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03-17-2004, 05:40 AM
Well back when all the fics were nothing but trainer fics... I wondered what if there was a fic from a pokemon's point of view? Well I decided to bring that story to life and right off the bat it came into a widely known fic all over PE2K and because of that success I decided to edit this fic a little bit and bring it right back to you! I will post some a day and I am open to all comments to the fic. Enjoy!

In order to see the offical Chikorita's Adventure web site, go to Chikorita Adventures (http://www.hometown.aol.com/sodangfine10/fanfics.html) and once there click on Chikorita Adventures link.

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Chapter 1- Chikorita's Special Place

The sun was ready to set. The moon was rising high for everyone and everything to see throughout the night. Stantler's galloped through the small forest. Zigzagoon's crawled thru the tall grass to get home to their family. Hoothoot's were coming out of their holes in the tree. Pidgeot's were gathering Caterpie's up for there young. A Golduck was taking its last swim before having to settle down for the night. I on the other hand didnít care it was almost night...

My big leaf on my head withered back and forth as I ran through the tall grass. <Wait up!> I told my friend in an unknown language to humans. I came to the clearing. There was a little waterfall and a small pond. It was beautiful.

<I beat you again!> said Abby, my best friend in the whole world. We both didnít have any parents. We were all by ourselves until we came upon each other one day. I tackled the little stubborn Chikorita. <I donít know what I would do without ya! If I lost you then I would of no one to beat in a race> Abby said.

We settled down and looked up a the waterfall. The moon glazed down on us. The wind lightly blew. It was so quite. <We'll be friends forever, right?> I asked Abby. <Until the end!> she said back.

"Hey look! Thereís two Chikorita's" said a guy behind us. <A trainer! RUN!!!!> I yelled. I ran into the grass. Deep into the grass.

Abby was still looking the human strait in the eye. "Go Charmeleon!" demanded the boy. The big, orange fire pokemon let out a huge torching hot blast of fire. It burnt Abby to bits. The kid threw a pokeball towards Abby.

Abby was sucked inside the ball. <NOO!> I yelled. I knew she would fight back. She wouldnít be caught so easily. Not if I had anything to do with it. But then the worst happened...The ball locked. The trainer picked up the ball. "Alright! This is the 9th catch today" cheered the kid. <Abby, come back!> I cried out. I jumped out of the tall green grass. I tackled the trainers leg. "Well youíre a fierce little one, sorry but I already have one of your kinds!" said the trainer.

The Charmeleon looked at me. Then in a blink of an eye the trainer's fire pokemon released a Flamethrower attack. The fire hit me. I could feel my skin burning everywhere. I was nothing but a helpless Chikorita in the middle of Chiko Fields... alone more than ever.

I stood up though, not giving up. I had to get back to Abby. I tried to walk but I just collapsed. I watched the trainer walk away with my best friend and I couldnít do one damn thing about it.

03-17-2004, 08:48 PM
Chapter 2- The Awakening

I opened my eyes up. I looked around. I tried to stand up but I couldnít find the strength needed to do so. I could feel a burn all over me. <Hello> said another pokemon. I looked around and saw a big face look right at me.

<Do you need help> said the pokemon. I found the power to stand up by remembering what happened to Abby. <Leave me alone please> I told it. The pokemon was just a bit smaller than me. It hopped around til it got in front of me. I fell back to the ground.

<Whoa there ace!> said the little pokemon.
The pokemon was mainly yellow. A foot tall probably, really skinny and full of energy... which I had a small amount of to put up with this non-sense from the pokemon. The end of its ears were black with a tiny black tail. Along with a black collar around its neck and pink circles on its cheeks. <Hi! Im Ty. Well at least thatís what people call me. My real name is Tyeanfsu- or somethin like that, I cant pronounce it. So whats your name little buddy! Man o Man! You look beat up> said the little Pichu as he was bouncing all around.

<Here let me help you> Ty said. Ty sorta picked me up in a way. I finally got up on all four legs with his help, even though I didnít want or need the extra hand. I wiggled my way to a nearby pond. <So what happened?> asked Ty.

<Look man, I appreciate the help but I am not in the mood right now> I told the little guy. I looked down at the grass. It was about noon I figured from the setting of the sun. I started to walk off towards a town that wasnít far from where I was in Chiko Gardens. I was off to find Abby, nothing would stop me from it either. <You seemed pretty depressed> said Ty as he jumped on me and then jumped off, losing his balance and crashing to the ground.

<Canít you not sit still for one minute> I yelled at him, sounding meaner than I have ever been. Ty shut up however and walked right by me. <Why are you headed this way> asked Ty.

<Because the person that captured my best friend walked in this direction which means he is going to the town thatís about 2 miles away from here> I explained. <Do you mind if I come> asked Ty. <Yes I do, go find some other pokemon to bother. This is Chikorita Gardens which means there are a lot more Chikorita's to bother around here] I yelled, probably shouldnít of been hey... my best friend was just captured and taken away from me and that didnít actually put me on cloud 9.

<Thatís ok! I like you so ill just stay here> Ty said. <How unfortunate for me> I mumbled to myself...

03-20-2004, 02:47 AM
Chapter 3-Lookout for the Trainer

<Thatís the way.. uh huh..uh huh.. I like it!> singed Ty. <Shut up already> I snapped at him. The singing was enough. The skipping was enough. The picking ear wax out of his ear and flicking it at me was definitely enough.

<Sorry, I am just use to singing it in the morning, my trainer use to sing that song every morning when he got up!> said Ty. <What? Your trainer?> I asked, confused on why he wasnít bothering his trainer instead of me.

<Yeah, I use to have a trainer> explained Ty. I dropped it there even though I still wondered. The morning sun was creaking up. I had got little sleep over the night, afraid that if I stopped to long I would never catch up to Abby and her trainer. It probably would of been smart to take a rest cause I could feel the energy being sucked right out of me now.

<Must of been terrible huh?> I questioned Ty the next day. <No, exactly it was great!> said Ty, realizing I was talking about him being with a trainer. I was puzzled. <The trainer doesnt know that its bringing pain to all its friends. The trainer thinks that you want to be its friend and its partner in battling. People never meant to make you sad> explained Ty. <I..I.. I guess I never thought of it that way> I told him, looking on the ground and pondering about that.

<So why arenít you with your trainer anymore> I asked, hoping the answer wouldnít result in one that I didnít need to ask about. <Well, my trainer grew angry at me one night. We had battled many times but I had never needed to use Electric attacks until one day when we were at a Gym. The Gym Leader used Water pokemon so I was to have the advantage cause I'm an Electric type. We ended up losing the battle cause I wasnít able to perform an electric type attack> said Ty, actually looking sad for once.
Ty looked down at the ground and sorta drug his tail behind him like he was really sad about this... made me feel sad for asking.

<So anyways, he left me in the forest since I was no good> explained Ty. <Ha...Ha..HAHA! Youíre an electric type pokemon yet you cant do a simple electric attack?> I said, laughing in his face. <Shut up! At least I would be smart enough to not let a kid take my best friend right in front of me!> said Ty.

That made me shut up. I looked at the ground as we walked. That was harsh and shouldnít of been said but then again... he was right. <So you never told me your name> said Ty. <The name is Marty> I told him.

<This is it!> I yelled as we reached the town. <What a big town> Ty said in amazement. <I have never been in a town before, I have been close to one but I have never actually been in one> I murmured, making this simple trip a big deal to me. I tip-toed towards the entrance of the town. There were little buildings with people wondering around. Cars flew by and kids were riding bikes. So much life was going on in this small block of the city.

<This is great!> I said, looking everywhere from high to low. I was looking around without looking in front of me and I ran into a guy that seemed like 10 times my size! "Watch out!" screamed the guy. <People sure are rude in this town> said Ty.

<Look over here!> Ty yelled, noticing something. <What is it?> I asked. Ty pointed at a sign on the wall. <I donít know how to read> I whispered as if a human would understand me and start to laugh. <HAHA, ok then ill tell you what it says.. Welcome pokemon trainers, head north to Turquoise Island to enter in the biggest tournament this year!> announced Ty.

<Maybe thatís where that trainer dude went> suggested Ty. <Yeah, it said head north, which way is north?> I asked, feeling really stupid but you have to remember... Iím a pokemon and donít need to know this stuff on a normal basis. <Uhhh I thiiiink this way?!> said Ty, not seeming to sure but I was willing to try. <Ok then lets go!> I blurted out as I ran north to find my friend.

We ran for awhile. We finally got to the farthest side of the town. <There is just water here!> yelled Ty. <Just great!> I screamed, looking at the wide ranged ocean. I laid down under a nearby bench. I felt like I should just give up on trying to get Abby back. Afterall, this was one big world.

I looked up to see a boy walk by. He was heading for a ship. <That boy looks familiar> I said. Then I saw a Charmeleon next to him. The boy had on a black hat, gray jeans, blue shirt. <THATíS HIM!> I screamed. I ran our from underneath the bench. I ran at full speed towards the boy. The kid walked onto the boat.

Ty followed behind me. The boat set sail. I could hear one of the crew members yell.. "All aboard to Turquoise Island!". They were headed to that island Ty and me had read about. I ran faster and faster. I ran right off the dock, trying to jump onto the ship........and I had missed.
I fell right into the water.

<Hold up bro! Your gonna get hurt doing that stuff ace> said something in the water...

03-21-2004, 05:54 AM
Chapter 4- A Wet Journey

I looked over to my left to see a strange looking pokemon. It was about three feet tall and wide. It was just floating in the water. It was big and round, kind of a whale lookin pokemon.

<What brings you out here man?!> the weird pokemon asked. <Im lookin for my friend, it was on that boat> I said sadly. I started to sink, not knowing actually how to swim that well in deep water. Ty came up to the edge of the boat dock. The pokemon picked me up. <Whoa little fella! Donít wanna drown now do ya?> it said lifting me up and putting me on its back. <Im a Wailmer, not just any Wailmer. I am smaller than most. Thatís why im on my own, away from my kind. Cause no other Wailmer likes me man> the Wailmer said, like I cared. <Dude! I new amigo!> said a weird fella on the Wailmer's back too.

<Intro me dude> it said. <Ok so this is Earl and I'm Oscar!> said the Wailmer.

<What kind of pokemon are you?> Ty asked Earl. <I'm a Teddiursa. Who are you> said Earl. <Thatís a very annoying thing, its name is Ty> I said, discovering that I wasnít in a good mood when wet. <Where are yall two dudes headed?> Oscar asked. <To Turquoise Island> I said.

<Dude, totally! We're headed there as well, need a ride?> asked Earl, the Teddiursa. Ty jumped on Oscar and we were on our way to Turquoise Island to find Abby. <Narley, lets catch some waves> yelled Oscar. Oscar, with Ty, Earl, and me on its back, went splashing towards Turquoise Island.

<So this one dude is like WHOA WATCH OUT! and Oscar just kept swimming and we were like NO! and the little Totodile got swept to shore and then I was like TOTALLY!> yelled Earl. Great! Now I have two more Ty's to deal with. Ty was enjoying his conversation's with them but me on the other hand, was about to jump off and sink right to the bottom of the ocean!

<So bros! You fools headed to Turquoise Island to compete?> asked the big Wailmer, Oscar. <No, just to find my friend> I said back.

<There is some mean lean pokemon there brother!> said Oscar as he swam threw the waves of the ocean. <Yeah I went there one time dude and it was totally crazy, there was blasts and such. It was off the hook> said Earl, the little Teddiursa. <What language are yall talkin?> I asked. They seemed to not know themselves and ignored my comment.

<Look over there Oscar> said Earl. Oscar swam towards a little shiny object in the water. No.. it wasnít an object but a pokemon. <THATíS HIM!> yelled Earl. Oscar swam faster than the wind. Then it dived right under the water. Earl was still with Oscar but when Oscar dove underwater Ty and me were forced to just jumped off.

<ARE THEY NUTS?> I screamed. I tried to swim but I started to sink. Ty was swimming backwards, having the time of his life. Oscar and Earl came jumping out of the water with a Magicarp on Oscar's back. They picked me up out of the water before I drowned.

<You have some explaining to do man> said Earl. <Uhhhh huuuuuhh huuh uhhhh> said the Magicarp. <Magicarp! Magic! Magicarp!> It said loudly. <Are you retarded or something? We arenít human so we can obviously understand you!> yelled Oscar. <Whats goin on> asked Ty. <This little freak took our food we gathered up the other day. We have been looking for this little guy for days dude> said Earl.

Earl took its bear claws and swiped them up against the face of the Magicarp. The Magicarp got hurt badly and jumped right off Oscar's back, into the water. Then it started to glow. <What the -> said Oscar. The Magicarp grew 2, no 3, maybe 50 times bigger than normal. <Its evolving dudes!> said Ty. <Totally radical> said Earl. <Not really> I yelled, knowing that a big problem laid ahead of us. The Magicarp turned into a big blue Gyrados.

It had a huge blast in its mouth, just waiting to come out at us. <GO OSCAR!> I screamed at the big Wailmer. The blast headed straight for us. Water splashed up at us. I was swept away...

03-26-2004, 03:26 AM
Chapter 5- Island Disaster

<Puhhh! Gross> I said, spitting out all the chunky sand that found its way to my mouth. <That was tight! Lets do it again> yelled Ty. Ty came jumping out of a pile of sand. <Where are we?> I asked looking around to find nothing but sand and trees..

<I donít know man. I woke up and no one was around, Oscar and Earl are no where to be found. You have been out cold for like a long time... I would say... 10 minutes. There seems to be no one on this island> explained Ty.

<Your so pathetic. If we are on an island then how are we going to get off? Just great, stuck on an island in the middle of no where with you> I screamed. <I'm not that bad. Say, wanna see who can build the best sand castle?> asked Ty, deciding it was that time of the day where he started to annoy me.

<SHUT UP ALREADY! ALL YOU EVER DO IS PLAY AROUND! Why donít you be serious for once?> I yelled at Ty. <If I'm so terrible then why do you hang around me?> he asked back. <I DONíT! YOU HANG AROUND ME!] I screamed back, almost busting all the vains in my head.

<Well then I'll leave!> screamed the little Pichu. <Fine, good luck on surviving by yourself!> I yelled back. Talk about a fight. We were screaming so loud we caught the attention of about 20 Wingulls. Heck they were eating popcorn and relaxing, just enjoying our little fight.

I stomped off. Ty and me headed off in different directions. <Great, its getting dark and I havenít had food since yesterday> I said, talking to myself. I walked around in the thick brush in the middle of the island.
I ended up finding an apple tree and a coconut. I even found a fire! Thatís right, a fire. It was pitch black on the island. There was only a little bit of light from the moon. I sat down by the fire. I had no idea why it was there but I didnít care at the time. I was to exhausted to care. After filling my belly with apples, I found my way to sleep.


<UUUAAAHHH> I yawned. I looked around. The fire was still there blazing. I could fell the warmth on my face. It made me never want to get up but I knew I was going to have to find a way off this island today.
I stood up and picked up dirt with the big leaf on my head. I put it on the fire to put it out. The fire went almost out. Until the fire rose to the sky. There was something connected to it...

The tail raised up. I hadnít noticed it the night before because it was so dark. A huge big orange blob appeared. It was a huge pokemon. I had never seen it before. The fire I had been by all night long was just a tail of the big pokemon. Its wings spread open. They were blue mostly. The big dragon like pokemon screeched, <AAAAAAARRRRRRGGHHHH!!>

<UHHHH.. sorry! I didnít know that was your tail, didnít mean to try to put it out. hehe. I said, trying to calm down the big pokemon. I giggled, trying to ease the moment and then I decided to just run like heck. I took off at the speed of light.

The big pokemon flew towards me. A huge blast of fire went right over my head. I headed towards a little valley of rocks. Just wide enough for me to fit in, at least thatís what I thought. I dived towards the little open space between the mighty rocks. I went right between them and...
GOT STUCK! The pokemon was about to do some serious damage to me...
The pokemon roared loudly! I was done for... then something happened.

Someone tugged on my foot until I was unstuck. It was TY! <You ok?> he asked. <Not for long> I told him as I pointed at the big orange fire pokemon.

<Thatís a CHARIZARD!> he screamed. The Charizard slapped me across the floor. I didnít even know what hit me. <WHAT ARE YOU DOING!> I screamed.

I stood up and looked at Ty. He was concentrating extremely hard.
A bolt of electricity started to shoot out from his cheeks. He concentrated with all his might. A huge wave of electricity went flying towards Charizard.

The big pokemon roared. Ty didnít quit though, he just kept going and going. Finally Ty didnít have anymore energy and fell to the ground. Charizard was trying to move and attack us but just couldnít. Charizard founds its way to the ground as well.

<Ty, wake up buddy. Im sorry. Youíre my friend, now wake up> I yelled, not believing the words that just came out of my mouth. Ty opened his eyes. He stared at me for a long time. I knew Ty has badly hurt, at least thatís what I thought... until Ty jumped up. <YEAAHH BABY! WHAT NOW YA BIG BAD CHARIZARD!> he screamed. <You do know that when Charizard awakes, you are in deep trouble, right?> I whispered.

<Uh yeah, lets scram in that case] he said, laughing with me. <That was amazing!> I told him as I patted him on the back with my vine. <Yeah I know I used a ELECTRIC ATTACK!> he screamed. <Oh yeah and you saved me> I giggled. <If my trainer saw the way I used that electric attack then he would make me his new best friend!> Ty said, acting like he was the champion of the world.

<AAAAHHHHHHHHRGGHHHH!> screamed the Charizard as it stood up. <OH NO! Its awake!> I yelled. <I didnít know bananaís's could do that> said the Charizard. <WHAT?! I'm not a bananaís, I'm a Pichu> said Ty, noticing the Charizard was pointing at him.

<Oh now I can see it! Whats your story watermelon?> asked the Charizard.

<I'm a Chikorita, not a Watermelon> I corrected it, honestly afraid to even say that to such a big and mean pokemon.

<Oh! Now I see it. Sorry, my mind just isnít workin properly. I havenít ate in 4 days and my stomach has sorta taken control of my head and made me totally crazy!> explained the Charizard.

<Oh so thatís why you were chasing me?> I asked. <Yeah, I'm sorry if I brought any discomforting to you> said Charizard. <Whats your name big fella> asked Ty. Ty climbed up on Charizard's shoulder. Like all of the sudden Ty is friends with this big orange blob? <I donít have one> said Charizard.

<Why not?> Ty asked.

<I donít have any friends or family so I donít need to be called anything> explained Charizard. <Ok then your name is CHARIZARD!. yelled Ty. <I like it, it has a certain ring to it> I said, giggling at my non-humor joke.

<Why donít you just fly away and go somewhere else for food?> asked Ty. <I am afraid to fly over water> said Charizard. <Well we can fix that> yelled Ty. I fell to the ground and slapped myself in the face. The last thing I wanted to do was help a Charizard get over its fear on an abandoned island...

03-30-2004, 01:31 AM
Chapter 6- Journey to Turquoise Island!
<Just keep going> I told Charizard. Charizard flew threw the air right above the water. Charizard had a leaf covering his eyes.

<Pull up! Pull up!> screamed Ty. Charizard flew higher up. We almost hit the water. If he did then he would of freaked out and fell right in the water and there goes my chance of getting to Turquoise Island.

<There it is!> I screamed. It was a big island. Filled with small buildings. One really noticeable building was a stadium right in the middle. <Thatís where we need to go I bet!> I told Ty, pointing at the stadium. I took off the leaf blindfold.

<YES LAND!> screamed Charizard. <Drop us off at that stadium> I told Charizard. He headed straight for the stadium. We landed right outside it.

<Ok Charizard, we are just going to be in and out hopefully. Can you find something to do around here?> I asked. Charizard didnít even pay attention it ran right for a food stand. The owner was slapping Charizard on the head with a newspaper.

Charizard was eating all the food. <Ah man!> I said, totally embarrassed. We crept inside the stadium. No one even noticed we were there. <Be on the look out Ty> I told him.

03-30-2004, 01:33 AM
Chapter 7- Old Friends United Once Again?

<So what does she look like?> asked Ty as we looked high and low. <Like a Chikorita but try to remember that she will probably be in her pokeball so try to look for the same person we saw getting on that boat> I reminded him.

<Ok will lets see.. there is only 300 trainers here, how hard can this be?> said Ty.

<Uh Marty?> said Ty. Ty looked over at me. I was in a deep stare. Abby was right in front of me. She was beside her trainer. The trainer was talking to Nurse Joy.

I walked over to her. I walked slowly. I had traveled so far to see her again. I walked up to her. She turned her head and looked at me. <Abby?>I yelled. She looked up hard at me. <MARTY!> she screamed. She ran up to me. She tackled me hard.

<Why are you here!> she giggled as I stood up. <I came here to rescue you!> I said. <Rescue me from what?> she asked. <From the trainer of course!> I told her.

<Marty, I donít know what to say... I am glad to see you but I donít wanna leave. I like it here. My trainer didnít know it was hurting you because it captured me. He just wanted a strong pokemon to be added to its team. I enjoy being his pokemon. He feeds me and plays with me and the adventures we have are awesome! I didnít know you would exactly try to come get me..> She explained to me. My hurt sunk.

<I donít know what else to say Marty, I'm terribly sorry>said Abby. "Come one Chikorita! Lets get goin, we have a tournament to win!" yelled Abby's trainer. <I'm sorry, bye Marty> whispered Abby. She walked away to her trainer where she was picked up and carried by him. They ran off.

I walked over to Ty. I looked up at him. Ty was crying. I saw a tear come down his face. <I should be the one crying, whats wrong?> I asked. <Thatís him... thatís the trainer that abandoned me..> cried Ty.

03-31-2004, 12:33 AM
Chapter 8- Team Rocket Blow Out

<Gee Ty, I had no clue> I told him. <Its ok, I doubt he was trying to be mean. Just wait til he sees what I can do now! I'll perform that mighty Thunderbolt for him!> Ty said proudly. Ty ran off to the trainer. <Wait, I wouldnt do that Ty!> I tried to tell him.

Ty ran in front of the trainer and used a Thunderbolt on the ground. The bolts of electricity disappeared once they hit the ground. "Hey you little Pichu, watch out... your gonna hurt somebody" said the trainer as he reached down and patted Ty's head. Then he walked off.

Ty walked back to me. <Lets get going> said Ty. Ty dragged his little black tail behind him. I felt really bad for him.

<Chari, can you give us a ride back?> asked Ty. The big Charizard was on its back. His belly was sticking far out. <Yeah sure, just help me up> He said. I tucked on his arm while Ty pushed from the back. We really didnít help any but it looked like we did. We climbed up on Chari. <Wait a minute, I wanna see something really quick> I told them. I jumped down from Charizard's back.

I walked threw the stadium. I saw the battle floor. I walked into the stands and found a place where no one would see me.
Abby was fighting a Croconaw. The Croconaw jumped into the air and tried to land on Abby. Abby was to quick though and got out of the way.

Croconaw used a Water Gun. Abby took the hit and used Vine Whip. The vines wrapped around the Croconaw. Abby lifted up the water pokemon and threw it across the ring. Then Abby used Sleep Powder to win the match.
I turned around. <Bye Abby, I'll never forget the times we had back in Chiko Fields> I whispered to myself.

I felt a tear run down my face. I took the leaf on my head and used it to whip the tear away. I started to walk off...


"I say lets steal that Chikorita!" said a girl in a black uniform that had red initials on the front of TR. "I still say the Charmeleon is stronger but whatever" said the guy with blue hair sticking out from the black hat.
The big blimp that had the Team Rocket logo on it appeared by the stadium. A device with a big hand grabbed Abby as her and the trainer were celebrating.


<ABBY!> I screamed as I turned myself around. The blimp lifted up. I ran threw the isles that surrounded the battle area. I ran to Chari and Ty. I jumped on the big fire pokemon. <Follow that blimp!> I screamed. Chari flew towards the blimp. <Abby was captured by those people!> I explained. The blimp went over the sea. After 5 minutes of trying to get to them, Chari ate a little to much, we had found our selves on land.

<Good job Charizard! Way to hang tough!>I congratulated. Ty took down the leafs that covered Chari's eyes, so that Charizard wouldnt know we were flying over the ocean. There were mountains on this huge island that was about a 15 minute boat ride over too. And even if you got here on the island you would have to climb the mountains so there was no way Abby's trainer would be able to come get her.

It was up to me. Chari finally burned off all that food and flew straight for the blimp. Chari ripped the blimp with his wing.
"A CHARIZARD with a PICHU AND CHIKORITA just tore the blimp!" yelled the woman. The blimp went crashing to the ground. Smoke and dust went everywhere around the remains of the crash. Chari landed. Ty and me jumped off.

I could see Abby. She was in a cage that was being held by the girl. "Thatís it! Your toast!" yelled the boy. Both members of Team Rocket got their pokeballs ready.

Chari passed out.

<Thank you Chari> I said, thanking the big pokemon for its efforts. The two mean Team Rocket grunts threw there pokeballs out. The boys pokeball contained a Machoke. The girl's contained a Hitmontop. <You take the Machoke, I'll take the Hitmontop. Be careful> Ty demanded.

We reacted. Ty jumped on the nearest tree and bounced off of it. Ty rammed right into Hitmontop's stomach. Hitmontop fought back....

03-31-2004, 10:14 PM
Chapter 9- The Battle for Abby

Hitmontop turned on its head and spun around. Its three legs looked like they turned into 20 legs cause of the super fast spinning. Ty used Thunderbolt but the bolts of electricity bounced right off of the superfast spinning legs.
Hitmontop kicked the crap out of Ty. Ty didnít quit though. Ty had a big heart and wasnít going to fail rescuing Abby.

I ran towards the big muscular gray pokemon. I jumped to try to tackle it. Machoke just knocked me down with its right hand. I stood up and rammed into its chest. Machoke didnít seem to be harmed. I used Razor Leaf but the leafs were knocked away Machoke with one single hand. I used Vine Whip but Machoke just grabbed the vines. Machoke used them to its advantage but swinging me around 4 times and then letting go. I hit a nearby tree. I couldnít breath. It knocked the breath right out of me.

Ty tried a Thunderbolt again. Hitmontop wasnít able to get its spinning going fast enough. Hitmontop took the damage and didnít seem to show a lot of damage at all. Ty used tried to use Thunderbolt again but Hitmontop used its spinning heel kick to knock away the bolts.

Ty kept it up. Hitmontop gave Ty a huge blast of feet. Ty fell to the ground. Ty tried to use one more blast of electricity. Ty couldnít perform the move though. Ty had ran out of juice. Ty felt totally helpless. Hitmontop used a Rolling Kick to send Ty deep into the ground. Ty tasted dirt. He was out cold.

I ran under Machoke's legs. Machoke couldnít follow me fast enough. I used Tackle from behind. Machoke fell to its knees but got right back up. "Lets finish this!" yelled the Grunt.

Machoke used Seismic Toss. It picked me up and twirled me around. Then I was tossed to the ground. I ate dirt. I unburied my face from the dirt. I struggled to stand up. I wasnít going to let this happen. Abby couldnít be taken away from me like this! I was filled with anger. I was ready to unleash it.

I couldnít stand this pain any longer. Machoke and Hitmontop turned there back on me and started to walk away. I drew in energy from the grass, the forests, the ocean water, the hot sizzling sun, and all the plants around me. The energy stored it self in my leaf on my head.

I needed more energy, the only way to get more was to evolve. I released my anger. This made me fell a spark run threw my body. I felt my body grow.

This was a weird feeling. I felt like my body was being filled with hot air. I had changed. I was bigger, I was stronger, I was faster, I was powerful!

I kept the energy going and was able to get more with my new form. It was enough. I released the mighty Solar Beam attack. The attack knocked Machoke and Hitmontop back flying towards their trainers. The Team Rocket Grunts were sent back into the forest, going straight thru every tree in its path. The beam quietly ended. The Team Rocket members werenít going to mess with me anymore.

I ran over to Ty, in my new Bayleef form. <That was totally wicked!> screamed Ty as I help him up. I put him on Chari's back. Chari awoke. <Hey are you ok?> I asked. <Yeah, get on! I'm ready to go! I'm starving> yelled the roaring Charizard. <I cant believe you> I said back.

<Marty> Abby yelled. I looked behind me. I saw Abby walking up to me. She had a tear running down her face. <Hey now, donít cry. Your ok now!> I told her, trying to calm her down. <I....I... Love You Marty and I want to go back to Chiko Fields and spend the rest of my life with you. I have always loved you, it just took me awhile to figure it out> she said. I bent me head...

<I love you too Abby> I cried. I lightly kissed her. <Awww isnít that cute> said Ty. <Awww my butt! I just wanna go get some stinking food man!> screamed Chari.

I laughed along with me friends and the most important pokemon in my life... Abby.

03-31-2004, 10:16 PM
Chapter 10- The Happy Ending!

<They are sooo beautiful> said Abby in her new Bayleef form. <They have your eyes> I gently said to her. Abby laid beside two new baby Chikorita's.

<They are cute, can you say Hi to Uncle Ty> giggled Ty, playing with their leafs on their heads. Ty had moved in with us. We lived in a cave that was behind the waterfall Abby and me were at when she was captured.

Ty and me visit Oscar and Earl once every two months. They have been journeying across the world. They have been to many places and we love hearing their exciting stories.

As for Chari, well he comes here to visit about twice a month or so. He likes to talk to us since he doesnt have many friends. He is currently living in a Valley with his new girlfriend. They seem to be happy together. His eating problems arenít nearly as bad though and he is currently on a diet.

Abby's old trainer hasnít been seen since the day Abby and me were reunited. We figured he tried to go look for her but only found Team Rocket and the damage we left behind. Or he could of just forgot about Abby and went on with the tourny on Turquoise Island.

If its one thing I learned throughout this crazy journey of mine, its that you can never have to many friends and the friends you do have, you must cherish for they could be gone any day.


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