPG, because it is quite clearly one of the better RPGs out there. Buy it NOW!

Story: 9/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Gameplay: 10/10
Sound/Audio: 8/10
Replay Value: 10/10

Final Rating: 9.7/10. (Rounded up to 10)"

08-22-2007, 02:33 PM
Game Name: Sonic Heroes, GC, PS2
Year Created: 2003 (I think)
Creator[s]: Sega, Sonic Team, Nintendo

Plot Review: It was quite good. There are 4 diffrent plots, one for each team, ranging from the easy team Rose, to the Challenging Chaotix, it fits together well, as each story sort of clashes with another. I'd give it 8.7/10

Characters: New charecters were added in the game * Looks at team Chaotix * it's much better than other games. 8.4

Graphics They were pretty bad actually. It was just 3-d players, no special additions like in Twilight princess. I rate it 4.9

Gameplay: Just like other gamecube games, not very good. Except the special few. 5.0


Tips & Hints: N/A

Overall: 6.75

08-28-2007, 08:28 PM
I know Charbok already gave his review on the game, but it's always good to have a second set of prints on a gun. ^_^

Game Name: Resident Evil 4-Wii Edition

Year Created: 2007(05 for the GC and PS2 version)

Creator: Capcom

Plot: You start out in the game as Leon S. Kennedy, some of you will remember him from Resident Evil 2. The game starts with a video compilation of Resident Evil 1-3, and it talks about Umbrella's downfall. After all of this, you find yourself in a car in some part of rual Spain. Your mission? Simple, find the presidents daughter...who for some reason was spotted in Spain..Yeah that seems a little awkward but, at least you have a reason to be there. You are
immeaditly thrown into the game. Within minutes you will find yourself shooting slugs into the zombie like villagers. Yes, I said zombie like because they aren't truley zombies. The Villagers have all been infected with a sort of parasite that takes control of their brain. Yes, very similar to a zombie but their intelligence is quite higher than in pass games. I found myself concentrating on shooting what was infront of me. BAD MISTAKE. One of the villagers managed to slip behind the building I was taking cover at and when shooting I saw a pitchfork jet out of my stomach. Talk about getting RAPED. When you do find the presidents daughter, she can sometimes be a bother. Even ending up getting you killed, but believe it or not you'll need her in the long run as she helps you with puzzles. Over all the plot is good and has a great depth to it, I loved every second of the game.


Characters: Not really much to be said here.

Leon S. Kennedy

Ada Wong

Jack Krauser

Albert Wesker

Ashley Graham


Graphics: The graphics were the neatest that I have seen on the Wii. With minimal blur on the texter resolution and being able to see chunks of **** fly out after a headshot, is sweet. Though, they are no where near PS3 or 360 graphics. But don't let that stop you from playing the game, the visuals are still outstanding.


Gameplay: Big changes in this part. Now, if you bought Red Steel you are used to aiming and changing your view with the wiimote, that isn't the case in RE4. To shoot you hold down the B button and move the wiimote to aim. There is a pin point accurate cursor that gives your wiimote a rumble when you go over a target. The color also goes from green to red. To actually pump the metal slugs into the villagers, all you do is press the A button. Your camera view is controlled by the analog stick on the Nunchuck. I was a bit disappointed in this, since it slows you down if you need to make a turn really quickly. But, you'll eventually get used to it. And after you play with the Wii controls, you really won't want to go back to the dual analog version again. For any shooter. Oh, and knifing is alot easy now too. Before you had to press a button and then use the analog stick, now it's just a swing of your wiimote. Knifing comes in handy for destroying boxes and slicing your enemies in close combat...don't try that too often though. To reload, just press the B button and swing your wiimote. Now, even though the controls have been simplified it doesn't take away any of the challenge from the game, infact it might just add some.


Genre I would call this an Action/Shooter game full of suspense.

Tips & Hints: I wouldn't buy this game if you are scared easily, since it can get quite graphic. But if your a thrill seeker, then playing this alone in the dark is quite an experience.

Overall Rating:

26.5/30 or a 8.7/10

The game was honestly just two years to late, if it had come out in 05 this would have easily topped all games.

*Extra Notes: This game is more like the collectors edition of Resident Evil 4. It adds something new that each of the previous installments didn't have. Have the GC version? If you pick up the Wii version you get all the added extras from the PS2 version, plus a great control scheme. Have the PS2 version? You get a brand new control scheme with improved graphics and cut scenes, along with true widescreen support. This game comes at you with a bargain price of 29.99, and it's worth every penny and then some.

Tamer Marco
08-28-2007, 09:26 PM
Game Name: Fuzion Frenzy 2(This game really shows how far Microsoft has come as a developer, even though I dislike them). This is indeed one of the worst minigame collections I have ever played.

Year Created: 2007(Xbox360)

Creator: Hudson Soft

Plot: The plot is that a bunch of morons are on a TV station for aliens, and they need credits to buy back Earth before it blows up... I think.

Characters: Insane morons battling for credits. They look gawd-awful too.

Graphics: Looks like you booted up an original Xbox game. Texturing and character models is god awful, and the kookie environments seem as if they have staircases all around them.


Gameplay: I literally won a match by bashing the controller against my ass. (Yeah, I said it) As soon as I thought I played the most ridicoulous, dumb minigame ever, the next one surprises me by being worse. There are about 40 of them.


I would call this half-assed monkey crap thrown at consumers.

Overall Rating:


If you come within 50 feet of this game, run to the shower, turn it on as hot as possible, and rock back and forth until you are clean. Seriously, this game was that bad. The only thing I did like was the menu screen, which featured some awesome green lasers, but even those were jagged. Even if this becomes a $5 download on XboxLive, still don't buy it. For your safety. Learn from my mistake kids.

08-28-2007, 09:49 PM
Yay! Someone reviewed Fuzion Frenzy 2! Anyways, on with my review...

Madden 08

*note: I am only reviewing the Wii version, because it is the one I have and is much different than the other versions. So, for all you PS2, Xbox, GC, PS3, Xbox360, and PC owners, this review is not for you.

Year Created: 2007

Creator[s]: Electronic Arts

Genre: Sports

Plot Review: There is no plot, since it is a sports game.
Overall: N/A

Characters: No characters, really.
Overall: N/A

Graphics: The graphics are some of the best I've seen on Wii. While there are no amazing visuals since it is a football game, moments the players make on the field are pretty realistic.
Overall: 8.5/10

Gameplay: This is the reason why I think the Wii version is the best version of Madden 08. Everything you do is like what you would actually do in a real game of football. You hike the ball by pulling the wiimote up, catch the ball by lifting both arms up, pass by making a throwing motion, etc. There are some problems, though, with the controls. Because the d-pad is so small, sometimes you throw to the wrong reciever, and juking is kind of hard to do. But other than that, the controls are pretty good. The franchise mode is like in any other Madden, and so is the Superstar mode. Exclusive to the Wii version is the Party mode, where you can play over 20 minigames with friends.
Overall: 9.25/10

Tips & Hints: Always be the Browns.

Overall Rating: 88/100

09-02-2007, 02:54 PM
Well, huge update people, I've added all the reviews, fixed a few errors, you do know you can ask what you would to be reviewed, I can go and rent it and tell you how it is.


09-02-2007, 05:13 PM
Game Name: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 3: Trials and Tribulations
Year Created: 2004, 2007
Creator[s]: Capcom
Genre: Visual Novel

OBJECTION! It's pretty clear that the meme has gone a long way from the original game. This is the third installment of PW, and is the last port to the DS from the GBA series. Like PW2, this one has no DS interactions as shown in the 5th case in PW1.

Plot Review:
Our plot always begins with a murder case of some sort. Actually, I've never seen a single case in PW that doesn't have murder somewhere in it. Like always, you play the lawyer, whose job is to clear the name of your defendant and point the finger at the real murderer, basically pwning whoever is on the persecutor's side. This game starts off this time with _______ against a familiar (and extremely crappy) persecutor whom we've trampled over throughout first cases in PW1 and PW2, but this time WITH HAIR. Anyway, the overall plot takes us to a time before Phoenix was a lawyer to several months after PW2. Either way, the series keeps its humour and charm that we've all come to love. PW3 takes it one step further by attempting to tie up the loose ends that PW1 and 2 left, as well. Twists and turns are to be expected.

The characters are charming and static for the most part. There are many returning casts in PW, giving people props for remembering them. However, those new to the series also do get a brief rundown on the returning characters, which incidentally becomes an automatic "skip" for the rest of us.

This is a GBA game that got ported to the DS, and there were no graphics updates in the porting.

This is a visual novel, allowing players to basically read through everything as the case proceeds. The game is separated into investigations and courtroom battles, which often players will move from the courtroom to the investigations then back to the courtrooms again. Generally in investigations you move around, trying to gather clues using relatively intuitive menus. The psyche lock mechanic returns in the investigations, where you try to unlock secrets in the characters so you can get more information out of them, usually by presentation of evidence. In the courtroom, you hear witness testimonies and attempt to find contradictions in those testimonies so you can win the case. Overall, the balance between the two is fairly decent, but nothing new has come up since PW2 either, with the exception that this game is more difficult than the first two.

Tips & Hints:
This is the only PW game so far that required me to look at the faqs on gamefaqs more than once (0 for PW1, 1 for PW2, and 2 for PW3 atm, for those keeping track), but at the moment usually what I missed was something really obvious.

Overall Rating:
If you've enjoyed PW1 or 2, PW3 is just as good as the first two, with spot on humour, gay chefs, and Maya in a waitress costume (Hello fan service :D). On the other hand, this is the last of the Phoenix Wright games, seeing how the next game would most likely be named Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, or something along those lines. If you can actually sit down and read, this game is enjoyable, but those that seek pure-bred action should turn back to Bioshock.


09-07-2007, 01:36 AM
Game Name: Luminous Arc
Year Created: 2007
Creator[s]: Atlus
Genre: sRPG

It's been a long time coming, but Atlus finally publishes the first DS sRPG game since pretty much the beginning of the DS era. Players have highly anticipated a game like this for ages, but it seems to be just simply something to quench your thirst before Final Fantasy Tactics comes out.

Plot Review:
Your main character is Alph, and he's a knight working for a church along with his brother and friends (notice anything so far?). The church wishes to destroy the evil witches living throughout the world in order to stop them from gathering crystals that could ultimately destroy the world. Alph followed that train of thought, until Lucia came...

The plot is...generic anime. I really can't think of anything but that. The whole "church is evil" plot has been done to death in these types of games (Ar Tonelico called, they want their evil church leader back). It's also quite easy to tell who's a good guy and who isn't simply by seeing whether or not they look cute or not, just like an anime. Wow, I sound like a broken record already. At least the storyline is somewhat enjoyable. Somehwat.

Nothing special. The characters in Luminous Arc aren't anywhere near high quality, and shouldn't be judged as such in the first place. It's a typical anime game. It needs big breasted good girl, and big breasted tsundere, and big breasted timid girl, and them lolis. The personalities are pretty much set in stone via these typical methods, while your hero is the same as all the other anime heroes. Can't they think of anything original anymore?

Graphically, the 2D sprites during dialog are beautiful, anime style. Unfortunately, gameplay graphics are lackluster at best, having graphics that is merely comparable to Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis during the GBA era several years ago. These are not good graphics. On top of that, the characters' death animations are weird and don't exist. On top of that, having too many characters in one place slows the game down considerably. While sRPGs should not care so much about graphics, this is not acceptable.

An sRPG has its biggest attraction in its gameplay. All sRPGs should have good gameplay, and should have an enjoyable story. But still the #1 thing for an sRPG is its gameplay. Luminous Arc flops and fails badly.

First of all, the game has your characters being stuck with the same skill set and same classes (class changes happen only during story, and are few). The characters you play also have a tremendous imbalance between the different characters. A character such as Leon is considerably more powerful than nearly every other character in the game, allowing for a dominant strategy to emerge. This problem is heightened by the fact that there is no class/job system in this game, and no advancement in classes for the most part. Customization by equipment is also fairly simple, and thus do not warrant any attention.

Besides that point, the AI is stupid. They tend to like to rush your characters, giving you plenty of time to get those first strikes in. On top of that, the computer has this stupid idea that guys with low HP should always retreat, and thus you don't always have to kill guys off to lessen the amount of damage you take. You just need to get them into the red. In any case, the AI is too stupid to form any strategy of its own.

Overall the gameplay of Luminous Arc is lackluster, and really doesn't hold much water. Online gaming does not make this a better game, since it's pretty much who has the highest level, and at lv. 99, it's basically a war between players to see who came keep the dominant guy alive longer and thus deal more damage to their enemy.

On a side note, the stylus response is rather bad as well. I remember trying to select a unit to kill for like 30 seconds simply because the game isn't registering the location of the screen touched in relation to itself or something. I had to be a bit off on each stylus selection to get things right. This new stylus control, while welcome, is not exactly user friendly either.

Tips & Hints:
Can't beat a level? Level up Leon. >.>

Overall Rating:
Luminous arc came at a time when sRPG players are thirsting for one on the DS. Unfortunately, this game will not live up to the expectations of these players. The gameplay is lackluster at best, the graphics are mediocre GBA graphics with slow downs, the storyline was somewhat decent to wrap up an overall mediocre game. Luminous Arc 2 is already announced, meaning that they want to get another one of these in before the good stuff (Disgaea and FFTA2) come in, most likely. Perhaps they might actually fix the gameplay this time around, but I'm not hoping for much. If you own a DS and is desperate for an sRPG game, go get Tactics Ogre: Knight of Lodis for the GBA at a used game store. To the very least you get to play a game that is the benchmark for sRPGs in the handheld market, but Luminous Arc is below that same benchmark.


09-07-2007, 01:56 AM
Game Name: Forza Motorsport 2
Year Created: 2007
Creator[s]: Turn 10, Microsoft Games
Plot Review: Plot? what plot?
Characters: This doesn't apply either.
Graphics: Amazing. Forza 2 has the best graphics a racing sim has had yet. Beautiful textures, and a nice degree of realism. I especially like the fact that when you crash, the cars cosmetic damage is affected by the impact point, rather than just having 3 predefined crash graphics. Not to mention that damage can range anywhere from just a minor scratch or a mirror falling off, to having side skirts, bumpers and spoilers falling off, and broken glass.
Gameplay: The controls are nice, a little tricky like all racing sims, but good nonetheless. Driving is smooth and responsive, maybe a little too much at times, but overall, pretty good.
Genre: Racing Simulator
Tips & Hints: Balance power and handling when upgrading your car, or controlling it around turns is harder. Lighter cars handle better.
Overall Rating: 9.8/10

09-09-2007, 03:03 AM
Game Name: Excite Truck
Year Created: 2006
Creator[s]: Monster Games
Genre: Racing Game

Plot Review:No plot, just a racing game.
Overall: N/A

Characters:No characters.
Overall: N/A

Graphics:They are pretty good for a Wii game, but not really that amazing.
Overall: 7/10

Gameplay:The gameplay is pretty good, but not amazing for a racing game. The object isn't to win a race, but to get a certain number of points, depending on the course. Winning does get you 50 points, however. There are 5 cups with 5 races each except for the last one, which is an outer space level. Even though there are 21 races possible, there are only 7 different courses. The controls are pretty simple to understand, but it is hard to control how to spin in the air.
Overall: 8/10

Tips & Hints: The multiplayer doesn't really offer the same excitement as 1 player. Also, don't buy this game, rent it since it is very quick to beat.

Overall Rating: 75/100

09-14-2007, 10:52 PM

Game Name: Star Wars BattleFront 2 (PC)
Year Created: 2005
Creators: Pandemic Studios, LucasArts
Plot Review: It's somewhat unfair to rate the plot of the game, considering the fact that the developers didn't actually write it. What was written however, made for a fun and entertaining plotline.
You are part of the 501st, a legion of clones that are some of the highst ranking in the galaxy. At first, they are simply a normal squadron, but as you win battles you become more and more recognized. Eventually, becoming the most feared clone/stormtrooper legion in the galaxy.

Overall: 7.5/10

Characters: Again, somewhat unfair.

Overall: N/A

Graphics: I loved the graphics on this game. From the deep forests of Endor to the shining corridors of the Death Star, this game has grat graphic capabilities. Some of the highlights of the visuals from the game are in space battles, which are some of the largest overall maps in any video game. Among the funnest graphical things to do, are the Emperor's force lightning ability, and force pull.

Overall: 8.5/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is great, and in some ways is better than the Halo franchise. It offers the ability to play in first and third person modes, as well as a roll ability which becomes a key part in strategizing throughout the game. The controls are great, and the whole "One soldier with an army behind you" feels especially great in this game, because nothing is more fun than force choking an ewok with an army behind you.

Overall: 8.5/10

Lasting Appeal: This game literally lasts forever on the PC. There are thousands of downloadable maps, mods, skins and map makers that you can get. From Hyrule Field to actual Star Wars planets, because of thethousands of downloads you can get, this game will never run out of appeal.

Overall: 9.5/10

Genre: Shooter (1st and 3rd)

Tips & Hints: Download maps.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

10-17-2007, 11:45 PM
*WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!! Caution your reading depth! All real Spoilers will be hidden in white coloring text!!!*
Game Name:
Seiken Densetsu 3
(Lit. "The Legend of the Mana Sword 3")

Year Created:
Japan - September 30th, 1995

Company - Square Co

Koichi Ishii (Game Design Director)
Hiromichi Tanaka (Director)
Hiroki Kikuta (Composer)
Nobuteru Yuki (Character Illustration)

Plot Review:
In the world of Mana, there exists several major kingdoms which rule over the lands of Mana. As a new chaos began to approach the world, the kingdoms set out to conquer Mana Stones for their own particular and peculiar reasons. As one of the six chosen heroes, you and two other characters roam throughout the land to restore peace and save the world from udder chaos.

When you venture deeper into the story, you will encounter spectacular, complicated situations, and even some plot twists every now and then. Whether it be the Beast Prince Kevin, or the stereotype Swordsman Duran, they all have backgrounds that are explored deeper as you progress in the fight to save the world and Mana.

In Seiken Densetsu 3, there exist 6 heroes that are the only ones capable of being played, and they all are pretty unique.

Kevin, the inarticulate son of the Beast King, comes from the Beast Kingdom, a unique race of human-wolf hybrids which turn into werewolves in the very moonlight of the night. Along side his friend Karl, a dog, whom he grown up with, Kevin wakes up in the middle of the forest which the Beast Kingdom fortress sits still in. After the appearance of the Death Jester, Karl is enchanted by Dark Magics, and turns against Kevin with ferocious rage. Kevin's Beast Man blood kicks in for the first time, and he easily defeats Karl, killing him. As Kevin mourns for his friend, he figures out that the Beast King had done this on purpose, and forms a grudge against him.

Kevin approaches the Beast King, only to be kicked miles away from the Beast Kingdom castle. The Death Jester then leads the way to the Castle City of Jad, and informs Kevin of how he is able to revive Karl by meeting with the Priest of Light. From thereon, Kevin begins his quest to save his friend, learning important steps along the way.

Duran, the swordsman son of the Dragon slayer Loki, is loyal to the Grassy Kingdom of Forcena, serving King Richard without another word to be spoken. One day, the Snowy Kingdom of Altena invades the castle of Forcena, in its attempts to assassinate the King. Duran does his best to fight off the invaders, only to be defeated by Koren, a powerful wizard coming from Altena. After fighting off the invasion, Duran leaves home in order to become more powerful, in his hopes to defeat Koren.

Hawk (or Hawkeye), the orphaned member of the Navarre Thieves Guild, belongs to the Sandy Fortress of Navarre, located in the very midst of the desert. Hawk starts his story off by raiding the house of a rich man, stating his motto that the Navarre Thieves Guild steals only from those who are rich and greedy, giving to those in need and are poor. While it somewhat gives him a Robin Hood type of impression, Hawk is later on discovered to be a friend of the King of Navarre. Eagle, alongside Hawk, is also a member of the Navarre Thieves Guild.

However, Isabella, the King of Navarre's favorite advisor, casts a spell on Eagle, forcing him to turn on Hawk. Hawk kills Eagle in his self defense, and ends up being thrown into prison for his misunderstood actions. As Hawk mourns for the death of his lifelong comrade, to his grief does he learn of Jessica, sister of Eagle and daughter of the King of Navarre, has a curse placed upon her. If Hawk was to ever tell the truth about Isabella to her, Jessica would die immediately. Hawk later escapes with the help of Nikita, a friend of Hawk's and a member of the Navarre Thieves Guild, and begins his journey to find a cure for the curse Jessica is placed under.

Angela, the passionate and fashionable daughter of the Queen of Reasons, resides in the Snowy Castle of Altena, located, in comparison to Navarre, the dead end of a snowy continent. Angela is the only sorcerer in her country to not be able to use magic, leaving her in a somewhat harsh, ridiculed position. As a child, Angela was never given the love of her Mother, who supposedly ignored her for some unknown reason. In her hunger for love, affection, attention, anything that she envied of other children resorted her to adapt a prankster like position, often bothering others as a child for attention.

One day, Angela is called to the Throne Room by her Mother, the Queen. She discovers that she is to be used as a sacrifice in order to take control of the Water Mana Stone. In her denial, a mysterious magic teleports her out of the castle fortress. Angela now travels in order to survive, heading to the Priest of Light for answers.

Lise (or Riesz), the gentle and kind Amazon princess of the Wind Fortress Rolante, lives safely in her quarters located in Rolante, a fortress protected by the very winds in which give the country its name. Lise lives amongst other Amazoness and men alike in the kingdom of Rolante. Prior the birth of her newborn brother, Elliot, her mother died giving birth to Elliot, leaving Lise motherless and traumatized. She swore to take care of her Father and Elliot for as long as she lived, seeing as she did not want to lose any others.

One day, after the defeat of a monster, Lise arrives back the fortress. Meanwhile, Elliot, the Prince of Rolante and Lise's brother, is tricked into shutting off the wind barrier which serves as a direct barrier for Rolante. In the midst of the chaos, Lise's father, the King, is assassinated, leaving Lise in a mourning state, only to be worsened after Elliot's kidnapping. Lise, leaving with the survivors, is determined to find Elliot, and sets out on a journey to the Priest of Light.

Carlie, the half-elf and half-human offspring of the human cleric Leroy and elf Shayla, is an orphan taken under the care of the Priest of Light, residing in the Holy City of Wendel. Carlie, for as long as she knew, was a parent-less hybrid of a human and an elf, taking the form of what a regular humanoid would seem as. She refers to the Priest of Light as her "grandfather", and despite her appearance, she is already 15 years of age. After overhearing the Priest of Light's decision to send Heath, Carlie's favorite fellow cleric, to investigate on certain matters, Carlie is determined to find Heath and bring him back safely.

To her horror, Heath is taken away before her very eyes by a strange masked man. Carlie is then determined to rescue Heath, setting this as her centered motive from thereon.

The graphics of Seiken Densetsu 3 are, even in present day's standards, incredible in terms of 2D RPG games. Seiken Densetsu 3 possesses a vast, ocean of colors and tones, implementing them into what are known as the incredible sprites of Seiken Densetsu 3. There are many, many variations of certain sprites, each with hard work obviously put into them. Not even the average Pokemon RPG has this many colors or detail.

It is a spectacular sight to be widely appreciated! Even thinking of the hidden details behind the graphics make me cringe just at the thought of how much work it took! It's the thought that counts! .....Even when the graphics are just as impressive....

Seiken Densetsu 3 implements a real-time action RPG style, combat system, day-and-night system, and a handy "Ring Menu". There are also a plentiful amount of "Class Changes" for each character, simply changes in class and variety depending on each character.

Action RPG

Tips & Hints:
Seiken Densetsu 3 is an overall great game. Your best bet when trying to find this is to find it on the internet somewhere.

No tips or hints to the game, as you must enjoy this incredible game for yourself. O_O

Overall Rating: 10/10

EDIT: Will continue after headache. O_o

11-02-2007, 03:21 AM
Alright people, sorry for super long wait on the update, but I did it. I'll have 1-2 reviews typed later on tonight, so, sit tight :wink:.


11-24-2007, 05:57 PM
*Spoiler Warning*

Game Name
Fable for Xbox (also on PC)
Year Created
Big Blue Box, Lionshead
Plot Review
The plot starts with you, as a child, in the little town of Oakvale. It's a medieval fantasy world, currently full of strife due to all the bizarre creatures (which aren't considered a strange sight), and bandits. It is your sister's birthday, and you need three gold coins to buy her some chocolates. Right from the beginning of the game, you must choose between good or evil. Either way, you will earn your gold, and give your sister her present. Directly after that event, the town is attacked by bandits, and everything you know is destroyed (didn't see that one coming). A strange man named Maze saves your life, and takes you to the Guild, where heroes are trained, and the quest begins. The concept of what a Hero is is vague. You're not expected to do good deeds or bad deeds, just deeds. Eventually, you end up either saving the world, or basically destroying it.
The plot is not very complex at all, a few predictable twists do not in any way make you care what happens. Despite what you may think at first, the story and game in general are not that imaginative, and blatant rip-oofs of good stories are everywhere.
The characters in no way develop themselves, or make you feel. The main character seems to have no personality, and everyone you meet that you could even vaguely care about dies. Ouch.
The graphics were done pretty well, the characters, despite the occasional general flaw(like someone handing you something while their hands are empty), run smoothly, and the environments look alright too. But that's the problem; in my opinion, noone and nothing stands out, and the graphics are occasionaly pretty ugly. As for the sound, the clang of swords and the whoosh of arrows are hard to get wrong. The voices are extremely irritating, especially when they have one sound clip playing over and over again, i.e. applause for the Hero, or screams of villagers.
However difficult the game may seem, it actually painfully easy, leaving it up to the player to make the game harder for his/herself. Though it is very fun combining spells and sword and bows, the beginning of the game restricts you to weak spells and weapons, and anything besides bashing your opponent with a sword is ineffective until much later. Mid-game, alot of people lose interest, because you basically become unstoppable.
Tips and Hints
Buy a house, mount a trophy in it, then sell the house. Bash in the door and grab your trophy. Keep doing this to make money, but watch out for guards.

If you go to Gamespot.com or Gamefaqs.com, people have set up challenges for others, such as pure mage. If you breeze through the game, I reccomend you try them.
Fantasy RPG
Overall Rating
Despite obvious marketing flaws, a very enjoyable game.

12-09-2007, 10:57 PM
Game Name: Elf Bowling PC

Year Created: 1999

Creator[s]: NStorm

Rating: T (Teen)

Plot Review: Plot? All you do is shoot balls at a bunch of elves.

Characters: The elves and santa are all there is, and they're bad even as non-characters.

Graphics: The graphics are terrible, even for 1999. Think 3 year old, crayons and a coloring book.
Screenshots: http://www.ddvhouse.ru/images/games/game-28.jpg


Gameplay: A little arrow goes across the bottom of the screen, and you click when you want to shoot the ball. Wherever the arrow is when you click is the direction your ball goes. That's it. No spin on the ball, no speed, not anything. You literally only need one button to play this game. Honest to god, this is the worst game I've ever played. It is completely void of gameplay and only has one level. It doesn't get harder, nor does it have any variations whatsoever. Apart from the fact that the elves scream, fall over, taunt you, and stick their a$$es at you, this is terrible. On top of that, there isn't even blood!


Genre: Is "Absolute Crap" a genre?

Tips & Hints: Click right next to the middle.

Overall Rating: .5/10

12-10-2007, 01:08 AM
Well I'm bored :/

Game Name: Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando
Year Created: 2003
Creator[s]: Insomniac Games
Plot Review: I suck at writing summarys so.. Here goes.. It starts off when Ratchet and Clank get transported and meet Mr Fizwigit. He asks them to hunt down a theif and get back an expirement that the theif stole. Then like any game.. Its not that easy. You end up finding it but the theif traps you and you manage to escape.

Graphics: The characters look wayyy better then Ratchet and Clank and they fixed up Ratchets voice making him sound better.

Gameplay: Around a hundred weapons you can buy and there's always the mighty wrench. It can get annoying sometimes but it's still amazing.

Genre: Action :O

Tips & Hints: DO NOT BUY A ZODIAC. It costs wayyy too much and it's not that good.

Overall Rating: 8/10

01-03-2008, 05:21 PM
Game name:Yoshi:Touch & Go

Year Created:2005


Plot Review:4/10
There wasn’t that much of a plot, besides a small one reminiscent of the game Yoshi’s Island, without all of the bosses and different worlds. At the very beginning, you have to control baby Mario as he floats down from the sky on balloons and avoids enemies with the help of the stylus. Later, if you complete that round, you have to lead Yoshi out of danger while also getting points. I like playing Yoshi’s Island more, because it had the original plotline, and this game just redoes it in a minigame-ish format built for the Nintendo DS.

The characters didn’t develop much in this game, because this game pretty much shares its plotline with another.

Like most Nintendo game graphics, these were pretty good, but they’re not the best I’ve ever seen.

The gameplay is simple:at the beginning, you draw clouds to help baby Mario avoid obstacles, then you lead Yoshi through the land while throwing eggs at enemies and coins to get points and snagging fruits along the way. This can be quite entertaining, but also frustrating, when eggs miss their targets. The one thing I dislike the most is that this is just a minigame to last you a few minutes, and the only modes are Score Attack, Marathon (where it keeps going on and on), and, of course, a Vs. Mode.


Tips & Hints:Run out of eggs? Eat fruit! Don’t know how to get fruit? Press B!

Overall:If you like minigames, then you’ll be hooked on this game for a while. But as a game, I don’t like it much. They should have put this into a future game as a subgame, like they did on (once again)Yoshi’s Island. Rent it if you’re going to play it.

2/10:Good minigame, bad game.

The Doctor
01-03-2008, 06:09 PM
Yay my First Game Review! :biggrin:

Game Name: Jak 3
Year Created: 2004
Creator[s]: Naughty Dog

Plot Review: The main plot in this game is that the Dark ones called the Dark Makers have found Jak and Daxter's world so now they have to do anything to stop the Dark Makers from destroying their planet. But to do that they have to stop Cyborg Errol from waking up the Dark Makers to control them and rule the universe oncer and for all. The other two plots are is that the main hero and his sidekick Daxter have been banished in the desert for Life and they struggle to survive until a group of people from Spargus City come and take the heroes with them and their the heroes start a new life in the Wasteland. The Last plot is that their is War going on in Haven City with the Metal Heads and KG Robots. And once you return to the city you will have to help with the War effort. Overall: 10/10

Characters: Their are many characters in this game, but the main characters in this are Jak and Daxter. All the characters are used for the plot in this game but their is only one who is pretty much worthless in this game, Kiera. In the Last two Jak games she was included all the time so why did Naughty Dog decide to even put Kiera in Jak 3 even if she isn't in the game that much. Overall: 9.5/10

Graphics: The graphics in this game are very well done in this game. They are best grapchics I have seen, yet! Overall: 10/10

Gameplay: The game starts out fairly easy but little by little it starts getting harder. But the game gives you many weapons, powers, forms, and vehicles to defeat your enemies. But overall Jak 3 is easier than Jak 2 for some reason and had less missions to do in Jak 3 than Jak 2. Overall: 9/10

Genre: Adventure and Action
Tips & Hints: Light Jak Flying Glitch: Press X, O, X, and O repeatedly.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 I recommend you should go buy it and Play It!

~Luis :biggrin:

01-03-2008, 11:04 PM

Game Name: Super Mario Galaxy

Year Created: 2007

Creator[s]: Nintendo

Rating: E (Everyone)

Plot Review: The game opens with Mario receiving an invitation from Princess Peach to attend a festival in the Mushroom Kingdom celebrating the passing of a comet overhead. While Mario is making his way to the castle, a series of airborne ships led by Bowser suddenly appear. As Bowser summons a massive spaceship to rip Princess Peach's castle out of the ground, Mario manages to grab on to the castle but is then flung into space by a Magikoopa.

Mario awakens on a small planet (The "Gateway Galaxy") with small star-shaped creatures that float in the air called Lumas, and meet a woman named Rosalina. She explains to Mario that she is a watcher of the stars, traveling the universe in her spaceship, which takes the form of the comet that passes over the Mushroom Kingdom once every hundred years. She tells him that Bowser has taken the Power Stars and Grand Stars needed to fuel her observatory ship, which means they cannot follow him until more are collected. Granting him the use of a Luma that allows him to use his spin technique, she tells him to collect the stars needed to power the observatory and rescue Peach.

As Mario collects stars, he gains the ability to travel to more outlying galaxies. When Bowser is defeated the second time, a number appears in the Observatory's main room that decreases with each star collected. After sixty stars are collected, the countdown reaches zero and the observatory becomes fully mobile. If Rosalina's offer of pursuing Bowser and rescuing Princess Peach is selected at this point, the observatory transforms into its comet-like form that takes Mario to the final level. Upon reaching Bowser's lair, he explains that he stole the stars in order to create a new galaxy, which he intends to reign over with Peach at his side, eventually taking over the rest of the universe. Upon his defeat, Bowser's sun implodes, producing a super massive black hole that consumes the entire universe, reducing it to a singularity, resulting in a Big Bang.

Rosalina then appears to Mario again in the nascent universe. She tells him that stars never die because when they become stardust, they reform to create new stars which will in turn become galaxies. The scene then cuts to Mario, Peach, and Bowser waking up back in the Mushroom Kingdom during a fireworks display. The game ends with Mario looking up and saying, "Welcome! Welcome new Galaxy!" — implying that the Lumas formed a new Universe after the old one vanished into the black hole and that "the cycle of life continues," as Rosalina told Mario.

A second story is told discontinuously as levels are finished, which unlocks chapters of a storybook that Rosalina reads to the Lumas inside the Library. The story is of Rosalina who, as a child, found a lost Luma in a spaceship who wanted to find its mother. She also hoped to find her own mother, who once told her that she would be going away on a journey but would become a star and watch over her, and she agreed to accompany it into space on its journey and later, to be its mother. After settling on a far-away planet, other Lumas appeared and also called her "mother". She became homesick though and wished she could return to be with her mother, having finally realized that what her mother was trying to tell her was that she was dying. One of the Lumas transformed into a comet and they made a new home on it, traveling the universe and returning home once every hundred years to the blue planet where her mother is buried.

Overall, a phenomenal plot and incredibly moving.

Overall: 95/100


http://www.freegamesbestcheats.com/Videos/Super_Mario_Galaxy_Video/Super_Mario_Galaxy_Video.jpg: The protagonist of the story (and of all Mario games). Fat little plumber who jumps 10 times his height. Well developed in this game in comparison to other Mario games.

http://www.miiboard.com/img/avatars/peach_2.gif: Of course, Peach is here. Dainty princess who is always saved by Mario in the end. It's no different in this game, though she's more well developed.

http://www.retro-games.co.uk/nintendo/n64/toad.gif: The toads are here and there in the story, though not really characters.

http://www.miiboard.com/img/avatars/luigi_1.gif: Luigi makes a few guest appearances in this game, gathering stars for Mario, and then getting captured which forces you to go save him or forfeit a star.

Rosalina: Physically, she's very peach like. Otherwise, she is very responsible, and the "Mama" of the Lumas.

Lumas: The Lumas are little creatures who float around talking to you. They come in various forms and shapes. There are hungry Lumas, red lumas, pink lumas, yellow lumas and black lumas. As well as a white luma who accompanies Mario around.

Overall: For a platformer, the character development is phenomenal. 95/100

Graphics: The graphics are even better than the original NES version! Full 3D, awe-inspiring, goofy, fun, serious, and scary environments are all what you'd expect and more. The lighting is really top-notch as well, and in some ways, up to the 360.

Overall: 100/100


Gameplay: This is where the wii controls become less of a gimmick, and more of a helpful piece of hardware.
You shake the Wii remote to spin and perform various other actions, and the pointer serves to collect star-bits, which are used in many ways throughout the game. Plus, the return of many classic Mario suits (Fire Flower especially) and some added new ones, this is really one of hte most perfect games you can make.
Controls are near perfect, the gravity-changes feel, atypically, natural, and shooting from planet to planet is a real blast. Honestly, there really isn't anything bad about this game.

Overall: 100/100

Genre: Platformer

Tips & Hints: None

Closing Statements: This is a really great game, and nothing bad can be said about it (save the fact that Mario no longer falls asleep after standing still for a while).

Overall Rating: 98/100

01-15-2008, 03:15 AM
Game Name: Soul Nomad and the World Eaters
Genre: sRPG
Year: 2007
Developer: Nippon Ichi
Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software America
ESRP Rating: T

People who's played Nippon Ichi games know of the amount of hilariousness that come from their stories. NIS then promises us something that I totally would have thought to be impossible: make a serious game.

Plot Review:
The story revolves around your character (whom you choose as either male or female) named Revya (or w/e you want to name him/her). One day, s/he and his/her friend Danette were called to the elder of their village, Layna, where they would finally become village guardians. Revya was given an onyx sword with immense power, and soon was infused with the former destroyer of the world, Gig, who was sealed away in that sword by Layna herself long ago. Layna gives Revya and Danette the task to destroy the World Eaters, 3 different monsters who were tearing the world apart.

While the plot is generally cheesy and at times pathetically weak, you can't help but think that they've tried...and then fail subsequently after. Phantom Brave, I believe, is the first and probably the only game NIS will ever make that's serious in nature anyway.

The game gives you many different endings to choose from, one of which you can get within the first 4 battles in the game, as well as a completely different alternate storyline (the demon path) after you've beaten the game once, which gives you a different set of characters, as well as a plotline that's extremely funny and disturbing at the same time.

Overall, they failed at what they've set out to accomplish.


The characters in the game are static for the most part, but is expected to that of a NIS game. If you think of this game as a game made by NIS, the score would be fairly high, as it's something you'd expect. If you're talking about epic fantasies that would shake the foundations in character development (see Mass Effect), then you're not where you're supposed to be.


Sprites. 2D sprites. The game itself isn't even close to using half the power available on the PS2. To add further 'insult' to injury, the maps you play on are literally maps. We've degenerated back to the old Super Nintendo Fire Emblem era here, with some fancy camera (?) movement. It's unfortunate that it's actually difficult to tell whether an area can be moved upon or not sometimes, and you might get a squad stuck in some corner here and there.


The game is less about the individual and more about the squad in this game. You can build squads with your characters, and each squad can have up to 9 slots in a 3x3 square. Squads can also equip 1-time use equipment known as decors. Decors last for one map and then are consumed after, which adds to the strategic value of a rare/good decor: should you use it now, or save it for a difficult battle later? (There is a correct answer in this game, however)

You start each map with just your own hero's squad, but can summon more using GP (the currency in this game). Defeating enemies and beating maps would grant you more GP to further your cause.

Perhaps the most important feature in this game is "inspection". This is opened early in the game, but people advise players to get to a relatively high level before tackling even low level inspections, since the room's boss (which you don't have to beat if you don't want to, generally speaking) tend to be much stronger than your characters until your decors catch up and can make your squads stand up to them. Rewards for inspections include the expansion of your quad's space (up to 9 slots!), as well as room points, which power up your characters. This is also where the "correct answer" from the first paragraph comes in: decors are NOT consumed if you inspect 1-3 inspection dungeons and then leave. Rare and powerful decors are simply saved for inspection dungeons so you can level up, and beat the regular battle more easily.

All in all, the battle system is actually GOOD, and allows for people to want to powerlevel to level 9999 to do it quickly (with the decors given in this game).


Tips & Hints:

Overall Rating:
Soul Nomad: still hilarous, NIS fails at their promise.

06-10-2008, 08:02 PM
...::::Zero-Fox V.G.Reviews::::...

Halo 3: I've been a fan of this series since I first heard of it in 2002. This game is probably one of the best shooter games ever. The story line may be Un-Epic and extremely short but it makes up for it in its Pros, the Multiplayer. IT OWNS to get on LIVE with your friends at 9:00, with a super sized mountain due at hand, PWNing each other and trash talking over the com. Halo 3 in my opinion is a lot better than any fps you'll see EVER period. I give Halo 3 (the god of fps 360) an AWESOME 9.8/10

Call of Duty 4: You've probably heard about this truly god-like game since everyone WAS (Now that GTA IV is out pshht). This game has 3 thumbs up (which, if you don't know, isn't possible) in both Single Player and the Awing Multiplayer. A must have for any 360 owner even if you can't play rated M games! I give the Halo 3 tie a- 9.8/10

Orange Box:5 games in one + An Orange box= AWESOME. Not only does it have the Awesome game Portal (a fun and challenging puzzle game) but has one of the best PC games ever made: Half-Life 2. Orange Box is a must have! I give it a 9.7/10

Gears of War: Easily one of the best games on the 360. With gore, awesomeness, and sweat weapons with chainsaws on the end; Gears of War ROCKS. Even if there has to be strategy and skill in the choices you make Gears of War will rock your socks till there dirty and rock them again when they are cleaned! A must have game that can soothe your gaming thirst! I give Gears of War a solid 9.8/10

Bioshock: I wouldn't recommend it for non-fans of fps. This game is awesome but a little weird and the campaign is extremely short. Bioshock is a highly respected game that deserves a 9.4/10!

GTA IV: BEST GAME EVER, nuff said. 10/10

George Jefferson
06-16-2008, 07:09 PM
Contra 4 (DS)
11/13/07 US
T for Teen

Intro: You've seen the Contra series rise and fall all through these years, as Spin-offs have either failed or failed. But now, the Contra series is back in full force, ready to give you another entry in the official series as the truly anticipated Contra 4 is availible for your DS!

Plot: The plot is basically the same ol' "Go and kill the bad guy" stuff. But, the main enemy in the game, Black Viper, is shown in the intro killing an entire city of folks. (One I had to truly tear up at seeing a woman get killed.)

Characters: You are one of these four characters: Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Mad Dog or Scorpion, though all have the same abilities and are just there for colors. But, if you're a fan of the Contra series, you can select your own character from past games that you favor.

Gameplay: It's a run-and-gun game, but it's not easy. In fact, the Easy mode is probably the worst easy mode for beginners to begin with. Infact, it takes multiple tries just to beat the first stage on your first try. But, that's what the Contra series have been known for: It's incredibly difficult difficulty. (LOL) And that's basically the core gameplay of the Contra series.

The weapons vary here. On Easy, you pick up a weapon and start off with it maxed upgraded. But, in other difficulties, you have to collect it two times to fully upgrade it. There are 6 weapons, if I recall correctly: The Fire, the Machine Gun, the Shotgun, the Laser, the Rocket Launcher (Don't flame me, I haven't remembered the names yet) and the Homing Missile. Oh, and you can carry two of each while you're at it.

Graphics: It's 2D, and it looks like a cartoon. But who the **** cares about graphics? The obvious graphics fanboys/girls, of course. But screw 'em, this game isn't about graphics, it's about the gameplay (How games should be).

Sound: The first stage and the original Contra are alike, because most of the themes are remixed from other Contras.

Oh, and, they sound great, too. Plus, your characters have voices, and they sound macho, seeing as it's a Contra game. And it sounds clear, too, so, it's pretty great all around.

Tips and Hints and whatnot: After you beat the first Easy Difficulty, you can unlock challenges to further improve your skills, or unlock special treats like classic Contras or a museum to review your past Contra legacy.

Overall rating: I know half the reviews on this forum either gave a sh****y game a 10 or little less, but believe me, if you're an arcade run-and-gun adventurist like me, you'd definately get this game for your DS. Plus! It's been lowered to 20 bucks at Walmart! Get it while it's somewhat mild!


06-24-2008, 05:08 PM
Game Name: Jump Ultimate Stars (DS)
Year Created: 2006, but only in Japan
Creator[s]: Made by Ganbarion, published by Nintendo

Plot Review: There's no plot. Who cares about a plot when you have a great fighting game? Well, the incredibly thin plot is that, continuing from Jump Super Stars, this sequel pits Shonen Jump (or just Jump, in Japan) manga characters together in hand-to-hand combat. There are several missions you can do to unlock characters and abilities in battle as well, adding a little extra challenge to this game.

Rating: 9/10

Characters: A lot of the characters from Shonen Jump-related manga. Some of the more popular ones are Luffy from One Piece, Naruto from his namesake manga (in Shippuden form!), and Ichigo from Bleach. There are also some NPC's who aid you in battle, whether it be healing you or hurting your enemies. Overall, they make for very fun and entertaining battles.

Rating: 9/10

Graphics: All of the characters are 2-D, but most of them look good (aside from some, like Killua from HunterxHunter and Bobobo-bobo-bobo (phew) from his namesake manga). The 3-D fields are pretty nice, too, but the graphics aren't "Cool-Wow" great. They're not particularly ugly, though.

Rating: 8/10

Gameplay: For the large group of us who doesn't read Japanese and can't figure out the manuals, the A button is a regular jump, the B button is a regular attack, the Y button is a special attack, and the X button is, umm...a super-special attack. A 'super-special attack' can only be performed when you have a set amount of energy (as seen in that blue energy bar in the corner, with a convienent number by it), and you get energy by pwning other guys. By combining an attack with the directional pad, your attacks change. For example, pressing B might throw a straight punch, but pressing A+Up might give you a punch straight up in the air.

A bonus to gameplay is the addition of "komas", which are, essentially, manga panels. Pressing one on your bottom screen may allow an NPC to appear for a short amount of time, or it may change your character to somebody else! Your character depends on what komas you have (specifically, the giant panels are usually characters), and so do your abilities.

Overall, it almost guarantees an infinite amout of different battles. Excellent.

Rating: 9.5/10

Tips & Hints: I don't like using Nico Robin (One Piece), but you should use whatever character fits your style. Oh, and the symbols on each button on the screen pretty much tell you what that button does, making navigation through a foreign game easier.

Overall Rating: AWESOME!!!!! Even Super Smash Bros. Brawl doesn't get too much better than this. In this game, the possibilities are nearly endless. You get to play as a superhero, not just a video game character you've played as countless times. Ultimate Stars is sheer foreign awesomeness. Too bad it has absolutely no plans on hitting American or UK shores.

Overall: 9.4/10: go to Japan RIGHT NOW and buy your copy NOW!!!!!

08-30-2008, 02:30 AM
Game: Wipeout Pulse [PSP]

Year Created: 2008

Creator: Studio Liverpool

Plot Review: You play as a driver of a futuristic-car-looking automobile and you race other people to be the best (you don't really find out why). You can use weapons such as Missiles, Turbo, and Tri-Rockets. There are also lots of other weapons, I just forgot them. In addition, you can also take photos of a race and save them as JPEG's to your memory stick.
Overall: 9/10.

Characters: There aren't really any characters in this game, since you only play as a person inside a ship, with the camera views being front (the tip of the ship), close (behind the ship), and far (even farther behind the ship) if I remember correctly. There are tons of ships you can choose from (over 10), and they are all pretty cool, with their own unique statistics.
Overall: 10/10.

Graphics: Pretty good. Pulse doesn't have the best graphics in the world, but they're pretty good, and they definitely get the job done. Also, the gameplay is very smooth, and I'm not just saying that. It's got some serious frames per second, maybe 45 or 50. Basically, it's smooth gameplay with pretty good graphics.
Overall: 10/10.

Gameplay: The gameplay is good, though as you go on, you may find that the other races get INSANELY hard to beat. What I do to solve this problem is I keep on playing that same event multiple times until I beat it. Then, if I absolutely can't beat it, I go do a different event and come back to that one. Overall: 9/10.

Genre: Racing / Futuristic

Tips & Hints: If you play with the same ship for quite some time, you will unlock one skin, and then all of the skins for that ship. Do this for all of the ships, and you will get every stinkin' skin there is.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 - Very good racing game, although it can get insanely hard near the end.