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08-13-2007, 04:52 AM
CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE OFFICIAL "Kanto League of Champions!" Pe2k THREAD!


1. You MUST be registerd with the "Kanto League of Champions" in order to compete against me to advance to the next E4 member.

2. You MUST Figure out the gym puzzle, in order to Compete against the leader.

3. In order to figure out the puzzle, you must defeat the Gym Trainers to get there hints. only after you get the puzzle finished, you may attempt to defeat the leader.

4. All Kanto League of Champions rules are inforced, this means:

No SINNOH Pokes when you challenge us

No Ubbers

No legendarys (unless you become the champion)


No Spamming/Flaming

5. After you obtain the gym badge, you must post it in your signature.

6. When you recieve the gym badge, you will then get a 5 digit code that goes along with it. REMEMBER THIS CODE!!! you must present this code to Kill_Shot (the league supervisor and 4th E4) in order to compete against the E4 and the Champion.

7. No posing! if you are caught steeling a badge and placing it on your signature, then you will no longer be accept to participate against the gym.

8. No childish pranks. This means: No calling hacks.

9. Have fun :)

Gym Info

Gym Leader

Gym Trainers

1. Figmented Imagination

Gym Banner and Badge makers

1. Minun_Hunter

NOTE: If any of the above slots are open, then you may apply for a slot. If all are closed, im sorry, you must go to another gym to apply.

Gym Winners

So far:

0 People have Beatin the Trainers!

0 People have figured out the puzzle!

0 People have beatin the Gyme Leader!

0 People are lined up to challenge!

Gym Puzzle

If you figure out the puzzle, please PM the Gym Leader. DO NOT post the answers in this thread, or else you will be forbid to compete.

Gym Puzzle:

Nothing Yet


Head Personal:

Elite Four Leader:

Page Provider:

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credit minun hunter for the setup i'm not done editing though i'll finish later